Up and Away (2018) - full transcript

Hodja is a boy from Pjort, who borrows a flying carpet to see the world. In return he has to find and return "diamond" to her grandfather. The all-eating Sultan wants to get his hands on Hodjas flying carpet.

Subtitles by explosiveskull


- Welcome.
- Hi.

Hi, Hodja.

Madam, I have some
delicious oil for you.


- Wow.
- That's amazing.

All the best quality...

Come see
the hand-woven carpets.

...home-grown dates.

Fresh figs.

Home-grown dates,
fresh figs.

...ladies and gentlemen.

This way.

Last one's a rotten egg.

Some bread, sir?


I'm still half asleep, Raya.

You should have seen
where I was in my dream.

It was the most
amazing city,

filled with people and,

well, they were so kind.

They offered me
all sorts of things.

Those smells.

It was such
an amazing atmosphere.

Oh, all the world
is so big, Raya.

It reaches all the way
to the blue mountains.

And behind the blue mountains
is even more world.

And behind them,
you can see even more.

That really is quite
a lot of world, Raya,

that we've never seen.

Wouldn't it be cool to go on
an adventure together, Raya?

You and me...

...the fantastic duo.

Conquering the world.
Me and goat, forever.


Oh, Raya. Why didn't you
say something?

Now we're late
for milking time.

Ugh, Mom will go crazy.

Come on.


Be careful, son.

You can't barge into me
like that when I'm busy working.

But you're sitting
in a bad spot there, Aram.

Can't you sit somewhere
that's not in front of the gate?

And how often have I told you
to come home on time

and before it
gets dark, Hodja?

The poor animal's
about to explode.

There, there, Raya.


Hodja, it's time
you learnt to sew.


I don't think
I can do it.

Ah, here.

You'll soon learn how.

The thread
is too long, Dad.

Or maybe my T-Rex arms
are too short.

Come on, boys.
The date soup is served.

Mmm, date soup.

Eat it up now.

How often do I have to tell you
that goats eat up on the mountain

where they serve grass?

Do you think I can afford to roll out
the white table cloth for a goat?

It's not bank notes
I'm sewing.

But Dad, Raya's
not just any goat.

Raya's my sister.

Your sister?
What nonsense is that?

If that goat's your sister,

your mother is...

His mother is a what now?

Well, if it's a problem,

you could just be
completely free of us kids.

Because Raya and I are ready to
go out into the big wide world.

Isn't that right, Raya?

Hodja, there's nothing
for you out there.

Mixing country folk with the
fine city folk, it's of no use.

It's like mixing dates
with shawarmas.

It simply doesn't work.

I just want to see the world.

You're not going to see
any world, Hodja.

You must stay here
and concentrate on your sewing

so you can be a tailor,
just like your father.

No, I will not.

Oh, yes you will.

- No.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.

- No!
- Yes.

- No!
- Careful.

- No! No!
- Yes!

You must!


Aram, listen.

The boy has ambitions.

I don't want to discuss
this any further.

You stay here and the become
a tailor's apprentice. End of.

You can forget about
the tailoring, okay?

I don't wanna do it.

And besides, I can't.

I don't have time to become
a tailor's apprentice.

I have to take care of Raya.

But, if there was someone else
who could be goatherd,

maybe then I might
have the time.

Well, I'm off to bed.

Come on, Raya.


I'm sure he really
would like to be a tailor,

but he's sort of right.

That goat need to be cared for.

Jamila, my darling.

Wouldn't you like to take care
of Raya for awhile?

Seeing how you love animals.

You can forget that.

I have enough work
caring for one old goat.

I'll just go over and return
El Faza's kaftan.

Assalamu Alaikum, Mr. Faza.

Assalamu Alaikum, sir.

What a lovely kaftan.

Well, uh, it's actually yours.


Oh, well,
yes of course.

Uh, I will
get your payment.

No, no, no,
don't get up.

It's free of charge.

No payment?

That was cheap.

Do you want to trade
with something else?


But I can offer to sew all your
clothes completely free of charge,

if you would care
for the goat?

Oh, uh, I understand.

Well, I do not have many
customers in the store anymore,

so, one more goat,
more or less.

Yes, and the boy
can go and travel.

Sorry, I couldn't help
overhearing your talk.

Well, yes, yes, I mean,
we are neighbors, so...

Oh, no.

We've talked about all that,
him and I.

And I've decided.

He is going to be his
father's apprentice tailor.

All that nonsense about
wanting to see the world,

he'll forget about that.

Well, I'm not
too sure about that.

Good evening.

And thanks for helping
with the goat.

We'll see.

Huh? Uh-oh.

I have to help that boy.

So, he can
fulfill his wish.

If only I could.

Good morning, son.

Rise and shine.

Today is the big day.

Big day?

Yes. You are officially
a tailor's apprentice.

El Faza has offered
to take care of the goat.

Later, you can take over
your father's business.

And now that
I have an apprentice,

I can call myself
a master tailor.

What do you say?

You're not listening
to anything I say, Dad.

I wanna go on an adventure
and see the world.

Hodja, the big wide world
is not a nice place.

- So there.
- How would you know?

- Have you seen it?
- I have...

not. But I've read...

Dad. I don't want
to be a tailor.

Ugh. Come on, Raya.


Oh, Raya.

What would I do
without you?

Who's the cutest
goat in the world?


You're the cutest goat in the world.

What's up, my boy?

Did someone eat
your baklava?


It's my dad.
He won't let me travel.

He's always
so careful.

I just wanna
see the world.

But I don't know how.

You don't?

I can't walk
to the end of the world.

So unless I learn to grow
wheels or a pair of wings,

I can forget all about it.

Ah, maybe
I can help you.

Come with me,
my boy.



I know it's
here somewhere.

I remember everything
except where I put it.


Oh, let's see.

No, that's not it either.

you old fool.

Where did I put it?

What was that?

Raya, look!

Teprac... erehw era uoy?


It's alive.

Well, that's one way
of putting it.

The important thing
is it can fly.

It's a flying carpet?


Can I try it?

You can't just
try it, my boy.

You can borrow it.

Borrow the carpet?

Yes, exactly.

You can borrow the carpet,
Hodja, if you could...


I cannot
ask you that.

Please, please, anything.

It might be
too dangerous.

Just ask, you got it.


Will you fly to Petto
and try to find my Diamond?

Eh, Petto?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Diamond?

Uh, you lost me there
a little bit.

Petto is the Sultan City.

It's a wonderful place.

The palace has domes
covered in gold.

Unfortunately, I had to escape
from there without my Diamond.

Oh, I miss her
so terribly.

Eh, "her"?


Uh, sorry, uh...

That's my granddaughter.

A wonderful little girl.

I had to flee
without her.

The Sultan
was after me.

He wanted to throw me
to the crocodiles.



He wanted
to steal my carpet.

He was completely obsessed
with the idea of flying.

The easiest way
was to get rid of me.

What a total jerk!

I tried many times
to retrieve my Diamond,

but no luck.

Now I'm too old to travel.

But you are so young
and healthy.

You could do it.

Will you do it for me?

Will you?

Would I do it?
Would I do it?

Of course, I would.

I'm off to see
the world!

I'm off to see
the world!

And I'm gonna see the world
from a flying carpet.

But, it might get dangerous.

You must promise me
to take good care of yourself.

I promise.


How do you
control the carpet?

It takes a little practice,
you know,

because the carpet has
its very own personality.

You can't just
walk all over it.

But, how then?


You just have to do
everything backwards.

- Backwards?
- Yes, exactly.


You're a smart kid.

Yeah, come on.

Come with me, Raya.

It's okay.
I'll manage it.

That's good, my boy.

I trust you!

- Hello there, Mom. I'm back.
- Ah, Hodja.

- Hello.
- Hi, Dad.

So, are you ready?

Sure, I'm ready.

I'm ready
to go to Petto.

The city of the Sultan.

- To Petto?
- Yes.

How exciting.

It's a thousand miles away,
you know.

And how exactly did
you plan to get there?

Well, I'm just gonna fly.

That's how.


Hear that, Jamila? Now the boy
really has lost his falafels.

Let's just hear
what he has to say.

- You see, I was just...
- No, no. Don't say anything.

Let me guess.

You have sewn
a hot air balloon.

Oh, no, wait.
You can't sew.

No. You've trained
a bunch of bats.

Hmm, better yet, an eagle.
Yes, that's better.

You have trained an eagle that
has now become quite tame

and has promised
to fly you to Petto

while juggling oranges and
singing the national anthem.

Well, close, Dad.

I'm going on
a flying carpet.

A flying carpet?

Poor me.

My only son has gone
completely crazy.

Totally cuckoo. Round the bend.
Soft in the shawarma.

Flipped his fez.
Lights on, nobody's home.

Just stop it, Aram.

Oh, you're
part of it too.

Oh, I see.

Oh yes. Okay, now that my whole
family has screws loose,

I won't stand in the way.

No. Okay.

- If you can prove that you can fly that rug...
- Mmm-hmm.

As far as I'm concerned,

you can fly off
wherever you want to.

Yeah, even the moon.


if anything
doesn't take off,

you're gonna be
a tailor's apprentice.

- Is that a deal?
- It's a deal.



Hmm. Which is the front and
which is the back of a carpet?

Both ends
look the same.

It's not easy
to turn it backwards.

Mmm, l-l-let's give
this end a shot.

Fly, carpet.

Fly, carpet.

Fly, carpet.


Fly, carpet.

Oh, fly already.

What's wrong with you?


Oh, it's not working!

What did El Faza
mean by backwards?

Should the carpet
be reversed?

Oh, what's happening?

Raya, what're you doing?

You're trying
to tell me something?

You're saying...

Bleat backwards?

And you're
walking backwards.

You, eh...


Oh, you want me
to talk backwards.

I'll try talking backwards.
That's a good idea.

A really
good idea, Raya.

So, "fly carpet"

"Fly carpet" becomes...

Ylf, teprac!


Oh, excuse me.

Excuse me, sweet carpet.

I was being
a little too aggressive.

I'll try again.

Ylf, teprac.

It worked!
It worked!

Raya, you're a genius.

Look, El Faza,
I've mastered it.

I'm the champion in backward speaking.

That's great, Hodja.

But how
do I find Petto?


You'll just have to, um...
Oh, uh,

let the carpet
find the way,

and fly to the sun.

I'll find your Diamond.
I promise.

That's good, my boy.

Just trust the carpet.

Bye, Dad.

I'm gonna go to Petto.



Goodbye, son.

Goodbye, Mom.

Do you really
wanna go?

Don't worry.
I'll be back.

Well, he has earned
the right to go.



Take care now,
my darling.

And what
about you, Raya?

Are you ready?

So, now, everybody,
ready for departure!


Whoa! Whoa!


Look, Raya.







Domes of gold!


Oh, that must be Petto.


Come on, Raya.


It's exactly like
in my dream, Raya.

What're you looking at?


Watch where
you're going.

Get out of here,
little boy.

Get out of here.

It's exactly like in my dream
but just completely different.

Stop! Thief!


Get back here.

Oh, come on, move!

I gotta get to the palace
with the Sultan's pigeons.

If he doesn't get his
pigeon tongues tonight,

then I will definitely be
crocodile food.

Oh, hello.

Hello, pretty birds.

Hey. What're you
doing, kid? Huh?

No. I just wanted to say
hi to the pigeons.

"Just wanted to say
hi to the pigeons"?


You wanted to steal
as many as you could

and then call on all your dirty,
hungry street friends, right?

Have a regular feast
at the Sultan's expense.


- Oh, would we?
- Ha!

I see.
So, you admit it.

Well, then it's you that'll be
fed to the crocodiles.

Guard, I've caught a thief!

Get over here! Quickly!

But I... But I...

Typical. No one around
when you want one.

Whoa! Look at that.

You know what, you might just
be able to save yourself

by giving me
that carpet there.

Yeah, everything's
under control.

It was just
a misunderstanding.

Just the very thing my wife
has been looking for.

Luckily for you, my friend,

you're gonna get off lightly.

No, no, no, let it go.

Let it go.
It's not my carpet.

Ah, so you stole that too.

Well, game over, buddy,
let go of the carpet.

No, no, no,
I've not stolen anything.

I-I-I've borrowed it. I borrowed
it so I could fly here.

Huh? Fly?

If that's a flying carpet,
you know what you should do?

Give it to the Sultan.

He'll make you the General
of the entire army.

- Follow me.
- Huh?

What were you thinking?

You do not put your hands
near the Sultan's pigeons.

How stupid can you be?

Are you trying
to lose your hands?

Use your head.

Don't you know
it's a death penalty

for touching the Sultan's
pigeons, country bumpkin?

Huh... Eh, no!

Okay. So you're
not from the city.

No. I come from a small village
called Pjort, far away from here.


- like how?
- "How"?

I flew here on my carpet.

- Flew?
- Yeah.

Ding dong.
Is there anyone home?

Cuckoo factory.

Listen, if that's a flying
carpet, then this is a pyramid.

Hmm, well then it
must hurt to sit down.

Ha-ha. You're cheeky.

You owe me something.

I do?

Yes, you do.

Ugh. I saved your life,
you nitwit.

But I thought you
wanted to help me.

Help? Please.

Do I look like the ambassador
for homeless children?

Here, it's nothing
for nothing.

- Huh. Give me that old rug.
- Whoa!

- No, no, I can't. It's not mine.
- Yeah, yeah.

- -I saw the
little girl thief over there.

- Quick, this way.
- Now we have her.

They ran that way, huh?

Where'd they go?

In here.

You live here?

Yeah. Keep going.

- What's your name, by the way?
- Hodja.

- Mine's Emerald.
- Nice to meet you.

And my goat's called Raya.

Cute goat.

- Ouch!
- Hey.

- What's up?
- Huh?


Where do you
think you're at?

The Rat goes nuts if
we bring strangers home.

Hide him.
The Rat is coming.


Well, what has my little
guinea fowl brought me today?

Oh, do my eyes
deceive me?

Finally, I'm rich.


Stale bread?

Aww, my own
little golden sparrow.

You know
I love stale bread.

Okay, so let me
get this right.

You children seem to believe that
shelter is free, am I right?

That you are poor street urchins
who are entitled to a home.

But you're wrong.

That ship sailed when your parents
threw you into the trash.

So if you don't hurry up and
find out where your talents lie,

then I know a gutter
with your name on it.


That's better. Shall we continue
the progress, young lady?

May one be permitted to ask what
delicacies you hide behind your back?

Or is it a secret?

Let's have
a little look-see, shall we?

- I'll teach you never to...
- Stop!

Well, what
have we here?

The Prince
and his mighty...


Ooh, Salaam.

What nice pearly whites.

So, is there more
to see here?

In that case, I think Your Highness
should clear off back to his castle.

Unless you wanna see how I turn this
bag of bones here into a saddlebag.

I got milk.

Delicious goat's milk.

For everybody.


Not bad.

Not bad.

But I don't expect
your gallant milkman

is the only thing you'll present
me with today, little dove.

Hang on.


Wait. No, no, no,
that's mine.

A carpet. Yes.

Now the menu is complete.

An old, dusty carpet
as dessert.

How delicious.

Could one be so fortunate as to have
a dirty, stinking sock as a garnish?

And keep it down.

I wanna enjoy
my mutton in peace.

You said
it wasn't yours.

Yes, I know.

But it's one I borrowed.

And it's definitely
not yours.

So, you borrowed
a flying carpet?

- Hmm.
- Yeah.

From whom?
The Caliph of Baghdad?

I don't care
if you believe me.

Uh, you got your milk

and I don't
owe you anymore.

You've never
tasted hunger, have you?

What would you know
about that?

Have you?


Yeah, well, we have.

But why? There's lots
of food everywhere.

Why would you starve?

I'll tell you why. Because that fat
lump of a sultan eats everything,

so we're left with nothing.

But why he can't just share
if he has so much?

Ha! Him? Share?

No. Never.

He just wants
more and more.

You don't get fat
on air alone.

Enough! I want quiet!


I better get going. There's
something I have to find.

- I hope we meet again.
- Probably, country bumpkin.

- You take care.
- Yeah.


We better postpone
our search till tomorrow.

Okay, Raya?

But, first, let's find a better
place to sleep than this.

Hmm, what do you say
we take the penthouse, okay?

As Price and his mighty goat.

Right, Raya?


Ylf, teprac.

Ylf, teprac?

Te-Teprac, ylf?

Goodnight, Raya.

Goodnight, carpet.

Oh, no.

I mean, "Doogthgin, teprac."

Oh, no.
Oh, no. Raya.

Where's the carpet?

It must be that Emerald
who's taken it.

She already took it at that
house and gave it to that nasty man.

Come on, Raya.

Hey, buddy, you can't just
barge into the Sultan's palace.

You think we were
born yesterday?

No, n-no. But, but...

But what?

I hope I don't flatter myself to
say that I have something here

that our all-loving father,

the brother of the moon
and the sun, our great father,

our most righteous,
all powerful and...

Shut up
and cut to the chase.

I've something here our honorable Sultan
has desired for a very long time.

And what would
that be?

His Greatness
has everything.

Oh yeah.

A moth-eaten old carpet.

Yeah, he doesn't
have one of them.

You're right there, buddy.

How funny.

Y-You're a very
funny man.


And very handsome too.

Spare us the waffle,
old timer.

And while you're at it, you
can take your moldy old rag

and crawl back into the
hole you crawled out of.

What? But, but, but, but,
it can fly.

You hear that? Get out of here.

The gentleman may not be aware

that the one who brings the flying
carpet to our dearly beloved Sultan,

will become
the new General

of the entire army.

Such a carpet is
the Sultan's highest wish.

Well, uh, uh...

You know, the Sultan
really wants a flying carpet.

It's like number one
on his wish list.

Yeah, of course
I know that.

So, if,

if it really is a flying carpet,

and the Sultan hears that we
prevented it from entering,

then we'll be
up the creek.

Uh, no, I think we'll be
thrown to the crocodiles.

But up a creek sounds
like much more fun.

You idiot!

Let's just let him in.

And if the carpet
doesn't fly,

he's the one who gets
to swim with the crocodiles,

not us.


- Right this way, sir.
- Right this way, sir.


Not doing so well
seeing the big world, Raya.

Maybe my dad was right.

I know he can be a bit strict,

but I miss him anyway.

And now I can't go home
because I've lost the carpet.

And I haven't found
Diamond either.

I need to find Emerald
if I'm to find the carpet.

But I'll probably
never see her again.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Do you happen to know
a girl called Emerald?

She's like,
she has black hair.

Oh, well, I know about 30
black-haired girls called Emerald.

So, good luck with that.

Stop! Thief!



Thief? Thief.
Yeah, she sure is.

I know
you took it.

Come back here.

Let's go.



Come on, you idiot.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

Ugh, not again.

They'll never
catch them anyway.

Whoa, watch out, kid.


Up here, Raya.


Here you go.

Quick. Grab my hand.

Oh, she's gone again.

Ugh, things move
really fast in the big city.

Right, Raya?

What's up, bumpkin?

Give me back my carpet.

Do I look like someone
who carries carpets around?

Do you think
I selll rugs?

Now what use would
I have for an old carpet?

You stole it. You're a thief.

Well, say that again and
I'll turn your mug into a durum roll.

I'm not a thief.

I borrow from those who have too much.
Get it?

And that's
just how it is.

So I did not steal
your stupid old carpet.

Have fun.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it like that.

- It's just that...
- "It's just that," what?

That somebody has stolen it and you're one
of the few who know it's a flying carpet.

Uh, I don't
really know that.

It's just something
you claim.

I haven't
seen it take off.

Until I see that,
it's just an old rag to me.



Will you please
help me?

Me? Help you?



Why is that so weird?

Well, no one's ever
asked me that before.

No one? But...

Will you?

Hmm, yes.

I'd be happy to.

- I guess you have to try something new sometimes.
- Yeah.

I can't go home
without the carpet

and I also
need to find Diamond.

A diamond? Of course.

I happen to have
seven here in my pocket.

What size
do you want?


Not that
kind of diamond.

I mean,
it's a little girl.

A little girl?
That's even worse.

- Okay, let's try and find the carpet first.
- Good idea.

I just don't know
where to start.


Smart goat
you got there.

Yeah, that's The Rat.


The Rat?

Soon, I will be General.

More food. Now.

Otherwise you'll all
be thrown to the crocodiles.

Yes, that means
someone will be sent today.

Oh, oh,
that doesn't bode well.

The Sultan's always
extra grumpy when he's hungry.

And he's always hungry!

What kind of dried-up little prune
of a man is that before me?

I can't eat him.

Oh, such shoddy service.


My favorite dish.

Slow-roast pigeon tongue.

Highest Sultan,

your reverence.

May you
and your countless wives

live full and blissful lives.

As the sun
crosses the sky,

and moon shines...

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, fine.

I have been told you have a
particular wish, Your Highness,

a dream.

I have a dream?

A dream of

being able to fly.


More. More.

And I was led to believe
that Your Greatness

plans to make General,

he who brings
to you

a flying carpet.

That's right.

I believe if you
receive a flying carpet,

you have to give
something in return.

I mean,
I'm not unreasonable.

Even though
I can do whatever I want.

But, there isn't much
buoyancy in that moldy rag.

Remember, I'm a big man.

Yes, I am.

And uh, so now, I think
I'll eat my breakfast in peace.

Afterwards, we'll see if that old
rag can lift itself off the ground.

Now go away.

My mouth's watering.

Just like my crocodiles.

Just so you know.

More food!

No, Hodja.
He is camel dung.

He'll never
return the carpet.

Even if we ask nicely?

Ask nicely?

Perhaps it's like that
where you come from.

But not here in Petto.

It's everyone
for himself.

Sorry. That's just how
the pita is baked, bumpkin.


don't you know
anyone who would help?

Uh, there is
one lady.

Her name's Gemstone.

She's pretty cool.
Maybe she'll help.

I said maybe. I wouldn't put my
fingers in the chopping block for it.

- That's better than nothing.
- Whoa.

Let's try.


- Not far to go.
- Great.

So, this is where
the coppersmiths work.

- Wow.
- Pretty cool, huh?


And this is where
Gemstone lives.

Hey, look,
there she is.

They also say that His Corpulence,
our flabby whale of a Sultan,

had his greatest wish
come true.

And what was his wish?

Well, our
protuberantly rotund ruler

has always
dreamed of flying

ever since he was
a little chubby baby sultan.

And now, finally,
his dream came true.

Yeah, but how?
Come on, tell us.

They say that our hefty,
meat-mountain moghul

has got his hands
on a flying carpet.

A flying carpet?

Yes, the Sultan
got it from The Rat,

that little tawdry pest.

And the worst thing

is that he will be
the new General of the army.

- No!
- Yes.

I heard it
from the Sultan's own guards.


So it really is
a flying carpet.

That's what
I said all along.

Hold on
to your fez and glasses,

a flying carpet!

I must admit,
I owe you one, bumpkin.

You are not as stupid
as I thought.

Wait, it's not
The Rat's carpet.

- What?
- It's Hodja's.


It's not
entirely mine.

It's half mine.

I borrowed it.

Oh, no.

I've heard that the Sultan is already
going to fly the carpet this afternoon.

No, we have to
get it back before that.

But that's
not possible, Hodja.

But can't we just sneak
into the palace and take it?

I'm telling you, it's harder to
get into the Sultan's palace

than it is to get a camel
through one of my earrings.

Oh, what are
we gonna do?

You can't win
everytime, bumpkin.

Come on. This one belongs
on the minus list.

Sometimes you just have
to throw in the towel,

or the carpet,
in this case.



But it's not
gonna be this time.

I promised to come home
with that carpet.

And I promised
to find Diamond.

And the promises you make,

you keep.

Wow, Hodja.

Now you've got
nerves of steel.

You know this is not
for wimps, right?

Can you spot
any wimps here?

Hey, listen to you.

The bumpkin's
becoming a hero.

A courageous hero.


we'd better help him then,
right, Raya?

You know what?
I might be able to help you.

It'll be hard.

I bring food up to the palace.

Not so loud.

Now, tea
for everybody.

A flying carpet
that you have borrowed

has been stolen?

I am so unbelievably tired
of that overfed Sultan.

He just grabs
everything for himself.


We have to get you in there
so you can get that carpet back.

Yes, and I know
how to do it.

But, unfortunately,
we can't bring your goat.

- 'Cause we are going...
- Mm-hmm.

...door where
the guards are...

How about that?


We need to leave


Ooh, nice.

Bye Raya, see you.

Aw, it will be okay.

He will be back, Raya.


Good luck.


Ah, the lovely Gemstone.

It's so nice to see you.

Are you bringing some stuff
here for our noble Sultan?

Whatever it is,
I'd say it's lovely.

Yes, doesn't it?

Mmm, it does. But, uh, we are gonna
have to investigate thoroughly.

You think I have
something to hide?

Oh. No.

Yeah, uh, no.

I would never
say anything.

Look, we just have
to check your baskets.

Just following orders,
you know.

- Ooh.
- Oh, wow. What beautiful melons.


Yeah, I'll just
check this one.

Not that there's anything,
you know.

Hey, it bit me!

You are so funny.

Uh, you probably pricked
yourself on a cactus fig.

A big, strong, muscular man
like you are,

wouldn't even feel that.

No, no, no,
it was nothing.

Hey, whenever
you're ready, guys.

The Sultan's waiting
for his pigeon tongues.

What were
you thinking, Hodja?

It almost went wrong.
Why did you bite his finger?

Sorry, but he
was tickling me.

Whoa. What...

Make sure that
nobody sees you.

You would like to go home
in one piece, right?

- Good luck, Hodja.
- Goodbye, Gemstone.

- And thanks.
- Bye, Gemstone.

We'll see you
later, right?

Yes, you will.


- Whoa!
- Hey, watch out.


Come on.

Oh, wow!

You probably never saw a palace
like this before, huh, bumpkin?

No, have you?

No, of course not.

They don't exactly have
open house on weekends.

But, you are right.

I am a bumpkin.

Well, bumpkin is just
something I say, Hodja.

You're okay.

- You think so?
- Yes.

You can't help if you come
from back end of nowhere.

It's actually
really nice in Pjort.

I have
a wonderful mom.

- And dad.
- Oh, lucky you.

I wish I had.

What do you mean? Don't
you have a mom and dad?

I don't really
have a family.

Well, yes, a grandfather,

I don't even know
where he lives.

He could sit on a mountain top
in Mongolia for all I know.

So, I'll probably
never find him.

If we find the carpet,
then we could fly home.

And you could
stay with me.

When we find
the carpet, Hodja.

- I would really like that.
- Great.

And then, we'll go to Mongolia
to find your grandfather.

It's a deal. Come on. Let's go
steal the carpet back.


I'm finished.

Clean-up time.

- Come on. Chop-chop.
- Um, yes.

Ye-Yes, I'm coming,
my dear.

There. Now you're
all clean again.

Are you full,
my little mouse?

One can never be
completely full.

- Huh?
- But I might just make it

until it's time
for my third lunch.

Well, well.

That was really
something, sweetie.

Yes, but much better out
than in, my little honey pie.

Now, where is that ugly, pruny
little rat man with my carpet?

I feel like flying.

- Yeah.
- On my way.

Here, here I am,
Your Highness.

Your, your most...

Oh, no,
not all that again.

Why don't you
stick a cork in it?

The carpet!
The carpet!

Here. There you go,
Your Greatness.

Well, don't just
stand there.

Move me!

Pull my legs. Do I have
to do everything myself?

Fools. Can't you do
anything right?

A trip to the crocodiles for...

You there.

- Wh-What?
- Yes, you magnificence.

- Uh, uh, no, no, no!
- Right away.

Well, now that that's done,

now we can taxi to the
runway, flight captain.

I shall be the world's
first flying sultan.

Nothing less,
Your Magnificence.

Oh, you think big
and smart.

Yes, are you ready
for the flight of your life?

Yes, chocks away.

Fly, O magic carpet.


Ylf, teprac!


I said ylf...

What's wrong?

Is it not
a flying carpet?

Oh, yes,
of course it is.

It-It's just not used to flying
with such an enormous...


So fly, you lazy carpet.

Your sultan
commands it.

Why you...

Mutinous, rebellious...

Throw that filthy carpet
to the crocodiles.

But, uh,
it's a carpet.

We just risk getting the
crocodiles constipated again.

Yes, your crocodiles
are a tad sensitive.

They're the lesser spotted
Western Nile crocodile.

And while your illustriousness
is having lunch,

I'll beat some sense
into that carpet.

No worries,
O highest Sultan.

It'll be fine.

Ooh, yum yum.

I'll teach you a lesson
you'll never forget.

- Oh.
- Oh.

Come, come.


Follow me.

There's Rat
with the carpet.




I know full well that
you're a flying carpet.

And if you
don't fly soon,

I'll unravel you faster
than you can say,

"Five flat fattened figs on a
flattened fat fig vessel."

I also saw how you
threw the Sultan off.

A thing like that could get me
thrown to the crocodiles.

And that's not
gonna happen

this close to
achieving my goal.

I'll make you fly if
it's the last thing I do

so I can become General.


Then I no longer
have to bow and scrape.

I can do what I want.

Then it's-it's me
who decides.

And no more
calling me "Rat."


What? Huh?
Stop! Stop!


Hey! Hey...

- What a little darling.
- Hey.

I always wanted one
like that.

Very soft.

This boy has stolen
from the Sultan.

He must be punished!

Nobody's going
to be punished here.

Such a little sugar pet.
We'll mind you.

What's that noise?

Do you want me to throw you all,
my own wives, to the crocodiles?

Look what we found.

- Isn't he adorable?
- If we wash him, and give him some clean clothes...

May we keep him?

Please, can't we?

Your Magnificence, this boy
has tried to steal your carpet.

What are you saying?

Your Magnificence, this boy
has tried to steal your carpet.

Yes, I heard you fine
the first time.

Stop that nonsense.

- It's hurting my ears.
- Oh, dear.

He needs minding.

Oh, how sad that...

- He smells of goat.
- We'll wash him.

He'll be so nice.

He'll be like a rose bud.

And he has fleas.

Fleas? He has fleas?

Run! I can already
feel the creatures!

- Itchy! Itchy! Ew!
- I can already feel them all over me!

So you want
to steal my carpet?

You little worm.

I'm not a worm.

What? You dare to
contradict me, young worm?

The great Sultan
Harun Al-Kaheed

Bin Sulaiman Makhmood Fasai

Abdul Rahim Jabbar
Hakeem Zaheer...

...Abdul Azeem Ruma
Ipdin Al-Khattab?


Throw him
to the crocodiles.

Um, wait, wait.

What's that you say?

Is it now the fashion
to contradict me?


No. No, no.

But can't we just put him
in jail, you know?

Eh, temporarily.

Whatever for, by the beard
of all the prophets?

My little crocodiles
will not go hungry.


no, no, but, uh,

but, but it's just
that right now,

he's the only one who knows
how to make the carpet fly.


How very confusing.

- Well, throw him in the dungeons first.
- No!

Then we throw him
to the crocodiles afterwards.

Let go of me!

I haven't done anything.
It's my carpet.

The Rat stole it from me.

Gee, that's exciting.

I wish you could tell me
more about it,

if I wasn't so
incredibly indifferent.

So, you're here again to disturb
me with all your noise.

The constant whirlwind
of muscles and stupidity.

But, uh, Grim,

it's been more than ten years
since we brought you a prisoner.

Yeah, after the Sultan began
throwing everyone to the crocodiles,

you haven't had too many
customers in your shop.

Yeah, yeah.

I better open
the office then.

Throw him
into number seven.

It was clean
not too long ago.

With pleasure.

A load of fuss.

What am I gonna do?

I've ruined everything.

Now I'll never get home
to my mom and dad again.

I wonder,
do they think of me?

Here you go.

Water yesterday,
water today.

Water again tomorrow.

I really miss milk.

Yes, milk is good.

But it's not just
the goat you miss.

It's all too quiet
without Hodja.

It's like he's
been gone forever.

Take care that I don't
get too fond of you.

And what about El Faza?

I haven't found his Diamond.

And what about Emerald?

No, I can't sit here
and count spiders.

I have to get
out of here.

It's no use
threatening a carpet.

I swear by my fez,
I will be General.

There's only
one thing to do.

I have to use
that meddling boy.

He's the only one who can
get that carpet to fly.

And you!

Come with me.

We don't want
any escape attempts.

Let me out!

Let me out!

I haven't done
anything wrong.

Yeah, yeah.

- Everyone's innocent. Check.
- Somebody let me out!

Oh, I'm in checkmate.

Why didn't
I think of that?

There are lots of loose bricks
in an old prison like this.

Booyaka! Hodja Houdini!

I'm free!

Huh, let's see.


Hello. Let me out!

I'm innocent. Really.


What the heck
is going on?

Why is there a boy
in number eight?

I'm sure I put him
in number seven.

What is going on?

So this is
number seven. Huh!

Hi there. Are you
gonna let me out?

Huh? I don't get it.

What's going on?

Why are there
two boys now?

- Hi.
- Hi.

This can't be happening.



- Hi.
- Oh.

Going crazy.
Going crazy.

Is there
something wrong?

Huh? No, I...

I'm just a little confused.

There's a boy next door
in number eight,

and as far as I can see,
he looks just like you.


It's probably
just a street kid

that's conned his way in
to get free food and lodging.

I heard about that.

Is that right?

I never heard about
that kind of thing.

Well, I guess I need to get
out and about more often.

Just you wait.

Soon all the cells will be
filled with street kids

who scrounge for food
and a place to sleep.

Can you imagine
how noisy that would be?

We'll have none
of that around here.

I'm gonna end this racket.

Out you go,
you little freeloader.


And you can tell
all your freeloading friends

that Grim
ain't an easy fellow to fool.

- Hey.
- Hah!


I still got it.

Don't I, kid?



Huh? Kid!

He ran off on me.

Behind my back,

while I was throwing
the other one out.

Oh, darn it.

I had a feeling this day
was gonna end badly.

Come on.

There's no mystery to going
quickly down the staircase.

Just put your
best foot forward.

Uh, but both my feet
are equally pretty.

It's just a saying.

- Oh, I see.
- It means...

- Hi there.
- ...get a move on.

Why do I bother?

Let's go.

Don't just lie there.
Get after him!

Hodja, you're alive.

I thought...

I'm so happy
to see you.

- And you got the carpet.
- Yeah.

This way.

Teprac ylf.

Quick. Jump.


They're getting away.

Close all the doors.



No way out.

Like vermin
in a trap.

Who's the rat now?



Just like I told sweetie pie.

Did you?

Oh, no! Fleas!

He has fleas!
Throw them out!

You have fleas?

Well, it would have been nice to
know before you hugged me earlier.

No, I don't.

That was just something
The Rat said.


They flew in here.

Out! Out! This place
is off-limits for men.

Catch those kids!

Order from the Sultan.

Then it's whopping time!

I got them!


This way.

After them.

What's happening?

Did I not throw that little
worm into the dungeon?

What is he doing
with my carpet?

Go after him. Now!


Close those doors!


The Rat is a thief!

He stole my carpet

but he doesn't know
how to make it fly.

Yes, he did it.

He stole it because he wants
to become your General.

Do you really think I care who
this carpet's previous owner was?

Because now
it's my carpet.

And that's the only thing
that matters.

You can't just take
other people's things.

Oh, can't I?
Oh, that's funny.

Because that's exactly
what I'm going to do.

But I do plan to give
something in return.

I intend, for instance, to give your
little girlfriend to my crocodiles.

- Hey, back.
- Let go of me!

- Let go of me!
- Wait!

Listen, you know
that I'm the only person

who can show you
how to fly the carpet.

But I'll only do so
if you release Emerald.


Okay, it's a deal.

You show us
how we fly the carpet,

then, then, uh, yes,
we'll let the girl go free.

No, Hodja.

No! You cannot trust them!

- Put those spears away.
- No!

We'll have to fly outside.

We wouldn't want
our great Sultan

to hit his pretty head off
the ceiling now, would we?

Yes, yes,
that sounds sensible.


Ll'ew teg taht natlus.

Please, take your place,
Your Lordship.

I should bring
a co-pilot with me.

I can do it.

No, no,
that won't do.

You could kidnap me.

Think I was born yesterday?

The Rat will go.

Yes, of course.

- Please.
- Certainly.

Now we're ready.

Here we go.

Ylf, teprac.

I can fly!

Look, I can fly!

And I am General!

A very good general.

- Let's take a little trip.
- Yes.

Let us, my Sultan.

Don't worry. We will be back
at crocodile feeding time.

Won, teprac, won!

No, no. No, no,
not down. Up.

- Won.
- No, no, no.

No. Stop!

To the right.

To the left!

Down, boy!
You'll give me a fall.

This is very stressful.

Can we stop?
I want to get down.

I want to get down!

Don't worry.
You will.

Worht meht ot eht selidocorc.


Oh! Make it stop!

This is not good.
Not good at all.

Teprac, won.

Oh, Mommy!

Help me.

Run! Keep running!

Get a move on.

I'm going
as fast as I can!

- Huh?
- Huh?

Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.

- Hodja.
- Emerald.

Uh, no you don't.

No, let her go.

She's to be thrown
to the crocodiles.

Orders from the Sultan.

What sultan?

There is no sultan anymore.

You can do as you wish.

But I like getting orders.

Okay, do whatever you like.
That's an order.

I wanna be
a camel breeder.

I think I'd like
an ice cream.

You know what? It's the
best day of my life.

Now I can finally get
that vegetable garden.

Everyone is free now.

And you can
all share everything.

Just as it should be.

And now, let's get going.
Shall we?

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

- Bye now.
- Goodbye. See ya.

- Come back and visit us soon.
- Don't be a stranger.

I'll make something delicious
with coriander.

Gee, that's pretty.

It'll be the latest fashion
in Petto.

Wow. Look.


- Oh, there they are.
- Hi, Hodja.

- Hi, Emerald.
- Hey, down there.

Oh, Raya.

Oh, how I missed you.

You've been
so brilliant, Hodja.

Yes, now everything's great.

I never found Diamond.





That's what my grandfather called
me since I was a little girl.

He could never remember
that I'm called Emerald.

So, you've known
all the time.

Of course. You don't play a trump
card like that immediately.

Besides, I would have missed that
silly face of yours right now.

Eh, but you're still coming
with me to Pjort, right?

Sort of looks that way,
country bumpkin.


- Goodbye, friends.
- Bye-bye.


- See you soon.
- Bye.



What does it mean anyway?

"Worht meht ot eht selidocorc"?

I spoke backwards
to the carpet.

It means, "Throw them
to the crocodiles."

The carpet and I
had a plan, and it worked.

Well, what do you know.

There's more than chickpeas
in there.


There's Pjort.
There's my home!

Oh, wow.
It's so pretty.

El Faza.

Huh. Hodja!

Uh, the carpet,

and my Diamond.

- How much you have grown, my little girl.
- Grandfather!


Oh, how I missed you.

My sweet darling
little Diamond.

Oh, Mom.

I'm sorry
I left you in Petto.

You didn't have
a choice.

And anyway,
there's not much fun

having a grandfather who's
been eaten by a crocodile.

Ah, it's so wonderful
that we're all here together.

You really have done
so well, Hodja.

I'm so proud
of my very brave son.


Now we are a real family.

Ylf, teprac.

- Are you okay?
- Help him, Aram.

Oh, thank you.

Subtitles by explosiveskull