Until the End of the World (1991) - full transcript

Set in 1999, a woman (Dommartin) has a car accident with some bank robbers, who enlist her help to take the bank money to a drop in Paris. On the way she runs into another fugitive from the law (Hurt), an American who is being chased by the CIA. The charges are false, he claims. They want to confiscate a device his father invented which allows anyone to record their dreams and vision. On the run from both the bank robbers and the CIA, the couple span the globe, ending up in Australia at his father's (von Sydow) research facility, where they hope to play back the recordings Hurt captured for his blind mother. Set in the futuristic year of 1999, a subplot about a damaged Indian nuclear satellite crashing and causing the end of civilization is a puzzling addition to the film.

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Pietro, what now?
You should be in bed.

I don't sleep anymore, Doctor.
Sleeping is out.



- Shit!
- Yes...

She didn't see us, Raymond.

I'm sorry, we were not introduced.

- Claire Tourneur.
- I am Raymond, he's Chico.

Chico, you could apologize to
Madame Tourneur.

- Are you all right?
- No! I'm not!

I'm sorry, I've been an idiot.


Does your car still work?

People love giving labels.
You say: "Rock 'n' roll",

they ask: 'What kind?"

But I just play rock 'n' roll.
I'm a drummer.

- Have you heard him play?
- For 15 years he's been driving me crazy.

It's the same for Raymond.
When he says he's Buddhist, people go crazy.

- They can't stand him!
- It's not the same.

There's nothing wrong with being Buddhist.

- In his job, yes.
- What is his job?

- I could use a beer.
- For a change!

We can stop there.

Leave it there!

Don't touch it!

- Who's there?
- It's me.

I've got to talk to you.

Your bag's heavy-

Guess I'm rich.

You can afford a coffee in Rome.

Do you see that? It's 50,000!

What did I say?
It's the price of a cappuccino.

But with this one you could
buy half a cow in Ethiopia.

- Have you been there?
- Yes.

Where else have you been?

More or less everywhere.

I've never been anywhere.
I don't care.

Well actually, I've been to America.

So, how much do you have there?

Count it. I'll leave it here.
Sleep on it.


I don't trust people
who do things for free.

- And you're a Buddhist?
- Realist!


I agree for 30%.

- We counted the money. We can find you.
- Calm down, Raymond.

If you want to change your mind...
Do what you want.

If the address is not real,
we know where to find you.

It's not worth trying to fool us.

We don't know who will collect the money.

If it's not me, and if
you want to contact me,

have a drink, listen to some music...

Yes, you never know.

This is my music.

It's just a demo.

Thanks, Chico.

- Don't waste time.
- Don't worry.

Here's the signal!

Where is she now?

She should be between St. Etienne...

- ...and Lyon.
- Still a long way to go.

- So, 15 more minutes?
- At least. It still has to dry.

- You were lucky and had good tires.
- Hurry up.

Eugene speaking.

But I'm not here...

me neither.

Wait, I have to remove the extra foam.

- Will it hold till Paris?
- Sure, no problem.

But you're going to draw
people's attention with that foam.

You saved my life.

Oh, it's you, Claire!

So you smoke now?

What did I say?


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Who is she? What is she doing here?

On the contrary.


Are you escaping from the police?

We got married in his country.

Where is he from?

- He is Australian.
- Yes.

- Yes.

And you're on your...

How is Raymond?

Excuse me.

Foreigner called
Mr. McPhee or Mr. Farber...

Mr. Farber?

Yes, Mr. Farber is
in number 7151.

Miss, it's for men!

That way.

Thank you!

- Miss! Wait!
- A foreigner?

There is a foreign woman!
A foreign woman!

Miss, are you sure you haven't made a mistake?
This place is for men only!

- This is not a place for women!
- Only for men! It's forbidden to women.

I need help.

Will you take their bags?

Enjoy your stay.

They look tired.

They must have traveled far.



Put them on his
eyes as a compress.

Thank you very much.

Claire! Unbelievable,
it was in the cards.

Where are you calling from?
San Francisco?

How do you know that?

A fortune teller told me
everything this morning.

Then you also know that you're
going to lend me some money.

She told me things that are
even more unbelievable.

Chico, I'm flat broke.
I'm in deep shit.

You don't want my body,
you just want my loot!

Does it says "Sponsor" here?

Go ahead, give me your address.

My life began in the cotton.
I was born in the cotton field.

Without having been
in a cotton field.

I'm waiting for
my work to pay off.

Like a lucky break.

My life is so good.

So that's why
I sing the blues so bad.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

I am always a lucky gambler.

I am the best at poker
and every other game.

I just never lose.

But that's why I sing
the blues so bad.

Oh, no, no, no, no...

This is really unbelievable.

Two days ago I was
bored to death in Marseille,

and now we're going to Australia!

- Ah, Chico.
- Ah, Raymond. Hello!

- Hello! And?
- I'm happy to see you!

So? Tell me.

I'm on a Korean ship
traveling from San Francisco to Sydney.

You couldn't have done
something easier?

- It's a long trip, a bit boring.
- Well then, what do you do?

I play cards with the crew.

- And? Did you win?
- They're really good, I don't always win.

- That's coming out of your share.
- No problem.

- No problem? I'm in the hospital.
- Oh, Raymond.

Why did you call me?
What did you want to tell me?

If it's to tell me bullshit,
I'm hanging up!

I have a small car and
it has a small engine.

Yes, you know,
it's called a Solex.

It doesn't drive fast.

But at the same time,
it makes you feel safe.

Hey, we are so crazy.
We are so crazy.

We are so crazy. We are so
crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy.

Hey, we are so crazy.
We are so crazy...

Good question.

Where is the camera?

It's there, in the bag,
right in front of you.

Chico, I don't know what I'd
do without you, you know!

You're a strange guardian angel.
When I first saw you I thought:

'What an asshole! First he causes an
accident then he takes a piss.'

- Unbearable!
- That serum must be strong.

- I can't stop talking.
- If there's more, can I have some?

It's hellish.

She'll be OK. She just
took some sleeping pills.

No. No I can't.

Sorry, Chico, I can't

Can you help me?

Sure, I'm a mechanic.

Oh, good.

See you!

My mother... Edith Mbtjana

I'm so happy to meet you.

Terrible things have happened.

But sometimes the best things happen
at the worst moments.

The return of the writer!


I'm thinking about Raymond.

He'll get angry when he
finds out about the money.

Didn't you save some for him?

No. But I will give
some back, you know me.

And Sam lost his child.


Your grandchild...

- Did he say that it's our fault?
- No, absolutely not.

He does think that it's our fault,

but he will never be aggressive
with me, only with Henry.

That's how it always is...

"For that reason he refused to give
back the 'Noa Noa' manuscript,"

"written by Gauguin
during his stay in Tahiti,"

"So it will remain in France."

"It will be donated to
the Museum of Modern Art."

Oh, yes.

"It's a curious adventure..."

I am so happy as a child.
And then I fall.

Why do I always fall?

Don't leave me alone!

Why do you leave her so alone?