Utama (2022) - full transcript

In the Bolivian highlands, an elderly Quechua couple has been living the same daily life for years. During an uncommonly long drought, Virginio and his wife Sisa face a dilemma: resist, or be defeated by the environment and time itself.


Leaving already?


Don't come back too late so we can work.

Ok. I'll come back sooner.

- Bye Tata.
- Bye.

We run out of water.

I walked to the village today.


Nothing. I brought some.

How long will it last?

We have barely two buckets,
we have to ration.

Hurry up,
get up instead of staring at me.

You didn't finish.

Aren't you hungry?

I already ate.

What are you thinking about?

I am concerned about the llamas,

that's all.

What about the llamas?

They have trouble walking,

I don't know if they are okay.

It is too hot.

The rain is coming.

People are coming from all the villages.

There's nothing left at the well.

And it's so heavy to carry,
we have to bring the llamas.

Yes, I just send Amador.

I don't know what we'll do
if it keeps going this way.

Just leave. Almost everybody
from the north left already.

Nobody wants to stay.

It's the same in the south,
there are only three families left.

We are all by ourselves.

Because Virginio says so.

You should go with your son
to the city Sisa.

Are you kidding? He didn't even
want to go to the village.

The rain is coming.

Virginio, I have to walk a long way
to get water.

There is nothing left in the village,

I have to go all the way to the river.

You are going to have to help me.

Virginio, you've got to help me.

No. I have to graze the llamas.

You know that.

Well, take them over there.

Its your job to fetch the water.

Virginio, good morning.

What brings you around?

I wanted to see what's going on.

There is no water Virginio,

that's what's going on.

Yes, I know.

Sisa came back worried yesterday.

Does she want to leave as well?

No, no.

I'm not leaving.

We just have to wait
for the rain to come.

It's not like that anymore

Time has gotten tired, Virginio.

We have to sow water.

Go the mountain and bring some
so we can sow water.

Yes, we should go.

Before the crops dies.

Let's set it up.

Let's talk.

I'm going to...

I'll spread the word...
to the ones that are is still here.


- Until we meet.
- Until we meet, Virginio.

(Speaking in Spanish) Grandmother!

- Hi son! What a surprise!
- How nice you came!

- Hi grandma!
- How are you?

Good son.

My dad sent me with this...

There? s a bit of everything.

Let's leave the things inside.

What about my grandpa?

He goes out early in the morning.

And how is he?

The same. Grumpy as usual.

But fine.

You never came back to the sow.

Well yeah.

I've had a lot on my shoulders back home.

You just come for festivities.


I have something to tell you.

Did you and your dad get into
a fight again?

No, it? s not that, Grandma

He's just doing his stuff.

By himself...

acting grumpy all day.

I'd rather just stay away,

so we don't fight.

It's for the best that you stay away.

Yes, right?

Hey Grandpa!

Clever has brought us delicious things.
Help yourselves.

Why is he here?

Why don't you ask him.

What are you doing here?

Why are you here for?

I'm here to see you, Grandpa...

Is your father going to come?

No, he's not coming.

- So he sent you as a messenger boy?
- What does he want?


It's ok grandma.

My dad didn't send me grandpa.

So he has punished you.

Is coming here a punishment?

Each time you came was as a punishment.

It's not punishment grandpa

I came to see you.

Even if you don't care.

The brat says he has come to see us...

Knock it off, Virginio!

We've already planted everything anyway.

But he can go graze with you Virginio.

So, can I go with you?

If you get up at sunrise, yes.

What did he say?

If you wake up early you can go with him.


Damn it Clever!
Your grandpa is outside already.

You said you were going to help.

Hurry up!

What is it, Grandpa, are you ok?

It's nothing.

Is this all you eat here, Grandpa?

There are sacred places, you know?

I don't understand you grandpa.

Do you even know what sacred means,

you spoiled brat?

I don't understand you.

Of course you don't understand...

but you do know what "llokalla" (brat)
is right?

Yes grandpa, I know what llokalla is...

...but they didn't teach me anything else.

They have taught you nothing.

Do you know how a condor dies Clever?

I don't know grandpa, how?

When he feels that
he's not useful anymore.

When he can't fly.

When he feels weak...

When he feels that way,

he goes to the top of the mountain.


folds back his wings, picks up his legs
and let himself fall...

straight to a rock and dies.

And isn't the condor scared?

Sure he is.

What's important for you to know is...

that from that moment a new cycle begins.


Tell me, son.

There's something
I want to talk to you about.

Tell me, what is it?

I wanted to tell you something.

What does your father want?

Just tell me.

Grandma, did you think about
moving to the city with us?

The Messenger has spoken

What are you saying grandpa?


I was telling you grandma...

that I think it's time
for you to come with us...

There's nothing left here.

We are fine here.

- Really?
- Are you ok?

Grandpa are you ok?

We're fine.


But there you could be so much better.

- My dad thinks that...
- Your dad has no say in this matter!

If he wants to say something,
he should come himself.

Let's talk when you're in a better mood.

Tomorrow I'll head out earlier.

What are you doing with those buckets?

Good morning grandpa.

- Good morning.
- What are doing with those buckets?

Grandma asked me to help.

Sure she did.

And that's why you woke up early.

I woke up early because you told me to.

And suddenly you obey me.

Your grandma knows
that she has to fetch the water.

It's just one time grandpa.

I'm here to help.

« I'm here to help »

Hurry up, it's going to be a long day.


Are you ok grandpa?

What is it?

It doesn't sound good.

It's nothing Clever.

Just a cough.

Does grandma know?

You should get that checked out, Grandpa.

There is nothing to check out.

That cough.

How long have you had it?

Grandpa, you can't keep
this things for yourself.

Now you know.

Tell grandma.

I'll take care of your grandma.

Please, Clever, be careful.

- It's ok grandma.
- We'll see if we can climb.

If we can't we won't do it.

Who else is coming?

We are a committee... Estanis,

Amador, his son.

The others will wait for us downhill.

Is it really necessary for you to go?

Sisa, I need to go to the mountain.

Please son, take care of yourselves.

Don't worry grandma.

We have to climb to the
top of the mountain to look for water.

There isn't any down here.

You are dying.

You are dying.

Sisters, brothers. We're here gathered...

because our brothers went to the mountain

to bring water for the sacrifice

We must call the rain.

We are going to sow the
water of the mountains.

That our brothers have brought.

Good night, brothers and sisters

We gather here tonight to deal,

with something that concerns
and worries us all.

Rain is not pouring down.

February is almost over
and we might loose harvest.

I wish to know what you think.

It's been almost a year since it rained.

There is no more water.

I think that we should move to the city.

How are we going to survive here?

Brothers, we need to migrate.

Yes, fellow companions,
I say we migrate to the city.

Almost everyone from
the north has already left.

Nobody wanted to stay We should leave.

My brothers I don't agree,

We have to ask the government
to drill wells.

But they never have listen
to our requests.

How many times have
we asked them already?

I think we should stay.

If we leave our land
will be left alone in silence.

We should pray for rain.

As it is our tradition.

My animals are dying,
I have nothing left.

I don't have lands like some do.

We have to make a bigger sacrifice,
my brothers!

Grandma... I want to speak with you.

Sure son, tell me.

Grandma I think you should come
with me to live in the city.

You've seen how everything is like
around here.. How is the people.

Grandpa hasn't said anything but
there's not even ice left on the mountain.

And over there what Clever?

Do you want us to beg for money
at the fair?

It's not like that grandpa.

- Do you want us to sell potatoes?
Let your father maintains us?

Over there you don't have to wait
for the rain to have water.

- The rain always comes and goes.
- It will be solved.

You know it won't.

It's not going to rain any time soon,
no matter how many llamas you kill.

You know nothing.

I know you are not that young to
keep walking so many miles every day.

Walking keeps me alive.

You can walk there, too.

But without carrying water.
And in the shade.

We have already talk about this Clever!

What about food?

How often do you eat meat grandpa?

Every time a llama dies?

We will stay here...

...no matter what.

Stay here for what?

To eat potatoes and beans?

Yes! Potatoes and beans!

And if you don't like it,
why are you here?

To tell us how to live?

You don't even care why I came.

You've come to bring
messages from your father.

No! My father has nothing to do with it.

- Go worry about your own life.
- We are fine in here.

You don't look fine, Grandpa.

I think you are so selfish
that you only think about what you want.


Do I have to think about what you want?


What grandma wants.

It seems you care very little
about what she wants.

Because if you did,
you would tell her what's going on.

What is he talking about Virginio?

Yes! What am I talking about grandpa?

I don't know what
the brat is talking about, Sisa.

That there's something
you're not telling me.

I don't know what this
spoiled brat is talking about.

Yeah, let's see if you
can tell her what's going on grandpa.

What do you have to tell me, Virginio?

What is Clever talking about?

I don't know what is he talking about.

Are you going to be laying there
like a pig all day long?

Ok. Just head out dear.

Bundle up and go.

Don't worry grandma.




Tata, are you ok?

You scared us.

I'm fine.

Virginio, what's going on?

The llamas are lost.

I'm not talking about that,
they'll show up.

What did Clever tell you?

He hasn't told me anything.

He says you have to tell me yourself.

Sisa, it's nothing

I just fell and that's it.

Don't say that it's nothing!

What happened yesterday?
How did you fall?



You are so skinny
and haven't told me a thing.

What is that cough?

What were you waiting for? To die?

Why did you get lost yesterday?

How long have you been ill?

Why didn't you tell me about it?

Why have you got sick?

Son, you can't hide this things
from me, okay?

Silence is not always good.

They will show up grandpa, don't worry.

I'm not worried about that.

So what are worried about?

Your grandma.

My grandma?


So that she isn't left alone.

She'll never be alone, Grandpa.

She has to go with me.

- To go with you?
- Yes.

- To go with me, to the lake.
- Which lake?

We have to be together there as well.

What are you talking about?

To the lake Clever,

to cross the path of the soul.

To die!

Grandpa, are you serious?

Besides, you don't even
know what you have.

You are talking as if
you were about to die.


I'm going to die.

No grandpa you don't know that.

You don't know!

You haven't seen a doctor yet.

I don't need one.

- Yes you do.
- He has to tell what you have.

If you have something, if you need
pills, treatment, hospitalization.


Clever just get used to the idea.

I already know, your grandma too.

If you knew how to read the signs...

...you would have figured it out.

What signs? Everything is pointing to
the fact that is time to leave this place!

The signs you have never been taught.

I don't need signs to know that
you have to go to the city with us.

- To the city?
- To do what?

No Clever

What about grandma?

Maybe she wants to go to the city.

Everyone in town wants to

what makes you think she doesn't?

Your grandma doesn't need the city.

She has to go with me. End of story.

Are you listening to yourself?

Just like that,
you say what she has to do?


And you make the decision for her?
Why are you so selfish?

And what about you?

The only thing you want
since you arrived is to leave.

I don't want to leave...

I have to.

You are also missing signs.

And why don't you leave?

- Is the what you want?
- For me to go?

So you can do whatever you want.

I'll do whatever I want just the same.

No wonder my dad left.

You dad left because
he was lazy, and scared.

Because he wanted things to be easy.

I think he did it, so he wouldn't
have to see you as much.

Now you really crossed the line Virginio!

And what do you want me to do?

He's just like his father.

Tomorrow morning you'll go to the city...

...and bring him back.

Are you listening to me?

Don't even bother
coming back without him!

He doesn't want to come back.

I mean it.

Good morning, Ma'am

Good morning doctor.

Good morning, Mr. Virginio.

He's my dad's friend,

He says you should get examined,

he's going to pay.

He will come next week
and we'll go to the city.

Please Mr. Virginio.

Please wait outside.

Let's see.

Take a deep breath.

Let's do it. Take a deep breath.

That's it. One more time.

That's ok.

Now cough!

Cough harder.

That's it, very good.

Open your mouth.

Listen to me, you have to go to the city.

I'm not going to waste my time.

You have to go to the hospital.

To get some tests done.

Maybe a tomography...

I'm not going to die in a hospital.

Listen to me Mr. Virginio.

What you have seems serious.
And you know it.

We have to know
how advanced the disease is.

Maybe they can't cure you,
but you could live longer,

and you'll get some relief.

I'm not interested.

Well, then take these pills,
they will relieve the pain.

They are strong, take one just
before you go to bed, not more

See you later Mr. Virginio.

Well, Mrs. Sisa, it seems very serious...

He has to go to the city to get
examined, to get treated.

Everything changes with a baby.

Changing diapers, getting up early..

...you will see.

That's what you have to take care of.

My life has changed
even before the baby is born.

You have to buy milk, and diapers...

Clever, Clever.


Hurry, let's go.

- What happened?
- Are you ok?

Grandpa, what happened? Are you ok?

Take this.

It's for you, for the family.

But... why are you giving it to me?

You'll know better than me.

Take this too, I want you to have it.

Now go.

Ma'am sorry.

Have you seen Virginio's llamas?

They are back there.

- Back there?
- Yes, there.

Thanks Ma'am.

Because he likes a stones?

He likes stones,

He always brings some for me, right?

You have tons of them!


Yes son.

I must go.

Yes. You have to go...

You'll have to come visit me often.

I have a little surprise, for your baby.