Utsukushisa to kanashimi to (1965) - full transcript

Long before the events of the movie Ôki, who was approaching middle age, had a relation to 16-year-old Otoko. She got pregnant, but the child was stillborn. Their relation stopped at the same time. Much later Ôki had become a famous writer, not least because of a novel about this love story. Otoko had become a famous painter. But she had never overcome the double early trauma and had become a Lesbian. Her favourite student and beloved one was the beautiful Keiko. 24 years after the early love Ôki goes from Tokyo to Kyoto to meet Otoko. The meeting is polite with secret emotional shadows. Keiko makes a plan. She intends to seduce Ôki, become pregnant, bear Ôki's child and give it to Otoko. She hopes that Otoko may thereby get rid of her trauma. But she also wants to take her revenge on the man who had harmed her beloved. Secretly she gets acquainted with Ôki's son, invites him to Kyoto and seduces him. Then she calls his parents and tells that he had promised to marry her. Horrified they take the first plane to Kyoto. Meanwhile, she takes the son on boating, arranges an accident, and drowns him. It is close that she herself would also die.

The 29th of December...

I left for Kyoto to hear the New Year rung in

And I wanted to see someone


Come in

A directory, sir

Shall I look up the number?

No, thanks

Otoko Ueno (Artist)...

I'll call out Please hang up and wait

35-5621 Please wait

Forget it. I'll place the call later

I'll call her tomorrow, perhaps

I'll tie it for you. Please let me

Here you are, my boy

Do you like it?

Shouldn't I have a reward?

I love you!

How peaceful!

You can hear people talking in that house

Only two more days until New Year's Eve

I like this place. It's so quiet and austere

Thank you

I'm in pain! It hurts

Who is it? You?

You mustn't

I don't want you here. Go away

It was close, but she'll be all right

She took sleeping pills

Where's my baby? Is it dead?

Dead! My baby's dead!

Otoko! Otoko!

I'm in pain. Let me go!

I will if you stay quiet

Mother. Are they going to cremate it?

My little baby!

You told me

I had beautiful hair when I was born

Was my baby's hair beautiful?

Will you keep

a lock of my baby's hair for me?

Don't make it any harder

You can have another child



Miss Ueno?


No, who's calling, please?

Hello. This is Ueno

I'm Ohki... Toshio Ohki

It's been many years

I'm in Kyoto to celebrate New Year

Are you come to Kyoto?

Yes, New Year

Would you care to join me

Only you?

Yes, I'm alone

I'll be leaving

on New Year's Day

I want to spend

the evening with you

I'm an old man now

It's been a long time...

So long that I need some excuse...

To ask your permission to see you

May I call on you?

No... I'll send someone to meet you

Where will it be?

Please name the place

I'm staying at the Miyako Hotel

Eight o'clock, then. Or, is that too early for you?

I'll send someone at nine

I'll reserve a place for you in the Gion

You have a visitor,

sir... a Miss Ueno

Mr. Ohki, I presume


Miss Ueno told me

to meet you here


I have a car waiting

I'm come back


How do you do?

The Chion-in Temple is very near

Their bell sounds wonderful

This is their day off, but they're very hospitable

Thank you. I apologize for causing you
so much trouble

Come, Miss Sakami

Did you introduce

yourself to him?

This is Keiko Sakami. She lives with me

She's pretty, but very eccentric

but very eccentric


She's an art student...

more of the abstract school

Her work often reveal something
frighteningly passionate

Yet it fascinates me

I wish I could paint like that

She trembles with passion when she's working

This is quite

a pleasant surprise

I knew you'd enjoy young company

We get older as each

New Year rolls around

How depressing!

I never thought I'd live to be my age

How long does it take

for them to strike the bell 108 times?

I'm not sure, but I think it takes
a little more than an hour

They'll start in a few minutes then

You're not used to sake. Sip it slowly

You came all the way

just to hear the bell?

There aren't many like you

You may see her from afar

But don't go near my daughter

I don't want you

to see her the way she is now

Besides, Your presence will disturb her

Will she recognize me?

She certainly will

You've driven her to where she is

The doctor says she'll be all right

He says the derangement is only temporary

She wants to caress her baby

She thinks it was still alive

I know you have a wife and a son

So does my daughter

What I'm going to say to you may well upset you

You'll think I'm crazy, too

Will you marry my daughter?

I asked myself the same question many times

You think I'm crazy, don't you?

I don't mind

I'm not going to ask you again

You don't have to

marry her right now

She's my daughter. She can wait

She's only seventeen now

Some time ago,

I saw your art work in a gallery

It was very beautiful and peaceful

When you come home to Tokyo,

please call on me

I want to see your

Crazy, abstract paintings

Please send some of them to me

How embarrassing! I'm just one of her pupils

I'm afraid I've spoiled

your New Year's Day

Historic Town of Kamakura, near Tokyo


You're up very early

I must attend Prof. Essor Takeda's seminar

Feed me. I'm famished

I'll look after him


Where are you going?

Just for a walk

It was many years ago

Otoko's mother wrote to me about the miscarriage

My wife read the letter

and found out what I did to the girl

She called me a demon. She bit her tongue

After Otoko left me...

I wrote all about her in a novel...

The Bitter Seventeen.

My wife volunteered to typewrite everything

I wrote about the girl

Although she'd asked for it,
it was a blow to Fumiko

She became a different person

Go away, Taichiro

I shouldn't have let you read this. I'm sorry

You shouldn't be

You let me because you had confidence in me

Now I know all about Otoko

and what you did to her

You're a novelist

You need all these things to write about

As a loyal wife, I should congratulate you

It's fiction,

not the real Otoko

I know

A girl like that couldn't be real

I wish you'd written

more about me in this novel

I wouldn't mind if you made me

look after a jealous demon

But you're not that kind of wife

Besides, I didn't want to expose my family affairs


You're still crazy about that young girl

You didn't want to write about me

You thought it would

spoil her beauty

And spoil your work, too!

Do novels always

have to be so clean and tidy?

A young girl from Kyoto

came to see you

She brought two pictures and
wheat cakes as presents

Where is she?

Our son went out with her,

probably to look for you

She was frighteningly beautiful

Who is she?

She is paint pupil

Otoko painted them

No, not Otoko

the young girl did

Here's her signature: Keiko

Very unusual

Yes, very unusual

What is she to Otoko?

One of her pupils

Let me tear up these pictures

What's the matter with you?

Both of them describe

Otoko with devotion

We mustn't leave them here

This? Otoko?

Don't you see? Notice this peculiar
glow over here

That represents the undying love

Otoko has for you

What gives you such an idea?

You're imaging things

Say what you will. I know I'm right

What's keeping our son?

It's been hours

since he left with the girl

I pray he won't be the next victim

Her beauty was almost uncanny

Tea is ready

Will you join me?

The moon is up and the air is very cool

I'm stuck

Because your lost baby haunts you

Don't say that

Wow! The air is very cool

Sorry! Are you feel cool?

You don't understand you

What do you mean?

I've been reading this... again

Where did you get this?

At a book store

I told you. I don't want you to read it

It's no use

I can buy another copy anytime

Very good

You were 16 when you met him

He was an up-and-coming writer,

he had a wife and a son

So what? That was 15 years ago

You bore him a baby

But the baby died soon after birth

You look an overdose of sleeping pills

After that... for almost six months...

You were confined in an iron-barred room
of an asylum

I told you

I'd forgotten everything

No, you didn't

If you had,

why did you send me for Mr. Ohki?

You even told me to see him off

Because you're young and beautiful

And because I'm proud of you

You can fool others but not me


Ever since you saw him again,

I've been watching you...

With jealous eyes

Think what he's done to you

Destroy his home and settle the score

I would if I were you

I man's home is very hard to destroy

Harder than art?

I don't know

I'll punish him for you

You mean vengeance

What for?

I don't understand

Otherwise, you can't stop loving him

for the rest of your life

You love him

That's why you're doing that picture...

Ascension of an Infant.

I just have to get revenge


Because I'm jealous

Don't you see? I know everything

He mustn't get away

How do you prose to punish him?

What are you going to do?

Who did you meet in Kamakura?

Ohki's son. His name is Taichiro

Ohki must have been

just like him when he was young

A young scholar...

specializing in ancient Japanese literature

Taichiro was very nice to me

He took me to all the historic places...

even Enoshima Island

You were born in Tokyo

You know all these places

Are you going to punish

Ohki by making Taichiro yours?

Or, do you want to be his?

I'm afraid I'm the one who ought to be jealous

Are you jealous?

How nice!

I could be a femme fatale

and a devil to anyone except you

It would be very easy to seduce Ohki or his son

You frighten me But...

Please don't talk like that...

No matter how beautiful you are

Why not? Every woman

is a born devil and a seductress

Now I know why you

gave your pictures to Ohki

I wouldn't need such things

The vengeance is yours

Don't you hate him?

I don't

Is it love?


You're cruel

It's getting chilly out here. Shall we go?

I'm yours...

body and soul

Ohki can't get away

with what he did to you

Please forgive him and me

I was just a child of 16,

going on 17

You must let me punish him

Maybe you can destroy him...

But not my love for him

Let me pose for you...

Before I become what you call a seductress

In the nude if you want

Were you watching me?

Yes... for a while

I'm embarrassed

It was just a dream

It was a figure... a green figure

A green monster!

Don't be silly

It looked like a human... in green

Almost floating in the air,

it kept circling around

Was it a woman?

Maybe it was you

You keep haunting me, don't you?

How frightening!

You hurt me

Because I wanted to

No... you shouldn't

You taught me everything...

The way Ohki must have taught you

That's why I must punish him


Please don't

You're like a fire!

You have a visitor from Kyoto. Miss Sakami

Shall I tell her you're busy?

A young girl?

Yes, sir. She was here sometimes ago

Show her in

How are you I'm find

The last time you were here,

I was out for a walk

I wish you had stayed

Your son took me out and showed me around


The sun was setting over the sea.
It was beautiful

Oh? I didn't know he took you to the beach

I've brought another picture for you

That's right. Just for you

I'm not too familiar with abstract art

Your pictures are hung

in my son's study

Is he home today?

No. He's attending a special literature class

My wife's off to a puppet show

I'm glad you're alone

I can be very realistic once in a while.
A plantation of tea

It looks like an angry sea

Full of youth and energy

At first I thought...

It symbolized bursting young energy

You're so right! That was exactly what I meant

So young!

The real tea plantation is

much more gloomy

I wanted it to be gay

and passionate... not gloomy

After Miss Ueno...

you must have had many affairs

I know

You're right

Nothing as tragic as

it was with Otoko

Why don't you write about them?

They don't want me to

and I'm too old to let them down

As a writer,

maybe I should

When I wrote about Otoko,

I forgot everything. I can't now

You can write about me

the way you want to

I'm a writer, not a painter

It takes more than posing in the nude

You must sacrifice yourself,

and there's no reward

I love to sacrifice myself for something...

Or for someone

That's all I have to live for

You'll be a very demanding sacrifice

Demanding enough to destroy people

No. You're wrong

Sacrifice is love... adoration

Whom are you sacrificing now?


Perhaps I was

But a woman can't live in sacrifice

for another woman forever

It's so morbid

I wouldn't know

It would eventually destroy both of us

I don't want to waver

Even for a few days...

I want something to make me forget myself

Let's go before it starts raining

Please! It's such fun

Whenever a school of dolphin

is sighted offshore...

Naked men jump into the water

and catch them with their hands

The fish can't resist being tickled

Can you?

Shame on you!

I'll bite and scratch

I should have stuck to dolphin

Now the rain has turned into snow

We'll have to spend the night here

The traffic has stopped

Your kimono's wet

Take a hot bath

Let's see if

you're a dolphin

I really ought to resent it. I'm not a dolphin

Must you humiliate me like that?

The sea is so dark

I didn't mean it. Sorry

At least you could have said,

Let me look at you.

Why don't you

just hold me tight?

Will you let me?

I don't know

But I'm not a dolphin

I expect some respect

Do you know what that means?


I've run a fresh bath for you

The tub's almost full

Large flakes melt soon

I can't see anything. It's all so dim


The sea is ugly

You'll catch a cold

Why don't you take a bath?

This pomade had an awful smell

How about this perfume?

To apply to my hair?

You don't want?

Don't put on makeup

Mr. Ohki

I want to see you the way you are

Your beautiful teeth... and your eyebrows

No. Don't leave me

I'm not a sea diver

I'm out of breath

Smother me

I'll be dead before you are

Not the left one

Why not?

It's not for you

Not for me?

I don't want you to touch it

Is it only for someone

very special to you?


There is no such person

My Otoko!

Mr. Otoko!

I like your picture of the tea plantation

You gave it

to Ohki, didn't you?

I'm sure Mrs. Ohki

has torn it to pieces by now

I spent a night

with him at a hotel

Why? I don't understand

I want to destroy him... and his home

I hate him because

you still love him

I couldn't sleep

But he was sound asleep beside me... snoring

He's a stupid, old man

I could have strangled him

to death easily

Exciting, isn't it?

I don't want you to see him again

No good will come for it

Didn't you ever wish that he was dead?


not with the baby I lost

I don't understand

I could easily have a baby by him

And I could destroy him after that

What's the matter? You're so pale

You're hurting me

You're everything I have in this world


Do you want to be unhappy...

For the rest of your life?

Why not? I can even enjoy unhappiness

I hate men

I wish I could take your word for it

Let me look at your sketch book

What's that?

Do you have to ask?

It's the Moss Temple

The way I saw it

I see

You did have an affair with Ohki

An affair?

What gave you such an idea?

The way you paint

All right. You know something?

He couldn't even give me a long kiss

Are all men like that?

I don't know anyone else

Let's play dolphin

Play dolphin?


Will you change?

What are you doing there?

I'll have a baby by Ohki

And dedicate it to you

How nice!

Give me more

You are a monster

Why? I didn't say the baby was for me

It's going to be yours

No matter how much you love him...

You can't bear him a child

I can... without any attachment


Your bath is ready

It's been a nasty day...

very dusty

I can use a bath

Is anything wrong?

Is anything wrong?

Go ahead

Take a good look at me

Are you going out?


This is nice. Why don't you join me?

Where are you?

Why don't you wash up?

I don't have to

I owe you an apology. Please forgive me

And forgive me, too

What are you doing there?

I'm dressing

Are you going out?


Are you going out?


I have no idea

Let me go with you

Do you mind?

No. I'll wait for you

All right. I'll be ready in a minute

Shall we go to the restaurant in Kiyamachi?

Call and reserve a room

I'll fetch you some cold water

Am I sweating?

Don't worry. I'm not throwing anything at you

It's so nice!

Your skin is too clean. You shouldn't
have taken a bath

Do you feel any better?

That depends on

how you feel about me

Tell me about

your saddest experience so far

Let me see...

There are so many...

Perhaps I'll tell you later

My saddest doesn't last though

I brush it off quickly

Please promise me one thing

Don't see him any more

You mean Ohki?

Or his son?

Neither of them

I want to see Ohki

to even the score for you

I have nothing against him

Will you let me?

You want kill him

I will

Don't talk like that

What's with you? You scare me

You're a coward


I have exciting news for you

A big ratjust ran behind the stove

A very small baby was with him

You should have seen them

Look at the baby rat

She's looking up at me. How charming

Those beautiful, shining eyes!

She's courting me

Look! The roof leaks... above the kitchen

Do you hear it?


What about the leak?

How bad is it?

I'll go up the roof tomorrow

No. You're an old man

I'll have Taichiro do it

An old man am I?

You reached

the retirement age long ago

I did? Wonderful! I'll take it easy from now on

Suit yourself

Do writers have a retirement age?

Not till you're dead

Yes, you are right

I'm sorry

I meant to say you had many days ahead of you

Coming from my wife,

it's quite a burden

Did I ever nag you?

But you've been in my way


You're a jealous wife

Women are born jealous

Jealousy is a bitter pill to take...
sometimes it's fatal

It's scorched

How stupid of me!

I'm a lousy cook

It's a miracle that

you've put up with me for 20 years

I don't even know

how to make soup properly

Now you're mad

I'm not

I'm just talking about the miso soup

It's the soup every Japanese eats

practically every morning

And I can't make it properly. So you're disturbed

The fault is all mine

Isn't Taichiro up yet? Wake him up

I'm afraid I can't

He said he'd enjoy

his spring vacation

I can't disturb him

He's leaving for Kyoto today

He's going by air... this evening

Why Kyoto?

Why don't you ask him?

He just wants to visit

the graves of Sanetaka and his family

He's doing a treatise

on Sanetaka's diary

You're late

I stayed in bad awake...

Enjoying my thoughts

They excavated Princess Kazu's grave

Princess Kazu's grave?

It was purely for scientific purposes

You know how these things happen

But she hasn't been dead for so many years

When did she die?

It was in 1877

That's less than 100 years ago

But the Princess was all bones

You'd better wash up first

But she was in there like

an innocent child sleeping

Very happy and peaceful

Beside the bones...

There was a lock of hair

beside the bones

And the hair looked very fresh and alive

Taichiro Yes

Later, perhaps

Between her arms...

A small glass plate was found,
the size of a name card

That was the only thing she had with her

The purpose of excavation was purely historical

No room for sentimentality

But a man got curious about the glass plate

He took it with him

He though it was a wet plate

Wet plate? You mean a glass photograph

Yes, a very old one

Very old one

In those days, there was no dry film or prints

Yes, I remember I saw some of them

Anyway, he took it

to his laboratory and examined it

He could see a dim image

The image of a man

It was a photograph

It showed a young man dressed for a ceremony

Was he the Shogun, her husband?


The Princess was known

to be very virtuous

But the image was very dim

He tried everything

to make it clearer, but he couldn't

The next morning, he looked at it again
in the sunlight

The image was all gone

It had become a transparent plate

Such things can happen. It had been three
for a long time

That's right

Naturally he was terribly disappointed

He wrote all about it in an essay. He said...

It could have been

the image of someone else

She'd been in love with

Prince Arisugawa before she was married

She might have wanted to be buried

with the man she really loved

Princess Kazu's grave...

It might have been

her last wish

That's more like

the tragic princess

What do you think?

It's anybody's guess

Maybe he was right

The missing image would be

a very good ending to a tragedy

You can write about it

I'm afraid it's not for me

But it's good material...

For an impressive

short story

Maybe what the man wrote about it
would be enough

Anyway, it's a fascinating story

I have his book in my study

Will you read it?

And the Princess's remains?

What did they do with them?

I hope she's safely

back in her grave

The man said nothing about it

She probably is

But not with the image of the man
she really cared for

I'm sorry for the Princess

I never thought of it

If you wrote about it,

would you mention it?

No. It's too sentimental

You still have to work

I'm going out for a walk

to forget what he told me

You're supposed to look after the leaking roof

A moment ago, you were sorry for the Princess

Now you want me to mend the roof

Our son's going to Kyoto

Do you think we should let him?

Why shouldn't we?

I don't think I follow you

I'm sure you do. While he was talking about
the Princess...

I was thinking about his going to Kyoto

He's visiting the grave of a nobleman

dead for hundreds of years

No. He's going to Kyoto

to see that girl

She's up to something

Don't you see?

I have an eerie feeling about it

It's early spring. It thundered last night

He's going by air

What if lightening

strikes his plane?

Don't be a fool

There never was

such an accident

No, Please don't

Not the left one

That's not for you

I don't want you to touch it

My Otoko!

I watched you walking down the ramp

You were the seventh

Was I?

Yes, you were

You kept watching your steps

You never bothered to look for me

I wished I hadn't some to meet you

I was so ashamed of myself

I wasn't expecting you

Why not?

You told me the flight number

I did because I needed courage to see you

Courage to see me?

Should I be flattered or humiliated?

All right. Forget it

As I watched you getting off the plane...

You looked so terribly gloomy and Ionesome

I was sorry for you

You didn't even imagine

that I'd be there to meet you

You should have looked for me

I'm very selfish

What can I do...

To make you realize that I exist?

I've always been thinking about you

You have? Am I really sitting next to you?

I still can't believe it

I want to make sure it's really you

Speak to me

And your schedule tomorrow?

First, I'll go to Nison-in Temple...

And visit Sanetaka's grave


May I go with you?

I'd rather go to Lake Biwa for a boat ride, though

It doesn't have to be tomorrow

In early Spring?

I never drove a motorboat

Leave it to me

Can you swim, Keiko?

If the boat turns turtle...

You must save me

You will, won't you?

I'll hang on to you anyway

You shouldn't

We'd both be drowned that way

What should I do?

I'll be behind you...

With my arms under your elbows

I'd love that!

I'm not sure if I can save you

What if you couldn't?

Forget it. I'm not going

to take you for a boat ride

But it's absolutely safe

I've been looking forward to it

Will you reconsider?

Can you help me?

Are you going out?

Do you have an appointment?

Yes. With Taichiro

Ohki's son. Remember?

I'll show him the sights

May be it's the other way around

We'll go to Nison-in Temple

to visit some graves on the hill

It's a mess. Tidy it up

Keiko! Come here!

Wait for breakfast

I had a late supper last night

Last night?

What are you going to do?

I don't know

You've arranged this date. Why?

I don't want you to see him. Please don't

But it has nothing to do with you

It has

You don't even know him

You spent a night with Ohki at a hotel

Now you're dating his son

True you were in love with Ohki

But his son has nothing to do with you

He isn't your son

But you're intimate enough
to show him the sights

We're friends. That's all

What kind of friends,

if I may ask?

You are a monster!

He's a man

And I hate men

Don't go. Please don't see him

If you must see him...

Don't ever bother to come back here!

What are you going to do to him?

I have to go. I must


There's no one here but us

This place is famous but not popular

I don't know why

Look at that tree on the left

That's an ilex, almost a thousand years old

Can you climb up these steps?

I don't think so...

Help me

Carry me on your back

There's no hurry

Is the grave up there?

Yes. It's at the top of these stone steps

You came all this way to visit the grave...

Not to see me

Unflattering but true

You'd better wait for me here

I can climb these steps. It's easy

Even if they reach heaven

These are the graves of the Sanjo family

Sanetaka's is on the far right

The Minister of the Inner Court

It's very small for the grave of a nobleman

Yes. It's very unpretentious. And I love it for that

It looks very friendly

I'm interested in his life

He was among the first

in Japan to embrace art

It is all very fascinating

You've been studying it for years?

Well... it's been three... or, maybe, four years

This grave is your source of inspiration?


This grave means a lot to you

Make it mean a lot to me, too...

With fond memories

You're always attracted to this place

It's not a grave any more

Maybe it has acquired

a new meaning after hundreds of years

I can't hear you

I said you're right. This isn't a grave any more

What did you say?

Yet, you're so close to me

Your breath... it tickles me

You're breathing in my ear. That's not nice


My ears are very sensitive

It's like a strange flower

Do you hear anything?


What is it? A bee trying to rest on a flower?

Maybe it is a butterfly

I'm touching it softly

Do you like touching female ears?

Do you?

No, but I've never seen such a pretty ear

The wind is very still

No winds. Just full of sunshine

Early in the morning...

You embraced me before a grave

I'll cherish this memory

Now I have something

to remember this place by

You'll soon forget all this

I know you will

And it hurts

How could I forget?

I don't want to be hurt

No! Not the lips

You're hurting me

Now you're pressing my eye

Which eye?

The right

Does it still hurt?

Yes, I'm sure it's full of tears

I can kiss your eyes

but not your lips

I resent that. You're getting mean

It's very big

I must change into a suit


Aren't we going to Lake Biwa?

My eyes are still hazy

You must take my hand

There's another place to go. It's up there

Must we go up again?

All right. Why don't we cover the top?

I wouldn't mind if I went bare-footed

Have a heart. I'm in Kimono

Let's see...

I don't care

No, Not the right one

If you touch it, I'll be very unhappy


I don't know

Maybe because it's not close to my heart

Every girl has her own peculiarities

But they all become

ordinary women

That's sad, isn't it?

No. Not the cup

I want it from you

I like it very much

I'm so happy that I can die

Why didn't you poison me?

I'm not what I used to be. I'm not good

I'm finished, Taichiro

Don't look at me

How careless of me! I'm a stupid fool

What you need is a bath

I'll run it for you

At least you can take a shower

Am I sweaty?

I like it

I never knew who smelled so good

But you want to wash up, don't you?

Please come out of the bathroom

You're wanted on the telephone

Telephone? For me?

But no one knows we're here

Who is it?

It must be a mistake

It's your mother

Yes. She's on the phone

I called her

I told her that

we were staying at this hotel

I told her you promised to marry me...

And I asked for her consent


Are you there?

Don't go through with it

You know very well what kind of a girl she is

I wonder if your mother

knows what she is saying

Are you there, Taichiro?

Is there someone else?

Of all the nerve!

You should have heard what she just said

Did she make you call me?

You come home right this minute

Do you hear? Right this minute!

She's eavesdropping

I'm glad she is

I won't have to repeat myself

She's the last person

I'd ever want you to marry

She'll destroy you without fail

Please answer me before I go insane

I'd rather be dead

I hate her, but not

because she's Ueno's pupil...

If I weren't her pupil...

I'd never have met you

She's evil and wicked

I have strong reasons

to suspect that she seduced your father

Please wait until I'm home

Come home immediately

You didn't do anything to her, did you?

You're not spending the night there, are you?

Look at her carefully

Do you know what she told me?

She lives with Ueno...

And she wants to marry you

Don't you see?

She's a sinister witch

I don't know how she effects other people

But she's a dangerous witch to us

I'm not imagining things I know

I had an eerie feeling

when you left for Kyoto

You did go there to see her

Your father is

very much upset, too

If you're not coming home...

We'll take a plane for Kyoto now

I understand

You don't understand anything

Come right home. Now!

Isn't it beautiful?

Look at the sky over that mountain

That mountain...

It's like an upright spear waiting to kill us

What are going to do?

It would be nice

if we could have her visit us here...

With your father!

You're insane

Do you want to go home?

Has she managed to make you homesick?

Who knows? By the time you go home,

your folks would be here

Your father wouldn't like to come

But he couldn't say, No, could he?

Did you have an affair with him?

An affair?

And what is this going to be?
Just another affair?

Please answer me

I want to know

What am I to you?

Just another loose, wicked girl?

We're alone,

but you don't care for me

You want to know what I did to your father

Do you want me to drown in the lake?

Please don't. Not the right one

I've hired a motorboat

Let's go

It'll soon be dark. Tomorrow, perhaps

Tomorrow? Did you say, Tomorrow?

You won't leave me until tomorrow?

Are you sure?

No, you are not

But I want to go for a rife

We won't go too far

I just want to leave the shore

and stay on the water with you

Cut through the waves of fate and
see what's beyond

Who can be sure of tomorrow? Let's go now

Many boats are still out on the lake

A call from the Lake Biwa Hotel

Lake Biwa Hotel?

Keiko Sakami? Yes, she lives here

Is anything wrong?

A motorboat? Sunk?

Is she?

I'll be there

Is she unconscious?

Orjust asleep?

She's under sedation

Does that mean that she'll be all right?

There's no serious injury

But, when they found her,

she was half dead

She swallowed a lot of water

She's half dead

She kept calling

a man's name

Where is he?

He's still missing

All the boats are out searching

The police boats, too

I'm afraid he's dead by now

All we can do is wait

When will she wake up?

I don't know

Otoko Ueno?

That's you, isn't it?

You made Keiko kill my son. It was all your idea

Wake up!

She's under sedation

Bust she must tell me where he is,

I must save him

Wake up!

They're all looking for our son