Un om în loden (1979) - full transcript

- Good morning, Stamatiad residence?
- Yes.

Your 6 o'clock call!

I have lost my appetite lately.

- Your stomach?
- Yes.

I for one
can't get enough sleep.

Old age...

I have nightmares,
I keep on hearing a roar of laughter.

A roar of laughter?

We're like two old biddies
boasting who has the rarest disease.

- Good morning.
- Hello, Bogdan, safe journey.

Light. please!

"Mister Stamatiad,
I'm compelled to disturb you."

"Your time has come!
It's I who will decide

when, where, and how you'll die!
Good night!"

- Mister Stamatiad?
- Yes, it is I.

You got the letter?
I asked you if you got the letter?

Boeriu, why are you
playing such sinister pranks?!

"Mister Stamatiad
I'm compelled to disturb you."

"Your time has come! It's I who will
decide when, where, and how you'll die!

Good morning!

- Have a light by any chance?
- No, sorry.


It's the gate watch, you've
an envelope. Should I sent it up?

- What envelope?
- A comrade left it here.

OK, send it.

Stamatiad speaking,
can I talk to Boeriu, please.

He's been in the Ceahlau Mountains
for 10 days now, didn't you know?

Thank you.

- What's going on?
- Good day.

- I've heard you're ill.
- Yes.

- Mr.Stamatiad, Stamatiad!
- Yes, it's I.

You read the letter?
Didn't you hear what I said?

- Excuse me, a bad joke.
- Perhaps you come and see me later.


Pvejust had a phone call.
Did it come from inside?

From the city, Comrade Stamatiad.


Danut, that you? What's
the matter with you?

- Nothing, everything is all right, see?
- I wanted to go with you to buy that coat.

Forgive me, Angela,
I've so many things on my mind!

- Engineer Stamatiad?
- Yes.

You're wanted on the phone.


Enjoy your meal, Mr. Stamatiad.
I'm right behind you, I can see you!

The addition, please!

"You won't get to wear it!"

- Danut, what's the matter?
- Comrade, your coat, please!

The last call came
last night.

He asked me: "You let
Angela go all by herself?"

- Angela's the wife?
- No, my sister.

She's alone. Her husband and
kid are on a vacation.

I always feared something could happen
to her. Luckily it hasn't.

Do you find
the voice on the phone familiar?

Don't know, perhaps...

I can't tell.
I feel terrible!

Don't get me wrong but...
These phone calls have

I hear this laughter
even {when I sleep...

I'd like to have
my phone monitored.

Make an application at the Phone
Company and a complaint with the Police.

We take on the case.

Besides the director of the institution
anybody else knows about the note?

- No. Nobody.
- Not even your sister?

- No.
- Any reason not to tell her?

- No.
- You suspect anybody?


- Yes.
- Good evening.

Good evening.

You went to the Securitate,
you ratted on me.

OK, you will still die, you'll die!
You ratted on me!

Listen, I...

- You blew my cover...
- Listen...

- The plot is thickening! Got cigs?
- I quit!


The report says Stamatiad was
called on the phone at 00:26 hours

from a phone booth
in Icoanei Gardens.

The letters have
also been analyzed.

Only Stamatiad's
fingerprints were found.

The typewriter is an
Underwood 1941.

Specific traits: letter
"d" is bolder in the

upper part, and less
clear in the lower part.

Man, over 50, a smoker,
with a prosthesis on the upper incisors.

Thank you. Who else knows
about Stamatiad's coming to us ?

The director of the
Institute who sent him

here, and the driver
who brought him.

Yes, comrade Vasilescu.
I'll inform comrade director right away.

- My respects.
- Comrade Lucian?


Comrade director is waiting for you.

I salute you.

Excuse me, anybody else knows
Stamatiad's been at our place?


What do they think about
him at the Institute?

He's a loner, a withdrawn

No enemies?

No, he enjoys much respect,
he's an outstanding professional.

Still, I heard three years ago he
had a dispute with engineer Aman.

A matter of professional vanity.

Engineer Aman was heading
a project to mine some bismuth ore.

Stamatiad observed the presence
of radioactive rocks deep down.

Nobody believed in
such a project. Aman opposed it...

- I suppose you've been informed about it.
- I know the project...

- You think it has anything to do?
- Possibly.

Engineer Stamatiad
has been quite nervous lately.

You see he has no family, no kids.

We had problems with him,
he didn't go on leave for 3 years.

Don't you think
a doctor should see him?

No, we tried. When he hears
about a doctor he hits the ceiling.

But if he went on leave
who would replace him?


Thank you very much.
One more thing...

My pleasure.

- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.

- Where do I take you?
- You know where engineer Stamatiad lives?

Yes! On Mosilor Avenue.

You were at the Ministry
of the Interior yesterday, right ?


When you came back,
nobody asked you where you'd been?

No, nobody asked me.

Excuse me, but who are you
to ask me these questions?

I'm the person whom
engineer Stamatiad visited yesterday.

I see.

- A chocolate?
- No, thank you.

You know what? I'd better
get off at Icoanei Gardens.

- There are three phone booths there.
- Oh, at engineer Aman's place.

- Hello!
- Anything new?

I've come across a coincidence.

You know who lives near Icoanei Gardens
opposite the phone booths?

Engineer Aman.

You know who replaces
Stamatiad in case he falls ill?

- Aman!
- What kind of a person is Aman?

An impulsive nature, not happy with his
career at the institute,

he married for interest
the daughter of a merchant...

Has applied for a trip to Vienna,
he is to leave in 7 days.

He hasn't yet taken his passport.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

I'm major Lucian, I'd like
to talk to you a little.

Here is my ID.

At your service...

- Please.
- Thank you.

- What were you doing? Reading?
- Yes.

- Sorry to bother you.
- No matter. I'm listening.

Excuse me, I'll be blunt.

Where were you last night round 12:30?

Please, let me be!
Please, let me be!

- What if I don't tell you?
- So, you weren't home.

Don't you get it, leave!

I don't understand
the meaning of all this!?

I'll tell you later.

I have a girl-friend.
I was with her.

- When did you come back home?
- Round 1.

Did you make any phone call
from the booth across the street?

- No.
- You sure?

- Yes, I did.
- Whom did you call?

I don't understand.
Why all this?

Oh, I'm sorry but I must
ask you some indiscreet questions.

- Who's your friend?
- Her name is Sandina Duta.

She's a chemist engineer.
We've been together for 3 years.

Understand that I have
all the reasons to cheat on my wife.

- Where does she live?
-At 95 Berbecari Street.

She rents a flat from a
couple of pensioners.

You want to talk to her?

- Perhaps we go together.
- Together?!

- Then perhaps you tell me why?
- I'll tell you later.

First I'd like to
talk to her.

- Let me phone her up.
- Please do.

It's I. Can I drop by
your place for 5 minutes?

Right, I'm coming.

She's waiting for us.
I go change.

Please don't say no,
have some coffee.

Ouch, I spilled it. It's good
luck, you should try the lottery...

- A snack?
- No, thank you!

What, you didn't leave?
My Costi went away 10 minutes ago"

You didn't even drink your coffee!

- A tall stout guy went out a little ago?
- Yes, a couple of minutes ago.

Come on, let's go!

- Where do we go?
- 95 Berbecari Street.

- 95?
- Yes.

- There's no such number.
- You sure?

I spent my childhood there and I know.
Street got numbers only up to 40.

- What, you're back, too?
- Costi! He just left.

Where did he go?

On an assignment.
Said he was going with you.

The name of Sandina
Duta tells you anything?


Say, your husband
is often away from home?

I know what you mean. He's got
something on the side, that's men !

He sees her from time to time
but in the end he comes home.

- What's her name?
- I don't know!

Pusa... Duta...
Hell, they're all called the same.

If you don't mind,
I'll stay.

- You fought?
- No. I had some problems...

I'll tell you.

I found the set of slides
in Aman's library,

behind the books,
in a plastic bag.

In the bag I also found this cassette
with the accusing voice recorded.

- Want to listen to it?
- Yes.

"Good evening. You went
to the Securitate, you ratted on me..."

- Last night's call!
- Did they send Aman's description?

At all the border checkpoints.

At 12:05 hours an unknown
person made a call

from the phone booth
at Icoanei Gardens.

I talked to the maid
and he asked about Stamatiad.

The unknown person was I.

The second call from the place of
Angela Prisacaru, at 21 :15.

Yes, comrade Stamatiad. Good,
in half an hour. Good-bye.

- The phone rang and rang.
- He found an envelope on the desk.

- Someone picked the lock?
- No, they used a key to get in.

The third call was also from Icoanei
Gardens, at 23:05. It rang in vain.

Aman's house was put
under surveillance at 22:00.

Could Aman have returned?

The way he organized his
disappearance, it's highly possible.

Come with me.

- I'm late.
- It's all right.

- How many keys to the flat you have?
- Three.

I have one, the cleaning
woman another, and

I think my sister,
Angela, also has one.

You're not sure?

I gave it to her along
ago, I don't remember.

- What do you think of the maid?
- An honest woman, nothing to say there.

The voice on the
phone resembled Aman's?

No. You suspect Aman?

You know, Aman stayed at my place
for a few days, some month ago.

He was most embarrassed by his
situation, and asked me to be discreet.

He had fought with his wife.

I couldn't refuse him, and in fact
he arranged a field assignment.

If you don't tell me
everything, I cannot help you.

What else do you
want me to tell you?

That he should do such a thing to me!
Flee the country and abandon me.

- How do you know?
- A man's been looking for him these days.

Then I realized something
was wrong, and I eavesdropped.

- How didn't I see it?
- But what's his name?

- How didn't I see anything?!
- Could you tell me what he looks like?

About 55, bald and with a crooked
nose, wears an old, tatty rain coat...

Aman, I can't believe it!

- I was wondering why he hadn't showed up?
- It's just a suspicion.

In fact, I wanted to
see you for something else.

We believe it'd be good to assign a man
to engineer Stamatiad, to help him.

Stand by him.

Aman is good.
It's about specialization.

Perhaps Bogdan Negreanu,
a young engineer with no experience,

working under

He goes to Stamatiad,
leaves the letter.

After which he returns
to phone from in front of the house.

I don't understand, why
in front of the house?

Too many whys.

- Think he has an accomplice?
- May I?

Run to Angela Prisacaru,
I'll go make my report, right?


- You're back, Bogdan!
- Yes, I'm back.

- How was it?
- Terrific,

the boys say hello.
You know, we've found salpetre...

- I know...
- Like you said.

I'm the sister of engineer Stamatiad.
I talked to you yesterday on the phone.

Come with him to me.

Yes, but you see, the situation is not that
simple, I don't know how to explain...

- Please wait for me.
- Yes.

Listen to the tape
and you'll know who I am.

"Good evening,
Mr.Stamatiad. First sit down."

"You wonder where you know my voice from?
You haven't heard it for long."

"Thought I was dead?
Right? I'm Traian Feraru."

"Hope you haven't forgotten me."

"As you see, I'm in Bucharest,
I've come to take revenge."

- Hello, Major Lucian, please.
- He's not in now. Who's speaking?

- Nobody!
- Hello?...

We managed to stop the bleeding. He was
lucky the bullet went 2 cm off his heart.

Her husband comes tonight.
Shall we call Stamatiad?

Not yet, I'll drop
by him in the morning.

Mr. Stamatiad!
Listen, Mr. Stamatiad!

Mr. Stamatiad, it's
late, you don't feel well? Dear me!

What do you want?

It's 10,you didn't go to the office
and I thought you didn't feel well.

- You're all right?
- Yes.

- Where's the recorder?
- Under the desk, as usual.

- Why did you take it off the table?
- I haven't touched it, dear me!

- It was on the table! Where's the tape?
- What tape, you're dreaming ?

Dreaming, my foot!

Sorry to bother you.
I called you at the institute.

I fell asleep.

Last night I had a nightmare.
Really, something awful!

Maybe Lucretia is
right, maybe I'm hallucinating.

- You have coffee in this house?
- Yes.

Let's make some coffee.

Last night I found a tape and
a letter in the office.

- You listened to the tape?
- Yes.

A voice whispered:
"I'm Traian Feraru!"

Who's Traian Feraru?

A former colleague at college
who died 34 years ago.

I don't think I'm mad...

- Where's the recorder?
- Here.

Last night I also saw a live owl
here, in the house.

- When did you last use it?
- Two months ago.

Last night I put it here,
on the table, and this morning...

I don't think
it's a nightmare.

- How's that? Feraru is alive?
- No, I didn't say that.

Then why do you say
it is no nightmare?

Look, traces of the recorder.

I come from the hospital, sir.
Angela Prisacaru's

condition is good.
She'll come round soon.

The missile
is a short, 9 mm bullet.

We were very good friends.
This is Traian, this is I...

- You?
- Yes, this is Aman.

Was he too a friend of Feraru's?

No, he was a recluse,
he had no friends in college either.

This is Anghel,
Traian's elder brother.

He was rooting for the Iron Guard,
a fanatic. Ruined his brother.

What binds you to Traian Feraru?

In a way,
I too am to blame for his death.

He's a colleague of mine.

- Good day.
- This is the room...

- How about the recorder?
- It's here!


One evening Traian came very troubled
from an Iron Guard meeting.

- He was extremely naive, swayable.
- His brother drew him in?

Yes. In the beginning everything seemed so
romantic: burning flames, and all that...

But then they asked
him to join in the action.

What kind of action?

Death penalty for a lawyer
who worked on a case against them.

I advised him to call the police
right away. Traian was afraid.

I told him if he didn't' go
I would. We fought...

In the end I convinced him
or at least that's what I thought.

- He informed the police?
- I don't know.

The following day I learnt
about the death of the

lawyer. I looked for Traian,
but I didn't find him.

Then I went to the police and
I told them everything I knew.

Hello! Yes.

Good day, Mr. Stamatiad.
It's the final countdown.

I sent Angela to the Emergency.
She's in a coma.


Yes, she had an accident.
Nothing serious.

You're not well?

- You'll have to stay a few days in hospital.
- Impossible now.

At home it's dangerous.

- Please!
- Stay with him in hospital.


Yes! At this stage only
Stamatiad could make it.

Engineer Negrea and
I are responsible.

- No. It's very complicated!
- Just a moment!

- How much did you spend?
- Over one billion.

How much?

Drilling costs
about 20 million.

What could be
interesting about this project?

Probably the fact that is includes
an estimation of radioactive resources.

Nitulescu reports that until
Stamatiad comes the project stays sealed.

The watch's doubled. Major Lucian left...
Something about engineer Aman's trip.


- Comrade Popa came to room 10.
- I'll come over.

- Where's the patient?
- Around, smoking a cigarette.

- Good day.
- Comrade Rapeanu...


- I wrote the papers for Aman myself.
- Only one application?

- Yes and no.
- Meaning?

I think he didn't have his wife in mind.
He bought a ticket for another person,

- Mioara Catuneanu, 9, Olari Street.
- Thank you!

Put men in all the points where
Stamatiad could show up.

- Give me the file of the Feraru brothers.
- Frunza informs you he's got a lead,

Nelu Matu, son of Stamatiad's maid.

- You from the Militia?
- Yes.

- Oh, my Nelu's been bad again
- When do you expect him?

He comes when he's hungry.
I'm fed up with him myself.

- He blew all my savings.
- Yesterday, when did he come and left?

Well, yesterday he was out all day,
trying to get a job, as I told him...

- At what time did he return?
- Round eight.

- And then?
- He went to Florica's,

Gardescu's maid.

Ever asked you for the keys
of Stamatiad's flat?

God forbid,
I always have them on me.

- Nelu reading this book?
- Yes.

Anybody here?

Comrade Lucian!
Comrade major! My, you're badly hit!

- You're Mioara Catuneanu?
- Yes.

From the Ministry of the Interior.

- What happened?
- About engineer Aman, where is he?

- Why?
- He slept here last night?

Yes, we've been together for a year now.
Excuse me, let me shut the door.

- He'll get a divorce soon.
- How long have you been living together?

He doesn't live in. He came last night.
He quarreled with his wife.

- You believed him?
- No.

- Why not?
- He was very agitated,

I got the feeling he was
hiding something and I didn't insist.

Then he spoke on the phone
very much as he didn't use to.

- Who to?
- I don't know. He asked me to leave him.

- Something wrong, an accident?
-Where do you work?

- I'm a house wife.
- How much does Aman give you per month?

- Two, three thousand. Gifts also. .
- He paid for your trip to Vienna?

Yes. I wanted to go to Prague
but he chose Vienna. He insisted!

- Why?
- He said that there...

- If you know anything, tell me!
- No tears, please.

- He said he'd get money there.
- From whom?

- From a childhood friend.
- What was the name of the friend?

- I don't remember.
- His name! Try to remember!

- Try... you have to remember.
- Traian...

- Traian Feraru!
- Traian Feraru!

Yes, now
I am sure, Traian Feraru.

I have to talk to
my brother immediately.

It's very important...

Traian Feraru.

Anghel Feraru they
belonged to the group led by Baleca.

- At least you left anybody there?
- Yes.

The file shows that after the lawyer's
assassination, and the denouncement

made by student Dan Stamatiad,
the Police found them in a shed on Selari.

There was a shootout
and the shed caught fire.

Only one man made it and
he swore that both the

Feraru brothers and
Baleca died in the fire.

- Aman knows the three of them.
- This man is everywhere!

He's the only one left.

I report that Stamatiad was
at the institute, to turn in the project.

Good, thank you

Good evening.

You gave us quite a fright!

- I felt the need to be alone.
- Loneliness is vulnerable.

Depends on
the vantage.

Any question?


- Hello.
- Yes.

- Can I speak to Major Lucian?
- You're wanted.

We spotted Nelu
Matu, he's at the Melody Bar.

Very good, I'm coming.
I'll be there in ten minutes.

Perhaps you
feel like dancing, too?

- Why not?
- You haven't danced since...?

New Year's eve.

- Nelu Matu?
- Yes.

You know what you do?

You pay, take your girl,
and come over here.

- Why?
- We'll talk down at the station...


I just want to see his face.

One of our men will stay with you
all the time, even at home.

- An order?
- A suggestion, for now.

I no longer see the need.

What do you think about the
engineer to whom you handed the project?

Why, he's energetic, enthusiastic

At first he'll find it a
little difficult, but then he'll manage.

He's a very capable engineer.

- I don't know anything.
- This book is yours?

- Yes.
- You know what a fingerprint is?


This is a fingerprint on your book and this
is one on Stamatiad's recorder.

- Why did you go there?
- Someone sent me.

- Who?
- I don't know.

- How's that?
- Seriously.

Said he was a colleague of Stamatiads.
I called him Uncle Fane.

He found me in a
restaurant, stood me a

treat and said he had
something for me.

How did you usually meet?

He called me there, at the restaurant,
between 8 and 9 in the evening.

How did this Uncle Fane look?

Rather bald.
I mean he's very bald.

We wears a beret he never
takes off, and is very strong,

middle-aged... This is Uncle
Fane, I recognize his voice.

- How much money he gave you?
- He gave me nothing.

- How can you say that?
- I swear he hasn't given me any money.

5000 lei that I didn't want
to receive and he shoved it in my pocket.

What did he ask for that?

To enter Stamatiad's
flat 3 or 4 times.

- What did he want you to do?
- To wear gloves.

Boy, don't play the clown!

Really, he gave me
a recorder with a

cassette that small to
put it under his bed.

It looked like a watch, and he even
showed me how it worked. He laughed...

This uncle Fane was in
Stamatiad's flat?

No, no, he said
it was all a joke.

- And you how did you get in?
- Through the back.

- And?
- I entered two times, the last time

when Stamatiad was
at work, I broke in,

changed some pills
in the bathroom,

put a tape in the
recorder and then

at 1 at night I
took away the pills

and the tape
and retrieved the recorder.

- When are you to meet?
- I don't know.

- Don't lie!
- I really don't know,

he said if he needed
me he'd look for me.

- Are you strong enough to talk?
- I called you!

You know, this evening I was at the Central
Hospital to talk to Doctor Voiculescu.

Waiting for him, I got
the impression that

one of the patients
strolling in the garden

resembled very well someone...

Seems the same man stopped
her in the street

saying he was in charge
of the project security.

I freaked out.
He told me Dan was in danger.

That he had to check himself
in a hospital, take sick leave.

Angela went to
the doctor for my sake.

I think it was him on the stairs, too.
I don't know, can't be sure...

What did he look like?

60. ugly.
very ugly, terrible...

Two pazients are missing.
Here they are their papers.

Vasile Ion, 28
and Ernst Gramoste, a foreigner.

- Ernest Gramoste?
- Yes.- What did he look like?

Tough, bald and with a brown face.

- Crooked nose?
- Exactly.

- Its' him!
- Good day.

Doctor Smidt speaks
German, and has seen him.

- What did Gramoste suffer from?
- Mania of persecution.

Two weeks ago
he threw a fit at the hotel.

He complained of receiving
anonymous phone calls, threatening him.

You're all right?

No, they were in the same ward
and they want to tell you something.

- I too want to tell you something.
- Please, do.

Look at him, he took his raincoat
and boots for 25 lei. How can that be?

Ernest Gramoste entered the country
on September 25, checked in at the

- Central Hospital on September 30.
- Yes, thank you.

Who keeps Gramoste posted?

I'm thinking of a plan,
if Stamatiad helps us...

Good day.

- Good day.
- You called me?

Yes. I'd like you
to go to Baia Sprie.

Some extremely urgent
problems cropped

up there. In 2, 3
days you'll be back.

A change of air will do you good...

Air is the last thing
I thought of changing.

Please, comrade director.

Engineer Stamatiad
leaves tomorrow for Baia Sprie.

Please, arrange quickly the
matter of papers and train tickets.

Yes, comrade director,
I'll see to those immediately.

Good evening,
your tickets, please.

- Baia Mare?
- Baia Mare.

Please, sit down.

I won't sit down if you don't
tell me why you brought me here.

For some information. Red-tape...


It was you who procured
the tickets for Stamatiad?

Yes, I, at the service of comrade director.

From the travel agency
you returned to the institute?

No, I asked the driver
to take me home.

To what purpose?

I wanted to change my stockings.
I had a run, if that could interest you.

- How long did you stay?
- Five, maybe ten minutes.

You know this document?

A second, please.

Yes, it's my autobiography
from the personnel file at the institute.

- You typed it?
- Yes.

- At home?
- Yes.

- On your own type-writer?
- Yes.

- An excellent Underwood.
- Yes.

- Can I go now?
- No!

How long comrade
Nicolescu stayed home?

Half an hour.

I quarreled with a neighbor.
That interests you?!

How many times she asked you
to take her to the Central Hospital?

- Three times, the director was away so...
- OK, thank you.

- You admit that?
- Yes, I do!

- Who did you visit?
- Ernest Gramoste.

Who's Ernest Gramoste?

I was his lover...
His real name is Anghel Feraru.

His brother is alive?

No, Traian died
in 1939, in a fire.

Anghel got away, I helped him,
I hid him, and in 1944 he went to Germany.

Is it from you that he learnt about
Stamatiad being with us?

- Yes. He blackmailed me.
- Where's he now?

I don't know. Perhaps on the train.

What was that, brothers?
Who laughed?

Such a thing has never
happened to me in all my train rides.

- You want some tea?
- No, thank you!

- Where could we be...
- We left Ploiesti 5 minutes ago.

- Conductor...
- Please, leave your seat.

- I checked the car two times.
- Must have got on at Ploiesti.

- He's dead.
- It wasn't Aman that he was waiting.

He didn't commit suicide.
Too many proofs.

A gun of the same caliber
shot Angela, too.

Didn't Gramoste phone on purpose
from the booth in front of Aman's house?

I think we got to
Aman by pure coincidence.

- Gramoste killed him.
- He left him here deliberately.

Two days ago he came with a man.
They were in the adjoining room.

It seemed to me I heard Aman's voice.
How could I know there're jewels there?

Who could have imaged, who could
have guessed about the jewels there?

He told me he had a plane ticket
in two days. I thought he'd left.

Answer, please.

Hello! It's him!

- Why aren't you at work, I looked for you.
- I couldn't come, I'm sick.

- You don't leave home?
- No.

OK, in 10 minutes
someone will come to take the bag.

- Yes. Hallo, when are you coming ?
- Maybe tonight.

Put on a robe, you're ill.
You tell them, I'm off to the car.

He sent someone
to fetch the bag. We're waiting...

The thing is drawing to an end.

- How do you feel?
- Fair.

Could come from a
different direction. 153, look sharp!

- 153, look sharp!
- 153 here, I'm listening.

- Good day. Mrs. Niculescu?
- Yes. Good day.

- I've come for the bag.
- One moment.

Dacia 1300: 4-B-5871

Run and help Frosa.
256, 256...

- I was waiting for you...
- Next meeting with the boss in Stuttgart.

We won't be seeing each other for a time.

Don't leave.

Forget it...

Sorry. The white
Dacia 1300 in front is yours ?

- Yes, why?
- When I parked I hit it.

- What?
- Nothing serious...

- Give me the keys.
- I'm terribly sorry...

If you hadn't lied to
me it'd have been better.

I could have been in his place.

I was afraid of Gramoste, I swear.
Now I tell you everything I know.

What part did Bogdan play?

He was to give Gramoste
information for a year.

- And Aman?
- Aman had nothing to do with it.

- Please, believe me.
- He had nothing to do with you?

He was to run to
Vienna with his wife's jewels.

Gramoste used him
to put you off track...

Promised him to help him cross the border.

He put the slides
in Aman's library.

Then he phoned from in front
of his house to make you suspect him.

He said Aman was the front
behind which we worked.

- Where's Aman now?
- In Vienna.

- And the jewels?
- He has them.

The jewels are in the bag
you brought, and Aman is dead.

- Impossible.
- What about Traian Feraru?

Gramoste taught me what to tell you.
He made me learn the lesson.

He knew you'd ask me this.

Please, no more questions,
I can't give you any more answers...

- Yes!
- Panait speaking, put Vasiliu through.

- I sent Lucian to you.
- Understood!

- Anghel Feraru.
- Yes!

Hands up!

You know what this is? A grenade!

The safety pin is off.
If I let it go we blow up.

I want only Stamatiad.

Come, no more nonsense!
Out and straight ahead.

- Leave us alone.
- Come!

- Look...
- I told you to go!

- I have no gun.
- Shut up!

- I want to talk.
- I don't want to hear anything.

What I have to say
is important. I give you a car.

- Listen!
- Man, don't be stupid!

Hear me out!
Just two seconds!

Clam it!
Let it go if you have the guts!

- If he moves you shoot.
- He doesn't move!

- Where's the pin?
-In my pocket...

Put it on, Vasiliu.

- Mister, you forget your shoes.
- This always happens to me.

Thanks. I thank you.