Utsav (1984) - full transcript

Based on the circa 2nd century BCE to 2nd Century CE, Sanskrit play "Daridra-Charudatta" by the famous Indian playwright Bhasa, "Utsav" faithfully follows Bhasa's story-line. Vasantasena, a courtesan who dances at the King Palaka's court hides in Charudatta's house while running away from the amorous attentions of the king's brother-in-law. She falls in love with Charudatta, though he is married and penniless. They have an affair. Meanwhile, the rightful heir to the throne - King Palaka's brother - escapes from prison. While he is being pursued by the king's troops, Charudatta helps him. The king's brother-in-law strangles Vasantasena when she refuses to submit to him and leaves her for dead. When Charudatta tries to have her jewels pawned, he is arrested for her murder. What happens to him and the other characters constitutes the final part of the film.

Good Evening.
I am the Chorus

what are you doing there?

This is my naughty...

- Your actress...
- True, true, actress

Dear, our public is waiting
for us to start 'Utsav"

What is it about?

About the Festival of Spring

About youth, flowers,
love and colour

And the love of
Vasantsena, the courtesan

A Courtesan! Ugh!

Do not sneer

We speak an era in which
courtesans were honoured

Not today's India then!

No. It was an age when
India was prosperous

- India of the 64 arts!
- What are they, sir?

Music, for instance

It was a national obsession

They lived, died and even
ruined themselves for music

Like Charudatt, our hero,
the love of Vasantsena...

Rich once, he has
nothing left

Ah, the spell of art!

Another art, equally
obsessive, gambling!

Watch that man

A famous masseur once

He does nothing but gamble

Art! That!

- No less than stealing
- Stealing?

That is Sajjal, the thief

Unmatched in the art of stealing

What is he doing?

What else can a thief be
doing at night?

He can be doing "this"
at night!

There's another art for you.

India celebrates the
art of Love

"Love" is painted, sung
and glorified in music

Vatsyayan is writing a book
on the art of Love


- Can I meet him?
- Yes

- When I dress up

Oh, it's you!

You were telling me about
the arts, sir

The art of politics

An evil king rules the city

People are unhappy

Aryak, son of a shepherd,
is planning a revolution

And his companion?
- He has no name

True, politicians are
always anonymous

Brother-in-law of the king

He is chasing Vasantsena

Will no one help?

- People are afraid.
- Won't you help?

I am the Chorus

I start the show.
I don't interfere


Where has she gone?
- Patience, sir. Guards!

Where did she go?


Samsthanak loves you.
He will give you anything

Stop playing a coquette!

It is getting late

Haven't you gone yet?


Are you going or not?
- I refuse to go

You know what the streets
are like at night?

Full of thieves, pimps...
...assassins, terrorists!

And to take this maid
with me?

A poor Brahmin like me,
how can I protect her?

My wife needs the maid to
help her with the child

If you don't go, I shall

You don't have to go

Nor do I

It is a job for a servant

Four years ago, we had
so many servants

Today, not a single
one left!

Are you making up for my
wife's absence?

Go on.
Avoid facing the truth

You and your music

Your flute, veena
and drums

Where are your music-Ioving
friends now?

Flown away like birds

It is late.
Madam will be waiting

Your father-in-law
retires early

Who will open the door?


This had to go out now

Go on. I'll light it
and come

There she is.
But, sir...


From Aryak, a present to
the King

You and your music!

You and your music!

So it's your turn now

"The evening passes from
the skies..."

"...and leaves us with our

"Birds of rays fly...

...away from our eyes"

"Young buds were peeping
from a net of leaves"

"Lost in the fragrant humming"

"Suddenly the sleepy eyes
are invaded by darkness"

"The buds have no companion
in their tears"

"The night comes draped in
a veil of glow-worms..."

"...and whispers the fragrance
of the night flowers"

You are still here?

Not gone yet?

Maitrey refused to take you?
He is becoming unsufferable

Alright, I'll escort you

My wife will be furious

Bring me that shawl!
Don't just stand there

That yellow one

Must be there somewhere

Who are you?

Pardon me for entering your
house without permission

I am Vasantsena

I am Charudatt, and you are

The King's brother-in-law
was harrasing me

I took shelter in your house

A beautiful person like
you... alone... in the night

Usually, we have nothing to fear
He seems to have gone. I'll go now

Alone? I'll come with you

May I?

No, no. Wait.
I'll get a lamp

No oil. Even lamps don't
burn for pennyless men

Like us courtesans?
- No, no. I didn't mean that

Please don't worry.
People respect us

I'll go alone

Oh... the theives...

May I leave my jewellery
here for the night?

Here? Certainly


I am sorry to trouble you

It's all right

I meant my neXt piece of
jewellery. It's complicated

Where does one start?

The first hook is here

I said the road will be
infested with rascals. You...

Yes, the bananas

Perhaps we should lie down?

I wish be easier to take off

I wish Vatsyayan was here

He is in our house, writing
a treatise on love

The Kamasutra

You know how many postures
he has discovered?

- Twenty-eight!

This is going to be the 29th

Sir, you are a source of
knowledge for us all

Your visit is a
great honour

I am not an immodest man,
but you are right

What is your house after all?

A house of pleasure...
a brothel?

In a hundred years, nobody
will remember it

Too true. It's all Maya

My Kamasutra will make
it immortal

It will be remembered as...

...the creative workshop

The laboratory where
I researched

By God's grace!

This is why I insist these
girls listen to you

To learn your deep

Not only metaphysics,
but science!

To analyse the reactions
between man and woman

To classify and tabulate
the data

That is Science!

Doesn't your research...

...affect you personally?

A good question

For the scientific spirit

What's needed is detachment

What's essential is...

That's why I am a bachelor!

Celebrate! Love for me is a
matter of study

What is a "posture"
after all?

Merely a state of mind!


Have you discovered any
new postures?

I am afraid not
I am still stuck at 28

The 29th continues to
elude me

The younger generation worries
me by it's lack of imagination

Sir, upstairs

Quick, sir, quick.

These novices...
so eXcitable!

Quick! It takes only
five minutes after all

Beautiful! Take it down!

The man shoves his head in
the crook of woman's elbow

She touches his navel with
her nose and sneezes

He bellows like a bull...

...and wraps his legs round
a column(pillar)

Presses his elbow
into her back

She cackles like a swan

They fall to the floor
with a thud...

...on his left hip and...

...stare into each
other's eyes.

We shall call this...

I have discovered a
marvellous posture!

I must tell Vasantsena.
I have found the 29th!

Slaves for sale

Don't beat me

Give me time to
sell myself

Why gamble if you
had no money?

A masseur for sale!
I was the palace masseur

He can't even sell himself

Market is dull today

Sell your father

- He is dead
- Sell your mother

Haven't got one
- Sell yourself

I am trying
Sir, will you buy me?

I was the King's masseur
I can revive the dead

What's he done?

He is ditching on payment

So he has to sell himself

Not deaf, is he?
Behind Vasantsena's house!

Let him go
The money first

- Lower your voice

You saved my life,
I am your slave for life

I swear

You'll follow me?
- Say the word

You knew Aryak?
- Who doesn't? Who doesn't?

I am his right-hand man

A tyrant rules this city

If you say so

It's time for a revolution

Day-after-tomorrow is the
Spring Festival

- Everyone will be drunk
- It's only once a year!

The whole palace will be
drunk. Sunk in revelry

We'll attack them.
It's the best time

As a known masseur, you can
easily enter the palace

Enter the palace? Why?

As a revolutionary

We count upon you

Me? Fight?

Traitor! You can't
escape me!

I am a simple masseur

I'll massage the whole army
but I can't fight

You've heard our whole plan

Please, sir

Why don't we go in,
instead of loitering here?

Vasantsena and her Mother
are both very greedy

Show them these presents.
They'll come to us

Help! Help!

He is a terrorist!
He is Aryak's man!

Wants to enlist me too!

Ha! Ha!
Me a revolutionary?

If I fight, who will
do the massaging?

We'll massage you

Don't kill him
A dead body fetches no price

Wait here.
I'll go to the front gate

Who are you?

You can't enter here.
Come by the main door


Where is Rishi Vatsyayan?
Quick, quick

- Third floor!
- So far up?

My book is for the
common people

This is eXtraordinary!
Sheer genius!

We shall pass over this
in silence

Thief! Thief!

Mother, you are strange!

That brute chased me
through the streets

I wish he'd caught you

You are a courtesan, he the
brother-in-law of the King

Your concern is the money
not the man

Who doesn't want to fall
in love?

We all do

But it's not for
a courtesan


That too with a
poor Brahmin!

Where you were last night,
I know everything

What's his name...

You left your jewellery there!
Why? As gifts?

I want it stopped instantly!

You there

Don't hide them
they are God's gift

Don't let her upset you.
She is like that

She is right

It's silly of me to think
of falling in love

But Charudatt is so
innocent so

What is it?

A thief!

No one's come in here

Then how come this bed
have five feet?

I was a servant of Charudatt!


Let him go

Come here

You, guards, go away

What do you do?

I am a masseur!

The owner of a gambling
den is after me...

He will kill me for ten coins


Don't be afraid. Sit down

Tell me about him

Him? He is at the door.
He wants to sell me...

Don't worry about him!
You are safe here


Who is the owner
of the gambling den?

- I am.
- You?

Don't make eyes at me

Tell the masseur, I won't go
till I get my ten coins

Here's fifteen! Now go

Fifteen! What a man!

Tell him his credit
is restored


- The way you creep up on me!
- I want to talk to you

Look at your clothes.
The guards wouldn't have let you in

I don't care for them

- See you in your room
- Go away

Friend masseur

We're waiting to hear about
Charudatt. You're silent

You saved my life

You are like my mother to me

I won't lie to you

I don't know any Charudatt

I heard his name when
you were quarreling

Forgive me

Give me leave to go


I am renouncing this world!

If a man's name can save me...

...what can't God's name do?

Bravo, Lord!

You showed me the depth
of illusion in a flash!

I renounce this Maya

I surrender to the Infinite

The magic of Charudatt's name!

He surrenders to the
Infinite and I to love!

"The sky turns a
sapphire glow"

"Birds of rays perch...

...on my eye-lashes"

"The bud was dozing on the
bosom of leaves..."

"How was it sleeping?"

"Like this little parrot"

"Did it nod?"

"Did it sway?"

"It was lost in the emerald
glow of its dream"

"When it was touched by the
peacock feather"

"Where was it touched?"

"On the cheeks?"
- "On the hair?"

"It was touched on the

"And the magic made the bud
open into a flower"

"True, the birds of rays are...

...perched on her lashes"

"Striklets bloomed on the
feet of the Champa"

"The twigs kept the beat"

"The bee sings a song of
seven notes"

"Who is in a state to
keep the beat?"

"The birds of rays are...

...perched on our eye-lashes"

I am Sajjal

- I have been waiting.
- How did you get in?

The art of Guru Mooldev!

Run. The guards!

They'll catch you
- They, don't worry me

I want to talk to you

- Where?
- The Drama Workshop

Run! The guards!

It'll take 50 counts to
break down the door

I need 10 to go away.
So we've 40

- One-two-three-four-five



Thief! Thief!

Another one?
- Look! He escaped that way!

The same mess here as well
I go away for two days

And the whole house turns

Couldn't some one have
picked this up?

Give me the shawl

- I told Maitrey to tidy up.
- And he told you

Talk! Talk! Talk!
That's all you men are good at

What is in that?

What is in this bundle?

Some of your father's rubbish,
I am sure

Rohit! Come! The musicians!

Charudatt, come here!

- Keep it. My wife...
- Not me!

Sit on it, sleep on it.
Just keep it safe


Puppet. Do you approve of her?

Careful! He is my friend
and guide

I'm sick of your tomfoolery

I've no time to waste

What do you want?

Marry me

- Impossible.
- Why?

Why he asks

Because I am a slave

As a baby, I was bought
by Vasantsena's mother

Don't worry.
I'll buy you back

You, a pennyless thief
buy me back?

We have our own principles

My Guru says, steal for
a living, not for indulgence

I am an indulgence

Go and find someone cheaper

And satisfy your Guru

Sajjal never fails. Just
say "yes"...then you'll see

I'll buy you back tomorrow

- Tomorrow? How?
- Somehow

If you fail me... I'll never
see you again

I swear by Guru

I am a silly woman...

You're too young he says

It's Vatsyayana's disciple.
If he sees me here...

...he'll tell everyone

He takes all the credit

Only Vatsyayana is capable

I spy, I take notes
I describe the poses

He says, I can watch but I
cannot understand Kamasutra

Let us see what is so
profound in the book

Four legs

It's obscene.
It's distracting

I had better set it right

I thought I saw four

Forgive me, Master, for
doubting your word

I shouldn't have doubted
your Science

Forgive me. I'll never
question you

- Gone! Shall we go out?
- Am I heavy?

- You are light as a flower
- Then?

- What is it?
- You tickle me

Aren't you asleep yet?


Did you go mad today?


I am aching all over

No. When the public
collects here tomorrow

They must admire his

That's it. Perfect!

Good-luck, friend

All clear?

Is that you Charudatt?

Take the jewels

I can't sleep because of them

Oof! Now I can relaX

Maitrey, who is it?

- What is it, Aditi?
- A thief!

- Thief? In our house?
- I saw him

Why do you giggle, idiot?

She is right. Even our
front door doesn't latch

Aren't you glad if I
gave them to you?

What are you talking about?

When you came here...

But I didn't

- No?
- No

Then the thief took them!

Took what?

Vasantsena's jewels

What? The thief?

How can I face Vasantsena now?

You men are all the same

Always slobbering after women

But I only offered her
shelter in our house

And what else? She took off
her jewels just after shelter

Don't give me those eXcuses

What a nice time
for shelter!

I go to Father's house and
she gets shelter here!

You are being unfair

Yes, I'm stupid. Not clever
like that woman

Radha, are you ready?

You are not leaving
at this time of the night?

I'll come with you

Why, are you afraid
I may change my mind?

You wait for her here

I'll take Maitrey with me

Unless he too wants
to see her

No, no, I am coming

Take this


It is the last piece left
from what Father gave me

Give it to Vasantsena

Ask her forgiveness

Say no one is to blame

Shy of soldiers,
aren't you?


I should get two Madanikas
for this much gold

Where did you find it?
- Oh well! Uhm...

Tell me

A brahmin... called

I hope you didn't kill him

Do you take me for a killer?
I didn't even touch him?

So you have found
another boy-friend!

- I wish I had strangled him
- Sit down, you silly

You tickle me
- Where don't you tickle?

Tell me

This jewellery was given
to him by Vasantsena

- She loves Charudatt
- We are finished then!

What do we do?

Say that you, his servant
is been sent with the gold

But our marriage?
All my efforts wasted

Just our luck

So you are Charudatt's servant?

And he sent this?

Suddenly, we seem to meet
his entire household!

Yesterday, it was his
masseur. Today his servant

Don't you have any work?

Thank you

Give my thanks to Charudatt
for his concern

The town is crawling with
thieves and tricksters

Can I go now?


I had promised Charudatt

I would give a present to
anyone who brings my jewels

How is my present to you

She was my maid, she
will be your life-partner

Don't tease me

Silly girl, go, be happy

How I envy you

- Are you Sajjal?
- Perhaps

Follow me

The King's dogs have just
caught Aryak, our chief

You are the best thief
in the city

No wall, no lock can
stop you

You know the prison well

You must free Aryak,

Sorry, friend

Please, put it away!

This is my beloved, we
are about to get married

See you in a fortnight!

Are you looking for this?

Yes, I am the best,
but after a fortnight

How sad!

Had you agreed...

...you and your Guru would
have become famous

You'd be called a political
magician, not a thief

A committed artist

Now the honour will go
to somebody else

- Sure?
- History beckons you

Let's go

Have you no eyes, idiot?
You men are all the same

I am Maitrey, friend
of Charudatt

Another one from his house!

Go inside!
Don't you have any work?

Please, continue

You didn't know my friend
well... He is a gambler...

He has gambled away
your jewellery

So this necklace has been
sent as compensation

By his wife

- His wife?
- Yes

It's the last piece left
from her inheritance

She gave this and left

- Left? For where?
- For her father's house

So she won't be home tonight?

No, knowing her temper...

...she won't be
back for sometime

Thank you

Good evening, sir Gambler

Listen, sir

Tell him to wait for
me tonight

You will tell him, won't you?

How will she come in such rain,
I ask you!

Maitrey, how long do we
wait in the rain?


Shall we go in too?

But first, there is a problem

What is the value of
your wife's necklace?

I don't know. Why?

I have gambled it away

Will this do in eXchange?

It's the same...

Will it do?

This jewellery is difficult
to take off, and this rain...

Not tonight

The other hooks are only
for the thieves

I'll tear her to pieces

Throw her bones to the dogs

She dare defy me?
The brother-in-law of the King?

I'll twist her neck

- Your highness, careful.
- Let me handle this

Give it here

You have hurt yourself.
You're bleeding

You don't realise how
strong you are

You are like a child

Chasing a woman won't
help to win her heart

She drives me to it.
She mocks me, needles me

- What do I lack?
- Listen to me

I'll whip her

If you listen to me,
she will bare her back herself

Send a covered chariot

Wait for her in
Pushkara woods

It's the Spring Festival
tomorrow. But I'll send her

- Promise?
- Yes

One can't win a woman
by raving and ranting

And look at your dress

Patience. That's the secret

Hurry up! There's a
Revolution at stake


When the guards see this
they must appreciate my art

We have to free Aryak,
and you talk of art!

Is there no place for
art in Revolution?


The kind of people one has
to associate with for fame!

Aryak, run away.
We'll handle the guards

- What's that?
- It's the Spring Festival

Don't you like it?

Not today

I want to spend the day
alone with you

Some other day

No, today. Let's go to the
Pushkara woods

Everyone will be in the city.
No one in the woods

Poor fellow! This is the
festival of courtesans

They won't let me go out
through the streets

Everyone knows me

I'll send you a covered cart.
Get ready

A cart will be eXpensive today

I'll give him this...

Take this...
only for the cart!

Don't gamble it away!

- Are you Charudatt's maid?
- No, his wife

I have some sandal paste
for your bath

There's nothing else in the
house worthy of you

You are not angry with me?

I thought you had gone to
your father's house

I had gone... but came back

This was my one chance to
meet the famous Vasantsena

Once I was away, I knew
you would come

"Why does the heart tremble..."

"...in the middle of the night?"

"Because the 'Bela' bloomed..."

"...in the middle of the night"

"Who played the flute
in the middle of the night"

"He who stole the moments...

...in the middle of the night"

- Mother!
- What do you want, Rohit?

Come here

Can I go out and play?

Yes. Here, here's a cart for you

I made it for you
Isn't it nice?

Rohit, come

You know who that it

- That too is your Mother.
- My Mother?

Then how come she wears
so much of gold?

You talk too much

Sorry, but he has never
seen me wear any gold

Never? Then why not put
these on? For a while

- Come, change
- Not here. Inside

No, no, it is yours now

No, it's yours...
will remain yours

It's pretty
Don't part with it

"The jewellery glistens...

...In the middle of the night"

"Guard it with care...

...In the middle of the night"

"Oh, how I blush
in the middle of the night"

"May your marriage be safe.
In the middle of the night"

Rohit! I don't want him
to see me like this. Help me!

What is it, Rohit?

The other children won't
play with him

Because his is a clay cart.
They have carts of gold

Don't cry. I'll tell Father.
He will get you a gold cart

What is Mother doing?

Changing. Don't cry,
I'll be back

There is your cart of gold
Isn't it nice?

Go play

Aren't I like your
Mother now?

"Why does the heart tremble
in the middle of the night?"

"Because the 'Bela' bloomed
in the middle of the night"

Can I ask you something?

Why don't you resent me?

There are several reasons

Firstly, rich men should
have courtesans

A courtesan like you
makes me feel rich

What else?


Tell me

We have been married
seven years

He was... alright...
nothing eXciting

It was getting quite boring

But after he spent that
night with you...

...he was... like... like

Like that! Boom!

Any other reason?

You're much older. If you
were young, I'd be jealous

Are you the cartman of the
King's brother-in-law?

Yes. I am!

Madam regrets.

Vasantsena didn't come
home last night

That devil will eat me up!

Is this Charudatt's house?

Tell Vasantsena he has
sent this cart for her

Out of the way, you
rascals! I am late already!

I'm ready, Madam Vasantsena
I'll turn the cart round

Good, Madam. Let's go

- Anybody inside?
- No

- Seen Aryak.
- No

I must inspect the cart

You are right. It's empty

Quick! The mirror!

It is not straight

Come here. You!

- All right?
- Very nice

She is coming... Those
idiots don't understand

She'll come, I'm sure. I've
got myself an amulet

It is very late

I am sure the old
cartman is slow

Keep calm

I know, I am eXcitable

So I got the court poet to
write lines of welcome

Come, Vasantsena

Light of my life

Stop it

Stop it, you idiot

You are to start when
you see her cart arrive



Bunch of morons

Why are you nodding your
head like a chameleon?

She is here! She is here!

- Control yourself
- Yes, yes

Come, Vasantsena

I'm sorry, Sir. But she
hasn't come

She wasn't at home

She didn't return all night

You should've searched the
whole city, you old vulture!

God, I came here in search
of Peace. But where is it?

Not here. I'll go elsewhere

You have come!

You were only teasing me

What an old fool I am!
I should've known you'd come

Why are you so shy?

We are alone. You know I
chased everybody away

- Who's Charudatt?

You came not for me,
but for somebody else?

I send my cart, I wait.
You come for someone else!

I won't let you go!
I'll tear you to pieces!

Say you've come for me

Say it

Say it! Say it!


What's the matter?

Can I be of help?

Go away. Leave me alone

Did you call me?

I am Charudatt

So it is you

It's for you she came

She died because of you

You killed her

You killed her!

Arrest him.
He has killed Vasantsena

Vasantsena hasn't
arrived yet

But she went by...

...in a cart a while ago

There! He lies

Go and look. She is dead

I want witnesses

We are posted here to look
for Aryak. We can't leave

Damn Aryak. I order you...

I am the King's

Poor thing

And no jewellery on her?

She has been robbed

That's right. He killed her
for the jewellery

Come, you are my witnesses

There's a shorter route
through the woods

Good. The earlier we finish
this, the better

Charudatt looks so innocent

Vasantsena was taken in
by his looks

Where are the jewels?

He must have smuggled them
out with the cartman

But today is the Festival...

Festival or not, I'll see
he is eXecuted today

No Peace here either!

What was the madman saying!
Charudatt killed Vasantsena

Is that possible?

No. The illusory world
is answering me again

I reject this "Maya".
I'll go far and meditate

Madam, we are late. He is
probably wandering about

Please wait.
I'll look for him

Who are you?
Stop! Stop!

Where are you taking my
cart? Stop!

I've had enough. I'll leave
this country and go away

"My mind plays out like
the drum"

"My body vibrates like

"A strange ecstasy fills
the world"

"For Eros has brought
colours of the Spring"

She is alive

"Maya" ensnares me again.

I shall not resist

God, I don't know if I am
a good hermit

There must be some reason
why I am a good masseur

"Oh fair maid, where are
you stealing away?"

"What do you hide under
your veil?"

"Yonder is green..."

"How can I hide my youth?"

"We shall catch you,
fair maid"

"Hand over to us what you
are hiding"

Hear ye! The King
declares that...

...Charudatt is condemned
to death for murder

Brother, killing a man even
as punishment is not easy

Vasantsena! Come and dance

We're late. Streets are all
blocked by drunken revelers

- We must attack the palace.
- But how?

I know a secret route
to the palace

Take about a dozen men

Let the rest try their
luck with the streets

- Good-bye
- Aren't you coming with us?

No. Whoever the King, his
soldiers will be after me

Hope the soldiers pursuing
me tomorrow will be yours

Charudatt, make your final

Hurry up
- It's the Law, sir. Proceed

I have made many mistakes
in my life

But I have never wished
anyone any harm

I didn't kill her.
I loved her

I must be paying for the
sins of my past life

I accept my fate

After you
- You first

- No, it's your turn
- Your's

- I did it last time
- Go, check

Get on with it

You are right. Pity!


What is happening?

Don't cry, Aditi.
It is my fate

Mercy, sir.
He is not guilty

She left her jewellery
at our house

You like this? This is why
I've been saying hurry up

It's my fault. I accepted
the jewellery

He didn't kill her
- He did, he killed her

I'll not spare him

Why humiliate ourselves.
Let me die with dignity

Good-bye. Knowing you
are there gives me courage

Behead me before my
wife recovers

Your turn


Get up! Get up!
Vasantsena is alive!

You are saved

What's all this?

He was accused of killing her.
She lives! Let him go!

Truly? You are free then

But the King's orders
mention no Vasantsena!

Only a "courtesan"
- I am that courtesan

Yes, this is she

I should know. I saved her

Let's ask Samsthanak

He's here? Where?
He is the real culprit

Vasantsena is alive!

Bastard that I am...

I tried to kill her

Thank you, God!
She's alive!

He's disappeared.
What do we do now?

We are revolutionaries.
Let us pass

Greetings! Aryak is
the new King!

- Sajjal, one last favour.
- No, I must see Madanika

This drunken mob won't
listen. Change the flag

All right. "Last favour"

Sajjal, what are you doing there?

I'm here. Waiting.
Come here at once!

What grace! What agility!

We must keep our eyes on him.
A case worth tudying.


Hear ye!

There's been a revolution
in the city

The tyrant is dethroned.
Aryak is the new King

Amnesty has been declared.
All prisoners are free.

Lucky man!

Where is Vasantsena?

Let's go home.
Rohit will be crying

Look! The brother-in-law
of the King