Usogui (2022) - full transcript

A brilliant gambler lays down his life as the wager for various games against dangerous opponents.



Hey, Mr. Nowa. You checked the cash?

We got it.


Five hundred billion.


Any complaints?


Tonight, I, Hikoichi Yako...


...will serve as a witness.

Then, let's begin.

I'm going to beat you today.

And I'll be the top of Kakero!

And? What will you be betting on tonight?

Let's see.

Whether a plane will fly
in the sky above us or not.

I'll bet that one will.
The limit will be one hour.

Very well. The hour begins now.

Royal Leader, I'm going to eat your lie.

The aileron's good.

Hurry. They're paying us
ten million for just one hour.


Pizza Shuttle. Thanks for waiting!

We didn't order any pizza.

The hour is up.

The number of planes that
crossed the sky above us was zero.

The Royal Leader is the winner.

Royal Leader.

Will we allow this man to live?

I have a message from the Royal Leader.

Mr. Madarame.

There is no value to killing you now.

Your life will be forfeit
to the Royal Leader,

your membership in Kakero Club stripped,

and you will be exiled.

Kakero Club.

This dark organization
was founded in the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

Kageronosuke Kiruma,
the first Royal Leader of Kakero,

served as a referee for gambling lords

and started out punishing those
who avoided paying their debts.

Get out of my way!

He collected payment from every loser,
without regard for rank or power.

His military and financial might
became the foundation of the organization.

The death of Nobonuga
in the Honnoji Incident,

The Sakuradamon Incident
in the Bakumatsu Period...

and even the Showa Era
300-million-yen heist.

These were all no more than
bet collections by this organization.

To this day, Kakero Club continues
to moderate gambling between its members

and ensure the bets are paid.

Their power even allows them to pull
the strings of the national government.

What Baku bet this time was not only
the chance to stand at the top of Kakero

but everything he owned,
including his life.

All that in an attempt
to beat the Royal Leader.


Alright, put down your cash!

One thousand yen on higher!

Two thousand yen on higher!

- One thousand on lower!
- One thousand on four!

Alright, here we go!

Triple two's! Matching dice
go to the dealer.

I won again. So sorry!

This is my one lucky day a year.

Let's get to the next one!


- Place your bets!
- Well, this looks fun!

I wanna play too.

What are you doing here, kid?

This isn't a game
for little boys. Go play!

One million!


Laugh while you still can.

I'm going...

to eat your lie.

Bring it on.

I'll turn you into fish food.

This will be good!

Two sixes and a four.

That's two million for me.

- Amazing, kid!
- That's... impossible.

- What a win!
- Whoa!


Even though he's been cheating.

A magnet!

And he's been hiding a magnetic plate
under the sic bo sheet.

He had it set up so that
when he placed the bowl over the sheet,

the magnets made the dice match.

- What the hell?
- You cheater!

So I also hid magnets
inside my wad of bills

and manipulated the dice inside the bowl.

You bastard. You tried to cheat us!

Come here!

As promised, I ate your lie.

But the taste was...

- Sea lettuce ramen.
- Thank you, Hide.

Looks good.

- Thanks for the food!
- How is it?

Hm? Your island life.

All I do is fish all day.

Feels like my brain's rotting.

You should be happy to be alive.

- By the way.
- Hm?

Something's happening
with the Tokyo Kakero.

Someone's aiming to beat the Royal Leader.

Who is it?

A scientist named Ikki Sadakuni.

He discovered a groundbreaking way
to mine methane hydrate.

They say he's the most likely
to win a Nobel prize.

Methane hydrate?

- A new energy source to replace oil.
- Professor!

Since it's buried underground
deep in the ocean,

it was believed to be impossible to mine.

Sadakuni invested a huge amount
of his personal funds

and conducted
successful experiments on his own

without relying on
the government or businesses.

But after that, there was
an explosion at his lab

and he disappeared from the spotlight.

So, what's a guy like that
doing with Kakero?

That, I don't know.

But they say Sadakuni's fixer,
who was supporting him,

was working to get him into Kakero.

It's been three years
since you fled Tokyo.

Kakero looks a bit different now.

You're not going back to Tokyo, are you?

You know.

I don't want to surrender to anyone.

This time, for real...

I'll take him on.

How? You're not even a member of Kakero.


you can't do anything if you're dead.

Thanks for everything.





Mr. Sadakuni wins.


I never thought you'd be a Kakero member.

Why would the Minister of Finance
want to challenge me?

First, to gather enough funds to climb
to the top of the political world.

And the second, to control you.

What you discovered, it's ground-breaking.

It could revolutionize
the world's energy industry.

All the leaders of the world
wanted to monopolize it,

but after the explosion last year,

you disappeared from the public eye.

Weren't you one of those
who wanted the rights?

With your invention,
I could secure every vote.

Today I'm going to beat you,
and your invention will be mine.

Mr. Sadakuni, your turn.

- Sixty million.
- Hundred million.


Straight with ace.

Mr. Sadakuni wins.


High of six.

Mr. Sadakuni wins.

Twenty million.

All in. Hundred million.


Full house.

Mr. Sadakuni wins.

Are you spying on my hand?

I can't have lost six times in a row.

Referee Mekama, do it again.

First, we must settle the accounts.
You owe 300 million yen.

I can't pay that!
I need the money for the next election!

So, in the end,
that's all you're good for.

Mr. Onodera, you must know
the rules of Kakero Club.

Defying a referee like me is not allowed.

Shut this man up.

Yes, sir. Oi, it's over for you.


You bastard!

In the garden, immediately.

My God.

Hey. Look into my eyes.

What do you see in my eyes?

Mr. Sadakuni, tonight's winnings.

We'll take care of the cleanup.

Thanks for your trouble.

In exchange, I have a request.

Will you make me your designated referee?

I'll think about it.

This takes care of that one.

Killing one small fish isn't enough
to make up for what they've done.

My favorite!

Gotta have this when you're in Yokohama.

No way.

I have no change.

- Thank you.
- Come work with us again.

- Yes, sir.
- Okay.

Good work today. Cheer up!

- Nice work today.
- Thank you.

Hope to work with you again.

Thanks for today.


No way! I won!

You want one?

You sure?


That's good. This is good stuff.
You look like you understand.

Winning a drink from a vending machine,
you're pretty lucky.

Winning a free drink is pretty much
the only luck I can get.

That's pretty self-deprecating.

Because my life is nothing but shit.

- Found you, Kaji!
- Shit!

Come on, Kaji. You can't run anymore.

You're gonna pay back
the 1,5 million you owe us!

- What do you think you're doing?
- Hey!

Don't interrupt people
when they're talking!


You idiot, you only bow and scrape.
You actually owe money.


You two wanna get taken down
by that wizard lawyer?

Wizard? Who are you talking about?

This kid's relative.
He caught some company president.

Five years in prison with hard labor.

We won't let you run!

How much do you owe?

Altogether, 2,2 million.

A friend secretly cosigned my name.

You know, you don't have to
pay back an illegal loan.

If you studied even
a little bit of law, you'd know that.

If you don't know the world,
it'll eat you up.

It doesn't matter.

I don't have any dreams or hopes anyway.

It's okay.

That's why you met me like this.
To let you know you still had some luck.

Five million.

Wow! Thank you!


There's no way the same number
would pop up again.

See! There it is!

You did it.

But you lost.

If you bet on one, it's times 36,

so even if you bet on 37,
you still lost 1,000.

Don't you understand?

A win is a win!

Let's see. Let's put 1,000 yen
on every number but 20 and nine.

- Alright.
- Would you like another drink?



That's 36 bets placed on 36 numbers.
It doesn't make sense.

That's why I add more on the next one.

And I'll up my bet
from 1,000 to 10,000 yen.


- Oh no. Seriously?
- See? You just lost 350,000 yen!

But nine. it just stopped on nine!

Exchange all this.

- You're gonna start again from one?
- Of course I am!

Hey, there's no way the number nine
will come up again, right?

Yes. Having a number
come up so many times is unlikely.


See, even the dealer says so.



Be on the lookout for when
I start to eat one of these.

When that happens, you bet everything
on the number I haven't chosen.

I like them.

Your truths and lies.
They even make you pick numbers.

Mister, you're...

a liar, aren't you?

I got it!

Baku, he's been guiding the ball!


Nice timing, Kaji!

You're amazing, Baku!

Times 36 is five million!

Five million?

- Wow!
- Incredible!


- That's awesome!
- Wow!

Damn it.

- What happened?
- Osugi was set up.

- For how much?
- A little more than five million.

Alright, so now...

Five million.

- The Lie Eater?
- Hey! I got five million!

Well, this is unexpected.

- This has never happened to me!
- Good for you!

Sir, a bonus game is waiting for you.

Kaji, get out of here.

Leave him.


I can't leave you here by yourself.

What is the game?

Just guessing whether
the next person to get off

the elevator is a man or woman.
If you lose, give up the money.

I just smelled that perfume.

The person who just got off is a man.

See! I won!

What are you talking about?

No matter how you look at it,
that's a woman.

What the hell! Watch your hands!

Excuse me!

What? That was a man?

You didn't want to hand over the money.
That's why you set me up.

Picking someone who would make it
a loss whether I said man or woman.


a liar.

As I expected of you.
You haven't gotten rusty at all.

Why did you come back?

Three years and you're still stripped
of your Kakero membership,

and with one order from the Royal Leader,

the Kakero could kill you.

I'll come back again soon.

Let's go.


What was that all about?

You know, the Kakero stuff,
and the fact that they'll kill you.

You don't want to know.
That's the kind of world it is.

But Baku, you live
in that world, don't you?


Let me help you.

Do you think you'll make money
if you're with me?

No, that's not what I...

You took on someone else's debt.

You can't even run away
and leave your friend behind.

Such a nice person
has no talent for gambling.

You can't come with me.

Use that money to get your life back.

See ya.


I'm treating myself to a day of luxury!

This is the best!

Herb steamed lobster.

A wagyu steak.


- Are you Kaji?
- Yes.

- He's nervous!
- So cute!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Go get it!

The world is your oyster! Go get it!

Something doesn't feel right.


Nice timing, Kaji!

You're amazing, Baku!


Two million in tokens.

It's your blind.

That'll make it 55 million.

Who is this guy?

He hasn't made a single mistake.

That's Ikki Sadakuni.


The one taking down Kakero members?

He probably came here,
knowing this was my place.

Then, he plans to take you on?

Guess we have no choice
but to raise his bet.

Five million.

Five million.


Five million.


Five million.

All in. Thirty million.


What the hell?

I'm done.

- I have no more business here.
- This a joke? You're not stopping here.

Someone like you isn't worth my time.

I think I've proven that
to the guys of Kakero.


What is this about?

I should be asking you.

Hey. Why not take me on?

This is heads.

One match, one million.


- I pick tails.
- Ruka, let's go.

Oh no!

It was heads.

You missed your chance.

Wait. You can't tell
if it's heads or tails?

I have no reason to go up against you.

If you want a match against me,

come back when you're
a Kakero member again.

Baku Madarame.

That bastard.

He was totally looking at my hand.


What do you want?

What is it?


What is it?

That Lie Eater guy says
he wants to talk to the mistress.

The Lie Eater?


You're pissing me off.

I don't have time to play with you...


What did you just say?

Mistress? What's wrong?


He invited me out for a drink.

That's mine.

Who cares about such a small thing?

- Two more of the same.
- Right away.

Why did you call me here?

I'm glad I met you.

What are you talking about?

This has to be fate.

I have a favor to ask.

Only you can do this for me.

Stop strutting around and just say it.

Listen. Don't be shocked.


Give me your Kakero membership.

Excuse me?

You shouldn't have it
if you lost to Sadakuni.

Are you kidding me?

I'd never give up such a precious thing.

Then, do you know anyone who would?

Of course not.

Here you are.

There might be one person, actually.


If you sit down in Nakabori Park,
in Yokohama, looking dumb,

an old man will come up to you.

He'll give up his membership?

However, not a single person
has ever bet against him and won.

Not even one person. You know why?


Hey, Kaji!


- What are you doing?
- Please!

Let me be by your side.

I'll do whatever you ask.

I don't want money.

My heart was racing
the whole day with you yesterday.

- I thought that's what it is to live. So...
- Okay.


I, too, realized I need you, Kaji.

Somebody! Somebody help me!

I'm sorry.

Don't kill me!

What a great voice!


That voice rejuvenates my cells.

What's wrong?

You look down.

Nothing, really.

Young man, do you like gambling?

Yeah, I guess so.

Do you want to play a game in my yard?

You could win big.

What is it? Sounds fun!

Kaji, you should do it.

Well, if you say so, Baku.

Mister, can I come too?

Of course! The more the merrier!


Kaji, you really are a lucky boy.

This your yard?

This forest is my private property.

I have five adorable pets.

You must steal five keys from them
within the time limit.

One of you will put
this timing device on your leg.

If you can remove it
and escape from that gate

before the time is up, you win.

And for your prize...

ten million!

Ten million? Seriously?

What kind of pets do you have?

Nothing like lions and tigers, right?

Of course not.

They're much weaker than that.

And if we run out of time?

That's something to look forward to
when the time comes.

So, who's this guy?

How rude of me.

I will be overseeing this game.

I'm Kakero Club's Number Two Referee,
Hikoichi Yako.

Kakero Club?

- Incidentally, Kakero Club is...
- No need to explain.

More importantly, mister,
we're not playing.

Kaji, let's go home.

What's wrong? You scared?

No. It's the prize.

- Then, how much do you want?
- I don't want money.

What I want is
your Kakero Club membership.

Is that why you came here?

- If you're scared, I'll ask someone else.
- What?

I'm saying, back out now
before it's too late.

Before I gobble you up.

Fine. I'll add my membership
to the ten million. Good?

I have no objections.

Thank you!

Here. To show you how I feel.

Alright. Who wants to wear this?

This guy, of course.


You have two hours.

Now, let the game begin!

- Are you okay?
- Sorry.

Huh? Who's that?

No way.

- Was that real?
- Kaji, run!

This is too much!

Let's go, Kaji!

Kaji, this way!

- That guy was trying to kill us!
- That must be the old guy's pet.

Huh? But he said they were weak pets.

Well, humans aren't as strong
as lions and tigers.

But he has a weapon!
That's gotta be against the rules!

That old guy's a lust murderer.

He likes chasing down
and playing with his victims.

No way. You've got to be kidding.

The police!

No good. I have no connection.

Don't bother. I'm sure
he's got signal blockers.

Why are you acting like this is normal?
We might be killed!

That's the kind of game Kakero oversees.

So, this time limit?

Yeah. It's probably a time bomb.
If we don't get the keys, bam!

Don't look so down!

I'm gonna gobble up that old man.

Crap. Hey!

If I win this game,
I'll get ten million yen.

Won't you give me your key?

There are five of you,
so you'll each get two million.

- Two million?
- Yeah.

I'll think about it!


Hey, you lied!


Kaji, give me your leg!

One hour, 19 minutes.

Okay, that's one down.
Shall we find the next, Kaji?


Not bad.

The prey has moved from A11 to B11.

Don't let them get away!

Let's stop here to come up with a plan.

We really need to get
this timer off my leg.

No, don't! If you mess with it,
it might explode.

Let's stop here to come up with a plan.

- No, don't!
- Let's get the key, shall we?

Only 52 minutes left.

Let's go, Kaji.



They'll get you if you're not careful.



Gotta be this way.

There's one!

Baku, run!

Nice timing, Kaji. What an actor!

I really thought I was gonna die.


Baku, run!

All right.

Let's go get the last one.


- That must hurt.
- Sixteen minutes left!

They're tied up and heading your way.

Leave it to me.

Hurry up and give me the key.

Seventeen seconds.

We did it.

Thank God!

Report! Have you caught the prey?
You haven't killed them yet, right?

We're fine.

But your soldiers have been annihilated.

You listening, mister?
You'll have to try a little harder.

That fucking brat!


Wake up!


Rodem, you're up!

What was that?

It's him. He's coming!

Who? Who is coming?

Kaji, let's go!

Baku! Wait for me!

Is that your rumored human weapon?

Yes. My beloved son.

I developed him back
when I was a mercenary

as part of a human experiment program.

He's my ultimate masterpiece!

Rodem's weakness
is that his brain is too small.

He falls asleep within 15 minutes.

But that's more than enough time.

Nothing ever survives him.

This is bad. We're really going to die!

Baku! Let's get out of here!

If we grovel, he might forgive us!

So you just wanna run away again, Kaji?

Don't you want to see that old man repent?

To confess his sins?

It's okay. Just trust me.


What is this? A bullfight?

I'm over here!

Put me down!

Put me down!


Kaji, do it now!



Nice job, Kaji.

Too bad. Your greatest masterpiece
is done for.

Let's go.


My Rodem. How? How could you lose?

You've failed me!

My greatest masterpiece?

Why would he know that?

It's a listening device.

You knew about this?

It's not against the rules.

I believe that was decided.

Nobody has ever survived this game?


a liar, aren't you?

The game is over.

Mr. Kokonoe, I declare you the loser.

Thank you.

That was the most fun I've had in a while.

By the way.

Did you really take down Rodem?

Of course not.

Rodem can only be active for 15 minutes.

If we could hold out long enough,
he'd fall asleep.


So we used the ethanol to take out
his eyesight and restrict his movements.

I'm a pacifist.
I don't want to kill anyone.

Well, then.

Allow me to formally
welcome Kaji into the Kakero Club.

- I'm a member now?
- Yes.

Due to certain circumstances,
Mr. Madarame cannot be a member.

However, I have no problem
with you becoming a member, Mr. Kaji.

Baku. Was this your plan all along?

Mr. Kaji, please allow me

to be your designated referee.


No, thank you.

I can't do this! I can't take it!

Baku, our worlds are too different.

You're right.

It was pure luck we survived today.

What lies ahead is an even worse hell.

I'm sorry.

What a shame.

I'll take the membership.

Mr. Madarame.

Where did you get this?

When Rodem slammed me down.

Kaji, do it now!

You finally awake?

Yako called me
after finding me in your phone history.

Well, I am sort of responsible for giving
you the idea to bet against Kokonoe.

I'll take care of you
until your wound heals.

Hey! What are you doing?


Thank you.

You don't really have to thank me.

I have... one more favor to ask.

A favor?

Yeah. A favor.


If you're going to beg,

I guess I can hear what you have to say.



Can I bring someone here?


He's a wild beast,
but he has nowhere to go.


Who am I?

Who am I?

When you were little,

you were kidnapped by a mean old man
and subjected to evil experiments.

There's a bad person
inside you named Rodem.

And he's killed a lot of people.

What should I do?

Please tell me, mister.

You're not a murderer.

But you're not innocent.

You'll have to take responsibility
for your sins, atone for them,

and live on.


How do I do that?

Just come with me.

I'll help you conquer your sins.

However, I will never tell you
to kill someone.

Mr. Kaji.

I'm sorry.

You had something to ask me?

It's about Baku.

What kind of world does he live in?


Marco, come on.

I talked to Mr. Yako.

You almost died
and you're still taking on Kakero?

I don't get you.

And that escape game.

You used me to get a Kakero membership.
That really pisses me off!

It pisses me off, but...

I still want to do it with you.


Baku, you always tell me to trust you.

Those words held no lies.



let me be by your side!

You sure? You might die next time.

By the way...

Who's that behind you?

It's Rodem.



Oh. Oh yeah.

From today on, we're calling him Marco.
Play nice, okay?

I'm Marco! Nice to meet you!


That hurts.


Excuse me? You want to bring
another freeloader into my house?

Some stuff happened. Please!

Don't get carried away!

I'm the head of the Kurama clan, you know.

He's really good at using a knife.

That's because he's used to using them.
And that's a hatchet.

That's delicious!

It's really good, Marco!

Marco, you're the Minister of Cooking now!

- Okay!
- You can't just decide that!

- Why not?
- I'll cook bear tomorrow!

- That sounds great!
- We don't eat bear!

I've decided who will go against Sadakuni.

Who will be next?

The new member, Takaomi Kaji.

A new member? Will such a person
be suitable for the job?

Takaomi Kaji
has Baku Madarame by his side.

The Lie Eater?

How interesting.

But he was expelled.

What will the Royal Leader say?

"I don't remember him."

"Do as you please."

Or something of the like.

On that day,

it will be held at the main headquarters,

so the Royal Leader will come to observe.

Make sure no one messes this up.

Referee Mekama.

I heard you became
Sadakuni's designated referee.

Yes, I have been honored with the role.

If I'm lucky, I might be able
to watch history change

right before my eyes.

You seem quite excited.

Don't you think it's also time
for a change in the referee rankings?



Sir, the results
from the research ship are in.

The surface layer contains
a massive amount of methane hydrant!

We did it! Now we can try
a new method of mining it.

Yes. This will change the world.

We don't intend to collaborate
with the Japanese government.

Are you telling me you plan to sell
this technology to another country?

No, rather, I plan

to share this technology
with other countries for free.

Where's the profit in that?


What I want is a world without war.

I want world peace.

I never knew a scientist
could be such a romantic.

Professor? Dr. Matsuyama
sent us some fruit in congratulations.

Put it in the fridge.

- We'll eat it together later.
- Okay.

What's inside?

Looks so good!


Is everyone... alright?

Besides you...

they all... died.

After that...

Minister Onodera sent us a message.

He said, if you change your mind...

he's happy to help any time.

That bastard.

He did this!

Professor Sadakuni?

My name is Kusanami. I'm a consultant.

Have you ever heard of
an organization called Kakero Club?


It's a dark organization
with a lot of power.

If you stood at the head of it,
you could achieve your dreams.

Would you...

turn yourself into a beast?

Could you throw away your soul?

What do you see in my eyes?

I'll tell you.

Fury and hatred and a new,
unshakeable conviction!

Mr. Yako. Is the Royal Leader coming?

He's on his way.

Then we can't lose.

Right this way.

This is impressive.

How much did you bring?

- Fifty million.
- Unbelievable. We told you two billion!

She's really mad!

Let's not have a gun fight.

We'd rather not have to deal with that.


- Mr. Madarame will recruit owners.
- Owners?

As if he were a prize horse.
They will invest in Mr. Madarame's game

and if he wins, they will earn a reward
of three times their investment.

However, for the reassurance
of our members, the loser today

will experience hellish pain,
torture, and execution.

There are some who invest,

not for the money but to witness
the violent death of a person.

Oh? Interesting.

Let's see you try.

Well, then, investors.
We will accept million-yen increments.

Today's subject will be Baku Madarame.

Now, please begin.

- Five million!
- Three million!

- Eight million!
- Five million!

- Ten million!
- Three million!

- Five million!
- Three million!

- Three million!
- Six million!

Three million!

Ah, so annoying!

Five million.

- One million!
- Two million!

- Six million!
- Dealt a bad hand, huh?

- Five million!
- Four million!

- Six million!
- Four million!

Come on. Invest more!

Only 200 million? No way you'll make it.

Come on, everyone. We can't have that!

Five hundred million!
I'll put in 500 million!

Have you all forgotten?

It's Baku Madarame.

The Lie Eater.

He's back!

The Lie Eater?

- Fifty million!
- Seventy million for me!

For the Lie Eater, 100 million!

Don't get the wrong idea.

I just want the money
Sadakuni stole from me back.

Sixty million!

Mistress, 500 million.

- That's everything we have!
- We have no choice!

Someone had to set the mood
or the Lie Eater won't get to compete.

- Fifty million!
- Fifty million!

Sixty million!

Two billion.

Well, then.

Now, I'm fired up.


Great idea! Hangman!

Hangman! Hangman!

Mekama, what's Hangman?

It's a public execution where
the loser and his partner

are both hanged together.


By partner, they mean,
if you lose, I die too?


They want to watch. That's why
they're investing so much money.



Are you scared, Kaji?


I trust you.


Very well.

We also accept.

But Mr. Sadakuni...

Mekama is getting Sadakuni too excited.

Humans follow the will of God.
Every life has its purpose.

We die when we die.

I won't rely on heaven.

I will win this match.

Cocky as always.

He hasn't grown at all.

Very well. Hangman is approved.

Let us choose the game.

Sadakuni can read his opponent's cards.

If he chooses Old Maid,
the Lie Eater is out.

The shuffling is complete.

Mr. Sadakuni, please pick one.

The game is Hangman Old Maid.

Old Maid!

Let's get started!

Old Maid? That's bad!

We'll be safe as long as
we don't have the old maid.

Now, I will explain
the rules of Hangman Old Maid.

The game chosen by Mr. Sadakuni

is a well-known game called Old Maid.

The cards in play will be two sets
of number cards, one through ten,

and one old maid, for a total of 21 cards.

Each player must take one card from
the opponent at a time and make pairs.

The player holding the old maid
at the end of the game loses.

However, this old maid
is different from ordinary old maids.

There are five kinds of old maids,
each with a number from one to five.

With each game, these will be shuffled

and one will be included in the deck.

Each number denotes

the number of parts
of the gallows to be assembled.

When the gallows are complete,
the game ends.

The gallows are composed of 11 parts.

At the shortest, it could end
in just three games.

Sharing of information
during the game is not allowed.

However, as long as it's not
discovered by your opponent,

underhanded tactics
are of no concern to Kakero.

Now, then, let us begin the first round.


Go ahead.

Five and eight.

Mr. Madarame is up first.

The Lie Eater's first!

In order to prevent the players
from sharing information,

we will be turning off
the videos of the Owners.

Old Maid Five!


Sada, the card you want is this one.

This is a special freebie.

Now, trust me and draw it.

Go on!



a liar, aren't you?

Idiot! Don't act like this is fine!

Five right off the bat.

A hangman's gallows.

The main pole and four supporting legs.

Five parts are complete.

Only six remain.


I didn't think it would happen so easily.




This time...

Mr. Sadakuni starts.

Here you go.

Now, it's your turn.


Which one is it?


Or left?

I figured it out! Sada, you didn't notice?

You can tell if you look
from different angles.

It's reflecting on your glasses.

A five.

Then draw that one!

Your reaction hides no lies.

This has got to be the five!


Old Maid Four!

Put up your cards.

I'll draw and finish this game!

I win.

That man never doubts himself.

What is going on?


Don't worry, Kaji.

It's only just beginning.

Two parts left.

Depending on the number of the old maid,
this could be the last game.

If you're trying to scare me,
it won't work.

Come on. Let's hurry up
and start the third round.

Mr. Sadakuni starts.




Okay. Bring it on.

This one?

No. This one?

Hey, what's wrong?

Hurry up and draw.

Maybe this one.

Hurry up and draw!


Kaji, what do I do?

Are you ready...

Lie Eater?

The next one finishes it.

I didn't expect it to be this bad.

That the Lie Eater would be beaten.

The gallows are complete.

All that's left is to be hanged.


Sorry, Kaji.

I can't eat the lie.

So even the famous Lie Eater
has run out of luck.

Stop spouting nonsense.

There's no such thing as luck.

That man only focuses
on tactics and cheating.

He's just a piece of shit
that isn't even prepared to die.

In the end, he doesn't have what it takes.

Having the guts to throw
your life away is what brings victory!

Accomplishes great things.

Lie Eater, do something!

I bet 500 million on you
because I believe in you!



The old maid.

Get it together, Lie Eater!

Me and Ranko are betting our lives on you.

What? Are you just gonna give up?


believe in you until the very end!


I'm glad you're my buddy.

Mr. Madarame starts.



Hey, won't you go up against me?

You can't tell if it's heads or tails?

I have no reason to take you on.

What the hell are you doing?
Hold up your cards!


Top or bottom. Which is it?

What's wrong?

It's either top or bottom.


Sadakuni drew the maid.

Nice! That's the first time
you drew the old maid, Sada.

Don't get excited.

This one.

I win.

Somehow, we're still alive.




Here you are.

Mr. Sadakuni starts.

What's wrong? I'm over here.


What is he doing?


How long are you going to stand there?

Hurry up and pick a card!

Stop fucking around!

Mekama. Let's establish a time limit.

It'll never end at this rate.

Mr. Sadakuni has made a request.
What shall we do?

Very well. From now on,
every time a card is drawn,

it must be done within one minute.

Do you agree, Mr. Madarame?

That's fine.

Go ahead.

Sada, I see right through your habits.


Hurry up and draw a card, right?

- Here you go, Mr. Yako.
- Indeed.

Don't even bother looking!


We aren't playing Old Maid anymore.

I will not be drawing the old maid again.

In other words, the one who gets
the old maid in the beginning is dead.

You better pray to your God
that you don't get the old maid.



Here you are.


The old maid. Baku has it!

Madarame starts.


Hurry up and put up your cards.

What's the hurry?

Okay, Sada. Take this card.

Come on. Pick one.

Mr. Sadakuni.

Ten seconds remaining.

Eight, seven,

six, five,

four, three,

two, one.

Sadakuni drew the old maid again.

What happened?


Sada, I'm going to fully
make use of the one minute

you so generously gave me.

Come and get it!

Come on!

Baku, what are you doing?


I believe I explained
the rules at the start.

Sharing of information
during the game is not allowed.

However, as long as it's not discovered
by your opponent, underhanded tactics

are of no concern to Kakero.

You drew the old maid, didn't you?

Huh? You figured it out?

You can see my cards
through that camera, can't you?


Is Sadakuni...?

Does that mean he had somehow intercepted
the camera feed for the owners?

You finally figured it out?

I win, Sadakuni.

No way.

Amazing! We made a complete comeback!


Kaji, it's thanks to you
for breaking that camera!

- You're definitely the ultimate lucky boy!
- Baku!


Mr. Sadakuni drew the Old Maid Five.

His hangman gallows are complete!

The winner of this game...

is Baku Madarame!


The gallows are ready!

You're completely blind, aren't you?

Sadakuni used the six cameras above us

to see both my cards and his.

So even when he was choosing the game
with a blindfold on, he saw everything.

You rebuilt your sight, right?

With artificial vision.

I believe

it's a system using electricidal
stimulation on the optic nerves

to restore eyesight to blind people
through another object.

He likely had someone hack into
the cameras and relay them to Sadakuni.

And this...

is the proof.

But one of the six cameras
was destroyed by the gun.

So I watched.

The view rotates through
each camera every ten seconds.

So I began to wonder what happens
for Sadakuni when it gets to that camera.

Since it's broken, there's no video.

It was supposed to be the perfect plan.

"Having the guts to throw
your life away," he said.

You're just a big, fat liar!

What are you doing?

I choose to protect Sadakuni.

You'll have to get through me first.

You don't have the strength.



- Hangman!
- Hangman!




Don't embarrass me further.


I will accept the punishment.

That's the rule of this world.


Very well.

Let us proceed to Hangman.

Bring them over.

Let go. I can get there myself.

Lie Eater.

Why do you want to be a Royal Leader?

World peace.

Hey, don't laugh!


Is that so?

World peace?

I'll be looking forward to it.

I transfer my Kakero membership to you.


Oh, dear. You can't
just do that without asking.

Lie Eater.

I'm leaving it to you
to become a Royal Leader.




Thank you for waiting.

The Royal Leader is waiting.

At this point, only Mr. Baku may proceed.




I'm off.

Let's get this started, Royal Leader.

So, what are we betting on?

Duck duck goose
with a handkerchief? So juvenile.

Royal Leader.

You're the best.

I'm going to eat...

your lie.


Subtitle translation by: Dale Joan Angles