Ustaz, Mu Tunggu Aku Datang! (2013) - full transcript

About two friend Muiz and Dadu who want to meet Ustaz Azhar Idrus, a popular missionary. But their path, it's not as easy as they want. Their journey begin.

It's coming.

I'm about to go now.




Peace be upon you.

God has willed.

This is Heaven's occupant.

And unto you peace.

Where are you from, sir?
You look familiar.

From the washroom.

God has willed. Thank God.

My name is Ali.

Allah has brought me to you today.

-What is your name?

-No, that is used for gambling.

My name is Dadu. D-A-D-U.

God has willed.
Can you spare me some of your time?

-I am in a hurry.
-If God wills.

-Only for a few minutes.
-Few minutes?

Good sir,

Allah has blessed us
with His religion today.


I don't know.

Because Allah has put the kalimah,
"There is no God but Allah"

in your heart and mine.

We have to be thankful.

Allah has given us this religion for free.

Without Him asking for a cent.

He only wants us to be faithful to Him.

You're right.

But even now, we still don't realize it
and we only care for the worldly.

And we forget our responsibilities
as servants of Prophet Muhammad

to spread the kalimah,
"There is no God but Allah".

Good sir, if today,
we put a scale on our right,

the kalimah, "There is no God but Allah"

and on our left, seven folds of the sky
and seven folds of the earth,

there will be no doubt
that the kalimah is heavier.

So do you think
that worldly matters are important?

Yes, it is.

No, it's not important.

If that's so, I have a question for you.

If you can answer it,

I will give all my wealth to you.

What do you say?

All your money?

House? Car?

Okay, agreed.

Okay, what's the question?

Can you guarantee that tomorrow,

you and I will still be alive
and meet like today?

No, I can't.

If that's so, why don't you come with us?

It'll be time for Asar prayers soon.

We can perform the prayers together,
if God wills.

God has willed! Is that Nora Danish?

I seek forgiveness in Allah.

Give us the right guidance, Allah.

You're wearing hijab now?

Why should you be shy
if you're wearing hijab?

I haven't worn a hijab before.

I prefer women who wear hijab.

Hopefully, your face
will look like Pandalela Rinong.

Why are you comparing me
with Pandalela Rinong?

Of course. Even though she can dive high,

it's not as high as my love for you.

It's better if you compare me
with Wawa Zainal.

Don't be like this.

Maybe we should break up.

We just got together,
why should we break up?

Of course!

Please give me a chance, at least once.

-No way.

I don't want the same thing
to happen again.

-Please give me a chance.

At least, let's meet once.

We haven't met before.
Give me a chance, please?

-I don't want to meet you.
-Let's meet once.

After that, you can leave me if you want.

Can we, dear?

That's enough,
I don't want to talk to you. Bye.

-Don't hang up, please.


Hello, Ida?


I just broke up
and there's another woman already.

There you are, Muiz.

Mr. Amri.

This time, you cannot run away from me.

Where's Dadu?

Dadu has gone to work, he hasn't returned.

Have you got the rent ready?

-But we have paid already.
-What are you talking about?

That was five months ago.
It's the sixth month already.

Do you still want to live here?

Please give me more time. A little more.

More time?

-Fat chance.

How much longer
do you want me to give you?

It has been six months.
Is that not enough?


We promise to pay you tomorrow.

If we don't pay you tomorrow,
then you can drive us away.


Okay, I will come back tomorrow.

What about the day after tomorrow?


Tomorrow, it is.

Why did I run away from the man just now?

He only asked me to pray.

It must be the devil's work.

What is a log doing
in the middle of the road?

It will definitely cause a tire to burst.

Goodness, I'll faint if I get hit
by the dumbbell.

Where do we find the money
to pay the rent?

Muiz, do you want to know something?

On my way here just now...

Goodness, it was crazy!

You won't believe me
even if I told you the story.


I'm speaking to you.

I'm tired. Please attend to me.

Make me a drink or give me a massage.

Can't you do that?


Do I look like your wife?

So many things happened at home just now.

What happened?

First, my girl broke up with me.

You deserve that.

Second, Amri came over
to ask for the rent.

Amri with that big arm?

The one with the dumbbell?

Useless Amri.

How did he know we were here?

Have you no brain?

This is his house.

Of course, he will come here.
How could he not know?

Is that so?

Enough, give me your salary.

Come on.

Goodness, I've finished my salary.

What have you done with it?

I bought lottery tickets.

You know that I am a compulsive gambler.

How many times
have I told you not to gamble?

-You're so stubborn!
-Okay, I promise.

-That will be the last time.
-How many times have you said that?

If that's so, give me your money instead.

I haven't started working yet.

There you go.

You're not working yourself,
but you're giving me advice?

When do you plan to look for work?


Soon? When?

Stop nagging.

Instead of nagging, why don't we think

how to get the money
to pay for the rent tomorrow?


Yes, tomorrow.

Where can we find such money?

I don't know.

Can it be the day after tomorrow?


You can sell your watch.

This is a fake watch. It's not marketable.

Let's sell your watch.

I can't sell mine, I found this watch.

It's okay if he drives us out tomorrow.

Didn't you promise not to gamble anymore?

My head is spinning.

Almighty God, Allah.

I'm facing a problem.

Please help me. Can you please give me...

Peace be upon you.

-And unto you peace.
-And unto you peace.

-Get the door.

I just got home, I'm tired. You get it.

I'm tired as well.

Goodness. Me?



I just got home, I'm tired.

Wait a minute.

As if you're that tired.

-Get the door.

I'm getting it, but I'm tired.

Can't you see? I'm very tired.

Did you swim or ride a bike home?
Why are you so tired?

Peace be upon you.

MK Ham...


That was my previous name
during my dark days.

Now, it'll be better
if you can call me Hamzah.

Do we call you Ana or Hamzah?
I'm confused.

Don't get confused.

Ana means "me."


So call me Hamzah.

-Hamzah. Thank God.

-Ana means "me."


May I ask you a question?

Please do, my beloved cousin.

What are you doing, actually?



Where do you want me to send you?

Where to?

Where to?

There's no other person,
just the three of us.

Where to?

You said it just now.

I seek forgiveness in Allah.

Anta is also a pronoun.

Anta means "you."

Or "kamu."

Or "kau."

It can also mean "lu."

Anta means you.

-Ana means me.
-How clever.

Thank God.


What did you come here for?

It has been some time
since I last saw you.


-Yes. Thank God.

Actually, Dadu,

I came here to learn verses of the Quran

from a teacher
who lives not too far from here.

I miss my beloved cousin.

-Is it wrong?
-No, it's not.

-Is it wrong?

Yes, it's not wrong.

But your hand is on my lap.

It feels weird.

Don't worry, I'm straight.

Thank God, straight.

-What is it?

Isn't that your cousin
who was crazy about hip-hop?

Yes, that's him.

He looks different now.

I don't know.

I think he received a yellow letter.

Yellow letter?

If he's like that,
that's not a yellow letter.

That is a black letter.
Look at his skin color.

-What is a yellow letter?
-A letter for the crazy.

No way.

He is normal.

Is he?





Be thankful...

-To Allah.
-To Allah.

Thank God.

Guidance belongs to Allah.

He is the one who listens
and knows what we do not know.

If we want to change
and start afresh on His path,

He will surely help us.


-Do you still remember me?
-Do you?

My fellow friend, Muiz,
how could I forget you?

Of course, I remember you.

Thank God, if you do remember.

But can I ask you a question?

Please do, Allah's servant.

What made you change?

To this?

Listening to your story just now,
we feel so touched.

It makes me want to change
and be like you.

Dadu, Muiz, don't misunderstand.

It wasn't me who has touched your heart.

But it was Allah who has opened your heart
to receive some guidance from Him.

Hamzah, can we both change
and be like you?

That's right.

We too haven't been praying for some time.

If we have faith and believe in Allah
and His prophet, Prophet Muhammad,

He will definitely help us
to lessen our burden in this world.

Praise be to Allah, since I have changed,

all my problems in this world

were solved with a peaceful mind.

Thank God.

What is your secret, my cousin, Hamzah?

The secret?

-This is the secret.
-The Quran?

Yes, this is the Quran.

This is the guide to mankind.

Allah has bequeathed this manual
to His followers.

There are many good stories in the Quran.

Allah has bequeathed the Quran
to Prophet Muhammad.

And Prophet Muhammad
has shared it with us, his people.

If we want to do well
in this world and hereafter,

Quran is the guide.

Don't be manipulated
by the worldly matters.

But how did you get attracted

to read the Quran and be close to Allah?

That's right.


Who is that man with the beard?

I don't know him.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

I don't know him. I know Syamsul Yusof.

Yes, from the movie, KL Gangster.

"You have come out.
I thought you were dead just now."

Aaron Aziz, I like him.

"Even before you were born,
I have been to war."

You watched that scene, right?

Don't you two know Ustaz Azhar Idrus?

-No, I don't.

My God.

Prophet Muhammad has said this.

From Umar Al-Khattab.

Dadu, I didn't expect this
to be better than KL Gangster.

Why didn't anyone tell me?

Can you shut up? I'm watching.

-Shut up.

Many people attended it.
I'm sure it's interesting.

Shut up.

Shut up!

-I get scolded for aplogizing?
-Shut up!

Okay, I'll shut up.

Hamzah, do you have more of his DVDs?

I am so into him now.

-Do you have more?


We need strength from you, Allah.

Please save us all, Allah.

Our Lord, give us the good things
in this world and hereafter

and protect us
from the torment of the fire.

Allah, my Almighty God.

I'm your weak servant.

Without your help,

I will surely fail
to get guidance from You, Allah.

Allah, my Almighty God.

I ask from you forgiveness
for all my sins, Allah.

Please forgive my parents' sins, Allah.

Forgive all my relatives' sins

and all Islam believers in this world.

We are truly humble to you, Allah.

Can you guarantee that tomorrow,

you and I will still be alive
and meet like today?

Who is calling at a time like this?

I was enjoying the speed.

Allah, why is it so dark?

I don't want to die yet, Allah.

I have committed many sins.

It's too hot, Allah.
It's too hot. I don't want to die.

I promise I will be a man with good faith.


What's wrong with you, Dadu?

Why are you making so much noise
this late?

You're not dead yet.

Thank God.

I thought I was dead just now.

Allah, why is it so dark?

Am I still alive or dead?
Please help me, Allah.

I haven't paid my debt to Ros.

I also haven't paid Zainab.

Sorry, I accidentally
switched off the lights.

Can you stop playing with the lights?

Don't play a prank at this hour.

Go to sleep.

Thank God.

I wanted to thank you

for you both have willingly accepted me
as a guest in this house.

May Allah bless you both.

It's not a problem, Hamzah.

The doors will always be wide open

for you to come by anytime you wish.


We don't know how long
we will be staying here.

Because we haven't paid the rent
for some time.

We will be forced
to leave this house soon.

Don't worry, Dadu and Muiz.

Please pray to Allah. Pray to Him.

He is our savior. Remember that.

Everything that happens
is according to His will.

All right.

One more thing, Hamzah.

We would like to thank you

for teaching us about religion,

things that we never knew or cared about.


Care about.

God has willed, Dadu, Muiz.

It wasn't me who opened your hearts,

but it was Allah who has opened your heart
to receive guidance from Him.

Be thankful.

-Thank God.
-Thank God.

I'm taking my leave first.

-Please do, Hamzah.
-Peace be upon you.

-And unto you peace.
-And unto you peace.

My God!

That's a very strong perfume.

-It's the sunnah.

Thank God.

I'll be leaving.

-Peace be upon you.
-And unto you peace.

Thank God.

Hamzah has left.

Now, I am more ambitious
to know more about religion.

It makes me feel...

I too, feel calmer now.

You're right.

But it makes me feel annoyed,
looking at your face.

Do you think I'm not annoyed with yours?

Just kidding.

Please behave yourself.

-Dadu, go and get the door.
-I'm tired.

-Get it.
-You get it.

-I'm tired.
-All right, we'll both go and get it.

Have you got the money?

Our house, Muiz.

What fate do we have to face, Dadu?

This is not fate.

This is a test from Allah.

Why does He want to test us?

Why does He want to test us
if he knows we are suffering?


That means He loves us.

He wants to see if we still remember Him.

-As if.

-I think I want to change.

I want to be a believer in Islam
who knows Islam extensively

and loves Islam.

-You want to change?
-Did you notice?

The last time we prayed
was when Hamzah came.

You break fast
when it's time for Subuh prayer.

-The Friday prayer?
-Watch your mouth.

I do go for Friday prayers.
Watch your words.

Muiz, we are housemates.

I know when was the last time
you went for Friday prayers.

It has been four years since you prayed.

You keep tabs on that?

What you said is right.

All this while I haven't been performing
my prayers, my heart has been feeling...

Empty, empty, empty

That means your heart has been blocked.

Your heart has turned to black.


After this chat,
you walk down the stairs and fall

to your death.

Why should I be dead? Why not you?

I'm telling the story, so it's up to me.

Can you tell me
how long you will be alive for?

If you want to change,
I feel I want to as well.

But how? Can't you see?

We have been driven out of the house.

What's left are our clothes
and Ustaz Azhar Idrus' CD.

-Muiz, I have an idea.
-What is it?

Let's watch Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk live.
Right in front of our eyes.

That's a good idea.

I want to see him too.

Because I really want to see his beard.

-Do you think it's genuine or fake?
-What's wrong with you?

That's what you're thinking of?

We should be thinking about
the content of the talk, not him.

Oh my God.


But if he doesn't have a beard,
he'd look much gentler.

Now you're too much, Dadu.

The pot calling the kettle black.

Luckily, I'm a man.

Else, I'd ask Ustaz Azhar Idrus
to marry me.

-But it's true.
-What is?

Without the beard, he'll look gentler.

Imagine him wearing Lipice.

What's this?
You are talking about an Ustaz.

Enough, let's go.

Dadu, I'm hungry.
Let's get something to eat first.

-I'm hungry too.
-Let's go, I have five ringgit.

-Do you have money?

Thank God.

-Hurry, I'm hungry.
-Your treat?

-Yes, my treat.

-I'm hungry.
-Me too.

Rice, please.


-What is it?
-Do you see that?

See what?

-That beggar.

Do you have extra money, Dadu?

Pity him. I'm sure he hasn't eaten yet.

I don't have any, Muiz.

I'm depending on you.



Thank you.

-You're welcome.
-Thank you.


-I'll eat now.

It's chicken.

-Fresh orange juice.

He's still eating.

Dadu, I'm really hungry.

Yes, I'm hungry too.

What shall we do now?

I don't know, Muiz.

I think this all is a test from Allah.

Everything happens for a reason.

Let us pray more.
If God wills it, He will help us.

Peace be upon you.

God has willed. It's Heaven's occupant.

Allah has brought us together again today.

God has willed.


How are you?

I'm fine. Thank God.

What are you doing here?

Are you waiting for the bus or
Nora Danish taking her ablution?

Actually, we are just sitting here.

Who is this, Dadu?

This is my friend, Muiz.

Muiz. What a nice name.

There's a light in your heart.

I know, many have said it before.

-Not just you.

Thank God.

-You still remember my name.

It's beyond my control.

Allah is the one who reminds me of it.

Without His help, I can't do anything.

If that's the case,
let's go to the mosque.

We can chat while eating.

Eat? There's rice?

If God wills.
Tonight, we are having lamb curry.

-Lamb curry?
-Yes, lamb curry.

That's good. Dadu, lamb curry. Let's go.

No, Muiz.

We still have energy.

We can't hope for his kindness.

We can get our own meal.

What's wrong with you?
Fortune has come, why should we resist?

-God has willed, thank God.

I don't want to, but he's dragging me.

-The mosque is right there.
-Let's go.

-Lamb curry.
-He's dragging me, Muiz.

-Where are you from?
-I am from this neighborhood.

He is in need.

Dadu, Muiz.

Please eat.

Ali, where's the plate?


This is our Prophet's way.

Eating from a tray
will keep our Prophet's way alive.

As a return,
Allah will give 100 good rewards

to His followers who practice
The Prophet's way in today's world.

You will be full
and gain good rewards too.

Please eat. The others too. By God wills.

If that's the case,
will there be no spoon too?

Using the hand is His way.

The hand.

-Is it good?

Dig in.

This is also His way.

Cutting your nails at night is bad.

What will you do if it's pulled out?
Replace it with the lamb's nails?

My mom said nails should be cut,
not pulled.

You're talking back.

My friends.

What are you doing outside?
Isn't it cold? Let's sit inside.

It's nothing. Actually...

-Take a seat.
-Can I?

-Am I disturbing you?
-No. Come, take a seat.

We're not doing anything.

Actually, Ali,

we are discussing our future
and our life's purpose.

That's why we invited you to listen.

Who knows, you might have an opinion.

-So what is your problem?
-I don't know, Ali.

We never have good luck.

Muiz has been jobless for a year.

Don't tell anyone. I'm embarrassed.

I'm just telling Ali the truth.

Another thing is the house we're renting.
We were driven out of it.

And me?

Everyone calls me The God of Gamblers.

I play every type of game.

From poker to roulette and lottery.

I have tried them all.

We are very pitiful.

-But what worries you the most?
-The thing is

we need money to live.

To buy clothes, eat and drink.

But we don't have any money.
We're thinking where to earn some.

That's right, Ali. We're thinking about
how to make our lives easier.

That's simple. It's a small matter.

Ali, let me ask you.

What did you work as previously?

And how did you get involved in all this?

Since you asked,
let me tell you the story.

My real name is not Ali.

My real name
is Isaac Kamal bin Dato' Alang Kasim.

So you're the son of a Dato'.

What's the connection with Ali?

It's because I am a fan of Saidina Ali.

That's why the others call me Ali.

Listen to his story.

Do I look like I am playing
with firecrackers? I'm listening.

No, you're looking at him
as if he's a ghost.

You two are always arguing.

Look. I was no different from you two
back then. Ignorant.

I was tested with a wealthy family.

My dad is stupid rich.

And so are all my siblings.

How rich were you?
Did you have a big car once?

That the thing. If I tell you,
you'll say that I'm showing off.

But it's all right. Let me tell you
for us to benefit from it.

I had three luxury cars.

Two superbikes.
Both of you could take one each.

My monthly income was 70,000 ringgit.

As for girlfriends,
I changed one every day.

Isn't it sinful?

-That's why.
-What a question.

Of course, it's sinful.

That's right. When I realized it,

all the pleasure Allah gave to me
brought me to the wrong path.

That's what I regret,
so I followed this Tabligh.

Ali, I want to ask you.

There must be a reason why you changed.

Is there any story behind it?

Allah changed me.

I know, but there must be a story
behind what made you change.

Yes, the story goes like this.

One day, I was eating at this stall.

While eating, I saw a child
about seven to eight years old.

He looked like a beggar
and was picking up empty cans.

So I felt sorry for him.

My heart was moved
and I gave him 100 ringgit.

-Do you know what he said?
-What did he say?

He didn't need my 100 ringgit.

I was surprised.

I asked him why.

He said, "Sir,

Allah has given me
enough sustenance for today.

I don't need your money."

-I was shocked.
-My God.

I told him to take it, but he refused.

"Allah has given me eyes to see,
legs to walk,

and a mind to think.

It was Allah who has given me life,
not the money."

I gave it a long thought.

I thought he was right.

Was it money that has given me
good health all this while?

Happiness and peace
do not come from money.

Actually, it all comes from Allah.

Dadu, Muiz.

Allah did test me with many things.

But none led me to calmness.

Unless we have faith in Allah.

And when I joined this Tabligh,
only then could I feel it.

Just like the both of you.

What we are searching for today
is not wealth or rank.

We want to get to Allah.

Like your problems.
No house to live in and is unemployed.

If we really think about it,
those are not the real problems.

The actual problem
is what happens in the afterlife.

-Do you understand?

Right now, we don't know where to stay.

-What is your plan?
-That's the thing, we are still thinking.

Actually, we have a plan.

We want to go and listen
to Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk.

-In three days.

It's not far from here, just nearby.

That's good. We are on a 40-day Tabligh.

Why don't you come with us for three days?

After that,
you can go and listen to the talk.

-But what do we have to do?
-It's easy.

When we are out there,
we learn how to lead

our Prophet way of living
in our daily life.

While you're out there,
you can learn many things.

Be confident.

-If God wills.
-If God wills.

Does that mean we need to pray
and do other things?

-Of course.
-That's good.

Because Dadu has not taken ablution
for some time.

It's not nice to say that about Dadu.

I also haven't punched a person
in front of the mosque for a while.

Me too.



What is it, Dadu?

This story is interesting.

-It's better than Conan.
-God has willed.

-This is the correct way.
-Hey, Ali.

Do you want to come with me?

Where to?

We had a meeting just now.
I need to give my service.

I have to cook,
so I'm going to buy some groceries.

Let's go. It's for dinner.

That's okay, I'll come with you.

-Let's go. Do you want to come, Muiz?
-Do you?

It's all right. You two can go ahead.

I feel tired, I want to sleep.

What's wrong with you? Come with us.

It's all right, you go.

-Let's go, don't waste time.
-Else, we will be late.

-Can you do cupping?
-Yes, I can.

-Tonight, I will cup you.
-Tonight, we will do the cupping.


-All right? Bye.

-Peace be upon you.
-And unto you peace.

What are you doing, sir?

-I'm looking for a cat.
-Looking for a cat?

How strange.


Why do Tabligh pilgrims wear
three-quarter pants?

Is it related to K-pop
or the skinhead culture?

Is it?

Actually, Dadu,
we have discussed this that day.

We are out today to practice
our Prophet's way of living.

So wearing three-quarter pants
is one of his ways.

-There'll be a big reward, Dadu.
-Is it?

Come with us these three days.

If God wills, you will understand then.

-Enough, this is a lot.

What's interesting today?

Let's pay.


Muiz, wake up.

We have a talk.

"When The Prophet no longer had hope
towards the leaders,

he tried to talk to someone else.

Because he is the type of person

who has the determination and will
as high as a mountain.

Unfortunately, no one wanted
to accept him.

Not only did they not want to accept him,
they told the Prophet,

"Get out of our town immediately.

Go elsewhere, anywhere you want."

"When the Prophet lost hope towards them,

he began his pilgrimage home.

They sent kids to mock,

chase, tease and throw stones
at the Prophet

until his shoes were filled with blood
from his body.

In that condition, the Prophet got home."

"When he got away from the troublemakers,

he prayed,

"Allah, to You I report my weaknesses,

my lack of strength and my humbleness
in the eyes of mankind.

Allah, the generous and merciful,

you are the suppressed God.

The God of people
who have been suppressed.

You are my God.

To whom have you given me?

To strangers who will attack me

or enemies who will overpower me?"

As humans, we are all equal, Dadu.

Is it so, Ali?

What separates us
from each other is our deeds.

It doesn't matter what rank you have.

That's all worthless to Allah.

Why do you still want
to chase for worldly things?

As long as it's sufficient for a living.


I want to ask you something.

-What is it?
-What about the other pilgrims?

They vary.

There are policemen and robbers.

That one who's sleeping, he is a Dato.


But when we are here, Dadu,
everything changes.

The robber has repented.

The Dato who was once wealthy
suddenly became generous.

When we are here, Dadu,
you have to remember one thing.

Our purpose is to shape our hearts

to learn to be Allah's good servant.

That's all.

Friend, it's time for Zohor prayer now.

-Let us perform our prayer first.
-Okay, let's go.


You look different.


Thank God.

I have obtained His guidance.

I want to follow
our Prophet's way of living.

Even if it's not much, a bit will do.

-May I enter first?

-Peace be upon you.
-And unto you peace.


Ali, I want to ask you something.

Why do we walk to other people's houses?

This is the way of our Prophet.

Visiting door to door.

We want to bring this tradition
back to life.

And Muiz, by visiting people like this,
we will get a feeling of love.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.

They have gone.

Peace be upon you.

And unto you peace.

What do you want?

Go elsewhere if you want to beg.

Do you know I'm working in the morning?

Don't you people have anything else to do?

Go home! How troublesome.

Ali, we both want to thank you

for opening our minds and teaching us
the real meaning of life.

I seek forgiveness in Allah.

Don't thank me.

But be grateful to Allah.

He is the one who gave you this guidance.

Towards the right path.

-Thank God.
-That's right.

Here's some money.

-That's a lot. We're troubling you.
-It's all right. Take it.

Please be thrifty.

Thanks a lot, Ali.

I thought you were going to give us more.

God has willed.
That's right, you have to remember.

Perform your prayers after this.
Do not forget Allah.

You also have to remember.

After this, you will face
many tests out there,

-Dadu, Muiz.
-If God wills, Ali.

-We will leave first.
-If God wills.

-God has willed.
-God has willed.

Okay, Ali.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

-Thank you.
-God has willed.

You look like my late grandfather.


-If we meet again out there, say hi.
-Thanks, Ali.

-Peace be upon you.
-And unto you peace.

If you want to speed, speed to the mosque.

If God wills.

-See you.
-See you.


What's wrong?


-No wonder.
-What's wrong?

Your side mirror is slanted.

-It doesn't work.
-Wait, a bit more.

Almost there.

Idiot. What does it have to do
with the side mirror?

Please use your head.


-No fuel!

Why do we have to run out of fuel
at this time?

Do you have ointment?

For what? Headache?

To fuel up.

-What are we to do now?

What else?

Look for a gas station.
Are you going to look for a spa?

This is all your fault.
Why didn't you fuel it up?

Please be patient.

There must be a gas station up ahead.

You talk as if
you've used this road before.

I just know it.

-If we're lucky, a car will stop for us.
-How do you know?

Of course, in Malay movies,
a car always stops.


Yes, believe me.

There you go.

I told you.

-But will he give us a lift?
-Ask him.

-Peace be upon you, sir.
-And unto you peace.

-Can you give us a lift?

I told you. It's just like a Malay movie.

Where are you from?

Actually, we're going to
Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk.

My God.

You're going to Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk?

We are heading the same way.

Is that so?

I want to ask something.
Why were you both walking?

Actually, our motorcycle broke down.
That's why we were walking.

Otherwise, we wouldn't be troubling you.

So it broke down.

But I'm impressed with your determination
to see Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

Walking on a hot day.

Actually, we are really attracted
to Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

When he gives talks, it isn't boring.

Sometimes, youngsters like us
are not really into religion.

But he makes us interested in it.

We want to get to know the religion.
Right, Dadu?

So I'm not young to you?

That's not what we meant.

You're young and cute.

Just kidding.

What a nice taqiyah.

Where did you buy it? Can I take a look?


-How do I look? Okay?
-You look handsome.

-Just like Ustaz. Okay.
-Is it okay?

-You can go.
-Thank you, sir.



I want to tell you something.

-I saw a stranded car back there.
-All right.

The doors were open,
but there were no one around.

-It's all right, thank you.
-You're welcome, sir.

-Peace be upon you.
-And unto you peace.

Sir, please check the stranded car
back there.

Let's stop for a while.

Bagok. We're going to the washroom.


Sir, put your hands up.

Don't put it down.

I'm going to take all your money, okay?

Don't look at me.

Bagok, let's go.


-I feel relieved.
-Call me if there's anything.

Peace be upon you.

-Have you washed or not?
-I have.

I found out that Bagok
was with two of his followers, sir.

-Thank you.
-All right, sir.

Bagok, don't take self-rising flour.

I'm afraid you will gain weight.

What are you saying?

Hurry, call the police.
The crazy man has come.

You have a big house.

You two, please wait for a while.

Bagok, where are you going?

I'm going in.

-Don't be too long, please. We're scared.
-Of course not.

Muiz, Bagok is a nice man, right?

-He's cute.
-That's right.

He reminds me of my old teddy bear
when I was in kindergarten.

-It looks like him.
-Stop it.

Pah, open the door.



It's going to be Asar soon,
we haven't performed the Zohor prayer yet.

You're right. Let's go.

It's not good to delay prayers.

Didn't he tell us to wait in the car?

It's all right, we can pray anywhere.
We can also pray outside.

What's important is we pray.

Let's go.

-Isn't it the face, then the hands?

What are you talking about?
Hands first, then the mouth.

Not the other way around.

Then why are you
washing your elbows as well?

What sound is that?

Sounds like a home theater.
Bagok must be watching a movie.

Let's not interfere with others' affairs.

Let's not delay our prayer any more.
One more time.

Sham, wait.

Let them finish their prayer first.

All right, sir.

What is your relationship with Bagok?


What? Speak up!

-Nothing, sir.
-Why is your name Muiz?

Because my dad named my brother Muaz.

So he named me Muiz, sir.

Muiz is Bagok's brother's name.
Are you his brother?

How do I know his brother's name is Muiz?

Then, what is your name?

My name is Muiz, sir.

What is your plan with Bagok?

Actually, I didn't plan anything
with Bagok, sir.

-I have a plan with my best friend, Muiz.

Actually, we wanted to go
to Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk, sir.

-Ustaz Azhar Idrus?
-Yes, sir.

Now, are you saying Ustaz Azhar Idrus
is also related to this case?

It's not that, sir.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus
has nothing to do with this case.

-Then what were you and Bagok doing?
-We didn't do anything, sir.

We were just taking a lift from him.

You better not lie to the police.

It's true, sir.
I didn't know that he is a criminal.

If you looked at his face,

you wouldn't think
he is a criminal, right?

The problem now is
your face looks like a criminal.

How can I trust what you're saying?

Believe me, sir.

Believe me

I want to ask you a question.
Who told you to wear this taqiyah?

Sir, if I wear a hijab,
my mom's heart will break.

-So you're talking back.
-No, sir.

Help, sir.

We want to get out of this cell.

We didn't kill him, sir.

We were framed, please help us.

You are so pitiful, Dadu.

It's my first time in a cell.
Of course I'm sad.

Why should I be happy?


-Even so, please tell us the Qibla.
-Please, sir.

-We want to pray.

Pray what?

Ask what's wrong with him. He's crazy.

It's nothing.

Ask him.

Why do you need to pray?

I want to pray and say our prayers.

So we can get out of this cell.

-That's right.
-You're talking back!

Do you think you can get out
of this cell just by praying?

What is your offense?

We took a lift in Bongok's car.


Bagok's car.

We didn't know that he's a killer.

So you're his accomplices?


We didn't know that Bagok was a murderer.

We were just taking a lift.

That is a serious offense.

You're in cahoots with a murderer.

You should be in prison
for a least a week. Do you know?

-A week?

That's too long.

Of course, it's a serious offense.

We didn't know that he was a murderer.

If we knew,
we wouldn't have accepted his offer.

It's all right, Dadu.

We have prayed.

Let's leave it to God.

You're right, Muiz.

We have a question.

Did you not perform your prayers?

Did you not ask for Allah's help
so you could get released faster?


Have you washed or wiped yourself?

-There are tissues.
-Tissues? We don't have any.

I don't have to pray.

-Is that so?
-No. Mine is just a minor case.

I just stole a motorcycle.

I can get out tomorrow.
There's no need to pray.

You are being too arrogant.

You should watch your mouth.

-How are you going to get out?
-My dad is rich.

He is going to bail me out. I'm his son.

There's no need to pray.

It's not nice to say things like that.

You don't talk too much!
I know what I'm saying!

-Just mind your own business.
-He's being too arrogant.



Did you swallow a microphone?
You scream instead of talk.

-Enough, ignore him.
-You're talking back!

-I'm sorry.
-Don't touch my cell!

I'm done with him.


Do you have a banana?
I think I'm in a zoo.


I think I'm in a zoo.
Just like when we were little.

Leave him alone.

Do you want me to smear it?

Smear what?

Why didn't you come to the talk yesterday?

I was waiting.

Everyone in the mosque asked.

Both of you didn't come to the talk.


I dreamt of Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

He appeared in my dream and he was waving.

He asked me to come.

Me too.

I also dreamt of Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

By right, Muiz,

we could have been to his talk already.

-By right, we could have met him already.


Do pray a lot.


Don't you have parents?



You're back so soon.

The judge didn't want to free me.

He wanted to add another two weeks for me.

I cannot bear to stay here anymore.

Be patient.

Next time, don't be too proud
and arrogant.

Do pray a lot.

Praying is important.

Muiz, Dadu, you're free.

We're free.

-Thank God.
-Thank God.

Do you see?
That's the answer to our prayers.

Okay, Bagok has confessed.

And I also have figured out
that you are the victims.

So you are being released by the police.

You can go out now. You're free.

-Really, sir?

-Thank God.
-Thank you, sir.

We're free!

-Thank you, sir.
-All right.

-Thank you.


Show them out.

Please open it, sir.

Thank you, sir.


I'm so tired.

Won't it be great to have soy milk
or carrot juice right now?

I've got no energy.

If you're tired like this,
you need an energy drink.

-What drink?
-Battery water.

Do you think I'm a car?

What are we going to do?
Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk was yesterday.

We've missed it.

That's it, I feel sad too.

I really wanted to listen to his talk,
but what else can we do?

This is all because
we took a lift from Bagok.

If we didn't take a lift from him,

we would have been able
to listen to the talk.

Watch your mouth.

This is called fate.
You have to accept it.

Maybe there's a reason
behind what has happened.

Allah wants to test us.

Be patient.

What are we going to do now?

It's almost time.
We should perform the Zohor prayer first.

Then we can think about
what we're going to do.

Let's go.



Why are you laughing?

It's Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

That means we can still attend
his talk tomorrow night.

We have a chance. I know this place.

-Is it far?
-No. It's about one marhalah from here.

What's a marhalah?

Don't you know what a marhalah is?

What's that?

-You don't know?

A marhalah is...

Dadu, I feel like a marhalah
is quite a distance.

Of course. Do you think I lied to you?

-What is it?

Is a marhalah very far?

It's just right up ahead, idiot.


Say it. Ask me if you dare.


Is a marhalah very far?

-You asked? Take this!
-I'm very tired.


What is this?

It's a signboard showing a marhalah.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Weren't you the one who kept asking?

This is a marhalah.

I asked you how far a marhalah is.

Why are you showing me this?

This is the marhalah
that you wanted to see.

I'm showing it to you now.

Oh my God!
I wanted to know how far a marhalah is.

Why are you showing me this signboard?

Why are you throwing a tantrum?

I'm very annoyed with you.

-Come here.

Come here. What's that?

-That really hurts.
-Now I'm satisfied.

I'm so tired.

My legs feel like
they're about to fall off.

Look at the way you're walking.

I'm tired.

-What's wrong with you?
-I was giving you encouragement.

You're making jokes at a time like this.

I thought it was a dog.

It'll be tiring to clean up.

I'm not a dog.

But we have walked a long way.

I think we better find a place to start
a campfire tonight. How about that?

Okay, that's a good idea.

We'll rest here and continue
on our journey tomorrow.

How about that?

Sure, but where?

Let me find a place for us tonight.

Since I was once a scout leader,
let me be the one to find it.

-We have to follow the wind.

Okay, let's see
which direction it's blowing.

-Okay, there.

The leaves fell here, so let's sit here.

If the leaves fall here,

do you want to dig
and start a campfire here?

Are you following the wind's direction?

I'm following my heart.

If I were to follow my heart, you'd be...

Ever since you came

In my life

What song are you singing?

Try singing a rock song.

You sing then.

Okay, sing after me.

One hundred fifty million times

You ask me the same question

Don't sing anymore.
That song is too brutal.


You know what? Every now and then, camp...

-Camp what?

-A campfire is fun, right?

Of all these years, I think this year
is the most challenging.

I agree.

I think maybe Allah wants
to test our friendship.

-After this, if we meet--
-It hurts.

-My eyes hurt.

-Did you blow or spit on me?


After meeting Ustaz Azhar Idrus,
where will you go next?

I think...

I want to go back to my hometown.

I want to rest my mind.

I mean, we have also been kicked out

because we didn't pay the rent.

It still hurts.

Okay. What are you going to do after this?

I think I want to pee.

-Wait here.

We're in a jungle.

-What about it?
-If you want to pee, ask for something.

-Ask for what?
-So that you'd be bitten by a bug.

Okay, wait here. I'm going to pee.

-What are you doing?
-Police! Don't move.

I seek forgiveness from Allah.


God has willed.

Do you know this is a big sin?

The Prophet won't acknowledge you
as his disciples.

My beloved brothers.

Have you heard of a story
during Prophet Luth's time?

-Have you?

They were just like you.
In love with the same sex.

Then, Allah cursed the people
and destroyed them.

-Do you want to be like them?

Allah gave you healthy bodies,

but you have misused it.

Enough, change your ways. Understand?


There is one more thing I want to ask.

Do you all know until when you will live?

-The one in yellow, do you know?

Remember, this world
is only your temporary lodging.

The hereafter is forever.

That's why you all must change.

The pleasures that you feel now
are not permanent.

After this, don't do things
like these again. Understand?


-Do you understand?


Do you want me to slap you?

Muiz, Dadu.

-You're free.

Don't touch me. What's wrong with you?

Remember, don't forget to pray.

You can wave, but don't forget to pray.

Peace be upon you.

We're leaving first.

Don't forget to pray.

Prayer is important.

When I first apprehended you both,

I knew something wasn't right.

We're sorry, sir.

But we didn't do anything wrong.

We swear.

That's the problem.

Getting locked up without any offense.

What exactly are you searching for?

Actually, we want to go
to Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk, sir.

That's right, sir.

We wanted to know if Ustaz Azhar Idrus'
beard is genuine or fake.

But we didn't know
things would turn out like this.

That's right, sir.

Then how did you end up getting arrested?

Did you know? Last night,

the police managed to obtain
a very unique case.

Did you know? First, drugs.

Second, same-sex relationship.

Okay, sir. Actually,
this is how the story goes.

On our way to Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk,

we stopped for a while at this place.

The place was so beautiful
because there was a river.

-That's right.
-So we discussed

and decided to start a campfire there.

But we didn't know
that people do bad things there.

-Same-sex relationship?
-Yes, that.

-It's true, sir.
-We don't know anything, sir.

-It's true, I swear we don't know.

When I see your faces,

I can tell that you're not ones
who do bad things

or have a same-sex relationship.

Yes, sir.

Thank God.

All right, sir. We promise.

After this, we won't do anything wrong.

We only want to learn about religion, sir.

-It's true, sir.
-That's all, sir. I swear.


If you commit any offense,
I know where to find you.

Don't arrest us again, sir.

Please, sir.

This will be the last time.
We will not do it again, sir.

Okay, I'll release you today.

But after this,

if you are going anywhere,
scout that area first.

Look at the surroundings.
Watch the people there.

-Can you do that?
-Yes, sir.

-Can you?
-Yes, sir.

All right, please.

Take them to where they want to go.

-Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk, is it? Okay.
-Thank God.

Thanks a lot, sir.

-Thanks a lot, sir.
-Thank you, sir.

-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, sir.



Muiz! It's Ustaz Azhar Idrus!

I didn't expect this, Dadu.

Finally, we can listen
to Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk.

I really admire him.

I finally get to meet him, Muiz.


What's wrong with that man?

What's wrong with him? Let's go, Dadu.

My God. What's wrong, sir?

What's wrong, sir?

Enough, we have to help him. He's sick.

-Let's go!
-We can't, Muiz. We're already late.

We will miss Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk.

My God.

Isn't a life more important than the talk?

We can listen to the talk again
some other time.

Let's go. We have to help him.

No, we're already late.
Let's just leave him.

Okay, we'll leave him here.
Let's see if you have the heart to.

Okay, nice. Let's go.

My God. How could you?

We must help him, Dadu. What's with you?

We need to send him to a clinic
and come back after that.

All right. Carry him. Let's go.

All right!


-You take the bicycle.
-All right.



What are you trying to do?

Muiz, hurry up. He's struggling.

Hang in there, sir.

Why should I be the one to do this now?

This is tiring.

Hang in there.

Dadu, watch out!

Dadu, help!

Pick him up.

-Oh, God.
-Hurry, Muiz.

Dadu? Muiz?

-Mr. Amri.
-Mr. Amri.

-Carry him. Hurry.
-Help us out.

Get him up.

Hang on, sir.

Not there, here. The back door.

Not the front door.

-Hurry, Muiz.

Please hurry up.

-The uncle is wheezing.
-I know.

Mr. Amri, we're running out of time.
You need to hurry.

Teach him the Shahada.

-The Shahada.
-Teach him the Shahada, Muiz.

Or you can give him a CPR first.

What's wrong with you?

-Help! Where's the doctor?

Move! What are you doing here? Quick!


Dadu, Muiz.

I want to apologize
because I nearly hit you just now.

Actually, I was sleepy just now.

I slept late last night
because I was watching wrestling.

It's all right, Mr. Amri.

Fortunately, Allah has sent you
to help us.

Else, I don't know
what would happen to that man.

Maybe he would have passed away
on the way here.

Actually, I have been
looking for you for days.

-Why? Haven't we settled everything?
-Right, why?

No, not yet settled.

What is it? What's left unsettled?

Now, you can come back
and stay at my house again.

Is it all right not to pay rent?

Who says you don't have to pay?
You have to pay.

Actually, your cousin, Hamzah,

came to see me.

He paid off your arrears.

And even gave me
an advance payment of three months.


Thank God.

-There are still people helping us, Dadu.
-Muiz, this is all Allah's will.

-Thank God.
-Yes, thank God.

That's right. I...

I also want to apologize
for being harsh to you all this while.

After this, do not forget.

Please pay on time.

If God wills, Mr. Amri.

We will pay next month's rent on time.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk.
Hurry, we're already late.

-We'll leave first.
-Where are you going?

Actually, we want to go
to Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk.

Why didn't you tell me?
I'm going there too.

-Let's go, I'll take you there.
-That's great. Let's go.

Hurry up, Mr. Amri. We are already late

-for Ustaz Azhar Idrus' talk.

Yes, I know. How much faster can I go?

Hurry up, Mr. Amri.
Use the fifth or sixth gear.

What's wrong with the car, Mr. Amri?

What now?

Allah. What happened?

Don't joke with us, Mr. Amri.


Why are you breaking down now?

Gosh, Mr. Amri.

I don't know what's wrong with it either.

I have just serviced it this morning.

Allah, my Almighty God.

What have I done wrong?
Why is it so difficult to see this ulema?

How about this?

You both go first.
The mosque is not far from here.

Just one marhalah.

A marhalah again?

It's not far.

-Muiz, I know what a marhalah is.
-Are you going to show me a marhalah?

You are a big problem to me.

Enough, let's go.

All right. Hurry, Muiz!


Thank God, Muiz.

We finally get to meet Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

-That's right, but I'm not content.
-Why is it so?

I wanted to meet Ustaz Azhar Idrus

-and touch his beard.

But do you know?
That guy who looks like Pierre Andre?

He managed to shake hands
with Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

He was so happy.

How insolent.

-That guy who stood beside me?

-He got to shake his hands?

You're making it up.

I saw it with my own eyes.

When can we shake hands with him?

But it's all right.

We were able to listen to his talk live.
It's enough.


Muiz, doesn't it feel great
to have a holiday like this?

It has been a long time since I had one.

You have to remember.

Do you recall when we were suffering?

-Back then.
-We didn't even have money to eat.


You have to be grateful
that God has helped us like this.

That's true, with you being jobless.

There's no need to mention that.

Now I have a big building.

A big building.

What is that person doing there?

He has a camera,
of course he's taking pictures.

Do you think he's catching
a cuttlefish with a camera?

Haven't you seen people
catching cuttlefish with cameras?

-Have you?
-I'm going to have a look.

Don't disturb him. He's making art.
He's busy taking pictures.

You don't have to give me a speech.


I'm going to have a look.

Peace be upon you.

And unto you peace.


Has anyone told you that
you look like Ustaz Azhar Idrus?

Not yet.

You look like Ustaz Azhar Idrus, you know?


He is Ustaz Azhar Idrus.
What's wrong with you?

Of course no one has asked that question.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus?

-My God.
-Greet him.

Hello, Ustaz.

-Ustaz Azhar Idrus.
-Hello, Ustaz.

-I'm having a migraine.
-Who are you?

My friend, Dadu.

-He's always like this.

-And who are you?
-I'm Muiz. I'm his friend.

We really admire you, Ustaz.

I didn't expect to meet you here.

-Don't talk like that.

Ustaz, I want to ask you something.
What were you doing?

I have a camera with me,
obviously I'm taking pictures.

I can't be repairing a bike.

He's not repairing a bike.

He's funny, just like on the CD.

We really admire you, Ustaz.
We have all your CDs.

Thank you.

Please don't buy pirated copies.

-We bought the original one, Ustaz.
-Thank God.

It's five ringgit, right?


The five ringgit one is a pirated copy.


-Ustaz, I want to ask you something.

Hold on. Where do you come from?

You have so many questions.

We are from Kuala Selangor.

That's far. What are you doing here?

-We are on a holiday, Ustaz.
-On a trip, I see.

-We didn't expect to meet you here.

-I really admire him.
-Thank you.

Since you are here,
I want to ask you something.

What is it?

As human beings, why do we need to pray?

Why do we need to pray?

We are Allah's servants. Allah created us.

It was Allah who created us
when we didn't exist.

He not only created us,
He gave us everything.

Eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to walk.

Even sustenance and all that.

The air we are breathing now is also His.

In return for His kindness,

we have been obliged to pray
for only five times a day.

Five minutes each time.

To test and see if we are grateful beings.

It's a way of returning His kindness.

That's all.

Why can't we perform our prayers?

I told you to pray.

Yes, I have.

You have? Thank God.

Thank God.

Ustaz, can I ask you one more question?

You have a lot to ask.

Go to the talk
if you want to ask questions.

Just one.

This is not a place for questions,
this is a beach.

A place to rest.

-I'm excited that I met you.

Ustaz, I want to ask.

Why doesn't the Devil
submit to Prophet Adam?

If he submits, for sure
no one will get possessed.

There won't be hauntings or even Hell.

Why, Ustaz?

Is that the question? What a question.

When Allah said, "To all Angels,

you have to submit to
and give respect to Prophet Adam."

Everyone did and bowed, except the Devil.

The Devil and his army
did not want to bow.

Why? It's clear.
Because he is too proud of himself.

So that is a kind of disease.

Whoever has this Devil's attitude,
he is the grandchild of the Devil.

-Don't be too proud.
-That's right, Ustaz.

Ustaz is not. You're saying that he is.

-No, I was saying what he said was true.
-Don't be too proud.

Yes, Ustaz is not proud.

-Don't be egotistical.
-Don't be egotistical.

The Ego scooter is fine though.

But we shouldn't be egotistical.

I can't be here too long.
I have a talk tonight.

-A talk?

-I have a talk after Maghrib.
-Sounds interesting.

Where at, Ustaz?

At the mosque.
Not at the futsal court, of course.

One marhalah from here.

A marhalah, ustaz? A marhalah again.

It's okay.

-All right, Ustaz.
-All right, Ustaz.

-Wait for us there.
-Wait for us there.

I finally met you, Ustaz.

Allah, his beard.

Go ahead. You said
you wanted to touch his beard.



-Wait for us there.

Subtitle translation by Pooiyee