Usotsuki paradokusu (2013) - full transcript


Oh, sorry.

I was just watching you.

Seiyū-san... I love everything about you.

How you space out sometimes...

The way you just can't say no...

Your well-known sense of responsibility...

Your eyes, your lips...

Your breasts, your butt, your smile, everything.


This is how I really feel.

The Liar Paradox

"I am a liar."

If he (or she) is truly a liar, then these words must be a lie.

If he (or she) is not a liar, then these words are true, which means they are a lie.

Therefore, it's impossible to say whether it's a lie or not.


Attention everyone!

Thank you all for coming to the new employee welcoming ceremony.

Alright, new employees...
I want to see some... No...

A lot... No, a crazy amount of mingling! Welcome! Cheers!

You like that kind of beer, don't you?

Oh, yeah. I always order it if they have it.

It's an unusual beer, isn't it?

Everyone, can I have your attention?

My name is Seiyū and I'm in sales.

People said that I spent all of college in Nagoya not knowing what I wanted to do with my life,

but now I want to do my best as a working member of society.

Um, one of my hobbies is watching horror movies on DVD.

- I'm looking forward to working with you.
- Welcome!

Excuse me. Two beers, please.

Seiyū... That's an interesting name.

Is it?

Then that would make
Yōkadō an interesting name too.


- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Oh, no, it's just that you knew my name.

Yeah. I just thought it was memorable for some reason.

I see.


I'm at the welcoming ceremony after-party right now.

That's probably her boyfriend in Nagoya.

In Nagoya?

She left him back there.

It's a long-distance relationship. True love.

A long-distance boyfriend, huh?

Well, I guess that's no surprise for someone as cute as her.



Yeah, I held the button for three seconds.

It didn't work. It won't turn off.


I'm getting a reservation for the Shinkansen.

But if I don't get this fixed today I'll have to work tomorrow.


I wanna visit the TV tower.


Maybe there's someone who can fix it.


- Good work today. Keep it up.
- Thanks.

Well... Any luck?

No. I think you've got a virus buried in here somewhere.

It's probably gonna be hard to get it fixed tonight.

Oh... I really hope you can.

You know, I don't really enjoy working overtime for your boyfriend's sake.


That's where you're headed after this, right? His place?

It's famous around here.

Seiyū-san's long-distance relationship in Nagoya...

- What?
- Three years is a long time.

Staying in a relationship with someone you barely see...

We see each other about once a month.

And he doesn't feel so far away when you have the Internet.

I don't know about that.

The Internet only gets you so far.

He might have a local girl on the side.

Uh, no, no, that's not true. It was just a joke.

I'm just kinda frustrated.

All I do is spend my weekends alone.

You don't have a girlfriend, Yōkadō-san?

I don't have anyone like that.

- Good.
- Huh?

Because I'd feel really bad for her if that's how you spend your weekends.

Well, I'm used to being alone now.

Um, I got you something.

Oh, this is...

This is the beer you like, right?
From the drinking party...

You remembered?

I had wanted to try it.

Your boyfriend must be really happy to have such a considerate girlfriend. Wow.

- It's nothing.
- So...

Want some?

No, I have to...

It's alright. You'll be able to sleep on the way to Nagoya, right?

Come on, have a drink with this lonely soul.

Oh, alright. Just a little.

Hmm, I guess... would be for someone just to take me on a packed train during the morning rush hour.

- That's funny.
- Okay, your turn, Seiyū-san.

I can't do it.

Confessing my fantasies is embarrassing.

The guy fixing your computer in the middle of the night

is the only one who has to confess? How's that fair?


Erotic fantasies.

Okay. Well...

It's kind of like...someone forces me to do things.

I've fantasized about that before.

You're a pervert, aren't you, Seiyū-san?

Please don't say that.

It's not like that.

It's not so extreme.

It's more like they're giving me orders.

Oh, I get it.

There's a sense of distance between you.

You'd still be using honorifics.

So it would be someone I work with.

Someone you work with?


But you can't because you have a boyfriend, right?

- Well, I...
- It's okay to imagine it, right?

It's just a fantasy.

Of course.

You have a boyfriend.

I have a boyfriend.

I, uh...

Oh, look. We made a mess, didn't we?

Is the computer fixed now?

The scanner's still running.
It'll be a little longer.



I'm going to throw this away.

You okay?

Seiyū-san... We had too much to drink, didn't we?


You're awful.

No, no. It was because we were talking about our fantasies.

I thought, two co-workers working overtime...

In the office kitchen at night...



- I have a boyfriend.
- That doesn't bother me.

It makes it better that way.


It was just a fantasy.

- I can't do it for real.
- Real?

Your boyfriend's not here.

I'm really here. And I'm the one who's intoxicated by your scent.

Please don't say things like that.

It's surprising.

There's no logic to any of this.

But this way feels like my only chance.

I'm sorry.

No. If this goes any further, I...

Seiyū-san... Do you not like me?

I like you.

But that's why we can't.

If you like me, then won't you be mine just for this moment?


I finally was able to get to know you tonight.

But if we sleep together now, it'll all be ruined.

If this is how it happens, we'll just be two people having an affair.

It won't mean a thing.

So... What should I do?

Is that Nagoya?

Please don't go.

Do you still have time to catch your train?



Sorry, I couldn't pick up right away.

Yeah. I've been trying really hard.

It's not fixed yet, though.


Sorry. I don't think I can make it there tonight.


I'm sorry. Bye.

It's too late to make it to Nagoya tonight.

Seiyū-san... You lied to Nagoya...

I put the virus scanner I used last night on here.

Please keep it.


I can't betray my boyfriend.

- I hope you understand.
- I understand.

Actually, I've been thinking about us since last night.

Why don't we stay in this fantasy?

Why don't we live a lie?

It'll keep you from being lonely because you can't see your boyfriend.

It'll keep me from being lonely until I get a girlfriend.

We'll each be substitutes.


As long as we don't have sex, it won't become real.

We'll eat together and go on dates.

If it gets serious then it's over.

We'll be fake lovers.

I want to be your lover even if it's a lie.

Seiyū-san, we always walk through this on our commute.

That's kinda strange, isn't it?

I guess so.

Oh, how about we eat at a café?

Huh? That costs too much.

I'm trying to save money right now.

- Long-distance relationships are expensive.
- No, no, I can cover food.

No, I want it to be fair.

Let's keep things simple.

Well, then...

Could we go to your place?

No, that's out!

That's taking things too far.

Well... What should we do?

What should we do...


Did you change your mind about going to your place?



Oh, nothing. Just seeing you in that apron...

Stop that.


Do you want to taste the stew?


Wow, this is friggin' great!

I'm glad.

I tried to come up with a balance of ingredients to suit you.

It's my special stew.

I'd be happy if I could eat this all the time.

Things like this are fine anytime.


It's him, isn't it? It's okay if you need to step out.

Alright, I won't be long.

Just a second.

It's nothing.




You like this kind of thing, Seiyū-san?

Watching movies and getting scared together is fun, isn't it?

But my boyfriend...

What? Was that a complaint about your boyfriend?

Oh, it's nothing.

Not watching horror movies with your girlfriend disqualifies you as a boyfriend.

That kind of guy's no good.

That... That was just a joke.

But, if you need to vent or anything, then I'll listen. Really.

It's fine. More importantly...

...this scene is amazing. The zombie!

Oh, yeah, the z...zombie.

Yōkadō-san... That was surprisingly cute.


Don't worry.

After this...more zombies POP out!

Sorry. I don't handle stuff like this very well.

Huh? Are you okay with this, Seiyū-san?

Well, then...

We can't.

This is a lie. We can't go any further.

Yeah, you're right.


That lie boundary is a problem!

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

Tie, and again!

- Oh, no...
- Yes!

Anyway, the konpa on
Saturday was awful, wasn't it?

Maruetsu, why don't you plan them once in a while?

No, I hate konpa. Seiyū's been learning how to do it a bit.

You were in Nagoya this weekend, weren't you?


Weren't you?

Oh, yeah.

Just a normal weekend with a person I like.

That's great. Things are going well even though it's long-distance.

Okay, that's enough of that.
Seiyū, hurry and buy us those drinks.

Right, red bean soup for everyone!

No way!


It wasn't a lie.

Oh yeah, did you know there's a sequel to that horror movie we watched?

I got the DVD.

I'll be checking that out later, so please get it ready.


Let's keep this lie going.

- You can take it.
- Oh, okay.

Hello? Yeah, I'm working now.


This weekend?

That's a little sudden.


This one's by an Italian director.

I bought them because you said this weekend was fine.

I'm really sorry.

I forgot that I'd already made a promise.

It's okay.

I'm not your boyfriend after all.

I'll go with one of the guys.



I said I'd go shopping with someone.

I'm going with Maruetsu-chan.


There's something fishy about this weekend.


Here it is.

- Alright, you'll get an answer soon.
- Okay, thank you.

What is it?

Maruetsu-san, what are you doing this weekend?

Hm? Nothing in particular.


Why? Did you have something in mind?

Oh, no, it's nothing...

I knew it. She must be going to Nagoya this weekend.

Why would she come up with such a pointless lie?

Hey, do you know Yōkadō-kun?

Hmm, yeah, I do.

He asked me out today.

Probably just trying to hook up with girls in the office.

Yōkadō-san's that kinda cool guy from general affairs, right?

Yeah, but he's surprisingly shy and awkward.

That's cute.

Maruetsu-chan, what do you think of Yōkadō-san?

Hmm, I think he's alright. Am I wrong?


No, it's not like that.

So you know Yōkadō-kun, Seiyū?

Uh, yeah, that guy...

Another beer! Same kind.

You look like you just don't care anymore. What happened?

It's just...

To be happy at our age you have to have someone, of course.

What do you mean, "of course?"

Listen, don't worry about having someone. Just live fast. Live fast!

Playboys like you would never understand this feeling!

So who is she?

Do I know her?

What? None of your business.


What a coincidence.

Well, beer's cheap on Wednesdays, so...

Really? How does beer sound today?

- Yay!
- Mind if we join you?


Yeah, yeah!

Ask him, Maruetsu.

I said no.

Come on...

Are you single, Yōkadō-san?

Hm? Well, I guess you could say that.

He's single!

What about you all?

Yep, nothing but boring konpa for all of us.

Well, except for Seiyū.

The one with the long- distance relationship, right?

You've got a good memory.

It's well-known. Nagoya, right?

Must be difficult to travel there.

Well, no, it's...

But you only go once a month, right?

Oh? Are you going to go this week?

No, this week's kind of...

Huh? I thought you were going.

Oh, yeah.

Which is it?

Well, I had planned...

Seiyū-san's an interesting person, huh?

Excuse me. Need to go to the bathroom.


My boyfriend said he really needed me there this weekend all of a sudden.

You should go.

It's not like we're actually seeing each other.

You don't have to worry about me.

But, Yōkadō-san...

What is it?

You asked Maruetsu-chan out, didn't you?


It's okay.

I'm fine with it now.

Maruetsu-chan's a great girl.

And she's single right now.


I don't want to hear it. It'll make me mad.


It would be good for you to have a girlfriend.

So you're trying to put
Maruetsu-san and me together?

Because you have a boyfriend...

If I had a girlfriend then you'd feel less guilty about all this?

Well, I'm sorry to have to say this...

...but...'re the only one I can think about.


Is that wrong?



Then kiss me, Seiyū-san.


- Please wait. If we go any further...
- Seiyū-san... I really...

Seiyū-san... Look what you've done to me. What should I do?




I'll help you.

Don't move.

If I force you, then it won't become real.


Uh... I...


Kiss me.

Kiss me.

I'm gonna come.

I'm coming.


- Something wrong?
- It's nothing.


That was...

That was...

...because we're both substitutes.

I did it so we wouldn't have sex.


Do you have feelings for me?


Could I watch you masturbate?


Would you think of me while you do it?



Seiyū-san... Can you feel me?


Don't answer it.






I'm different from Nagoya...

I'm different! I'm different!



Oh... Sorry.

You okay?

You've been acting weird lately.



Don't go to Nagoya.


Take care on your trip.
- Shunsuke Yōkadō

Don't go to Nagoya.

Here it comes... Here it comes...

There it is!

Are you alright?


You've been acting strange since you came back from Nagoya.



Is it okay if I don't come by as often?


What!? What happened in Nagoya?


You can take it.

No, it's okay.

this weekend with you here.
I'd like to celebrate your birthday
Sorry to bother you at work, Hinako.
I could text you. I'll call you tonight.
Thanks for calling. I fell asleep before
I'll try again tomorrow.
Sorry for the late call.

Something wrong?




Sorry, I might be too busy to come this weekend.

I knew something had to have happened with your boyfriend, Seiyū.

You and Yōkadō-kun...

What would be a good horror- themed birthday present?

So you're a horror fan now, Yōkadō-kun?

How long have you known?

Not long.

You're both doing something terrible.

- It's nothing but cheating.
- It's not cheating.

It's a lie. We're fake lovers.

We're just substitutes.

Calling it a lie makes it okay?

Seiyū-san's gone back to Nagoya once a month.

But she hasn't been the same since the last time she was there.

Maybe things aren't going well with Nagoya.


- You shouldn't assume...
- Maruetsu-san!

Do you know something?

About what's going on between them?

Well, I guess you could say that...

What? What is it?


Things seem to be going fine.

Seiyū said so herself.

So, her birthday this weekend...

She's probably going to Nagoya.

I... I see.

Yōkadō-kun... Um...

What is it?

Would you mind listening to me vent a bit? Today's Wednesday, you know.

Seiyū, Yōkadō-kun... Sorry.

I lied too.

Good afternoon.


Today's cheap beer day.
Do you want to go together?

I have to work late today.

Oh... Okay.

Excuse me.

- Sorry!
- Are you okay?

I'm sorry!

Um, is this the sales department?

Wakame-chan! Over here!


Um... Thank you.

Seiyū-san hasn't been honest from the start.

She's cute, she's got a great body, she smells nice... She just drifts along.

Does she even have a boyfriend?

That's why I'm telling you, Yōkadō-kun...

You need to end this lie. It's not good for you.

I can't!

I don't care if it's a lie. I want to be her lover no matter what.

Someone like you wouldn't understand, Maruetsu-san.

I understand it more than you know.

Why aren't you saying anything?

I know what you're thinking.
You can look down on me if you want.

Don't worry about it. How about we just drink?

Don't have to tell me!

- Want some tomatoes?
- Tomatoes? I can't do tomatoes.

- You okay?
- Sorry.

I'm an idiot, aren't I?

Well, yeah, but...

For some reason I'm glad I saw this side of you.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

Somehow I feel like I know you better now.

What is it?

What are you doing here?

Oh... I was just passing by.

Seiyū, I'm sorry.


I'm going home.

- Please let me go!
- Yōkadō-kun... I need to tell you...

What is it?

I lied.


I don't think things are going well between Seiyū and her boyfriend.

You mean...

I saw it on her phone today.

Why would you lie?

I'm sorry. I don't even know myself.

Sorry, but please let me go.


I was just talking to
Maruetsu-san about you and me.



Do you want to celebrate your birthday with me this weekend?

I'm going to Nagoya then, so...

That's a lie. Right?


We can, right?



It's not...

...going well with Nagoya, is it?

It is going well.

He asked me to marry him when I was in Nagoya.

Sorry to bring that up so suddenly the other day.
I didn't mean to surprise you, but I just had to tell you how I felt. Hinako, I booked a seat on the
Shinkansen at 9 tonight for you. I know you'll come.
- Kazu-kun

Let's go to the Italian place today.

Yeah! Let's go, let's go.

We're going drinking. How about you, Seiyū?

No, right?

Sorry. I've still got work to do.

You always say that. Well, make sure you celebrate right in Nagoya tonight.

- Thanks.
- Night!

- See ya!
- Bye!

Maruetsu, wanna go drinking with us?

Good night.


Could you leave them there?


Was there something else?

What's this?

It's nothing.

It's just like you said.

Things are going extremely well between the two of them.


Seems like there's no place for this kind of thing now.


Sorry. This can't wait.

Hey, hold on.

- Why are we here?
- Sorry, but this really can't wait.

What is it?


Yōkadō-kun... I love you.

- What?
- I'm sorry. I know this is pointless.

But I really do love you.

I know you love someone else.

But I still had to say it.

I can't lie anymore.


Thank you.


Huh? There's no overtime today, you know.

Oh, sorry. I was working.

Please finish up quickly.

No one's working overtime today, so I'm turning off the lights.

Please hurry and finish, okay?

Are you going to Nagoya?


I want this lie to end.

It's not a lie.

Seiyū-san, I want to tell you how I really feel!

Seiyū-san... You're the only...

I don't want to hear it.

What will happen if I do?

It'll only hurt both of us.

I love you!

If I feel this way, this is what I have to do.


Can't you understand?


Was I wrong about all of this?

What about what you said?

About what happens if this becomes real...

Since things turned out this way, we need to end this. Please...

Just tell me one thing!

Could you please tell me your true feelings, Seiyū-san?

I want to know how you really feel about me.

That's all I want.

I love you.


I love you. You knew that, didn't you?


- What does this even mean?
- It means something!

It means that if you love me, then you'll be happier with me than Nagoya.


Leave Nagoya for me.

Stop calling him Nagoya.

His name is Kazuki Ōkuwa.

If you want to hear the truth, then you also have to hear what upsets me.

I've been with him since we were in college.

He asked me to marry him.


We made a promise about what would happen if this became real.

Let's go back to just being co-workers.

- We can't.
- Yōkadō-san...

We were finally able to tell each other how we feel. We can't end it now.

It's over.


It's over.

But if this is the end of our fake relationship...

...then it's also the end of that rule.

Do you remember?

It was here that you said we'd be fake lovers.

That we'd never have sex as long as it lasted.


The reason I agreed wasn't to keep this from being nothing but an affair.

It was because if we went through with it,

going back to the way we were would be more painful than anything.

If we gave in to our feelings...

...could you promise to forget those feelings were ever there?

If you're okay with that...

...then we'll stop being fake lovers.

For this weekend only, we'll start over as real lovers.

Once that's over, then we'll never go back?

That's right.

Do you promise?

If the only other option is ending it here, then...


I think that's enough of this conversation.

You're all mine this weekend, Seiyū-san.


Seiyū-san... I love you.

I was finally able to tell her how I really felt.

But just like before, I was on the verge on tears.

Today, we don't have to hold back anymore.

What is it you want to do, Yōkadō-san?

Ah, that's right.

Well, what I want to do is...

Please don't stare too much.

I'm going to watch. I've waited for so long.

I want you to show me everything today.


It's embarrassing.


These too?

Yep, that's right.


You're so mean, Yōkadō-san.

- What's wrong with it?
- It tickles.

I'm ticklish.

Would you wash me next?


Is this what you wanted?

Yes. I thought it might feel good for you too since you have sensitive breasts.

You idiot.



You're so cute.

That feels so good.

That feels so good.

Oh, god...

That's amazing.


I love you.


Now we're one.


I've wanted this for so long.

Me too.

That feels so good.

Oh, god...


Before this, I had relationships with other girls begin and end.

I thought the sex was the part I loved the most.


I didn't know.

I didn't know how different it could be when you're holding the person you love.

You're right.

Oh, god...



Are you happy?


Are you sad?



Just for this moment...

Just for this moment...

... you and I are one.

You know, I liked you from the moment I joined the company.


On the day that I had trouble with my computer, there were still other people in the office.

Anyone could have helped me, but I picked you.

I'd wanted a chance to speak to you.
So I guess you could say I had an ulterior motive.

I think I was the winner there.


At the employee welcoming ceremony...

I was thinking about how lucky I was to get to work with such a cute girl.

My heart was pounding when I finally got a chance to talk to you at the afterparty.

But then I found out you were in a long-distance relationship right after that.

You found out then?

You got a call from your boyfriend.

That one hurt. I was really feeling down after that.

You were, huh?

But now...

...I'm so close to you.

That's right.

I never want to be away from this warmth.

You're like a spoiled kid, aren't you?

Who would have thought that?

This is the first time I've been like this.

Is that a turn-off?

No. It's cute.

Seiyū-san... Give me a kiss.

A kiss...

I'm so happy I never gave up on you.


I'm ready to go again.

- You're just full of energy, Yōkadō-san.
- I have no regrets.

I can't even imagine living my life without the person I love.

No matter how painful things are...


I'm sorry.

I just wanted to watch you.

I'm going to clean up.

No, you don't have to worry about that.

It's alright. I want to do it.

Your vegetables will go bad soon.
Eat them as soon as you can, okay?

And there's beer on the bottom shelf of the cabinet.

Thank you. For everything.

Don't just drink beer. Make sure you eat right when I'm gone.

Oh, yeah...

This too.


It's for whenever you're busy and don't have time for a proper meal.

I'm putting it in the fridge so you can eat it anytime.

What's wrong?

Nothing, it's just going to be hard to eat this without you here.

- I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.
- No, no, I'll take it.

I'll eat it later by myself and cry.

Well, I'm off.

Thank you for everything.

I had a great time.


I can't do it. I can't agree to this.

Not when I love you like I do. I can't imagine living my life without you, Seiyū-san.

Please break up with Nagoya.

You made lots of memories with Nagoya, didn't you?

Think of the ones we'd make together.

We'd get married, and eventually have children.

We'd watch horror movies together.
We'd go to the amusement park.


I know that I'd make you happy.

I know that I'd make you happier than Nagoya would.

So, Seiyū-san...

Won't you please be mine?



Seiyū-san, please!

Let me go!

Do I have to give it to you straight so you'll understand?


I hate you!

I hate you so much!

Please wait!

I want to apologize if I upset you.


I just thought you needed to grow up.

Substitutes... Real lovers just for once... Those were just lies.

There was no way this would ever become real.

I told you I had a boyfriend, didn't I?

We were just fooling around.

From now on, we won't speak to each other at the office any more than we have to.

We'll work together without any problems.

Please don't follow me around.

You'll be okay.

You'll find a much better girlfriend than me.




- Is this the end?
- It couldn't end any other way for us.

- It would have been easier if we'd hated each other.
- That's why I kept on lying.

I love you more than ever.

What kind of lies will I have to come up with now?

"I am a liar."


Nami Motoyama

Akihiro Mayama

Rei Toda

Miku Aono
Yuki Sekihiro

Ruri Shinato

Produced by Haruo Okamoto,
Manabu Tamura, Daichi Tsukinari,
Ryō Yukizane, and Tsuyoshi Gotō

Based on "Usotsuki Paradox" by Akira Kizuki and Nanki Satō

Cinematography by Masashi Seki

Written and Directed by Kōta Yoshida

Subtitles by nitroblast