Ustadon Ke Ustad (1963) - full transcript

An impoverished Engineer in love with a wealthy woman goes on the run after becoming a suspect in a bank robbery.

Here. Move.

Darling, I saw myself in the mirror
as soon as I woke up this morning.

I should at least earn
40 rupees today.

I was just coming to meet you, Babu.

Please, lend me 25
rupees if you have.

I will repay you the
day after tomorrow.

You've spoilt my day.

I haven't even made the first income
of the day and am losing 25 bucks.


Please, drop me
at Deluxe Hotel. Please.

Sometimes you visit Hotel Tai
Mahal and sometimes Natraj.

You spend more than you earn. What's
the need to go beyond your limits?

My dear, it's important
to look rich these days.

I am intelligent, I have the
scheme to become rich..

..but I don't have money.

One needs to spend money
to fool the rich people.

That, too, by borrowing
money from me!

It's been many days, have you
been able to fool anyone?

I am going to get him today.
- You mean?

I have an appointment
with a big shot today.

I guess I'll strike good luck today.

I hope you do.

Because if I leave my business and
keep helping you, I'll lose my taxi.

You will remember my words..

..when I will become a millionaire.
- We'll see.

Otherwise, you will remember
my words.

Just watch.

Can I know the reason for
this laughter?

It's you.

You mean?
- It seems from your face that..'ve never seen girls.

I have seen girls, but not like you.
- Hey mister! Get going now.

It would be better if
you girls get going..

..because this table is reserved.

I have an appointment with someone.

An appointment?
- Yes.

With you?
- No.

With you?
- Oh no!

With you?
- No.

With you?
- No.

Pardon me,
but you don't have.. appointment with any of us.

Pardon me, but you girls don't
deserve that! Please, go from here.

Never! We will sit here. You can
go and complain to the manager.

It is the habit of
girls to complain.

If I wish, I can make
you run from here.

Really? Let's see.

No need to see.
Only hearing will be enough.

Hearing will be enough! Idiot!

Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen,
you must have seen..

..the samples of old art
in the caves of Ajanta.

But I want to show you the samples
of the beauty of 20th century.

Would you like to see?
- Yes.

"It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys."

Neither their friendship
nor their enmity is good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

Neither their friendship
nor their enmity is good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

Neither their friendship
nor their enmity is good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

They put lipstick and
powder on pale faces.

They look like cartoons.

They are the light of the party.
Look at their style!

They are an insult to the beauty.
Their bodies are half bare.

Neither their love nor
their ignorance is good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

Neither their friendship
nor their enmity is good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

Seeing their faces
and their situation.. would feel like laughing.

They get themselves
to be ridiculed.

Life is nothing, but a big drama.

The light which makes the darkness
feel shy is not good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

Neither their friendship
nor their enmity is good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

Neither their friendship
nor their enmity is good.

It's good to keep a distance
from the girls, guys.

Very good.

Didn't it affect you at all?

Have a seat.
- Sorry?

Sit down.
- Thank you.

I liked your song very much.

How much do you charge for
one program?


I mean, what is your fee
for singing in parties?

You don't know who I am, madam.
- Who are you?

I am an engineer.

I am going to have a meeting with..

..Sir Hiralal on this
table after 5 minutes.

Sir Hiralal?! That..
- Yes, that millionaire.

And I am going to discuss with him
a scheme worth lakhs of rupees.

Then you must be a big
shot yourself. - Well..

What is your name?
- Dinesh.

- Yes.

Look.. pardon me, but sir
might come any moment now.

If you can.. I mean..
- Ok, ok, I get it.

Got it?

You can wait if you want to, but
sir is not going to come here today.

- Yes.

How do you know?

Sir has said that you can meet him.. his place at 7
o'clock next evening.

Listen! Are you his secretary?
- No.

- I.. I am his daughter.



Babu! Babu! I had a wonderful
experience today!

I was checking my account details.
You made me forget.

How far had I counted?
- Never mind the accounts.

Tell me, can you arrange some car
for 2 hours for next evening?

What do you mean some car?
Won't my taxi do? - No, no.

Some grand car.

Like the Impala, so that
I can impress someone.

Who do you want to impress?
- There is someone.

I have an appointment for
6 o'clock next evening.

Appointment? What about that mister
you went to meet today?

I met the daughter of an even
richer man instead of him.

You're mad!
- What? You don't believe me?

I believe you will soon be admitted
to a mental asylum.

Alright, I won't tell you anything
from today. - Don't.

Look, Babu, if you won't
arrange for a car..

What will you do?
- What will I do?

Yes, what will you do?
- What will I do?

What will you do?
- What will I do?

- Nothing? Very good. Shake hands.

Which car do you want?
- Impala. - Impala?

Take 5 paisa and ask me what you
do with it. - What do I do?

Arrange a Paan for me while
I think about your Impala.

Hello, sir.
- Babu?

How many times have I
told you not to touch my feet?

I bow down only to two people, sir.

One is you, because I began to run
my taxi business because of you.

The other is God, because he sent
a kind man like you on this earth.

Again, Babu?

No, sir, I
am not buttering you up.

If you hadn't helped me, how would
I become Mr. TOD?


Yes, Taxi Owner Driver.
The master driver.

Babu, you haven't got over your
old habit.

Which one?

Talk a little less.

Now tell me, did you come to meet me
just like that or on some business?

- What?

Tomorrow, car, 2 hours.


Poor friend, marriage.

What are you talking? I don't get it.

You don't? That's the problem.

Even I don't understand when I
speak less, so how would you?

Ok, dear, say whatever
you want quickly.

You see, one of my poor friends
is getting married tomorrow.

If we can have your car for 2 hours,
it will brighten up the occasion.

Wow, Babu! Won't you invite us to
your wedding?

It's not my wedding.

It's that of my friend. Hello,
madam. - Hello.

You gave me a headache for such a
trifle matter. Go and take that car.

That one? I'd take that from your
driver without asking you.

I want this car of yours.

So that we can impress the
bride and her family.

Did you hear that? Impress the
bride and her family! - Yes.

Alright, take it.
- The keys?

Take them from the driver.
- Ok.

Champak! Champak!


You're driving my sir's car at a
speed of 50.

Doesn't matter, Babu.

If my today's scheme works, we will
have a dozen such cars some day.

A dozen?!
- Yes.

You should
dream a bit small.

Mr. Babu, those who dream small
can never be millionaires.

You know, I am going to present sir
a scheme worth 25 lakh rupees today.

25 lakhs? But why don't you
tell me who this rich man is?

Again the same matter? The fun will
die if I tell you his name.

Ok, at least tell me
his daughter's name.

Her name? Her name is.. my luck.

Got it. Now I can tell
the sir's name.

- The father of your luck!

Babu! Be ready. We're approaching
sir's house.

We're done for! I'm in trouble.

Babu! Babu! Where are you?

- Greetings. You..

Didn't you tell me to come at
7 o'clock? I'm right on time.

No.. I mean.. you.. how
come you're in this car?

It's just for show. Otherwise,
I like a sports car more.

What can be done? One has to
keep pace with the times.

You know that rich people
keep big cars these days.

Strange! Is it your car?

Why are you embarrassing me?
You can consider it yours.


Dinesh, it's her..
- Shut up!

Go and park the car.

Please, listen..
- Didn't you hear what your boss said?

Park the car correctly.

He dares answer me back.

He's an old driver of
ours; otherwise..

..I would have fired him.
- Never mind.

C'mon, daddy is waiting for
you inside. - Thank you.

Dinesh! Nothing!

You can see for that
production output.. more than the
cost of production.

Any engineer would give
you an estimate..

..of 60 to 70 lakh rupees
for this project.

And you?
- Only 25 lakhs.

the unique thing about my scheme.

I've been working on it for 4 years.

You call this a scheme,
Mr. Dinesh?


It's a storm! A matchless
plan which will..

..bring revolution in
the factory planning!

But you're an idiot!

Yes. What?!

You should have come to me as soon
as you thought of this scheme.

We could have earned crores of rupees
by now.

We can still earn that.

Only 25 lakh rupees..
- Nonsense!

Start the project with 50 lakhs.

50 lakhs?! - Yes,

your intelligence
and my money, equal partnership.

What else do you want?
- Nothing. I do!

A plot of land for the factory.

Daddy, we have an unused
piece of land in Pune.

Yes! Go to Pune immediately. Check
out the land and give me your report.

Thank you! Thank you, sir.

I will leave for Pune next morning..

..and will return by the evening.
- Very good.

Everything is ok, daddy.
Can I suggest something?

Of course. Please, do.

If the scheme is yours, you should
also invest some of your money.

Naturally.. what?!

Daddy, when a person invests
his own money..

..he works with more dedication
and honesty.

Bravo, my child! You are right.

Just invest for the sake of investing
Only 1 lakh rupees.


It's decided.

And it's time for me
to go to the club.

Mr. Dinesh, I wish you every
success in this project. Bye.

Sir, I.. I..

Listen! Don't worry about
the 1 lakh rupees.

If you think I will
arrange the money.. selling off my car,
you are wrong.

Because.. it's not my car.
- I know.

You do? How do you know?

Because it's my car.


Yes. Babu borrowed it from us.

Babu? You know Babu?

He used to be our driver before.

I see.

Listen; have the dinner with us
tomorrow when you return from Pune.

Yes? But.. the 1 lakh rupees..

Forget it.

A person is valued by his
skills and not the money.

Note that point; it's worth
crores of rupees. C'mon.

Babu, drop him home, in this car.
- No, not in that car.

Why do you embarrass me?
Consider it your own car.

Today I believe that you are destined
to be a millionaire. - Yes, Babu.

There's no doubt about my success
now. After going to Pune..

Why go to Pune? Try the shortcut.
- You mean?

I mean Ms. Nita is the only child
of sir. Be his son-in-law.

You will gain all of his wealth
after you marry her.

What nonsense are you talking?
- It's not nonsense.

I am telling you a scheme to be
rich without working too hard.

Only rich? You know who is the
richest man in the world today?

- Me!

I have gained the biggest
wealth of the world today.

Got it?
- No.


Give me the bag.

Throw the bag out.
- Yes, sir.

Robbery worth 5 lakh rupees!

You pounded my ears by
screaming like that.

Sorry; I couldn't help screaming
reading about that robbery.

I wonder how the robbers
took 5 lakh rupees!

5 lakh rupees are not too much.
They can be fitted in this bag.

Give me that suitcase, please.
- Why?

Because everyone's luggage
is kept on the bus as per the law.

- Give me.

You look scared as if the robbed
money was in your bag! - What?

Let him take it.

Give me.

I am sorry.

- Yes, sir?

Take sir to room number 11.
- Ok.

I am used to doing my own job.

As you please, sir.
- C'mon.

This is not my suitcase.
- Then whose is it?

I've told you this suitcase is of
that girl.

How did you get it?

It must have been exchanged.
- How? - I don't know.

So she was sitting beside you?
- Yes.

How long have you known her?
- I don't know her.

What is her name?

Where is the rest of the money?
- What money?

The rest of the robbery amount.
This is only 1 lakh rupees.

I've told you I haven't robbed,
I haven't robbed, I haven't robbed.

Mr. Dinesh, do you want
to go to the jail? - No.

Believe me; I am innocent.
Totally innocent.

If you wish, you can be released.
But on one condition.

Just tell us the name of the chief
of the gang.

How would I know?

Never mind. Tell the names
of your comrades.

How do I assure you that
I have no companions?

Did you carry out such a
big robbery on your own?

Lock him! Constable!

No! No! I am innocent.

I am completely innocent.
- Take him away!

I am innocent. I am
completely innocent.

Sorry, Ms. Nita. Dinesh
cannot be released.

Why not? I am ready to pay
any amount for the bail.

The case is so serious that I can't
release him on bail either.

Very well. Apply to the
court for the bail.

But the bail is not granted yet.

Why did Sir Hiralal's daughter
come to bail him out?

It's the life of a millionaire's
daughter. Think over, sir.

That man won't remain in
the jail for too long.

Will that man be able
to recognize you?

Do you know what the
consequence can be?

When the police will be assured
that he is innocent..

..they will look for you.

And if you are caught, none
of us will be safe.

But what is my fault?

How would I know that the suitcases
would get exchanged?


Whether a mistake is made
knowingly or unknowingly..

..we have only one punishment
for that.

And you know it.

You.. you will kill me?

The law is same for all.

The one who makes even a small
mistake loses his life.

No! No!

No! No!

I don't want to die, Jeevan.
I don't want to die.

Sorry, Rita. There's no way
you can save your life.

There is, Mr. Jeevan.

Your diary.

- It's with me.

You forgot it at my place yesterday.

There are incidents, maps, dates
written by you..

Shut up!

And there's also a telephone
number in it. 2140.. - Rita!

The law is same for all.

The one who makes even a small
mistake loses his life.

I am ready to die now.

Hello. Yes, it's me, Jeevan.

It won't be appropriate
to kill Rita now.

There's a special reason.

That man? He's still in the lockup.

What? Yes. Ok.

- Yes?

We must do away
with that man before he's bailed out.

I will.
- Not you.

We need some
outsider for this task.

Do you know anyone?

Mangal Singh.
- Mangal Singh? That wicked man?

No, he's quite dangerous.
- The task is also dangerous.

Do you know him personally?
- No. But I can find him out.

Ok. Go.

This task should be done,
at any cost.

Do you know where
Mangal Singh lives?

Where does Mangal Singh live?

Speak in a low voice!
He lives up there.

What's there to be scared about?
- Don't you see my hand?

It's a memoir of meeting Mangal
for the first time.

Was there a brawl?

No, I shook
hands with him by mistake.

If you want to save your life,
don't think about Mangal Singh.

I've seen many experts in my life.

You might have not seen the
expert of the experts.

- No. I want to talk to you.

What is your name?

- Good. How much?

2000 bucks.

What's the task?
- A person is to be gotten rid of.

For good?

It will be done. What's his name?
- Dinesh.


He's in the police
lockup in Laal Bazaar at present.

The task is quite difficult.

Even for the expert
of the experts? - No.

But I will charge 5000 rupees.
- Here. 1000 bucks advance.

And the rest of the amount?
- After the task is done.

It will be done tonight.
- Ok.

I will wait for you under the
Bhavani bridge with the money.

If you try to deceive me, remember..

..that Mangal Singh
never forgets a face.

No need to say that, sir.
Bhavani bridge, tonight.

It was only a small fight.
A small fight, I agree.

But where are you taking me?
Drop me to the hotel, please.

We're taking you there.

Here's your hotel!

Hey! What sort of hotel is this?
There's no one to receive here.

It's a lockup, not a hotel.

Me, in a lockup? How did I come here?

How did I come in the lockup?

You're drunk.
- I am drunk?

I am drunk. Did you also drink..
- Shut up!

I am a decent man.

A decent man in prison?

Ok, decent man, tell me your name.




Dinesh? You are a dacoit.
I am really scared of you, dacoit!

How did you carry out
such a big robbery?

5 lakhs! Wow! Wow!
- Don't talk nonsense.

This is wrong.

I am innocent.

Really innocent.

Everyone says that
after being jailed.

I am saying the truth.
I am being framed.

At least 7 years.


You'll be jailed.

But I am innocent.
- Can you prove that?

Yes. If I find that girl..

You cannot find girls
sitting in the jail.

I.. What do I do?

Run away!

Run away!


Thank you.

What for?

For helping me out.

Do you know why I helped you?

Yes. So that I can get a chance
to prove myself innocent.

You're a very naive person.

That's why I've
landed in big trouble.

I don't see any way out.

There's only one way that can
free you from all troubles.

- Do you believe in God?

- Then pray to him.

You mean?

It's your last moment.

What's this?

Don't be scared. You
won't feel anything.

And will be freed from all problems.

But what will you gain by murdering
me? - 5000 rupees.

You are such a simple man that I
might have pitied you and freed you..

..but I've already taken
1000 rupees advance.

That's why.. - Wait!

Why would anyone
pay you 5000 rupees to kill me?

To shut your mouth.

And I'll get the rest of 4000 bucks
after I shut your mouth.

You're stupid.

What did you say?
- Use your brain.

The one who can pay 5000 bucks
might value my life for even more.

If I were at your place,
I'd charge 25,000 rupees.


- Yes, 25,000.

The price of your life?
- No..

..the one for whom I
can prove dangerous.

Whether the deal is for 5000 rupees
or 25,000, it will be for your life.

- Agreed.

Come with me.

Everything you might need is here.

Only one thing is lacking.
The way out!

You won't go out anywhere
until I return.

Is the job done?
- Yes, but only half.

What do you mean?

I've got hold of that man,
but he's still alive.

He's still alive? Why?

I think he might prove dangerous
for someone if he's not killed soon.

That's why you were
handed this task.

Have you brought the money?
- Yes.

4000 rupees.
- 20,000 rupees are less!

What?! You said..
- You heard it wrong.

The task will
be completed in 25,000 bucks.


You cheater!

It's a deal of need.

And you are in need right now.

Come with me.
- Where?

You'll have to walk a short distance.


Hold the bag.
I'll light the cigarette.

Babu! I don't know what to do.
I am surrounded from all sides.

On the one hand are the police.

If they catch you, you'll
be jailed for 10 years.

You will die working in the jail.

And on the other hand
is Mangal Singh.

If he catches you, he will
give you a painful death.

And on the third side are the
girl and her companions.

They won't spare my
life at any rate.

I have an idea to get over these

- Suicide!

Suicide?! You..

Yes, Babu, I am to die anyways.

It's better to commit suicide
rather than dying at someone's hands.

Ok, Babu, we'll meet again.
- In heaven.

Babu, tell Nita I did
not deserve her love.

No! No!

O God!
- Say 'thank God', Rita, not O God.

All our problems are solved by
the suicide of this coward.

You can roam around with ease now.

The one who was destined to go
has gone. No use crying now.

He came to me before dying.

To you?
- He was very tensed.

I just joked and said
that there's one way.. get over all troubles; suicide.

- And he committed it.

Why didn't you bring Dinesh to me?
Why did you let him die?

Why didn't you stop him?
- He didn't give me a chance.

He gave me a last message for you
and jumped down the mountain.

What was the message?

Tell Nita
that I did not deserve her love.

I lost a good friend
due to my stupidity.

His wishes remained unfulfilled.
He didn't get his love.

Babu, I want to go there once.

- From where Dinesh..

What's the use of going there now?

I'm just coming from
there with tears.

Please, take me there once.

At this hour?
- Yes. Right now.

Ok. Come.

This is that place.

Babu! Leave me alone for some time.

Lighted the lamps of loyalty.

I know you are far from me.

But I am close to you. Come to me.

I will be born a 100 times.

I will die a 100 times.

O my sweetheart, we will
never be parted.

I will be born a 100 times.

I will die a 100 times.

How long can destiny
stop us from uniting?

How long will loyalty wander
on this path of love?

The footprints themselves will
take us to our destination.

I will be born a 100 times.

I will die a 100 times.

O my sweetheart, we will
never be parted.

I will be born a 100 times.

I will die a 100 times.

What is this sadness that
is bothering my love?

I am not far from you.
This separation is only symbolic.

Two hearts filled with desires
will be together one day.

I will be born a 100 times.

I will die a 100 times.

O my sweetheart, we will
never be parted.

I will be born a 100 times.

I will die a 100 times.

Dinesh! You?!

You're still alive?
- Only for you.

Listen; no one except Babu and
you should know about it.

But.. why did you spread
news of your death?

To stay alive. Come, I will
tell you everything.

Babu! Take his luggage to
our boathouse.


No one will ever find you here.

You can stay here until your
life is in danger.


Why are you bothering yourself
so much for me?

No one has been able to
answer to that 'why'.

I can answer.

It's just that you and me..

You and me what?

We are not stranger.

I've made a mistake.

I should have handed you to the
police instead of helping you.

Do it now.

Not a bad idea. And..
you're under my custody right now

Not only for now, but whole life.
If you wish that is.

At present I do not intend to
include a criminal in my life.

And what if he is proven innocent?

It's impossible.

One of his crimes is unpardonable.
You have robbed.

A simple girl's heart.

Do you want to defend yourself?

I plead guilty.

Do you know
the punishment for that? - Yes.

Life imprisonment.
- No!

Death penalty!

You can cheat the world.

But there's no one in this
world who can deceive me.

Who is he?

Mangal Singh.

Mangal.. I know.. I have..

You've played enough, child.
Come home straight away. C'mon.


You want money, right?
I will give you.

10,000 rupees? 20,000?
How much do you want?

Hey girl!

I can rob that.

It's against my principles
to take charity.

Do goons also have principles?!

Shut up! Move ahead! Good. This way.

- Wait! Wait!

Kill me before you kill him.

What is your relation to him, girl?
- That of many lives.

Then consider it broken today.
- Some relations never break.

What are you doing? What is it?

Rakhi (sacred thread).

Once a girl ties it
on someone's hand..

..he becomes her brother.
- Brother?

Yes, brother.

And there has been no such wicked
man who hasn't respected a Rakhi.

We have examples.
Even the greatest dacoits..

..haven't robbed the husbands of
women who tied Rakhi to them.

Now take your dagger and kill him.

Girl, you are very dangerous.

I have fought big powers with
this dagger till date.

But today, your Rakhi has taken
all strength from my arms.

You are lucky that you've
got a wife like her.

Wife? We are not married yet.

Not married yet?

You will get married soon.

No. Until I prove myself innocent..

Don't worry; I will help you.

If that girl who carried
the suitcase is alive..

..we'll find her out from anywhere.

Mangal Singh!

Here's your bag.

Who is he?
- Let go of my hand! Who are you?

I am Mangal Singh.

Babu! Babu!

Babu! Babu! Babu!

Nita, get a glass of water.
Babu! Babu!

Babu! Stop the car!

I.. I am sorry.

You idiot!

Police! Police!


Police here, too!


Please, come.
- You go first.

You go first.
- You go first.

This way, mister. Not that side.
- O Allah! I forgot.

Please, come.

Welcome. Welcome, sir.
Come this way, please. Follow me.

The mike is over here.
Please, come. Yes, here.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet them.

Your name, mister?
- My name? - Yes.

- Gumnaam? What an alias! Wow!

And your name, mister? Your name?
- Badnaam.

Wow! Wonderful! Impressive!

I welcome you on behalf
of the audience.

And hope that the program
will be as nice..

..and interesting as your names are.

- Yes.

We are very happy
that you took up our challenge.

- Yes.

Shakila Bano Bhopali,
the queen of Qawwali.

I am greeting you.
- Greetings.

- Please, be seated.

We think you're having a program
and we've come up here by mistake.

Please, allow us..
- No, no, how can you leave?

You are the real highlight
of this program, sir. - We?

Yes, you have accepted our challenge.
- Challenge? What challenge?

To compete with me.

With you? Pardon us, but we
don't compete with ladies.

Why don't you call some
wrestler instead? - Yes.

You're quite jovial.

We've become
a joke ourselves right now.

Never mind all that and let's
start the program. - What?

Your Kalaam (song).
- Kalaam? - Yes, your Kalaam.

Don't you understand Kalaam?
Sit down, please.

Please, start. Our group will
accompany you. - What?

"We went crazy when we
looked into your eyes."|

We went crazy when we
Looked into your eyes.

The beginning is good. God
knows what the end might be.

We went crazy when we
Looked into your eyes.

You are unaware of the
conclusion of love.

You are unaware of the
conclusion of love.

You are messing with fire.
You are crazy.

You are unaware of the
conclusion of love.

You are a beautiful lady.
You are full of colors.

You are a beautiful lady.
You are full of colors.

You have flowers and
stars in your hair.

You light up the world
with your fire.

The liquor bars are proud
of your pretty eyes.

Every glance of yours
is intoxicating.

I don't know what I
see in this beauty.

Anyone who looks at you
loses his integrity.

I don't know what I
see in this beauty.

Anyone who looks at you
Loses his integrity.

That is why we said.

You are a beautiful lady.
You are full of colors.

You are a beautiful lady.
You are full of colors.

You are full of colors.
You are full of colors.

We are competing you..
- We are competing you..

After getting hurt
with your glances.

We are competing you after getting
hurt with your glances.

The beginning is good.
God knows what the end might be.

We went crazy when we
Looked into your eyes.

You foolish guys don't know
the nature of beauties.

You foolish guys don't know
the nature of beauties.

The hair which sways like clouds
can also bite like a snake.

The eyes are like liquor bars, but
they are also poisonous liquor.

What use is a person
who is not patient?

What use is the integrity which
fails by just one glance?

What use is a person
who is not patient?

What use is the integrity which
fails by just one glance?

You foolish guys don't know
the nature of beauties.

You foolish guys don't know
the nature of beauties.

The nature of beauties.
The nature of beauties.

You've only seen the style.
You haven't seen the anger.

You've only seen the style.
You haven't seen the anger.

You are messing with fire.
You are crazy.

You are unaware of the
Conclusion of love.

We went crazy when we
Looked into your eyes.

We went crazy when we
Looked into your eyes.

You are unaware of the
conclusion of love.

You are unaware of the
conclusion of love.

You are unaware of the
conclusion of love.

We went crazy when we
Looked into your eyes.

Where are you going, guys?
The competition is still on.

We accept our defeat,
ma'am. Let us go.

Public will decide the winner.

Yes, the competition is on.
- Come and sing.

You did a wonderful job!
You sounded professional..

Babu! Follow the girl who
was sitting beside you.

What for?
- If she has a mark on her hand..'s that same girl.
- Really? -Yes.

Yes, it's the same girl. Be ready
for the competition. C'mon.

The program was good.
- We enjoyed.

The car's broken down.
It won't start; it's failed.

Who are you?
- Your neighboring driver.

The owner of this car.

Is that your car?
- Yes. No doubt about it.

Will you drop me home?
- Home? My home is in Africa.

But if you are ready,
I will take you there.

No, no, I want to go to my home.

Your home? Please, come.

Thank you.

Your car broke down and my luck
shone. - What do you mean?

I got to know you.

It's quite hot in here, right?

There's an AC, too, in this car!

Will you listen to some music?

What a nice car!

It's a useless car.
The real car is Rolls Royce.

I have three of them in Africa.

Do you own a business in Africa?

Business? No. I have only 3
gold mines.

3 gold mines?

For you.
- Thank you.

Sir! I don't have a
change of 100 rupees.

I don't want the change.
Keep it as a tip.

So you have 3 gold mines?

Yes. I had one diamond mine,
too, but I sold it.

Which way is your home?
- It's quite far from here.

You didn't tell me your name.
- Humba Lumba. - Humba Lumba?

It's an African name. Humba
means a patron of beauty.

And Lumba means crazy for love.
- How sweet!

But what are you doing in India?
- Looking for someone?


A girl.
- A girl?


When I see her beautiful
gait, I faint.

When I open my eyes,
I find myself in her lap.

I look at her, she smiles.

And when she lovingly calls out
my name, I hear drums in my ears.

She smiles again.
I quiver like a fish.

Then she brings a flower close to
my nose; I take a deep breath.

Then I wake and sit up.

But who is that girl?

She's quite harsh. I have come
to India to look for her.

I dreamt of her every day in Africa.
She's my Chicky-Chicky. - What?

I spoke in African again.
It means dream girl.

If I find her, I will marry her.
I will dedicate all my wealth to her.

I know where you will find
your Chicky-Chicky.

You do? Where will I find her?
Please, tell me quickly.

Alright. I will take you there.

Where have you brought me?
Where is my Chicky-Chicky.

She will be before you just now.
Close your eyes. - Ok.

No, both of them.
- Ok. What else should I close now?

Now count till 5. And then when
you'll open your eyes..

..your Chicky-Chicky
will be before you.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Humba Lumba.
- Humba Lumba? Wow!

I've found her! It's you.
You are my Chicky-Chicky.

I'm saying the truth.
You are that harsh girl.

"I've found the harsh girl whom
my heart had been looking for."

I've found the harsh girl whom
my heart had been looking for.

I've found that king who'd
praise every style of mine.

Every style of mine.

Your name has been carved
on my heart for long.

Your name has been carved
on my heart for long.

Don't try to fool me, dear.
I know this trick.

I know this trick.

I found the one I couldn't
find anywhere in my heart.

I found the one I couldn't
find anywhere in my heart.

I've found that king who'd
praise every style of mine.

The one my heart had
been looking for.

Why wouldn't I put up
with your tantrums?

You are remedy to all my problems.

Why wouldn't I put up
with your tantrums?

You are remedy to all my problems.

I am yet to see whether I am
fooled or you are fooled.

Whether I am fooled
or you are fooled.

Appreciate my guts. I made
you mine by being yours.

Appreciate my guts. I made
you mine by being yours.

I've found that king who'd
praise every style of mine.

I've found the harsh girl whom
my heart had been looking for.

The one my heart had
been looking for.

Why is Babu taking so long?
He should be back by now.

Don't worry; Babu is quite clever.
He must be on the way.

Babu! Babu! Was there a mark
on the girl's hand?


Why don't you answer?
What's wrong with you?

I've become a king.


You must have heard people..

..become Mainu or Farhad,
but not a king!

Be honest.
- Have you gone mad?

I have gone mad.

She walks like a deer. Her cheeks
are like blooming flowers.

And on top of that,
she has golden hair.

Why wouldn't I lose my heart?

God, you are great.

Shut up!
- Who was that?

Who has dared to challenge me?
Appear before me.

Babu, will you tell us.. - Mind
you! You are talking to a king.

I will thrash you and
turn you into a monkey.

Tell us if there was a mark on her

- Yes, a mark.

Oh, I forgot to see the mark.
- You forgot?!

So what were you doing until now?

Shall I tell you the truth?
- Yes, tell us.

I was watching God's game.
- What? - The game.

I was so lost in seeing her face!

I didn't get a chance
to examine her hand. I am telling truth.

Idiot! We lost that
girl because of you.

I will strangle you.

If I die..

Who.. who will tell
you her whereabouts?

What? You know where
that girl lives?

Yes, I know where she lives and
works.. let go of my neck.. water.

Water! Water, please!

You are wonderful, Rita.

He has 1 crore rupees in India,
2 gold mines in Africa.

You've trapped a scapegoat.

No, my dear.
A hen, a hen that lays golden eggs.

And you've called him on Sunday?

What if he lays eggs somewhere
else in the meantime?

Darling! I am here, darling.
Your Humba Lumba.

How sweet of you!

Who is he?

He? He is my
bodyguard, Mata Khambo.

Who is he? Your father?

No, no, he is Mr. Jeevan.
The boss of this club.

- How do you do?

I am the boss of your heart.

Please, get him out. I want
to talk to you in privacy.

Ok, I will get him out. Mata Khambo!


Jeevan, please.

Darling, I have gone mad. I will die
if I don't see you even for a day.

I love you very much.

I forgot that. I forgot.

Darling, look I got Sikaltani..
you won't understand that.

Look, I've got a ring for you.
Throw it aside.

Look, a diamond ring.

You are so nice.
- You are also very good.

I forgot that, bro.

What is he saying?

He says put the ring on her
finger and get married soon.

What a nice man! Here.

Not that hand, the right one.
- Ok.

Take it off.
- No, put it on the glove. - Ok.

How beautiful!
- Really? - Thank you very much.

Please, excuse me.

Darling! Darling!

Stop that nonsense! Idiot!
You lost another chance.

I don't know what happens
when Rita is before me.

My heart beats faster, my hands
shiver and.. - Shut up!

We lost the ring and we couldn't
even check the mark on her hand.


Papaya! Papaya! Papaya!

Take the bananas.


"I told you to come on Sunday.
Why did you come on Monday?"

What could I do if my heart
felt like meeting you?

I told you to come on Sunday.
Why did you come on Monday?

What could I do if my heart
felt like meeting you?

It's not good to come everyday.

It's not good to bother
someone every day.

That's why I say, my dear, it's
not good to torture someone's heart.

It's not good to come everyday.

It's not good to bother
someone every day.

That's why I say, my dear..'s not good to torture
someone's heart.

If you are in love, why are you
afraid of burning your heart?

Why do you make false promises
of meeting me?

I told you to come on Sunday.
Why did you come on Monday?

What could I do if my heart
felt like meeting you?

You taunt me often.
Don't consider me so foolish.

That's why I say, my dear,
you don't know me yet.

You taunt me often.
Don't consider me so foolish.

That's why I say, my dear,
you don't know me yet.

Ok, I've known you now.
What should I say?

Keep your word; that's what I say.

I am not free on Sunday.
I am leaving now.

What do I do if my heart
fells like meeting you?

Run away from here! Fast!

Who are you?

Dinesh, no one can escape my sight.. matter how much
he disguises himself.

Even if he commits suicide.

Who.. who are you?
- Your shadow.

And have been with you ever since.. fled from the jail
with Mangal Singh.

I was with you even when Mangal
tried to kill you. - But you..

Then he locked you in his room.
You ran away from there.

You.. you know everything!

It is my duty to find out everything.

That means.. you are
a police officer!

Why don't you arrest me then?

Because you are innocent.
- What?! You know that robbery..

You were not involved in it.
I know that.

But I don't have any evidence
to prove you innocent.

There is!
- What is it?

That girl, who framed me.

She works in this club.
Yes, she works here.

And she was dancing inside just now.

Are you sure she is that girl?
Did you identify her properly?

No, I couldn't see the
mark on her hand.

But my heart says
it's the same girl.

Don't worry. I will find out.

It's not a big deal for me
to check for that mark.

Only you can help me.

But it's you who have
helped us now. - Yes?

To look for that girl.

We have been looking for
that girl, too. - Really?

Dinesh, I promise I will try to
prove you innocent at the soonest.

Thank you.
Thank you very much, sir.

Thank you.
- It's ok.

Look, Dinesh..

Dinesh, no one should find out that
we've met. Not even those two guys.

What if I want to meet you again?

I will come and meet you.

It's regrettable that blackening
your faces was of no use.

We couldn't check her
hand even today.

Rita is not the girl
we're looking for.


There's no mark on her hand.

How do you know?

I saw her hand.


That cannot be.

You must have made a mistake.
- Go home.

Babu! Come with me.

But.. where are you going?

I will tell you later.
Please, go now.

Babu, get your taxi immediately.

And you?
- I will be waiting here for you.



Who are you?
- Your father!

Dinesh is in my custody, and
he has also identified Rita.

What do you want?
- 25,000 rupees. Listen carefully!

Nita has made me her brother,
so I am to help Dinesh.

If Dinesh is proved innocent, do
you know what will happen to you?

You'll be hanged.

And what if you get the money?

Mangal can sell off himself
and his conscience for money.

What's the matter?
Didn't find anything even today?

I've lost the last hope
I had today. - Why?

She is some other girl. She doesn't
have a mark on her hand.

Did you check carefully?
- Mangal Singh did.

Where are Mangal and Babu?

They got down on the way.


It's quite late. Go home.

You haven't gone home yet?


Nita! Promise me something.

- That you will forget me.


I am tired of this running and
hiding every day. I am tired.

Suppose we never find that girl..

..and I am never able to
prove myself innocent.

How long will you wait for me?

All my life.

No, Nita, I will never be
able to make you mine.

I have faith in my love.

Destiny has brought us together.
We can never be parted, Dinesh.

Why are you afraid? Mangal Singh
and Babu are with you.

I will help you in every way.

"Keep facing the storms."

"You will get your boat
on shore one day."

The one who doesn't lose courage
in troubles wins in the end.

Night is silent. The moonlight
is intoxicating.

Please, smile.
The atmosphere is quiet.

Night is silent. The moonlight
is intoxicating.

Please, smile.
The atmosphere is quiet.

You've always kept smiling.

You've always faced
troubles of life.

Where is that strength
of yours today?

Please, smile.
The atmosphere is quiet.

Night is silent. The moonlight
is intoxicating.

Please, smile.
The atmosphere is quiet.

Sing a song on the
tune of my heart.

Hearing which the whole
world would dance.

Let's see how conscious one is.

Please, smile.
The atmosphere is quiet.

Night is silent. The moonlight
is intoxicating.

Please, smile.
The atmosphere is quiet.

Mr. Dinesh!


The police have arrested Dinesh.
- What?!

Look, they are going.

Babu! Come.

You.. you are not the police?
- No. But we are helping the police.

Drive faster.


Bring him here.

Seeing the handcuffs,
the police would..

..assume that you didn't
die at your wish, so..

Come up.

Did you like the house? It's
totally new, I mean ultra modern.

You will live here?
- Yes. It's a nice place.

It's neither hot nor cold, neither
day nor night over here.

I can live here peacefully
all my life.

That's ok, but there's one thing
lacking here. - Like what?

Like the cooking place.
- What? - The kitchen.

What's the need of it?
- Wow! I have to cook.

You mean you will live here, too?
- Of course. Where else can I go?

I love you. I will live
where you will live.

Listen; we should get married
soon now. - Get married?

Don't worry; we will
call the priest here.


We've had enough jokes.
- That's what I say.

Is this a place for
humans to live in?

But there can be no
better place than..

..this one for hiding.
No one will find me.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Who is it?

Who is it?


Who is he?

It's enough for you to know
that I am helping Dinesh.

But how did you know about this
place? - By chasing her car.

Good that you've come.

Some goons tried to kill me

Is it?
- Yes.

They would've killed me, but
Mangal Singh saved me.

Mangal Singh?
- Yes.

He must have.

Otherwise, how would he trade
your life if you die? - What?!

Anyways, there's some good news.
- What?

I've found out that girl.
- Really? Are you saying the truth?

See this photo.

No, this is Rita's photo. Even
I was deceived by her looks.

And this one?

Yes! She is the girl I can never
forget. It was her suitcase.

These two photos are of
the same girl.


But how can that be? There
was no mark on Rita's hand.

Who said that?
- Mangal Singh.

He is lying. I saw that myself.

But.. but why would he lie?
He is helping me.

You are stupid. It's Mangal's
profession to kill people for money.

He wanted to kill you that very
day, but he spared your life..

..only so that he could gain 25,000
rupees instead of 5,000.

Do you know why he hasn't
killed you until now?

Because now he can earn
more on your life.

You are really very naive, Dinesh.

If you don't meet Mangal by this
evening, he cannot harm you.

You mean?
- I mean Rita will .. arrested this evening.


And you will be proved innocent.

Be at this place by
8 o'clock tonight.

But.. alone.

Don't worry. You won't need to meet
Dinesh secretly from tomorrow.

Good luck. 8 o'clock tonight.

Dinesh, why did you come out? Don't
you know your life is in danger?

We don't need your help
any more. C'mon, Dinesh.

Wait! Are you out of your mind?

I can recognize the wicked
people very well now.

Come, Nita.

Yes, Jeevan?

There's your passport and
ticket in it.

What for?

A ticket is reserved for you
on the 8 o'clock flight.

Go home, pack your bags and go to
the airport.

But I want to ask..
- Rita!

This is the order of the
person we cannot dare question.

Good evening, miss Rita.

Who are you?

Passport? Visa? Planning
for a long journey, eh?

Get out! Or I will call the police.
- I've already called them.

They have cordoned this house.

But.. who are you? What do you want?

To punish all those
who work for Jeevan.

Jeevan? I don't know
anyone by that name.

And Dinesh?

- Yes, Dinesh.

Perhaps you've forgotten him.

But he can never forget you.
He is still alive.

I regret.. I feel sorry
that you will have.. spend the rest of your
young life in jail. - No.

When you will be released 7 or 8
years later, you will be useless.

The people would have lost
all interest in you.

No! No! I don't want to go to jail.

Please, help me. I am ready
to do anything you say.

Please, save me from going
to jail. Please, help me.

Please, save me.
- There's only one way out. - What?

Be a court witness.


I am ready.

Do you have any evidence..

..on the basis of which Jeevan
and his men can be arrested?

Yes, there is. Jeevan's dairy.
Wait here.


- What have you done?

You've murdered her.
- No, I haven't killed her.

I would be proved innocent
if she remained alive.

Now you will be accused
of her murder, too.

Go on, Babu. I will come soon.

Who is it?

Who are you?

If you won't answer me in 3
seconds, I will shoot you.

1. 2.


You? Mangal Singh?


Why have you come here?

I am to
recover 24,000 rupees from you.

For what?
- The amount of Dinesh's life.

He is still in my custody.

His life does not even
cost 24 rupees now.

Just because Rita is killed?
Where is your diary?

It's with Dinesh. So
25,000 rupees for..

..your diary and 25,000
for Dinesh's life.

It's quite a cheap deal for 50,000

You know too much.

I only know that I can make
money out of what I know.

But you don't know that that
will put your life in danger.

The danger is looking you
in the eyes right now.

Find a way to save your life.

Either I will take the money
from here or your life.

But.. I need some time for
arranging that much amount.

How much?
- 2 hours.

Go! I'll be waiting here for you.

Mangal Singh says either he will
take the money or my life.

Give him the money.
- But he's asking for 50,000 bucks.

Give him from the amount that's
useless for us now.

We should also get the diary with
Dinesh today. Get that? - Yes.

You can go now.

I don't understand how Mangal
Singh reached there.

And that, too, at 8 o'clock sharp.

It's possible he murdered Rita.

What are you saying?
- I am saying the right thing.

If Rita remained alive,
you'd be proven innocent.

And if you were proven innocent,
Mangal wouldn't gain anything.

You both are out of your minds.

That guy is trying to help you,
but you suspect him. Wow!

It's because he saw that
mark on Rita's hand..

..but lied to both of you
that she had no mark.

But how do you..

Pardon me. It took me a
bit long to reach here.

Why are you silent?

No need to worry now.

I have arranged to prove you
innocent. Come with me.


Where all your troubles
will be solved. - But I..

Don't argue. We're running out
of time. Come with me. Come.


You cannot take him.

Let go of him. Let go.

Nita, you had tied
a Rakhi on my hand.

And I had promised to help Dinesh.

I am going to keep my word today.
Please, believe me.

C'mon, give me the gun.
Don't be silly.

Madam! Just a minute.

Mangal Singh!

Who are you?

I've come to take you with me.

The one you were going
to meet here is..

..waiting for you
somewhere else now.

- Come with me.

Who were you going to meet?

It's necessary that
you meet him, too.


Where is Jeevan?
- Let go of him!

Good. You've fulfilled your promise
by bringing Dinesh here.

What promise? Who is he?

He is the one for whom you
are proving a danger.

Give me the diary.
- Give me the money first.

50,000 rupees.

50,000? What for?

The cost of your life.

You want to trade my life with him?

I don't want it;
I've already done it.

Wicked man! You cheater! I considered
you my friend; I trusted you.

And also proved that you are
the stupidest man alive.

The aim of my life, my religion, my
conscience is only one thing. Money.

Hey, give me the money.

Tell me where the diary is
before you touch the money.

Let me see if there really
is any money in it.

You?! You've come at the right time.

He is a cheater.
He wants to take my life. - Don't worry.

Mangal Singh, I've heard that
you are an expert of experts.

You heard it right. And who are you?

The leader of the expert of experts.

No, you are the leader
of Jeevan and his men.

Don't talk nonsense.
Your game is up, Mangal Singh.

Do you know who he is?
- Who is he?

I hope there's no problem in
telling him now.

No problem.

Listen! He is a police officer.
Arrest him, sir.

Where is that diary?

I am not so
foolish as to bring that diary here.

First I want the price for
that diary. 50,000 rupees.

You've got it.

This? It's of no use to me.

It's the money of robbery.

And these are the serial
numbers of those notes..

..which you've been hiding
for all these days.

What do you mean?

The meaning is clear.
You are the leader of this gang.

I'd been waiting for this meeting
for many days, Mr. Pratap.

Who are you?
- Inspector Sinha, vigilance branch.

Inspector Sinha, vigilance
branch, eh?

You really are an expert of
experts. I was deceived, too.

I should have suspected
you the very day.. got Dinesh out
of the jail easily.

Even the greatest criminal
makes a mistake someday..

..which gets him to
the hanging noose.

Every person makes a mistake.

You've made a mistake
by coming here alone.

The biggest and.. the last
mistake of your life.

We police officers are given
special training..

..for ignoring death threats,
Mr. Pratap.

I have a warrant to arrest you.
- It's the warrant of your death.



Who are you?
- The boss of the leader of..

.. the expert of experts!

Let him come.
- Let go of me!

How did you come here?

By risking my life; not only
mine, but yours, too.

Thank you.

What is it?
- I'll tell you. Just a minute.

It's called a bomb.

Did you get what I said?


No use firing now.

You thought you'd go scot-free
after killing my friends?

But I've arranged something
that will kill all of you.

And the verdict will
be given in heaven.

Don't talk rubbish! It's fake.

Only 10 seconds remain
to kill us all.










- Wait!

It's the firecracker
left after last year's Diwali.

I coloured it and brought it.

It's a signal for the police
- Really? - Yes.

Sir! We've arrested
everyone outside.

But we are still to arrest the one
we were looking for. Come with me.

Mr. Pratap! Mr. Pratap! Open
the door straight away.

There's no way you
can save yourself.

I warn you the last time
to open the door.

Surrender yourself to the law.


I know how to save myself,

Get out of my way.

If anyone tries to stop me.. will be responsible
for this poor girl's death.

Move out of my way or..



Attention! Attention! Calling
all police boats.

Calling all police boats.


No one stop me.
It is a matter of life and death.

You said it right.

But who will live and who will die?
The fact is before your eyes.

You scoundrel!

They can never catch me.

They don't know the
speed of my boat.

Stupid man! Go away if you want
to save your life. - Never!

I will get you
arrested by the police.

No one can catch me.


I said let go of it.
- No! - Didn't you hear..

Mr. Pratap! You cannot
save yourself now.

Which stupid man says
I can't save myself?

Leave it. I said leave it.

Mr. Pratap! I give you one last
chance stop and surrender to the law.

Never! Never!

You are cordoned from
all sides. Give up.

It's no use trying to escape now.

I give you one last chance. Stop!
- It's no use trying to escape now.

Surrender to law.

You said I can't save myself?

- You two can't save yourself either.

Look what's in front of us.


Scream! Scream louder!
Say that I can't save myself.

..but you have no right to die.

Get out of here immediately.
We're running out of time.


Wish you all the best.
- Thank you, inspector.

Didn't I tell you that you'd
get married to him soon?

And I had told you that as soon
as you get married, all wealth..

I have fulfilled my promise, sister.

Yes, you have. Everyone has gained
something or the other.

Nita has got a life partner.
The wicked goons got punished.

But Mr. TOD remains a TOD.

Come to the police station with me.
- Why?

You will gain 1000 rupees as a prize.
- 1000 rupees as a prize?

You mean 2 installments
for my taxi? C'mon. Bye.