Underdog (2007) - full transcript

A bomb-sniffing beagle is fired from the mayor's office for a faux pas. That night a mad scientist dognaps him and injects him with an elixir. The dog escapes, but now has superpowers. He's adopted by a security guard - an ex-cop, who's a widower with a moody teen son, Jack. The boy discovers that the dog, named Shoeshine by dad, has super powers, but it's their little secret. While Underdog saves people in distress, the mad scientist and his underling continue their plot to catch him and take over the city. There's also a girl Jack likes who has a dog that Shoeshine takes a shine to. Will every dog have his day?

(♪ Underdog theme)

(man) Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Simon Barsinister,

the wickedest man
in the world.

He was evil and crazy.

Simon and his
wacky henchman, Cad,

schemed to rule
the universe.

But each time
they were foiled by me,

the greatest superhero
who ever lived...


♪ When criminals
in this world appear ♪

♪ And break the laws
that they should fear ♪

♪ And frighten all
who see or hear ♪

♪ The cry goes up both
far and near for Underdog ♪

♪ Underdog ♪

♪ Speed of lightning
Roar of thunder ♪

♪ Fighting all
who rob or plunder ♪

♪ Underdog ♪

♪ Underdog ♪

♪ There's no need
to fear ♪

♪ Underdog ♪

(man) Ladies and gentlemen,

I come to you this evening
to discuss the growing problem

of crime in our city.

Here in front of me
are files of unsolved cases.

(Underdog) But we're
getting ahead of ourselves.

That's me in the uniform.

I was raised since I was just
a little puppy to fight crime.

Never had a family
or a place to call home.

I was raised with one purpose
and one purpose only:

to help people,
to keep them safe.

Nothing was going
to stand in my way.


- (mayor stops speaking)
- Easy, boy.

However, to the families

You got something, boy?

- (barking)
- What was that?

Alpha Dog has got
a lock on the stage.
I think it's the boxes.

The criminals should not
be allowed to keep
their own freedom.

- (howling)
- Clear the building!

(man) We need SWAT here, now!
Please hurry, your honor.

(man 2) Everybody out!

Blue team, go, go! Move!

(electronic beeping)

No radiation.

No metal.

Tweezers, and we'll lift.

Easy. Right down the side.

Yeah. Slow. And slide.

I bet you didn't know
a beagle's sense of smell

is 55 times stronger
than a human's.


Well, mine's not.

It's a gift from
the American Pork Association.


I want a full debrief, now.

(laughter continues)

(dogs barking)

(dogs laughing)

Nice work, rookie.
You found an exploding ham.

Quiet, I smell a bomb.

You! You should just
turn in your tags.

(dogs continue laughing)

All right,
I'll be honest with you.

I wasn't exactly
the best dog on the force.

In fact, I was
probably the worst.

The ham was just
the latest of my mistakes.

Like the time I chewed
that extension cord

and it was still
plugged in.

Or when I met that cute poodle

and it turned out
to be a guy.

It's hard to feel
destined for greatness
when you keep messing up.

But, destiny's a funny thing.
It'll creep up on you
when you least expect it.

Last one for tonight.

(dogs barking)

Excuse me. Uh, there's been
a big mistake.

I'm not a stray.
I shouldn't be in the pound.

This ain't no pound, son.

This place makes the pound
look like the dog park.

By day it's OK,
but at night,
once everyone's left,

that's when
the freaky stuff happens.

What kind of "freaky stuff"?

- What did they do to
your hair

- What's wrong with my hair?

(stammers) Nothing.
Nothing at all.

You were saying about
the "freaky stuff".

All I'm saying is when the guy
in the white lab coat pulls
out the giant needle, run!

(laughs maniacally)



Welcome to the graveyard.

Yeah, nice and quiet,
just like I like it.

Uh, sir, excuse me.
We're not open right now.

There's no access
to the labs.

Oh, really? I'm sorry.

That's all right.
Don't worry about it.

Oh, wait. What's this?

What does this say?

Uh... "All Access."

It's OK.
You all make mistakes.

But I forgive you.

Because that's the kind
of person I am... humble.

A humble genius.

(man) It's OK.

Let him in.


Again, I'm sorry,
Dr. Barsinister.

- I'm terribly sorry.
- It's OK.

How were you to know that I am
the most important scientist
this company has?

You couldn't have.

(elevator bell dings)

- (Barsinister)
Who's the new hire?

Him? He, uh, used to be a cop.
I was thinking that maybe

we should take it easy
on the after-hours stuff.

You know? Clandestine.

A three-syllable word?
I'm impressed.

I bought a, uh...


Good for you.

But even if he is an ex-cop,
we don't have time
to skulk about. Look.

"Police Dog Training."
It's a great idea.

Why didn't you think of that?

Because training
is a fool's process.

I've met with the mayor

and I told him how we could
take this city to new heights

through genetic manipulation.

- (meowing)
- Yeah? What did he say?

The fool
actually laughed at me.

That happened to me once.
I had my pants on inside out.

Nobody told me
for the entire day.

- Stop talking now.
- Oh, right.

I'll be
the silent partner.

Just because you're
the only one here, Cad,

does not make us partners.

Wow. A real-life
mad scientist.

Yeah, and he
ain't even mad yet.

All right.
Bring me the new dog.

Your lucky day.

(Barsinister) And now,
the most important DNA.

- (whimpers)
- (Barsinister) Oh.

Don't worry, little guy.

It will only hurt... a lot.

OK, let's do it,


Your mouth was open!

Just hold him.

- (barking)
- (screaming)

(Cad) Hey, Doc! Get him!

Get in the game, Doc.
He's right there.

No, no! No, no!

My research!

The serum.

He's going for the door!

Run, boy. Run, run!

Bring me a chew toy
from the outside.

And maybe some hair gel!

(gasps) It works.

- (screaming)
- Doc!

(indistinct chatter
on police radio)

I'm pulling the security tapes
and running a computer sweep
of Dr. Barsinister's research.

Dan, we'll handle it
from here.

When there's a crime,
they call a cop.

When someone wants to
sign into the building,
they call you.


That's why
you're the chief.

With a big filing cabinet
marked "unsolved crimes."

Hey, guys...

Yeah, that was some night.
I was homeless and hungry.

And just when I thought
it couldn't get any worse,

these numbskulls show up.

(male dog) Hey, runt.
You lost?

The name's Riff Raff.

- I've marked this territory.
- Yeah, he marked it.

Look, I don't want
any trouble, OK?

Well, then today's
your lucky day, mutt.

I'd rip you to pieces,
but I don't want
to get my paws dirty.

Yeah. You're not
worth his time, fleabag.

- (chuckles) Fleabag. Yes.
- Get him!

Sweet. We're going to get him.
Come back here!

That mutt dumped my trash.
Come on. Get him, boys.

- He thinks he's a greyhound.
- Look at him go.

(Riff Raff) I'll eat
that runt for dinner.

Dibs on leftovers.

- (tires screeching)
- Oh! Speed bump.

- What a way to go.
- I'm with you, boss.
Let's get out of here.

(dog whimpering)



Hey, I thought
I clipped you.

What are you doing?

You're a funny little dog.
Come here. Come here.

Let me see.
Where's your collar?

Oh, is that a kiss?

Where's your collar?

You don't have a home?

Why don't you come home
with me? Huh?

We got a nice home,
just for you.

- (engine starts)
- What are you doing
out that window?

I know what you're thinking.
He just hit me with his car,

and I climb
in the front seat.

Look, I may not be able
to smell a bomb,

but I can smell
a good person.

- (keyboard clicking)
- (boy) Please excuse
Jack Unger

from any and all activity

because he has
a bad cold.

No, too simplistic.

He has shingles.

No, I already used that.

Come on, Jack.
Dig deep.

(sighs) I got one.


(Dan) Hey, Jack,
you ready for school yet?

- Yeah.
- Come on out back.

- I can't. I'm busy.
- Aw, come on.

I got something to show you.

- (groaning)
- Hey, I heard that.

Yeah, you're a good dog.
Can you sit for me?

- (sneezes)
- Oh. God bless you.

Here's your ba...
Hey, Jack. Look.

- You bought a dog?
- No, I didn't buy him.

I, uh, I found him
on the street.

He's cute, isn't he?

I thought maybe
we'd go for walks,
take him on a hike.

Hikes? Oh, fun.

Hey, look at that.

I think we should
call him... Shoeshine.

Considering all the other
things he probably licks,

I think
that's the best call.

Jack, I just thought
he would be good for you.

Take your mind off
a few things.

Listen, I'm telling you
I am fine, all right?

- OK.
- You don't have
to keep doing this.

You've got plenty of other
things to worry about,

like being a prison guard
to lab rats.

You know what?
I like the new job.

(phone ringing)

If you don't want the dog,
I'll take him to the pound
this afternoon.

(door opens and closes)

- Hello?
- (groans)

No, no, I'll come back.

All right. Thank you.

I got to go back to work.

- What about Shoelick?
- Shoeshine.

Listen, do me a favor.
Keep an eye on him.

You know what?
Give him a chance.

- You might even like him.
- I don't think so.

All he does is eat,
sleep, and poop.

Then the two of you have
a lot in common, don't you?

(Barsinister) I can isolate
specific protein strands
in animal DNA.

Then combine them
any way I want.

This will give him
the speed of a cheetah,

the ability
to fly like an eagle,

or the strength of an animal
one hundred times his weight.

a doctor's note, Jack?

Is this what it's come to?

I didn't forge it.

So, you expect me
to believe that you have...

(coughing) It's pretty bad.


I don't know what
disappoints me more,
the fact that you did it,

or that you did so poorly
that you couldn't even
fool a P.E. teacher.

Ahhh. Food.


Definitely smell food.


It's not dog food,
but it's about to be.

Oh, no.

They're going
to blame this on me.

Oh, well, bon apptit.

Aha. Homo postalis,
the Great North American

Natural enemy of the dog.

- (barking)
- Look, the Ungers
got a new cat.

Come on. Come on, come on.

Come on.
Is that the best you got?

You want a piece of this here?



That's right.
Run, mail-slinger, run.

And never
come back here again.

- (tires screeching)
- (cat screeches)

Great. Two for one.

Hey. Is that a tennis ball?

(chuckles) This day just
gets better and better.

(grunts) Whoa!

(pants) That couch
tried to kill me.

There is something
mighty peculiar
going on here.

- (door opening)
- Huh?

What did you do?


Dad is going to kill you.
And then me.


I really hope
this is chili.

Give me a break.
It was an accident.

(Jack) Hello?

Dad? Is that you?


Come here, boy.

- Did you hear something?
- No. Did you?

- Did you just talk?
- Huh? What? Hmm?

Whoa, whoa... Wait a minute.
You can understand me?

(both screaming)


OK. OK. Deep breaths.

Get some fresh air
to the brain.
You're imagining this.

- Wait. You...
- Bad dog. Stop talking.

Wait. Stop.

Person, heel.
Come on, who trained you?

Person, just wait.

- What did you just call me?
- Sorry. I don't know
your name.

Jack. Nothing.
Stop talking to me.

Look, I can't stop
talking to you,
Jack Nothing,

because I'm
freaking out here.

If we're going for a walk,
you may want to get
a poop bag.

- What?
- I'm just saying I have
that special feeling.

Maybe you're the problem.

A weirdo kid who can
suddenly talk to dogs.

All right. How did you learn
to speak English?

How should I know?

Can you speak
other languages?

A little retriever.
Some shih tzu.

My Chihuahua is
a little rusty, though.

I mean other human languages.

So English
isn't enough for you?


Shh! That's Molly,
a reporter for
the school paper.

She'll have a field day
with you. Just speak dog.

Arf. Arf.

- Hey, how's it going?
- Good.

Were you just talking
to someone?

Just my dog.

I've got my dog, too.

(♪ Styx: Lady)

♪ Lady ♪

♪ When you're with me
I'm smiling ♪

♪ Give me all your love ♪

OK, here we go.

Uh, hello.
I'm Shoeshine.

Oh, well, hello.
I'm Polly.

- (barking)
- (laughing)

I think she likes him.

I've never seen you.
Are you new to this park?

Oh, yeah,
I just, uh, relocated.

You smell wonderful.

Like a half-eaten
pig's ear.

Excuse me. "Pig's ear"?

Is that what passes
for a pick-up line?

No, no. I, uh...

I've got to get going.
Come on, Polly.

Master calls.

So, uh,
will I see you again?

Look, you're
a cute beagle and all,

but I want a little pizzazz
in a relationship.

A guy who can sweep me
off my feet, you know?


But we can be friends, OK?

- See you later.
- Yeah. See you later.


I don't want to be friends.

I'm looking to settle down,
to find Mrs. Right.

She could be Polly Shoeshine.

Or is it Polly Shine?
Or is it...

Hey, Frisbee!

What was that?

It's my instincts.
I just can't help myself.

Whoo! What a rush.

OK. What else do you do?

Now bury the bone. Let's go.
Good boy. Bury the bone.

Uh, excuse me. You want
to tell me why you're
talking to me like that?

What? It's doggy talk.

Well, it's demeaning.
Give me the stick.

Hey, I think
I struck oil.

Shoeshine, get out
of there. Come on.

I hope no one saw that.

What else do dogs do?
Hey, they smell.

- How's your smelling?
- My schnoz ain't too good.

Got me fired
from my last job.

That's ridiculous.
Come on, just try it.

Smelling makes me nervous,
and I...

Ah... ah... ah-choo!

Glad I didn't try
to hold that one in.

I would have blown my brains
out of my ears.

OK. Um, what are they

(indistinct voices
becoming clearer)

...when I talk like that.
I'm not gonna spend...

I know.
We'll talk later. Bye.

Catch the ball
right in the web
of the glove.

Maybe we should
see other people.

He thinks it would be better
if they saw other people.

She says for all she cares
he can go eat...

- People eat that, too?
- (chuckles)

Help! Let me go.

It's Polly and that girl
who follows her around.

- Molly.
- She's with two other guys.

They're stealing
her backpack. This way.

Hey! Wait.

- Slow down.
- No, you speed up.
Use all four legs.

- (tires screeching)
- (horns honking)

This is incredible.
I've never run
this fast before.

It feels like my feet aren't
even touching the ground...

- Yeow!
- (horns honking)


(gasps) I can fly?


Whoa! Look out!


This is way better
than sticking your head
out of a moving car.

- Whoo hoo!
- (truck horn honking)

Oh, no! I'm blind.
I can't see. Oh, no.

I don't want to see.


Excuse me. Pardon me.

Excuse me. Out of the way.

I'm good. I'm good.


(groans) Spicy mustard.

Ow! Where are the brakes
on this thing?

- I got a camera.
- Hurry up.




(Molly) Hello? 911?


Uh-huh. Someone just
swooped in and saved you?

You think you could
describe him?

Yes. He was white.

- Molly, hey.
Um, are you all right?
- Mm-hmm.

OK, so he's a Caucasian?

I think he was brown.

He was light brown
with white spots

on his belly,
paws, and tail.

He had black whiskers,
brown eyes and a wet nose.

Like this?

Shoeshine? Shoeshine.

Shoeshine, you here?


Sorry, Jack.

I didn't mean
to break those cars

or those garbage cans
or that building.

Shoeshine, you're a hero.

No, I don't want to be a hero.
I'll screw it up.

Trust me on this one.

(sighs) I just wanted a home,
a place where I belonged.

Just because
I have these powers
doesn't make me a hero.

Shoeshine, it depends
on what you do with them.

Maybe. But promise me,
no one can find out.

- Not even your dad.
- Oh, my dad.

Easy. Easy.

Do you see
a tennis ball anywhere?

(doorbell rings)

Just put it in the corner.

You know, traditionally,
the dog makes the mess

and the human cleans it up.

I'm looking for my beagle.
He, uh, does tricks and stuff.

I'm... I'm sorry.
I haven't seen him.


- What was that?
- That was my, um...
my grandpa.

He's blind, and we're just
rearranging the furniture.

Are you all right
in there, Gramps?

Who you calling Gramps?

Get back in here and
help me move the couch.


You're making your blind
grandfather move a couch?

It was either that
or repave the driveway.

His choice.

Good luck
finding your dog.

- Do you belong to that guy?
- What? Me? No.

- Then who was he?
- How should I know?

All you humans
look alike.

Oh, it's my dad.

OK. I'm going to go
out there and stall him

and you try and make things
look as normal
as possible in here.

Talking dog will try
to make things normal.

(sighs) All clean.

- Dad, Dad, hey.
- Hey, how are you?
What's up?

- Do you need help?
- Sure, yeah. Thanks.

Wait. I'm going
to put these inside,

and then we're going
to go for a walk.

A walk?

You and me are going
to go for a walk?

Yeah. You know,
just chill, talk?

Hang out?

OK. Come on.

What happened there?

- Dad, wait.
- No, Jack.

- What?
- (glass breaking)

Yeah, hang out.

- Dad, look, I can explain.
- Don't tell me the dog did it

Look, we'll talk
about it later.

I'm going to take that dog
back to the pound.

Dad, no! No, please.
I want to keep him.

You told me
you didn't want the dog.

Me? No way.

I told you I've wanted a dog
since I was, like, eight.


All right, but it's
your responsibility.

You got to feed it,
brush it, walk it.
You got to train it.

Trust me, Dad.
This dog will do things
that will blow your mind.

- (Dan) This better be chili.
- (growls)

(rats squeaking)

Yes. Yes, brilliant.

Already the flames
of inspiration

are licking at my brain.


in this,
my new laboratory.

- Kind of smells
like a men's room.
- So much the better.

It seems
like the wrong vibe
for our work.

a little precocious.

- Perspicacious.
- What?

Peppery? Prim?

Most of my thesaurus
burned up in the fire.

All I've got left
are the P's.

- Perfect.
- Ooh. That's a good one.

Can I use that?

The material I require
is going to be expensive.

We're going to need
to find ways
to subsidize my work.

I know some guys who just
got out of the clink
who can help us.

Perhaps. Bam!

- Ahhh!
- Nailed it.

Jack and I
became good buddies.

For the first time
in my life, I really felt
like Man's Best Friend.

(man) Hot dogs,
nice and hot!

Come on, folks.
Bite into a nice
juicy hot dog.

What? What?

Oh, my gosh,
they're made of dog!

Are you people crazy?

Shoeshine, come here.

It's not real dog.

- What is it then?
- It's just animal parts.

You know, like noses,
hooves, intestines.

Well, in that case,
I'll take two.

Hot dogs! Hot dogs!
That's what I got!

Hot dogs! Hot dogs!
Nice and hot!

- Why is he
talking like that?
- He's rhyming.

It's a gimmick.
To get people's attention.

That seems like
a strange convention
for you to mention.

And this is where
I'm bored out of my mind,
eight hours a day.

Whenever I'm bored
I just chase my tail.

If you're lucky
you throw up and bingo!

Lunch, part two.

- Nice.
- What?

Sticks, balls,
and running in one game?

- So clever. So inspired.
- Not our team.

We're always
the underdogs.

Never heard of that breed.
Is that a dog from Australia?

No. Look,

an underdog is someone
who has been counted out

and nobody
expects them to win.

- Yeah, I know
the feeling. Huh?
- (cat meows)

(Shoeshine) There goes
the neighborhood.

- Shoeshine, no.
- (groans)

- Freak.
- What?


- So, what's the score?
- I told you no.

But every molecule of me
was screaming "yes".

It's time to teach you
some manners.

Right. I'm going
to learn manners

from a guy who pees
in my white porcelain
drinking bowl.

All right. Basic commands.

- Chapter one: sit.
- Let's start
with a tough one.

- Chapter two: lie down.
- Fine.

I was going
to do that anyway.

Chapter three: roll over.

This book doesn't have
much of a plot, does it?

And chapter four: speak.

Arf. Arf.

You can't be serious
with this.

Four weeks of lessons
in four seconds?

We're on a good pace.

Chapter five:
return the book and
get your money back.

- I got you something.
- Oh. Never had one
of these before.

If you ever get lost
they'll know where
to bring you home.


Wow, this is great!

Oh, ew! Oh,
that breath is horrible.

What have you been eating?

Not sure. I dug it out
from under the house.

Suddenly I had
a home and a family.

I had all
that I ever wanted.

The only thing that could
possibly mess this up

was if a mad scientist
bent on revenge was
living underneath the city.

Well, guess what?

Oh, the price I've paid.

(sighs) So be it.

Hi. How's it going?

I'd love to, baby,
but I'm busy.

Work out?
Yeah, I work out.

I think of my body
as a Buddhist temple.

Cad, stop talking to your

imaginary friend and get
in here !(elevator bell dings)


(man on radio) Dan, it's Les.
You got a shipment
at the loading docks.

- Can you buzz them in?
- All right.

I'm on my way.

(elevator bell dings)

Is this thing going
to help us make
another super dog?

Why settle for just one
when I can create
a plethora?

That's a "P" word.
I bet I have that one.

Just pick it up,
you ape.

(Shoeshine) Give the dog
your food.

Give the dog your food.
Give the dog your food.

You are in my power.
You will do as I command.

Sorry, you didn't get
the power of hypnotism.

Aha. Not yet, I didn't.

Give the dog your food.

- (toy squeaking)
- (newscast plays on TV)

Rubber? What kind
of sick joke is this?

...this demonstration will
convince international leaders

that the Capitol City
K-9 Academy is the future
for K-9 crime fighters.

Maybe I should
sign you up.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

My dad used to be
on the force.

He was twice decorated
by the mayor for bravery.

- He was a real hero.
- What happened?

He quit.

That a big deal?

A big deal? Yeah.

He says he quit his job
to spend time with me
after my mom died,

and he's still never home.

We're interrupting
with breaking news.

One of our camera crews
following police

have stumbled upon
a local jewelry store

The thieves have taken
several hostages.

You never see dogs
hurting each other for money.

You never see
people sniffing
each other's butts.

Mmm, touch.

As you can see, it is
a tense situation.

Hey, you can stop it,
like with Molly and Polly.

No, no, no way. Uh-uh.
That was an accident.

I had no idea
what I was doing.

Well, maybe
this is why you're here.

Look, I was just
getting the hang of
the whole "pet" thing.

- I even chewed up
your iPod.
- You what?

The truth is, I just want
to be a regular dog.

And I want to be
a regular kid
with a mom and a dad.

But you know what,
life doesn't always
work out that way.

(sighing) All right.

I'll do it, for you.

But just this once.

There better be something
pretty special in that
dog dish when I get back.

You can put
the dog door there!

- Whoa!
- Shoeshine!

- Watch out for the fish kite.
- What fish kite?


I'm good. I hope
I don't look too ridiculous.

- (sirens blaring)
- (woman) Oh!

- No!
- Hey, come on.

Don't look at me.

If she hadn't pulled
the silent alarm

you two wouldn't be
getting a time out.

(man grunting)

- Got it.
- We got it.


(woman on police radio)
Unit 31, I hear you
loud and clear.

They got all the exits

We can't get a man
in there.

Hold your positions.
SWAT is on its way.

ETA five minutes.

- Did you see that?
- I have no idea.



- (gasping)
- (groaning)


Excuse me. Why do you
people have pantyhose
on your heads?

I'll get him.

I'm going to guess
you're one of the bad guys.

- (gasping)
- Huh?


Cad, can you hear me?
That's our dog!

- Grab him!
- OK. Hey, you,
grab that dog.

Are you all right?
Are you OK?

Can you hear me?
Come on, little buddy.

Hey, guys, back off.
He needs some space.

I'll give you
some space.

I said give me some space.

Hang tight, little buddy.
I'll get some help.

- (guns cocking)
- Evening, officers.

- Whoa, whoa. Hold your fire.
- The jewels are safe,

there's a fox passed out
on the floor, and, yes,
I'm dressed like a fish.

Keep up the good work.

(male reporter)
While most of our city
remains skeptical,

the Post is standing by
its story

of a dog thwarting
yesterday's jewelry robbery.

According to eyewitnesses,
the animal displayed
uncommon strength...

I knew it.

The police have yet to comment
on this strange report

and the mayor's office
has only said...

My creation!

They mention me?

Anything about a thief
with amazing hair?

If the reports
of the superdog
are true...

You're a superhero.
You're a hairy,
four-legged superhero.

You know what?
You're like Superman
with a flea collar.

No, no. No, I'm not.

You saved those people.

I know,
and it felt good.

But I can't do this.

Someone's going
to recognize me
and take me back.

Take you back?

- Uh... take me back to normal
- Turn you back to normal.

I know. You ever
read comic books?


Look, it's just
a normal guy.

He puts on a cape,
takes off the glasses,
and he's a superhero.

- And people fall
for that stuff?
- Yeah.

You're a mild-mannered
dog and that's your
secret identity.

All you need
is a costume.

Well, as long as
I don't look ridiculous.

Am I standing?
I can't feel my legs.

- You're "Bumbledog."
- Hey, whoa. No stripes.

They make me look fat.

Who am I supposed to be,
Sherlock Bones?

Count Dogula?

OK. This is why
dogs bite people.

- It's perfect. Underdog.
- Underdog.

Hmm. I like it.

It's my dad's
old college sweater.

But we'll need
to make it work.

What do I do if your dad's
around and I got to...

...you know, take off?

Bark three times.
Yeah, OK.

That's going to be
our code. You have to
bark three times.

Hang on. Do I bark
three times or say the word
"bark" three times?

- Right. Dog bark. Got it.
- (buzzing)

You know, I think
that was "dry clean only."

Ow! Watch the ears.

- (straining)
- It's perfect.

But we're still going
to need something else
to get people's attention.

You're right.
A flying dog in a red
sweater isn't enough.

You know,
like a catch phrase.

Like, "Up, up and away"

"It's clobbering time".

(police dispatcher)
Attention, all patrol units.

We're still looking
for a cat burglar
last seen on Eighth Avenue.


- So, you're
a cat burglar, huh?
- Huh?

Well, I'm not really
a cat person. Woof.

There's no need to worry.
Underdog is furry.

No, that's not it.

(♪ Plain White Ts:
"Underdog" Rocks)

♪ When in this world
the headlines read ♪

Police stations have been
flooded with eyewitnesses

miraculous feats
by this phenomenon

who goes by the name
Underdog. Whoa!

♪ Underdog ♪

There's no need for fright.
Underdog's got bite.

That's not it either.

(tires screeching)

♪ There's no need to fear ♪

♪ Speed of lightening
Roar of thunder ♪

♪ Fighting all
who rob or plunder ♪

(tires screeching)

Now that dude knows
how to chase a car.

♪ Underdog ♪

(man) Ready. Set. Go!

♪ Underdog, Underdog,
Underdog ♪


Excuse me.
Are you gonna eat that?

I wanted to have Underdog
on the show tonight,

but as you know,
he's not allowed
on the couch.

- That's a problem.
- (laughter)

♪ Underdog ♪

♪ Underdog ♪


Man, that kung pao chicken
was good.

♪ When criminals
in this world appear ♪

♪ And break the rules
that they should fear ♪

♪ And frighten
all who see or hear ♪

♪ The cry goes up
both far and near
for Underdog ♪

♪ Ahhhh ♪

♪ Underdog, Underdog ♪


Don't tell your cat buddies
about this because I have
a reputation to uphold.

- Freak.
- Yup, I thought
that was you.

There's no need to fear.
Underdog is here.

Hey, that's pretty good.
I think I'll keep that one.

By executive order,

I proclaim today
"Underdog Day"
in Capitol City.

I would also like to invite
Underdog down to the capitol,

provided he's housebroken,
that is.

♪ Underdog, Underdog ♪

Speak. Speak.

What do you want me
to say?

Not you.

Come on. Come on.
I know you can do it.



- (slurps)
- (groans)


Get rid of him.

(Barsinister groaning)

That should be me
on the front page,

not that stupid mutt.

I need a sample
of his DNA.

How do you look
in a dress?

(in high-pitched voice)
Somebody, please help me!


- (man) Hey.
- (woman) Oh, my gosh.

- (man) What's going on there?
- (crowd murmuring)

Help me! Help me!
I'm a clumsy old woman!

I thought my window
was a door!

There's no need to fear.

Underdog is...
moving too fast.

- (screaming)
- (crowd screaming)

I seriously need
to work on my landing.


When old ladies
are falling, I'm not slow.

It's hip-hip-hip,
and away I go.

(relieved voices)

Way to go, Underdog!

You're safe now, ma'am.

And, in the future,

try to stay away
from open windows.

Lovely pup.
I'm so grateful.
A little treat for you.

Yes. It's called
a choke chain.

What's the matter,
doggy? Can't breathe?

- Hey, it's you.
- Let's go.

As soon as I knew it was Cad,
I took him for a walk.



Burns! My parts!
Heel, dog!

Please heel! Burns!

♪ The cry goes up
both far and near ♪

♪ For Underdog, Underdog ♪

♪ That's the superhero pup
Crooks and bums, give it up ♪

♪ There's no need to fear
Underdog is here ♪

♪ Underdog is here
Underdog is here ♪

You slack-jawed
mouth-breathing imbecile!

I should have put strychnine

in your chocolate milk
months ago.

Give me one good reason
why I shouldn't dispose
of you right now!

Well, uh... I got this.

My first collar ever,
and I lose it to
some guy in a dress.

I sat there hoping
Jack wouldn't ask about it.

Where's your collar?

- My collar?
- Yeah.

Oh, um, it must have
fallen off.

Kicking butt
and taking names, huh?

No, just barking
at myself in the mirror.

I'll tell you,
it never gets old.

We're gonna go meet
Molly and Polly
at the library.

Cool. A double date.

- It's not exactly a date.
- Whatever.

But when I give you "the look"
make yourself scarce

so I can make my move.

Your move?
You have a move?

I use my front paws and
drag my butt on the ground.

Chicks dig that.


Hey, nice beagle.

- Just like Underdog, huh?
- Underdog? Him?

No, no. Only thing
strong about this dog
is his breath.

- Hmm?
- Sure looks like Underdog.

- Hey.
- Sorry. We need to work
on your secret identity.

OK, as long as
I don't look ridiculous.

I look ridiculous.

It makes you look taller.
That's a good thing.

Hey, speed bump.
You survived.

Let me guess.
You went for satellite
instead of cable.

- (dogs laughing)
- Put a muzzle on it.

What's the matter,

You let your
girlfriend do all
the talking for you?

Maybe you can't hear me.

- (barking)
- (whimpering)

So, if you ever want
to be with a real dog,
give me a sniff.

- You're a real player, boss.
- Let's go, fellas.

- We showed him, huh, boss?
- What do you mean, "we"?

Shoeshine, come on.

You got to stand up
for yourself.

Would Underdog
have backed down
from that mongrel?

Underdog. Oh,
the way his ears flop
when he flies,

that shimmering coat.

Could you imagine me

- off leash with Underdog?
- Hmm.

There isn't
a hose cold enough
to break that up.

I wish I could meet him.

Well, you know,
they say he answers
every call for help.


Help. Oh, help.

Help, help.

Help! Hello?

Oh, my.

Where, oh, where
can my Underdog be?

Did somebody
order a hero?

- (crashing)
- ♪ Underdog ♪

(grunting) Ow!



Why, oh, why have you
called for help?

I was flying by
when I heard you yelp.

Oh. Um...

"Help." Right.

I'm out of food.

Your bowl is empty,
that is true.

Might I have a date
with you?

Excuse me. Do you
only speak in rhyme?

My rhymes are merely said
in fun. OK, I'm done.

(sighs) Good.

- It's beautiful, isn't it?
- Yes, you are.

Uh... you are right
about that.

Moon? Stars? The yard?

Sorry, what were we
looking at again?

It must be so amazing
to be you,

to be able
to go where you want,
whenever you want.

I have to always "sit",
"stay", "be a good dog".

Well, then,
let's be bad dogs.

- OK. You ready?
- Ready for what?

- (screaming)
- Don't worry. I got you.

- You OK?
- Yes.

Oh, I love the feeling
of the wind in my fur.

I thought you might.

I call it extreme

Have you worked up an
appetite? Let's see.

What's for dinner?
Oh, look. Italian.

- OK, hang on!
- Careful!

(gasps) My doggy bag.

Here we go. The perfect spot
for dinner on the fly.

There's only one meatball.
Why don't you have it.

Oh, no, thanks.
I'm on a diet.

No, I insist.

- Uh-oh.
- (meatball splats)


(Dan) The sewers lead
into this drainage
into the complex.

So if you have access
to any of the sewer systems,

you can get anywhere
in the city you want.

Even Dr. Barsinister
knows that.


Oh, hey, Jack.
How's it going?

- Where have you been
all night?

- I don't sniff and tell.

- Hey, Shoeshine.
- Woof! Woof!

Hey, um, we're going
to head to the park.

You know, teach some
tricks, do training.

Cool. Mind if I come?

Um, you know,
it's probably better
if we went alone,

because it's good
for his concentration.


You know,
we got to try here.

I got to go.

(door opens and shuts)

You know, Jack,
that was really nice
of your dad.

- Why did you
blow him off like that?
- What?

Your dad is reaching out
to you, and you keep
pushing him away.

- I've been pushing
everyone away.
- Maybe it's time to stop.

You're right. I should
talk to him about it.

How did you get
so smart, anyway?

Genetic engineering.
You should try it.

Oh, look! Dad is home.

- Where's Jack?
- Don't worry.

We haven't done
anything to him... yet.

- Hi.
- Hey.

So, did you dig anything up
about the break-in?

- I got a map from my dad.
- Hey, how's it going?

Shoeshine, you wouldn't
believe the date
I had last night.

It was so amazing!

- (sighs) Yeah, it was.
- What?

I mean, it was?

Can you keep a secret?
I went out with Underdog.

Really? I hear
he's shorter in person.

He is not.
He's quite strapping
and such a charmer.


- A drainage pipe?
- Yeah.

They could've
entered directly
through the sewers.

I want him back.
I want his power.

My dog is not Underdog.

You seem to have a knack
for underestimating
the exceptional.

You're insane!

I prefer the term

Call your dog
or I'll call mine.

Or I'll call mine.


Oh, right, the dogs.

Simon says, "Surround
the sad ex-cop".

Simon says, "Convince".


All right, all right.


(Dan) Shoeshine!

Hey, um, I got to go.

(barks three times)

Hey, um, I got to go.

But, Jack, we were...

That is one strange beagle.

- What? What is it?
- It's your dad.

He's in trouble.
The guy from the lab
got him.

You go to
the police station
and wait for me.

No. He's my dad.
You're not going
to go without me.

All right.
Fasten your seat belts.

It's going to be
a bumpy ride.

Whoa. Ahh!


(Jack) Whoo-hoo!

- (barking)
- Shoeshine!

(barking continues)

- Shoeshine.
- Dad!

- Easy, tiger.
- Jack!

Jack, what's going on...
what's going on here?

"Shoeshine," isn't it?

Or shall I address you
by your nom de guerre...


- It's "Shoeshine".
- He can talk?

Yep, Barsinister
had me beat.

There was no way I could
save both of them.

I'm sorry. Do whatever
you want to me.
Just let them go.

Wise decision.

Turns out, Barsinister
didn't want me.
He wanted my DNA.

He took away my super powers
and put them
in a little blue pill.

But that wasn't
the worst of it.

And in this pill,

there is the DNA
of a regular beagle.

Shoeshine, don't do it! No!

Do you know what
the saddest part is?

You actually thought
that they loved you.

They only loved the power
that I gave you.


(Jack) No, Shoeshine.

Jack! Ahhhh!

(whimpering) I didn't...
want... anyone...

...to get... hurt.

- Shoeshine!
- (whimpers)

(Barsinister) Cad.

Not so tough now,
are we, little doggie?

Let's go.

This city is going
to pay for what they
have done to me.

Their doubt.

Their blindness.

Their betrayal.

Simon says, "Heel."

- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!

All those powers and
I wound up jeopardizing

the only thing
I cared about, my family.

And while I was stuck
down there feeling
sorry for myself,

Cad and Barsinister
had returned to the capitol.

Help! Help us!


Jack, that's not
going to help.

- You got to get untied.
- (grunts) Forget it.

Jack, don't quit!

- Quit?
- Yeah!

Me? What about you?

You were the best cop
in the city

and you should be up there
stopping Barsinister.

But you quit!
You quit the force!

I did quit.

I quit, Jack.

I quit because I didn't want
anything to happen to me.

I didn't want
to leave you alone.

we have to get untied.

Now, just back up.

Put your foot on that ledge.

Grab that rope and jump up.
There you go!

Come over here
and let me untie you.

Sit down.

It's on so tight.

The reason
we're down here is me.

All I had to do
was just tell you
Shoeshine was Underdog.

I'll tell you what you
should've told me,

that you gave my JV baseball
sweater away to a superhero!


(Dan) Grab Shoeshine.

(Jack) Come on, Shoeshine.
Come on, boy.

All right, son, let's go.

There has been
an overwhelming
response, Mr. Mayor.

- Good.
- You've never had
this much press.

- Make sure they get a good
view of the dogs.
- (Barsinister) Mr. Mayor.

Do you have time
to consider my proposal now?

Holy moly! Barsinister.

(sirens blaring)

Start rolling,
start rolling.

Go, go, go, go, go!

(crowd chattering)

- There. Where's Underdog?
- (camera shutters clicking)

(woman) I'm at the steps
of the capitol building,

where on the eve of his big
press announcement

it seems that the mayor
has been kidnapped.

Now, SWAT has secured
the perimeter

and we're still waiting
to find out more information,
any information.

(boy) Come on,
hurry up. Let's go.

(indistinct chattering)

(Jack) Excuse me.
Trying to get through.
Sorry. Pardon me.

(Dan) Excuse me.

(boy) Come on. Get Underdog!

- (man) Has anyone seen him?
- (Jack) We're too late.

- Now what are we going to do?
- (man) Where's Underdog?

Please stay back!

(girl) Underdog has
to be here somewhere.

(policeman) Everyone,
please stay back.

Shoeshine, I don't know
if you can understand me
right now,

but forget about the past.

It doesn't matter if you're
Shoeshine or Underdog.

Because I don't care
if you can talk or fly.

You brought my family
back together.

You're a hero to me.

- There I was,
a regular old dog again.
- (sniffing)

I had no idea how
to stop Barsinister.

But I did know one thing.
I smelled a bomb.

Could I trust my nose again?
Could I afford not to?

What are the chances
there's a ham strapped to the
roof of the capitol building?


All right.
What are your demands?

A billion dollars
from this city's treasury,

full immunity from the law

and my lab restored

so I can continue my research
to help the human animal

to chart a new future

for the good of mankind.

It was brave of me to charge
in there, but pretty dumb
not to have a plan.

Was I thinking that
a solution was going
to fall out of the sky?

What? Him again?

- (dog 1) Mine!
- (dog 2) No, mine!

Are you kidding me?

That will teach you
to mess with me.

Simon says... "Lunch!"

Don't worry. It will be
over in no time.

You're not even big enough
to be table scraps.

There's no need to fear.
Underdog is here.

- Huh?
- (dog 2) Wait.

How did you...?

Simon says, "Attack."

I would love to stay
and chat, but I got to find

where the bomb is at.

- Whoa.
- After him!

- Liftoff!
- (dog) Make sure
he doesn't get outside!

Come back here!

My powers may be back
at last,

but these German shepherds
are way too fast.

I'm on your tail!

What is with that dog?

- (barks)
- Huh?

- Hey. Hey!
- (Polly barks)

- Help!
- Oh, no. It's Polly.
She's in danger.


- Polly, help me!
- Get off my trousers!

Help! Help!

You and your boss will
never get away with this.

He's not my boss!
We're partners!

Then why are you
doing this?

Because my partner said
he might fire me if I don't!

I got him!
I'm getting tired up here.

Gosh! Can I not
get a break here?

Idiot dogs. I have to do
everything myself.

You get him!

- Cut him off!
- Come on!

Uh-oh, no brakes. No brakes!

(dog) Look out!

(Underdog) Whoa.
Look out. Whoa!


And he sticks the landing.
Where am I?

Oh, it's you again.


(Underdog) You know,
I said a lot of things
I kind of regret.

I believe that sword
belongs to the lady.

Hey, batter, batter.
You're no good at all.

Here. You want
to play some ball?

Doc, I got you.

Cad's hit. Cad's hit.

I'll play your game.
It might be a stretch.

Can you resist this?

Simon says, "Fetch!"



Didn't see that coming.

I think
I pulled something.

OK. I got to get
to that bomb.

- (growling)
- Oh, no. OK.

Come on, guys, uh,
we're all dogs here.

Can't we just work
this out dog-to-dog?

They're not going
to listen to you, Shoeshine.

They're loyal to me.

Listen. Why do you even
follow his orders?

What does that creep
do for you?

Huh? Does he take you
for walks? Does he
give you treats?

Has he ever once
your bellies? Huh?

Just once?

I mean, look,
if he was a good boss,

he'd be able to get
a higher quality sidekick.

Hey, I heard that.

You're man's best friend,
but is he your best friend?

Has he even given
any of you a name?

Of course.
My name is Kill.

Hey, I thought I was Kill.

- No, you're Attack.
- No, I'm Attack. He's Maim.

Destroy him!
You worthless mutts!

- Do you mind, Doc?
- (dog 2) We're talking
over here.

Who's he
to call you worthless?

He's got a point.

Our master doesn't value us
as sparkling individuals.

Yeah, let's go,
Maim and Attack.

- It's time to go change teams
- What are you doing?

- Let's go teach
the master a lesson.
- Bad dogs!

There are no bad dogs,
only bad owners.

Don't worry, Doc.
This will only hurt a lot.


Do you actually think
you can stop me, runt?

(electronic beeping
on watch and on bomb)


You have two minutes
before a bomb explodes
over Capitol City,

dispensing a DNA cocktail

that will make
every citizen

as obedient to me
as a common dog.

Hold him until
the cops get here.

(dog) Easy, Doc.

(dog 2) Calm down.
You're going to hurt yourself.

(dog 3)
Now who's the boss?

- (bomb beeping)
- Help!

- Jack, we don't have
much time. I know where
the bomb is. -How did you...?

I'd love to chat, but I got
to get dressed for work.

Sir? Sir?

Jack, come on. I'm a cop.

- Mr. Mayor, are you OK?
- I'm a cop.
You got to let me through.

Mr. Mayor. Are you all right?

Let me handle Barsinister.
I know exactly what he's doing

- Not now, Unger.
Police business.
- I know...

- This man is no
longer on the force!
- Pipe down, Chief!

You're reinstated.
You're promoted.
Do whatever you have to do.


Look who they decided
to send up, the hero idiot.

- I prefer the term
- Oh!

Dan gave Simon a taste
of his own medicine,

and not the fruity,
cherry-flavored kind,

but the bitter,
hard-to-swallow medicine.

As he walked down
those mighty steps,
Dan was a new man.

A cop. A hero.
And a father
to a proud son.

Help me! Please, help!
Somebody, help me!


Huh? Underdog.

Yeah. How many other
flying dogs in red sweaters
do you know?

Underdog, I just knew
you would come.

Quick, there's not much time.
Take the vial to the police.

- You got it.
- Don't drop it.

Look! It's Underdog!

(policeman) Stand back!
Stand back!

(bomb beeping)

(rapid beeping)


Mission Control, removal
of the thermal blankets
from the MBS is successful.

Hey. Houston,
we have a beagle.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Ow.
That burns!


Look, up there.



Oh, God.



(continues sobbing)

- (groaning) Jack.
- Shoeshine.

Shh! Jack,
call me "Underdog."

Oh, man. That was by far
my worst landing ever.

(crowd cheering)

Well, I guess I'll see you
around, Underdog.

see you around, kid.

You're going
to love solitary, Doc.

My isolation will be nothing
more than an enclave

in which I can focus
my intellectual powers

upon the task of
wreaking my vengeance

on that pathetic
house pet, Underdog.

You know what?

Solitary is
a relative term, Doc.

Meet your new roommate.

I took the top bunk.

I thought it would be
too paradoxical for you.

- No, you can't do this to me.
- Yes, I can. I just did.


...and then Underdog
ran out with the bomb

and buried it farther than
any bone has ever been buried!

Wow, sounds like I missed
all the excitement.

Oh, yeah, you did. Hey!
What happened to your tail?

Oh, uh, it got burnt
reentering the atmosphere.

(laughing) Shoeshine,
where do you come up
with this stuff?

(woman) Help!
Somebody, please help me!

- Excuse me a moment.
- Ha.


(barks three times)

Excuse me just
for one moment.

You see, some heroes are born,
destined for greatness.

Others are made.

Everyday men and women,
and, yes, dogs,

who rise up in times of crisis
no matter how high the odds
are stacked against them.

These are the heroes
we all have inside us.

These are the underdogs.

- (Riff Raff) Hey, look
who it is. Speed Bump.
- You again?

Runt, are you still
hard of hearing?

- Yeah, hello?
- I told you to stay away.

Listen, I'm in a hurry.
Don't mess with me.

(laughing) He's just
like all little dogs.

All bark, no bite.

I do not bite.
Yes, that is true.

But see what my bark
will do to you.

- Huh?
- That's just
bad rapping, dog.

(loud bark)

- Whoa!
- (shivering)

Ooh, I didn't
need to see that.

Boss, you're so pink.
It's very becoming.

Ahhh! I'm naked.
I'm naked!

Look! Up in the sky!

- It's a bird.
- It's a plane.

- It's a frog.
- (all) A frog?

Not bird, nor plane,
nor even frog.

It's just little old me,


(man) Scene two-o-seven.
Take 27.

(man 2) And... action!

There's no need to fear,
underwear is...

I'm sorry, did I
just say "underwear"?

- Do it again.
- Please cut that out
of the movie.

- Take 21.
- Action!

There's no need to...

Wait, what is there
no need to?

Script Supervisor,
what's the line?


What's my motivation

(man) Uh,
you're a superhero.

Oh. Hey!

- Action!
- Can I get an ice pack?


- Somebody moved the floor.
- (giggling) Nice.


Take 25.

- Who's stepping on my cape?
- Cut!

There's no need to fear,
Underdog is here!

- Cut!
- I'll be in my trailer.

(♪ Kyle Massey:
"Underdog" Raps)

♪ When criminals
in this world appear ♪

♪ And break the laws
that they should fear ♪

♪ Frighten all who see or hear
The cry goes up
both far and near ♪

♪ For Under Underdog
Under Underdog ♪

♪ That's the superhero pup
Crooks and bandits,
give it up ♪

♪ There's no need to be
so mean When this dog's
up on the scene ♪

♪ To the rescue here he come
This canine is number one ♪

♪ Underdog, Underdog ♪

♪ Underdog, Underdog ♪

♪ Speed of lightning,
roar of thunder ♪

♪ Fighting all
who rob or plunder ♪

- ♪ Underdog ♪
- ♪ Who, who ♪

♪ Underdog, yeah ♪

♪ When in this world the
headlines read of those whose
hearts are filled with greed ♪

♪ Who rob and steal from those
in need, to right this world
with blinding speed ♪

♪ Goes Underdog
Under, Underdog ♪

♪ Coming at you
right on time ♪

♪ Saving lives and
stopping crime ♪

♪ Don't you worry,
he'll be there,

♪ So the bad guy
shouldn't dare to do wrong
when he's around ♪

♪ Guess who's coming
to your town ♪

♪ Underdog, Underdog ♪

♪ Underdog, Underdog ♪

♪ Come on, baby,
it's no wonder ♪

♪ All we need's my
only number Put your hands up
way up high ♪

♪ Who's that flying
in the sky? ♪

- ♪ Underdog ♪
- ♪ Who, who ♪

♪ Oh, Underdog ♪

♪ Yeah, oooh, oooh, oooh ♪

♪ Anywhere, everywhere ♪

♪ Feel this
superhero's stare ♪

♪ January to December
Fighting crime
since I remember ♪

♪ Under, Underdog
Under, Underdog ♪

♪ He's the one to save the day
Underdog is here to stay ♪

♪ To the rescue here he comes
This canine is number one ♪

♪ Coming at you right on time
Saving lives
and stopping crime ♪

♪ So ♪

♪ Underdog, Underdog ♪

- ♪ Heel ♪
- ♪ Underdog ♪

- ♪ Underdog ♪
- ♪ That's right ♪

♪ Speed of lightning
Roar of thunder ♪

♪ Fighting all
who rob or plunder ♪

♪ Underdog ♪

♪ Oh, Underdog ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

- ♪ Underdog is here ♪
- ♪ That's right ♪

(man laughing) He's here!