Ushijima the Loan Shark (2012) - full transcript

How rich do you think I am?

No idea. About a hundred million yen?

5 or 6 hundred million?

Seriously? Not even close.

Who do you think I am?

So you're a billionaire.

Sometimes I prefer a dingy bar

instead of a halfway posh place.

I still think champagne is the best.

You do, huh?

But white wine is nice, too.

Red wine is where you end up, though.

Sold at 10,000 yen, it's a profit.

then buy it back for 100 later.

If you're smart, it's win-win.

Do you want to come to a party on my cruiser?

Wow, a cruiser?

Wear a dress and heels.

On a boat?

How big do you think it is?


How about you?

Yes, please!

Come, then.

Thank you.

Golfing tomorrow, so excuse me.

Please consider what I said.

No problem.

I'm looking forward to it.

I'll e-mail you.


See you.

Hey, you!

I'm the leader of a rave event club.

Let's trade numbers.

Hey! What are you doing, Jun.


Excuse me.

I'd like to introduce someone.

He brought some of those girls today.

Oh hi, Jun.

I'm Jun Ogawa. Nice meeting you.

Nice meeting you.

Mr. Ninomiya is the CEO of Gootle,

a major listed IT company.

Oh, I've seen you on TV before!

Yes, you're on TV a lot.

Well, sometimes.

Mr. Inomata's an investor

who's begun a restaurant chain.

They control hundreds of millions of yen.

I knew it!

That's Mr. Inomata.

"Event Club BUMPS"?

I've heard of them.

The BUMPS "Fab Five" are famous.

I know!

We'll organize greater events

in the near future and make it big.

You'll find him quite useful.

There's one at the end of the month.

2,000 people will come and our future depends on it.

2,000 people?

That sounds exciting.

So I'm looking for people

or companies to sponsor us.

Mr. Ninomiya, mind if I speak up?

Go ahead.

Jun, what weapon will you use to succeed?


You can't fight without a weapon.

My weapon is...

My network of contacts.

Your network?

Your network?


The 3,000 numbers in these 3 phones are my assets.

That's a lot!

I can't trust a guy who uses 3 phones.

So shallow.

I'd be honored if VIPs like you

joined my network.

Then let's make a bet, Jun.

A bet?

This costs 200,000 yen a pop.

Empty this within a minute and

I'll invest 10 million in your event.

10 million yen?

I'll also give 10,000 yen to every girl here.

How generous!

If you fail to do so, use your network

to introduce me to 100 girls.

Will you do it?

Do it!

Do it, Jun!

Do it. You need his backup.

Of course I'll do it.

Is it possible?

But champagne is carbonated.

Let's do it, then.

Ready? Go!

10 seconds.

Jun, the weapon you need to succeed is...


20 seconds.

Money can buy anything. Even people.

People come willingly and you can take control.

30 seconds.

30 seconds.

I control this room right now.

I'm controlling your desire to succeed,

and the girls' desire for some cash.

40 seconds.

6 months ago I was a poor man in debt.

But my last-ditch contrarian investment hit it big!

50 seconds. 10 more to go.

My world changed at that moment.

Four! Three!

Two! One!


I win.

All right. I'll make the investment.

But there were a few drops left, so...

1 million yen.

That's wicked.

That's why he's rich.

Call my office tomorrow, then.

And these're for the girls!

There's enough for everyone. Line up.

Mr. Inomata.

Who are you?

How did you come in?


6 months ago you borrowed money

from all over the place.

Remember bilking 5,000 yen from Nekomiya Loan?

They couldn't find you

so we purchased your debt.

The principal was 5,000 yen.

We charge 50% interest per 10 days,

so that's 7,389,500 yen.

Plus a million for the trouble.

So that's a grand total of 8,389,500 yen.

Pay up.

This looks bad.

I don't get it.

It's not our problem.

All right, all right. I get it.

Call my office tomorrow, then.


You might not have a tomorrow. Pay now.

Don't be unreasonable.

I don't have the money on me now.

I'll pay you 10 million tomorrow.

You'll get your money.

Make a profit even.

So will you leave now?

The likes of you don't belong in here.

I apologize for disrupting your party.

Sorry about that.

Let's pick up where we left off.

What the hell?

What are you doing?

Hey! This is my place!

What are you doing? Leave!

Trespassing and vandalism.

A bit more, boss.

This is illegal!

Go or we'll call the cops! Ten!

Everyone! Say nine! Eight!

Seven! Six! Five! Four!




No! What's he doing?

I've always been curious.

People are often electrocuted in films.

What'll happen if I stab you?

Your tomorrow is uncertain.

I don't trust a guy who hid for months.

Please trust me!

I do owe money.

But I can pay!

I'll give you one last chance.

If one of your friends lends you 5 million...

right here and now, I'll trust you.

All right.

So please...

Take this...

Take this out.

Mr. Ninomiya.

I'll pay you right back so please help.

I don't have that much on me now.

Mr. Horii.

Please lend me 5 million yen.

No way.

Mr. Inomata, is your restaurant chain OK?

Mr. Saionji.

Mr. Saionji, please!

Let's go.

Why is he in debt if he's so rich?


You all know it!

I have the money!

Someone, please!

Please help me!

I don't want trouble, Inomata.

Take him.

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

Wait! Hey, wait!

What'll happen to him?

Who are you?

He's my sponsor. I'm calling the cops.

I'm not bluffing. I'll really call.



Snatch money or it'll be snatched from you.

You won't get it by flattering people and begging.



Come on.

I'm going to the toilet!

Where is it?

Go away!

Go away!

I hear you. I'll just tag along.


That's Naoya of the Fab Five.

What the...


Stop it!

That hurts!



I'm leaving now.

Oh, I have to go, too.

Pachinko again?

Relatives and debt collectors

have been calling for repayment.

They want money. Is everything OK?

Shut up, everything's fine.

Mommy, I'm hungry.

I know.

I'm hungry.

I'll cook something.

There's no time, Miko.

Buying is cheaper.


I'll buy your favorite rice ball later.

No! I want to eat now! I'm hungry!

Oh shut up.

I'm hungry!

I'm hungry!

Shut up! Shut up!

Stop complaining!

You raped a chick again.

It was consensual. She's smiling.

Obviously she was told to.

She was just a nobody from the sticks.

Our future depends on our next even!

Only 3 more weeks!

Can you sell all your tickets?

No sweat.

I hear that party the other day turned ugly.

It was nothing.

By the way,

I get half the sponsorship fees.


Of course.

Ringtone companies. Hostess bars.

Cosmetic firms. Talent agencies.

I got all your sponsors.

You have a problem?


Oh, and come to our next event for adults.

Lots of big names will be there.

Make connections with the movers and shakers.


And bring 20 girls with you.


Your club is a chick magnet. Easy.

You can do it. I'm counting on you.

Always making demands. Do it yourself!

How's university, Haruko?

No cute guys, so no fun.

Any cute guys in your school?

A beauty school is mostly girls.

Supplies cost a fortune.

I know! Why do textbooks cost so much?

Oh, sorry to leave you out.

It's all right.

Here you are.

It must be nice not having to work or study.

I'm jealous.

Miko's pretty so she could work as a bar hostess

and marry a rich guy.

No way.

Hey, where's Fuyumi by the way?

I didn't invite her.

She always makes things up.

It's irritating.

I know. Do you know her job?


A sex worker.


I saw her enter a brothel.

You don't call working in a brothel a real job.

But seriously, don't trust her.

Fuyumi tried to take me to a fishy "dating cafe".

Scary, huh?


The customers expect to pay for sex.


She's been prostituting since junior high.

Oh, so that's why she can't work properly or go to college.

Oh, I don't mean you.

The big draw of BUMPS is the Fab Five.

Unlike me they're college students with rich parents.

Girls love their performances and buy our tickets.

I'll go to your event.

OK see you.


When's your next event?

End of this month.

You still mucking around?


Get your act together.

You have no money or degree

so start networking to succeed.

Hi, Jun! Call me for your next event!

Will do!

Wow! Everyone knows you!

This is nothing.

I'll become more famous and celebs will come to me.

I'm gonna make it big.

Jun, let me into the VIP room.

Hey, "Daddy". I'm starving.

So am I.

OK! Let's go eat. See you, Miko.

Let me into the VIP room, OK?

I know. The interest, right?

Call me later. You're bad luck.



Just thinking you've really changed.

Cuter, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

See, I just got a manicure. 15,000 yen.

I also bought a bag.

You're making good money.

Yep. My part-time job pays well.

What do you do?

Nothing. Unemployed.

What about income?

I work weekends at the bar where Mom works.

So you deal with old men?

It's just temporary so I don't mind.

Does it pay well?

No, the hourly wage sucks.

Are you stupid? We were born poor.

Youth sells.

I know easy jobs that pay well.

As a sex worker, right?

No. A "dating cafe".

5,000 yen an hour eating with clients.

Wanna try?

Not today.

OK. E-mail me if you change your mind.


Hey, Jun.

The leader of BUMPS?



Jun Ogawa?

It's Nakanishi. About the hall rental.

Pay 3 million up front by next week.

Next week? But our agreement was later...

This will be your biggest event, right?

Your future is at stake!

Yes, but next week's impossible...

I went out of my way to book this big hall for you.

You couldn't have done it yourself.

I went out of my way to book this big hall for you.

And at a student discount!

And at a student discount!

I barely know you so I want my advance.

Don't take advantage of me!

I'm not.

No more halls for you if you don't pay.

Then BUMPS will be in deep shit!

Got that? Pay by next week!

What an egoistical jerk.

But if I don't pay him,

we'll no longer be able to do events in Tokyo.

1 million yen.

"The number you have dialed is no longer in service."

"Please check..."

Hey, where's your mom?

You're Miko Suzuki, right?

Who are you?

Your mom said

you'd pay the 20,000-yen interest.


Because you're family.

See you.




I really need it by next week.

That's impossible.

Come on old buddy,

I trust no one but you.

You can't have my money.

I've lent you enough.


I need 500,000 yen.

The max is 100,000 at first.


You were at that party.


You saw what happens if you don't pay.


What's your job?

I do business as an event organizer.

I have a vast personal network.


Anyway, I need the money for business.

But next month I'll have the money to pay you back.

Here's 100,000 yen.

We charge 50% interest per 10 days.

See you in 10 days.

Snatch money or it'll be snatched from you.

You won't get it by flattering people and begging.

Look who's talking. "Snatch money", huh?

I'll snatch it and get away with it.

He seems like a sketchy small-fry.

He might not be so dumb.

Doesn't matter either way.

We'll collect.

I'm home.

Hi, Miko.

Who was that?

Let's order something to eat.

Lend me 10,000 yen.

I'm broke.

Just the other da I paid 20,000 yen for you to a scary guy.

Lots of well-paying jobs in here.

What's this?

Adult entertainment only.

The bar I work at is closing next month.

I'm the one who raised you until now, Miko,

so now it's your turn to look after me.

Don't be ridiculous.

Sell yourself. You'll miss out

if you don't cash in on your youth.

Are you prostituting yourself?

Miko, will you do me a favor?



Would you be willing to...

Do a threesome with me?

A threesome.

What are you saying?

Just once!

No way! Are you insane?

You have no job and just bum around every day.

You can't be all holier-than-thou.

Miko, you're so young and pretty.

Why not take advantage of...




I can't stand this anymore.


Miko? Where are you?

Internet cafe. I ran away from home.


Hey, will you buy 30 event tickets for me?

30? No way, I'm broke.

I'll let you into the VIP room for 30 tickets.



Lots of young big names will be there.

Make connections and start living a better life.

Do dating cafes really pay well?

Sure. 3 to 5,000 yen just by eating out with clients.

5,000 yen?

We young girls are worth that much.

It's brighter than I expected.

Free drinks and snacks. Stuff to read.

Net surfing. Isn't it nice?

I guess so.

That's a one-way mirror, though.

People are watching.

"Me, 18 years old. Let's chat!"

Gentlemen! She's a newcomer.

First come, first served!


Me! Me!

First comes rock! Rock paper scissors!

One more time!

Fill out this registration card, please.

You've got a date, Ms. "Me".


Just make small talk.

What's your aim?

Um, money?

Oh, so you're "casual". How much?


4 or 5?



With a condom?

The current rate is 20,000 yen.

Including room charge, OK?

Um, just coffee or dinner...


Freeloading pig.

Lots of customers just want sex.

But I don't sell my body.

Many are happy with just coffee.


Thank you.

Ms. "Me", you've got a date.

Where are you going?

This motel.

No way!

Please. I'll pay you 30,000 yen.

No way! Never!

You're just a poor nobody.

Get off your high horse.

Wait! My 5,000 yen!

Pick them up.

You're a beggar.

Damn it.

I'm selling my precious youth.

I'm no beggar.

Some customers can be nasty, but...

But I earned 18,000 yen in 3 hours.

Do I really deserve this much?

I didn't even have to sell my body.

I'd never do it, either.

See you tomorrow.

See you, Fuyumi.

You're itchy there?

You better not have STDs.

It's just a heat rash.


It's a heat rash!

Pay the interest in 10 days.


Young ones have been coming in lately.

Young women can make easy money to repay.

Right, boss?

Thank you! Please come again.

Yeah, see you.

Wow, 10,000 yen! Lucky me!

Sorry, Miko. Will you lend me money?

30,000 yen.


Get me that, "Daddy".

My melon soda! Hurry up!

Here. Don't be so impatient, Yuta.

You're so slow.

Bring me mine, too, "Daddy".

Mine, too. That one.

What does "that" mean?

Get them yourselves!

I'm 3 years older than you all!


Just kidding.

Why is he mad?

Mango juice for me.

Iced tea for me.

Iced tea.

Cola over here, "Daddy".

And cranberry juice.


What's Naoya doing?

I don't know.

We don't need these meetings.

We're busy with university unlike you.

Pointless meetings. We know what to do.

I'm in trouble if I don't attend more classes.

Our future depends on this next event!

You each sell 500,000 yen worth of tickets, OK?

We know, "Daddy".

500,000 yen? All that work just buys this ring.

Bought a new one, Haruki?

Looks good on you.

Oh, did I brag a bit?

I got this, too. Nice, huh?

Mom bought it for me.

You're staring, "Daddy". You want it?


What's that you're wearing?

Is it handmade?

Did your mom make it?

Wow, it is!

Nice try, "Daddy"!

That's so awesome.

It suits you, "Daddy".

What a crappy necklace.

Where the hell is Naoya?

OK. See you again.

Wait. Why do I have to pay so often?

Our policy is "ten-fifty".

50% every 10 days.

But gambling debts we collect daily.

30% every day, or "daily thirty".

How long do I have to keep paying?

Until her debt's paid off.

No, I mean, "Why me?"

Because you're family.

I'll pay the interest.

But I won't pay the principal.

Collect Mom's debt from her!

She's gutsy. But where's her logic?

She makes easy money

without even selling her body.

But she's chipping away her conscience.

When you get used to making easy money,

you stop being thankful.

She's selling off her sense of gratitude.

But she doesn't realize that.



Give it back!

I'll make more by betting it!

I told you my daughter would pay interest.

She refused to pay off your principal.

You're 1,000 yen short.

I have no more.

Gather the change.

If you need more customers, just ask.

Look behind the cabinets.

Miko Suzuki, where are you?

Huh? Who's this?

Are you the debt collector?

I just paid you.

There's more now. Go home quick.

Huh? Why?

"Why?" Because it's your home.

It's not even close.

Where's Naoya?

The rape king? Who knows?

This is bad.


We can't pay for the hall without his 500,000 yen.

Damn it! Voicemail again!

I'll go call Mr. Nakanishi about the hall rental.

Oh, buy us some bread, "Daddy".

You can't pay?

This'll reflect badly on you.

You're networking to succeed, right?

If you lose your credibility, you're over.

Got that? Hurry up.

Yes. Sorry. I'll call you tomorrow.

What an arrogant jerk. Just shut up!

They're gone.

Who do you think you are?

I'm just using you as bait to attract women.

You superficial shits!

Your payment's overdue.

You come to us. Don't take up our time.


This guy?

14:23. You're under arrest for extortion.


Take him.

It's so hot.

Peeing becomes a chore with age.

Oops, I forgot my handkerchief.

OK, then.

We've got 4 other charges against you for extortion.

Call my lawyer.

I won't talk until then.

Daisuke Nishio, Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association.

Call Mr. Nishio of Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association.

What did you say? I couldn't hear you.

You were set up.

But the charge isn't for illegal lending.

Complaints have been filed for extortion.

That's a jail sentence of not more than 10 years.

I'm more worried about them raiding the office.

I can't be arrested for illegal loans.

Then it's 10 years max and a 30 million or less fine.

My bank account will be frozen.

A jail sentence will ruin me.

I'll be finished if that happens.

What now?

Even probation is bad.

My case must be dropped.

1 million up front.

If the victims drop charges within 23 days

and you're cleared, I want 3 million.

That's exorbitant.

Hey, I'm all for eradicating loan sharks.

Even crooks have the right to an attorney...

But working for illegal businesses like yours is risky.

I'll pay the asking price without fail.

Cause you'll do your job without fail.

Tell Ezaki that I've been arrested.

What shall I say?

I won't help you destroy evidence.

Just tell him that I've been arrested.

He's been arrested? What's going on?

The victims claim that a guy like Mr. Ushijima threatened them,

or that he tried to blackmail them.

What? Lawyer?

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

I'm going to meet with 4 of the 5 victims.

They're all these odd young women.

I'll see what I can do.

They can hold him for 23 days.

He has to be cleared by then.

All 5 of them have to drop charges for that!

Get a hold of the last victim.

I know that. I do this for a living.

We're counting on you, sir.

The boss has been arrested?

Something's fishy.

No signs of a secret investigation,

and no tip-off from our police source.

We've been careful with our clients.

Can't imagine a fuckup leading to this.

Why did 5 people suddenly file charges?

Do you think that lawyer will go all out for us?

We have to do it ourselves.

Nobody protects people doing illegal business.

We do things at our own risk.

One more to go.

Let's try again.

Is that my phone? It sure is!


Good morning.


You threatened to kill the girl when we arrested you.


Liar. That's what the victim's saying.

In any case, why did you go meet her?

She called me and we met.

What was your purpose?

To collect money, right?

They all want settlement money.


Then they'll withdraw their complaints.

But if you pay compensation,

that means you admit guilt.

Your case won't be dropped if you do.

Tell Ezaki about the settlement money.

What he does from there has nothing to do with you.

It won't violate legal ethics.

Anyway, they all have to drop charges.

But there's one ugly customer among them.

He's nasty. His name is...

Jun Ogawa, right?

Damn it, Naoya, where the hell are you?

Jun! You're supposed to be working.

You used the newest tanning machine.

I'll charge you.

And you're fired if you're late again.


Where are you going?

I quit this stingy place.


Naoya, where are you?

Bring me your ticket money!

No, you bring me money.


You're the leader of the event club BUMPS, right?

Bring me a million yen.

This fucker banged my woman.

Huh? A million yen? Who are you?

Better be careful about what you say

and how you use tools,

or you'll be in deep shit.

Naoya? Are you OK?

I'm fine. I'm not the one being burned.

Let's talk about money

before all of his skin falls off.

Why do I have to pay you?

Bring me the money by 8 pm tonight.

You understand, Jun?

Don't run away, Jun.

To show you what'll happen if you do,

I'll send you "Naoya's Torture E-zines" every hour

for your pleasure.

Ow! Ow! I can't take this anymore!

What the hell?

Naoya, that idiot.

Gotta work this out.

What? You want us to pay a million for him?

No way. Naoya brought it on himself.

You're the leader so you deal with it.

An advance on the sponsorship fees?

No can do.

Oh, have you gathered the girls for my event?

You better not embarrass me.

What should I do?

500,000 more for the hall

plus 1 million as compensation.

Do I rob a convenience store?

No, wait.

He's sick but I have no choice.

We protect your ass

but you don't pay the protection money!

but you don't pay the protection money!

You're no man.

I've put a bra on you

so live as a woman now.

So who's trying to blackmail you?

I have no idea.

Then there's nothing I can do about it.

I'm meeting him at 8 tonight.

Come with me.

Sorry, Jun. I'm seeing a mobster friend tonight.

What? But we pay you protection money

for just this purpose!

Watch it, man!

You kept quiet about your event the other day!

Give me half the proceeds or you'll be sorry!

Half the proceeds, you hear?

Damn that pig!

How did he find out from so far away?

Thugs like Ishizuka remain local.

They can act big in their hometown.

My aim is much higher.

The success of our next event is essential

for me to rise in life.

Hey Jun! I'll be at the event.

Introduce me to a hot girl.

Let me join BUMPS, man.

Lot's of sex, right?

Date-rape heaven!

Rape is against our rules.

Those scum come for the women

who come for the Fab Five.

Their money supports BUMPS.

Oh, Jun! I'll go to your event again!

Introduce me to Haruki!

I know people. I have connections.

3,000 numbers in 3 phones.

Everything will be fine.

Come on now...

You're a loan shark.

OK, OK. Just stand up.

Stand up!

They took your shoelaces and belt, huh?

So you don't hang yourself from the hard interrogation.

Stand facing the wall.

Keep standing there.

Should you be doing this?

Isn't this illegal?

Who cares? Nobody's watching anyway.

Don't close your eyes, Ushijima.

This is only the beginning.

So silky.

So smooth.

Make sure you delete my phone number.

Well, bye-bye then.

Hey, it's Mai!

Long time no see.

How've you been since then?

Since when?

You lost weight?

Oh, hello there. Um...

Who is he?

Are you her father?

What did you do?

Oh... nothing.

He paid me for sex.

He did what?


But you're only 16!

Child prostitution! What will you do?

I didn't know. I really didn't!

How will you make up for this?

Hey, you!

How will you make up for this?

What will you do?

Go to the cops?

No, um...




Let's settle this amicably...

That's not what I'm saying!

No, please...

How about it, Mai?

Well, since that's what she says...

I'll let you off the hook this time.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



I'm not lending you money.

Because money destroys relationships.

Please! I need 1.5 million by tomorrow!

You're in over your head.

You're losing credit by borrowing from all over.

You've lost sight of yourself.

Respect yourself.

What a cliche.

I'm working my way up cause I've nothing to lose.

Lazy people like you love to preach.

Help him out, Nessie.

Have a bite, Jun.

I don't want any!

Who knows what STDs you have, you whore!

Don't you know mouthwash doesn't prevent STDs?

Shut up!

You took my advice about loan sharks, right?

Yeah, I arranged for the cops

to nabthat guy when he showed up.

The cops?

I just said you could get away with not paying...

I wanted to make those self-important

crooks grovel and pay to settle.

You won't pay compensation? Fuck off!

Fuck off!

She said to fuck off.

Fuck off.


Go home!

What a foul mouth.

I'm glad she's not my daughter.

And why do all these girls want to meet on the streets?


Mr. Ezaki! Hello.


This bitch sold our boss to the cops.

Did you know?


Is that true, Masami?

I don't know.

You better talk or you'll be sorry.

I'm sorry.

Jun told me that I didn't have to pay them back.

And that I might even get compensation.

Is Jun that worthless leader of BUMPS?

Are you nuts?

Did you know you were messing with Mr. Ushijima?

He'll kill you.

First, withdraw your complaint.

The next one that Mr. Nishio met with

was also one of our new clients.

Now we know who 4 of the "victims" are. 1 to go.

Roger. That small-fry, huh?

I'm here.

Show the money.

Put it in the mailbox.

What a waste.

But I have to protect BUMPS.

I'm at the door...

Ow! Ow!

He'll kill me!

Don't tell the cops!

Jun, help me!

The cops... Please don't tell the cops!

Jun! Jun!

No cops.

I heard you.

He'll kill me if I do!

Let's go.

It was on TV so it's got to be good.

It's like those places run by celebrities.

Robber! Monster!

Help! Someone please help!



You've been avoiding me.

Not really.

You know I sell myself, don't you?

It bothers you.

I'm not judging you.

We're in the same boat.

No we're not!

I live in fear of STDs from creeps coming inside me!

You're paid for eating out!

How are we the same?

My home, my job, my everything sucks!

We're not the same at all!

I'm sorry.

No, you're not!

Hey, give me a bit more.

5,000 yen for a hag like you is generous.

Miko, where are you?

I'm in a bind.

I can't pay my debt or rent...

So won't you come home?

Where are you, Miko?

Why won't you come home?


Go away!

Still mad about the threesome?

Just once. Just once is enough.

It's no big deal. You can bear it.

I heard about you.

You're cashing in on your womanhood at a dating cafe.

I'm not like you.

How dare you? Who do you think...

What's up with the new look?

Our receptionist sent it in to me.

It suits you, actually.

And? What brings you here so early?

Good news. 4 out of 5 withdrew their complaints.

Not that I know why.

So if Jun Ogawa withdraws his complaint,

then I'm free to go?

But the cops won't give up that easily now.

You know that, don't you?

The boxes.


Duct tapes.

Search warrant.

If the cops raid your office

and seize evidence of illegal loans...

Cow Cow Finance is over.

You can't get through to him?

And he's never home.

Find everyone he's connected to.

Business as usual, too.

Yes, sir.

Your payment's overdue, woman!


I hear BUMPS events are rad so I wanna go...

Do you know where Jun Ogawa is?

What? Oh, well actually,

I used to have a crush on him.

I owe Jun money but I can't reach him.

Norika, your debt's due today.

Do you know where else Jun might be?

Find him! It's for an interview!

Jun's time capsule...

I realized that Jun was my only one.

Come here! Walk if you have to!

Drag your ass over!



Whoa, whoa, whoa....


Thank goodness.

I thought you went bankrupt

because you were all gone.

How did you find us?

You said before that this would be

your emergency hideout.

What happened?

Why are you here?

It's been so long

and that's all you have to say to me?

I finally got a new job...

so I came to tell you.

This is for everybody.

"Steamed sweet bean cakes"?

It's from my hometown and really good.

We're busy now.

I'll go after I see Mr. Ushijima.

Where is he?

This is just small talk.

I can't have a hand in crime, you know.

Yes I know.

Just tell him as small talk.

Lots of nasty thugs are involved with Jun Ogawa.

Yuta Negishi, a.k.a. "Nessie".

He uses underage girls to pull badger games.

Minoru Ishizuka, or "The Pig".

Head of "Tiger", a biker gang in Omiya.

BUMPS pays him for protection.

He's chubby, but is terribly sadistic and unsparing.

And there's more.

At Jun Ogawa's parents' place,

we saw a psycho who's said to be

a murderer called Fleshviper.

He blackmailed Naoya of BUMPS for raping his woman,

and because Jun is the leader,

Fleshviper latched on to him.

The woman in question vanished, too.

Jun Ogawa himself is insignificant,

but the club's events are lucrative.

So these freaks smell money

and gang up like hyenas.

If we don't hurry and outsmart them

and collect our money from Jun Ogawa...

End small talk.

See you.

Oh yeah.

Your former employee had a meal delivered to you.

Not enough ketchup.

My parents' place?


Your younger sister's cute.

Is she in junior high?


Pay a million more.

BUMPS is over if Naoya's rape comes to light.

But I already paid you a million!

A million more.

No, I'm broke.

You better watch your mouth.

If you don't pay me,

I'll make you and your family...

suffer more than Naoya.

Bring it to me today.

I'll call you again.

He's nuts. He's completely insane.

Why is he doing this?


How do you spend your evenings?

Just normally.

Normally how?


Just scram!


Jun, thanks for looking after me.

But it's not so bad.

I can buy your tickets now...

What are you saying?

Will you lend me a million yen?

You must have that much by dating.

Oh! Are you OK?

Thank you.

Why did you help?

We pay them to do their job.

Why not?

Oh. A million yen.

Yeah. I'm in deep shit.


I'll help you.


Yeah, really.

When I was wandering around Shibuya,

you picked me up and took me to a club.

I'd been spending my days aimlessly,

but you showed me a dazzling world and gave me advice.

I want to help you.

Thanks. I'll always let you in the VIP room

and introduce you to hot guys.

If I earn 30,000 yen a day at the cafe,

I'll have a million in about a month...

A month?

I can't wait that long!

But I don't have a million now.

Why don't you...

Sell your body?

As a call girl or whatever.

You'd earn a million in a snap.


What the hell?


Jun? Cow Cow Finance is looking for you.

They paid me 300,000 to keep quiet.

You should talk to them, too.

OK. I'll tell you where to send them.

OK. I'll tell them.


So they really need me to drop the charge.

OK! This is my last chance!

He said he'd be there.

We'll deal with you later!

I want 2.5 million yen.

What? You...

Our boss was arrested because of you!

Don't, Takada.

But this twerp...

We'll give you 2.5 million.

Mr. Ezaki!

1 million. Here.

2 million.

500,000 yen.

All right?

But go to the police station today.

Got it?

Got it.

Be sure to do it.

I'll pay the remaining 1.5 million hall fee now.

Do it right next time. Build up trust.

Yes, thank you.

Well, that was so easy.

I'd have done this sooner

if I'd known they'd pay so easily.


I have the money. We're done.

No, pay me another million.

And bring me someone to blackmail.


Just bring me the million now.

I'm in your apartment now.

You should clean up your room.

So you played basketball in high school.

How dumb.


Oh yeah.

That girl you were talking to at that restaurant.

She's hot.

Is she your woman?

If you don't pay another million,

I'll cut her private parts.

No! Leave her alone! She's not mine!

Do convenience stores sell knives?

I'll pay you.

I'll pay you after the event, so...

What the hell?

It's no use.

He can't be reasoned with.

Ms. "Me", you've got a date.

Oh yeah.

One, two, three, four, five. Your tip.

This much?

You're worth that much, "Me".

Or rather, Miko.

Don't you remember me?

Let's have sex in that motel.

Your mom said 70,000 for a threesome

so I'll pay you 50,000.


You work there because you want cash, right?

I have to work so hard to earn 50,000!

But it's so easy for you!

You should be thankful!


You bitch!


You got off easy this time,

but I'll get you.

Have a good day.







I'd like to help before my new job starts.

Is there anything I can do?

What are you doing?

Are you coming or not?

Good luck.

Mr. Ninomiya! You came!

Your events are top priority, Jun.

Thank you very much!

Jun Ogawa.

Of the Fab Five?

The leader of BUMPS.

He's the Fab Five's boss.

Looks great. People are pouring in.

Thank you.

Why not incorporate BUMPS if today goes well?

Sounds great.

Today will be awesome. Have fun.

Hey, show them to the VIP room, now!

Yes. This way please.

Hey, crank it up! Go all out!

You need tickets.

I know Jun really well!

Do you have a problem with that?

Please go in.

Why didn't Jun tell me about this event?

That wiseass messed with me,

so I get all the proceeds.

Hey! It's almost time!

Let's do it! Yeah!

Relax, "Daddy".

I'm counting on you. OK! Let's go!

How's everyone doing?

It's hot out but hotter in here!

Welcome to the BUMPS Summer Jack Party!

The Fab Five!

Share me some of the proceeds.

It looks like you're rich now.

See you later.

You don't give up, do you?

You're free now. What do you want?

You owe us money.


The total amount you and those women took...

plus interest and late fees, 1.25 million.

And we bought up all the other debts you've accumulated.

1.55 million worth.

Plus 6 million for losses incurred while I was gone.

9.3 million total.

I can't pay that much.

Hey, you! Wait! Remember me?

We're taking today's proceeds.

Put on an event every month to pay the rest.

Do you want me to call the cops again?

Go ahead.

But we're collecting every penny.

Don't try to run.

We've got every door covered.

Shit, where's Jun?

Mr. Ishizuka!

Ushijima the loan shark.

We're leaving.

What's wrong, Mr. Ishizuka?

Nothing. I'm seeing a mobster friend tonight.

But we came out so far.

You dumbass! Don't talk back to me!

The Pig... So he came to take tonight's proceeds.

I might have a chance if they take each other on.

Mr. Ishizuka!

Mr. Ishizuka! Mr. Ishizuka!

That little shit!

You won't get away, Pig!

Mr. Ishizuka!

Hey, Pig! Ishizuka the Pig!

Get this guy, will you?


Hello, there.

I'm Ishizuka of the biker gang Tiger.

Who are you?

Mr. Ushijima the loan shark.

What brings you here?

He's being totally ignored.

What a useless pig!

He's making a fool of you and Tiger.

Are you OK with that?

This loan shark wants me to pay him a crazy amount!

He'll even take your share!

Tell him off!

Is that true, Mr. Ushijima?

Hey, Ushijima! Don't mess with me!

Just do him in, Mr. Ishizuka!

Wait, Ushijima!

Who the hell are you?

Do you shower? You're so oily.

Did you see that?

That's called bargaining.

Ushijima was scared shitless of me.

Couldn't say a word.

Mobsters know how to bargain.

Only fools come to blows. Don't forget.

Watch where you're going!

Hey Jun!


I have to go say hello.

Come to the VIP room! Big names galore!

Bring 10 girls with you!

What do I do?

I might really have to pay.

BUMPS is about to soar.

I can't trip up now.

Rich people seek love because they can't buy it.

They long to be popular.

If only I could get away...

You can bring 10 girls, can't you?

I know! I'll drag that psycho into this!

I might get a chance to escape!

"Come to the venue, you shit!"

Come to think of it,

I've never seen him before.

What are you up to?



You're Fleshviper.



I have to pee.

I'll wait there.

The place is packed now. Get the money.

No, more people will come.

Jun Ogawa!

You told me to come.

Don't make me wait.

Why is he wearing that in summer?

Who is that?

Another friend of yours?

Hey, four-eyes!

Why are you glaring at me like that?

Your face is obnoxious.


You sent me an obnoxious e-mail...

and brought along this obnoxious dork, why?

Trying to piss me off?


This cost only 100 yen.

Aren't 100-yen stores amazing?

I bought this just now for you.

I was planning on chopping you up.

What should I do? What's my next move?

Let's go get the money.

Hey! Wait, four-eyes!

You don't blink.

You're tough.

Nice one.


Calm down. Think of something else.

Trash. Is that burnable or non-burnable?

My dream is...

To use my connections to eventually...

run a profitable model agency.

Expensive condos, cruising on weekends,

and enough champagne to throw up.

No! Come back to reality!

Look, there's Jun.

Where were you?


Come on!

Let me go!

You're Yuta Negishi, right?

Who are you?

You put ideas into Jun Ogawa's head,

didn't you?

Having fun?

Let me introduce someone!


The main man of tonight's event,

our leader...

Jun Ogawa!

Hi, everyone!

Thanks a lot for coming today!

Let's liven it up and party all night!

You can do it, "Daddy"!

Go, leader!

Jun! Jun!

They love me!

I can do it!

I'll rise up higher in this world!

Nobody can stand in my way!

Thank you!

You're all great!

Let's party all night!

You've got a date, Ms. "Me".

Ms. "Me"?

My boyfriend is coming.

Perfect ten!

Shut up.

Come on!

Kill me if you can.

Stop. I get it.

That's enough.

I can do it.

I can get away.

I'll get away.

That's all of it.

Incorporation! Listed company! VIP!

Where are you taking me?

To your place and your parents'...

to collect cash and bankbooks.

I can't pay such a crazy amount!

You're criminals!

Let me out! Let me out now!

Stop the car.

Yes, sir.

That's better. I'm leaving.

You're not getting off.

Oh, me?

It's almost midnight.

This month will end.

You start your new job tomorrow.

Yes, well...

Get off.

Take care.

Thank you.

You too, Mr. Ushijima...

How the heck will I get home?

Let me go, too.

Oh, never mind!

You crooks should just be apprehended!

I'll never drop charges this time!

I see.

I've got plans if you feel that way.


Yes, sir.

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

You wouldn't.

For a principal of just 500,000 yen,

you wouldn't dare! That's insane!

What would you gain from this?

Don't kill me!

You kill mosquitoes for sucking blood, right?

It's like that.

Over 100 bodies are found here annually,

but most are unidentifiable.

Wild animals eat the corpses

so nothing remains.

Forgive me! I'll never go to the cops!

I'll organize events and repay you for sure!

That's not what you said before.

Your words can't be trusted.

What's that?

No, wait! Wait a sec!

Please give me one last chance!

I've got connections!

Let me make calls!

Know why we charge so much interest?

Because debtors have no means...

to repay us and they tend to flee.

Choose 3 people from your 3 phones.

I'll trust you

if even one guarantees your debt and pays interest.

I'll desert you if nobody agrees.

Who will you call first?

Nessie! I'm in deep shit! Help!

Nessie, I need your help!

It's Mai.

Mai? Get Nessie on the line!

I'm at the hospital.

Nessie's hurt really bad.

What? Then... then Mai.

Lend me money!

Money? No way.

Then be my guarantor.


What's that? No way!

Give back the money you owe me!

Wait, hold on...

Hey! Hey Mai!

Who's next?

Good work, people!

Haruki! "Daddy" is calling.

Don't bother.


Who'll be last?

I know you're there, Mom!

Answer the phone!

Even your folks have given up on you.


Miko! Is it you?

Congratulations on your event.

Never mind! Do me a favor!


I quit that dating cafe.


You were so dazzling to me, Jun.

The way you were trying so hard...

to rise up in a glamorous world.

But you also showed me

that money can be dangerous.

I was hasty and shortsighted,

and tried to make easy money...

and lost many things along the way.

I'd been drifting along without a purpose in my life.

I never sold my body...

but I did sell my conscience.

I'm going to start over again.

But I'll always be your fan.

You need a favor? What?

You need money? I'll try to help.


Never mind. Forget it.


I said never mind, you fool!




What? I can't hear you.

What did you say?

What's wrong, Jun?


Miko is...

She's a bit dumb

but she's got a good heart.

I'll pay for my own mistake.

Don't drag her in.

You're all criminals!

You can't get away with this!

Don't leave me here!

Here you go. A burger and fried shrimp.

Be careful, the plate's hot.

Hey, we're waiting!

Too slow!

I'm sorry. I'll go check.

Hey, your shift is over now.

Yes. That table hasn't been served.




How's table 13 coming along?

Almost done!


I'll take you home.

Thank you.

Your mom paid back her debt.

So we're done with you.



Her life must be tough at 790 yen an hour.

Do we lend her some?

She probably won't take it.

The value of the 50,000 yen she earns now...

isn't the same as before.

She won't get anywhere with a job like that.

It'll be just a boring life out here in the sticks.

To each their own.

Upholding one's way of life is the hard part.

"Because it's your home."

Gotten used to the job?

Yes. I've learned a lot.

Learned what?

That it's really hard to earn money.

This is me.

Oh, here?

I'll see you tomorrow, then.

See you.

Thank you.


You came back home!

I'm sorry, Takeru.

Mommy! Miko's home!



Lend me 1,000 yen.

Who are you?

I'm Uchida in apartment 101.

Please, lend me 1,000 yen.

No way!


You begged at 6 doors and only 2,000 yen.

Such cold neighbors.

Let's go.

Nice weather.

It's really overcast today.

Don't talk for the hell of it.

Would you do that woman?

Huh? Why do you ask?

She's a middle-aged whore.

So would you?

No way.

Why are you asking me?

I always wonder if I'd do the women I see.

That's not really the norm.



Human beings have propagated that way.

Do or die, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest.

Is it that big a deal?

Devour what you see or you'll die out.

Ezaki, we get it so just shut up.

Directed by Masatoshi Yamaguchi

This movie is a work of fiction.

Black-market lending is a crime.

Also kidnapping and abandon are crime.

No debt is worth dying for. Seek help.