Useless (2020) - full transcript

When her mother dies tragically in a car accident, 17 year-old Jessie is taken in by her aunt and uncle, in Western Montana. She finds herself in a new school, with the unexpected attention...

- Oh we're gonna be so late.

Mom, your name tag.

- Oh gosh.

- Where's your long sleeve?

- I'll get changed as
soon as I get registered.

Come here.

I love you.

- I'll see you tomorrow night.

- Drive carefully kiddo.

- I will mom.

You're gonna be late.


- I'm sure glad you're my girl.

You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

- I love you too.

you forgot your hat.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Thanks for coming.

- Oh Mick, I'm so sorry.

How's Laurel?

- She's hanging in there.

- This is so terrible.

- Yeah, we're all
still pretty shook up.

- What about Robin's daughter?

- Jessie.

must be devastated.

I don't know that
it's quite landed yet.

- I am so sorry Laurel,

your sister was a great friend.

We're all gonna miss her.

- Thank you.

You ready to go, Jessie?

Where is she going?

- I'll see.

- No horses.

- Not for a while, no.

Remember when we
came out that summer?

Gosh, when was that,

and we went on a
trail ride to uh...

- Pine Meadow.

- Yeah, Pine Meadow.

That was fun.

You go back there ever?

- Not since mom started
competing again.

Maybe we could board some.

- What's that?

- Horses.

- Yeah, maybe.

It really hurts, huh?

- Does it ever go?

- It, uh,

it eases over time.

But peace will come.

Hey, why don't we go inside?

Hey, it's all right.

It's okay kiddo.

We're gonna make
it through this.

You're gonna live ,

I promise you that.

- I have to go back
to the house tomorrow

and bring the keys to the bank.

Do you wanna ride with me?

You could grab your car

or anything else that's left.

- You got wheels now?

- Mom found a really sweet deal.

What is it?

- I don't know, old.

But it does this thing
like when it rains

the radio turns on by itself.

- Well that's different.

- I just keep the
knob turned down.

- Have you checked
your headlight fluid?

- You mean blinker fluid?

- Yeah, that's what I mean.

The blinker fluid.

How about I take a look at it?

Hey, I can do this.

Why don't you go sit
down a while and relax.

- It's okay.

- Should have seen how
she grabbed hold of me,

like she's drowning.

I wish we could have been
there for her growing up.

- Mick, we did all we could,

it just wasn't meant to be.

- I know it.

It's just she's
here now with us,

and I can't, I
won't let her down.

- When's the last time
you let anybody down, hmm?

- What about you?

You doing okay?

- I'll be all right.

- Really?

These things got a way
of sneaking up on you.

- It sure makes you think.

- Hey, don't worry, you
ain't gonna lose me.

What are you doing?

Don't choke.

- Taking precautions.

- You're silly.

- Five bags total?

- Yeah, five will do it today.

Mick, how are you?

- Hey, Jim, been a while.

- Yeah.

You're working here now?

And they got you loading feed?

- Whatever keeps me busy.

- No kidding.

How you like it?

- Living the dream,
living the dream.

Seriously Jim, I'm just glad

to have something to get
us through, you know?

- Well you do what you gotta do.

- That you do.

Good seeing you buddy.

- You too.

And say hi to the family.

- I'll do that, thanks.

I'm sorry you had
to switch your last year,

that's really tough.

- It's okay.

- So what comes
after graduation?

Have you thought about college?

- College?

- Yeah.

I mean not that you'd have to,

but it's always an option.

- Oh I'm pretty sure I
know what I wanna do.

- Barrel racing?

- Mm-hmm.

- What about nursing?

It's really stable, good pay.

There's never enough
nurses in the world.

- I don't really
wanna be a nurse.

- Okay.

But I mean have you at least
explored other options,

you know besides barrel racing?

Just do me a favor

and at least look
at other options.

- Yeah, I can do that.

Sorry, I can't
remember the name.

- Roscoe.

- Roscoe.

Looking for Gus.

- He should be right over there.

If you hustle you
might catch him.

You know how quick he moves.

- All right, thanks.

- You bet.

Miss working for you, Mick.

- Well hey, then put in a
good word for me, will you?

Well Gus, you know I can buck
logs with the best of 'em,

and I know the management side,

so I can pitch in there too,

it's a win/win.

- We're full up Mick.

Since you guys started the
layoffs we've had our pick.

- Well then you got some
pretty good guys, didn't you?

- Indeed we did.

- Well, you know,
given my experience

with them very same fellas,

and my track record,

I'd fit right in.

- I'm sorry, Mick, there's
just no room for you here.

- I understand.

All right.

No worries.

Gus, listen, if
something does come up

you'll give me a holler, huh?

- Sure, Mick, sure.

By the way, say hi to
Laurel for me, will you?

- Yeah, you bet.

- Jessie, is there anything
else you can think of?

- There's a couple
things in the barn,

I'll just grab them,

you can go on ahead.

- Are you doing okay?

We can always come back
for your car if you wanted.

- No, that's fine.

I'll see you at the house.

- We have 12 more horses
coming in next week

so make sure we account
for that with the feed.

- He got out again?

Didn't someone fix the gate?

- Yeah, I thought we did.

Hello, I found
this guy near the road.

- Oh my gosh, thank you so much.

- Of course.

- He's turning into quite
the Houdini, this one.

- What a beautiful horse.

- He better be for $90,000.

So what's your story?

You live in the area?

- Not too far.

I live with Mick and Laurel,

they're my aunt and uncle.

- I'm Amber.


- Let me know if there's
anything I can do.

- Well actually I'm
looking for a job,

do you know anyone who's hiring?

- Why don't you
stop by next week

and we can talk about it.

- Okay.

Just come here?

- Yeah, I'm usually around.

- All right, thanks.

I might have a job.

- Oh really?

- At the horse farm
around the corner.

- Amber's Place.

- Yeah, AMber's the one I met.

We're gonna talk about it.

- Well that would be great
if you got a job right off.

- Just good luck.

- It's more than that.

- Seems to me though a
cowgirl might feel out

of place over there.

- Not this cowgirl.

So what's the pay?

- Don't know.

- Long as it keeps you
around horses, huh?


- Yeah.

Well this has all the ear
markings of a Laurel casserole.

Except something's missing.


- I'm trying
something different,

it's called left over casserole.

- Ah, new family favorite.

And remarkably it
changes every time.

- Hey you,

you're welcome to
sit here if you want.


- Jessie.

Nice to meet you.

- Do you want me to
show you around a bit?

- No, that's okay.

I'm sure I can figure it out.

- What is it?

- Who are those guys?

- Oh, they're all like
into rodeos and such.

- What are you into?

- Bugs.

- What do you mean?

- Like collecting them.

- Oh.

What kind of bugs?

- Anything really.

Like have you ever
heard of the ambush bug?

- No.

- They literally ambush
other bugs and eat them.

It's so interesting.

They like yellow flowers

and black-eyed Susans.

I could find one for you

if you would like.

- No, that's okay.

- Okay.

- Kenzie?

- Huh?

- Thanks for asking
me to sit with you.

- Sure.

Hey, there you are.

- What's up?

- Nothing.

Except what you
doing Friday night?

- I don't know.


- Laurel works late,

and I thought maybe
we could go in

and catch us a rodeo.

Sound fun?

- Yeah, let's do that.

- Kyle?

- Hey Mick.

- I thought that was you,

what are you doing?

- I'm working on an
article for the Exponent.

That's MSU, right?

- Uh-huh.

- Good for you.

College man now.

Oh, you remember
my niece, Jessie.

- Oh my gosh, it's been years.

- Yeah, like five.

- You back for a visit?

- Nah, she's with us now.

- Well I better go,

get out of your guys' way.

- Hey, don't be a stranger.

We should have you over
for a game of Rook.

- If you still like losing.

- We'll see who loses.

- Let's make it happen.

- You bet.

- He's a good guy.

Up, up, up.

Shoulders back.

Count your steps.

- Hello, Amber?

Jessie, I found your horse.

We were gonna talk
about possible work.

- Oh, right.

It's not a great time, Jessie.

- Oh, I'm sorry,
I can come back.

- No, just give me a sec.

No problem.

- Shoulders back,
shoulders back.

Count your steps.

Why don't you take
over for a minutes.

Let's go someplace quiet.

They're not pets.

They're mostly thoroughbreds

and they can definitely
be a handful.

- I can handle that.

- So what's the number
one rule of horses?

- Always get back on.

- I was gonna say don't pay
too much for an Arabian.

But that works.

- Oh.

- It's not glamorous.

Most of it's gonna
be mucking out stalls

and stacking hay bales.

I expect you to work.

Does that sound like
something you'd like?

- Yes, that sounds great.

- Okay then.

Welcome to the team.

- Well I don't know
what Dusty told you,

but he was my son's horse.

As a two year old we started
him on cut and training.

Man, he was athletic.

Seemed to love every bit of it,

until one day he
just gave it up,

started shaking all
over, wouldn't even move.

I've never seen
anything like it.

- Yeah, Dusty said
he wasn't much more

than a pasture ornament.

Can he be rode?

- I supposed that depends on
what you're gonna do with him.

He's pretty darn spooky.

- So what happened?

- My son just
pushed him too hard.

He might be all right eventually

for trail riding
or pleasure riding.

But for cutting,
completely useless.

So what's his name?

- His name's Lucky.

$500, he's yours.

- Laurel.

- Mick.

- Grab your shoes,
come on outside.

- Why?

- You know that feeling you get

where something's
planned out for you,

and everything just
falls together?

- What are you talking about?

- I may have found
a horse for Jessie.

- Oh.

- I figured we could go
tomorrow and pick him up.

- Mick, we can't afford a horse.

- I may have raided
the cash jar.

- Honey, that was for you.

- I don't need another rifle.

I haven't been this excited
about something in a long time.

It just feels so right.

I mean she's our baby girl now.

- It's just...

- Come on,

ain't you a little excited?

- Every time I hear her
talking about barrel racing

I just hear Robin's
voice in her,

spending her whole
life chasing a dream.

And for what?

- It's just a horse.

- It's not.

That's a lie.

Is that what you
want for her, Mick?

- She lost her mom, honey.

She needs something
to hold onto.

- I'm just scared for her.

I just can't wish that away.

- I know you are.

And you got such a big heart,

but I'm asking you
here to be brave.

This has to be from you

as much as it is from me.

If not, we don't.

What should we do?

- This is the second time

we've had to speak
about this issue.

I don't like it
anymore than you do.

I'm not trying to
spoil anybody's fun,

but we have rules for a reason.

Let's end the year
on a good note.

Get through it and you
can live however you like

outside my school.



You can go.

- Thank you, sir.

- And take that stupid hat off.

- Well looky here, a bug.

Come on man, I found it first.

- It's not yours.

- So?

- So it's not very nice.

- Loser.

- Punk kid.

- It's ruined.

- So are you gonna
introduce me to your friend?

- Who?

Oh this is Jessie,

Jessie this is Blaze.

- Thanks, that was nice.

- No big deal.

So what's your story?

- Do you rodeo?

- Yes I do, do you ride?

- My mom did.

- But not you?

- I can ride.

- I bet you can.

- I gotta get to class.

- You should really come
see me ride some time,

it gets pretty wild.


Or maybe you should
watch me ride.

Maybe I will.

- Come in.

- Hey, what you doing?

- Nothing.

You wanna come outside
and see something?

- What is it?

- You gotta come find out.

He's yours.

- Where did he come from?

- Found it through Dusty.

He's bred for cutting,

but he got spooked
pretty bad in training.

He swears up and
down he's useless,

but I think with a steady hand

and a steady heart we can
make it so that just ain't so.

What do
you think, Jessie?

You up for this?

- Oh, yeah.

All right, well care

and feeding's
gonna be up to you.

Can you handle that?

- Uh-huh.

All right.

- He's beautiful.

Kind of short though.

- So are you.

All right let's show
him his new home.

What's his name?

- Believe it or not
they called him Lucky.

I think it just
might finally fit,

but you can call him
whatever you like.

- Lucky.

Welcome home.

- You might wanna think about

what you can do to
put him to work.

I think
I have an idea.

- I have something for you.

- Laurel.

- It means a lot to me,

so take good care of it, okay?

- Thank you.

- Well, don't you
wanna saddle him up?

- Yes.

are you in here?

- Hey, what's up?

- Think fast.

This is not a club.

- Mine.

- Ready?

- I'll get him saddled.

- Easy.



Don't push him too hard.

Ease into it.

Uncle Mick,
I have done this before.

- I know you have,
but he hasn't.

He's got a long way to go.


All right, let him
stretch it out.

Kind of athletic.


- All right, keep him moving.

Don't forget, quiet hands
make for a quiet horse.

- Mom said that.

- Well she was right.

It's the same for barrels
as it for cutting.

Horse gets his cues from you.

Well hello there.

Gosh, that time already?

- Actually I'm a
little late, sorry.

- It's not a problem at all.

- Late for what?

- You're not playing?

- Playing what?

- Rook of course.

Didn't knock over any barrels.

Oh, hey, nice hat.

- Thanks.

- You're about the
only person I know

that has worse luck
with these things.

At least I'm good
for something, huh?

We still good on trade?

- You get this thing running,

I'll deliver that hay myself.

Awful good thing
you guys are doing

taking in your niece like that.

- Well that's kind of
you to say so, Bob,

I appreciate it.

Let's see what we can do
about this thing, huh?

You okay, Mick?

- Just a little light headed.

- Let me get you
a drink of water.

- What's wrong?

Where you off to?

- An old friend I ran
into at work called

and said he wanted
to talk business.

Does this look business?

Hold still.

- You look great.

I gotta go.

- Not without this.


- All right, wish me luck.

- Good luck.

- Jessie.

Something's happened.

Mick's in the ER.

- What?

What happened?

- I don't know, I'm
going there now.

I'll call you later, okay?

- Laurel.

- Jessie, I'm so sorry.

I was gonna call you
but my phone died.

- What's going on?

- They don't really know,

but he's been moved from
the ER to a long term room.

- Long term?

- He lost his vision
while he was driving.

- What?

- Yeah.

He didn't hit anyone, thank God.

- How does that happen?

- They're saying he had a
blood clot in his brain.

- But...

- Jessie, don't worry,

he's gonna be okay.

They're saying maybe
just a couple weeks

and he'll be back on his feet.

He's gonna be okay.

We'll go back in
the morning, okay?

- Okay.

- Jessie, you can go in now.

- Please don't leave me.

- Hey Jessie, a little birdie
told me you've been racing.

Hey, what's going on?

It's okay, you can tell me.

- My uncle's in the hospital.

- Gosh, that's terrible.

Come here.

- Kyle.

I brought
you guys some dinner.

It's from my mom.

- That's really sweet.

- She says there's more coming.

How you doing?

I'm so sorry, Jess.

I wish there was
more I could do.

- Kyle.


It's from my mom.

- Tell her thank you.

- If there's any way I can help,

just let me know.

- You doing okay?

Well I was gonna find
something sappy to watch,

I need a good cry.

- I could go for that.

I just have to put Lucky away.

- Okay.

- We had another race planned,

I don't know what to do.

- When is it?

- Friday.

- You still want to?

- I think I need to.

- Well, you could use the truck,

but do you think you could
handle the maneuvering

and backing and all that?

Why don't you ask
Kyle to go with you?

- He's awkward.

There might
be a reason for that.

- You ready?

- Thanks for going with me.

- Well I'm a poor
substitute for Mick,

but I'll do my best.

- It's just one race.

You can't win 'em all.

- No, I know.

I just thought he had it.

- It's disappointing isn't it?

- Mom would know what to do.

- What makes you so
sure it's a thing?

I mean what if he just slipped?

- He turned right into it.

I remember mom helping other
riders figure this one out.

- So it's common?

- I guess.

- I'll figure it out.

- What ado you know
about barrel racing?

- Nothing, but I'm
good at research,

and we're a team, right?

- Okay.

- How's Mick doing?

- The nurse had him up and
walking today, so that's good.

- I'm really glad to hear that.

- Laurel said he's already
plotting his escape.

- Sounds like Mick.

- I better go.

- Okay.

- Look who it is,
my long lost pal.

- How are you feeling?

- Like a million bucks.

A million old worn out bucks.

No, I'm just glad
to be home kiddo.

- I've been worried about you.

- And here I've been
worried about you.

- Come on, let's get inside.

- Laurel,

I am so sorry.

- We're gonna be just fine.

- That's my line.

- I have a few
huckleberries left,

how about pancakes for dinner?

- Huckleberry pancakes,

that sounds so good.

- Lucky knows you want speed

so when you go into
that second barrel

he puts his shoulder into it,

cutting through it
like a short cut.

You ask him for speed,

he's just trying
to give it to you.

So what you have
to do is teach him

how to put his hip in

and not pull his shoulder out.

- Right, easy.

- Well it can be,

it's just a lot of ground work.

- Listen to you.

- I told you, I do my research.

- Seriously, where'd
you learn that?

- YouTube.

- What are you doing?

- Sorry, I didn't
wanna wake you.

- Couldn't sleep?

- Ah, not really.

- What's going on?

- I, uh, start to doze off,

and then it feels like
it's happening again.

- I don't want you to go
back to work, not yet.

- Then what?

What am I supposed to do here?

- Trust.

- Hey Jessie.

- Hey.

- You look great in those jeans.

- Thank you.

- So are you coming?

- Where?

- The bull bash.

There's gonna be
some hellish rides.

You should definitely be there.

- Maybe.

- Well, if you nothing else

you should come to
the after party,

it's our tradition.

- Oh, what kind of party?

- Nothing too crazy,
just good times.

I'm especially inviting you.

- I'll definitely
think about it.

- Have you seen Gamble
looking a little lame?

- I don't know, maybe a little.

- Oh, look at you,
taking the initiative.

- I've been working my
way through the tack room.

It's kind of fun.

- It can be.

So how are things?

I hear Mick's on the mend.

- He's starting to
seem more like himself.

- Big jokester, isn't he?

- Yeah, mostly.

- Well I'm glad
he's doing better.

- Do you ever ride just for fun?

- Less and less it seems.

- When you did, you could
pick any horse you wanted?

- I have a few options, yeah.

- How would you choose?

- What do you mean?

- Well if you had two horses,

and one was really
fast and exciting,

and the other was really
steady and predictable.

- And boring.

- Yeah, boring.

You'd choose the fast one?

- Predictable isn't boring,

it's just predictable.

If I'm on a trial
ride in the mountains,

I wanna know how that
horse is gonna act.

If a grouse flies up,

and I'm on the side

of the mountain

and the fast one's
inclined to bolt,

that's not exciting,
that's dangerous.

- Right.

- So it's more a
matter of trust.

Do I trust him or
does he trust me?

You'll figure it out.

- Why?

- Because I don't
wanna go alone.

- I guess, but what about Kyle?

- I don't know, it just seems
like it could get weird.

- Because of Blaze?

- Yeah, he asked me
there especially,

isn't it weird to bring a guy?

- I guess.

But you don't really
know him, Jessie.

He was never nice to me before.

- Maybe he never
noticed you before.

- Well yeah, that's
kind of the point.

- I just, I don't wanna be rude.

- And you don't wanna go alone.

- Right.

Don't you wanna see
some bull riding?

- Well not especially,

but since you're my friend

I guess I can go.

- Thank you.

- Hello my good man,

welcome to the yellow
submarine emporium.

What's your delight?

- You know what I want.

- You never know,

one one these days Blaze
might just blaze one.

- Full dose.

Have fun.

- Hey, uh...

- What is it?

- It's nothing.

I was just thinking,

I'm gonna be back at school

the rest of the week,

but what are you doing Friday?

- Oh, I was gonna go to
the bull bash on Friday.

- Oh, do you want
me to go with you?

- No, that's okay.

It's just for a friend.

- Friend who rides bulls?

- Uh-huh.

- So is this like a...

- Look, I better
start warming up.

- Okay.

I'll see you after.

- This looks great, Aunt Laurel.

- I thought a salad
would be nice.

- How are you?

Who me?

- Do you know when you're
going back to work yet?

- So far that exact
piece is unclear.

- They just don't know what
they're doing, it'll happen.

- So how's your new
coach working out?

- Who Kyle?

He's fine.

He's just not you.

- Well I heard he
solved Lucky's problem.

- Uh-huh, research.

- So when's your next race?

- Well, I've been hoping you
guys would be able to go.

It's at the fair.

- I wouldn't miss
it for the world.

- Anybody want more water?

- Hey you, you ready to go?

- Wait, you mean go, go?

- Yeah.

- There's that party after,

didn't you want to go?

- Jessie, you know they're
going to be drinking, right?

- Well maybe, but it
doesn't mean we have to?

- Are you serious?

- It can still be fun.

- I don't know, I
have a bad feeling.

- Why?

We can always leave
if it gets crazy.

- I'll just get a ride home.

- Really?

- Yeah, it's fine.

I hope you have fun.

- Okay, well thanks
for going with me.

- Hey Jessie, come
hop in with me.

What's the matter?

You nervous?

- Hey you.

- Hi, how's it going?

- Are you looking for Jessie?

- No, was she here?

- She just left.

- Oh.

- Thanks for showing up
and watching me ride.

- Of course.

- It got pretty crazy, huh?

- Yeah.

- So, have you
ever been out here?


welcome to the spot.

This is where all the
good stuff happens.


Where's the booze, man?

- Here.

What's the matter?

You never had a drink before?

- Maybe once with my mom.

- Sip with family
never hurt nobody.

We're all family here.

I guess you don't know
until you try it, right?

- You are so drunk.

- Hey, let's go for a walk.

Let's go.

Get your hand off her.

- What's with you?

- I said get your hand off her.

You ready to go?

- You can't just walk in
here and order her around.

She's with me.

- Jessie run.

- Sheriff's department,
break it up, break it up.

Break it up.

I guess that's it.

Thanks for the tip.

- Are we cleared to go?

- Cleared to go.

Since neither of
you was drinking

you won't be charged.

Thank you.

- I feel awful.

- Don't worry, you didn't know.

- I feel like I should have.

How did you know?

- Kenzie saw me.

She told me where you went.

- But how did she know
where we were going?

- Heard of this place
back in high school,

wasn't that hard to find.

You okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

I just want you to know I,

I'm really sorry.

- Okay.

Be sure to pick better
friends from now on.

- Obviously.

- There's nobody here.

- All the better for practicing.

- Are you Jessie Hardin?

- Yeah.

- I'm Andy Bush, the rodeo coach

from Montana State University.

I just want to
introduce myself today,

and I hope you'll consider
MSU in the future.

- Yeah, I will.

- Good luck today.

- Thank you.

- Have you heard
anything back yet?

- Not yet.

- What you thinking?

- Nothing, just sitting.

- You better stop sitting

and start doing
or we'll be late.

- You're going?

- Of course.

- This can't be easy for you.

I do so love you.

- Hey Jim.

Yeah, no, it's fine.

What's the word?


Yeah, yes, yes, I'll take it.

That much?

Jim, that's very generous.

Thank you.

I won't let you down.

♪ I've got you ♪

♪ And you got me too ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ Don't know how
it'll all work out ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ Won't let go of my hand ♪

♪ Won't let go of my hand ♪

♪ Life has been great ♪

♪ But you didn't walk away ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ I've got you ♪

♪ And you got me too ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ Don't know how
it'll all work out ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ Gonna be all right ♪