Under Siege (1992) - full transcript

The battleship Missouri is about to be decomissioned. Casey Ryback is Captain Adam's personal cook. And Ryback is always butting heads with the ship's XO Commander Krill but the Captain always intercedes. One day, after the President visits the Missouri, which is also the Captain's birthday, the Captain learns that a helicopter has been cleared to land on the ship by Commander Krill, which he was not informed of. When questioned Krill tells the Captain that it's a surprise for his birthday, the Captain then allows it. Later after another one of their scuffles, Krill has Ryback locked in the freezer. During the party, the rock band reveals themselves to be mercenaries, led by William Stranix, a CIA operative, who is in league with Krill to unload all of the ship's nuclear warheads. They lock up all of the crew and make preparations to remove the warheads. And Krill remembers Ryback, Stranix sends two of his men to take care of Ryback, only thing is that Ryback took care of them. Upon discovering their bodies, Stranix deduces that Ryback is more than a cook. He then sends Krill to check on him, and Krill discovers that Ryback's a NAVY SEAL, who got busted down to a cook after an incident in Panama. And Ryback continues to create trouble for them, so Stranix tries to hunt him down. Along the way, Ryback meets Jordan, a former playmate, who was supposed to entertain at the party but was also forgotten.

Pearl Harbor outer marker, 30 minutes.

- Hey, Case! What's happening?
- Tackman, how you doing?

Where's your whites?
The prez is coming.

He won't miss me.

What's this? You're in the Navy,
you've got to look good. There we go.

- Cue Ball!
- Where's your whites?

- Poor boy doesn't have a dress uniform.
- I've got the dress, I forgot the pumps.

Tell him not to worry.
Everything here is handled.

Oh, my God.

No, no. No, no, no, that's okay.
We'll take care of it.

Well, it's gonna be a zoo.

- Chief Ryback, captain.
- Yeah, send him in.

Get in your dress uniform.

You know how I feel about ceremonies.
I thought this time...

If I had your ribbons,
I'd wear them to bed.

Yes, sir.

Get in your whites.
I'll introduce you to the president.

- I appreciate that, but...
- That's not a good idea.

For once, Commander Krill and I
are in total agreement.

I have 50 gallons of bouillabaisse
I need to prepare by tomorrow.

- My birthday?
- I could do the cheeseburger routine.

It's not for me, it's the crew. They
really love that stuff. So we'll do that.

Just don't show your face
until after the ceremony.

Yes, sir.

You're a sorry-looking sailor.

That I am, sir. Thank you, sir.


why do you tolerate that clown?

I know he's a good cook...

He's more than a good cook.
You have no idea. Now let him be, XO.

Yes, sir.

Fifty years ago today...

the infamous Japanese attack
destroyed the Pacific fleet...

here in Pearl Harbor.

Today, in honor of those who lost
their lives, the USS Missouri returns.

Built to avenge Pearl Harbor,
she did.

Days after we dropped the bomb
on Hiroshima...

the Japanese surrendered
on the Missouri's deck...

ending World War ll.

The Missouri fired the first shots
of the Gulf War.

Her powerful 16-inch guns destroyed
lraqi bunkers.

Her Tomahawk missiles rocketed deep
into the heart of Baghdad.

The fastest and most powerful
dreadnought ever to sail the seas...

Where's your tattoo?

Where I got it, you don't want to see.

The last battleship left in the world,
BB 63, will be decommissioned.

President Bush is paying final tribute
to the ship...

and her great history.

Did you hear the joke when Andre
and Beaudreau went hunting on the bayou?

"Where're the guns, Druillet?"

That's about right.

In the end this unity of purpose...

These ceremonies not only remember war,
they celebrate peace.

The president ordered the removal
of all Tomahawk cruise missiles...

from U.S. surface ships.

Tomorrow the ship embarks for
San Francisco for her final voyage.

Her weaponry will be removed,
dismantled, and never fired again.

The Missouri will then take her place
in naval history.

We will gain the inevitable triumph,
so help us God.

Look at the money spent
on this photo opportunity.

Ready to get under way, sir.

Very well, let's single up.

Aye, sir. Single up all lines.

- Captain, you have clear water to port.
- Very well.

No, no, no.

Krill ain't running this ship.

The old man has to okay
all helicopter landings.

How's the captain going to authorize
a surprise party for himself?

We already stowed all the gear.

- What's on this helicopter?
- This little sweetheart.

- Damn. She's in the...?
- Yeah, she's in the cake.

That is Miss July '89. Jordan Tate.

- We'll be ready for her.
- Good. Go ahead and keep that.

Lieutenant, we don't have time
to talk about this now.

No time for the security
of nuclear weapons?

Maybe I'm not being clear.

Any watches not crucial shall be
secured during the party...

including the Marine roving patrol.

We're operating on a skeleton crew.

This is a direct order.

The log will show I consider this unsafe,
and obeyed under protest.


- You missed a spot.
- Aye, sir.

Hey, Cue Ball.

- Cue Ball in the house.
- What's up?

Show me a move!

Turn up the tunes! Turn up the tunes!

Show them some moves, Cue Ball.
Show them the moves.

Go, Cue Ball! Go, Cue Ball, go!

That was cute.

Petty Officer Ryback?

- Ensign Taylor.
- Sir.

You don't have to "sir" me.
We're casual in the galley.

I'd watch it.
We still have a week together.

I guess I won't get to see you
go through puberty.

What do you want?

I have orders from the XO
on the captain's birthday.

We're having dinner flown in
from Hawaii.

This galley will be cleared by 17:00.

You and your crew are to assemble at the
mess deck prior to the helo's arrival.


Excuse me?

Only I cook for the captain.
You don't like that, talk to him.

I don't believe you get it.

See, this is a surprise party.

No one is going to talk
to the captain about this.

You know something?

He don't like surprises. Neither do I.

Then I guess we'll just see
what we'll see. Won't we?

There go that little redhead, boss.

"I guess we'll just see
what we'll see. Won't we?"

Hey, Ryback, man.
Krill's going to skin you alive.

Why is it that I'm
starting to shake so bad...

and there's this deep fear in me...

thinking about Mr. Krill and
the horrible things he'll do to me?

Commander Krill.

Send him in.

You wanted to see me, captain?

Commander Krill...

how'd you expect to land
a helicopter without my authorization?

- It was a mistake to think...
- It was a mistake to try.

Your actions are grossly insubordinate.

I want an explanation. Now.

Admiral Bates wanted to thank you
for how smoothly things went.

He has a surprise for your birthday.

He's flying in from Hawaii.

Bates, I see. If the admiral wants a party,
I guess we'll have one.

Let's keep it simple.
Off-duty personnel can attend...

but watches are by the book.

Yes, sir.


since he wants this to be a surprise...

if you could stay here
till we come for you...

- I'll be engrossed in a novel.
- Very good, sir.

- How's that bouillabaisse? Heads up!
- We'll carry it in. This needs some more.

Excuse me.

If I'm not mistaken...

every one of you has orders
to report to the mess deck...

for the party.

You stand fast.

Everyone else go! Now.

See you at the party, Casey.

You know...

this does look delicious.

It smells like a lard omelet.

I put up with your shit...

because the captain likes
your cooking.

But this time he won't be here
to save you.

Is that right?

Little flavor.

You like that?

- Fucking crazy?
- That's striking an officer!

That's not striking an officer!

That's striking an officer!

- Okay! All right!
- Cuff him and throw him in the brig!

- Throw him in the brig!
- You need the old man's signature.

Good point.

Secure him in the meat locker.

Now! Right now.

Let's go.

Now I know why you're a cook.
You hit like a faggot.


Private Nash...

- you came on board in Hawaii?
- Yes, sir.

Then you don't know about Ryback.

He is an extreme psychopath.

He hates officers. He hates America.

This is the captain's birthday.
I don't want him ruining it.

No one speaks to him or lets him out.

If he tries to escape,
shoot him right here.

I'm counting on you.

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

Another cold day in hell.

It speaks well for the Navy
that we can entertain a ship at sea.

It's so human.

And I love that. Don't you?

I just hope I don't throw up.

You'll be fine.

I love it. I love it!


Watch your step there.

- Welcome to the USS Missouri.
- Thanks.

You okay?


We're quite excited.
We're looking forward to a great time.

God, I love this business!

My future wife.

She's landed.

The Bunny's landed. See you.


Doesn't it seem strange
that Krill put me in here?

I ain't listening to you.

- Welcome aboard.
- Okay.

- Guys, make a hole.
- Okay.

Don't let them bother you.
Been at sea too long. You okay?

I still feel really queasy.

We'll go to the wardroom,
where you can change.

Let the lady through!

Be careful with the cake.
Make sure the wires are covered.

That's the way it goes.

- Are you lost?
- No, no. Where do you want us?

- Is the band set up?
- Ready to go.

You're over here.

Starboard side, right now.

You'll knock the captain
off his feet. You're beautiful.

- For motion sickness. Take two.
- This will save me.

- What happened to your face?
- Cut myself shaving.

The cake's almost ready.

We have a room for you to change.
You'll be safe from my men.

- I'm gonna put on my party dress.
- All right.

See you later.
Let's go, get in line!


Don't worry. You can play
this with your eyes shut.


Let me out!

You follow Krill's orders, you'll
go to the brig! Use your head!

Go get my pies out of the oven!

I must be nuts.

Very sick. Very sick.

We want to give you
a great big welcome...

to the big, big,
beautiful Missouri lounge...

out here in the middle
of the big beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I'm Bad Billy.

And these are
the fabulous Bail Jumpers!

I have orders not to talk to you.
Understand? Orders.

You could be held accountable...

keeping me in here like this.

You have to think about that.


He didn't say
you can't talk to the captain.

Go ask him if he wants me in here.

You little E-1 prick.

Lieutenant, this is absolutely beautiful.

Old man says keep her level.

How about an hors d'oeuvre?

What have we here?

All right. There's the Twinkies.
Where's Miss July?

And there she is.

Miss July 1989.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. No, no!

That's not Miss July.

My God, look at him.

Commander Krill.

Welcome to the revolution.

This party will make history.
No wonder he wanted everyone here.

Maybe Krill isn't
such an asshole after all.

That's great. Go get the old man.
He's been waiting on you now.

All right.

Miss July!

Let's go see the old man.

We're going to surprise the captain now.

- Have a good party!
- Come on, dear.

Hey, where's the chief?

In the meat locker until after the party.

It's only like 40 degrees in there.

He'll be fine. He's got a guard.


Krill's a maniac.
Tell the captain he spit in my soup.

You got a fire in here.

Get my pies out of the oven!


Feels good walking around
in these pantyhose.

It's okay. I'm here to escort
the captain to the party.

Aye, commander.

- Commander Krill.
- Send him in.


I'm your date tonight, captain.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Who is the highest-ranking
officer here?

Who is the highest-ranking officer
in this room?

All right, sir. Stand up.

Stand up and be recognized.

Part the waves there.
Get out of the man's way.

Put a light on the man.

Now, you, sir, are the
highest-ranking officer in this room?

Yes. Operations officer.
Third in command.

It's a pleasure to meet you,
Commander Green.

Get down!

What's going on?

The party's just beginning.


Good shot.

Get down! Hands up!

Heads down!

What are you looking at?
On the floor!

Put your head down.

- You gonna be good now, boy?
- Yes, sir.

What is this, a joke?

No joke!

I hear gunfire. What's going on?

It's done.

Four minutes ahead of schedule.
Damn, I'm good.

Come on!

Come on! Move it!

Let's go.

Mother Goose,
the quails are in the nest.

It's just the music.

You got shit for brains.
That's gunfire. Call the bridge.

I don't know who you're talking to.
No one's listening to you.

I ain't asking you to listen to me.

Call the captain. Listen to him.

Oh, Ryback.

Seal it!

Let's move it! Move your feet! Let's go!

- Let's go! Move! Move!
- Move your feet!

Eyes on the man in front of you!

Goddamn it,
that's the last time I'll tell you!


Let this be a learning experience.

If you resist, we will kill you
and the man next to you.

Now move out of here
in an orderly fashion.


What the hell?

Turn around. Hands on your head.

Where is it? Where is it?

Here it is. Here it is.

Listen to the shit
I've had to put up with.

"Commander Krill has become
increasingly hostile to the crew..."

possibly due to anger over
reviews of his performance.

"I recommend psychological
evaluation before his next assignment."

Do I look like I need a
psychological evaluation?

Not at all.

I got to change.

Behind your head.

On your toes!

Up against the wall.

XO on the bridge.

Listen up.

Hands on your head and move
to the counter, right now.

Your destination is the fo'c's'le.
Cooperate and you won't be harmed.

Change of watch.

You've done a good job,
but you're relieved of duty.

Get your hand off that console.

You're a cheeky bastard. Move out!

My God! Bunch of wussies.

The disk, Mr. Pitt.

Guard it with your life.

Of course.

Bring up the layout, if you will.

- We've overridden their systems.
- We control crypto, CIC...

engine rooms, boiler rooms,
bridge and all open decks.

We've welded shut the hatches.

A few loose sailors may be berthing...

or they're caught in nonessential
areas and can go nowhere.

- The rest are in the fo'c's'le.
- Excellent. Excellent.

Reactivate the weapons systems,
Mr. Pitt.

Mr. Daumer...

you may deploy the welding crews
and chop up Broadway.

Commander Krill,
you're hereby promoted to captain.

Congratulations. The ship is yours.

The ship is mine.

Thank you, Billy. All right!

- Can we get something to eat in here?!
- Yes, sir.

Get some food!

Krill warned me you were tricky.

I'm not tricky, I'm just freezing.
Something's going on here.

Call the bridge. No one will yell at you.

You're just doing your job.
Check right away.

All right. All right, I'll check in.

That's all.

Do that. And be careful.

'Tis a rare thing.

This is good. It'll work.

Got a call from Private Nash
on guard duty in the kitchen.

- Pitt, pull it up.
- Shit, shit, shit.

That's an unsecured area.
They can access the whole ship.



Ryback. A cook.
A pain-in-the-ass cook.

Give me that.

- Private Nash.
- Yes, sir.

I'm glad you checked in.
I've been with the captain.

Keep Ryback under control
and don't open the door.

- Tell him you're sending relief.
- What?

Tell him you are sending
somebody to relieve him.

Stand your station fast.
I'm sending someone to relieve you.

Is everything all right?
We heard what sounded like gunshots.

Gunshots? Oh, that.

Those are party poppers. Firecrackers.

Part of the party.

Stand firm until you're relieved.

- Yes, sir.
- Over and out.

Anything else you didn't tell us?

Any further memory lapses
or oversights, perhaps?

No other memory lapses
or oversights, perhaps.

There's two men. One's locked up.
I'll take care of it.

No, no, no.

We'll handle it. Secure the galley.
Send Cates and Ziggs.

This Marine's armed.

We should send more. I'll go.

Don't worry. They're professionals.

They can handle 20 Marines...

and 100 cooks.

You're wrong, Ryback. You're wrong.

- They were party poppers.
- You got shit for brains.

I know they brainwashed you,
but you have to question authority.

Trust me, boy.

That's gunfire. Get me out of
here and I'll take care of it.

I'll be relieved in a few minutes,
so just shut up and sit tight.

Something's going on.
Use your head this time.

Do what you got to do. Get me out.

Or when I'm out,
I'll shoot you myself.

Commander Krill?

Is that you?

Get your hands on your head.
Turn around.

Get down on your knees.

Cross your ankles.

Where's the cook?

In the reefer.

Which one?

Son of a bitch!

Cates. Hey, Cates.

- Hey, Pitt.
- Yeah.

We've got an F-18.

Daumer, they're sending an F-18
to look for the chopper.

Heading 315 miles, speed 430,
approximately 8000.

Two-zero-seven, 61 miles now.

Bearing 180.

Heading 330.

Four-thirty. Five thousand now,
into descent.

We're going down now.

Looks like one helo on deck.

Going in for a closer look.

Thirty-one to Missouri, over.


Are you tracking me?


He's locked me up! Mayday.

Welcome to the revolution.

- Better call the office.
- Good idea.

You're in deep kimchi, buddy.

Better have it all
in one sock for this one.

Claims he was a company man
who worked for you.

What's his name?

William Strannix.

Jesus Christ!

Not good.

Mr. Breaker...

you better be candid
with us here tonight.

We need answers,
and we need them now.

Gentlemen, if any ships or aircraft
approach within 100 miles...

we will kill the crew and retaliate
with everything in the ship's arsenal.

Bill, this is Tom. What's going on?

Hi, Tom.

I have 32 Tomahawks under my thumb...

and all you can do
is alert the media.

You don't have the launch codes.

Let me guess.


This is insane.

Be careful with that word, Tom.

Mr. Strannix,
this is Admiral Bates speaking.

Would you please tell us
why the hell you're doing this.

Hi, admiral.

Six months ago, Tom Breaker
cancelled Operation Cleopatra.

Shortly thereafter, two young men
from Langley tried to cancel me.

You received each man's right forefinger
in the mail, didn't you, Tom?


Yes, I did.

Did you expect us
to wait for you to try again?

Look, Bill...

I know things are a little...

- chaotic for you right now.
- Chaotic!

Wake up, Tom!

You and I know that chaos and
bedlam are consuming the entire world.

UV rays are only the beginning.
We have an inch of topsoil left.


Sexually transmitted diseases,
depletion of the gene pool.

It adds up to oblivion.

Governments will fall.
Anarchies will reign.

- It's a brave new world.
- Bill?

What are you planning to do?

Do you realize that whatever I do
is inevitable? Can we agree on that?

Not necessarily.

There you go.

You can't argue with me
or negotiate or attempt a ploy.

You have to reconsider your philosophy.

All right, I'm sorry.
Whatever you decide to do is inevitable.

Look at my life.

The life you tried to take.
There was Annapolis, Vietnam, so on.

I missed the '60s,
and I believe if I had been there...

to contribute,
everything would've worked out fine.

Bill, if this is about reliving
the '60s, you can forget it.

The movement is dead.

Hence the name.

"Movement." It moves a certain distance,
then it stops.

Revolution gets its name by always
coming back around in your face.

You tried to kill me,
you son of a bitch.

So welcome to the revolution.

There's more to follow. I'll stay in touch.

He's flipped.

He's completely flipped.

I want an inventory of everything
on that ship.

Aye-aye, sir.

General, here's what we know.

The threat is verifiable. It is real.
I repeat, it is real.

Shit! You son of a bitch.

Think they believe you?

They believe I'm crazy,
paranoid or something.

I have a harpoon locked on.

Fire when ready.

Pipe down, men! Pipe down.

Missile away.

Oh, boy.

Oh, boy, oh, boy.

Bang! You're dead.

- He's taken out satellite relay.
- What doesn't he want us to see?

He wants to blind us.

It's illogical. We can
follow his movement from Pearl.

You can vector an AWACS.

- Or send E-2C from Nimitz.
- Make it happen.

Wake up the president.

Bring it in.

Keep it coming in.

Cut it fast.
Time is money on this deal.

- This better be a competent crew.
- Get your ass up there!

Watch your heads.

Glad I sent you the blueprints.

I have four sections this way,
seven sections this way.

I'll have it cut and up in an hour.

Time is money on this job!

Time is money.

This will cut them to the bone.
Right to the bone.

What's that noise?

That's my beloved crew.

Keep trying. Keep pounding.
Someone will hear us.

Shut the music off.

What the hell is going on?

What happened to them?

- Who are you and what are you doing here?
- My name is Jordan Tate.

I'm Miss July '89.

I was hired to jump out of the cake...

but I got airsick
on the way here and so...

this guy gave me these pills.

- I guess I fell asleep.
- What kind of bullshit is this?

I am an actress, okay?

I did a Hunter episode
and a Wet 'n Wild video.

My agent said I was
going to jump out of the cake.

How many on the chopper?

I don't know.

It was full.
There was a band and caterers.

Where's the crew?

I don't know. I didn't see anything.

You didn't see or hear anything
and don't remember anything?

I've done stupid things in my life...

but believe me,
I don't know anything.

All right, I believe you.

So who are you? Are you
a special forces guy or something?

I'm just a cook.

A cook?

Just a lowly, lowly cook.

Oh, my God, we're gonna die.

The ship contains 40,000 rounds
of 20 mm CWIZ.

Over 1,00016-inch projectiles.

We believe there's 15 harpoon
cruise missiles still aboard...

and 32 Tomahawks.

What kind of Tomahawks?

It's all right. It's okay.

Eight of them are specials.

Nuclear-tipped. 220 kilotons each.

Mr. Breaker, would you explain how
this nut could hold a top position...

in an intelligence agency?

Would you answer that?

High-level covert operatives
like Strannix are under great stress.

They're creative thinkers who,
by their very nature...

Tom trains everyone
in the CIA who's crazy.

All we want to know
is how he got our battleship.

That's his specialty.

North Korea was refitting a sub
to fire anti-ship missiles...

so we sent Strannix in.

You've been financing
this maniac's private army?

It didn't occur to you
it might become a problem?

Once we realized we had
lost positive control...

under Executive Order 136,
we tried to neutralize him. We missed.

Excuse me.

This North Korean sub...

How do you know he sunk it?

Oh, we're positive he sunk it.


Roadrunner to Tweety Bird.
Do you read me? Come in.

Tweety Bird to Roadrunner.
We're nearby.

- How's it going?
- Sub's up.

- It's all rock 'n' roll to me.
- Any sign of Wile E. Coyote?

No. Meet at the birdcage.
Roadrunner out.

- You're the Roadrunner?
- Yeah.

Never been caught.

- Problem. Cates and Ziggs are missing.
- Missing?

I've been radioing them for five minutes.
No response.

- The last location?
- The galley.

I told you to send more men.
I told you.

Please don't leave me here alone.

Believe me, this is the safest place
you can be. Understand?


Let me out of here!

Let me out!

Do you understand what'll happen
if anybody hears you?

They'll try to kill us.

Now be quiet.

I hate being alone.

Do you hate being dead?

Check it out.

- Clear!
- Clear!

Put those on.

Okay, you're coming with me,
you got to be invisible.

If you walk by a hatch and see the enemy,
you become the hatch.

I'm giving you this rifle
with a selector switch on it.

One is fully automatic,
one is semiautomatic.

The definition of semiautomatic is,
when you depress the trigger...

one round will go off.

That's what I want to give you.
Spend one round at a time. Okay?

Turn on the lights.

Check the breaker box.
It's happened before.

Man who did this is a professional.

- Who is he and why is he on my ship?
- Your ship?

You wouldn't be on this battleship
if not for me.

He's a cook, plain and simple.

- This is not the work of a cook.
- He came with the captain.

I know his routine front and back.
He's good with cooking knives.

Shit! Cooking knives!

He got lucky.

In my professional opinion,
he is a military reject...

in command of a galley.

Get down!

- What was that?
- A bomb, jackass.

He used the microwave as a detonator.

Secure everything
between here and the CIC.

You see anything, radio at once
for backup. Understand?

Put these fires out!

I'd like to see the personnel file
on this plain-and-simple cook.

- Yes, sir.
- Put out these goddamn fires!

SEAL Team 5 will launch from Nimitz
aboard a CH-53 Echo...

with an Apache gunship in support.

At the objective area, the Apache
will take out the ship's radar...

and her electronic warfare systems.

Then SEAL Team 5 will board
and retake the vessel.

And the odds of success?

If it's a lunatic who only
partly controls the ship...

the odds are good.

But if he's ready for us...

if he's prepared to repel boarders...

the odds are not good.

Bear in mind, the operators
from SEAL Team 5 are the best there are.

This is our only hope of saving
the crew and retaking the ship intact.

Let me make one thing
absolutely clear:

If the SEAL team fails...

we will have no alternative
but to launch an air strike...

and destroy the Missouri.

You know what that means.

We'll get her back for you.

Make it happen. Make it happen.

Twenty-two, 12, perfect.

It's 44 feet from the weather deck
to the missile canisters.

It'll take a half hour to assemble
that section of the crane.

Ryback's file wasn't in personnel.
It was in the captain's private cabinet.

Ryback is an ex-SEAL.

The goddamn cook's a SEAL?

Shut up and listen.
"Expert in martial arts..."

explosives, weapons, tactics.

Silver Star. Navy Cross.
Purple Heart with cluster.

Security revoked after Panama."
So he could only rate as a yeoman...

or a cook. How little did I know.

We lost two men in the engine room.

You were told to review
every crew member's file.

I know, but I didn't have access
to the captain's files!

- I'll get this fucker myself.
- Oh, no, calm down.

- Want to get killed?
- Are you an idiot?

- You're calling me an idiot?
- Yeah, I am.

Calm down. Get me three roving patrols.
Keep him below the weather deck.

- Move out!
- Stay on schedule!

To the bridge!

I'm the girl.
Why do I have to carry everything?

- I support women's lib, don't you?
- When it works in my favor.

- Hear this, all personnel.
- Move ahead.

Beware of booby traps.

Do not pursue hostile parties into
areas of the ship we do not control.

Report to Daumer individually
at five-minute intervals and switch...

to the alternate frequency.


Goddamn SEAL.

I'll carry everything...

if you kill whoever we run into.

I have a rule about killing people.

Actually, I have two rules. One:

I don't date musicians.
And two: I don't kill people.

I'm thrilled to death to hear that.

But it leaves a lot of open territory.
Get up the ladder.

- Let's go.
- God!

I think you've got the wrong partner.

Now wait here.

Sit down there.

I'll be back in a minute.

What's that?

What is that?

This is a SEAL magnaphone.

It's an MX 20-20.
It's a secure satellite uplink.

Like a car phone.

Yeah. Something like that.

Excuse me, this is hot.

You know Casey Ryback?

Chief Ryback?

He's top hand in the Teams.
Wish we had him here.

He reached us on a SEAL magnaphone.
He's on the Missouri.


Listen. Everyone listen up.

Affirmative. Roger that.

Can you estimate
the size of the force?

- I'd say about 30.
- Affirmative.

We'll connect you to Captain Garza.

Stand by.

What if he's working for them?

Hey, I'll guarantee Ryback.
He's a good guy.

Wait a minute.

We won't take the chance.
Don't tell him about our response.

- Chief Ryback, Captain Garza.
- Glad you're there.

What we want you to do
is just feed us on-site intel.

This man may be crazy,
but he's a professional.

They're manufacturing a railing
system to offload the Tomahawks.

Believe it or not,
the XO's with them.

Commander Krill's involved?


that means they control the ship.

Holy God.

Chief Ryback,
this is Admiral Bates speaking.


Coordinate your efforts with us.
I want you to keep cool...

and wait for the strike team.
Do you understand?

I'd better get
off before they pick up the signal.

- Call us in half an hour.
- Roger that.

You're not a cook.

Yeah, well...

I also cook.

Get your stuff.

He had an extremely distinguished
career until Panama...

when most of his team was killed
due to poor intelligence.

Ryback's a warrior. The best there is.

When he got back from Panama,
he punched his officer in charge.

Adams took him on as a cook
so he could finish his 20.

Hold it. Just hold it.

What if this toad, Zwieback,
or whatever his name is, is right...

and the missiles are offloaded
before the SEAL team gets there?

There is no way for Mr. Strannix
to get past us.

We have AWAC surveillance
and SOSUS in Honolulu...

tracking every ship and sub at sea.

They leave the Missouri, they're ours.

How do we know that Honolulu
isn't his next target?

Tell me that.

Take a look at this.

- Know what all those lights are for?
- I've been trained.

Come on! All right. All right.

- You can fly that helicopter?
- Yeah.

- Then we can get out of here, right?
- No.

Here's the MP5K.

When the dot's on target,
what you see is what you get.

- I told you I don't like guns.
- I know. Neither do I.

Now get back under there.

These things are going to sell
like hot cakes!


What are you gonna do
with $200 million in the bank?

Buy the presidency.

Someone's moving. Right there!

He's on the flight deck! Go! Go!

Come on out of there!

Where are you taking me?
I don't know anything! I don't know!

Let go of me! Leave me alone!

Get your hands off of me!

Now! God, leave me alone!


There he is!


Stand fast!
Do not pursue that man!

- Secure missile battery three, now!
- Man that hatch!

This guy's a pain in the ass!

We got to do something about him.

I know what to do.

I do.

This insanity is so logical.

There's a sprinkler system
where they're being held.

Mr. Pitt?

The fo'c's'le.

Hit a button, it starts to flood.

In a short time, they'll all drown.

Ryback'll kill himself trying to save them.

Mr. Pitt.

You're a maniac.

Drowning your own crew.

They never liked me anyway.

Bet they fucking love you now.

You see this? These are cut everywhere.

What is that?

They're for a railing system to offload
the missiles onto a ship or sub...

they're gonna rendezvous with.

What's that?

Morse code.

What are they saying?

"Get me the fuck out of here."

- What's that?
- Get away from the hatch!

Now what?


Johnson, guard the door.
Shoot anyone who comes through.

You okay?

Yeah. Are you okay?


- Is this all of you?
- What you see.

Six of us got trapped.
What's going on?

We got a problem. Who's this?

Calaway, Gunner's mate,
2nd class, '44, '46.

This is Jordan. She's a casualty
of the situation I'll brief you on.

- Hi.
- Nice to see you. You too, Case.

Granger, you take this.

- Get your tools. We've got work to do.
- Right.

We're jumping into a shit storm here.

Must've been a power surge.


That's the last one.

This should disable their
weapons systems within a half an hour.

Mr. Ryback,
may I have your attention, please?

This is Captain Krill speaking.

I'd like you to look at the monitors...

where you are
at this point in time.

Are you watching?

I prepared a special show for you.

Here it goes.

I want you to know
there are no hard feelings.

L have no grudge against you...

or the rest of the crew.

You did your best.

Discipline is right out
the window here.

Granger, turn it off.

We got to save them.

They'll have a trap.

But they're expecting me,
not all of us.

All of what? I do laundry.

I ironed during the Gulf War.
I ain't cut out for this.

You're in the Navy, remember?

"It's not a job, it's an adventure."

To hell with that.
I'm on the college program.

- I'm with you, Case.
- Let's do it.

We're out of here.

All right,
I'll stay and watch Miss July.

- Get the lights out in Broadway.
- I'm going.

Okay, but the emergency lights
will kick on soon.

All right, what the hell.
How does this work?


Take cover! Take cover! Come on, guys!

Take cover! Get down!

Turn it!

Turn the water off!

They're gonna get us out of here!

They're gonna get us out!

Pull him out of there!
Pull him out of there!

Help him, Tack! Help him!

Come on, buddy!


Listen to him!

Hang in there!


We'll be offloading in an hour.

Listen, he freed a few men,
and I think...

they went into the fo'c's'le,
but we got them pinned down.

Kill them if you can't contain them.

It worked. They're trapped.

- Good.
- Drop the anchor!

This is where it's going to happen.


- Who in the hell is this?
- Who in the hell is this?

This is Admiral Bates.
I'm trying to get a hold of Ryback.

He's in a gunfight.
I'll have to take a message.

What's going on there?

Hold on. Here.

Yes, sir.

Chief Ryback, this is Admiral Bates.

I see that you completely
disobeyed my orders. Correct?

Sorry. You can court-martial me
if I live.

I see.

Listen to me carefully.

SEAL Team 5 is en route.
You understand?

Yes, sir.

Nimitz air group is our backup.

Yes, sir.

Now, since your ass is on the line,
I authorize you...

to do whatever you can
to aid the arrival of the SEALs.

Because if I goddamn
can't control you...

- I might as well support you. Correct?
- That's affirmative, sir.


You have some good luck there, sailor.
I'm out.

They got a lot of trouble on that ship.

Here I go.

I'm not staying here.

- Where are you going?
- What did you say to her?

- What are you doing?
- The safest place is behind you.

Hug the wall.
Get out of the middle!

Miss July, come back here!


TAG leader, this is Cobra escort.
We have you in our sights.

You should see us
on your portside now.

Francois, put the money in the Zurich
bank now, or nothing will happen.

Fuck you, Strannix!

Sell what we got
in MacGregor Aircraft.

It'll go to shit
when they find out about this.

Two choppers trying to sneak in
under our radar.

Strike team.

We drive a hard bargain for hard value.

You give me any more trouble,
I'll call Mohammed. Understand?

Strike team is in range and locked on.

Kill them.

Not you, Francois.
I'll put my accountant on the line...

with my account number.
Talk to that frog.


Something's wrong.

We've got a big problem here.
Switch to auxiliary!


Shit, I lost the phalanx.
We're sitting ducks.

Get me secure to the sub.

Sub's up.

Coyote, this is Roadrunner. Come in.

Here come the good guys.

One minute!

The fantail's fouled up!
We're going in on the bow.

What the hell was that?!

It's confirmed. We lost them all.

We have no choice now...

but full air assault from the Nimitz.

Mr. Trenton, would you please?

We need more hands on deck
to help tie this sub up.

Start offloading.

The crane isn't finished.
We got another problem below decks.

Pull four men off the welding crew
to help tie up the sub.

- Go.
- Yes, sir.

My goodness!

Daumer, Daumer, Daumer.
Why didn't you hire this person?

Whatever his price would've been,
it would've been worth it.

Bring it up!

Okay, okay. Ease it over.
Ease it over now.

Number seven. Number seven.
Get number seven now.


There's someone in the water!

Behind you!

- I saw someone in the water!
- Hey! Hey!

Hook him!

Hook that son of a bitch!

Check for a bomb!

Who saw him? Come on!

You're incredible, Ryback.

It's a shame you're not cooking for us.

Next thing I know...

you'll be dating musicians.

What the hell you doing over there?

Where's Daumer?

Probably dead.

The bowplane is jammed.

We can't submerge.

I'll handle it.
It'll be operational under way.

You fix it, I'll make you an admiral.

Consider it done. Where are you going?

- Make Honolulu glow in the dark.
- Outstanding.

I'll meet you 15 miles
due south in the captain's launch.

Rally your men here in zero one.

I need an acetylene torch,
an arc welder and a crowbar, now!

- What'd he say?
- He can't fix it.

I'll fix it! Go! Now!

Why can't you speak English?

Hang in there, Casey.

Talk to me.

There's nothing to say.

Whatever they did...

they're smarter than I am.

Everything's dead.

It's hopeless.

Nothing is hopeless. Take heart.

Give me time, I'll figure it out.

I like your attitude. Excellent.

It's clear. Hey, Case.

What the hell?

I'll put it to you in plain English.
It is so simple.

Hammer that rod into place.

Weld it over the bowplane.
Without it, we can't survive.

Make him understand. Now!

Where's Johnson?

- He's gone.
- We can't let them get away with this!

What about those 5-inch guns?

No good. We offloaded all the
armor-piercing rounds. We got starbursts.

Nothing that will penetrate.


- Gunner's mate.
- Yeah, chief.

See those?

We still got shells for those.

I did it.

It's charging. In a few minutes
we'll have enough power to fire.

Well done.

Let's go!

Get on those last three bags!

Out of line.

- Another one.
- Watch my hand signals!

Stand clear!

Easy, guys, easy. Just glide it through.

What's the sub's course and speed?

Course 172. Speed six knots.

Get down the 5-inch guns!

- What do you want me to do?
- See those black switches?

- Click them on, one by one.
- If the sub blows, won't the nukes go?

No. They won't detonate.

They'll sink with the sub.

Lower the cradle.

Cradle lowered.

- Ram the projectile.
- Easy.

Ram the powder easy.

Real easy.

Starbursts are ready.

Fire the starburst!

All right.

You, secure this room.
Get back to work, jack-off!

They're firing at us!

They're just desperate.

Those are starbursts.
They don't have shells to hurt us.

Two-zero-four degrees, Calaway.

Elevate the barrel.

Zero-two-eight degrees.

Fire in the hole.

He's doing it! We're out of time!

They're reloading right now.

Granger, Tackman! Reload!

Lowering cradle.

Scoot over!

Goddamn it!

Close the breech.

Lower it. Lower the bowplane!

Pull! It's working! It's working!
Come on, let's go.

Two-four-one degrees.

Two-four-one degrees back.


It's working!

- Two-zero-four degrees.
- Two-zero-four degrees.

This is it.

Ryback is gone.

Let me look.

Fire in the hole!

- Direct hit!
- We hit it!

Strannix, what the hell is going on?

Daffy Duck. Porky Pig. Little red fucker
with the mustache. The big chicken.


All of my life...

Saturday morning cartoons.

The best.


For example...

remember those two little shrimp
coming in, riding seahorses...

little chaps, little pistols?

Shooting back over their shoulders.

Rescue that lobster from the...

Swedish cook.

Funniest thing I ever saw!

- Splendid work, by the way.
- Strannix!

Splendid work!

My, my, my...

how hell doth quicken the spirit.

- Tomahawks!
- They're up and ready.


- Fire control.
- Of course! The fire control.

Chips and dips on the weather deck.

Don't be late! Motor launch is waiting!
All hands!

Clear out of here!

Let's go.


Four minutes.

- Four minutes.
- Meet us at the motor launch.

Four little minutes.

Home run.


We did it!

This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home.

And this little piggy...

Oh, mama. Oh, mama.

All the way home!

Happy trails.

In the captain's launch, there's the
MX 20-20, the SEAL magnaphone.

- Bring it here. Take her with you.
- The what?

The car phone.

- Admiral?
- Yes, sir.

The Nimitz is tracking two Tomahawks
launched from the ship.

- Where are they headed?
- Honolulu.

Oh, God.

- What's the flight time?
- Twenty-four minutes, sir.

- Can we destroy them in the air?
- Destruct codes are on the Missouri.

Scramble Navy and Air Force
fighters from Pearl.

What are the consequences
of missiles dropping on Honolulu?

About 1 million people will reach
10,000 degrees Fahrenheit...

in less than a second.

Mr. Secretary...

We'll just blame it on the cook.


Take it north.

Roger that. Heading north.

I'll take that weapon.



You look familiar.

I know you, don't I?

I think you do.

Been a long time.

Yes, sir. It has.

Turn around.

We'll have a tour. Step forward.

Here we have...

our Tomahawks...

speeding their way to the sunny
Aloha State. Turn around.

As you can see...

there will be no return.

And I got the key.

The lock is broken. Step forward.

Sit over there.

You'll watch the end of the world on TV.

Put your feet up. Relax.

You know, you're good.

You are really good.

It's gonna be a shame to kill you.

Behold my finest work.

Do me a favor. Tell me something.

You really think blowing up
a bunch of innocent people...

is gonna change anything?

What made you flip like this?

I got tired of coming up with
desperate solutions...

to impossible problems
created by other fucking people.

All your ridiculous,
pitiful antics won't change a thing.

You and I...

we're puppets in the same sick play.

We serve the same master...

and he's an ungrateful lunatic.
There's nothing we can do about it.

You and I are the same.

No. There's a difference, my man.

You have faith. I don't.

Keep the faith, Strannix.

Locked on my nose, 15 miles.

Five miles, on target.
Weapon status, clear.


- Excuse me, admiral.
- Yes?

They intercepted one missile.

And the other one?

It slipped through.


we've only got time for one shot.
So we'll do it by the numbers.

Ryback, load the disk.

Now punch 47.

You're now on KU.

Code is six, four...

three, five...

zero, zero.

That's 643500.
Is my read-back correct?

That's affirmative.

Stand by, sir.

Got it!
Nimitz is no longer tracking.

Good man! Good man, Ryback!

Sir, call off your bombers.
Call off your bombers.

We're calling off the aircraft.
We're calling them off.

Thanks, Ryback. Great job!
Great job!

Want to go swimming?
I got a Zodiac and some C-rays...

a little umbrella...

I'll go with you.

She's all right! She's all right!

Good, good, all of you guys.


Good job!

Hold on in there,
we'll get you out in a minute!

What did I miss, chief?

You'll need three or four stitches.
I wanna see you down in the infirmary.

I'm afraid of needles, you know.

- What's for breakfast, Case?
- Subs, Tackman. Subs!

Case, show me a move.

Here's one move.

Present arms!