Utdrikningslaget (2017) - full transcript

We're getting married in two weeks!
What are you saying?

I can't deal with this now.
I have to get to work.

Can we talk about this later?

Maybe we should just call it off?

You can't mean that!

- Yo.
- Yo!

You leaving?

Yeah, I'm exhausted.
I'll work from home.

I see your weekend has started.

Want to go out for a beer?

No, some other time.

- Some other time?
- I promise!

You can't dump this on me now!

Where have you been?

In meetings.

- Is this weekend ...?
- No, next.

Thank god!
I need that presentation.

I'll work on it this weekend.
You'll have it Monday morning.


Ready for the weekend.

"We have to talk.
I love you. Even."


What the hell are you doing?
Are you sick?

I knew it.
I knew this was too much.

I told you!

Sorry, Gina.

That was...

a totally...





I know!

I didn't plan this.
Marte and Stine did.

It was a little crazy,
but you're a horror fan, aren't you?

Are you OK?


Thanks for the memory.

Blame our cynical employers.

And she's the worst.

You're just bitter
because I dumped you.

OK, baby.

- Drive safely.
- We will.

Gina's bachelorette party
has officially started!

You should have seen your face, Gina.

I'll get you back
when you get married.

- Who's going to be next?
- Definitely not me.

Don't look at me!
I have many single years left.

What about you, Stine?

We'll see. I'm not sure.

- What about you, Ida?
- It's complicated.

I don't know if I believe in marriage
as an institution.

I don't want to sit back here.

Do all you guys know each other?

Marte and I are old friends,
and we both dated friends of Even's.

Marte still is, poor thing.

And I'm Even's sister.
A little older, but much more sensible.

What about you?

We used to work together.


We worked together...

at a nursing home.

- Talk about a shitty job!
- There was so much shit!

Shit everywhere!

Does my smoking bother you?

Never mind. I'm trying to get
into the party spirit.

- I can't wait.
- For what?

For you to get into the party spirit.

Gina, we have a little present for you.

We found one that looked like Even's.

- There's something for your butt, too.
- Is this for my butt?

No, the other one.

- See if it fits.
- Keep your eyes on the road.

I know where we're going.
You're taking me to a spa.

I don't like that laugh.

- Here it is.
- Right here?

Check out those rednecks!

I'll be back in a jiffy.

Can't you smoke that outside?

- Keep me company, Gina?
- OK.

Where are we?

- Are you nervous?
- Of course! Wouldn't you be?

I'd be terrified, if I were you.

Great, thank you so damn much!


Are you OK?

It's weird.
We dated for so many years.

Now it won't be the same gang anymore.

I'll get squeezed out
when Mikkel finds a new girl.

It doesn't have to be like that.

It's their gang.

When you're out, you're out.



Is she your friend?


Are you going on a trip together?


Heggelia is nice.


Yeah. Bye.


- What was that?
- That was weird.

- Did you know her?
- No.

How did she know
we were going to Heggelia?

Are we going to Heggelia?


We are.


Once out of Oslo,
you're in the boonies.

I dated this guy once.

He insisted on cumming in my hair
every time!

Gross! Shouldn't we get moving?

Isn't it about time?

Toilet paper and everything
is up there.

Call if you need anything.

You can get a cell-phone signal
out in the courtyard.

Excellent. We can't wait!

- That dude was creepy!
- Totally.

That was a little weird, but he's cool.
We rented the place from him.

It isn't like he's joining the party!

I have to go.

Maybe we should put it off.

- Is everything OK, Gina?
- Sure. I'm fine.

That guy had the hots for Gina.

Ha-ha, you're so funny, Camilla.

There's a gate here.

Right, it's a private road.
Let me make a call.

I'll take care of it.


OK, let the adventure begin!

OK, speaking of "the hots."

And speaking of "creeps."

Now what?

- Come on, fire up your laptop.
- Hang on.

OK, play.

Hi, Gina,
I want to read an old love letter.

No, no, no!

No, I won't do that.

Was he the one with bad breath?

Hello, Gina.
Happy bachelorette party.

I hope you're having fun,
and that you have an amazing day.

You are an amazing girl.

Today it's all in.
Gina only gets married once.


- He sounds like a jerk.
- No, he's hot!

You haven't seen me for a while.

But I've been thinking about you
since we lost touch.

He's not quite in your league, Gina.
I'd call him a 4.

So I'm a 5 out of 10?

- No.
- Thank you so much!

- What about Lars?
- Hi, Gina.

Well... so you're getting married.

Is that Lars?

I hope you have...

a long...

- and happy life together.
You deserve that.

Don't do anything
I would or wouldn't do.

Anyway, have a good time.


You're harem has already arrived.


The thing is, Gina...

They're all waiting for you there.

No way. We have to turn back.
I refuse. Turn around.

- Camilla, turn back!
- Not a chance.

- How did you do this?
- Ask Stine and Marte.

Some of them
needed some convincing.

They'll leave right after dinner.

Unless we can convince them to stay.

You are so evil!

How many exes do you have?
No offense.

I've only dated those guys.

I guess I was a late bloomer.

- Are we almost there?
- Why do you ask?

I have to pee like crazy.

OK, does anyone else need to pee?


You touched my weewee!
I thought it was an animal.

- It's just Stick Man.
- Stop it!

What are you doing?

- Same as you.
- I can't pee next to someone.

- Why not?
- I can't even pee in the woods.

I think I have to go number two.




Stick Man doesn't like poo.


Up with your boobs,
in with your tummies. Here we are!

Hand me my backpack.

It's beautiful here!

Great job.

Why, thank you!

- Where's the welcoming committee?
- Inside, maybe.

- But where's their car?
- They probably parked in here.

Hope they aren't planning
on scaring us.

Are you better at scaring
than being scared?

- What's that?
- Bug spray.

Can I have some?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

It isn't locked.


- Could you turn on the lights?
- OK.

But... Nobody has been here.

Have they tried to call you?

- No missed calls.
- Call Andreas. He was in charge.

You mean André?
I'll try him now.

There's no signal.

Right, you have to go out
in the courtyard.

Do you mind?

Hi, this is Stine
from Gina's bachelorette party.

We're here now,
and were wondering...

We're wondering where in the hell
you fucking idiots are!

Worthless fucking amateurs!

I'm sure that helped.

It did for me.

Nothing but shitty music.

Shitty music?
Like Nirvana is uplifting!

We have to lift our spirits.
The party is about to start.

- Haven't you stored any music?
- We can just stream it.

Stream without Internet?

This works without the Internet!

- What the hell?
- We just lost power.

No, we can't stay without power.

I'm sure it's just a fuse.

Couldn't handle that '80s music.

Or else your exes are fucking with us.

If that's the case, -

- I'm gonna grill their hairy balls
like marshmallows.

Did you hear that?
Until they turn black and melt!

Ida, come with me.
We have to find the fuse box.

- Hold this.
- You go first.

What do you mean?

Never mind.

I just refuse to go first.

Let's see how tough you are.

- Elise, boil water.
- I can help.

Gina, sit down, eat chips and relax.

- I need a pot.
- Right here.

Thank you.

- There's no water.
- Are you kidding?

I'm the world's worst maid of honor.

I can't even arrange
a bachelorette party.

Don't worry.

Now what?

Did you hear that?


What's going on?

- We didn't find the fuse box.
- And there's no water.

Maybe we should just go back to town.

I know you've put a lot into this,

Yeah, maybe this isn't
such a good idea.

Maybe it isn't too late.

I said: Let there be light!

- What's the matter?
- They want to go home.

- We don't have any water.
- But all our plans!

I know, but...

It was just the stopcock.
It works now.

So we have power and we have water.

- What should we do?
- I still think...


Didn't we come here to party?


I can smell your brains!

- Do I seriously have to wear this?
- Yes. You look like a whore.

You are the lead character
in our own little horror fest.

- You look like a superhero.
- Come on!

It isn't that bad.

- Here's to Gina.
- Cheers!

- Cheers.
- It's nice to be here.

No way. Come on. Come on!

Come on!

And now I have to pee.
What should I do?

Pee-Pee Patty.

After everything you've poured in me?

I have to pee too.
I think our bladders are in sync.

The bathroom is upstairs in the barn.

An outhouse. Perfect.

"A cabin in the woods."

Horror film references
just before we have to go pee?

- Your friends sure are nice.
- Yeah, I'm lucky to have them.


They don't smell that bad
if they haven't been used for a while.

I sure hope not.

OK, it stinks.
Try to breathe through your mouth.

Would you dare be here alone?

- Are you crazy? Never!
- Me neither.

Could you cover your ears?

How did you manage to screw this up?

It isn't Stine or I who screwed it up,
it's those boys.

Stop arguing.
It doesn't matter. They aren't here.

I don't want her
rolling her eyes at me all night.

- Are you talking about me?
- Who do you think?


They knew
they were supposed to be here.

So either they'll surprise us,
or they've decided not to show.

- Don't say that.
- It's just a theory.

Show her that text from André
or Andreas or whatever.

Don't make me the bitch.

You're the ones
who wanted to organize this.

There. See?

He confirms the time,
date, and location.

That wasn't my point.

- He knows where we are.
- But still doesn't answer?

No one is making you the bitch, Ida.

I've known Camilla and Marte -

- for 2-3 years.

Ever since I met Even.

Marte, your maid of honor,
seems real nice.

She's an amazing person.

Super nice. Super sweet.

Maybe a little simple.


That may not be the right word, but...

But you get what I mean, right?
She's just -

- super nice.

Did you see that note in here?


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thank you.

- Camilla?
- What are you doing?

Stine wanted to collect our phones, -

- so we won't go on Instagram
and Facebook and all that.

I'm tired of
everyone's perfect lives.

Gina is always out skiing
or baking a cake.

This way we won't be distracted.
And the coverage sucks anyway.

What if we want to take pictures?


Wow, I'm impressed!

Can I be a part of this?

Not to kill the mood,
but does anyone know what this is?

Kind of creepy.

- Where did you find it?
- In the outhouse.

"Jealousy, degradation, death."

- It's probably been there a while.
- No, it looks pretty new.

Could it be the boys?

I hope not.

You've probably figured it out, -

- but you'll have to manage
without your exes tonight.

That sucks!
I was looking forward to them.

Sure. We get it. Never mind.

One more beer, and then
we go over to the next phase.


Next person to pee
can hang this up again.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Girls, it's time for a swim
in the lake.

Last one in is a bitch.

There are probably parasites in there.

The only parasites in that lake
will be us.

The Institute of Public Health -

- has warned that there are parasites
in 30% of lakes.

Who did you say warned that?

The Instute of Pubic...

Haven't you heard of the Instute?

Let's go for a swim.

I love you!

Come on.

I've heard of the Instute...

Jealousy, degradation, death.

Take your clothes off and jump in,

I feel like I'm brewing on a cold.

So I think I'll pass.

That's ridiculous. Come on!

She doesn't have to.

Baloney! Everyone has to swim.

Come on.

Or I'll pull you in.

Fine. OK.

A quick dip.


Watch out for her.
She's bisexual.

- Who isn't?
- Are you a lesbian?

No... I don't know.

Maybe I am.

You fall in love with the person,
not the gender.

Sex with girls is awesome.

Where are you going?

I have to take care of some things.

- And I have to pee.
- Pee in the water!

- No thanks.
- Want me to come with you?

No, don't worry.
I'm not afraid of the dark.


- Christ!
- It was just a parasite.

You touched my...


OK, I think maybe she likes girls too.

She was wet, at least.

It's weird. You're the first
in the group to get married.

I thought it would be me and Mikkel.
We dated for eight years.

You're handling it well.

On the outside, maybe.

I wouldn't have handled it that well.

You're in the perfect relationship.

- Even is handsome.
- Extremely.

Not to mention Gina's career.
I'm sure all the clients love her.

Yeah, Gina is... great.


Gina, with her perfect life,
will probably have perfect babies.

It's true.

I am...

I do feel very privileged.
I really do.

I can't ask for anything more.

You scared me
with what you said earlier, -

- about losing everything, all this.

But we're here to have fun, girls.

No negative thoughts. Cheers!


What did Even think about
all of Gina's exes being here?

He -

- took it well.

He isn't the jealous type.


Did my brother know they were coming?

- And he was OK with it?
- Yeah.


What do you mean?

That's just a little weird.

What's weird?

Nothing. Never mind.

Ida, if you say A, you have to say B.

Fine. Has Even
never been jealous of you?

No, not that I know of.
Not more than normal jealousy.

And -

- has he ever reacted to the fact
that you have so many exes?

Ida, I don't have that many exes.

I have been in a few
short relationships and one long one.

So Even can't handle
that Gina has had other boyfriends?

No, but he's my brother.
I know him.

Like I don't?
This is news to me.

This is one of those crazy
Freudian Oedipus things.

You're jealous of Gina
and afraid to lose your brother.

You're twisted, Camilla.

Fine. I'm sorry I said anything.

He was just weird with his ex.

- That's not good.
- Sorry, it just spilled out of me.

She had cheated on him, too.

- That's different.
- I'll never cheat.


I wonder how Stine is really doing.

What do you mean?

She's been struggling a little.
I love her to death, but...

I lost touch with her after I started
dating Even and hanging with you.

What do you mean by "struggling"?

She has zero self-confidence
and is real hard on herself -

- when it comes to work, -

- boyfriends, -

- her body...

Is that why she was so shy at the lake?

She has so many issues -

- that she becomes jealous
of those around her.

She has been very envious of me
at times.

- Really?
- Yeah.

A few years ago, -

- she was committed.

Girls, we're doing it again.

We can talk about serious stuff
now and then, -

- but not all the time
and not today.

I have an idea.
You go check if Stine is OK.

We'll stay here and put out the fire
and clean up.

Fine, I guess I'll just take off.


OK, girls, here's the plan...

This is going to be so nasty!




Hello? Stine?

You have to come out now!




Very funny, girls!

Very funny!

I'm dying of suspense.

I know you can hear me!

It's a damn riddle.


"Six girls on a trip
Fewer, unless Gina uses her wits."

"A gnome is waiting in the barn
But his porridge may do you harm."

"Don't be afraid
of the game being played."

"Screams like a troll
lead you to your goal."

This isn't funny!


That was shitty!

Fucking Camilla-Santa!

"Under the main house
you'll find more than a mouse."

"Get on your knees
and crawl around."

"But you will hear a clue ..."

Thanks a fucking lot!

"Play, live, die."

"You are almost in the middle
There's more shit to this riddle."



I know you're here.

So don't bother trying to scare me.


What the hell is this?

That almost looks real!

"Small, clever whores."

This is getting kind of crazy, guys.
Should we maybe call it quits?

Right, I didn't think so.

"In the washhouse."

Hi, washhouse.

Hi there!

You're scaring me to death!

Who is that?



Christ, are you all right?

I'm coming down. Don't move.

That's enough.
Let's take a time-out.

Who are you?
I don't want this anymore.

I don't want to do this!

That's an axe, dammit!

Are you OK, Gina?
The door's locked.

That wasn't funny.

I give up!

What is this?

Where are you?

It's only a game.

It's only a game.

This is the last thing I'm doing!


"It isn't either-or."

"You must beyond the cellar door."


I have a knife!

So you'd better watch out!

"All -

- must die."

No! Marte!

Stop joking around.



Hello, is anyone out there?

- What's wrong?
- I can't take any more!

Are you OK? Are you hurt?

Sorry for laughing,
but it seems to have worked.

Marte's throat is slit,
she's bathing in her own blood.

And Elise's in the outhouse.


And this axe killer tried
to chop my head off.

He came this close!



Did you know about
any of these things?

No, but this is even better.

I don't know about any of this.
I fell asleep, actually.

Got tired of waiting.

Marte and Stine planned this.

We each got a "scare station."

OK, then let me show you Elise's head -

- in the outhouse.
It looks totally real.

But, there was...

There was...
There was a head in here.

I had to fish it out
with a fishing rod.

I promise! And...

There was a different note here,
but now the old one is back.

This is part of the plan, Gina.

- Doesn't Marte work in film and TV?
- Yes.

She probably got someone to make
a lifelike head.

No one has cut anyone's head off, Gina.

This is all just to scare you.
To give you a kick.


But what about Marte?

The bathroom was her post.
She can explain everything.


But I swear, she was in there.

Her throat was slit, and there was
writing in blood on the wall.

I'm not crazy.
I know what I saw.

Nobody has said
that you're crazy, Gina.

This is probably just part of the plan.

OK, then where are the other girls?
Is this part of it?

- Do you know about that?
- As far as I know, it's all over now.

I hope they don't plan
to scare us, too.


They probably just don't know
it's over yet.

What about the car?

What car?


- That sure is a car.
- Yes.

He got up on the roof.

And bang!
He smashed the window with his axe.

I was about to check
the registration -

- when he smashed the window.


- Bingo!
- What does it say?

It belongs to Lars Ødegårdstuen.

- Who is that?
- Is that one of your exes?


- I didn't expect that.
- You seemed faint.

- So the boys have been here?
- It seems like it. At least Lars.

You reacted to Lars in the car, too.

- He wasn't all there.
- What do you mean?


What's going on here?
Where are the other girls?

- Could he have hurt them?
- No. I don't know.

I would never think...

- Look.
- What?

- Our phones.
- Who would we call?

Only our three are in here.

Have the other girls taken theirs?

It looks like it.

OK. Then let's call them.

- Yeah.
- Let's go call them.

I have a signal.

Yeah. Me too.

I'll call Marte.

I'll call Stine.

And I'll call Elise.

OK, it's ringing.

I think it's coming from the barn.


Are you there?

It's locked.

I saw some keys in the kitchen.
I'll get them.


Still no answer?

No, this is weird.

I don't understand.

This isn't fun.

Camilla, who's that?

The guy who smashed the window
and chased me!

Hello? Is this part of the game?

Get that door open!

Open the door! Hurry up!

Close it!

My god!

I just touched something.
Is there a light?

He's gone!

He's here! Hide!

Hey! Are you trying to kill me?

- Even, what are you doing here?
- Stine invited me. What's going on?


Is everything OK?

We can't stay here.
We're in danger.

The car! Let's go to the car.

What's going on, Gina?


We can't use this.
Where is your car?

- I rode my bike.
- You don't have a car?

No, I was supposed to
drive you home in your car.

OK. Well, we can't stay here.

Come on, let's go!

Close the door.

- Gina, what is going on?
- Draw those curtains.


But where are the others?

We need to find more weapons.

Weapons? You're making me nervous.
Isn't this part of the plan?

This guy who looks like you
has killed everyone.

Who looks like me?
What? Where are they?

- In the barn.
- What? Is Ida in the barn?

I'm sure it's all part of the plan.
That's why I'm here.

I was supposed to scare you.

Just relax.
I'll see what's going on.

No, no, no.
We aren't going anywhere.

- Fine. You stay here, I'll go.
- No way.

He's out there.

And I've seen enough horror movies
to know we shouldn't split up.


Then what do you want us to do?


Why are you wearing that?

I told you.
Stine told me to come down here.

She thought it would be funny.

A huge success, clearly.

And the axe and the... cloak?

She hid them up by the gate.





Where is Stine?
Have you seen her?

Maybe she's the one...

Let's just sit down
for two seconds.

Why don't you tell me
what you think has happened?

I don't know.
I haven't seen anyone get killed, -

- but I don't doubt that they're dead.

My exes!

They're hanging in the barn.

Your exes?

Your sister said something weird.

She said you were jealous.

- What do you mean?
- I don't know...

I didn't know
you were the jealous type.

- What does that have to do with this?
- It's just strange.

Our argument. You knew
about this bachelorette party.

Did you know that my exes were here?

What are you trying to say?

- Do you think I killed them?
- I don't know.


Do you think I did?



You have to trust me.



- Feeling better?
- Yeah.

Let's stick together now, OK?


What are you doing?

I'm going to go check the barn.

- Don't bring the axe.
- Why not?

I don't want you to bring the axe!


Even, don't...



How could you?

I was ready to marry you!
I love you! How could you?

I saw it in your face, in your eyes!
You were going to kill me!

It was -

- that sound.

What sound?




No... No!

We were so perfect together.

I don't understand...



Holy shit!
What has happened to you?

Are you OK?

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

I thought you knew.

- How did you end up here?
- I don't know.

I went out to plant the clues, -

- and then I woke up here.

Was it... Was it Even?

What do you mean? Why would Even
knock me out and tie me up?

Because he's jealous!

- Jealous?
- He's jealous.

What is it you want to show me?

I'm going to show you what he's done.

Here. He's jealous.

Do you believe me now?


Where is Lars?


It's Stine and Lars!

Poor Even!

They have killed all of them!

Stine and Lars!

- Where is she?
- I saw her here last.


Gina, come out.

We just want to... talk to you.

We won't hurt you, Gina.


- This is the police.
- My name is Gina Moen.

I'm at Heggelia.
Everyone is dead.

She was committed once,
but I didn't picture her doing this.

Yes, I'll be careful.


I know you're in here.

Come out, OK?
So that we can talk.

Help is on its way.

A helicopter is on its way.
They'll be here soon.

Do you hear me?

I just want you to know -

- that I don't consider you a monster.

Even though you did what you did.

And I want you to know
that no one is going to hurt you.

Everyone will understand, OK?

Do you hear me?

I should have known -

- this would be too much for you.

But now you have to come out, Stine.

And you have to put down that knife.

And we'll just talk, OK?

Is it you, Gina?

Of course it's me.
Who else would it be?

OK. Let's talk.

Do you realize the extent
of what you have done?

- Do you remember how we first met?
- Yes, of course.

We haven't really stayed in touch.

I'm sorry.
That's because of Even.

And maybe we grew a little apart.

You've been envious of me.
I understand.

And I'm sorry.

That you had to get envious.
But I understand.

Why are you looking at me like that?

We first met at the hospital.

You. Me.

And Benedicte.

I know you've been saying
I was committed.

But that isn't the whole truth.
We were both committed.

What are you talking about?

Are you crazy?

I guess we were both crazy.

Based on society's views.

But I have never been envious of you,

You are the envious one.

Why would I be envious of you?

Remember what happened this morning?


Remember? You -

- and Even...

What is going on?

- Sometimes I don't know who you are.
- What do you mean?

Everything is great, and then...
I don't know who you are.

I don't understand... No.

What are you talking about?

You've been acting strange
for the past five months.

Who am I really marrying?


We're getting married in two weeks!
What are you saying?

I can't deal with this now.

I have to get to work.
Can we talk about this later?

Or maybe call the whole thing off.

You can't mean that.
You can't mean that, Even.

Hey... Not now!

This isn't happening.


I have to go.

Maybe we should put it off.

No, you can't...

You can't mean that.

We're doing fine
and we're getting married.


- Hi, Gina.
- Stine?

I can't take this anymore!

What's happened?

Even doesn't want to marry me.

I feel like such a failure.

- I don't want to live anymore.
- Don't say that.

Everyone's going to laugh at me
and make fun of me.

No one will do that, Gina.
Just tell me what happened.

She's back.

And now I have this wedding
and I'm all stressed.

And Even doesn't understand.

He doesn't like this other side of me.

I just want to be normal, -

- but I could never tell him the truth.

He wouldn't want anything
to do with me.

Benedicte isn't back. She isn't.

You're so strong.

You're so strong and wonderful.

I'm never going to get well again.

I'm never going to...

Just remember
how far you have come, Gina.

- Gina, please don't hang up.
- Bye.

I have to go now. Bye.

Don't do it!
We have a surprise for you.

Tell me.

My bachelorette party?

Hi, André.

This is Stine calling.

I won't tell anyone -

- that you have told me.

I'm sorry to bother you,
but there's been a change of plans.

Would it be OK
if you all came a little earlier?

Yes. That's fantastic!

But I'm stuck here all day...

- I hiked up to your place last week.
- All the way to Heggelia?

It's such a lovely place.
It's worth the effort.

I've rented it out for
a bachelorette party this weekend.

- They seemed like nice girls.
- Sounds great. Bye!

I heard you mention Heggelia.

I thought I'd bike up there.
Is it hard to find?

Not at all.
Just take a left after the gate.

Cool bike!

- Thanks.
- You going for a ride?

Thought I'd go to Heggelia.

I'm going the same way.
We can ride together.

Sure. That sounds nice.

This is where I live.



Just continue to the gate.

And then take a left.

I'm Jorunn.

I'm Benedicte.

It was very cool to meet you.

You too.

- Have a nice ride!
- Thanks.

You have no idea how stressed I got
when I heard you were coming.


This is totally insane,
but typical you.

How nice to hear that
you have finally met Mr. Perfect.

- It isn't like that.
- Hi.

None of us were good enough.

- I was promised a drink.
- So you're the drinker!


I wasn't sure about this,
since Stine and I...

Come on, I'm getting married.
We're past all that.


- How are you and Stine doing?
- Things are great.


Bottoms up!

It means so much to me -

- that all of you are here.
Thank you so much.

Here's to a good time!

Do you realize
how expensive poodles are?

Just doing their hair...


Relax, Lars.

Everything will be fine.
I promise, OK?

Just like things were fine
with you and Stine after we broke up.

Wait here, OK?

- You don't know where she is?
- I tried calling her.

I can't have an employee
I can't trust.

One minute she's a superstar,
the next she's hopeless.

And now she's gone?

Is she manic depressive,
or something?

No, not that I know.

But Gina is a good worker.

There she is!

It means so much to me...

- that all of you are here.
Thank you so much.




That person you're talking about...

isn't me.

- It's you.
- What?


Stine, where are you?

You've always had low self-esteem.

And Benedicte is so different from you.

But things have been good
since you met Even.

Do you hear what I'm saying?

Who are you?

I don't want to do this anymore.

What the ...?

Be careful. That's an axe!

I don't want to do this anymore.

- Are you OK?
- Yes.

Do you understand
what I'm saying to you, Gina?

I have a knife!

Here comes help.

Remember: No one is mad at you.

We understand that you aren't well.

You'll get help now.

Everything will be fine.

Where is the knife?

Everything will be...

so great!

Poor Stine!



No one will laugh...

or make fun of you.

You can start all over again.

And this time, Gina...

it will be...

just perfect.

Subtitles: Nick Norris