Un étrange voyage (1981) - full transcript

A man walks a length of railroad track, looking for his elderly mother whom he believes fell from the train at some point. He brings his daughter along.

A Strange Journey.



How are you doing?

In the stomach.

Your aerophagia has stopped?

That's good.

No, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about tomorrow,
but I have a dinner.

Yes, a dinner. I'm invited.
A dinner with a friend.

Let me remind you that...

you insisted we do it today.

Listen, Mom... My dear, Mom...

No, seriously.

Don't insist or I will have to be rude.

I wouldn't like that.


I am sure...

you read your cards today.

They were bad. So you decided
this was a bad day to go, right?

Listen, it's very simple then.
Don't come.

Just stay.

No, don't come to Paris.
I can't see any...

Mom... Mom... Don't...

I'm not mean and I
don't want you to cry.

I just don't want
you to come tomorrow.

I don't... Speak...

Speak louder, I can't hear you!

Aren't you at Mrs Thibault?

The telephone booth?

No... Stop... Yes...

Stop shouting, I can hear you now.

Very well.

Yes, I know. Yes.

I have all the sin in the world
to be forgiven. That's why...

I prepared your bed.

A bed very clean, very
beautiful, with...

With fresh sheets, my dear.

Are you happy? Tell me.

You are so nice. Yes.


Don't... Don't...

Don't bring too much luggage.
This is just one night.

No need for that.

4:30 PM near the locomotive.

As usual.



Mom, don't start again
or this will never end. Okay?

If you have something else to tell me,
put another coin in.

Really? Don't lean then.

Don't lean, you will hurt your kidney.

Don't finish your work if you
don't want to. What can I say?

This is a lame work anyway. A lame work.

No, no, no. This, I won't agree.

Absolutely not.

Oh fuck!

Well listen. Either you renew
all the windows or...

Yes, okay. It's not a problem
at all for me.

On the contrary, I'm very sure of it.

Of course I made an order
but it went so wrong!


What's the matter?

I don't know, I...

Maybe I had too much beer.
I don't know.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- May I?
- Yes.

I don't have much time for you.

I'm studying.
I have an exam tomorrow.

I couldn't bring everything today.

I will give you the rest...

next week.

For sure.

I don't know...

Borrow from your mother.

It's not the right time.
She's having the rooms repainted.

You promised a monthly amount.
I was counting on it.

You are 20. You may start to
earn money on your own. No?

Mom and I have been doing
without you for 15 years.

Anyway, about the college I...

I will do what I promised. I will.

This is the taxes, you know.
They took everything I had.

It's never enough. I don't understand.

I don't understand.

By the way, I'll fetch Ginot
at the train-station.

- She will want to see you.
- I will call her.

Well... Well, I...

Bye then.

Train coming from Troyes.

Excuse me Sir, when will
the next one arrive?

- 5:32 PM.
- 5:32 PM.

Hello, Mrs Thibault? This is Pierre.

You would be so kind as to
check if my mother is home?


The curtains are closed.

You didn't see her leave?


No, I'm not worried.

But when she comes back,
please call me at home.

Yes, thank you. Thank you very much.

Goodbye Mrs Thibault.

10 liters, please.


Hello Sir. Could you please
open my mother's door?

She doesn't answer, I'm worried.

- Did you go to the police?
- Well, no.

Go there first.

Okay. Thank you.

What a relief! I was afraid
I would find her unconscious or...

- How old is she?
- 81.

She always complains but
she is as strong as a rock.

Come in, gentlemen.

- Does she has family here?
- No, she is a widow.

She only has me.

- Do I need to make the report now?
- No. You will find her.

Otherwise, come to the police-station.

- How much do I owe you?
- 100 francs.

- May I offer you a drink?
- No, thank you, I'm in a hurry.

- Do you mind to go this way?
- I'll take care of the report.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

The coat, the bag and the shoes she
usually wear to go to Paris aren't there.

This means she went out to go to Paris.
No news since then.

My mother and I really
love each other, Chief.

Our meetings are
the most precious to her.

Something happened
but I don't know what.

- Do you have a picture of that person?
- Yes, yes.

She looks very young.
Don't you have a more recent one?

This picture was taken 6 months ago.

Very well. We will investigate.

But... I'm working in Paris.

Be assured I'll keep you up-to-date.
Got a phone number?

Yes, thanks.

Two persons for the 20th?

I'm full. I'm sorry. Goodbye, Madam.


Did you sleep well?

I'm coming.

The chances I pass are 1/3.
I studied only a third of the lessons.

You always say so.

When I think I'll work for the
administration in 2 years, I panic.

Come on!

- Do I look like I handle shit?
- Be kind, don't move.

I'm tired of pretending to be
a good and assured student.

Grandma Ginot is in Paris.

She promised she'd
give me something.

I should see her
but I have no time.

This action comes with
a firm monetary politic

and a restriction of interior spendings.

This will provoke a limitation
of purchasing power

and a freezing of wages.

Actually, the relative output
will be a recessions of wages.

It will maintain
the benefits of the firms

at the expense of the workers.

I got it, thank you.

What grade should I give you?

- Maximum.
- In highs or lows?

Let's say the highest.

Mister Delaunay.

Mister Delaunay!

- The agitator is dressed as a bourgeoise!
- Shut the fuck up!

- Here are the fascist!
- We're not done with you, prole!

We'll take care of you later.

They guys are frightening.

Don't worry, they don't hit girls.
Are you free tonight?


- Tomorrow?
- No.

Marc, don't be mad at me.
I'm having a hard time.

- I know, I'm bothering you.
- No!

- You're ashamed of me?
- Come on! Ciao!

- See you soon, Marc.
- I'll have you!

I will have you.

We questioned your mother's friends.

Her neighbours, some taxi-drivers...

No result.

So she just disappeared.

Sir, there are many persons that
disappear every year and are never found.

You mean this is a closed case for you.

The case is never closed
unless the person is found.

A person is declared deceased
after 7 years. That's a good law.

An old lady is unimportant for you.

I will try to think

your pain is the cause
of your unfairness.

I have a picture of
an old lady found dead.

Let me warn you, despite
the precautions the officers took,

its vision is hard to bear.
But I have to show them to you.

If you don't want to look at them
could somebody else look for you?

No, no.

It's not her.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

I'm looking for my mother. Did you see
her last Tuesday about this time?

Excuse me Sir, I'm looking for
my mother. Have you seen her?

I'm looking for my mother. Did you see
her last Tuesday about this time?

I'm looking for my mother. Did you see
her last Tuesday about this time?

I'm looking for my mother. Did you see
her last Tuesday about this time?

Are you sure?

I'm looking for my mother. Did you see
her last Tuesday about this time?

Please have a look Sir,
have you seen my mother?

Have you seen her
in the train last Tuesday?

Sir, look carefully please.

It's my mother.

Have you seen her in the
train for Paris last Tuesday?

- No Sir.
- Are you sure?

Miss, I'm looking for my mother.

Did you see her last
Tuesday about this time?

- Please have a close look.
- No, I'm sure.

Sir, please have a look.
Have you seen my mother?

- No I haven't.
- I lost her last Tuesday in the train.

- You are not from the police.
- Who? Me? Not at all.

I've been asked to tell you
not to bother the travelers.

They will complain, understand us.

Maybe I can provide some informations.

Really? Tell me! Thanks a lot!

Come with me to a more quiet place.

Have a seat.

Times have been tough for me recently.
I need 500 Francs.

- Get out of here.
- Very well.


Well, this will do.

I saw your mother in the train
leaving Troyes last Tuesday.

Describe her for me.

She was wearing a dark green coat.

She had a beige hat and a large bag.

How was the bag?

- A bag made of crocodile skin.
- Yes, that's it.

It wasn't on the picture.

You're telling the truth.

What else?

She was wearing make-up.

I came in just after her.

She sat in a compartment near mine.

She stayed there
until the train left.

Then I didn't really
pay attention.

- Did the train stop on the way?
- It did!

It stopped for one minute
in the countryside.

- Will you testify to the police-station?
- Yes.

I just have a ticket to buy.
Wait for me I'll be right back.

Of course.

So she was in the train.

She was in the train.

I'd like to make a phone call please.

Thank you.

Hello? So, Amélie?

I wanted to have a chat with you.

Speak louder please,
I can't hear you.

Don't you feel well?

Isn't your mother with you?


What's wrong? I...

I don't recognize your voice, Amélie.

Speak up, for God's sake!

Speak up! Speak up!

- Did you tell your mother?
- She isn't here.

And if she were here it
would be all the same.

I don't want to see nobody.

What is this mess?

To burn it in my head and stay lucid.

3 Mars, 2 Bouchées à la Reine, 1 quiche,

1 apple,

2 fried eggs,

1 brioche, 1 small chocolate bar,

1 hot chocolate, 1 prune cake,

1 financier, 1 financier,

2 chestnuts creams

1 big pack of Breton biscuits,

1 ice...

1 ice-cream vanilla,
hazelnut, chocolate,

1 chestnut chocolate bar, 1 quiche,
1 Paris-beurre, 1 minted milk,

1 Vomaltine bar, 3 marzipans,

1 marzipan, 100g of grilled and salted
nuts and almonds,

1 Carambar, 2 Malabar,

2 Malabar,

1 apple, 1 plate of Bolognese
spaghetti, bread,

some Camembert, 2 spoons of jam,
60g of salted peanuts.

- How long did it take to eat all his?
- What do you care?

Tell me.

I don't know. I'm trying to understand.

It sounds dumb when
I try to explain it.

I think it's my revolt.

How can all these things
fit in your stomach?

I'm throwing up bureaucrats, bastards...
I can't stand them.

I know it's dumb.

But when I read a newspaper,
I feel like I need to fight.

So I eat, and eat
and throw them all up.

I'm throwing up the world.

- You're trying to destroy yourself.
- No I'm not.

There are just moments when...
I wish I could disappear.

Build something else.

Build what?

A society without commerce.

Fuck, I don't understand.

You're not ugly.
You're not dumb.

You're a working girl,
you can success in life.

I don't want no success in this society.

This is a cliché!
You are fighting windmills!

These are not windmills,
these are fortresses.


This is no reason, Amélie.

You're right.
Eating may not be efficient.

Come on, get up,
we'll go for a walk.

You'd better give me some medicine.

In the locker above the sink.

What about Ginot?

Let's not talk about Ginot today.

- Hello.
- Hello. Mr Rivière, please.

2nd floor, door #20.
The elevator is on your left.

As requested by you
and the Police from Troyes,

the agents in charge of the supervision
of the rail-road proceeded to

an examination of the ballast.

The search was without any result.

If the disappearance had taken place
on a boat between Le Havre and New York,

I would understand. But in a train
between Troyes and Paris...

The impossibility to find the body
is very painful.

We tried our best.

No statement was ever made that your
mother was in the train 1444 was made.

Maybe a door was left open and...

No, no...

Somebody would have noticed it
and closed the door.

And suicide? No.

My mother, no. Impossible.

Anyway with her 50 kilos
and her 80 years she could not

open a door.

An aggression, maybe.

Maybe she was attacked
and tried to react.

And she was ejected.

But it doesn't matter.
All I want is to find her.

I will thus inform you
I will walk from Troyes to Paris.

Following the rail-road.

Don't even think of that.
You will never get the authorization.

Abandon this idea.
This is unrealizable.

This is totally impossible.

To ring, pull this generously.

- What's this?
- An authorization to go to the rail-road.

Come in.

My goodness! There are candles here!

Do you have
something to work on?

Yes, a Flemish from the 16th.

A delicate job that will last at least a
month, the customer is very demanding.

Well, congratulations!

How did you
manage to get that?

The cousin of
the uncle of Mom.

What a story!

Searching on you own
will take much time.

It will be faster if
someone comes with you.

You won't have to go back and forth.

I'm coming with you.

Thank you.

But... how can I say?

Taking you to this matter,
I don't know...

I think this is my problem.

You don't want me to help.

- Did you ask your mother?
- Oh, her...

She can't understand
something like this.

Don't say that, don't say that.

I'm suffocating here.

Yes, I know.

But... I don't want to look for Ginot.

I'd like to imagine she is somewhere
living her life.

Maybe she will come back someday.

Lady, gentleman, it's forbidden to
walk on the rail-road.

This will be tough.


This is the way to Paris. She may
have fallen on the left or on the right.

You will search, I will search there.

Amélie, watch out when you cross the road.
Yes, I know.

Amélie! Look more thoroughly.
I can see you.

Take care of your side.

Maybe she rebounded.

Even if she rebounded
she didn't fly 20 meters away.

She was very light.

Come on, search deeper.

It's not large.

Oh oh!

Oh oh!

Well, if two trains pass each other...

You go round.

I will meet you.

You won't see a thing,
it's pitch black.

- Bravo! Give me this!
- No! I'm coming!

- No, it's too dangerous.
- No flash-light then.

Carry your bag properly.

And give me the flash-light.

What are you doing?

I can hear the socialist revolution
coming hastily.

I can hear it too.

Come on, hurry up. Come on!

Come on! You go first!

Amélie! Here!


If she fell into the river, we should...

follow the riverside
on several kilometers.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!


This river measures
something like 20 meters.

There are 180 kilometers
between Troyes and Paris.

It made it... Wait a minute
for me to do the maths.

The probability she fell here
is something like 1/8000.

So she may be in the river with reeds.



Look, a martin!

- It's still warm.
- Leave it alone.

Are you comfortable?

The whole day I was afraid
I would find her.

I felt old all of a sudden.

There is nobody backing me up.

I'm the past.

So I'm not the future?

It's great to be the present.


It was warm being between
you and the old lady.

Why did you never introduce me
to your girlfriends?

- They weren't Marxists?
- No, no.

Good for them.
Look what it turned me into.

How was the last one named?

Her name is Anne.

- In her 30's and afraid to get older.
- I can't hide anything from you.

You are so slippy,
it must not be easy to be with you.

I only loved your mother.

That's not a lot.
Maybe you're not the lover type.

I am. I very am.

But I don't know how to love.
I'm always afraid things fade away.

That's where ulcers come from.

- Is it still painful?
- No, it's over since the operation.

Sleep now, okay? Sleep.



Come back. Come back. Come back.

Come back.



Come back.



Mom, come back!

Mom, come back!

Come back! Come back!




Come back.

Mom, come back!

Come back!



Jack, diamonds.

Ladies and gentlemen.

King, diamonds.

- Hello, Madam.
- What will you have?

- A viandox for me please.
- What is a viandox?

- It's hot, liquid meat.
- Huh!

Give me a chocolate.

Excuse me, is the hotel far from here?

- It's on the next crossroads.
- Thanks.

- Bring a viandox for me too.
- It's good, I often drink one.

Thank you, Madam.

- Where are the toilets?
- In the court.

Jacques, serve the Miss.

- I'd like some cakes please.
- Yes, how many?


Thank you and have a good trip.

That's the only one the sell here.

I'm hungry.

I suppose you are not.

You spied on me?

I didn't spy, I saw you buy cakes.

I took the worst ones.

I was in pension, there were no cakes.
I don't like cakes anyway.

I rarely eat one.

Don't say that, it's not helping me.

I'll shut up.

I was given cakes for comfort.
I was all alone.

Mom was working and
you had left the house.

For years I've been dreaming to
reunite you and Mom.

So did I.

I just have to bend forward to puke.

If it wasn't painful,
I would eviscerate myself..

I didn't want you to come.

I want to help you.

I can't, here. It's even to contrary.

I'm not asking for anything.

How proud!

Don't you want to know
what made me proud?

Of course I do, but not now.
Come on, let's go outside.

No, no, no. I'll tell you.
And you will listen.

I was on my own.
Without a father or a brother.

Okay, I get it!

No, I'm not one of your mistress.
You won't run away this time.

No shout out here. Let's go outside.

No, I have to call someone.

- Who?
- Tom.

Who is Tom?

He's my lover, he lives in New-York.

You can't call New-York from here.

Excuse me, Madam. I'd like to
call the USA. New-York.

It's a direct line.

A minute costs 17 Fr and the
call will last one minute.

- Give it a try.
- Thank you.

Hi, Tom!

How are you doing?



Out of town, with my father.

So when are you arriving?

Only by the 23rd?


Okay, yeah.

You know I look forward to see you.

Yeah, sure.

I miss you too.


Me too.


- Do you have room for us please?
- One room left.

- 2 beds?
- Yes.

Well, thanks.

What is it? You want me to turn around?

This bed is for me anyway.

- Why?
- Because I want to read.

She can't be on the viaduct,
no need to go there.

No, we will see better
what's down there.

Then we'll go down there and search?

Yes, let's be methodical
and let no chance to miss her.

It would be a shame
to go on uselessly.

Look, there's a train.
I will put some coins on the rail-road.

Have some fresh air.

What is that?

- It's Leopold.
- Leopold?

I've been raising him for 2 years.

I found him in a lettuce, in Paris.

I couldn't throw him away
in the trash.

It looks weird.

He fell from the fridge.

But he's fine now,
he rebuilt his shell.

You're eating the core, good.

Yeah, it fells like I eat a lot.

- How long does such a thing live?
- 6 or 7 years.

He has a top speed of 4km/h.

How fast do we go?

Oh, we, dear lady...

We'll see.

Ginot was old. Weren't you already
ready for her to go?


Well I often think about the death
of the ones I love.

I'm getting ready.

Would you like a fiancée, Leopold?

Amélie! Did you find something?

- No.
- Amélie, listen to me.

When I came to bring your money,
I fainted in the street.

Remember, when I came in your room,
I put water on my face.

I didn't understand what it was but
now I do. What time was it then?

- A bit before 4 P.M.
- That's it. That's definitely it.

Ginot took the train at 3 P.M.
to get to Paris at 4:30 P.M.

She fell precisely when I fainted.

This intuition is awesome.
Awesome. Awesome!

- You're losing your mind.
- No I'm not!

What are you doing here?

You have no right to be here!

We have an authorization.

Where do you come from? Leave now!

We're taking pictures for
the rail-road company.

What do you use to take your pictures?

My back hurts, wait for me.

Stop complaining, will you?

Amélie? Amélie, are you here?


I talked to the station master.


He was very comprehensive.

At 3:45 P.M., when I fainted,

Ginot's train was at
the 85th kilometer of the rail-road.

Kilometer 85.

It's 40km away from here.
I'll rent a car tomorrow.

I can't be wrong.

The weird thing is
it took me days to understand this.

You're like your mother.
She read cards, you have visions.

Oh, please.

Ginot told me:
"I don't want to come to Paris today."

"I'll come tomorrow".
I insisted because I had an appointment.

It's my fault, Amélie.
It's my fault.

Ginot was from the countryside.

She had...
She had a sixth sense.

I wasn't listening to her enough
to understand her.

Do you care about what I'm saying?

I'm proud of her!
I'm the only one!

I can't share it was anybody.

After me, nobody will think that way.
It's hard to think about.

- I'll have a coffee downstairs.
- Stay here, I need to talk.

Parapsychology, guiltiness and
such don't interest me.

- I'm telling you to stay here.
- No.

- You don't understand anything!
- You raised me so!


That's enough.
I'm going back to Paris.


What a pain! What a nuisance!

Next train to Gare De I'Est, please.

Paris... Paris...

Will arrive here at 36
Will leave at...



- None earlier?
- No, the next one is in an hour, Miss.

May I sit?

Why not.

A perroquet! And for you?

- A tomate.
- A tomate!

Are you lost?
What are you doing in this shit-hole?

I'm looking for my grand-mother.

- Your grand-mother, of course.
- Yes, yes, it's not a joke.

Like the Little Red Riding Hood.

So, it's very calm here.
There are not much customers.

Believe me or not, I woke up at 6 A.M.
We are hard-working men here!

We get very bored and
earn next to nothing!

She's laughing! What's funny?
There's nothing funny here.

Why don't you go work
in the South?

She's curious! Are you a Parisian?


And what are you doing for a living,
if it's not indiscreet.

- I'm a student.
- Studies! I like that!

It's my dream.

I'm enjoying it.
But I know what's coming next...

Don't worry, diplomas help.
Especially girls.

Can you imagine me in an office,
making decisions concerning your job?

- I don't want that.
- Why not?

I want what you want, when you want.

Here is my appointment.

Here comes the Big Bad Wolf!


It's for me. Why should it
always be yours?

Because it would be my pleasure to pay.

Well, maybe we will meet again someday.

Who knows?

This is a pastis and grenadine cocktail!

Is it good?

It looked better with mint syrup!

Your cheeks are all pink!

I'm not used to it.

- Sorry about earlier.
- No need to.

I need to be ragged sometimes
or I become impossible.

- What time does your train leave?
- 37.

I called my client. He's in rage. I'll
have to go home too, it'd be better.

If you go home now, I think you'll never
stop thinking about it and come back.

I know why I become dumb.

Sometimes, I think she is dead
so I look for her body.

And some other times I think
she couldn't fell off the train and...

is alive, living her life.

Stop, hearing you repeating this
is suffocating.

Well, okay. Okay...

You now, it was good to be with you.

I discovered you.

Maybe it will help me
find a solution.

In Paris, I was stalling,
as much as an old car.

And I was looking too much
in the rear-view mirror.

You should get me pregnant,
maybe it would solve the problem.

Now, wait. Wait! Wait!

You'd have to pay me a lot
to be your boyfriend. A lot!


The train for Paris is leaving.

Close the doors and
be ready for the departure.

Too bad. I missed it.

I haven't seen you sleep often.

Too bad.

Isn't it, my dear?

I was clumsy.

I took you to the Montsouris park.

You would put rocks and
chestnuts in my pockets.

Back home, I would
put them in a drawer.

I still have these souvenirs.



Hello. Can I use the phone?

Yes. The man left and said
he'd come back in the afternoon.

Yes, I know. Thanks.

Amélie, finally!

You could call more often.
How is it going? I'm worried.

Your friends are
looking for you.

Your friend Marc
has been arrested.

He'll be in custody for 48 hours
for assault and battery.

Of course it's legitimate defense.

Listen, you have to come right now.
Today, it's urgent.

Testify that these guys
were bullying Marc.

- Hello Miss.
- Hello.

- It's good you came.
- I'm ready to testify.

Yes I know. Sit down.

Don't worry about your friend,
I think I can help him.

But I have a problem.

You students have many tendencies,
colors, organizations...

Were should I put you?

Who's who? You, for example.

I will need informations for my report.

Listen, I didn't come to chat with you.
I want to testify for a case.

Register my testimony now.

What did you tell them?

- Left-wing and ratting, bitch?
- Saving Marc?

Beat her up.

This is only a warning.


They will pay for it.

- You have to rest.
- No way.

- I don't need this.
- You do.

- You can rest for a few minutes.
- No.


- You're coming?
- Of course!

- Was it long ago you last saw Pierre?
- Yes!

He has salt and pepper hair now.

- His eyes?
- Still so blue.

He's here.

- I saw you in the wagon this morning.
- I should have...

Oh, you're here!

I missed the train. She took me here.

I can't stay long,
there's nobody at the reception.

As always.

- Is that yours?
- Yes.

It's the first time
the three of us are together.

Isn't it nice?

- Will you have a drink?
- I really can't.

Oh, okay.

Well, I'll walk you out.

Thanks for driving here.
Thanks for coming.

That was nothing.

How is Jean-François doing?

He owns a shop Boulevard Saint-Martin,
near the hotel.

As for me I think...

Well I hope...

About the two of us...
I'll start getting used to it.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Be cautious.
- Of course.

I'm sorry.

- She has a new car.
- Yes.

So what?

Well I looked everywhere.
Bushes, reeds...

I didn't find anything. Tough day.

Don't worry.
We won't reach Gare De I'Est.

With our backpacks,
could you imagine us?

What is this?

Tough day for me too.




You forgot the board again.

If you think you will cure
your scoliosis this way...

It's past 3 A.M.

You have to remember.
You must not forget so as to...

It will teach you a lesson.

You won't go to football on Thursday.



Mom, please... I'll put the board
right now, it will...

it will do me good for tomorrow.

Up to tomorrow morning.


You won't go to football on Thursday.

Stop imitating a monkey.

I'm not imitating a monkey.
I'm not.

Come on, come on. Good night, Ginot.

Why do you call me Ginot?

How should I call you?




- Hello.
- Hello.

All of us know you now.

You're not reporters.

You know, I often think about you.

I don't only check the rail-road.
I look around.

I check the under-bushes, everything...

It's nice of you.


- See you soon, maybe.
- Ye, probably.

- Bye Sir.
- Keep it up.


- Pierre, I want to go home.
- No, not yet!

I'd like some wine.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

I love trains.

But I hate planes.

I'm scared,
my hands become clammy...

I keep holding the seat.
I never take planes.

Trains are... amazing!

You meet people, you see
great landscape through the window...

Don't you like it?

I do.


I witnessed the
end of locomotives.

You can't imagine how it was.

Passengers would arrive black,
with bits of grit in the eyes.

Women would discreetly
redo their makeup.

The loco drivers had...

miners faces!

I saw! I saw passengers...

shaking the driver's
hand at the arrival!


For me, rail-roads are related to
resistance during WWII.

A saw a powerful movie about that.

Railway workers attacking
a German train.

The wagons end up entangled. It's...

It was wonderful. And...

Also awful.

Very good.


The resistance, resisting...
It always passionate me.

It's what you do too!

You are resisting.

We are good here. It's nice!

It's amazing I... I feel good!

It's over.

What is over?

Our journey.

I found her.

I found Ginot this afternoon.
I couldn't tell you.

This is too bad.


To Ginot, then.

To Ginot and to us.

Please eat.




Come back.

Come back.



Come back.





Come back!


Subtitles: Tadanobu@KG
Correction: Flipflink & Elan