Utopia (1983) - full transcript

A treatise on love and desire tainted by harsh reality of capitalism, in which submission to the laws of lust-as-commerce is played out by five prostitutes and their pimp, who pits them against one another so that they are incapable of standing up to him collectively.

I have to go to the clinic...
the new patient.

I'll pick you up afterwards.

Help! Help!

Let go of me! Asshole!



Put some makeup on.

Stop sobbing.

I said stop sobbing
and put on some makeup!

I won't do this anymore!

Shut the fuck up
and put on some makeup.

- Or do you want some more?
- Just you wait!

I'll kill you.

What is it you still want from me?

- That's the spirit.
- Son of a bitch!

Don't forget your fucking lips.

Cut it! Stop your damn crying...

or I'll make you black and blue.

You took everything from me...

I'll kill you! Just wait!

I don't want this anymore, got it!?

No, I just couldn't take it anymore.

In a small town everyone
knows everyone.

Plus, he's married with two kids,

the youngest being only 3 years old.

Again and again he told me,
he'd get a divorce.

Again and again I believed him.

It's sad when you've
got no luck at all.

Yes, men sometimes take
advantage of these things.

Is this your first trip to Berlin?


I made myself a promise:
Now, I want to live!


Are we there already?

We should be there soon...

...in about 10 minutes.

We have a slight delay.

- Do you mind if I open the window?
- Not at all.

How should I know?
...with that weather.

How should I know
why the men stay away.

They run around all day...
a trade fair here, a fair there

only here it's quiet.

It's a disgrace.

Last month, there was
action... top notch!

I have not one Mark in the bank.
Uschi, can I have a cigarette?

Shit... damn it, I'm fat.

It doesn't fit anymore.

What am I supposed to wear?

There's no way to buy a new blouse

in this crappy joint.

Business here is dead anyway,
but try to tell that to him!

"No tricks, no dough!"

I can't even send something
to my little Klaus.

Yesterday, a letter
came from the shelter.

No way! I will do anything

but not like that. I clear out!

Yeah, yeah. Don't I know it!

Remember Inge?

How she suddenly
had no face anymore?

Clear out, my ass!
He thought her a lesson.

Not on my watch.

I'll clear out. I'll find
something nice.

You've got balls!

I'm not here to knit socks.
I'll pack my stuff and beat it.


Sorry. No money was received
on your account thus far.

Oh, I see...

But my divorced husband
has to wire the money.

20.000 Marks.

My lawyer told me so.

I'm sorry, no money was received.


You know, I'd like to
open up a beauty salon

and therefore I need a loan.

Gladly! Please refer to
our loan division.

- The clerk is over there.
- Sorry, my check card...

Yes, can I have your
old card? I'll have a look.

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Did you buy the apartment?

- Strange people.
- Strange.

This room will be divided.

I'll make two rooms out of it.

Damn, we can't break through here.
It's a load-bearing wall.

Fucking shit!

Shitload of work to do.

The neighbors? Won't they complain?

Nonsense! What neighbors?

There are only law offices,
after 7 they are closed.

And the two seniors
are as good as dead.

...seven... OK, seven.

Shitload of work.

Those leeches want additional 10.000
for fixtures and fittings.

Fuck me sideways.

Down there I want the socket!

Here, the samples.
These are not as expensive.

So? What should I do?

As I told you, colourful wallpaper
and the small room plain blue!

Where's the fucking blue?

Miss! The pipe is fucked up,
just as I thought.

The boiler... forget it!

Just take a look.

Can't even bang a nail into it.

Well, you could.
But it would destroy the wall.

Fucking hell!

- What about that?
- No problem, I'm on it.

- What about the boiler?
- What about the wallpaper?

Shove it! I told you countless times,
yet here you are again!

The boiler...

Eh, just leave it there!

You're still here? Get lost!

I don't need your wallpaper!

By tomorrow I want
different wallpaper!

Did you at least
call the electrician?

Tomorrow morning he can come.

How's it going, boss?

Going OK, going OK.

Do you want the flap here
or on the other side?

On the right!


Excuse me, what kind
of club is this going to be?

A club, what else?

Yeah, a club.

Of course, a club.

In here!

Tilt it!

Where to?

First floor, to the right!
Door's open.

- Do you want the console in the bar?
- Don't talk shit!

In the hallway!

Stay! You're only
standing in our way.



No, no! Does this look like
the registration office?

A man is supposed to pay
money for you. Start over again!

With a friendly smile!
This is business!


What is this, huh?

Imagine something, think of something,
think of...

...whatever. Something fun, dammit!

That's how you wanna turn tricks?

It's about the turnover! Guys wanna
get their money's worth, dammit!


Well, that's better.


That's it! A real pro.
Very good!


What are you chewing?

Nothing... chewing gum.

And what's that?

Once and for all,
get rid of the fucking gum.

No smoking in here, only outside!

Maybe the customer is non-smoker!

When will you realize what this
is about? Business!

You get your money so that
the customer can use you.

But this is no brothel,
it's a club!

Extravagant! Sleek atmosphere! Style!

The customer is
supposed to feel at ease.

This way, no one's gonna
get a hard-on.

Now, get rid of it!



Goddammit, keep the door closed!

How is the customer supposed to feel?
Save and free! Hence, close the door!

You got that, once and for all?


Now for business.

Intercourse: 120.

French with: 130.

Without: 150.

You come in first.

Renate deals with the prices.

Once a customer has chosen,
Renate gives the price.

Extras are calculated separately.

Monika and Rosi can
live here for now.

And what about me?

Why? I thought you've got a flat?

OK, stay here.
There's enough room.

What about you?

No need.

I have my own place.

I want you dressed and ready
at 6:30 sharp.

Business is open till 4 or 5.

The more drinks
the higher the turnover.

Drinks a customer orders for you
are calculated as an extra.

Aaw, that's neat.

To Bangkok for 2.200 Marks.


That's a holiday!


Turn it off.

I said, turn it off!

Turn it off!

Hey, don't take that tone with me!

I work for myself not for you!
Get it?

Can I have a cognac? As initiation?

No way.
Whoever wants a drink, pays.

But if I'm thirsty
I got to drink something.

Past 10 and still no dime made.

I need a drink on that shock.

You know the kitchen?

You know what's there?


More than enough for you.

This is a business! Get it?

Whoever wants a drink, pays.
Are we clear?

What's the time?

A quarter to eleven.

Eleven, I see!

Great! I thought this is a business?

They will come.

They are boozing.

No one visits a whore sober.

Dumb cackling, that's what you do.

Did I make any money till now?
So what?

I don't complain.

But it's me who runs the show.

What are you doing?

You shoot your mouths off!

What do I get? A few measly percent!

But I don't complain.

Do you have any idea
how much I've invested in this?

I have to spell out
everything for you.

Customers want to buy for set prices.

I don't need to explain
what that means.

Scumbags, bigwigs...

...all kinds of pigs and greaseballs.

If they pay for it... suit yourselves.

Everything's fine.

If it's going nicely

we can easily make 90.000 a month!

Then you can do as you like.

Buy stuff, book a vacation...

Jewellery and shit like that, whatever.

Go on a vacation? Really?

Of course.
I was in Mallorca a few times.

It's great, I tell you!

Another thing.

Get it into your thick heads that...

if one of you tries...

even makes an attempt to

cash in behind my back

I'll kill her!


Always the big talk.

- We want our money! That's it!
- Shut it!

I'm not done.

I don't like your interruptions.

Another thing.

Once in a while people
will show up...


talking about getting you out of here.


Cheese balls talking about marriage.

They are utter sleaze.

Got it?

Stay away from these types.

Have you ever heard that

one of those pricks
married one of your kind?

Ask her.

Real pros.

It begins.

If you're not picked,
work the bar.

Otherwise Renate.

- Good evening!
- How many are you?

We? Two.

Go in there.

- Where is he?
- In his room.

Good. Come in one by one.
Rosi's first.

But he said I should stay here.

He said 'if you're not picked'.

What should we do now?

Scared of work?

If you can't stand it
just hold your breath.

It only takes two minutes.






A friend of mine.
He's visiting and, umm...

...he wants to enjoy himself.

You can choose.

Intercourse: 120, French with: 130,
Without: 150.

Which one shall it be?

- What's the name of the blonde lady?
- Rosi.

Well, umm.
My friend would like this lady.

How do you want it?
Intercourse or 'French with'?

Or without.

No. Intercourse.

And what about you?

Well, you're all very beautiful.

I... I would like too, but...

...I'm a diabetic.

It's a wearisome illness.


Back in the day,
I used to be a ladies' man.

Should I wait outside?

We have a bar.
You can wait there.

That will be 120.

It's the next room.
I'll be there in a second.


I brought something.


Leave it over there.

- Rosi!
- Yes?

Persuade him into buying something.
Cognac, beer or something.

I will try.

And be nice.

Do you want a drink?

I... I don't know. Do I have to?

- Well, if you want something?
- If you'd buy me a Piccolo...

That'd be gracious.

- How much is a Piccolo?
- Do you want something as well?

Thank you but I don't drink.

Pity! It's not expensive.
A Piccolo is 8,50.


Won't you get undressed?

I need to clean it.

That's not necessary.

It doesn't matter.

You need to drop your pants.
I have to clean it.

Nice, huh?

Please don't...

Not like that.

Stop it.

Please, don't.

How beautiful you are.






Great. He has his headaches.

Get ready for something.

What headaches?

Piercing, stabbing pain.

Comes from the constant fights.

So? He should go to the doctor then.

They only tell him there's no use.


But afterwards he snaps, goes crazy.

How long have you known him?

How long?

I was about 20 when
I met the asshole.


Many years, many beatings.

He beat me black and blue,
just like it suited him.

That's his thing...

breaking people.

He's done it.

He took everything from me...


Stop! If he notices!

That's my problem.

Hey... how did it happen?

I mean... how did you meet him?
Just like that?

You won't rat me out, right?

Me? I'd never do that!


What a fat drunken fuck.

Keeps on poking, endlessly.

A dick like a can welded shut.

What kind of work is this?

Don't you know?
You gotta take it with your hand.

There he can poke around
'til kingdom comes.

With your hand? How?

Just like that... and he's happy.

But... he'll notice.

Not if he's shitfaced like that.

And if you get caught

just tell him: 'Nonsense! Here it is!'

Nice trick. Gotta remember that one.

- Should I go?
- Meh, yeah. Go.

We'll follow.

What's up?

I'm going out... business.

If someone calls,
I'll be back around 3:30.

Don't forget it.

And the others shouldn't sleep all day.



Are you in charge of advertising?

Can you tell me who fucked this up?

Arena: First class bar, eclectic
program, exclusive atmosphere.


Something's missing, dammit!

And there's a printing error as well.

The word 'Club' first off all.

Where is it?

I definitely wrote it on the form:
'Club Arena'

In bold letters, right at the top.

Second, the phone number
should be just as big.

Why else am I paying for the ad?

Is that necessary?
Your constant smoking.

Since when does it bug you?

Something crawled up your ass?

I think he's a decent guy.

Gets up early.
He's out doing business.

Don't underestimate that.

If you think so.

But he's not doing it for us.

We're like disposable bottles to him.



He's clever, alright.

But you've got to expect the worst.

The main thing is that
we get our money.

Does he pay out monthly or weekly?

I don't get it.

If it's true what you're saying,

why do you stick with him?

Fuck... empty.

Are you in love with him?


Love? What's that?

I was working at a restaurant
when I met him.

As a waitress.

He came by every day, sitting there.

Eating dinner, having a beer...

He always looked at me like that...

But he never smiled.

I don't think he's capable.

Once, after work, on my way home...

I stayed with a friend...

Suddenly he's there...

He didn't even look at me...

He just asked if
I want to go for a drink.

I thought 'why not'...


It was nice.

A small bar...

We sat there for a long time
but he didn't talk much.

All of a sudden he said:

'I like you a lot.'

He told me why he always
came to the restaurant.

Because of me.

And that he's a mechanic.
But he never worked in his live.

He always had time.
Every day he picked me up.

Really nice.

One day it was pouring.

There he was. Soaking wet,
no umbrella.

With flowers... waiting for me.

That's when I fell in love.

A few times we went to the movies.

I picked the movies.
He never objected.

In the cinema he acted strange.

He never paid attention to the movie.

Like... his mind was somewhere else.

When I touched his hand,
he pulled it away.

He even put it in his pocket.

And he looked at me strangely.



If only someone had told me

what he's up to.

He only thought about it.

...only about it.

Don't touch me!

Take your hands off me.


You will tell him everything anyway.
Or you... or you!


You're all his snitches, right?

- Oh, come on.
- Let me...

Calm down. We're all buddies.

Half a year later he
sent me street-walking.

Not even half a year...


Sorry. I didn't mean it.


Here... put it in the kitchen.

Are the others still sleeping?
They shall lend you a hand.

Go! Put it away.

This in the fridge.

The flowers are for the parlour.

But we don't have a vase.

Shut up and do it.

You look like shit.

Susi is lucky.

At least during the day
she can do what she wants.

I should get a flat as well.

A flat? You're crazy!

Do you have money on the side?

Here, the room and boarding is free.

At least that way
it spares some money.

I don't know... in the long run...

I stay here.

Rosi is right.

All we need we have here.

Maybe in the future...
a real fancy place.

After I have the money
I need for the beauty salon.

The banker told me

with 20.000 I would have a real chance

on an accommodation.


I wrote my boy the first real letter.

He'll be thrilled. Wanna hear it?

How old is he?


6... almost 7, I think.

- And the father?
- Father? Don't know...

Back then I was working at
one of those new 24/7-places.

All of a sudden I got an infection

and had to drop the pill.

In my scatty way I
had a man do it without...

It can happen to anyone.

Sure! I tried everything
but nothing worked...

A bit of blood, that was it.
Too late...

And there he was, little Klaus.

Four months I could go on working,

then it hurt more and more.

No one noticed it.
I conjure up excuses...

and all of a sudden I was fired.
In the middle of the night.

Hi! I'm late. You look lovely.

The others ready as well?

Oh, there you are.

I said 6 o'clock,
dressed and all set.

Jesus, chill out.
I'll be dressed in a jiffy.

You get on my nerves.
I'm not your wife!

Shut your fucking face!
I'm in charge!

Fuck off!

What a jerk!

Gets all pissy.

What's his problem?

Do you save electricity
for him as well?

It's freezing today.
Especially at my place.

The heating doesn't work.

The super is a jerk as well
but I set him straight.

Did you read that?

Some guy stabs a woman

and only gets sentenced to 3 years.


"Desperate worker stabs
girlfriend out of jealousy"

"3 years in jail."

Take a look around!

Everyone with a say has
two balls dangling on him.

It's a patriarchy!

A man kills, a man finds him not
guilty a man defends him in the paper.

Makes me wanna puke!

That's the way it is.

Jeez! Don't you get it?

Imagine a woman stabbing a man.

That would make her a monster.
10 years at least!

Everyone's babbling about emancipation. Hah!

Who benefited from it?

The cunts in power!

They get it shoved up their asses!

We, though...

Eh, what do you know?

You sit around in here
while there's a war going on!

You've got a screw loose, huh?

Is this our problem?

You make big speeches...

How can you change it?

No wonder he beats you silly
and takes you to the cleaners.

She's totally submissive to him
and talks just like him.

She's on his side.
No wonder, she's his lady.

What's going on? Hen party?

Look! Some guy killed his girl
and got away with 3 years.

So what?

What are you waiting for?
Get dressed!

Did someone stab you?

Go to work.

'Go to work'

Don't take that tone with me!

I work when it's convenient for me!

Go to work.

Asshole! Piece of shit!

Give me my money
or I call the cops, fucker!

You want your money? I see!

So, you wanna get out?

Are you sure?

Fuck you!

I'll expose you!

But first...

...I'll fuck up your business.

I'm done. Give me my money.
Right now!

How much is it?


Take it and fuck off!

You want to call the cops?
I'll fuck you up!

You work here! Yes and no!

Get dressed right now!

Are we clear?

What are you waiting for?

Go to work!

Come on. Clean up.

You'll survive it.

We all have to go through
a hassle like that.

He really battered her.

Could be worse.

Why won't she keep her mouth shut?

Talk won't do anything.

My jacket...

My jacket...

Are you crazy?

If you walk away, he'll kill you.

You're nothing but cowards!

Just look at yourselves.

Just look at yourselves!

You're nothing but meat stock!

You... you whores!

What is it now?

Who wants some more?

Susi... she's gone!

So what?

What are you gaping at?

Back to work!


Make me something to eat.

Do you want fried eggs?

Something to eat!
Stop questioning!

What time is it?

Way too early. It's barely 7.

The way he messed her up...

He's got to be insane...

You think she's gonna call the cops?

What'd happen then?

Calling the cops? No way.

If she did, she could
pack and leave.

She would be marked.
They would even piss on her grave.

Still... you've got to hand it to her.

She has guts.

Guts, hah! If your keen on a beating...

She couldn't even walk upright.

It's a disgrace.

We have to be careful.

Renate is on his side.
She's his snitch!

She'll tell him everything.

Put it over here.

- I thought, maybe you'd like a beer..
- It's OK.

What are you waiting for?

Now, who do you want?


Yep. You.

Intercourse? French, with or without?

I'll arrange it with her.
Or are you the boss?

There's no boss...
So, how do you want it?

- I want it my way.
- Special wishes are an extra cost.

- Is she deaf and mute?
- We'll manage.

So you know, I don't want to bang you.
No touching either.

Catch my drift?
How much?

Depends... if you...

- 150, OK?
- Alright.

- Where? Right here?
- In the next room.

The money...

Wait here, I'll be right back.

That guy scares me.

He doesn't wanna do anything...

Don't worry, you'll be fine.

You'll have more guys like that.

Can you give me 50?

There's a weird guy.

I think he wants nothing at all...
I told him it's 150.

- OK?
- You're dumb.

Tell him it's 200 now.

Get lost! 200!

You obviously can't
think for yourself.

- But...
- Never mind!

If a customer wants
a special, it's 200.

You owe me 50 Marks.

That's a gun!

Are you... police?

Give it to me.

It's 200.

I see! Your boss told you so, huh?

Extras... something else is 200.

Don't! What are you
wearing underneath?

- Nothing, why?
- Turn around.

Stay that way!

- If you're police, I know nothing!
- Shut up! Turn around.

Pull the slip down.


You're a cop after all.

Pretty expensive.

Imagine, me wearing this.
I'll buy it, for the holidays.

Then I'll send him a picture.
Let him see how well I'm doing.

But I make no turnover.
I earn nothing and I'll get nothing.

Oh, silly! That's not how it works.

The money gets shared among us.

Everyone has a bad day
once in a while.

Sometimes Helga, sometimes Renate.

Or me.

Still, everyone gets a fair share.

I really try hard.

Is it my fault they don't
want to do it with me?

Don't worry. You look nice and slim.

Maybe you can try different clothing?
A different style?

And I would change the make-up.

Side parting, that's your style.

He's very generous.

Looks like it.

Another weirdo who's
only using his head.

The 50 Marks.

Where are they?

How was yours?

- You've got anything to say?
- Just a crying type.

Tomorrow... I want you on time!

I'll haul you to the
health department. 7 o'clock!

We need some money.

Money? What money?

To buy some stuff. This and that.

Do you think I have money
coming out of my ass?

Business isn't doing well.

I have to pay for expenses.
Ads, rent, drinks, the phone, the car.

Are you kidding?
We earned good money.

Piece of shit!
You've earned nothing!

That's what you deserve!

- Don't hit her!
- That's what you deserve!

Shall I get a wet cloth?


Just wait.

Go, we'll be right there.

I'd rather wait for you.

Hey! Ready?

- Goodbye, Doctor!
- Goodbye.

Good morning Renate. Come on in.
How are you doing?

Oh dear! What happened
to you this time?

Doesn't look too good.

Girl, I don't get it.

Why don't you come to your senses?

I climb in my car, slip and hit
my head on the steering wheel.

We moved, you know?

Really fancy.

Don't tell me stories.

Was it a john, or...

No... not a john.

Hey Doc, is this my postcard?
From last year?

The one on the right?

I get so many cards from you.
Where were you?


Maybe this year I'll go to Morocco.
I'll send you a card.

Can't he take us home
before taking a leak?

Home... you can twiddle your
thumbs here just as well.

The Doctor was nice.

He right away knew
that I'm new to this.

Can I have a cigarette?
I've forgotten mine.

Here, finish it.

If both of us smoke, he'll get mad.

Come on! Right in my face!

I haven't even had coffee yet.

Why did they take a blood sample?

Usually, only before an operation
you have to go empty.

Close the door, it's drafty.

I'm fed up with your
constant nagging.

Dammit, where is he?
Runs off and leaves us here...

There he is.

Too bad he doesn't get run over.

Or does he... no.

I'll be with you right away.

Don't you like me?

You're laying there like a rock.
What's there to like?

It's not my fault, I do what I can.

An old con...

...you take the money and that's it.

I have to work for my money!

Is a bit of heart
too much to ask for?

I told myself:
Forget about the broads

and go to a hooker,
they have more heart...


Your just greedy for money.

Your no better than the rest.

Where people have a heart,
you have a slit.

A woman like you
bled me dry for 4 years.

Then she left me and
I've to pay for her... nice, huh?

Am I supposed to hang myself?

What do women think about?

Just money?

You're scum.


I made you something to eat.

OK, put it over there.

Come over here.





Oh, you.

Oh, that's good.

My god, stop crying.

You'll get used to it.

These feelings go away.

Come, freshen up.

I can't take it anymore.

I want away, I want back!

I can't take it anymore.

A little too late.

You'll never get out of here.

Never say a thing
like that again, or...

he'll beat the daylights out of you.

Nothing happened!

Come... clean your face.

Look at yourself.

You look like a clown.

Like a circus clown.

You're just like a child.

What if I run off, just like that?

- Will he come after me?
- Knock it off!

Don't talk silly!

None of us will make it like that...

unless we kill him.

Are you mad?

That was good. For you too?

Bring me a beer.

- Dinner is getting cold.
- Bring me a beer.

- How many did come?
- Only one.

The guy from yesterday.
He went straight to Renate.

A strange guy with a beard.

Do you like me?

You appeal to me.

I do like you... really.

Tell me...

What are the women
talking about behind my back?


Why? ...nothing.


They say nothing?

What is it they
should talk about?

Fuck off, dumb cunt or
I'll rough you up.


150. Yesterday's crybaby again.

Shall I put it over there?




God... oh god!


Leave me, leave me...


Bastards, I'll rip your guts out!
I'll kill you!

Why are you standing there?
Get out!

I'll beat you to a pulp! Out!

Work! What do you think this is?


It gets worse and worse.

Did he fuck you?

Why? What are you talking about?

Just now. You were with him.

I made him dinner.

Do you think I like serving him?

Him of all people.

The beer was too warm for him,
then he got mad.

He never drinks cold beer.

Getting laid, that's what
he was after, right?

You're out of your mind.

Him and me...

No way, honey.
I'll leave him to you.

Always nagging at each other...
like hens.

Can't you stop it?


I don't like these things.

He screws her and afterwards
he interrogates her.


Why do you think she was with him?

That's the limit!

All out of jealousy, huh?

He won't get a word out of me!

She... she's his snitch!

The crown princess!

Stop it!

Us tearing up each other,
that's just what he wants!

That's the way it is.


We'll never get money
from him... ever.


It's all over!

What? No money?

I will talk to him right away.

Why else am I here?

Zip it and stay put!

Or do you wanna get a beating?

When he's in front of
an open window...

...one push would be enough.

It would look like suicide.

Seriously, it could work.

Are you in?

I see...

You're scared shitless.

Go ahead!
You wanted to go to him, right?


I want my money, that's it.

That you of all people
get this idea right now.

No... I won't get dragged
into this by you.

No way.

Sooner or later it will be uncovered.

Out of the window... hah!

In thoughts I killed
him a thousand times.

Every time differently.

I'd favour cyanide.
It's quick and foolproof.


Now, of all times they want it.

Just on 2 o'clock.

At home they don't get it anymore.

- What do you want?
- Is Heinz here?

Wait here.

- What?
- Two guys are here...

They wanna talk to the boss.
Neither johns nor cops.

Where are the others?

Do we have customers?

It's almost 2.
They are all sitting in bars.

Send them to their room.

And those two guys...

...take them into the bar.
Tell 'em I'll be right there.

This way.

Please, wait in the bar.
The boss will be with you in a moment.

Here we go!

The little one is well known.
He's beaten three girls to a pulp.

What's going on? Beat it!

Go to your room!

Hey, man. Long time no see!

They want to cash up.

If a new joint opens up,
the bloodsuckers come.

It can start any second now.

What are we going to do?

Do something! Call the cops!

Honey, this is not hicksville.

Shut up and sit down.


Where are you?


Come! Three whisky straight.

I have my whisky with soda, babe.

There, that's how we are equipped.
That's it.

I buy everything at
the central market.

You see, that's all.

More isn't profitable.
It's still to soon.

Do you get me?
Business isn't up yet.

Yesterday we had
the first raid on top of it.

- That's bad for business.
- Come on! What raid?

You either got your papers
straight or you don't.

Is that mine, with soda?

To the raid!


What a pity!

This joint is open for a month...
so it's doing business.

Even I get horny with this hottie.

Sure! The whole area
is raving about your place.

Eh? Customers at this time?

Not bad.

Tell me... you're not
fucking with me, right?

Go, open up!

I want no one to puke on the carpet!

- Come on! We don't have all day...
- Go inside.

Go! Trouble's brewing!

We need your late night services...

Rudi is a bit hammered
...but OK besides that.

In here.

We'll be with you in a moment.

See? Papers are all clean...

Even the taxman would
get something out of it.

He'll be OK. You go first.

Is that supposed to be the contract?






- Fuck off or you'll be sorry.
- Don't do something stupid!

Are you OK?

Make way!

I'll show those cocksuckers!

Why is the fucking door still opened?

Close it!

Go to work.

It looks way better.

It feels like my head
is going to burst.

And my sore throat
isn't getting any better.

I need to get out and buy pills.

Should I get an ointment
for you, Renate?

Better stay put.
He can't stand trips like that.

I have pills. Want one?

How old are your kids?

The girl will be 5 soon.
The boy is 6 and a half.

Why? Something wrong?

I thought, maybe you miss them.

So what?

It's a damn lie that children
keep a marriage together.

But I'll get revenge.
And then the kids will be with me.

I don't even have money
for chocolate or something.

...when I visit them...

My little girl...

She's got big black cherry eyes.

The big boss is coming!

Take it into the bar.

Come on, lend a hand.

Let me do it.

We're out of soda, but there's still
some in the kitchen. Shall I get it?

Who did that?

- Yesterday I gave you and those two...
- I want to know who drank it.

I... I never drink whiskey.

It wasn't me, I swear!


I want to know the
fucker who did it.

Maybe Susi.

She always had an itch for booze.

But... we would have seen it.

You cunts try to
fuck up my business, huh?

Just you wait.

Every last penny I put
in this business

I'll get out of you.

Where do you think you're going?

I'm not done.

Get over here.

Over here!

Did you do it?

No... I swear.

It was you, cunt!
You did it!

You, you fucked up bag!
Did you drink it?

Of course not!

But you'll sing out who it was.

No! No!

- No!
- Swallow!

I said swallow!

Tell me.

Let me hear it!
Who did it?

Now you can party.
Drink up the rest of it.

Puke outside!

If you mess up the carpet,

I'll make you lick it clean.

You still got the 20 Marks
from yesterday?

What 20 Marks?

What's that?

Making money behind my back.

I just wanted...

My mothers...


If you stash away one more time,

you had a pretty face.

And so you won't forget:
You work one month without pay.

Just wait... wait.

Here... it's for you.

From your boy, I think.

The sender is the shelter.

Don't you wanna read it?

- Come, open it up.
- Leave me.

Hi! I'm back!


I'm early.

Doesn't matter.

- Where is he?
- In his room, where else?

What is it?

How about a reconciliation?

What do you want?

I would like to start
working here again.

Don't make that face.

All good?

I'll go and get dressed, alright?

Hey, chicks! What's up?

Thought you were gone.

So what? Now I'm back.

What about your clever bullshit?

I stay who I am.

But first, I've got to pay the rent.

I can't go on living hand to mouth.

I got to make money.

Besides that, I don't give a fuck.

What's with the gloom?

Jeez, feels like a funeral.

Shut up.

Monika, things are never
as bad as they seem.

Maybe he'll only deduct a weeks pay.

I'll check on Rosi.
She's got to get up, or...

- Where are you going?
- Can't I even go to the toilet?

- Where's Rosi?
- She's getting ready.

I'm sorry, I can't today...

I've got my period.

Come over here.

Come on, we'll manage.


I'll show you something.

Don't be afraid.

Come on!

- Do you wear something underneath?
- Yes.

Off with the filthy clothes.

OK, sit down.

Don't worry, I just want to show you.

No, it's hot!

Let me, I'll do it myself!

It's OK... still too hot?

There you go.

Wash yourself.

Wash yourself, you filthy pig!
Wash, wash, wash!

That's how you do it when
you're with a guy!


Won't you take off your blouse?

That's 10 Marks extra.



I don't like that.


What did I pay for?

That's another 10 Marks.


Cash first!

Not on the mouth!


How are things?

She will make it...

At least that's what they say.

I've an errand to run.

If the bell's ringing,
better not answer.

Hey, nurse!

Excuse me.

- How is Ms. Monika?
- Good. She's asleep.

Give them to her
when she wakes up.

Tell her they are from Heinz.

Alright, but you'd
better go now.

I can't go on any longer.

She didn't do anything wrong.

I can't take it anymore.

We must do something.

Maybe I'm next.

Or you are.

Or you.

Well? How is it with you?

What can we do?

Best would be, we pack
our bags and leave.

If we stay here, we
all die miserably.

You and your bags.

We'd need to kill him first.

Yes... but how?

He told us not to
open the door.

Oh, it's you.

Are you asleep? I almost left.

What's that?
Who's bags are these?

They are mine. I'll move in,
if you don't mind.

You're lucky. Just now
a bed became available.

How's that?

Very simple. Monika cut her wrists.

That's how much she liked it here.

You sensitive plant.

Couldn't handle your
last bit of freedom, huh?

What do you know about freedom?

Freedom to do what?

I only make radical decisions.

Again you talk like
you have a long spoon.

In reality, you're
right in the shit.

But when you get a whipping,
you call for the cops.

That was pure on instinct.

How late is it?

Quarter past 7.

It's Saturday. Those suckers
must play family

before they come here.

Gossiping again?

I'm hungry.

Go on, make me something to eat.

Huh? Am I the cook now?

Too bad I can't cook.

Right! You can only
spread your legs.

That's what's paid for.

Come over here.

Honest, I can't cook.

OK, I only wanna bang you.

If you'll pay.

Of course I'll pay.

Come on.


No! No!

Bastard! Asshole! Leave me alone!

On your knees.

You fucking jerk! Leave me!

I said, on your knees.

On your knees!

Lick me.

Lick me, I said.

That's right.

Get out, bitch!
Beat it!

You will learn everything,
including cooking.

We get cups now?

Yes? Great.

- Well?
- That's the way!

You let yourself be
pampered, huh? Clever!

That all of you have come...

What's with her?

She's just snoring.

Really, that all of you have come...

Flowers already?

You hooked a doctor, right?

They are from him.

The nurse said they
are from my fiancée.

Smoking? In here?
Are you crazy?

- So, are you busy?
- Well, we still get enough sleep...

A brand new newspaper!
What service!

So, do you plan on
staying here all winter?

I don't know. The doctor is pleased.
But there are two others...

They come every day and
ask about emotional issues.

Grief or so.

- I tell them nothing!
- My Klaus drew a picture.

Did you come alone, or did he...

Did you see this?

That's one of the two guys

who tried to cash up at our place.

Yep, that's him.

"With two bullets to the head,
the body of bar owner Robert K.

"Was found in his home.
Due to a shootout,

"neighbors informed the police, who
had to force an entry to the place.

"There is no clue as to the
whereabouts of the culprits."

Fuck, you're right. That is him.

He did this once before.

As soon as I can leave,
I'll take the next train out of here.

Cut and run! That guy's mad!

Off like that? How's
that going to work?

We talk about fleeing,
but no one's doing anything.

I'll sneak out at night
and take the early train.

I'll go to my aunt, far away.

Just like that?

But with a gun! He has one, right?

Of course, why?

Man, we'll shoot him! Like a rat!

It's warm in here? You too?



Do you want to talk to the boss?

What is it?

Police. Your papers, please.

We want no trouble.

Are you looking for
something specific?

Where one of them here before?

Don't know them.

Troublemakers don't
get in here, don't worry.





Take a look around.

Go on, take a look. We have
no customers at the moment.

Would you like a whisky?


Get back in. Stop staring.

- Shit, I thought they'd nail him.
- Only a routine check.

Don't bet on miracles.

You can have your bed back.
Rosi moves in with Renate.

- Time?
- Half past 6.

- Where is he?
- He'll be here soon enough.

Normally he's back at
around half past 3.

And there he is.

Nonsense, he has a key.

Should I go?

We're closed!

What's the time?

Quarter to 10.

What if he kicked it?
Maybe they killed him.

"Turn it off!"

"I said, turn it off!"

I know what I'll do now!

Susi! Drop the gun!

Let me...

Are you crazy?

Let me go!

Are you insane?
That'll bring bad luck!

Please, Miss. All that noise...

My wife is very sick
and can't sleep.


You old bum! Do you want to
get off as well? Get lost!

Do you know what I'll do now?

I'll pack my bags and leave.

He's not coming back!

Yes... I'll leave... now.

If we don't leave now...

Hey, what's going on here?

I said, what's going on?

But you're hurt.

We were very worried.

Don't come in!

I'll jump out the window!


Don't come in!



No! No!

Don't... please!

Please, don't!

I'll jump!


No... I won't do it anymore...

Please... please...

Earlier, I slept.

I had a dream about my father.

My father...

It's an eternity ago
that he was with us.

I talk to you, Renate.

Bitch, listen up
when I talk to you!

I dreamed about that asshole.

If he was still breathing,
I'd strangle him ten times.

Are you listening?


The dream... I was little,
about six or seven.

I was walking with
him in an alley.

He was constantly babbling
the same bullshit.

All of a sudden,
a man walks towards us.

He had a big dog, a shepherd.

The man comes closer.

Suddenly, he kicks me
right in the stomach.

I try to yell for my father, but...

No sound's coming out.

I realize, the dog's on my chest

and has grabbed my throat.

And then...

...what then?


What's the matter?

Move over, I want to fuck you.

Turn around.

It's 2 pm already...

...and you're still asleep,
like this is the Hilton.

Give me a cigarette.

- What is it? Where's the cigarette?
- All right, I'll get it.

- Come on.
- In a sec.

What did you do?

What did you do?

What did you do?

Fuck mouth...

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

I'll take you with me,
you cheap whores!

Just you wait,
I'll show you!

I'll take you with me,
fucking bitches...

Chop up... one at a time...

I will...

...all you slits...

...all of you...



...all of you.

I will...



You two dollar whores.

Fucking cunts...

Now... now... now!

He's finished!
The bastard is finished!

Go away!

We can leave now.

Just leave...

I'll go back.

My mother...

She doesn't know.

I'll go back.

I can't go anywhere.

But I don't care...

as long as I get out of here.

I'll go and pick up my boy.

Poor boy.

He needs me.

I'll leave with him.

I'll go wherever.

I'd do anything...
housecleaning, anything...

Now we have everything back.

Our lives.

Our freedom.

We are free.

- Evening!
- Good evening.

This way, please.

Ladies, we have customers.

Let's go to work.