Unhinged (2020) - full transcript

After a confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection, a woman becomes the target of his rage.

What the fuck
are you doing?

Fuck you!

Oh, my God!

Stop! Stop!

Good morning to you all.

Good morning out there.

Good morning to all of you.

On this Monday...
Yeah, it's Monday.

A case of the Mondays.

I am on my third
cup of coffee.

Anybody else having
a hard time this morning?

Drivers are expected to
experience record congestion today.

Around 100
workers are losing their jobs.

Are you feeling
stressed out these days?

Hey, guess what?
Join the club.

Violent altercations
can happen

from even the most
minor lapses by drivers.

I've posted every day,
ten times a day, for three years now.

Too many people out
there think they can multitask

while operating a vehicle.

is a major issue in America.

Rudeness can breed
more rudeness.

We were born angry.

And with anger
comes a lack of self-control.

When you're very angry,
you lose a lot of self-control.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

- Oh, my...
- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

Aggressive driving's been
on the rise for several years,

and that's due
to societies moving faster...

fatalities have skyrocketed 500%.

A simple ride-share
trip yesterday took a horrific turn.

Local law
enforcement is understaffed

with no new applicants
in sight.

It's getting
real bad out there.

People are taking matters
into their own hands.

Seeing this live right now.

The police have him cornered.
We're in the middle of a standoff here.

I knew it wasn't
going to end well.

You gotta
protect yourself these days.

No one else
is gonna help you.

We've been married
15 years, we have three kids,

and my husband's been
cheating on me for years.

A man who is
thought to be the main suspect...

Issues surrounding mental
health are increasing by the day.

Inequality is pushing
us farther and farther apart.

We are going backwards.

Thousands of police
officers have been laid off since...

It's a nationwide
epidemic right now.

It could be years before
they can afford to hire more officers.

...searching for a suspect...

Gas prices
were up 82 cents today.

response rates are slowing down.

Stress levels
are at an all-time high.

...all the warning
signs of impending collapse.

When we reach our
boiling point and we explode...

In the streets
with counter-protestors.

- We blame the media, Twitter, Facebook.
- We feel all that strain...

It's definitely
a problem that we're facing...

Takes a toll
on your relationships.

...your health
and well-being.

Why is everything
filled with such garbage?

People have
so much coming at them,

their brains
just can't handle it.


Hello. You up?

I am now.

Well, that's good, 'cause your
soon-to-be ex filed another motion.

What's he want now?

Just say it.

He wants the house.

Of course he does.

Listen, I'm already
drawing up our objection.

I didn't set my alarm.

Hey, I just need you
to tell me to file it, okay?

- Rach?
- I need to think about it.


Come on.

I just want this
to be over.

Rachel, you need to fight
this, and you know that.

Come on. Richard didn't work
for the house. You did.

Hey, I gotta go.

Okay, but we're continuing
this conversation at lunch.

Yeah. You're the best.

- I know it.
- Bye.

Shouldn't you be dressed?

What, this is not appropriate
attire for your personal chauffeur?

- You have a client.
- No, I don't.

I mean, yes, I do.
But, you know, we're still good.

- It just means we've got...
- Another tardy.

No, we're good.


Yeah. No, I know.

I... I get it.
I know you don't like living there,

but it's an assisted-living community,
Mom, it's not an old folks' home.

Can you hear me? Can you...

Okay, Mom, you need...
I can't hear you.

You need to press the little
microphone button. It's...

...firefighters battle
a raging house fire...

Mom, you need to...

You need to press the little
microphone button with the...

I don't know if you can hear me.
I'm gonna come see you later, okay?

Um... Bye.

Police are actively searching now
for the homeowner's ex-husband,

who was last seen fleeing the scene in
a gray pickup truck early this morning.

Our own Pat Davereaux
spoke with a neighbor

about the suspect's history
of substance abuse and violence

after a workplace injury.

She had
a restraining order on him.

And now she's gone.

He just couldn't face it.

- I was watching that.
- It's way too early for real life, dude.

Anybody seen
my candy-cane scissors?

Now, why would you
want to cut candy canes?

You know.
My scissors with the...

Never mind.

Is she okay?

I think so.

Gonna be late again.

Found 'em.

Under one of your
piles of trash.

Hey, science has proven

that piles are the most
efficient filing system.

I read that somewhere.

Those are actually
my coupons.

- Were you cutting us coupons?
- Mm-hmm.

- I love you.
- Mm.

Rachel, maybe you could learn a thing or
two from Mary about fiscal responsibility.

- Rachel, I... I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

I really love having you
and my brother here.

But if you're so
fiscally responsible,

maybe it's time to kick in
some rent here.

Rachel, you're the one that said
that we couldn't stay at Mom's.

We need to sell it.
And you know that. Okay?

I can't afford to pay for her
care, and you really can't either.

No, no, I told you,
I'm working on the business

and it's gonna start soon.

Come on, Freddy,
we gotta be real.

Real about what?

What does that even mean?

She was getting lost
in her own neighborhood.

But to be fair,
I still get lost in our old neighborhood.

- Even with a phone?
- Yeah.

Yeah, the streets in Linwood Springs
are like a freakin' maze of spaghetti.

Kyle, grab a granola bar.
We gotta go.

I already ate.

Bye, guys.
See you after school.

See you, dude.
Blow it up in there.

Bye, buddy.

Morning, Rachel.
Hey, Kyle.

Morning, Rosie. New ride?

Yeah. We've gone minivan.

It suits you.


Are we ever
gonna get a new ride?


You wanna buy me one?


Mom, I'm good.

it's not "per-spective."



- "Prospective."
- Nice job.

Hey, so what do you say?
Should we risk the freeway today?

No. No freeway.

Okay, well, just check
the traffic for me, please.

You don't have
a pass code anymore?

Not since I almost crashed
trying to unlock it.

Wow. That's not safe.

- "Precarious."
- What?

Next word. "Precarious."


- Use it in a sentence.
- Uh...

The way the glass is placed on the
edge of the table is precarious.

Nice. Good job.

Says it's clear.

And that's a problem why?

Because we still
can't trust it.

- Sorry, kiddo, but today we must.
- Mom, no!

- I don't have a choice.
- No! Please?

- We're gonna be late.
- Trust me, Kyle.

This is gonna be
quicker, okay?

That's what you said
the last two times.

Hey, see? All clear.

It's Dad.
Can I please talk to him?

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, man.

Uncle Freddy and I invented
a new Fortnite strategy.

- You wanna hear it?
- Not a good time.

- Maybe later, okay?
- Okay.

You got the tickets
for the game tomorrow?

Yeah, look,
about the game...

My schedule
kind of got messed up,

and my boss needs me
to go out of town tomorrow.

- Next time, okay?
- Yeah, okay.

That's really understanding
of you, Kyle.

You know, new jobs,
like your Dad's, can be...

really unpredictable
at first.

See. That's right.

But I promise we'll make a
plan to go to a game soon...

Well, it probably shouldn't be planned.
It should be more a...

a spur-of-the-moment
thing, right?

I mean, 'cause plans...
can be hard to stick to.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

I just need to keep my new boss
happy so I can get my own place...

Yeah, and maybe stop relying
on other sources of income.

Look, I just want
everything to be fair and square, okay?

That's why I called, actually.
I needed to talk to you about moving...

we gotta go, okay?

We're just
getting to school.

Okay, fine. But, you
know, this isn't gonna solve itself.

Look, I'm sorry again, bud.
I'll talk to you soon, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay. All right. Bye.



I am... I'm sorry, Kyle.

Three tardies
is an automatic detention.

I'm doing the best
I can here. Okay?


I can't believe this.

Deborah's calling you.

Deborah. Hey, I was
just gonna call you.

I just wanted to make
sure I was gonna see you at 9:00.

- Absolutely.
- Oh, great. I have a big day today.

Uh... but I've just hit
hellish traffic,

so I'm gonna be 15,
maybe 20 minutes late, tops.

Are you serious?

Actually, you know what?

It looks like
it might be clearing, so...

We're good.

I can't
do this again, Rachel.

You know what? I'm gonna call
Linda's guy and get in there.

I love you, Rachel,
but ever since you lost your salon...

I can't believe I'm gonna say this,
but you're fired. Get your shit together.

Deborah, no, wait. I'm sorry, okay?

Oh, my God.

Are you okay, Mom?



Oh, my God. Just my...

My best client,
that's all.

I'm sorry.

Eight miles, you know.
That's it.

What takes ten minutes on a Sunday,
takes an hour every other day...

and wrecks your career.

You know why?

Too many cars.

Too many cars
and too many people.

Didn't you also oversleep?

Yes. Yes.

And I overslept.
You're absolutely right.

It's okay.


any suggestions?

You could take the next exit
and do surface streets.

You got it.

Hold on. I'm gonna
get us out of this.

From now on,
no more freeways, okay?

I only trust you,
okay? Deal?


It's not getting
any greener.

Come on, man.

Come on!


No, no. Go.

Oh, come on.

Of course. Yeah.

- Kyle, don't.
- Morning.

I don't even get
a courtesy tap first?

Roll up your window.

It's not working.

You know what
a courtesy tap is, young man?

Just ignore him.

Sounds like this.

It's light. It's friendly.

Just like you're trying
to get somebody's attention.

I'm sure that's what
your mom meant.

Is that right, ma'am?

- Is a courtesy tap what you meant?
- No, it's not.

Why is that?

The light was green,
and you weren't moving.

Mom. Stop it, please.

Some of us
have places to be.

Yeah, I admit to being
a little zoned out back there.

I've been kind of having
a hard time lately.

Yeah, well, join the club.

Stop it.

Well, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that you are,
and I'm sorry that...

I might've made it worse.

You accept my apology?

Sure, whatever.


If you could just do the same,
we could press reset.

Ma'am, I was saying,
if you could just apologize...

Yeah, I heard you.


I don't have anything
to apologize for, sir.

- Mom. Just apologize.
- It's okay.

Well, I don't think that's really
true of any of us now, is it?

But that's where we are
in this world today.

We seem to have developed a
fundamental inability to apologize

to anyone, for anything.

I don't even think you really
know what a bad day is.

But you're gonna find out.

You hear me, miss?

You're gonna fucking learn.

Hey, can you go, please?

Just go.



Oh, my gosh! Stop!

Are you okay?


What's this guy's problem?

What's he doing?

Just gonna let
this person go on his way

- and take the back way, okay?
- Okay.

- Come on, come on, come on.
- Is he stopping?

Come on.

Come on.

So that was terrifying.

You know, some people are just
jerks, and that's all there is to it.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I got the window up.

Hey. So, what was that
Fortnite strategy

you and Uncle Freddy
came up with?

You don't care about that.

Of course I do.
I wanna learn.

I wanna learn.

You play duos and glide down to a
place you're really familiar with,

like Retail Row.

And then, one of you
distracts an enemy

while the other speeds a golf
cart out from a hiding place

and crashes into them.

You don't even know
what I'm talking about.

You're right, I don't,
but it sounds awesome.



how long's detention?

Thirty minutes.

Okay, so, I'll bail you out
3:30 on the nose,

and I'll even have a big "make it
up to you" Butterfinger Blizzard

ready and waiting.

I promise.

You don't have to promise.


Can you please try
to be on time?

Yeah, of course.

- Rach?
- My nine o'clock fired...

...fired me.
Hey, you...

you still there?

Uh, yeah. What happened?

Oh, God.

Freeway was a parking lot,
and my biggest client couldn't wait,

so she told me
to go to hell.

- That sucks.
- Yeah.

And then some psycho flipped out
on me and Kyle driving to school.

- And all this before noon. Shit.
- Yeah.

At least the day
can't get any worse, huh?

I could really use some therapy
on top of the legal advice.

Can you do breakfast

Um... at Darrow's?

Yes. Pancake therapy,
even better.

Twenty minutes?

Mm. "Human" 20 minutes,
or "Rachel" 20 minutes?

Ha, ha.

See you in 20.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Cash or credit?

That'll be, uh, $5.33.

Okay. Thank you.

Hi. Can I have five Powerball
Quick Picks? Thanks.

And those.

That'll be $13.31.

A 20...

your tickets...

- Here's your change.
- Thanks.

Okay. Thank you.

What can I get you, sir?

- Just a pack of Ventti gold.
- That'll be all?

- That's it.
- All right. Cash or credit?



Uh, ma'am, are you okay?

Yeah. Uh...

Actually, no. I...

I'm pretty sure the guy
in that truck's following me.

He somebody you know?

No, we... we kind of exchanged
words at an intersection.

I honked my horn at him,
and now he's...

He's road-raging you.

You could say that.

- You want me to call the cops?
- Nah, that'll take all day.

Besides, that'll just
piss him off even more.

Might. Might not.

Look, I can call 'em.

I don't know. I'm probably
just being paranoid.

How 'bout I walk out
with you?

- You don't have to do that.
- I'm heading out there anyway.

- So, you think he's...
- He's just trying to scare you.

If he sees both of us together,
and he doesn't drive off,

you still
get in your car.

I make sure
I get his plates.

If he follows you out,
we'll all call the cops.

Okay. Thanks.
I appreciate it.

Why don't you just get in the car?
I'm gonna grab his plates.

711 TPX.

711 TPX.



Why don't you just chill, man?
Go your own way.

It's a smart move
staying put, bro.

I got your plate
right here.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!


Oh, God.

Where's my phone?


Hey. Hey!

Come on.


Oh, God.

Oh, shit.

Shit, shit.

What? That's
my fucking phone.

Oh, God.
What's wrong with you?

What are you doing, bitch?

I'm sorry.

What's wrong with you?
"Sorry, sorry."

- I'm sorry, okay?
- It's a fucking one-way street.


- Fuck you, bitch!
- Move!

- "Sorry." You coming in here...
- Sorry, okay?

Learn how to drive!

- This is not how you drive.
- Sorry.

Fuck you!

Dumb bitch!

Oh, God.

Hi, it's Rachel.
Just leave a message.

Hey, Rach. Just calling to see what's up.

Please call or text
with an ETA. Thanks.

Are you Andy?

Uh, yeah.

I'm Tom Cooper.

- I'm an old friend of Rachel's.
- Oh, hey.

Huh. That makes two of us.
Uh, have we met?

No, I, uh... I just moved
to town a couple weeks ago.

Rachel told me
she was meeting you here.

Yeah. Well, you know what?
She's very, very late.

Well, she asked me
to apologize.

But it's hard to tell the level
of sincerity in that, isn't it?

- Uh, when did you talk to her?
- Ten minutes ago.

Okay. So, she's okay?
Everything's okay?

Well, Andy,
to tell you the truth...

she sounded
a little stressed.

She's got plenty
of reasons to be.

Yeah, yeah.
The divorce...

the salon, her mother.

Plus, she said some guy road-raged
on her pretty hard this morning.

- Really?
- Yeah.

About a year ago, a guy followed me
for about ten miles on my bumper.


They follow me
all the time.


You should be careful.

You never know who you could
be driving next to, right?

Or who you might end up
married to.

How do you mean?

You said she was stressed
because of her divorce.

No, actually you said that.

- Yeah? Oh.
- Yeah.

She let me listen
to his voice mails.

You know? I mean...

That guy sounds like
he's doing his best.

Well, the man's quit
every job he's ever had.

- Is that his biggest crime?
- No.

Did he fuck around on her?
Anything like that?

He's just miserable.

Kind of like my 11:00 appointment's
gonna be if I show up late.

Listen, since you're
having better luck with Rachel,

can you just tell her
to call me, please?

Now, Counselor...

if I could get Rachel
on the phone...

would you buy me
a cup of coffee?

And if she doesn't pick up?

Well, then I guess
I owe you a cup of coffee.



Oh, God.


Where is...

Oh, God.



Are you serious?



I'm sitting here, and I'm
waiting for you. What's...

I-I don't... Whose phone is this?
I don't understand.

How did you...

Rach, are you there?

Are you
at Darrow's right now?

Yeah, yeah. I'm sitting here
right across from your friend Tom.

- Cooper.
- Tom Cooper...

who apparently has an easier
time getting hold of you

than your
best friend/free lawyer.

I don't know a Tom Cooper.

Tom Cooper,
who just moved to town,

who you told to apologize
to me for being late.

Nice guy. Sweet beard.

Hey, listen to me.

He's not a friend, okay.

He's the psycho who came
after me today. Oh, God.

I just watched him run over
someone at a gas station.

Andy, do you hear me?
Are you there?

No, you're gonna have to say that
again, Rachel. You're breaking up.

What the hell
are you doing?

I'm just here with Andy.

Hey, if she's almost here,
I can wait.

Who says if you're
almost here, he can wait.

What do you want?

No, it's not what I want.
It's what I need.

And I need you to learn
what a bad day really is,

and I need you to learn
how to say you're sorry.

Okay, fine.

I'm sorry. Okay?
There, I said it.

No, how to say you're sorry
and actually fucking mean it.

- Whoa, Tom.
- And this is the beginning of that first lesson.

- Can I have my phone back?
- No.

- Leave him alone.
- Just give me my phone.

What's happening?

What's happening?

- You're on speaker now, Rachel.
- Call the police!

- Andy.
- Someone stop him!


- Are you okay?
- He is not okay. You hear me?

- You hear me?
- Yes.

I hear you.

Who is Andy?

Is he really your best
friend/scumbag divorce lawyer?

- What?
- Yeah?

The kind of person who fucks over
men like me and Richard for a living?

Come on. Please.

He doesn't do that, okay?
He's a decent guy.

Is that right?

There's a divorce lawyer...

who doesn't fuck over
decent men for a living?

I find that very hard to believe, Rachel!

Very hard!

What is this?
Is this some kind of sick joke?

- Are you having sex with him?
- What are you talking about?

'Cause these guys, they don't
get in trouble for that.

They'll fuck you
all kinds of ways.

Fuck you physically, fuck you
emotionally, fuck you financially.

And they don't get
in trouble for it.

Has he been fucking you, Rachel?
Has he been fucking you?

He's married, okay?

That don't mean shit
these days.

Just leave him alone.

Hey, Rachel, if you knew
this was gonna be

the very last time you could ever
talk to your lifelong friend Andy,

what would you say?

Wait. No, wait. What?

What would you say,

Hey, what's happening?

What's happening?

- That was a wasted opportunity.
- Wait!



Andy, are you there?
He can't hear you no more.

What do you mean?

Well, I think you know.

No, I don't.
I don't, I don't. What did you do?

What did you do?

Well, why don't you
get yourself to a TV.

Gonna be a lot
of video soon.

You put him on the phone.

You put him back
on this goddamn phone.

You put him back
on this goddamn phone!

No, I can't do that.

Why not?

Well, number one...

he's already dead.

No, he's not.

No, he's...

Hey, listen, listen.

I'm really sorry, okay?

- I'm really sorry.
- You know...

I can still hear that faint tinge
of "fuck you" in your voice.

Never know it, but nothing's ever
your good goddamn fault, right?


Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Oh, my God.

Your life is over
when they find you.

Suicide by cop's
okay with me.

What do you want?

You got some messages.
Got one from Dr. Miller.

She wants to change your
Friday therapy appointment.

She better bring her A-game,
'cause you're gonna fucking need it.

Got one here from the principal of
the Wesley Oaks Elementary School.

"Rachel, thank you for your hair and
makeup for The Music Man production.

Kyle was great
in the quartet."

Is that your son's name?

Is that where
he goes to school?

No way.

Kyle's my friend's son.
My son doesn't go to Wesley...

Rachel, I'm scrolling through
the pictures on your phone.

Don't be a fucking idiot.

Don't you touch my son!

Then tell me,
who's gonna die next, Rachel?

Who's gonna die?

Give me a name,

or I'll just play Russian
roulette with your contact list.

No. I can't.

What about Richard?

No! No.

You telling me there's still
some feelings there?

He's my son's father.

- You can't ask me to do that.
- You know what I can do?

I can send the $2300 and change
you've got in your checking account

straight to Richard.


every goddamn cent you've got
in your savings account.

You got me a name yet?

Look, here's an idea.

How about I swing by your mom's room
at the Shady Falls nursing home?

Right after I burn your house
to the fucking ground.

Me. Me, okay? I choose me.

I choose me.

Well, that's very noble,
but you can't choose yourself.

Why not?

Because that would defeat
the fucking purpose, Rachel.

Give me a name.
Make a choice.

Who are you
gonna kill next?

Your mom? Richard?


Deb... Deborah.

Last name?


8277 Walnut Avenue?

Now, what was her sin,

She fired me.

Through no fault
of yours, I'm sure.

I gave you a name.

Yeah, you did.

So, you won't hurt my son...

or my mom,
or go to my house?

Not right now.

I'm gonna be sick.
I'm gonna be sick.

Don't lose that phone, Rachel.


Fuck. Fuck.


What's your emergency?

My name is Rachel Flynn.
I have multiple emergencies.

I need you to listen to me
very carefully.

Police say the
suspect didn't even bat an eye

as security cameras and graphic video
from terrified customers' cell phones

captured him brutally assaulting and
then killing the victim in a booth.

He can then be seen calmly
walking out of Darrow's Diner

while talking on a cell phone.

Witnesses say he sped away
in a gray pickup...

Hey, babe. Isn't Darrow's that
place with the killer brisket?

...wanted in connection not only with
that fatal house fire in Arbor Hills,

but a hit-and-run
just a short while ago.

Babe, you gotta see this.

say he was badly injured

at the auto plant where he
worked in middle management

- and was fired just shy of his pension.
- You okay?

He was unable to find steady
work over the last year.

Please tell me we own
whatever that was.

He was let go just yesterday
from a maintenance company

- after being employed there less than a month.
- Babe!

Once again, the suspect is driving
a dark-gray, late-model 4x4 pickup.

If you have information,
please call the police tip line.

That number is 1-800-555...

Deborah Haskell?

Yes. Is there a problem?

Once again,
authorities stress

that the suspect should be
considered dangerous.

If you have any information
about his whereabouts...

...please call the police tip line.

Baby, are you okay?

You must be
Rachel's brother.

Who's this?


- Mary.
- Wife?

Girl... Girlfriend.
Uh, fiancée, fiancée.



Please don't hurt her
anymore, man.

Now, that's gonna be up to you, Fred.

That's gonna be
up to you and your sister.

I-I-I don't understand.

Rachel has dismissed me

as the unworthiest fuck
to ever walk this planet.

And you know what, Fred?

I don't disagree.

Every effort, every sacrifice I've
ever made in my invisible life

has been dismissed
and judged...


I've been chewed up,
used up and spat out.

So I think "fuck it," Fred.

I'll make my contribution this way,
through violence and retribution.

'Cause that's all I got left.

Look, I have some weed out
in the kitchen and ten bucks.

I'm not here
for your money, Fred.

I'm here to make
your sister realize

that her words and actions
have consequences.

- Please let my girlfriend go.
- Okay, I will.

- Please.
- I will.

See what she did,
that sister of yours?

Look what she's done now, Fred!

All right, guys.
Can you get these gates locked up?

What the heck?

Oh, God.

It's a parent. It's all right. Ms. Flynn?

This wasn't what
we talked about.

Yeah, well,
fucking surprise.

I called the police.

Of course you did.

Please, just...

Just let them go, okay?

Are you inside
or outside?

- Please, just let them go.
- Rachel.

Stop talking. Are you inside
or outside of that school?

I'm outside.

Go in, get your boy,
call me back when you get to the car.

And you better be driving as fast and
as far away from that school as you can.

Don't stop for anybody.

You got three minutes,
or Fred's dead.

Now, Freddy...

Freddy, wake up. Come on.

You gonna write your sister
a letter, okay?

and other experts say

that incidents of road rage are
becoming increasingly more deadly.

We must be rich,
powerful, pretty

and celebrated
to exist in our culture.

Those left behind are doomed
to rage like a volcano.

Please, just wait right here!

Could you stay calm
for me, please?

Get on the intercom
and call him now!

- The dispatchers have already been called.
- I know.

We have procedures,
all right?

We're on something we call
the soft lockdown right now.

I'm the reason
for that. Okay?

Look. Look.

That's my little brother,

And this maniac's gonna hurt him
even worse if you don't go get my son

in the next... two minutes.

Look, that's him
texting me right now.

See, look.

Look. Same guy.

Mrs. Ayers...

I need you to go
get my son.

Goddamn it, I need you
to go get my son!

Dear Rachel,

you are now responsible
for Mary's death.


Come on.
Write the fucking letter.

Come on.

Did you remember
my Butterfinger Blizzard?

Get in!

Seat belt.

You're freaking me out.

- It's gonna be okay.
- Tell me what's happening.

- I'm not letting you out of my sight.
- What's going on?


Mom, why aren't you
talking to me?

Have you got Kyle?


Have him say hello.

Kyle, say hello.

- Is it Dad?
- No.

Just say hello.


Now put my brother
on the phone.



Are you okay?


Mary's gone.

Mary's dead. Mary...

- He made me...
- No, no. You didn't. You didn't.

- You didn't.
- You're right, I didn't.

You did.

- What?
- Mom?

Who are you talking to?

Please, just...
just let him go.

Put me on speaker.

You have kids?


Rachel, your little brother is
sitting in a puddle of lighter fluid

and his own piss.

Put me on fucking speaker.


- Kyle, can you hear me?
- Yes.

I'm the man your mom honked her
horn at this morning. You remember?


Your uncle Freddy,

he's written your mom a letter,
and he wants to read it out loud.

It's very important that she
remains quiet and respectful

and she listens
to every word, okay?


Come on, Fred.


Come on. Read.

"Dear Rachel,

you are now... res...


- for Mary's death."
- Responsible for Mary's death!

Read the fucking letter,

"I now realize our loving...

relationship has been a lie.

You are the most entitled,

self-centered person
that I have ever known.

Everything has...

has always been about you.

I am deeply ashamed of you.

You are the reason...

this is happening to me

and why I will never see
another sunrise in my life."

Good job.

Stop it! Just stop it!

Are you talking to me
or to Freddy?

- You made your point.
- Police!

Show me your hands
and step back.

I said put your hands in the
fucking air and step back now!

- Six-Adam-Three, 10-33...
- Don't let him kill me.

- ...at 1204 North Jackson.
- He has a... He has a...

- Get on your knees!
- Fuck you.


Do something! Help him!

Help him!



I'm sorry.

No, don't answer it.
Don't answer it.

It might be the cop.

Hello? Officer?

It's still me.

Where is my brother?

Sorry, Rachel.

Freddy's gone.

If it's any consolation,

a fucking cop
shot my shoulder up.

I hope you bleed to death.

Well, that was sincere.

It's just not an apology.

There are a lot of people in
my life who deserve apologies.

You are not one of them.

Let's talk about Kyle

and how he's gonna die.

You so much as breathe
in his direction,

no force on this earth will
stop me from killing you.

Do you hear me?

Sounds like
you're waking up.

I am wide awake.

Wide awake.

That's good,
'cause we ain't near done yet.

Yes, this is over.

This is so fucking over,
you sick fuck!

Where should we go?

Police station. We should
go to the police station.



Can I call Dad?

Sweetie, I don't have
my phone, remember?

That man took it.

You have your tablet?

I think he stole it too.

Well, that's probably
a good thing.

Well, he has your phone,
so if we had your tablet,

he could know where we are.


He did know
where we were, but...

he was using
that flip phone.

Don't you think?

Yeah, maybe.

Hey, um...

I looked for my tablet before, but...
do you just wanna take another look around

- just in case?
- Yeah.

- Check the seat pockets.
- Okay.

Have a really
good look, okay?

Look under the seats.

- You see it?
- I don't think it's in here.

Wait, I think
I feel something.

- I think I see it.
- Where?

- Under your seat, it's...
- What?

It's stuck. It...

It's what?

It was taped.

Oh, my God.

- Should I throw it out the window?
- Yeah.

- No.
- What?

Wait, wait, wait.

- "Find Your Phone" app.
- Yeah?

You put it
on the tablet too?


So, if he still
has my phone,

we should be able
to track him, right?


Is it working?

I see it.

Where is it?

Right next to us.

Oh, my God.

Do you see him?

Oh, my God.

He's in front of us.

- He is?
- He has Rosie's van.

Mom, look! There's a cop.

- Do you see him?
- It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

He can help us.

Put your seat belt back on.

- Do not look at him, okay?
- Okay.

Mom, that... that was...

The exit. I know. I know.

Kyle, just trust me
and get his attention.



- Officer! Help!
- Hello!

- Officer! Hey!
- Hey! Help!

Roll your window down!

- Please help us! Hello! Hey!
- We need help!

The guy you're looking for,
he's behind you!

Right behind you!

Please help us!

Pull over!

Dispatch, request assist...

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Can you see him?

He... He's catching up.

Go! Go!

Kyle, call 911 on the tablet.

What's your emergency?

The man on the news,
he's chasing me in a silver minivan.

- Your current location?
- Driving on 95 south.

Just after the State exit.

Ma'am, all units
in that vicinity

are currently responding
to a multi-vehicle crash.

He caused that accident!
My son and I are in danger!

Ma'am, we cannot
get to you at the moment.

Stay on the line,
get someplace safe...

Mom, it died!

Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Tell me
you have the charger.

I don't.

Oh, my God.

We're on our own.

Okay. Okay.

We should just
go to the station.

There's no way we can outrun him.
We have to lose him.

- We need to go to Grandma's.
- Why?

It's your strategy,

- From the video game?
- What?

It's somewhere
we're familiar with, okay?

It's the safest place
to hide you.

And we can call for help
with the silent alarm.

And it'll confuse the heck out of
someone who's never been there before.

Right, like Uncle Freddy
was saying.

He still gets lost there,
like a maze of spaghetti.

Yeah, exactly.

So you think he'll get lost?

For long enough.


Go faster! Speed up!

He's right behind us.

He's catching up.

Can you go any faster?

Hold on!


- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Can you see him?
- No.

I think he's still back
towards the entrance.


Starting now,
we stick to our plan.

Our backup plan.

Yeah, if we do that,
I promise you...

we're gonna get through this
together, okay, you and me.

- Yeah.
- Okay?

Go. Go.

Look at me! Look at me!

Look at me. You see me?

You're always gonna see me.

I'm always gonna be
inside your head.

Every time you think
of your little boy...

and what you could've done
to save him.


Kyle Flynn?

It's the police.

You're safe, son.
Come on out.

Come on, son.

Your mom's hurt,
but she's okay.

She asked us
to come and get you.

Come on, son.

It's okay.

Come on out, boy.

- I made a lot of noise.
- It's okay.

No! No! No!

No! No!

Get off me! Let go!




No! No! Mom!


Here's your fucking
courtesy tap!

You're okay.
You're okay.


We understand that it may have
started as a result of a two-car crash...

Ms. Flynn?

May I have a moment?

It's okay.
We'll be right back.


I'm so sorry...

Uncle Fred's alive.

He is?

He's gonna be okay.

Can we go see him?

Yeah. Yeah.

We got your statement,
so you are free to go.

What's your problem?

Good choice.