Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018) - full transcript

When the war ended, his battle began. Based on Laura Hillenbrand's bestselling book, UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION begins where Unbroken ends, sharing the next amazing chapter of Olympian ...

The Torrance Tornado smoked the mile
in four minutes, 21. 3 seconds.

Zamperini is now officially
the fastest high school runner
in American history.

This is the Green Hornet.
We're going down!

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Mr. Zamperini,
good morning.

Sightseeing today?


Shall I call a taxi?

There's no need.
I'll walk.

Do you know the way?

It's not my first time in Tokyo.

Mr. Zamperini?

Robert Trumbull.
Thank you for allowing me
to join you today.

I was always a fan
of Time magazine.

You know, my mother
saw you at the Olympics
in '36.

She was thrilled to hear
I'd be meeting with you.

These men did
terrible things to you.

What are you gonna say to them?

Where's Watanabe?

Where's "The Bird"?

All right, now... now can we
get out of the car?



Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma!
You're gonna kiss me to death.

I can't believe that it's you
and that you're actually home.

He's home, all right.

We were so worried
that you would be all skinny
and-and worn out.

Oh, what, me?
No, I'm in great shape.

Can you believe
the army told us
you were dead?

Yeah, so much
for military intelligence.

The newspaper said
they hurt you.

Mom, that was just
the reporter making stuff up
to try and sell newspapers.

Pop, you knew
I was comin' home,
didn't you?

Yeah, of course.

Of course!

Of course! We all did.


Let's go.

Don't step on the grass!



You okay?

Never been better.

I'll see you inside.

And thank you, Father,
for bringing our Louie home.



Hmm. On the raft,
day after day,

we were talking
our heads off,
killing time.

And I was always braggin'
about Ma's cooking.

Yeah, and the guys, they would...

They would make me describe
every dish, you know,
every sauce,

every pinch of spice,
everything, all the details,
over and over again,

every single day.

And you know what
their favorite was, Ma?


- Your gnocchi.
- Hey!

What is this, Christmas?

Every Christmas
since you've been gone.

And all your birthdays.

Three years' worth.
Here you go.

What are these, hmm?

Letters. 2,000 of them.

And why are people
writing me letters?

They want to know
if you're going to run
in the London Olympics.

You are a hero, Louie.

They got me confused
with some other fellow, Ma.

- Aw.
- I don't think so.

- Cardarelli!
- Ah, Louise.

Buona sera.

Buona sera.

Louie! Louie, come talk
to Father Cardarelli.

Thank you, Mama.

Bless you, Louis.
Welcome home.

- Thank you, Padre.
- All of Torrance was praying for your safe return.

Well, that's swell.

It's a miracle you survived.

Miracles didn't save my tail
feathers, Padre. A couple
of atomic bombs did that.

No. Don't discount
God's role in your journey.

Don't worry, Padre.
I give him all the blame.

Hey, Ma, they're playing
our favorite song. Come on!

Louis, Louis.
God's not to blame
for your suffering.

Thanks, Padre.

Hey, whoa! No!
Play it again!
Play it again.

Louie, I have
a surprise for you.

It's how we found out
you were still alive.

have released a recording
of an American prisoner

they claim is Olympian
Louie Zamperini.

Hello, Mother.

And Father.

Relatives and friends.

This is your Louie talking.

Through the courtesy
of the authorities here,

I'm broadcasting
this personal message
to you.

Turn it off.

And this will be the first time
in two-and-a-half years

that you will have
heard my voice.

Turn it off.

I am sure it's...

Dad kept the oil changed for ya.

He drove it
around the block
once a week.


Well, I didn't think
I'd ever see
this old wreck again.


It's a work in progress.
You'll get it tuned up.

Ah, Pete.

Now you are always
seein' the potential
in things, you know,

even your baby brother.

I just made you lay off
those candy bars.

No. Mm-mmm.

No, sir, you turned me
into a running machine.

But I will tell you this much.

See, when those... those B-29s,
they came flying over the camp,

they dropped Hershey bars,
you know,

and I couldn't help myself.

You ever see what chocolate
does to your guts

after a couple of years
of moldy rice?

It ain't pretty.


You know that Sunday
Pearl Harbor happened?


I was eatin' waffles.

I was on my way
to the golf course.

They said
that we were at war,
you know,

but it didn't feel
like war, you know?

Not to me.

It wasn't until
I was stationed
in San Diego.

One day this hospital ship
comes steamin' in.

They were carryin'
these... all these guys

missin' legs and arms.

They were... They were
all torn up, blind, burnt.

You know, that's when
the war became real to me.

And now they say that it's over.

But any second,

I just keep feeling like this...

klaxon horn's gonna go off

and it's
"Man your battle stations."

Maybe the war's not over
just 'cause they say it is.

Hey, come on.
Let's, uh... Let's head in.

It's late.

Yeah, I'll be in soon.

Ah, you can't help
but be a big brother, can ya?

It's a life sentence.

Don't look at me!

Rise and shine, knucklehead.
Breakfast is ready.

Hey, Louie.
Good to have you home.


Hey, welcome back, Louie.
Lookin' good.

- Louie! Hey!
- Hey, Louie!

Yeah, Mr. Louie.

Oh, hi.

Hey, who wants a shot on me
honoring the return

of Torrance's favorite son,
Louie Zamperini?

- To Louie.
- To you!

Hey, no, thanks, Reggie.
He's good.

Come on, what are...
What are you, my shadow?

You got some brass waitin'
for you back at the house.

Come on. I'll drive.

What do they want?

They're lookin' for their hero.

Yeah? Sorry, guys.
Duty calls, huh?

To Louie!

Thank you, boys.

Gotta go see the brass.

Sales of war bonds have taken
a big dip since V-J Day.

We need your help
to juice things up.

All you have to do
is shake hands,
make a little speech.

-Something upbeat.
-Well, I've always done most
of my talking with my feet.

That's a snappy way to put it.

Yeah, I might be able
to use that.

Uh, I'd like to get a few shots
with Captain Zamperini's family.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Louie Zamperini!

I was proud to
represent my country in Berlin
in the 1936 Olympics,

and, well, I sure am proud
to represent my country
here today in Philadelphia.

Now, when the brass
asked me to do this,

I... I told them that
I've always done most of
my talking with my feet.

Hello, Saint Louis.

Those bills,
well, they keep on comin' in,

so I'm gonna need you
to keep buying war bonds.

Thank you so much for havin' me!

Everyone always asks me
the same question.

They wanna know how do you
survive 47 days on a raft
in the Pacific Ocean.

You talk about food.

Now, I would describe
to the boys how my ma
would cook my favorite dishes.

Well, I'd get 'em droolin'.

Mmm. Mmm.
Sorry about that.

Uh, um...

Uh, we talked...
We talked about girls.

Uh, Rita Hayworth.

Hey, how many...
how many polka dots
on that swimsuit?

I counted every single
polka dot on that pinup.

It's 89.

Eighty-nine polka dots.
I counted every single...

You know, sometimes I wish
I was one of those polka dots.

He's drunk.

Uh, the war might be over,
but, uh...

But the bills are still
comin' in, so just keep
buyin' those bonds, folks.

Thanks. All right.

"Sometimes I wish
I was a polka dot."


Sorry about that.

You need a snort before
a speech to calm you down?
I got no trouble with that.

But you been getting soused
in the club car on the train
every night.

What's goin' on with you?

It's nothing.

It's just hard to get
a good night's sleep
on the road, that's all.

When you get home,
I want you to go see
my friend, Dr. Bailey.

Right now, I'm giving you
three weeks R and R in Florida.

Miami Beach.

Three weeks? Starting when?

Soon as you can get a taxi
to the station.

Get yourself a suntan
and lay off the hooch.

That's an order.

Thank you.

Hey there, gorgeous.


Well, I didn't know
they served "I-talians"
in this joint.

Harry! Hey!

Ha! Hey!

Long time no see!

It is so good to see you.
Mr. Tornado himself.

When'd you blow in?

Just a couple hours ago.

That is fantastic.

What are you drinkin'?

Uh, ginger ale.

Ginger ale? What, are you
trainin' for the next
Olympics or somethin'?

Uh, barkeep!
Two Cuba Libres, por favor.

Well, you don't look
worse for wear.

Well, you know what?

I'm alive.
That's all that matters.

Damn right.

Oh. Oh, wow.

So many dames.
So little time.

Well, they will keep you
on your toes.

Yeah, I had one steppin'
on my toes last night.

Took this hat-check girl
out for dinner.

You know, steak, lobster,
the whole thing.

Twenty-five bucks later,
she asks to use
the ladies' room.

I haven't seen her since.

Ah, gracias.

Drink up, pal.
We got a lotta dolls to meet
and a lotta places to see.

So, there I am
at the Hollywood
Christmas Parade,

standing outside this store.

This big old cowboy rides up
on this big old horse,

and he says, "Hey, son,
you mind watchin' my horse?"

I'm like, "Sure,
I'll watch your horse."

I look at the saddle...
Red rhinestones, "Trigger."

It was Roy Rogers!
I was watchin'
Roy Rogers' horse.

Hey, did I tell you about
the time I split an ice cream
cone with Lana Turner?

Right down the middle.
Hey, I need a little help
over here, pal.

Doin' all the work by myself.

What are you lookin' at?
Oh, wow.

Be still, my heart.

Good eye, Lou.

We're just gon... Oh, all right.

Good afternoon, ladies.

You wouldn't happen to be
lookin' for two he-men to round
out your party, would you?

Sure. Do you know
where we can find any?

Oh! Oh, you really know
how to shoot a guy down.


She got me, Lou.
Tell my mother I love her.

I think your friend
needs medical attention.

Yeah, I'm not a psychiatrist.

Thanks a lot, pal.

How ya doin'?

You're Louis Zamperini,
aren't you?



I read about you
in the papers,
saw you in the newsreels.

Well, it's nice to meet you.

Cynthia Applewhite.

"Do you know how
to change a tire?"


I turn around.

It's Lana Turner
sittin' on the curb,
eating an ice cream cone.

And I tell her, "Hey, I don't
know how to change a tire."

Your friend
is very entertaining.

He sure thinks so.

When I was a kid,
I lived near Torrance.

You're kidding me.

You still have the scars
from where those runners
spiked you?

Yeah, they got me pretty good.

Mmm. And that?

Uh, Jap did that one.

Thank you.

For what?

For preserving the free world
for silly girls like me.

I think it was worth it.


- Hey, would you like to...
- Yes.

What took you so long to ask?

You couldn't tell?

I don't know.

I guess I'm a little rusty.


Do you always
take girls fishing
on the first date?

What, your mother
wouldn't approve?

My mother only likes
fellows I don't.

She wants me to marry someone
rich and predictable.

You mean like that guy
in the Caddy convertible?

How do you know that?

I saw you leaving with him.


Quite the fisherman, aren't you?

- Whoa! I think I got
a submarine.

Hey, hold on. Here we go.

Just keep your rod tip up.


Let your line play out.
It's all right.

And hold on tight.

You hold on tight,
or I'm gonna end up in Havana.

That was so much fun.


Not bad for your first time.

My arms feel like lead.

What do you think it was?

That is hard to tell.

Maybe a redfish.


Why do the good ones
always seem to get away?

You know, I've been
asking myself that question
a very long time.

A monster created
by a man they called mad.

Listen, I just thought
that you'd be too highbrow
for House of Dracula.

I love monster films.
I watch them all the time.

Oh. Hey, you know what
I love about comin' to the
picture show during the day?


Makes me feel like I'm
playin' hooky from school.

Just a juvenile delinquent
at heart.

You got that right.

Halfway around the world
in Tokyo,

another group was tried.

Japan's Pearl Harbor
Premier Hideki Tojo

led a list of 25 defendants
accused of war crimes
and atrocities.

After a two-year trial,
he was hanged for his acts.

Brigadier General
Harvey Reynolds...

You thought you were free?

I will never leave you.

Ceremony General MacArthur
expresses a wish.

Let us pray that peace
be now restored to the world

and that God will preserve...

Louie. Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm all right.

I imagine it's hard
to watch some of that.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Did you pray while you
were off fighting the war?

Oh, no. No.
Begging is more like it.

Yeah, it's...
I didn't pay much
attention in mass.

I pray all the time.

You're a prayer answered for me.


you better not
just be something
I'm dreaming.

I'm gonna be very ticked off
if I wake up and you're gone.


What was that for?

Waking you up.

See, I'm still here.

Yes, you are.


Come on, Tarzan!

Marry me.


In a week, I gotta
go back on the road
pitching war bonds,

and... I'm not leaving here
without you.

Yeah, that sounds more
like a kidnapping
than a marriage proposal.

You can go your whole life
without ever meeting the person
you're supposed to be with,

but you're the one!

Look, we are meant
to be together.

I'm not letting go.

I'll race you for it.

Beat me
to the lifeguard stand,
and I'll marry you.

You know I hold
the national high school
record for the mile, right?

Only looks like about 50 yards,
and I've been outrunning boys
my whole life.

And if I lose?

Then you lose.

You ready?

Come on!

Right here?


On your mark.

Get set.


You win.

Well, see, I was the Tornado.

Now I'm just
the Torrance Tortoise.

You're a great runner.

You just need to get
back out on the track.

It means I'm past my prime.

I guess I should start
taking Italian lessons.

That's our church.

How did you know?

You told me you went
to Sunday school here,

Thank you.

This whole "For better
or for worse" thing

and "In sickness
and in health..."

You mean it?

You sure you wanna do this?


I'm here for you.

Not the officer.

Not the hero.


I love you, Louie.

- Congratulations!
- Take care, lovebirds!


Have fun!


I wonder when they're gonna
fix that darn elevator.

The water won't turn off.


Oh. Here.

You just gotta
hunker down on it.

Oh! Whoa, whoa!

Okay, come here.
Hold that. Hold that.

Hold that.
Oh. Here we go.
Where is it?

Here it is.
I got it. I got it.

What's so funny?

Look at you.

Look at you.

Come here. Come here.

I know how to use this.

Did I tell you... Ah, come here!

You're not gettin' away.
Yeah, all right.


You want to kill me?

No! No, no!

She cannot save you.

I will destroy you both.

Zamperini, Major Zeigler asked that we meet

because many of our combat
veterans are suffering from
exhaustion and psychoneurosis.

That doesn't sound
like something a shot
of penicillin will fix.

No, I'm afraid not.

These men are waking up
screaming, sobbing,

lashing out.

Are you sleeping well?
Are you having any...

night sweats or nightmares?

Nothing I can't handle.

Look, Doc,
unless you can help me
find a job, I...

I just don't think
there's much you can do for me.

What is said in here
is just between you and me.

Your mental health
is just as important
as your physical well-being.

Excuse me. Hi.
I'm here to apply
for the delivery job.


America's best runners
competed in the New York
state championship

with their eyes set
on making the Olympic teams

for the '48 games in London.

Athletes from around the globe
are training for their chance
at the gold ring

as the world turns its eyes
from war to victory
on the track and field.

Oh, no, no, no!
Oh, my... Oh, no.

Oh, my goodness.


I wish they'd fix that elevator.

I don't trust it
even when it does work.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I'm Cynthia Zamperini.

Lila Johnson.
I-I saw you movin' in.

Uh, your husband
is a pretty famous man.

Lucky for us the landlord
recognized Lou.

Everywhere we went,
there were nearly a hundred
people on the waiting list.

I'm at the end of the hall
if you need anything.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

And just drop that basket
off anytime, honey.

It looks like you've been
running barefoot on hot coals.

I have to get used to it.

You know,
I can't get to London
with pretty feet.

Are you serious?

I got some old scores to settle.

What's this?

If you're gonna
train for London,
you have to do it right.

We'll start at 6:30
every morning.

Yes, dear.

"Yes, dear."

That's what husbands
are supposed to say

when their wives
tell them to do something.

"Yes, dear."

Yes, dear.

I thought you said 6:30.

Pete says to just
run a steady pace
and not sprint,

not until your body
gets used to running again.

Oh, you talked
to Pete about this?

Of course.

I didn't know where
to buy track shoes.

So, just go nice and easy
and see if you can make it
all the way around.

On your mark, get set, go!

I said go.

Yes, dear.

Much better!

But don't stop.
Do another lap.

Thank you, Lord.


Look out, London!

You know, as I-I
cross the finish line,
you're mumbling something.

I wasn't mumbling.
I was saying a prayer.

Yeah? Why?

Sure seems to make a difference.

You're shaving half a second
off your time every day.

Just 'cause I'm getting
into better shape.

Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Come on, I'll jog
a warm-down lap with you.

Oh, yeah?


Come here.


I'm so fast!

Smelling good, Papa.

Sylvia, go check on the pie.

Boys! Boys, stop.

Oh! Yes, Mama.

Don't hurt your brother.

Yes, of course not, Mama.

Be nice.

So, how's the running going?

- She's got me out there every morning.
- Yeah?

I thought you were bad.
She's a taskmaster.

You think you can run
a 4:07 mile again?

I wouldn't be doing this
if I didn't.

Yeah, I'm just saying
you're not a kid anymore.

You still think
you can compete
at the Olympic level?

Does Lou know?

He's so worried
about money, finding work.

I don't wanna say anything
until I have to.

Hey, come on.
Lou bet Pete he could run
a 4:07 mile.


Yeah. That's fast.

Aw, man.

That's Louie Zamperini!

Hey, guys!

Hiya, Louie!

Hey, fellas.

What are you doin' here?

I just thought I'd put
some miles on this track.

You goin' for a run?

You can't do a 4:07 mile
if you don't run.

Well, can we run with you?

Suppose if you like
lookin' at my backside.

I don't know.
I was the league champ
in the mile last year.

Well, maybe I'll see you
at the '48 Olympics in London.

I'm not racing Louis Zamperini.

All right, boys!
On your marks, get set!





We'll have another doctor
take a look.

There must be something
that they can do.

Army doc in Tokyo told me
if I hurt it again,
it was all over.

Why didn't you tell me that?

'Cause it doesn't matter.

Louie, we're supposed
to be open with each other.

You know, when I was a kid,
I fell down some stairs.

I was maybe six
or seven years old,

and I fell and I-I hurt myself.

So I cursed.

I'd get up, and son of a gun
if I didn't fall...


See, that's three times
that I fell,

and I remember
thinking to myself...

I thought so clearly
that it was God.

That he was doing this to me.

He was tripping me up.
And I just can't help
but think that maybe,

just maybe he's doing it again.


No. No.

I was doing
what I was born to do.

I was back on the track.

It's just everything
is... whole again.

It's... I'm just whole again.

You know, all the things,
the terrible things,
they just go away.

It's just my heart pumping,
and my... my lungs pumping,

and my legs pumping.

And it's necessary.

I mean, do you see that?


Tryin' to take it away, it's...

We pushed too hard.

Was that it?

Is this some kind of punishment?

I was standin' there at
the Hollywood Christmas parade,

and a cowboy comes up to me
on a big horse.

And I kid you not,
it was Roy Rogers.

Oh, there he is.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the late Louie Zamperini!

Sorry we're late.
Phil, come here.

It's great to see you.

It's good to see you too.

This is my wife, Cecile.

Call me Cecy.
Everyone does.

I've heard so much about you.

It's lovely to finally meet you.

You too.

This is my wife, Cynthia.




Yeah, this is Valerie.
She works for
Universal Pictures.

- I'm just in the typing pool.
- Hello.

- So, what's with the limp?
- Oh, it's nothing.

I just, uh, tripped
going down some stairs.

Oh, hey, Phil was tellin' us
about that crash landing you
guys had in that B-24.

Sounds like a whale of a tale.

The only reason I'm still alive

is because this guy was
the best pilot in the Pacific.

Here's to Harold.


- Who's Harold?
- Uh, Harold Brooks.

He was one of our waist gunners.

He didn't make it back
alive that day.

Pardon me.
I need to powder my nose.

Would you mind goin' with Val
just to make sure
she comes back?

- What?
- What?

I'll join you too.


Uh, give me another round
and keep 'em coming.

Yes, sir.

Whoa, slow down, Jack.
I gotta get a little food
in my belly first.

Well, you could have
a breadstick.

Hey, how's it bein'
back home in Indiana?

Beats Japan.

I read in the paper
they can't find The Bird.

Rounded up all
the rest of the guards,
but he flew the coop.


Jap prison guard.
Matsuhiro Watanabe.

Called him The Bird.

He was the worst of the worst.

Real nightmare.

Hey, I just read
about this ex-POW,

he was headin' to work,
you know, still over there.

And he saw this Jap face
in the crowd.

Well, he gets suspicious,
so he follows him,

and dang if it ain't
a guard from his camp.

- What'd he do?
- Blew the whistle on him.

Now he's coolin' his heels
in Sugamo Prison.

Prison is too good for The Bird.

Okay, okay.

Okay, so I look up,
and these two lovebirds... gone.

Vanished, poof,
right into thin air.

So, about a week goes by,
I see Mr. Tornado.

I say, "Hey, bud.
Where'd you guys go?"

He looks at me,
and you know what he says?

Yeah, fishing.

Can you believe that?
So romantic.

It's the truth, Harry.
We really did go fishing.

Yeah, well, I'm never
gonna believe that one.

- Hey, waiter. What...
What is this?


What is this?

- It's rice, sir.
- I didn't order rice.

It comes with the meal, sir.

Yeah, but nobody ordered rice.

- Listen.
- Louie.

- I've had my fill of rice.
- Louie, come on.

Rice with dirt in it,
and bugs and maggots.

-What the heck
is your problem?
-It's all right, Lou.

-It's not all right.
What the heck is your problem?
-He didn't know.

It was a mistake, pal.

Hey, don't bring stuff
that people didn't order!

The Bird can't
get away with this.

Somebody's gotta catch The Bird.

get away with it.

Gotta find him.

Find The Bird.

Come on.
Get up.

Gonna find him.

Oh, Louie.


Hold up!

You will obey me!




Gather here Sunday afternoon
every evening

to hear the word of God
preached in the power
of his spirit

by Dr. Billy Graham
to the salvation...

At least eat some toast.

I'm not hungry.

I'm gonna call Pete.
He'll know what to do.

Don't... Don't call Pete.

I can't do this on my own.


last night was, uh...

It was just the booze.

I just need to get a job.

No, don't... Come on.
Where are you going?

To borrow Lila's phone.

Look, I don't want you
to call my brother!

I don't want Pete
knowing about it...

About what?

You had nothing to hide
last night at the restaurant.

You were acting crazy
in front of everyone...

I'm not crazy.

I had too much to drink.

Lou, let go...

Let go of me!

I'm pregnant.


I'm gonna have a baby.
I'm two months pregnant.

Why didn't you say anything?

Because I'm scared.

Ever since you hurt your ankle,
you're so angry.

If you don't get help somehow,
I don't know what
I'm going to do.

I'm-I'm sorry.

I need more than sorry, Lou.

Your physical was fine.
Your lab work came back normal.

In terms of helping with
your inability to sleep and
your emotional instability,

we've had some results
with hypnosis,

electric shock treatment,
and narcosis therapy.

Narcosis therapy?

We use high doses of sodium
amytal and other barbiturates

to help you sleep for
18 to 20 hours a day
for several days.

No, I...

I'm sure that that works
gangbusters for some guys,

but that just makes me want
a double scotch on the rocks.

Everyone needs help
at some point, Lou.

Even heroes.

I'm just a guy who did
nothing more than survive.

There's a lot of people that
would disagree with that.

In the prison camps,

they tried to take
your humanity
and you wouldn't let them.

And now it's our job
to help you get through this.

I wish you could.



How'd it go?


Yeah, he said that
I'm not alone.

Does he wanna see you again?

Yeah, same time next week.

What's in the bag?

Uh, nothin'.

Just got some foot powder,
a little bit of mouthwash.

Got you a Baby Ruth.


Thank you.


So, what you hopin' for,
a boy or a girl?

What gives?


Just some trouble in paradise.

I been havin' these dreams,
you know?

War dreams?

About Watanabe.

A lot?

Too much.

I just thought I'd be able
to forget everything.

You know, when we, uh, heard
that your plane went down,

I told Mom, I said,
"If Louie can get his feet
on solid ground,

he's gonna be fine.

We just give him a scout knife
and a toothbrush,

he can take care
of himself."

Come on.

"A moment of pain is worth
a lifetime of glory,"

Come on.
Once you get that kid,

once you have that kid,
that's gonna be the only thing
inside that brain of yours.

All right?

- Is that so?
- Oh, yeah. Is that so?


Oh, you think
you've got moves, huh?

I'm comin' for ya.
You know, I got something
in this brain.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

That's okay.


It's Cynthia.

It's to honor
the best part of me.

Okay, yeah, all right.
All right.

Shh, shh, shh.
That's right.

Shh, shh, shh.

No, no, it's okay.

Shh, shh, shh.

I got it.
I got it.

♪ Like a diamond in the sky ♪

♪ Twinkle, twinkle
Little star ♪

♪ How I wonder what you are ♪

Oh, Louie.

It's a real honor.

You know, when Harry told me
you were looking for work,

I said,
"Lou Zamperini is
just the man we need."

Come on in.

Have a seat.

I was in the stands at SC in '38

when you set the NCAA record
for the mile.

What was it, four minutes
and eight seconds, right?

Yeah. That's right.

Pleased as punch
to have you in, Lou.

Let's talk buttermilk.


I'm retooling.

I'm expanding,
and powdered milk is
the future of Quinn's.

But first,
why does the Torrance Tornado
wanna be in the dairy business?

I... You could work anywhere
with that USC degree.

I wish that were
the case, Howard,
but I never graduated USC.

You didn't graduate?

It was part of the price
of goin' off to war.

I see.

I was under the impression
that you had.

See, everyone in corporate
has a college degree.

I could... Well, um,

how are you makin' ends meet?

Um, when the army thought
I was dead,

they cut my mother a check
for ten grand.

She wouldn't cash it.

And when I came back alive,
they let me keep it.

I guess that takes the sting
out of bein' dead.

Yeah, I guess it does.

Okay, well, you know,
thank you for your time.


Good luck, Lou.


I got a five-to-one.

He moves ahead
in the home stretch.

I got a hundred bucks
in my pocket.

On me, Zamp.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, what happened?

I got a filly
in the second race...

The young
evangelist Billy Graham

and song leader Cliff Barrows,
his wife Billie Barrows,

and Beverly Shea,
the gospel singer,

who cooperate with Christ
for a Greater Los Angeles
in a great revival campaign.

Is he drinking again?

He says he isn't,
but it's a lie.

Just like saying he's out
looking for work every day.

Have you told him
you know the truth?

I don't think
it will make a difference.

God often uses difficulties
in our lives

as a way of preparing us
for our greater purpose.

I can't tell you what to do,
but I do know this.

Lou is worth the fight.

Sometimes I don't think
I know him at all.

Oh, sweetie, it takes time.

It's like two trees planted

Over the years they grow
in and around each other.

That's why widows like me
look so odd sometimes.

I shouldn't complain.

Oh, no, don't.

Don't be. He had his
own demons like Lou.

But we faced them down together.

Honey, hi, hi.
This is a friend of mine.
It's Fred Porter.

And this is, uh...
This is my wife, Cynthia.

It's nice to meet ya.


Hey, where ya been?

At church.

Hey, where's the checkbook?

It's in my purse.

What was that?

Oh, never mind.


Just give me the checkbook.


What are you doin'?

That's what I was
going to ask you.

Don't embarrass me like this.

Why do you need the checkbook?

Because I'm going into
business with Fred.

What kind of business?

We're gonna buy
surplus trucks from the army,
sell 'em to the Philippines.

The auction's tomorrow,
so I need to give him a check,

which he's gonna take
to the bank
first thing in the morning.

How much?

It's like 3,000.

That's almost all the money
that we have left
in your life insurance.

Yeah, you gotta spend money
in order to make money.

We're gonna make plenty
of money off this deal.

But what do you know
about selling trucks
in the Philippines?

What do want me to do?
You want me to pump gas?

What's wrong with that?

Oh, yeah,
I can see that now.
Hi, I'm the Torrance Tornado.

Why don't you come down
and I'll fill her up?
Maybe change the oil.

It's a fat chance.
Now just give me the checkbook!


You don't get to tell me no.

That is my money, and I am
the one who died for it,
so give me it.

You're drunk!
You're drunk!

You know,
enough with the Saint Cynthia
of Miami Beach routine.

Now, you did not marry me
because you thought that I would
make a good gas pump jockey.

I married you because I thought
you were a good man!


You got this?

You're the champ.

Yep, I'm doin' all right.

Hollowed-out Bible.

That's where I'll hide it.

Jap customs agent
won't mess with a Bible.


Oh, she called you?

Let's go.
You're comin' home with me.

Oh, beat it, will ya?

Well, you're not goin' back
to the apartment tonight.

Sylvia's staying there.

Is that... Well, it's a real
family reunion then.

What are you gonna do
with this? Huh?

What are you gonna do with this?

It's none of your business.

None of my business? Is this
none of my business too? Huh?

Round-trip airfare
to Tokyo? What?

Are you and your little .38
plannin' a trip to Japan?

Maybe we are.

You're a drunk.

Is this where you met
your new business partner?

You put up the G's
and he puts up what,
another round of drinks?

Stay out of it, all right?
I know what I'm doing.

You haven't known
what you're doing since you
walked out of that POW camp.

You need help,
but you're not man enough
to accept it.

I'm not man enough?

I'm more of a man than
you'll ever be, big brother.

You never got caught up
in a sinking plane
and almost drowned.

No, you never had them
hold you down,

stick a needle in your arm
and pump you full of garbage
until you almost died,

and you certainly never had
The Bird punch you in the face
over and over again

until you almost...

Now, see, you?

You were on your nice,
clean ship

with your nice, clean sheets,

eatin' your Wheaties.

So, thank you
for your service, sailor.

Don't go back to
the apartment tonight.


Leave Cynthia alone.
She doesn't want you there.

I don't know why they keep
pushing stuff like that.
Look at that.

It's just...

Do you want to escape?

I asked you a question!

Do you want to escape?

I wanna go home!

There is no home.

If you save me...

There you go, buddy.

On the house.

Go to hell, Lou.

I do every night!

And what about me, huh?

When you come home
reeking of whiskey!

Or when you don't even
come home at all?

I'm taking Cissy,
and I'm going to Florida.

What're you gonna do?
You're gonna go home
to your parents?

And tell them
how stupid you were
to marry me?

I can't take care of her
and a drunk at the same time.

So, what're you saying?

I'm saying I want a divorce.

It's 499 one way to Tokyo.

It's only 850 round trip, so...

You thought you were free.

Round trip is the way to go.

Don't look at me.

Look at me.

You are nothing.

You thought you were free.

You are nothing.

You are nothing.

You... Don't... are nothing...
Look at me...




Are nothing.

Did I get your attention?

I'm, uh... I'm going out.

Lila asked me
to go to the revival, so...

Well, hide your wallet.

The circus is in town.

You could come too.
He's supposed to be

Not like the old revival shows.

Maybe he could help you.

Look at me.
Look at me.

This is why
I should bow down to God,
to thank him for what I am?

I mean, don't you get it?

God is my enemy.

It's okay.

Lou, I know about
the whiskey bottle
in the toilet tank.

And the one under the sink.

You can't have the life
you had before the war,

so you've given up on this one.

On me, on Cissy, on your family.

You're not going to Japan.

You're not gonna kill The Bird.

It's a dream.

It's a sickness.

It's okay.

Tonight our message is
gonna be brief.

Now, I always say that.

So I don't want you
to get too hopeful, okay?

This is the Green Hornet.
We're going down.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

There's a lifeline,
and that's the hand of Jesus
to hold onto.

I do not believe that any man,
that any man...

without Jesus Christ.

Your tremendous
marital problems,

your physical problems,
your financial problems.


There are problems of sin
and habit that cannot be solved

without the person of
our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you trusted Christ Jesus
as savior?

Tonight I'm glad to tell you

that the Lord Jesus can be
received, your sins forgiven...

your burdens lifted,

your problems solved by
turning your life over to him

and repenting of your sin
and turnin' to Jesus Christ
as savior.

Louie, wake up.

Louie. Louie.

Louie, shh.

Cissy's asleep.

I love you.

And I will not divorce you.

You can leave Cissy.

She's staying with Lila.

But you and I could go together.

I don't know any other way
to help you, Louie.

Please come with me.

Just say, "Yes, dear."

Yes, dear.

♪ Take it to the Lord
In prayer ♪

♪ Do thy friends despise
Forsake thee ♪

♪ Take it to the Lord
In prayer ♪

♪ In his arms ♪

♪ He'll take and shield thee ♪

♪ Thou wilt find
A solace there ♪

♪ Amen ♪

Good evening.

Not what you expected?

The eighth chapter of John
will be our reading tonight,
if you have your Bibles.

And we begin reading.

Jesus went unto
the Mount of Olives.

And early in the morning
he came again into the temple

and all the people came to him,

and he sat down under
the cover of darkness.

But let me tell you something.

Darkness does not hide
the eyes of God.

God takes down your life
from the time you were born
to the time you die.

And when you stand before God
on that great judgment day,

you're gonna say, "Lord,
I'm not such a bad fellow."

Then they're gonna
pull down the screen

and they're gonna show
the moving picture of your life,

and you're gonna hear
every thought that was
goin' through your head

of every minute of every day,
and every second
of every minute.

And your own thoughts,
your own deeds,

are gonna condemn you
as you stand before God
on that day.

And here tonight,

there's a drowning man,

a drowning woman,
a drowning boy,
and a drowning girl,

all lost on the sea of life,

not knowin' which way
to turn, but just looking...

Just looking for some
type of hope for the future.

I don't care how dark
or how perplexing your
problems might be.

It makes no difference.

Every problem solved,
every sin washed away.

Just reach out
and take the hand of Jesus.

I want everyone
to bow their heads

and close your eyes.

I'm sorry.

Are you afraid, Lou?

It's not gonna hurt you.

You're not happy
the way you are.

You want to change.

You know, when he says,
"All heads bowed, all" whatever?

Eyes closed.

Yeah. Well?

See, they gotta be.

Now, you wanna know why?

You know, when I was a kid...

and I went to those crummy,
lying revivals?

I kept my eyes open...

and so I got to see
all the pickpockets who were
stealing from the chumps.

Okay, here's a story.

It's set in the future.

Cissy is 15.

She has her first boyfriend.
He's a good-lookin' kid,
comes from a nice family.

She brings him home one day
and doesn't tell us.

They come through the door
and there you are,

too drunk to remember that
you're supposed to hide
in the bedroom

so that nobody sees you.

Instead, you start showing him
your notebooks.

the kid tries to get away,

but you hang on breathing
alcohol in his face.

And your daughter,
the light of your life,

the little baby
that you wouldn't let
anybody else touch...

she is so ashamed of her father
that she wants to die.

Why, you ask yourself,

why is God silent
while good men suffer?

Why doesn't he stop
the pestilence?

Why doesn't he stop the wars?

Why doesn't he stop
the suffering in this world?

Well, that is the question
that has mystified people
from generation to generation.

If you look into
the heavens tonight,

on this beautiful
California night,

I can see the stars
and I can see
the footprints of God.

And I say to myself,
"My father, my heavenly father,

he hung them there
with his flaming fingertip...


And he holds them there
by the power of
his omnipotent hand."


What God asks of men is faith.

You can't see him,
you can't hear him.

God makes himself unseen.

But I believe that God is
still performing miracles.


I believe that God is
still healing bodies.

I believe that God is
still healing hearts.

I believe that God is
still transforming lives.


And he says to each of us,

"If you suffer, I'll give you
the grace to go forward."

But because you can't hear him,

because you can't see him
in his silent of heaven...


You turn away from him.

And let me tell you, brother,
that's the most dangerous
place to be,

to sit there day after day,
and never accept salvation.


Hardening your soul day
after day, night after night,

until it's too late.


That God cannot even reach
into your heart of hearts

and save you from yourself.


I want everyone
to bow their heads,
close your eyes.


Don't leave!

You can leave
while I'm preaching,
but not now.

If you save me...

Look at me.

Look at me.


Look at me.

Look at me!

This is it.

God has spoken to you.

It is time.
Come on.

If you save me...

I will serve you forever.

He kept me alive...

through everything...

for this.

The war is over.

Where's Watanabe?

Where's The Bird?

We're pretty sure
he's still alive.

We will keep
lookin' for him, Captain.

Then do me a favor.

If he ever turns up...

will you give him this for me?

Tell him to take a look
at Matthew, chapter six,
verse 14.

"For if you forgive other people
when they sin against you...

your heavenly father
will also forgive you."

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's over.

It's over.

It's gonna be okay.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
God bless you.

It's okay.


God bless you.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I forgive you.

God bless you.

God bless you.

It's okay.

I forgive you.

It's over.
I forgive you.

It's okay.

God bless you, sir.

During the war, Louis Zamperini
was an American war hero.

He was 47 days on a life raft
floating around in the Pacific.

And he began to drink
when he came home,

and he was confused
and frustrated
and mixed up in his life.

And he, too,
wandered into that tent

on Washington and Hill
in Los Angeles

and found Christ as his savior.

And tonight he is the director

of the Victory Boys Camp
for juvenile delinquents
in Los Angeles,

giving his full life now
to try to rehabilitate
juvenile delinquents

and lead them to a knowledge
of Jesus Christ.

Louis, we're delighted to
have you with us tonight.

Thank you, Billy.

It was after the war
and with about $10,000
in back pay

from two and a half years
in prison camp

and also, uh,
collecting my life insurance
for being dead,

I became extremely selfish,
cynical, and greedy

until the, uh, wind was finally
let out of my sails.

I lost everything that
I possessed outside of
my wife and little girl,

and it was then that my wife
was able to persuade me

into going down to that meeting.

I asked the Lord Jesus Christ
to come into my heart
and save me.

And, of course, he did.

♪ I was looking for an answer ♪

♪ For a way to stop the pain ♪

♪ When you came to me
With healing ♪

♪ I was looking for a fix ♪

♪ When you broke these chains ♪

♪ What a beautiful feeling ♪

♪ I was looking for a way
Back home ♪

♪ When I found healing ♪

♪ For my wounded heart ♪

♪ I found mercy
In your open arms ♪

♪ I found freedom
When you set me free ♪

♪ I found myself
When you found me ♪

♪ When you found me ♪

♪ I was runnin' reckless ♪

♪ When you found me ♪

♪ Now I'm runnin' home ♪

♪ When you found me ♪

♪ Yeah, I finally found
My redemption ♪

♪ You found me
And you made me whole ♪

♪ Yeah, I didn't know
That I'd been missing ♪

♪ Till you found me ♪

These are kids that
quit high school.

They haven't
accomplished anything.

So I have a chart

that all during the week
they gotta pass everything,

And I get 'em up on the top
of the mountain

and teach them glacial
survival and rescue,

so that at the end of
the week I show the kids...

"Look at the things you've
accomplished all week.

They weren't easy.

It shows that you can accomplish
anything you want.

Now, you go back
and finish your time

and then go back and
get your high school diploma

and that's the first
big accomplishment
of your life."

While I was still on my knees,
my life changed in
a matter of moments,

because I knew I was
through getting drunk,

and I knew that
I forgave my guards,

and I knew it was a miracle
because I forgave The Bird.

And that was the first night,

first night in
two and a half years
I didn't have a nightmare,

and I haven't had one since.

Forgiveness must be complete.

Uh, no matter who the person is.

And I've had a few enemies,
even the last few years,

and the only way I can
forgive 'em is to pray for 'em,
and that's what I do.

Instead of hatin' 'em
I pray for 'em.

You just have to buckle up
and go onto greater things.

The guy says, "Aren't you...

Aren't you the guy that spent
47 days on a raft?"

I said, "Yeah."

He says,
"You're entitled to
travel pay."

I said, "What?"
He said...

That's a very efficient guy.

He said, "Seven dollars
and 60 cents a day times 47."

He made out a bill,
mailed it to Washington,

and a week later
we got a response,

and it said,

uh, "Request denied.

travel unauthorized."

♪ 'Cause I found
Healing ♪

♪ For my wounded
Heart ♪

♪ I found mercy
In your open arms ♪

♪ I found freedom
When you set me free ♪

♪ I found myself
When you found me ♪

♪ When you found me ♪

♪ Farewell to darkness
And the silence ♪

♪ Anger from the violence
Is forgiven ♪

♪ And I let it go ♪

♪ When you found me ♪