Un viaje a la Luna (2017) - full transcript

Beware, huh?

Why do people say
that the sun goes down?

Is it so difficult to understand that
we're the ones who move?

I guess it's easier to think
that life's a satellite

and we are the center of the universe.

We turn and the earth turns,

and as it turns, time goes by.

But what's time?

An hour, a day, a year...

in the end, nothing matters.

10 years can go by and I feel
like I'm in the same place.

If everything in the universe stayed still:

me, the wind, the planets,

and even the smallest insect,

would time keep going by?

In the end we're just a point in space.

You just have to know how to float.


Let's look for him.
Tomas! Let's eat!

You know what I fixed for you?


Eat this one. You see?
I already have my food.

But it's a lot!

Here, son.


Thank you.

Well, finally, miss!

Your food's in the fridge.

And who's he?

Should we order a pizza?

Didn't you hear? I told you there's food
with your name in the fridge.

What are you up to?
Are you going to order a pizza?

Hi, I want to order a pizza, please.

You're rude. Why will you eat pizza?

Hang up that phone.

No, I don't like it.
Besides Pablo is vegan.

So what if Pablo is vegan?
What kind of pizza is vegan?

Let's see, tell me, Tomas,
what does vegan pizza have?

- Only vegetables.
- Let's fuck off.

But pizzas have cheese.
Vegans don't eat cheese.

Yeah, you better go to your room.
Much better.

She's so annoying!

Hello people.

Where are you going, Tomas?

How's it going?

All right. I fixed a canned salad
flavored for you.

But I already ate at the club.

I told you.


You didn't eat a thing.

What are you studying?

The thing about the herbaceous steppes
in the desert.

That's weird. Isn't it?

Must be the global warming, because in my time
in high school we didn't study this.


Tomas, you know what an
"all inclusive" means to me.

I know what it means to you.

Thanks, my king.

Don't disappoint me.

Tomas, order your room.

- Stop it, Tomas.
- Mom!

Stop, please!

The sea of tranquility.

I want to get there.

Sounds tempting.

Why do you want to go there?

Don't you feel at ease here?

Here in your office?

Here on earth.

With your family, in your home,

with me?

Are you still having that nightmare?

Not at all.

All right.

"Domus in ordine animus sano".
You know what that means?

In Latin: the house's in order.

You and I are doing it all very well.

We're on the right path.

We'll keep the medication.

We'll continue like this.

There are two ways to pass the exams.

One, studying them, or two, stealing them.

- I'm going for the second one. Are you in?
- What?

No whats. It's proven.

Students in other grades did it
and we'll do it ourselves.

Tomorrow they'll fumigate the school,

so we have all the time in the world
to break in, steal the exams,

and do whatever else we want.

We'll go to school very early,
we'll enter the staff room,

we'll steal the exams,
we'll leave, and that's it.

Problem solved.

What's that?

What do you mean? Masks for poison.

- Didn't you hear my plan?
- Yes, yes, very clear.

But beware,
it's not that I don't want to study,

it's that, what for do they...?

I won't end up being a geographer.

That doesn't interest me, besides.

Is a new trip to the moon possible?

I'm Iris.

You're the voyeurist.

You were watching, last night.

With your telescope.

Did you like?

what you were watching?

Yes... no.

I was looking at the moon.

Nothing of the sort.

The moon...

Well, next time let me know
if you want to watch me.

Another one, jerk?

Let's go buy Mogul?

May I?

I brought your food.

It's meatloaf with potatoes.


You'll like it.

What's the matter?

Take it. Don't forget it.

It's to be taken with a full belly, mom.

Take it, Tomas.

And I want to see you do it.

All right.

Thank you.

What's its name?


The book we're going to pick, Tomas.

No idea.

How come, no idea?

And how are we going to do it?

I'm meeting Checho.

He knows.


I don't know why you're friends with Checho.

He's a donkey.

I want you to know that
you'll take the exam properly.

You know it.
And when we're on the plane...

Oh... wow!

When you get on the plane, son,
everything's different.

The air, everything.

You get in a ship.

In a ship where the flight attendants
speak another language,

there's a check-in,
there's a check-out.

And suddenly they are dressed differently,...

It's here, Mom.

Oh, sorry, son.

I don't know if I'll go back for lunch.

How come, you're not coming for lunch?

I'll send you a message later.

- All good?
- Yes.


They made me abort.

- What happened?
- They didn't fumigate at all.

They spayed a bit of Raid in the classrooms.

Just coming in it was full of teachers,

clerks, everything.

We're doomed.

Plan B?

No. No idea.


No, never.

You leave it to me,
I'll figure out something sometime.

Who are you looking for?


And what do you do
outside my girlfriend's house?

- I live opposite.
- Yes? Me in Beijing.

Seriously, I live opposite.

You know I don't like being lied to, do you?

You were not going to your house.

Yes, come on, I was going to my house.

Do you think my girlfriend
will pay attention to you?


Come on, give them to me.

Pick them.

Come on, pick them!

Pick them, pick them!



- What do you have there?
- What do you care?

Don't you have to study?

My problem.

Yes, it will be mine if you keep on playing,

because mom told me
to keep you under tight rein.

Yes, tight rein, very tight.

- Why do you mess in?
- Speak to him kindly, asshole.

It's burning.

One to zero?
Come on.

?You want?

And how's that going?
You learned it?

I'm learning it.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Juliana's not here, she's coming later.

No, no, I'm here to see Tomas.

Oh, sorry.


Someone's looking for you.

What are you doing here?


I'm here to ask your forgiveness.

Because of what my boyfriend did to you.
I can't believe he did that to you.

Out of his senses.

He thought you and I could have something.

I brought you this.

You're fixing a rehearsal room, right?

Did you finish it?


Okay. When you finish it,
you'll let me know and we'll play.




Write Buzios with Z.

I'll call you in a second, I'm here with Tomas.

What are you doing, pigeon?

I'm picking clothes for the trip.

But that's winter clothes

and we go to Brazil,
where it's 40 degrees heat.

You don't know.

How come I don't know, Tomas?

How come I don't know?

This suitcase is badly made.

Do it again, study,

notice that it's hot in Brazil,

and please don't ruin my trip.

- Do it again, else I'll do it.
- You do it.

I'll do it.

How's my king?
You need anything?

No. Oh, yes. A few sheets to print.

- I'll bring them.
- Thank you.

Susi, call the air conditioner guy,
the room is unbearable.

- It's hot right?
- A lot.

Yesterday I was thinking thousands of things.

I didn't sleep. Nothing came to me.

If I happen to repeat the grade...

I don't know, they're going to screw me up.

They're going to take everything from me.

No, I'm dying if I ever repeat.

You don't?

Me what?

Nothing, you're in the moon.
What's wrong with you?


She went to the same school we go.

- Iris.
- Yes, yes, Iris, yes.

She can be our salvation.
Perhaps she took those exams.

Go ask her what exams she took.

Come on, big man. Go ahead.

Come on.


All good?

All good.

What were you up to?


Any plans?



Me neither.

- What?
- It's clearing.

Yes, so?

In a few days it'll be red moon.

What's that?

Ah, amazing!

Will it get all covered?

Yes. But it's not that it gets covered;

the moon stays behind the earth
and the rays of the sun don't reach it.

But the atmosphere of the earth
scatters the blue and green light

letting the red go by.

Then during the eclipse
the moon goes through this shadow

and instead of receiving sunlight

it will receive the red glow of our atmosphere.

What's wrong?

I don't know.

The moon.

It's normal.

The moon is almost like the earth.

They belong to each other.

Something like that.

# I'm going to suggest that you follow me

# in everything I tell you.

# We will leave out our prejudices.

# We will change the path.

# The secrets I kept

# are completely eliminated.

# Nothing pulls down. #

- Hey! Are you coming?
- What?

I asked if you're coming to the party.
Do you want to come or not?

No, damn!
I want to kill myself! Watch this!

Yerk, there'll be girls at that party
and I got this huge pimple.

That's it. It's okay.

So? What's up with your neighbor?

Does she have many friends?
Are they hot?

I don't know, I don't know them.

Maybe they are a little bit older.

Does it matter?
I fuck any kind of girls.

Like the very darkness

are your ears.

Eye bags.

I confused the Y...

And like the flight of a bird,

like the flight of a bird are your eyes.

How beautiful, free, they are!

And like the song of a bird I hear your voice.

This party is a dung.

Where's Iris?

No idea.

Hold on. I'll be right back.

Let me do it.

Good thing you came.

# There's something in your beauty

# with those ways of yours

# I had never seen.

# Are you not from here?

# It's something from another era,

# taken from another era.

# Another era, I think.

# There's something in your reflections.

# They take me away.

# I'm taken to the Roman Empire.

# A travel in time.

# It's something from another era,

# taken from another era,

# another era, I think.

# Guess how I am.

# Take distance to think.

# Guess how I am.

# I think far away from you.

# I don't look for the end,
I don't wait for the end,

# and doing so is to enter another dimension.

# And there's something in your reflections,

# it's how you see the soul.

# You are in the middle ages.

# A travel in time.

# It's something from another era,

# taken from another era. #

Okay, bye, my old man is sending me messages.


Come on, it's so late,
it's about two in the morning.

Come on.

Susu. Didn't you see my capsules?

No. The toothpaste,
don't you have it in your hand?

No, I didn't take anything.

And you? It was you.

Me what?

Do you have my toothpaste or...

- My capsules?
- No.

Are you sure it wasn't you?

Yes. Did anyone see my food?

My taper is empty.

Don't walk around in briefs in the house.

And why do you walk around on tits in the house?

Coqui, did you take Dad's things?

- Not me.
- Are you sure?

- Not me.
- And who was it, then?

Then, what are they going to ask us?

No idea.

How come?
Didn't you see the exam?

What exam?

Come on, Tomas, charge your batteries.

The one you had to ask the fifth grade girl for.

She didn't give it to me.

Are you pulling my leg?

I'm not lying to you.

You're a fool.
What are you now?

Now you dance,
you go out with an older girl,

you don't care about anything.

If I happen to repeat grade
my mother'll hang me by the balls.

Charge your batteries, Tomas.

Further, you think that that girl will pay any
attention to you when you become a repeater?

What are you doing here?
Who let you in?

The door was open.

Yes. What are you taking away?

Your second grade geography test.

You carried it to March, didn't you?

Oh, yes, you are pain! Yes, I carried it.

And you think that they will
ask you the same things?

If so, they are morons.

- They aren't, neither is your sister.
- Why do you mess in?

Hey, speak to him kindly, asshole.

Return it to me.

Return it to me.

What are you doing, cuckold?

What did you say, asshole?

I mean, if he's a cuckold

I wonder what are you then?

What were you telling me last time we met?

- Tomas.
- What?

- Where were you?
- Here. I didn't leave.

Something you were thinking.

Some image,
something that crossed your mind.

A car.

It's blurry. I'm not sure.

Anything else?

I have to make the trip.

To the moon?

I have everything ready.

The spacesuits, the ship and the food.

Are you taking your medication?

- Yes.
- Look at me, Tomas.

Are you taking your medication?

Yes, doctor.

Very good.

Look, I propose something.

We'll double the dose.

If it works, we'll continue it that way.

And if it's not necessary,
we'll reduce it again.

Do you think it's OK?

# I'm going to suggest that you follow me

# in everything I tell you. #

I like that there are no echoes.

Who are you spying on now?

I'm watching Tycho.

- Who?
- Tycho is the youngest crater.

May I see?

And what are these pits?

Secondary craters.

And how do you know that?

I don't know. I like it.

You took a course.

I learned by watching.

You're a genius.

I don't think so.

But the other night you shone!

You dance really well.

I don't remember anything.

Nothing at all?


Well, tomorrow afternoon I'll come
and we'll play. Okay?

I can't.

Why can't you?

I'm going on a trip.

And when do you come back?

I don't know. I'm going far away.

What, to another country?

Further away.

I don't think it's funny.

Who said it was a joke?

- Did you make your suitcases?
- First Tomas must pass the exam. True?

- She's right. He can also go wrong. True?
- Tomas will do greatly.

I wouldn't anticipate that all of us will go.

It's ridiculous to schedule a trip
so close to an exam.

- We should throw it forward.
- And he'll do greatly.

Dr. Livenson says he trusts on it
and I trust a lot myself.

- What's wrong with you, you don't want to go?
- I don't think it's the best time for it.

The trip won't be canceled.
I have everything ready.

No, we won't go.
Tomas didn't study at all, mom.

- We're not going.
- We're going.

Come, Tomas.




- I'm in the bathroom, ma.
- Are you with Coco?

- No.
- Isn't he with you?

Look in the other bathroom.



My love, will you open the door for me?


Anibal, will you accompany me to look for Coco,
since I can't find him?

Can't be. He must be somewhere.

He's not in Juliana's room.

- He's not in the bathroom.
- What do you want me to do?

I want you to come with me to look for him.

Look in the pantry, there between the boxes.

- He's not in the pantry, I checked there.
- Isn't he in Tomas' room?

- Tomas has its door locked.
- Maybe... he's wearing headphones.

Well, but stop supposing things
and come look for him.

- Something's burning.
- Oh, yes, it's burning!

Come with me to look for him.

Something's burning, miss!



Coco? Coco.


- Susu.
- Anibal, did you find him?

What are you laughing at?

Are you playing cool?

- Come on, read! What does it say?
- I'm going to call the psychiatrist.

Come on, blockhead, what does it say?
Don't scare me.

I'm going to call the psychiatrist.
Will you accompany me?


Come, Anibal, come on.

Doctor Livenson?

I'm Susana, Tomas' mother.

Excuse me for calling you at this time,

it's that we are having a family emergency.

We received a letter under Tomas' door,

and he suggests for the whole family to do
something that doesn't seem right to me,

and he's with my youngest boy, with Coco,

and I'm scared. Couldn't you...?

Can't you come to my house?

No, yes, I know.
Yes, he's taking them.

I'm sure.

But if I tell them that...

No, I trust.

Doctor, don't you mind if I call you
every few minutes? Because?

Or at least in a little while,
because I don't... I'm nervous.


Okay. Thank you very much.

Well, what he says
is for us to go along with him,

and do everything Tomas tells us to.

That Finkelson is completely crazy.

His clutch's been slipping for a while now,
but now he's gone astray.

Stop, stop, that's not his name.

All the same, I can't go.

Susu, I have to go pick a Morris
with the trailer.

Baby, you come with me.
Come with your father and me now.


No trailer,

no Morrison.

You will go in there with me.
Did you understand?

I know you did.


Son, we are ready.

All ready?

- Belts on?
- Belts on, please.

Can't you raise the temperature a little?
I'm freezing.

The temperature must be kept low so that
the engine does not overheat the cabin.

You, Coquito, check that the temperature
does not exceed 15 degrees. Okay?

The ship has two hatches.

Work call.


Not even one.
You can cause an interference.


Blockhead, how long are we
going to be locked in here?

Start-up sequence initiated.

Nobody can leave.

How long do we estimate
the flight will be?

One hour, hour and a half, right?

I don't know, it depends on many factors.

Don't worry, we're going to get there okay.

- Main engines?
- OK.

- Fuel injectors?
- It's done.

- Atomic generators?
- OK.

Are you ready for takeoff, Coquito?

We're going to the moon.

Well, asshole...

Great your space machine, now open the door
'cause I'm peeing. Come on.

- Where are you going?
- Jerk, I'm peeing, come on.

- Go back to your position.
- Let go of me.

Nobody leaves here.
Go back to your position.

I won't go back. I'm peeing.


Welcome to the bathroom of Starmoon 1.

Do you think I'm going to pee in a potty?

You're crazy in the head, baby.

It's specially designed to cover
the sanitary needs in space.

Don't worry, it's comfortable and hygienic.

You're mentally ill.
I won't pee in there no matter what.

Then hold it.

You don't realize it, do you?

That the kid is sick?

It's ridiculous,
all this shit of the spaceship.

Listen to me, baby,

why don't you pee where he told you to?

Not in my life. I get claustrophobic.

The other day you didn't get claustrophobia
in that little pantry room.

Don't be gross, mother.

I'm not gross.


Am I missing something?

Go sit then. Now.

- No.
- You're not missing anything.

My King.

Why the trip to space?

It's not the space that interests me.

This trip is to reach the moon.

Why the moon?

It's a mission.

A mission?

Who commited it to you?

I don't know. A lot of time passed.

It's impossible to know.

A long time from what?

Since that day.

That day, which one?

Today is red moon again.

10 years passed already.

I was four years old

and we went with dad very far along the route.

Tomas, where did you get this material?

I think it was a summer on the coast.

Was it that summer, in Pinamar?

Is it fireproof, too?

It's a composite of titanium and carbon fibers.

It's insulating and highly resistant.

Was it the summer that dad
came back with an old car

and said it was good business?

Are we talking about that summer?

It was a chance I couldn't miss.

Again, you're going to tell me
about the good business.

That old car you refer to,

I sold it more expensive
than the Peugeot I had.

Without papers, without anything.

I had a dealer.

The dealer sorted out everything with papers
of a car from the capital in the province.

- Yes, a dealer with contacts.
- What contacts?

The same contacts as the one who
brings you perfume from the free-shop.

You don't bring me free-shop perfumes.

I never gave you details because
you don't understand any of this.

I don't understand anything. That's why I
want to know. I want to understand.

Why when you came back that summer,
both of you father and son

didn't talk or eat for a week?
What happened?

What happened, my king?

He never told you, mom?

We're overheating.

Come on!
Coco, stay calm. It will be all right.

It doesn't work.

Come on!

Let's return.

We're all together, we are a family.

Let's go though this moment. Anibal.

Support me. Come on.

What time is it?

It's 11 AM. One hour passed already.

Stop, stop, Tomas.

What are you doing, you fucking asshole?

- Calm down.
- I'll kill you!

Moron, I hate you, you want to screw my life!

Enough. Cut it off.

Let go of me so I kill him!

- Cut it off!
- Juliana, stop.

Let go of me, I'll kill him!

Stop, Juliana, stop.

Oh, mom, forgive me!

Oh, mom, forgive me, it's that this moron...!

What did you do, girly?

She teared off my tooth!

You brute!

She teared off the implant.
The most expensive of all.

Forgive me, mom, sorry.

- Don't look at me.
- Forgive me, mom, sorry.

Forgive me.

Let's see, show me.

Coco is hungry.

We are all hungry.

My love?

Stay calm.

It's all food that doesn't expire.

It can hold up to 30 days
and remains in good condition.

But... what do you mean 30 days?

Mommy, we have to go back.

And the trip?

And the "all inclusive"?

Let me get out of there.

Come on, my love,
you have to take the exam.

And your sister?

Tomas, open the door.
I'm peeing. Come on.

Come on, open!

There you have the bathroom.

Open the door.
Come on. Let me out.

There you have the bathroom.

I'm peeing, Tomas.
Come on, open the door.

Tell him something!

There you have the bathroom!

Mommy, do something!


Hello, Tomas. It's Iris.

I'm down here at the door of your house.

Nothing, I forgot my guitar.

I hope you haven't yet left.



Someone's calling, I tell you. Open.

We must open.
Here I come!

There's someone outside, we must open.

It mustn't be opened!

- I'll open. Coming.
- You can't!

- You can't!
- I'm going to open, I tell you!

Coming. I'll open.

Give me the key.

Give me the key, I tell you!

My guitar.


This we can't tell anyone. Hey?

Not your mother or your sister.
Nobody. Did you understand?

Are you okay, son?

Are you sure you're fine, my love?

We must call a doctor, mom.



It's Iris.




Come, Tomas.

Let's get this over with.

Stand up.

Stand up!

You have to go down.

Why me?

You know why.

I don't want to go down.
I want to go to the end.

You must go down.
No need to tell you why.

But we agreed that you wouldn't tell
anything to anyone. Do you remember?

Let's get this over with, Coco.

Hold on tight because this is going to shake.

I don't want to.
I stay here.

10, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three,

two, one.


What are you doing here?

I came for you.


Get out of here.
There's no oxygen.

?Do you want some?

Come, sit down.

What a good trip! Wasn't it?

I didn't have so much fun.

I thought I wouldn't reach.

Well, but it was worth it. Wasn't it?

Watch this.

I feel like I went through a portal,

and I'm on the other side.

We're on the same side.

Do you remember you told me that the moon
was a mirror of the earth?

Well, if from here we can see the earth,
we can also see ourselves from there.

We're still on the same side.

I'm tired. I want to go back.


So soon?

It's nice here.

I don't know, it's different.

Everything runs much slower.

Don't you like to be here?

This doesn't seem real.

You're not real.

Let's go.

And you never got to talk
about this with your dad?

Sorry for the delay.
I had a little problem with the car.

Did I miss something?

You can go, Tomas.
Easy, I'll talk with your parents for a while.

Why do people say that the sun goes down?

Is it so difficult to understand
that we are the ones who move?

I guess it's easier to think
that life's a satellite

and we are the center of the universe.

We turn and the earth turns.

And as it turns, time goes on.

But what is time?

An hour, a day, a year,

in the end nothing matters.

10 years can pass by
but I feel I'm in the same place.

If everything in the universe stayed still:

me, the wind, the planets,

and even the smallest insect,

would time keep going by?

In the end we're just a point in space.

You just have to know how to float.

# I have a secret to tell.

# To a long trip I want to take you.

# The two of us, just the two of us.

# There's no luggage to carry.

# Where we're going we won't need it.

# Oh, no.

# Don't tell anything to your parents.

# As ghosts we'll leave the city.

# Beyond is so far away that it makes me wonder

# if finally distance is something real.

# It's not so easy to say goodbye

# and leave all this behind.

# I have a secret to tell.

# Where we're going we won't need it.

# Don't tell anything to your parents.

# As ghosts we will leave the city.

# Beyond is so far away that it makes me think

# if finally distance is something real.

# Beyond is so far away that it makes me wonder

# if distance is something real. #