Utamaro: Yume to shiriseba (1977) - full transcript

Follows the life of the famous classical printmaker, Utamaro Kitagawa, set during the time when Utamaro is commissioned to produce pornographic woodblocks.

Utamaros World

Nippon Herald Movie Distribution

Executive Producer:
Katsumi Furukawa

Kinshiro Katsurai

Akio Jissoji and Masaru Takesue

Ryouhei Hirose

Cinematography: Masao Nakabori Production Design: Noriyoshi
lkeya & Yoshinobu Nishioka Lighting: Takeji Sano

Assistant Director:
Zenji Shimomura

Still Photographer:
Shin Tamagawa


Shin Kishida

Shingo Yamashiro Mikio
Narita Eiji Okacla

Ryéhei Uohicla Tadao
Nakamaru lsao Tamagawa

Akiji Kobayashi lsao
Bitou Minori Terada

Kantaro Suga
Tetsuo Tomikawa

Ben Hiura
Katsumi Muramatsu

Noboru Nakaya Ryo
Tamura Eishin Tono

Kyoko Kishicla Miohiko
Saga Yasuko Nagamine

Rie Nakagawa Eiko
Yanami Tokuko Vatanabe

Yukiko Nagano Eri
Kanuma Hiroko Sakurai

Mako Midori
Kazuyo Mita

Kijiro Hirami

Directed by
Akio Jissoji

- We will cleanse you!
- Let me go!

Let me go!

Hey hey he!

Someone, help me!

Don't bother people who are
desperate to make a living.

Don't disturb us!

It hurts. It hurts.

A thief! A thief!

A thief! A thief!

Open it! It's the police!
Open it!

- This way!
- A thief! A thief!

- Have the police come yet?
- Thank you for coming.

You are in our way

Genta, look inside of the warehouse.

Let's go to the warehouse.

Where is the master?

Oh, Mr. Sobei. What’s the matter?

- Dream was stolen.
- "Dream"?

A masterpiece by Enshu Kobori.

You can't get it, even by paying
more than 5,000 ryo.

This is big trouble.

Actually it's a tea bowl
presented by Sir Sadanobu.



Up there...


Yumeno-Ukihashi = "a floating bridge in a dream"
He's over there! Yumeno- Ukihashi is over there!

Block his path!

Go that way!

This way!

- He's over there.
- On the roof!

- Cooperate with us!
- Yumeno-Ukihashi, you're under arrest!

- Co-operate with us!
- You're under arrest!

This way!

You're under arrest!


Don't let him run away!

Cooperate with us!

Ukihashi, you're under arrest!

Don't let him get away!
Block his path!

You're under arrest!

Where did he go?
Close off this area!

- Don 't lose him!
- Search for him!

- Where is he?
- This way! - Search for him!

Search everywhere!

This is a police search!

About an hour ago,
a thief broke into...

a Hinokuma-ya lumber
wholesaler in Fukagawa Kiba.

If you guys harbor him,
you are equally guilty

The tiger's disguise...

is defeated by the fo>< in more orange.

Who the hell are you?!

I'm sorry to barge in,
but I am a painter.

Human blood is not as vivid as this.

Damn you!

Stop doing such an obviously
amateur trick.

- Don't disturb us!
- Remember us!

- We will pay you back!
- Stupid! - Damn you! - Stupid!

Thank you very much.

What is your name?

I'm Utamaro.


Because this is a confidential visit,
I cannot tell...

you my name,
but I really appreciate it.

Have a good day!

While I am in the shop all day
I see a variety of people.

People say that the people in a palanquin,
and the people who carry it,

and the people who make
the sandals for them...

This is an actual observation window
to this transitory world.

- I can't paint...
- What?

Sir! Don't move.

- Is there anything that's different
from usual? - No, not at all.

As soon as you see
Yumeno-Ukihashi, inform us.

Thank you for your hard work!

It's no joke! How dare
a hairdresser dream?

What if you see him?
What will you do?

I will shave his beard and show
him the way to escape.

Okay it's done!

- Thank you very much!
- Sir, I beg you...

Go away! Dirty fella!

Recently the number of beggars
has been increasing...

It's because of the famine.

Thank you very much!

Onatsu, could you show
this man mercy?

But you told me that you
would go out for dinner.

No, not that...

I want you to give this man
your body for one night.


That's a bad joke.

You sleep with this man!


Dear! Dear!

Dear! Hurry! Please!


Hey you! I'll give you
a discount!

Come with me...

1, 2, 3, 4... 20 and 4 mon.

This is only half of the
price of soy pulp.

This is the trend of the times.

Hurry UP-

I still need to earn more money

- Show me... - What?
- Show me your...

Wasn't that enough'?
I'm getting weary

What are you doing'?!

You bastard!

Let me go!

Hey mister!

I'm returning this to you.

And I have to give you
my gratitude.

You... In Okuyama sometime...

That's beautiful...

You are an affected fellow.

I'm not affected. The world is too big
for me to see without doing this.

Edo is only a tiny bit,
compared to my naughty bits.

Don't move...

Are you going to paint me?

Yes. All of your beauty

- That's impossible.
- Impossible?

I'm a woman who was born
from the bubbles of Edo...

So, no one can paint me.

Don't be hasty

Oh, good...

Onatsu, give me some tea.


Sir Sano, why don't you
become a god?

L, become a god?

A gracious social reform god.

That's outrageous!

I'm only a 500 koku retainer of the Shogun.
The position is only Shingobashuu.

In brief, I'm only in charge when
the Shogun goes out.

But the social standing of your
family is much higher...

than that of Sir Tanuma,
the senior councilor.

That was a long time ago.

As a matter of fact, the Tanuma family
used to be vassals of the Sano family

So, I lent the Sano family's genealogy to
Junior Elder Sir Okutomo, but he hasn't returned it.

I also have had a bitter experience
because of Sir Tanuma.

The Tanumas, father and son...

are really the ringleaders...
as people say...

Please don't speak carelessly

Just relax and have fun today

- Yes! - Good evening.
- Thank you for your support, always.

What is this? Why do you offer
me such cordial hospitality?

- It's only my greeting for
meeting you. - But...

Don't be uptight.
Please have a seat.

I'm tired...

ls it Uta-saws turn?

- I'm going, then.
- Yeah.

Hello, Lord.

Are you sleeping? Hello.

- What's the matter?
- 'Dream'...

Fascinating... Even I didn't notice.

I'm just a painter!

A painter?

- Who asked you'?
- No. I'm not like that...

I'm not!


You are pretty good, Ukihashi.

You are too good to be a thief.

You are also too good to be
a bodyguard for a lumber wholesaler.

Hey what are you going to
do with the swords?

I don't know. Maybe l will use
them to grate radishes.

Okay I will leave them with
you for a while.

This transitory world is large,
yet also small.

We may meet again...
See you.

- We were waiting for you!
- Dankaku!

- The best in Japan!
- Dankaku!

After all, this world is
a dream within a dream.


"After all, this world is
a dream within a dream."

Here, Uta-san.

Hey look at the woman.

She is from the inner palace,
and came here secretly

Really Dankaku isthe
best in Japan.

I sent a flower to Dankaku
in your name.

Thank you, always...
I appreciate your kindness.

Not at all. Because of
your recommendation,

most of the ladies in the inner palace
support me. I will not forget your kindness.

I have also gotten to know this
dream-like world with your help.

It is so much fun.

I'm happy to fulfill your wishes.

Please excuse me for leaving.


Master, here is a flower from
the audience in the West box.

- I see. Open it.
- Yes.

Then, who is the audience?

It's confidential,
but if you must ask,

the answer is that she is the
Elderly Sawanoi, from the inner palace.

Madame Sawanoi?


- Dankaku! - The best
in Japan! - Bravo!

Thank you very much for your
attendance today

l, Dankaku lchikawa, really appreciate it
from the bottom of my heart.

I beg o fall of you,
in this theater,

your continuous patronage.

I sincerely appreciate and
welcome you.

- Dankaku!
- The best in Japan!

- He looks similar...
- What? - Dankaku...

The way he moves is exactly
like Yumeno-Ukihashi.

That's good. The title of the play is also
Lovers' Suicide, Yumeno-Ukihashi.

My wallet is missing...
My wallet...



The popular Dankaku play!

Dankaku lchikawa!


I feel a gloomy foreboding...
The horoscope also says so.

Society will change soon.

Sir Tanuma is in trouble...
He may fall from power.

Why are you laughing?

The public is talking about Sir Tanuma
taking bribes or something bad,

but the fact is, he was born
300 years ahead of his time.

What are you doing?
This is something precious!

If politics change,
society will become bad.

I will hate that kind of rigidity...

So l will go on a journey

My return will be up to the wind.

Okay so I will give you one
thing as my parting gift.

Don't bother with that.

Just follow me...

This is a penance service,
which is a secret process originating from...

esoteric Buddhism, that was originally
held for the union o fa married couple.

Now it is only a spell to attract
the man you love.

It's nothing now...


How about some cold barley tea?

- Lady l will leave the
money here. - Yes.

Thank you very much.

- Here you go. - It was yummy
- Thank you.

It's hot...

- Welcome! - May I have some cold barley
tea and some rice flour dumplings?

Yes. Please wait a second!

- I'll leave the money here.
- Yes.

Oh, you are really good.

Lady come here for a moment.

Look at this.
This really resembles you.

This is for you.

I'm so happy.


Hey! Give me some
rice flour dumplings!

Yes! Welcome!

A female informant for the thief,
Yumeno-Ukihashi, was arrested.


Osono, the authorities are merciful.

If you honestly disclose the location
of Yumeno-Ukihashi's hideout,

you will be forgiven, with only
a three year exile on an island.

I can't betray him!

What did you say?

Damn you!

Even if she has to go to hell,
a woman will never tell...

- the name of the man she loves.
- Stop your nonsense!

You are definitely a cunning fox,

who has lived and worked in Hinokuma-ya
for three years, in order to snitch for him.

Genta, make her drop down
on all-fours.

We will make you confess,
without any haste.

No! Don't do that!

The way she crumbles,
that is truly a woman.

The epitome of a woman.

Mr. Utamaro.

You are...

A human being is a deeply
sorrowful creature, isn't he?

You... Why do you paint
this sorrowful creature?


Because you are sorrowful?

Or lecherous?

No, I paint...

Stop. You don't have to...

Everyone is chasing blindly
after something.

This is your dream, isn't it?

But it's good...
A painter is good.

But I'm a shadow...

Merely a shadow of a human being.

He's over there!
Yumeno-Ukihashi is over there!


Hey buy this! Buy this!

ls it a dream or an illusion in the
Plain of High Heaven?

Yumeno-Ukihashi appeared again.

The world originated from the
Plain of High Heaven,

and poetry started from the Collection of
Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry...


"Thank you very much for your
sincere kindness to Osono.

"I hope this will be some help
for your painting amusement: Dream."

"After having dreamed of
my love during slumber,

"l always make a wish on
something transitory like a dream."

"Something transitory
like a dream..."

Like a dream...

Please forgive my rudeness.

However, I truly wanted to
see you once more.

You are my dream.

Therefore, I want to paint you
with even more passion.

I see...

However, I have
a favor to ask you...

Whatever you ask.

I'd like to see the world of people.

I'd like to walk down the streets of the city
that I always only get a glimpse of...

from the inside of a palanquin,
on foot.

Like you said, all of the streets
of the city are alive.

Yes... Everyone lives with
their own dreams.

Look at that.
That is a fire tower.

- What are those?
- Water pails.

But I feel sorry for
your attendants.

Let's run away

- Seriously?
- Yes.

We completely gave
them the slip.

Thank you for waiting.


Soba and sake go together
pretty well.

Then, just a little bit...

Thank you for waiting!

It is fully absorbed by
my stomach.

A little more...

Are you sure?

I feel I'm alive.

I will not lose my composure.

Excuse me!

Excuse me!

Stop it!

Come out!

Stop it!

Bloodshed inside of Edo castle

Okitomo died

August: Okitsugu ilanuma was dismissed
from the position of senior counselor

September: leharu Tokugawa died

The senior counselor,
Sadanobu Matsudaira Etchunokami, attends!

Who are you'?

Is asking pointless?

I will keep you alive...

Convey the message to
Tangonokami that,

if your farewell is messy
you will ultimately ruin yourself.

You have finally become...
a real entity in this world.

I myself recognize that I am able
to move my brushes freely


there is another thing...
like this...

Who is this 'Sharaku' fella?

He doesn't tell where he is from,
or how he grew up,

or where he lives,
or his own name.

And he just left for
who knows where.

It can't be...

A human being is a strange creature...

A guy like this exists too.

It is at the foot of
a mountain path...

from my last journey...

A story of the Children's Limbo...


Listening to it is...


Even so, you have
completely changed.

I hear about you often,
as a word in the air.

I'm glad that you became
a fine painter.

- Come back to Edo with me.
- No.

Why not?
Are you still angry at me?


My life was only four and
a half tatami mats.

But now... I don't care about
the four and a half tatami mats.

- The one who taught me
that was you. - Me?

That night, you also taught me...

that my body is only a dream.

I think... that dreams can come
true in this world.

You are a lucky man.


You are always chasing
after a dream.

Isn't it... life?

For me, it is nothing now.

"I might stray from darkness
to a dark path.

"Moon near the mountains, please cast
a light along the path to a distance faraway"

It's a poem by Shikibu lzumi.

I believe that even a woman can attain
spiritual enlightenment.

Therefore, I walk.

Please stop.
I will have regrets.

My lady... I don't want to leave
this world with any regrets.

Please call me. Quickly...

Omiyo. Omiyo.


Weren't you painting portraits
in Okuyama a few years ago?

Why did you quit?

Because it didn't feed me.

I was popular for a short while
and I also painted actors,

but I heard that the reputation
of my paintings was not good.

That's too bad,
considering your great skills.

I'm thinking about painting the landscapes that
I saw on this journey when I get back to Edo.

Don't do that.

Are you alright?

Because you can paint such beautiful women,
I gave up on painting beautiful women.

Hey lady Come here.

- Pull yourself together.
- Are you alright? What happened?

Don't touch me!

Pull yourself together.

Here you go.

If you sleep there,
you will catch a cold.

I will prepare your futon quickly

I see... This man is Sharaku.

Now, he is Hokusai,
but he used to be Sharaku.

I have changed, haven't l'?

Yes. You became even more
seductive than before.

Now, I'm the mistress of
a successful merchant.

If Edo changes,
the people will change too.

Please come to visit my home.

I'm glad... I wanted to spend
some quiet, intimate time with you.

This is nota dream...

That's why there are still
embers inside of me.

The time we spend now is
only a brief moment,

compared to the long
passage of time.

This is a transitory world...

Lives just float here.

You can't live,
unless you cling to something.

You are lucky because you
can live in a dream.

Please call me Oryo!


Damn whore!

Don't hurt this man!

I'm the one who tempted him, so if you want
to hit or kick someone, please do it to me.

But you can't take my heart away
It is all that poor people have.

You deserve to be poor for forgetting
my kindness in picking you up.

I don't want you,
you crude and perverse thing.

I will show you the ways
of rich men.

You were caught by Sir Sakon
when you pick-pocketed my wallet.

You shouldn't have forgotten the power
of the money that released you at the time.

Throw the paramour out.

How about watching that
so-called heart on your way?

How about this?

Isn't it hard?

Isn't it vexing?


Are you ashamed?

What a whore you are.
You enjoy it.

The important point of the reform is to
restore the now-corrupted public morals.

Extravagant clothing,
sumptuous meals and...

excessive amusement must
all be strictly controlled.

Ukiyo-e pictures and theaters, especially
should be severely restricted.

Because ukiyo-e pictures and
theaters disturb people's minds.

The scariest thing is disturbed
peoples' minds.

They can become a strong enough power
to collapse the Shogunate government.

What's the matter?

You, a menace to society are here.

I have no idea what you
are talking about.

The command of the Shogun!

"Juzaburo Tsutaya,
also known as Koushodo...

"You are reprehensible,
because you publish...

"books and ukiyo-e pictures
that disturb society

"Therefore, half of your property
will be confiscated,

"and we will order you to be
placed in shackles for 50 days.

"Utamaro Kitagawa. Because you have
painted many pornographic pictures,

"we order shackles for 50 days and
imprisonment for three days."

- Officer, why?
- Shut up!

"Enju Shimizu. All of your
books will henceforth...

"be prohibited from being published,
and we order hand shackles for 30 days."

South Edo Magistrate Office, City Regulator,
Police Sergent, Sakon Tachibana.

- Officer!
- Please wait!

Please forgive us!

Why officer? Why?

Do you dislike pleasure between
a man and a woman?

Shut up!

These things don't disturb society

The ones who are disturbing
society are you!

Stop grumbling!

- You are the ones!
- Take them away!

Yes, sir!

My women!

The skin of my women
is being burned.

What are you doing to
my women?!

Uta-san! Uta-san!

Don't be involved with
a crazy man.

Where is your elderly fellow?

Stop it!

Cooperate with us!

Here is another pack of dogs.

The best in Japan!

The command of the Shogun!

Step away!

"Dankaku lchikawa. It is truly reprehensible
that you staged performances,

"which make light of the Shogunate.

"Therefore, we order you to dismiss the drama company
and to pull down the Kannon-za theater.

South Edo Magistrate,
Higonokami lkeda.

Please wait!

Please don't force us to pull down
this theater. Please!

Be quiet!

Please don't hit men so easily

- Start pulling it down!
- Yes, sir!

Please calm down!

Sawanoi, I was waiting for you.

Theater-going is now prohibited.
You must be prepared.

Note: This is the first part of an old poem written by a woman, Ono no Komachi, which can be found in the "Collection of Ancient
and Modern Japanese Poetry", edited in the early 10th century. Because I fell asleep while I was thinking of him, I had a dream about him.

If I had known it was a dream,
I wouldn't have woken.

It's a fire!


Flower petals of faded color
are left on branches.

When I woke up from
a dream at midnight,

I mistook the petals...

for snowflakes in the

Who would pluck faded petals?

After a dream forsook me,

I had nowhere to go.

Thank you very much for your
attendance today

I appreciate your patronage of
Yumeno-Ukihashi, as well as that of Dankaku.

Note: While cherry blossoms are blooming, Japanese people enjoy the sight
and have parties under the trees. This period is very limited,
about 10 days a year. lt ends when the blossoms have completely scattered, but the time when the blossoms are falling offers the most beautiful sight....

Scattering cherry blossom also reminds Japanese people of "the end of a great time" or "death".
Ukihashi feels the end of his time in this scene, and he is sad because nobody is there to witness his grand departure. Where has everyone gone?

Please buy this!

Big news that deserves a moment
of a beautiful spring evening.

The best thief in Edo, Yumeno-Ukihashi,
has been caught!

No... Ukihashi is...

Snow light which has almost...

faded away because of the departing spring,
in a village in Miyoshino.

Let me read this to you:
"A mysterious thief, Yumeno-Ukihashi,

"who is known all over Edo city
is actually Dankaku lchikawa,

"an extraordinarily perverse man.
He was fanned by a southeast wind...

"coming from the huge fire in Edo last night,
and he has disappeared."

- Dankaku!
- Tsuruya!

- Dankaku!
- The best in Japan!

Now, everyone...

So long!

The 'red horse' runs very well.

The price of lumber will jump
because of this.

On the deposed Shogunates estate,

an abundance of lumber
is growing.

How terrifying,
the power of money

It's true. Even the beauty of
nature is as we please.

Tanuma knew its terror
very well,

and got drowned in it.

Now, guide me there.

It was just the wind.

It's you!

I heard that on the deposed
Shogunates estate,

plenty of good lumber
is growing.

Damn you!

Someone like you will be handled
with this sword that I stole...

Come out, and fight!
Come out!


Someone like you, who accepts defeat
churlishly will be hated, even by Buddha.

The things that I hate are jealousy
from the one who is not loved,

those who abuse women,

and those who never
try to dream.

Do you still insist upon
doing this? Why?

It's a good time to die,
isn't it?

"A good time to die"?

After all, it was a brief and
transitory world.

It was more than enough for me.

It's too bad that I cannot show
this brilliant scene to the audience.

The same here.

If l must ask, Yumeno-Ukihashi
on a spring evening...

A bank of clouds separated...

along the ridges in the sky...

Come out quickly!

- Quickly! - Don't be slow!
- Stand up!


You moron!
Watch out!

Excuse me.

A pickpocket!

Move away!


The lady of the Hitotsubashi
Tokugawa clan...

A visit to her parents' home,
after five years.

Madame Ochika!

Don't be reckless!
If officials find you...

- Bugger it! I don't care about
police or officials! - Stop!

How much longer will you chase
after a dream? Wake up!

Shut up! I'll never give up!
I'm an Edoite!

- Uta-san! - Even officials can't
take my dreams away from me!


- Uta-san, wait!
- Madame Ochika!

Catch him!



Move away!