Utah (1945) - full transcript

When ranch foreman Roy learns the new ranch owner Dorothy Bryant and her friends are arriving, he directs them to Gabby's rundown ranch. He figures they will be discouraged and return East. But the plan backfires when Dorothy, thinking her ranch worthless, sells the real ranch at a fraction of it's value.


DOROTHY: [SINGING] Now way down
upon the Swanee River folks

keep jabbin' all the day long.

Oh, that's where I'm
gonna stay forever,

where the gait will
make my life a song.

So honey child, on that day,
when you come my way, I'll say,

thank Sisty for me!

-How'd it look, Stell?

-Terrific, honey!

If I know anything
about shows, this oughta

run a year, maybe two!

-Gee, I hope so!

I could use about a
year's steady work.

-Yeah, especially the
salary that goes with it!

It'll take just about that
much to get me outta hawk.

-Dorothy, What we would
like to see in the office.

-Thanks Bill.

See ya later!

-All right kids, gather round,
I wanna tell you something.

-Hello fellas.

Bill said you wanted to see me.

-Dorothy, I've got
bad news for you.

We're closing reversals.

-Closing rehearsals?

-Only temporarily, we hope.

-Ralph, you can't do that.

You've got a hit!

This is the biggest
thing you've ever done!

-Yeah, honey, that's
what we think.

But unfortunately, our
backer is pulling out on us.

-Well, you can't just fold up.

Get another backer!

Look, I've been around
show business long enough

to know a hit from a turkey,
and this can be a smash hit.

-I'm afraid it's no use, honey.

We're asking the cast to
stand by for a few weeks.

If a miracle should happen,
we promote another bankroll.

-I'm sorry boys.

Say, how much of a
bankroll would it take?


$25,000, maybe.

-Know where we can get it?


Part of it anyway.

-We just got the bad news.

-Maybe it isn't so bad at that.

Stella, give me a nickle.

How would you kids like
to take a trip out West?

-You mean that ranch
you've been talking about?


Western Union, please.

-Well, why go clear out
there to starve to death,

when we can starve
right here in Chicago?

-But it would be fun,
cowboys and-- cowboys!

-That's for me.

Way out west where men are many!

-Kids, I've got a hunch.

And if it doesn't work out,
we can stay on the ranch

until the new season opens.

At least we'll
have enough to eat.

Western Union?

I want to send a
telegram to Roy Rogers,

Bar X Ranch, Coldbrook, Utah.


-You missed me!

-Oh, hello Roy.

How are ya?

-OK, Gabby.

But I'm a little worried.

I got a telegram.


Who died?


It's from Old Man
Bryant's granddaughter.


Please take inventory, Bar
X. Planning immediate sale.

Arrive noon train, Thursday.

Signed, Dorothy Bryant.


She can't sell the Bar X!

First place, Old Tom'd
turn over in his grave

if he thought that place was
gonna pass out of the family!

-Yes, and he's turn
over twice if they

started runnin' sheep on it.


There ain't nobody gonna
run no sheep around here,

as long as I got
a trigger finger!

Winton and his outfit's been
tryin' to get their hands

on the Bar X for
the past 20 years.

If she puts it on the market,
they're sure to buy it.

And you know what that'll mean.


Sheep on our range,
sure as shootin'.

We gotta do somethin'.

Do it quick!

-Gabby, you were Pop
Bryant's closest friend.

And I was thinking
once she gets out here,

you could sort of have a talk
with her and convince her.

-Convince a female?

Ain't nobody livin'
can tell 'em nothin'.

Next to a sheep, they're the
dumbest critters on earth--

-Take it easy, Gabby, there's
no use yelpin' like a coyote.

What we've got to
do is try to figure

out a way to keep
her from sellin'.

Of course, once
she sees the ranch,

she might change her
mind about sellin'.

We could have the boys
fix it up a little bit.

-Fix it up a little bit?

It's too durn neat
and pretty as it is!

-We could make it more
feminine-like, more--

We'll have the boys put up
some lace curtains and stuff.

I'll see ya Thursday, Gabby.

-Lace curtains and stuff!

Darn persnickety female!

Doggone termites!

-Hey Kenny, gimme that
brass polish, will ya?

-This is the funniest
hangin' I ever attended!

Lace petticoats
for windows! [tsks]

-Snap it up, boys!

That train'll be pullin'
in to Coldbrook in a hour.

See ya at the station, Bob.

-I thought you was
goin' in with us.

-No, I'm goin' but
and pick up Gabby.

-What's on your mind, Bowman?

-I want to talk to you, Rogers.

-That'll have to wait.

I'm on my way to meet a train.

-That's just what I want
to talk to you about.

-Lacy, here, tells me Bryant's
granddaughter wants to sell

the Bar X.

-Well, he oughta know.

He delivered the telegram.

But what's that
got to do with you?

-Look Rogers, I'm a real estate
and cattle broker, right?

And I've got a buyer.

$100,000 cash.

-If it's Winton you're thinkin'
about, we're not interested.

-Well, I've never
heard that there's

anything wrong with
Winton's money.

The girl want to sell the ranch,
and Winton wants to buy it.

-He's got the other side of
the range to run his sheep on.

We're keepin' the grass
in this valley for cattle.

-Say, I was just a-thinkin',
that Bryant girl ain't never

even seen the Bar X.
Probably hasn't any

idea what it's worth.

-Maybe you've got
somethin' there.

If she needs money, she'd
probably be tickled to death

to give us an option to buy
it for $25,000 or $30,000.

We could sell it to
Winton for $100,000.


Not after Rogers
tells her how much

that ranch is really worth.

He's on the way to meet her now.

-Suppose he never got to
the station, and we did?

-Do you mean what
I think you mean?

-Well, $70,000's a lot of dough.


-You stay here, Gabby.

When I whistle, come runnin'.

-Nice shootin', Lacy.





-Come on, get up outta there,
ya young whippersnapper!

Get up!

-Take it easy, Rogers!

We were shootin' at a coyote!

Any of those shots hit
near ya, it was a mistake!

-Didn't look like a
mistake to me, come on.

-Here's the other one, Roy.

-Wait a minute, Rogers.

You and Wittaker think we
shot at you deliberately.

We say we didn't!

-What do we do with them?

-We've got a train to meet.

Let 'em walk back to Coldbrook.

-Come on, Gabby!


-Come on!

Miss Bryant?

-No, but--

-I'm Miss Bryant!

-Well, welcome to
Utah, Miss Bryant!

I'm Roy Rogers, and
this is Gabby Wittaker.



-Thanks for the nice
welcome, Mr. Rogers.

Makes me feel awfully important.

These are my friends,
Mrs. Mason, and Miss--

-Do you mean to say all
them females are with you?


Do you mind?

-Oh, what he means
is, that, uh--

-Well, that's quite all right.

You have our transportation?


I'll take your bags.


-Oh, I'm sorry.

-Mr. Rogers!

If you don't mind!

-Well, I'm sorry.

-I think you said that.


What this stuff fer?

-Just something to
make you smell good.

You should try it sometime.

-Looks like we're all going
to be one, big, happy family.

-I reckon if Roy can
stand it, you can.

-We won't annoy you with our
presence very long, Mr. Rogers.

I'm only staying until
I sell the ranch.

-It'll have to be
a mighty long time.

Me and Roy's decided
you can't sell.

-Oh, you've decided?

-Well, what he means
is, we've been thinking

it over and we've decide that--

-I'm quite capable of thinking
for myself, thank you.

-No female's capable of
thinking for herself.

-Say, what are we doing, playing
straight for this old goat?

-Quiet, grandma!

Now listen here, young wom--

-Just a minute, Gabby.

I'll talk to Miss Bryant.

-That won't be necessary.

If you'll just load our luggage!

-I'm sorry we got off to such
a bad start, Miss Bryant.

I guess Gabby was
a little blunt.

He has a habit of
saying what he thinks.

-What you both
think, apparently.

-Well, the only reason we
were hopin' you wouldn't sell

the ranch is that, well, it's
been in your family so long,

and we thought that--

-Mr. Rogers, I
appreciate your interest,

but I've already
made my decision.

-I know but at a
forced sale, you'll

never get what the
ranch is worth.

-Then I'll take what I can get.

I want the money for
a better investment.

-A better investment?

What's a better
investment than a ranch?

It pays ya a good income--

-Really Mr. Rogers!

I don't think this is any
of-- [SIGHS] I'm invested

the money in a
theatrical production.


You're gambling away your ranch
you haven't even seen yet.

I guess there's nothing like a--

-That's right!


-Well, that's funny
we're not out of gas.

-Even out here it happens.

-What's a matter, Roy?

-I think it's the carburetor.

Yep, it's the
carburetor, all right!

Gabby, we'll have to
ride back to the ranch

and get another one.

Boys, you stay here.

We'll be back in about an hour.

If the girls ask you
anything about the ranch--

how big it is, or how much
it's worth-- don't answer.

Just sing, and keep singin'.

I'm sorry folks, but we'll
be back as soon as we can.

-Does it take two of you
to carry a carburetor?

-Well, you see, one of us
might not know where it is.

-Well, you might as well
tie your horses up, boys.

-What are you up to, son?

-I've got to brainstorm, Gabby.

-Oh, I know that!

But what are you up to?

-[CHUCKLES] Come on.

-Look Roy, what're ya
tryin' to fool her fer?

Just tell her if
she sells the Bar X,

the whole dern valley'd
be overrun with sheep.

That wouldn't mean
a thing to her.

She's city-breed.

-She's a female, ain't she?

City-bred or country-bred,
they're all alike.

Take her over your knee!

-I've got a picture of me
takin' her over my knee.

She's got spirit.

You can't out fight her,
you've got to out smart her.

-Out smart her?

They're all dumber'n sheep!

Dern persnickety females!

If I had my way--

-But you haven't!

Come on.

This'll be a good
place for it, Gabby.

Hurry up, Gabby!

-Howdy, Miss Bryant!



-That's very nice
boys, but would

you mind telling me what--


-Hey, where are we goin'?

-The Bar X, of course!

-Well, the Bar X is that a-way!

-No, it ain't.

It's that a-way.

Can't ya read?


-Welcome home, Miss Bryant.



This is awful!

-Well, it is a little run down.

I guess I oughta slicked
it up a little bit for ya.

-But I thought--

-Hey boys, rustle the
ladies' luggage, will ya?

Now would you like
to see the inside?


Well, it really isn't
much, but we call it home.

-Yeah, pull up a
window and sit down.

--[CHUCKLES] It is a
little untidy, but, uh--


Why, it's filthy!

Is this all there
is to the place?

-Well, sure.

-Do you mean all of
you live in this shack?

-Well, the boys don't
work here, they're

from the-- from another
ranch-- just neighbors.

-Them overalls supposed
to hang right there.


They can stand by themselves.

I need some air.

-Gee, I'm sorry you don't
like the place, Miss Bryant.

-How big is this place?

-Oh, 40 or 50
acres I should say.

Course, all of it
isn't good land.

The stocks all right, though.

We've got some good
cattle and some pigs.

Would you like to see 'em?

-No, thank you.

What I don't understand
is how this place

has been able to
support itself, much

less pay me an income
of $200 a month!

-Well, that's why it's rundown.

Of course, now, if we could
have been puttin' that money

we've been sendin' back to
you back into the ranch--

-Never mind our luggage,
boys, we aren't staying.

-Not stayin'?

Well, I thought you
came out here to sell?


This place? [SCOFFS] I doubt
if I could give it away.

We're taking the
first train out.

-Now you're talking!

That's the most sensible remark
I ever heard from a female.

-Oh, I'm sorry you're
disappointed, Miss Bryant.

-Next train leaves at 20
minutes to 11:00 tonight.

-Well, I guess we'll just have
to wait here until train time.

You might as well load our
baggage in the station wagon.

-Oh, but the station wagon
doesn't belong to this ranch.

-It doesn't belong here?

But I though you--

-No, it belongs to the
ranch where the boys work.

But, uh, I think I can
borrow it to take you back

to the station, that is
if you're set on leavin'.

-Well, we're set!

-You can say that again!

I just assume live
in a buzzard's nest.

-Well, that'll
suit you just fine.

-Better be ready
about 10 o'clock.

Mount up, boys!

Come on, Gabby.

Well, good evenin'.

Aren't you folks ready?

-We're not going.

-Not goin'?

-Miss Bryant has
decided to stay.

-Now, you look here!

-Could I speak to
Miss Bryant, please?

-Well, just a minute.

-Gee, I hadn't figured
on this, I think--


-Uh, you've, uh,
you've decided to stay?

-Yes, we have.

I'm going to st--


-Wh-- What was that?

-A coyote.

If you're figurin'
on stayin' the night,

Miss Bryant, maybe
you'd better take this.

-Why should we need that?

-Wild animals.

Why, only last
night, a fella got

clawed to pieces in his sleep.

Then, of course, they's
the rattlesnakes.

-If you think you can frighten
us with a corny gag like that,

you're crazy.


You ain't got brains
enough to be scared.

Why, I remember once--

-Don't you think that maybe--

-Maybe you girls'd feel better
if we brought our blankets

and slept out here tonight.

-Thank you.

I don't think that
will be necessary.

-All right, but if you change
your mind, just holler.

Good night.

-Good night.


-Since when did Gabby's
place get to be the Bar X?

-I don't know.

-Maybe we can find out.

-Good morning.

You Miss Bryant?


-My name is Bowman.

I was a good friend
of your grandfather's.

This is Steve Lacy.



-I understand you're
anxious to sell the Bar X.

-I certainly am.

At least I was until I saw it.

I don't think this place
is worth very much.

-Hasn't your foreman
given you an estimate?

-No, he hasn't.

As a matter of fact, Rogers
seems very anxious to prevent

me from selling
this place at all.

-Well, I happen to
be in the cattle

and real estate business.

If you'd like to drop in at
the office tomorrow, maybe

we can make a deal.

-I certainly will.

I'll try and get
in this afternoon.

-Oh, that's fine.

Oh, I wouldn't say anything
to Rogers about this.

Naturally, he'd try to prevent
a sale to protect his job.

-I wouldn't be surprised.

-Well, see ya this afternoon.


And thank you!

Hold everything,
kids, we're leaving!


-I got a customer for the ranch!

We're selling out!

-Oh, look, how about
making up your mind?

We're going, we're staying,
we're staying, we're going!

-I was just commenting
to like the place.

-Are you kiddin'?

-Good morning!


-Hello, Miss Wanda.

-Hi, Cowboy!

-Can I, uh, help ya with that?

-You sure can!

-Oh, good morning.


-Won't you come in?


-Well, of all the dad-blamed!

Look what they
done to the place!

-Well, you sure fixed
it up nice, Miss Bryant.

-You really like it?

-Like it?

Why it--

-Sure, we like it.

It-- It's swell.


Flowers is for funerals,
not for a house!

And look at the petticoats
on them windows!

This here's a ranch, ain't
no lady's [INAUDIBLE]!

Where's my Sunday overalls?

They couldn't a walked away!

-I'm not so sure about that!

-If you wasn't a female,
and was closer to my age--

-Nobody could be
that close, and live!

-Quiet grandma!


[CHUCKLES] Sort of loses
his temper sometimes.

Well, Miss Bryant,
where should we

move the yearlings
in the south pasture?

-Well, It really doesn't matter.

I wonder if I could borrow the
station wagon this afternoon?

I have to go into town.

-To town?

What for?

Well, what I mean is, if you
really need something in town,

Gabby and I will be glad
to pick it up for you.

-Well, no.

You see, this is something I
can take care of, personally.

-Well, I'm sorry, Miss Bryant,
but that carburetor is--

-It's on the blink again?

-Well, sort ot.

Come on, Gabby.

We'll see ya later, Miss Bryant.

Well, where do you think
you're goin' all dressed up.

-Tack room.

Need a couple saddles.

-Couple saddles?

What for?

-Well, got a date
with Miss Wanda.

-Well, I'll tell her
you'll be a little late.

I've got a job for
you and the boys.

-OK, I'll tell-- me?

And what job?

-Gabby'll tell ya all about it.

So long.

-What time is it Stella?

-4 o'clock, straight up.

-Oh gee, I'm supposed
to be there at 4:00.

-Be where?

Isn't he going to pick you up?

-No, I'm going to meet
him at the Loveseat.

Romantic, huh?

-[CHUCKLES] I suppose so.

-That's my date.

Thanks honey, you're a doll.


-Bye all you lonesome
people, don't wait up for me.

-Oh hello.


-I thought you were Robert.

-I'm afraid Robert will
be a little bit late.

-That's peachy.

-Well, hello, Miss Bryant.


-I'm sorry about
the station wagon.

I brought you a horse, thought.

Thought maybe you could ride him
until we get the motor fixed.

-Well, thank you.

-Maybe you'd like to
take a look at him

and sort of get acquainted.

-All right.

-His name's Billy.

You don't have to be afraid
of him, he's gentle as a cow.

-Oh, he's beautiful.

-Think you can
handle him all right?

-I can if he knows
what, "whoa" means.


-Well, uh, would you
like to try him out now?

-Sure, why not?


I'll help you on.


[CHUCKLES] It worked!

-It's beautiful.

-It took a lot of fight to
make that valley beautiful,

Miss Bryant.

The first people
in there cleared it

with their bare hands.

They came over Green
Horse Mountain,

yonder, in covered wagons.

A lot of 'em died in the snow.

-I remember hearing
my granddad talk

about that when he
came east one time.

I was just a kid.

Did you know my granddad, Roy?

-Yes, I knew him.

My grandfather came over
that trail with him.

They settled this
section together.

-Those old pioneers
certainly went

through a lot of hardships.

-Yeah, but if you loved
the land like they did,

I guess hardships
don't matter much.

They were building
for the future,

not thinking so much
about themselves.

-[SIGHS] I suppose so.

-Gosh, I'm awful sorry
I'm late, Miss Wanda.

-Of all the dirty, lowdown
tricks, standing me up.

And on my last night here.

-Doggone it, I just
couldn't help it.

I was doin' somethin' for Roy.

-Yeah, what?

-Well-- I can't tell you that.

And besides, I don't think
this is your last night here.

I think you're stayin'.


What are you talking about?

-Well-- That's all I can say.

I can't tell you
any more than that.

-Want a bet?


What's the idea?

-Oh, Wanda, it's the
middle of the night!

-Brother, have I got news!

We're staying here.


-Oh, this is where I came in.

-But Dorothy said
that when we're

leaving that she was
selling the ranch tomorrow.

-But that was before that cowboy
Casanova took her for a ride

in the moonlight.

-Roy, perhaps I've been wrong.



About a lot of things.

-Just what do you mean?

-What I mean is
that-- I think maybe

I really do belong out here.

-Well, I'm sure glad to
hear you say that Dorothy,

because, well, there's
something I have to tell ya.

If you don't mind though, I'd
like to keep it 'til tomorrow.

It's a sort of a surprise.



Will you and the girls hold
tomorrow afternoon open?


-Well, good.

Gabby'll pick you up in the
station wagon about 3 o'clock.

-We'll be waiting.


Now don't forget it.

3 o'clock.

-I won't.

Good night.

-Good night.

WANDA: I'll bet that
guy could peddle

ice cubes at the North Pole.

Do you know what he did?

He even arranged a
musical background

for the moonlight
and roses theme.

And Bob told me that when Roy
sells them, they stay sold.

-You mean to say Dorothy
fell for a corny gag

by a yokel cowpoke?

--[SCOFFS] I hope I
don't look that simple.

I just rode along
for the laughs.

-Ah gee, Dorothy, I-- I
didn't know you were outside.

-Don't be silly, Wanda,
you weren't telling me

anything I didn't already know.

I just wanted to talk
him out of a horse.

After all, I did
have to go in town

to make a deal for
the ranch, didn't I?

-Here's the Bill of
Sale, Miss Bryant.

You'll find things as we agreed.

The Bar X Ranch, together with
all equipment and livestock.


$1,000 now, the
balance within 30 days

through your own
bank in Chicago.

-Looks all right to me.

-It's perfectly legal.

Just sign here.


There you are.

-Thank you.

My check for $1000.

Well, that closes the deal.



To be perfectly honest
with you, Mr. Bowman,

I didn't expect that much.

Good bye, Mr. Bowman.

Thank you very much.

-Good bye.

She thanks me.

-Not a bad morning's work.

I hope there's no
kickback on it.

-How can there be?

I've got her signature.

The deal is closed, legally.

-Sure, but you're forgettin'
somethin', ain't ya?

You just gave her one of
those checks of yours,

and you've still got to
raise another $4,000.

-This deal'll be closed
before that check clears.

With all those Bar X
cattle, you don't think

I'm gonna have any trouble
raising $5,000, do ya?

Plus a neat little
profit for myself.

-Don't put 'em there, Bob.

That space is for the turkey.

Hurry it up, fellas, they
oughta be here any minute.

Light those candles, Tim.

-Whoever heard of candles
in broad daylight?

-Well, you always have
candles at a party!

You fellas all know what to do?

-By goodness, we oughta!

You've only told us
ten times already.

-Hey, it's after
3 o'clock, maybe

that station wagon
really did breakdown.

-Or Gabby broke down.


-Here they come, boys!

Get your positions, and
let's have the music!


I'm going to hide

away out beside that Utah trail.

Moonlight as bright as day
far out on that Utah trail.

There's where I'll settle down
in peach where all is still.

In a little hut,
just built for two,

tucked away in the
heart of the hills.

There 'neath the skies of blue--

-Well, where are the girls?


Skipped out.


Bag and baggage.

[SNIFFS] Left this
on the door for you.

--[READING] Thanks for the
ride in the moonlight.

Utah's a fine place,
but so is Chicago,

and that's where we've gone.

Dorothy Bryant.

-Well, maybe it's not
too late to stop 'em.

-Stop 'em?

What fer?

This is what you
wanted isn't it?

-Well, not just like this.

-Hey, what's eatin' you, anyhow?

The whole idea was to get that
female back east before she

could sell the Bar
X. So it worked.

So everything is Jake.

So let's eat.

-Well, I can't figure this out.

Last night she-- she
was all set to stay.

-Good riddance, what I say.

Now we really got an
excuse to throw a party.

Come on, boys,
strike up the music!

-I-- I guess that means
Miss Wanda left too, huh?

-Hey, what is this, a funeral?


Roy, there's a bunch of
fellars on the south range.

They're roundin' up our cattle.

-Well, who are they?

-I don't know.

But Ben Bowman's with 'em.

-Looks like trouble, boys.

You better put on your guns.

-Where's my gun?

Where's my gun?



-Hey, that's my horse, Gabby!

-Outta my way, Bob,
I got work to do.

-Are you with that cattle drive?

-That's right, why?

-Then maybe you
can't read brands.

Can't you see that
that's Bar X stock?

-Maybe you can't
read a Bill of Sale.

I happen to own the Bar X.

-You'll never make
that stick, Bowman.


I'm takin' the cattle.

-But, not far.

-Take it easy, Rogers.

-We're within our rights here,
but Rogers might cause trouble.

I'm gonna get the
Sheriff, Steve.

-Might as well step
down and take it easy.

-You haven't got one chance
in a million of gettin'

away with this, Lacy.

-One chance in two million!

Drop that gun, you
wall-eyed polecat!

Nice work, son.

Couldn't have done
better, myself.



Let's go get 'em.

All right, boys, this
is as far as you go.

-We might have at least
said good bye to the boys.

-You mean the boys named Bob?

Forget it, you'll meet four
other Bobs 'fore we get home.

-You know, I hate to leave.

The mountains, the
trees, the moonlight.

You can say what you
want about the Bar X,

they don't have air
like this in Chicago.

-Ever passed the stock
yards on a windy day?

-Miss Bryant?


-I'm Sheriff McBride.


-Yes, sir?

-This Bill of Sale, it seems,
uh, Roy Rogers questions it.

-I don't see what right
he has to question

what doesn't concern
him, Sheriff.

-Then you did sell the Bar
X, and all the cattle on it?

-I certainly did.

-Thanks, Miss Bryant.

-Not at all.

-Well, girls, it's
farewell to Utah.

Let's go.

-What's goin' on here, Roy?

-We're roundin' up
a bunch of rustlers.

-You're wrong, Roy.

-These men have a perfect
right to move the Bar X stock.

They work for Bowman, here.

Bowman bought the ranch.

-Bought it?

That's a laugh.

-I just talked to
Miss Bryant, myself.

She acknowledged the sale.

-She-- that was fraud.

She didn't know
what she was doing.

-It ain't fraud when
Bowman's got a Bill of Sale.

And she was in the right
mind when I talked to her.

-Look, Sheriff, you're
not going to let Rogers--

-I tell ya, she thought she
was sellin' Gabby's place.

She thought it was the Bar
X. Don't you see, Sheriff?

-I'm afraid I don't.

-I do.

He's stallin' for time.

We've got a sale
for these cattle,

and if we don't get them
out of here right away--

-If there's any
dispute, Miss Bryant'll

have to take it to court.

You'll have to let these
men pick the stock, Roy.

And I don't want any trouble.

Sheriff I want to report
charges against Rogers

for assault with
a deadly weapon.

-Is this a deadly weapon?

-I'm sorry, but you
asked for it, Roy.

-So, like I always said,
mixed up with females,

and you end up in trouble.

There we was, sittin' back,
mindin' our own business,

when along comes them women.

-We couldn't very well
sit back and watch

Miss Bryant lose
her ranch, could we?

To say nothing but seein'
the range overrun with sheep.

-Well, looks like both them
things gonna happen now.

I tell ya, Roy,
there's ain't no--

-What's up, Bob?

-They're shippin' the
Bar X cattle to Chicago.

Me and the boys were
down by the pens,

and they're loadin' 'em
in the cars right now.

-Once they get that
stock away from here,

you'll never get it back.

-Where's Bowman and Lacy?

-They took the passenger
train to Chicago.

-Eh, that means they're takin'
them to the stock yards.

They're sellin' the cattle.

-We've gotta get a hold of
'em before they make a sale.

-But how?

-You couldn't catch
up to 'em now,

even if you was out of
there, which you ain't.

-Oh, we're gonna be
on that cattle train

when they meet it in Chicago.

As for gettin' out of here--
You and the boys get our horses

and bring them around here.

We'll meet ya in
about five minutes.

Hey Sheriff!

-What do you want?

-Would you come here a minute?

I got somethin' I
want to tell ya.

-What's on your mind?

Oh, oh!

Get me off a this
thing, will ya?

Hurry up!

Turn off that current!


-Let me do it, Gabby.

I got gloves.

-Will you turn off
that current, Rogers?

You think you can put
anything over on me!

Turn off that current!

If you think you can get
away with this, Rogers,

you're crazy!

Turn off that switch, will ya?

Get me off a this thing, Rogers!


Get me outta here, somebody!

Hurry up!

-We have some horses we
want you to ship to Chicago,

have you got an empty car?

-Yeah, next car is empty.

But you'll have to hurry.

We're due out of
here, right now.


All right, boys, put
'em in the next car.

-You'll have to fill this out.

One of you goin' along
to take care of them?

-We're all goin'.

-OK, Roy.

-There ya are, conductor.

Thanks a lot.

-OK, my boy.

-Let her roll!

-Hey, Roy!

You're under arrest, Rogers.

-It'll be a pleasure to do
business with ya, Sheriff,

after we get back from Chicago.


-Come on, boys.

-Well, they pulled the
cattle cars out on us.

Hey brakeman, where's
the rest of the train?

-We pulled the cattle cars over
to the west end of the yards.


Hurry up, fellas,
we've gotta get

to the west side of
the yard, and fast!

-The count checks, Harry.

-There you are, Mr. Bowman.

-Thank you.

-What are they doing in Chicago?

-Let's get out of here.

-I'll take a little.

-All right.




ROY ROGERS: Whoa, Trigger!

Whoa, Trigger.


Take care of him, Gabby.

-Wonder where they're
goin' in such a hurry?

-We'll find out.

-What's going on here?

-We just picked up a couple
of cattle thieves for ya.

-Cattle thieves?

These men just tried to rob us.

They're tryin' to put
over a fast one, Officer.

-I think you're all tryin'
to put over a fast one.

Let's talk this over
at headquarters.

-They're both in my
office now, Sheriff.

Yes, I certainly will.

You can count on that.

Yes, right here.

Just a moment.

Oh, Rogers?

He wants to talk to you.


Yeah, Sheriff?

-Well, Roy, you sure put the
right tag on Bowman and Lacy.

It was a fraud, all right.

And to cinch it, that $1,000
check of Bowman's might just as

well have been
Confederate money.

I just talked to Bryant's
girl by long distance phone.

-You did?

Well, have you got her
address here in Chicago?

OK, Sheriff.


-I've still got a little
matter of jail-breakin'

to settle with you.

Funny thing about
that, the doctor

said that electric shock
cured my arthritis.

-Well, maybe I oughta send you
a bill for medical services.

Well, thanks a lot, Sheriff.

So long.

-I'm holding you men for
the Utah authorities.

-Why, this whole
thing's a mistake.

We were sort of
acting for Miss Bryant

in the sale of the
cattle, that's all.

We always intended to
give her the money.

-Well, in that case,
maybe you'd better

endorse this check over to her.

-I'd be glad to.

-Think you'd better take
charge of this, Mr. Rogers.


I hope it's better
than Bowman's.

Well, I guess I'll
be runnin' along.

I've got a date to explain a
few things to a young lady.

-Mayor, we won't take up
any more of your time.

-There just a minute.

That's what you think.

I'm still holding you
for the Utah Sheriff.

Take 'em downstairs, Bill.


-Howdy, Miss Karen,
welcome to the foray.


-Let me have your--

-Hold it!

Look, kids, you're not
giving me what I want at all!

You haven't got the
spirit of this thing.

This is supposed to
be the west, Utah!

-Well, I don't know anything
about shows Dorothy,

but this one looks like
you've made a good investment.

I only wish we had
Dorothy playing the lead.

--[CHUCKLES] I'm afraid
that's out, Ralph.

I'm a-headin' for Utah.

[CHUCKLES] And this time I
hope I get on the right ranch.

-You will.

Roy and Dorothy oughta
play that scene right good!

-What do you know about
scenes, you old goat?

-Ah, quiet, grandma!

-Now, you're not just
an ordinary cowboy.

And you, Miss Harris,
you're a girl from the east

who's inherited this ranch.

It's a very simple matter.

Oh, kids, will you
come up here, please?

No, no, I want the
rest of you, too.

Maybe Roy and Dorothy
can show you what I mean.

should be able to.

Come on, Roy.


--[SINGING] If there's a
place more beautiful to view,

more wonderful than Utah,
I can't believe it's true.

a friendly campfire,

beneath that Western moon,

--[SINGING] we'll sing a cowboy
song with our hearts in tune.

Right from the start,
no other place would do.

We had to come to Utah to
make our dreams come true.

MAN: Sheep!





-Say, who is this guy you
got herdin' our sheep today?

-Just look this way.


Even got me herdin' sheep now.

I'm so mad that I could pop!

I'm a whiskered
little Bo Peep now!

Get a long there, ya lamb chop!


-La, la, la.

-La, la, la.

-La, la, la.

-La, la, la.


La, la, la, la.

No other place will do.

You will fall in love with
Utah and Utah will love you!