Un p'tit gars de Ménilmontant (2013) - full transcript

Jo gets out of prison after 15 years after a big heist, and most is changed in his old neighborhood. New gangs and different lives. He's even got a son, which he didn't know about. He is back, and that stirs up the neighborhood.

Ramses!... Here you are, old boy... dinner!

What the hell is that about?!

Just what the fuck
you think you're up to?!

I'll fill it in afterwards.

I don't believe it!

- Just stop this now!
- Calm down! I'm nearly finished.

What's that?

Alright then...

Listen... this is MY house...
Piss off or I'll smash your head in!

I don't think so...

She left ages ago...
7 or 8 years.

Does she know you got out yesterday?

Things 've changed round here.

- Where's she live? She with someone?
- Don't start trouble!

I just want to know...
where does she live?

Rue de Savies.

- You want a job?
- No, not really.

- You married?
- I live with someone... Come over for dinner.

Excuse me...
Could we have our wine?

Sorry to keep you waiting.


- I've got cash I need to change.
- How come?

I got 200 grand in old money...
I can't go to the bank with it.

- Didn't the cops grab the money?
- Only some of it.

I can't help you.
The tax guys are on to me.

What about Charlie?
Is he out?

Yeah... in the cemetery. He got killed
in a fight over a parking space.

Everything's different now.

How's it goin', dummy?!
Your ma still suckin' cocks?!

Listen, dummy... I'm off now...
But I'll be back. OK, Maklouf?

- Shall I dig someone up for you?
- Why didn't you flatten that little prick?

- I got better things to do.
- Things 've sure changed 'round here.


- Everything alright, darling?
- Yes... you?

- How was the test?
- It was hard.

- D'you think you passed it?
- Yeah.

I'll have to take it out
before it burns.

- He's late.
- Why have you never mentioned him?

- I didn't think you'd approve. Wine?
- Yes, thanks.

- Did you never visit him in jail?
- He never wanted me to.

- Is he staying in Paris?
- Where else would he go?

He's a good guy... you'll see.

15 years in prison...
He's probably no angel though.

What did he do,
to get a sentence like that?

- A shot that went wrong.
- Did he kill someone?

He didn't mean to.

If it wasn't for that shot,
you and I'd never have met.

Were you with him?

The guard would've killed me.
We were masked.

They traced the bullets to Joe.

He never gave me away.

Karen. Karen...

Enough of this.

You know that's all behind me...
Don't you?

I wouldn't swipe a lollipop.

I hit him and he didn't do a thing!

- Dead easy!
- We emptied the cash register!

- Slow down... no hurry.
- How much have we got?

- Let's see!
- Hands off!

What happened?
Those little hooligans?

- I get so pissed off.
- Why don't give THEM hell?

I'd like to, if I could.

How about...?

I've found someone who can help you...
A gipsy.

- He launders cash.
- Do you trust him?


- We were expecting you last night.
- Sorry.

- Did you know Marianne had a son?
- Yeah... Hugo. Good kid.

- Why haven't you mentioned it?
- I wasn't sure how you'd take it.

- How old is he?
- 14, I think.

Why are you asking?


You're looking well.

- We gotta talk.
- He's not your son.

Come off it!...
I can count.

- I was going to have an abortion.
- Why didn't you tell me... He's MY son!

What's it matter to Hugo?
He's learnt to live without you.

- Why are you home? Didn't you have a meeting?
- It was cancelled.

What's up?

Something happened?

Joe's back.

He knows about Hugo.

- How did he find out?
- He stopped me in the street.

- Does he want to meet Hugo?
- Yes.

Maybe he's changed...
It's been 15 years.

- Have you told Hugo?
- What do I say?

- I'm going out... Be home by 8. 'Bye.
- 'Bye, sweetie.


What is it?

Nothing... Have a nice day.

- How 're things?
- Good... you?

- Did you get through the maths?
- It took forever!

- Took me 10 minutes.
- Really?

No... it was tough!

Get a load of HER!

Get a load of Samia!...
She digs that jerk.

You got NO chance.

He IS my son... I just want
him to know I'm here.

- I can demand a DNA- test.
- And drag the police into it?

Marianne should have the right...
No risks in that.

What risk?
What risks are there?

- Tell her that I've changed.
- Prove it to her!... Get a job!

- What do you want?
- Talk to Manu about swapping dough.

That's Ely... a cousin.
I'm Greg.

Take a seat...
Manu 'll be back in a minute.

- Have something to eat?
- No, I'm fine, thanks.

Excuse me... my hands are wet.

- Glad to be back in the 'hood?
- Yeah.

Everyone knows everyone here.
Like a village... That's why we live here.

- I'm in a hurry... Can we talk business?
- Yeah... us gipsies talk too much.

Take this shit away.

What are you gonna do about Ely's uncle?

- What do you mean?
- Nose broken twice over.

Two teeth knocked out.

Didn't think about that, did you?

Hit anyone with a spade lately?

- How was I to know?
- You think you're some Mr Big?

- I don't want any problems.
- Sit down... hands on the table!

OK... take it easy!

Pass me the bag, cuz.

This we take as damages.

So what'll we do with YOU?

What'd YOU do in my place?
Get rid of the evidence?

- It seems he's a regular pit- bull.
- Why not a slug through his head.

We're gonna to have to get rid of
Maklouf as well.

- He'll be wondering.
- You better start worrying.

- Get rid of him... Food's getting cold.
- Wait... wait... wait!

You better check the notes...
Sorry, but they're counterfeit.

Drop your gun!
Drop your gun!

- Wait... I won't try to stop you.
- Who else knows I'm here?

No one... his uncle's in hospital.

Down on your knees!

It's their fault... I didn't want it
to be like this.

Me neither.

- Where you goin'?
- Home.

Hang on!... You taking' our chicks?

- Think you own the place, you little fairy?!
- Stay away from Samia.

Don't you forget it!

- Let him alone!
- We're only joking!

Bullshit you are!

Don't take any notice of those jerks.

- He's got your hair- do!
- Morons!

What can the police do?
They're all minors.

They demanded money in front of the customers!
They're frightened of nobody.

- You gotta stop them.
- Do I shoot them? They're kids.

That's up to you.

How'd you go with the gipsies?

You got a car?

- How much is your tax bill?
- 25,000 euros.

- I'll pay it.
- So I'm to change the money?

- Shall I put an ad in the paper?
- I didn't realise it was a trap.

No worries. It's sorted.

- Don't worry... it had to be done
- I'm not worried.

- Did you turn your phone off?
- No... must've been the battery.

Were you with Joe?

Were you with him?!

He needed a hand to move a few things.

- Relax!
- You stink of sweat... and look at your shoes!

I'd lost the urge for 3 years...
Just the occasional lay.

Now I feel 20 years younger.

You must've gone crazy
when you came out.

- I'm still in love with Marianne.
- You haven't screwed in 15 years?!

Your testosterone must be driving you nuts...
I know some chicks who'll help you out.

No thanks.
Have you found a money-man?.

My ISP's down...
I can't get onto the internet.

How about the Yellow Pages?
I'll take care of it.

- You might have worn a clean shirt.
- We're only going to my folks.

It's not a dinner party... come on.

So? Whadda you starin' at me for?!

You got a problem?
I'm talkin' to YOU!

If I ever see you in Maklouf's again...
... I'll give you the beating of your life.


Do you understand me?

Hi, Nassim.
Did the kids in the playground bash you up?!

- Aw... fuck off!
- Show some respect! Come here.

- Come on!
- Sit down.

- Once upon a time, you'd help out.
- I don't have anything.

- Pay up or shut up!
- I've nothing!

Badi, search his pockets.

Hope you don't have anything!

- No lies now... where's this from?
- It's Mum's.

- Are you doing stuff behind my back?
- No!

Next time, Mummy can pay...
is that better?

- Now piss off!
- Give me my money back!

No sob stories... Piss off!
Don't come back.

Nassim?. Nassim!



- You might knock.
- And you might answer. The headmaster called.

You haven't been at school for a week.
Your father would've gone ballistic.

- We receive no refund, if you play truant.
- I don't give a shit... I can get a job.

- Doing what?!
- That's no problem.

What happened to your lip?...
if you hang around...

Stop fucking screaming!

Leave me alone!


You crazy?!

What an moron... take care.

- It was green.
- You can't trust everyone.

Thanks... 'bye.

Be careful.
If Marianne sees you, she'll be furious.

I wondered if he might recognise me.

- A stranger?
- We share genes. Must count for something.

Just be careful.

Tell me what you think of this wine.

- Hugo's a bit on the skinny side.
- He manages OK... You were the same.

He seems unhappy...
probably because of that idiot.

- Who's that?
- Marianne's guy... if he touches my son...

- Don't go looking for trouble.
- You know him?

- He's a primary- school teacher.
- Some teachers are perverts.

Marianne wouldn't be with anyone
like that... You know her.

We've got a money meeting
in the morning.

- What'll we say about the money?
- Something believable.

Nice timing!

- This is Karen.
- Hi... I'm Joe.

- You're exactly as I imagined you'd be!
- That's not much of a compliment!

Let's not be so formal! We're family.
How about some seafood?

- No thanks.
- My shout.

No, I have to go... I'm tired.
I've hardly slept since I got out.

Enjoy your evening.

You made him angry.
You can't judge him so quickly.

I didn't...
You're the one who's changed... not him.


- What are you doing here?
- Keeping an eye on your sister.

- She likes some little honky pansy.
- So what?

- Listen cuz... - Leave her alone...
she can do what she wants. OK?

Let her be... don't even speak to her...
Got it?!

Fuck it!...

Useless goddamn thing!


- Why didn't you wait for me? What's wrong?
- Nothing.

I don't have time... gotta go.

Employment office


Are you out of a job?
Can I help you?

We can manage fine, thanks.

- I have to go... I've got things to do.
- What've you told Hugo about me?

- Does he know my name?
- He's never asked me.

Does he get on OK with your guy?

I was alone for 8 years,
before I took up with anyone again.

We didn't just come together by chance.

I don't want to spoil anything...
... but if there's a chance.

- ... I don't want to miss it.
Can you understand that?




- Since when do you lock the door?
- I'm not a little kid anymore!

- What's up?
- The insurance company's changed its mind.

They've decided what happened
was your dad's own fault.

- What about the witnesses?
- People will say anything.

Especially for money. They say it was
his fault he fell off the roof.

So we don't get any insurance?

Don't worry, sweetie, we'll get by.

- Nassim said he's gonna get a job.
- He can only bring more problems home.

760, 780, 800.

- That all?...
- That ain't enough for half a K.

- We'll get Maklouf to pay.
- No... we still got some to sell.

- You turned chicken?
- I ain't afraid of nobody, OK?

Don't be stupid.
He's got more cash over the weekend.

Wait here.

Hi... what d'you want?

- Just you leave my sister alone!
- I haven't touched her!

- Shut up! Leave that kid alone, too!
- Fuck HIM!

Be quiet!
He's an OK guy, you little cunt!

- You can't call me a cunt!
- Get up!

- Hey, don't take that!
- If you want this back...

...this is what you gotta do...

Four, five, six.
Arms stretched... good...

Back and forth...

Turn and leap!... Fine!

Up! that's the way...
Toe... toe... toe...

Out... and a long arabesque.

This way... and... proudly!

I don't know what's wrong.

He can feel you've been uptight
since Joe came out.

What can I do?
Joe won't give up... I know him.

He's not interfered...
He's only talked to YOU. Isn't that OK?

My dad was a gambler.
He's been dead for some years.

He once said he'd won a lot of money.
No one believed him.

Last week I came across a suitcase
that I thought was just full of books.

- Are you one of the family?
- No, he's just a friend of mine.

I don't like going around alone,
with so much money.

- Would I have to pay tax on this.
- No.

We'll fill in the forms... count the notes...
and after they've been checked out...

...you can collect your euros.

- What are you checking out?
- That they aren't counterfeit.

Final detail...
Would you prefer a cheque, or cash?

- What you gonna do with the money?
- Buy me some respectability.

I wouldn't mind opening a tavern.

- Wouldn't that cost a lot?
- Yeah, but with what's left...

...we should get a pretty good one.

What's wrong?

- You said "we".
- Yeah... how do you feel about that?

- How about we do something tonight?
- I don't think your bird'd be interested.

She's scared I'll do
something stupid again.

What do you feel like...
Indian or Chinese?

You two decide.

- Marianne!
- Hi.

- All well with you, Philip?
- Yes, thanks.

You've shot up, my boy!

- This is Joe... friend of mine.
- Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

We're opening a tavern.

It's Joe's idea. He's planning everything...
... the decor... theme...

It's gonna be fantastic!

- That's great.
- You'll have to come.

Yes... we'll have to.

- Excuse us... We're on our way to eat.
- Have a nice evening!

- Thanks.
- 'Bye.

- She didn't say anything.
- Now she knows you have plans.

Mum... who was that man with Maklouf?

Why do you ask?

- I met him outside the bread shop.
- Just what do you mean?!

He stopped me being run over...
A scooter ran the red light.


- Did he say anything to you?
- No, nothing.

Only that I should be careful.

- Did he follow you?
- No, I don't think so.

Why would he follow me?

He's your father, Hugo.

I want to sell my place anyway.

- So long as you know what you're doing.
- There's no real risk.

This is a business...
not some robbery.

So where's the money coming from?

Joe HAS atoned for his crime, okay?!

- You shouldn't do business with him.
- What are you scared of?

He just wants to be with his son.

Hi there!

- It's not too cold?
- No. - Sure?

What do you want to do?

- I wanna get a hard-on!
- Why'd you come up then?

I wanted to see what'd happen.

- It works OK!
- Shut up!

- That's great!
- Shut up, and don't look 'round.

- Have you hidden the money?
- They're still too pissed.

- They'll get angry about nothing.
- Hey morons, whatcha doin'?

- Nothing... goin' home.
- The pussies!

- Morons!
- Cunts!

See you tomorrow.

- See you.
- Be careful.


- Why aren't you asleep?
- We got this today.

This is unbelievable.

This world's full of shit!

Mum'll have to get a third job,
so we can get by.

Dad wanted us to get by, too.

Don't fret... I'm here. OK?
Mum won't need to get another job.

Marianne came by and left this for you.

Want a coffee?

- What'd she say?

- It would've been easier by phone.
- Never.

Too many people get caught
using the phone... It's useless.

- Everything OK?
- Yeah.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Say hello!

- Hello.
- All OK?


You two take a walk...
I'll wait here.

- Shall we go round the lake?
- Yeah.

I'm glad you wanted to meet with me.

Mum said I should.

Didn't you want to?

You're probably wondering
why I turn up now...

...Why I didn't make contact

- Has your mum not told you anything?
- No.

You're not a little kid,
so I'll tell you the truth...

I was in prison.

You would've found out
sooner or later.

D'you know, Hugo...

Your mum and I loved each other very much.

If I hadn't done what I did,
we'd still be together.

Do you understand?

I like this park.
My mum brought me here as a kid.

- Do you come here often?
- Yeah.

So... we've got something in common already.

Tell me something about yourself.
How d'you do at school?

- What's your favorite subject?
- Maths.

You've got a scientific bent... that's good.
I liked geography best.

What sports? Basketball, football, tennis?
Do you like sport?

I dance.

What sort of dance?

Techno? What's it called... hip-hop?

No, I do classical ballet.

Classical ballet?

Does your mum make you?

No... I want to become a dancer.

We catch the bus up here.

- Are you going to say goodbye?
- Goodbye.


If you need me for anything,
ring Maklouf or the Luxor Hotel.

You seem disappointed.

Did you know he'd done time?

Yes, it's something that was
hard to talk about.

- Why did he go to prison?
- He'll have to tell you himself.

He got a bit angry.

He'll get over it...
What did he say?

- Nothing... he didn't talk much.
- You didn't either.

- Did you know he was a ballet dancer?
- No.

- Who'd he get THAT from?!
- Maybe YOU're really the artistic type!

- Certainly not in tights!
- Isn't the ballet world a bit off?

- Are you worried your son's gay?
- It IS common, there.

I've seen him with girls.
Let's collect the money.

Yeah, it's really tough... Worst since
the Moroccans were selling here.

- How much can I get?
- Four cakes... that's all we have.

I told you... we're gonna be
rolling in dough!

Shit! Nobody here.

Leave a message
and I'll call you back.

Ely, this is your uncle... You were
supposed to pick me up at the hospital.

Can you pick up Rams?s
at Manu's, please?

There you are, Rams?s... Come here!

What's been going on here, kiddo?

What did you think of your dad?

- Not like Philip.
- We can like more than one sort of person.

Sorry I'm late.

Something smells good!

We had a late staff meeting.

Can I serve you?

So... how did things go with your dad?


I don't want to meet him again.

I just want the three of US
to stay together.

He's not going to separate US!

I'm sorry about last time.
I was a bit screwed up.

It was my fault.
I go too far sometimes.

It's the world's oldest profession,
but not the easiest.

I was a forewoman, before, at a
clothing factory. I'm still learning.

You're the first one to come back.

That makes me feel good.

I didn't know you're Nassim' buddy...
We'll stop messin' with you.

Hugo? Everything OK.
What did HE want?

- Nothing. Who's Nassim?
- That's my brother!

Sorry, I was in the shower.
Will you have a coffee?

Sorry... I have a job interview.

I just wanted to tell you that Hugo
doesn't want to see you again. I'm sorry.

He's scared I won't respect
what he's chosen to be...

-Should I kidnap him? He's brainwashed!
- No.

Both Marianne and her guy are scared...
That I'll wreck their fucking "family"!

- What'll you do?
- Show that it's wrong.

- Where are you going?
- To take a piss!

- Howdy, Maklouf!
- No way! Clear off!

What's that he's saying?!
Is wine makin' you a tough guy?!

- You pay up now!
- Stop... before you get hurt.

- You gotta be joking?!
- Who's getting hurt, old man?!

You heard what he said... scram!

- Ah... you...
- So you want a beating after all?!

- Drop the bat!
- Stop!

That's it... put it down.

That's it.

- Real tough guy, aren't you?!
- Go to hell!

- You got 3 seconds to get out.
- What an arsehole!

He nearly fired!
He looked ready to kill us!

We'll get even!

- Those little bastards never give up.
- They won't come back.

You don't know them. Why the hell are you
carrying a gun?. Is this your fresh start?!

Don't you trust me either?
You're getting on my nerves...

All of you!

But it's your dad... and he's here.
You don't know how lucky you are.

Sorry... I shouldn't have mentioned it.

If I were you, I'd try and make friends.

Young Martin was intolerable, as usual.

See you tomorrow.


What are you planning on saying to Marianne?
That you love her?

- I'm sorry?
- At least I was never unfaithful to her.

You'll go home to the woman I love,
and my son.

Don't screw them up.
My son asked me to leave him alone.

I'm asking YOU to choose.


Is that you, Philip?

- How'd it go?
- I'm in the running for that job.

There are two positions
being advertised.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- Is Hugo here?
- He's at ballet.

I was thinking we might have
a talk with him about his father.

Maybe we could encourage him discreetly...
Just so he won't regret it later on...

And take it out on us...


Are you sure there's not something else?

No... everything's fine.

When everything's fine,
I get a kiss when you come home.

Forty years ago I would've beaten them up.
They've been giving me hell for a month.

A month? Why didn't you
say something before?

You think it's easy for a man
to admit he lets kids stomp on him?

I like to think that
I'm a decent sort of guy.

Every time they come, I do nothing...
again and again.

- How will they ever learn?
- I've absolutely had enough.

- But are you going to act the same way?
- Am I to let them beat me up?

- Call the police...otherwise I will.
- Don't do anything.

Listen to me, Maklouf...
Making deals is not my thing.

I don't want to have to worry
if you'll come home or not.

That's just silly.

So fix the problem.


Next time I'll call the police.

- How much is that?
- 1,500.

- We said 1,600.
- You know me, Bambi.

- Next time?
- OK.


It's good stuff.

- You get what I asked for?
- Better than you expected.

Get a load of this...
ain't she a beauty?

Careful... it's loaded.

- This is on the house.
- Two whites please.

Coming up.

Don't forget it's couscous tomorrow.


Nice to see you.
Have a drink?

No... I've brought this for Joe.

- He wasn't at the hotel.
- Haven't seen him since yesterday.

This'll help.


I been looking for you...
Your sister wants you.

- What's happened?
- Nothin'... You gotta keep an eye on her.

What's this... What's goin' on?
Where's my sister?

Where is she?

You little arsehole!
You doin' deals behind my back?!

I'll teach you not to fool with ME!

- Shut your face!
- You seen too many movies!

Think twice before pullin' a gun on ME,
you little cunt!

- Maybe they've got him.
- We would've heard.

- There he is.
- Where've you been?

- Belkace was chasin' after you.
- He knows we been doin' deals.

- Someone sees us...we're history!
- Cool it, guys...

All we got to fear in this fuckin' world
... is God's judgement!

- God's judgement?
- Is he serious?

- So there you are!
- Belkace is lookin' for me.

- What's he want?
- Shut up!

- Still the answering message...
- This is Badi...

Where are you?
Nassim's here with us. Call me.

- Who is he?
- An old-time hood.

Manu would've given
an arm and a leg for him.

- Didn't the neighbours see anything?
- They were at work.

- Why isn't Domino here?
- He's coming by train. He hates flying.

You know any more about this guy?

We are offering you the position
of supervisor.

You'd better do some study!

- Excuse me, I was looking for Philip.
- He wasn't teaching today.

His class has art every second Friday...
He should've gone home.

- Thanks.
- Don't mention it. Are you kidding me?

You'll be on your own on Saturdays...
I'll be working at the supermarket.

Mr Keraoui's putting on
extra cashiers.

His wife said she saw you
with a boy.

- That was Hugo.
- The one who does ballet?

- Why don't you ask him home?
- He's afraid.

- What of?... Not your brother?!
- The local boys don't like pansies.


How will that ever change?!

What are they offering you?

- A permanent job.
- That's great!

- Aren't you eating?
- Yes.

- Was it nice?
- Yep.

Sorry I'm late...
Another staff meeting.

Crazy... they have them all the time.

- Everything OK?
- Yeah.

Aren't you getting undressed?

What's up?

I've screwed up again.

You've been lying to me
for weeks.

You disappear every second Friday
and crap on about staff meetings.

I trusted you.

- Has Joe spoken to you?
- What's Joe got to do with this?

He probably knows more than me.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- You look lost.
- Is there a supermarket open around here?

Belkace must have found Nassim.

What's goin' on now?

It was my dog that found him.

- It'd be a pusher getting square.
- They're everywhere round here.

- It's Belkace!
- This is bad...

We gotta scram.

Answer when I call... answer!

It's drivin' me nuts.
Belkace's still not answering.

- Really?
- Drivin' me nuts!

- Maybe he's onto a chick.
- Are you kidding? We'll sort this later.

- Piss off!
- Sort WHAT later?

We got a code... and I'll make sure
you respect it!

- Cool it, man! Have some nuts.
- You're fuckin' nuts!

Fuckin' unbelievable!
A code?! Code of crap!

I'll plug the lot of them.
That'll fix it.

I'll show them who matters.

I'll plug the lot of them.

- Got my stuff?
- What are YOU doing here?

- I did like you said.
- Go to hell... piss off!

Fuckin' cunt!

Get HIM... is he joking?!

There you are, finally!
Someone's done us a favour.

- What?
- Somebody shot Belkace.

- Really?
- There'll be cops everywhere.

- We better cool it for a while. OK?
- We gotta warn the others.

Are you stupid?
We'll be inviting competition.

- Sa?d!
- Yeah.

Are you closing?
I've something to leave for Joe.

OK... see you tomorrow.

You look guilty.

- Sure you won't have one?
- No thanks.

Am I still the only one
to come back?

Three times, now!

I don't think I'm cut out
for this job.

You've never told me your name.


Jo?l, actually.

Same as my son.

- You have a son?
- He's two.

Social Services have placed him
with my mother till things...get better.

My name's Agn?s.

I've checked the hospitals, police,
and left 15 messages.

- And Joe?
- He's not at his hotel.

- He didn't leave anything for Joe there.
- What are they mixed up in now?

I ain't heard from Belkace.
I'm not his old woman!

I've called 15,000 times.
Yes, of course I've been there.

What's that racket?
What's going on?

Those bastards!


Let me go!

Let me go!

- I ain't done nothin'!
- Shut up!

Start talkin' for fuck's sake!

You're startin' to piss me off!

Tell us where he is and we'll let you go.

Why go through this for HIS sake?!

Want a coffee?

This Arab's a tough nut...
Not a word.

Do you think we're idiots?

Who else could've helped him
move the bodies.

He's your buddy, isn't he?

He thinks we're kidding.


You think us gipsies are all talk?

So... are we starting to remember?

Nothing? You...

Lift his head up.
Who's this here?

Your bird? She's cute.

You like us to pay her a visit?

And what've we got here?!

What are you tryin' to prove?...

...That you got balls? You better talk
if you wanna keep them.

You a gambler?

Look what a nice guy he is!

I'm sorry... I know this isn't easy for you.

Is it because Dad's come back?

No... it only concerns Philip and me.

They've pulled everyone in! It doesn't look
like anyone from around here shot Belkace!

You'll see... the cops don't give shit
who shoots who.

They're spring- cleaning...
They got 3 K's of grass already.

- How do you know?
- That caretaker told me.

Everyone's gonna be picked up...

- What are you looking for?
- Drugs... cash... weapons.

- When did you last see Belkace?
- I didn't see him yesterday.

- Do you know why he was after you?
- No.

I didn't have no problems with him.

Nothing in the basement.

- Were you selling on his turf?
- I'm clean!... I'm lookin' for a job.

- Don't stand there and lie!
- I ain't done nothin'!

Take him in...
I'm fed up with him!

Eric! Nothing in his room.

We'll be talking to you again.

A bit of advise... Go back to school.
Goodbye, madam.

- We're leaving.
- Come again!

Don't you lie to me!
Now clean up this mess!

Badi and the others were so dumb,
the cops got the better of 'em.

Maybe the cops were doin' a clean- up,
and popped Belkace.

Yeah... they keep any stuff they find,
for themselves.

You suck!
I've had enough.

Fuckin' hell!

We're nearly an hour early.
We shan't miss them.

Hand me the police I.D.
that's in the glove box.

- How do we recognise them?
- It's a mum with a kid.

- Do we work on both of 'em?
- He said not to.

We can use the kid,
if mum won't talk.

- Aren't you gonna turn the engine off?
- No... best to stay warm.

- What did you write?
- What you asked me to.

That you've thought it over,
and you want to see him again.

- Do you think he'll turn up?
- He'll probably be waiting for us.

I have to go.

I didn't stay for money.

You look so worried.

You always look so sad!

- I got a pain in the gut... It's that coffee.
- Really? I buy a top brand.

Do you?

- Did you know he was a gangster?
- No.

He said he was a businessman.

I believed in him...
He was such a considerate guy.

- Are you still angry?
- It's hard to get over it.

I'm mixed up in a family that's not mine
and a neighborhood I don't know.

It's hard to start over
somewhere else.

Here... Call me.



- Where are the others?
- Well I'll be damned!

- You're pretty smart, for an Arab!
- Don't move!

Where are your buddies?

You're gonna be disappointed...
They locked the door.

- Give me the key or I'll shoot.!
- You'll only rouse the neighbours.

- We know everyone round here.
- Hands behind your head!

I don't like repeating myself...
Want to take the risk?

You been vaccinated?
We often forget our tetanus shots!

- Good God! What happened to you?!
- You have to get away!

- Was it those local kids?
- Just get out of Paris!

- Just look at you!
- Pack a bag and go!

- What about you?
- Joe needs me.

- So it's his fault.
- I haven't time to explain.

So come with me!

I'll contact you later.

They're coming up behind us!

I'm going to enjoy talking with mummy!

The kid looks nothing like him.


I'll do the talking.

There he is!

- You sure?
- It's engraved on my brain!

Get the car... I'll follow him.

Start, goddammit!

He's never usually late..

How does this work?

I'm damn hopeless!

Press there...

- Show me! I didn't get to hold it.
- It's not a toy!

- Forget it!
- Gonna sell it?

You kidding? With this,
nobody fucks with me...

They do what I say!

Wait here.

Where's he going?

Hey there, cocksucker!

That'll teach 'im...

It's Joe... You said I should call...
so I'm calling.

- What the fuck did he do?
- He shot him!

Who the hell are you?

Leave a message after the tone.

Marianne, this is Maklouf. Joe didn't
get the message. Don't go to the meeting!

Call me and I'll explain.

Subtitles by FatPlank for KG