Un monde plus grand (2019) - full transcript

From "Mon initiation chez les Chamanes" by Corine Sombrun. In order to forget the death of Paul, the man of her life, Corine leaves Paris for a few weeks, to direct a report in Mongolia. ...


Hi there!
- Hi.

I brought you some stuff
from the market.

Thanks, Louise.

Hey, it wasn't that fresh
to start with.

It's really showing now.

You're not eating much, huh?

That's the best take so far.

- Can we hear it, please?


I didn't record it.


I have a problem
with the preamp.

We'll redo it.

Forgive me.

I can't do it,
it's too hard.

Perhaps you could...

Remember that
documentary series project

about spirituality
across the globe?

At the time,
you wouldn't do it because of Paul.

We have a few more to do.

We have the texts but not the sound.
We need soundscapes.

Prayers, religious songs,
local music...



I think it would do you good
to get back in the field.

Where would I be going?

If I recall,
it's either African marabouts,

Mongolian shamans
or Tibetan monks.

Which is furthest away?
- Furthest away?

- I don't know.

I'll send you the file,
take a look, then...

You won't forget Paul's plant?
- No.

This trip will do you good.

We'll see.

Thank you.

We get out here.

Here. Go round the ovoo
three times,

throw your pebbles
and make a wish.

The spirits are always

on top of a mountain.

Corine, come on.

Your bathroom.

No shower tonight, then?

Not tonight, not tomorrow.

See you later.
- See you later.


Do you think the shaman
would like some table mats?

The Tsaatan don't have tables.

The offerings aren't for the shamans.

They're for the spirits.
What they like

is alcohol, sugar, biscuits.

Corine, wait for me here.

Corine, get your offerings
and come.

You go in first.


With your right hand.

She's asking for your name.

- Cori...

- Yes.

Do you have a husband
and children?


She said that...

if you marry a Mongolian
and become

a beautiful Mongolian girl,
that would be good.

Is it OK for me
to record the ceremony?

Wait a while for that.

Don't push her, please.

You can give your offering now.

With both hands.

I thought it was for the spirits.

She's making an offering
to the sky,

to the wind,

to the earth.

Like this?

Three times.
- Three times.

Then I drink.

She says you are sad.

What is she doing?

The woman can't get pregnant.

So she's doing
what has to be done.

What are all the bells
and twisted cords for?

They protect from bad encounters
and harmful beings.


What happened?

I need to go outside.

Why did you bring me this stranger?

Do you realize what you have done?

This woman is a shaman.

She almost died.

Last night,
the spirit of the wolf entered you.

He gave you his powers.

You must now learn
how to use them.

You are not here by chance.

You must have had
a big problem

in your life
before coming here.

You must stay here
for your apprenticeship.

You must do this.

If you don't do
what the spirits have decided for you,

your life will be even worse.

I won't stay here.

That woman freaks me out.

What's with her witchcraft crap?
"Do as I say or else".

I didn't sign up for this.
I'm here for a documentary.

Why did she say that stuff?


I've just lost my husband,
that's hard enough!

The shaman said
a spirit was watching over you.

It must be him.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

But I don't want to know.


She's asking if you saw him.
- Who?

the spirit of the mountain.

All shamans who go
into the forest see him.


Yesterday evening,

the spirit watching over me,
you said it may be my husband.

Does that mean shamans
can communicate with the dead?


Shamans can communicate
with the spirits of the dead.

During the trance,
the shaman's spirit goes to the dark land.

If it doesn't find its way
back to its body, it's very dangerous.

That's why
she needs to teach you.

Tell her I can't stay here.

She says you have no choice, Corine.

It is your destiny.

I'll be shaman in another life.

You will return
for your training.

She says to use this at home.

You will purify yourself.

Go, Corine.

Thanks for the shoes.

Is that you screaming?

That's crazy.

I don't understand
what happened.

I had lost control,

I was like an animal.

Yet I saw myself
trying to catch that drum.

I saw myself fight with the shaman.

But I couldn't stop myself.

Perhaps some sort of delirium?

The Mongolians say
it is triggered by the drum

and that only happens
to shamans.

They think I have powers.

Magic powers?

I don't know.

A gift...

They told me Paul was there.

What do you mean?

They say shamans can communicate
with people who are...

I don't think this trip
set you on the right path.

Don't you think
you should go to see a doctor?

Don't you mean a vet?

Making progress?
- Yes.

Want to hear it?
- Sure.

OK, wait...

What's that noise?

What noise?

You can't hear it?
- No.

You OK?

Yeah, forget it.

Right, this is...

the little woman singing.

A touch of Jew's harp, for example.

That's good.

It's not finished.
- No worries.

I need to get on.
- OK.

Don't you want to take a break?
- No thanks.

See you later.
- Yes.

Professor Laureys, please?

That way.
- Thank you.

Any family history
of psychiatric problems?

No, nothing.

Did you read much on the subject?

Could anything
have influenced your visions?

No, nothing at all.

That's interesting.

Your vision of the door, for example.

That is very frequent
in shamanic stories.

Do you believe in the invisible world,
spirits, all that?

As researcher, I don't believe.

I observe
and try to understand.


Is something wrong
inside my mind, then?

What day is it today?
- Thursday.

And what year?
- 2007.

Did you tell lies
when you were a child?

Like any other child,
I guess.

Has your interest in sexual acts
recently increased?

Keep your eyes shut.
- No.

Do you think you have
a special gift or power?

Open your eyes.
- What do I say to that?

Answer honestly.

I don't know, perhaps.

Do you think thoughts
can be put into your head?

In your opinion?

Do you think strange forces work on you,
as if you were hypnotized?

Or a magician was working on you?

The brain scan is normal.

The electroencephalogram,
totally normal.

So, nothing to worry about.

My sister will be relieved.

Can you come tonight?

I don't know, Louise.
We'll see.

That's why I need you.
Otherwise, I'll do it alone.

Tell Sam to come then.
You never know.

Could you bring some flowers
from your shop?

See you tonight.

I bet nothing happens.

I think you need a real drum,
and the atmosphere's different.

At worst, I may tremble.

Could you switch off the light?


What are you doing?

It's for the spirits,
they like vodka and cigarettes.

- When in doubt...

I'd rather keep them happy.


Do it.

I panicked.

If you could have seen yourself!

I didn't recognize you.

You were like an animal.
- I was at the door!

Why did you call them?

You're scaring me.

Don't cry.
Look, I'm fine.

Don't worry, OK?

Have you ever had epileptic fits?
- No.

Problems with alcohol?
- No.

Animal hallucinations
are frequent with delirium tremens.

I had drunk in Mongolia,
but not this time...

Do you take drugs? LSD?

- No.

- No.

I think you have had
a psychotic break.

It's quite frequent
after losing a loved one.

I'll prescribe an antidepressant

and a neuroleptic.

We'll start with three months.

I feel totally normal,
just tired.

If every time
you hear a drum

you think you're a wolf,
there's a little problem.

The drugs will help you overcome

your loss and anxiety.

Thank you.

I'd also recommend psychotherapy.

All right.

Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

- Goodbye, madam.


She doesn't care
what's going on in my mind.

She wants to put it to sleep.

Flatten it with drugs.

I won't take them.

It's to make you suffer less.

If that means forgetting Paul,
I don't want it.

I want to stay with him.

You should take the medication.
What if it happens again?

What if it's Paul, calling me?
What do we know?

Perhaps the shamans are right,
I have access to another world.

Stop that, Corine.

Take the medication, please.



Who here, apart from me,
can say their brain is healthy?

I have proof.

That's reassuring.

When you're in a trance,

you access information
you can't when you're in a normal state.

It's as if your perception

of the environment, of others,
even your own body, is bigger.

As if the world was bigger.

Imagine the floors
of the Eiffel Tower.

The view isn't the same
from the 1st or 3rd floor.

Yet all you see is real.

It looks different because
your point of view has changed.

Second helping, anyone?
- No, thanks.

Didn't Artaud say
theater was like a trance?

Artaud ended up in an asylum.

Got a better example?

I'd love to see you
transform into a wolf.

Wolf or not, I think trance
gives me access...

to other abilities.

I hold a treasure in my hands.

Are you going back
to Mongolia?

Yes, I have to,
if I want to learn.

Stop it, Corine.

You know you're not going back
to advance science.


That's true.

I'm going for Paul.

Sorry, but if I...

If I can get in touch with him...

even for three seconds,
I have to try.

Are you insane?

You're fooling yourself!

Paul is dead,
he's not behind the door!

Get that into your head!

Accept it, once and for all!

Drop the rubbish
about an invisible world.

Yes, but...

If it does me good to believe,
why wouldn't I do it?

Who does it bother?
- Me!

It bothers me!

And Mom and Dad,
why aren't they behind the door?

Perhaps they are.
- Right...

Ah, a little family reunion?

Enough, Louise.

How long will you be gone?
Two, three months?

I'm just trying to feel better, Louise.

What do I have to lose?

You're going insane
and you don't have a clue.



Your sister's just afraid.
- She's afraid of everything!

Whatever I say,
it bugs everyone.

I talk about Paul or what happens to me,
it bugs everyone.

If I can't talk about it, what can I do?
- That's not true.

I can hear that sound again.
- What sound?

Can't you hear it?
- I don't understand.

I can't hear anything.
- Go see a doctor!

A doctor? I'm fine.

No, you're not fine.

Do it for me, please.
Just to see if I'm totally messed up.

Stop it.
- Please.


Am I disturbing you?
- No.

I tried to call you
but you never answer.

I was learning Mongolian,
very focused.

I only have vodka,
'cos I have to train.

That's fine.

You're bilingual.
- It's really hard.

I have...

I have a small spot
on my left lung.

They're going to operate.

A spot? You mean...
- Cancer, yes.

But as they've caught it in time,
my chances are good.

You may have saved my life.

I wanted you to know.

Thank you.

There, I'm ready!

When do we start?

I can't do it.


Is your grandmother
messing with me?

You OK?
- Yes.

I flew 8,000 km
to fill buckets of water.


She says: "Listen to your fork."

You do too many things at once,
that's why you're tired.

I'm tired because I work all day.


If you pay attention
to what you do,

you won't be tired,
you will get stronger.

I can't take any more.
I hurt all over.

When do we do the ceremony?

What did she say?
- She said you're a little asshole!

And that will be your shaman name.

You want to know
the name of the flower

before you have planted the seed.

Part of your soul
left with that of your husband.

That is why
you cannot grieve your loss.

Burn these matches, one by one,
until the last one,

so that your soul can find its way back.

All sorrow comes to an end.

You must accept that.

My shaman costume?

No, wait!




No, not this...

Not this...

With a little bag, like this.

Huh? No?

A bag, a little bag...


What's wrong?

I lost Paul's ashes.

Your husband...
you must leave him in peace.

Stop looking for him.
- That's my problem.

I'm fed up. How long have I been here?
When do I start my training?

It's already started.

But I haven't learned
any shamanic stuff.

When do we do the ceremony?

When the spirits decide.

What are they waiting for?

For you to be ready.
- I am ready.

I am ready.

You have to be a warrior
to enter the dark world.

What's happening?

Corine, come with me.

I'll explain after.
- Why?

I thought ceremonies
only took place at night.

She's doing a fake ceremony.

She is?

Instead of shamanic songs,

she's reciting recipes.

That way, she doesn't disturb
her spirits and the tourists are happy.

Why does she do that?

They need money,
they are in a difficult situation.

What's wrong?
- Her back's hurting.

As she pretends to enter a trance,
she feels the full weight of the drum.

It's her punishment.

She says your powers
are growing.

She's saying that to please me.

Want to know something?

I don't think I have power.
It's all nonsense.

I can't translate that for her.

What's this about fake ceremonies?
Is it to fool people?

With the Jew's harp,
you're a shaman on foot.

It will help you call up the spirits.

When you get your drum,

you will be a shaman on horseback.

All things come.

You have all your tools, now.

Your armor and your mount!

Look at this.

I'm pretty nervous.

Will there be lots of people?


The birth of a shaman is important.

They won't be disappointed.

What did your husband do?

He was a musician.

He played piano and cello.

He had beautiful hands.

We traveled a lot together.

For his concerts.

I always went with him

because we couldn't be apart,
even for a day.

That went on for ten years.

Then just when we wanted
to start a family, he fell ill.

All our dreams, our projects,
came to an end.

We had five years
of total nightmare.

Just before he died...

we swore we would
see each other again.

It's too heavy.

Well done, girl.
You managed to come back by yourself.

I didn't see him.

I didn't see him.

Give me that.
- No.

Yes, and that.
- No, not that.

What is it?
- My drum.

They almost confiscated it.
- The drum?

Because it's shamanic,
they didn't think it belonged to me.

You're looking good.


You too.

Hello, Violette.

Hello, Violette.


A Tsaatan friend made it.
It's reindeer antler.

Thank you.

What are you going to do now?

You'll worry.
- No.

Tell me.

The wolf.

The wolf?

Corine Sombrun initiated
the first neuroscience research

into Mongolian shamanic trances.

After 10 years of effort
and experimenting,

she managed to get the study of trances
accepted in scientific circles.

Research projects are ongoing
in the fields of psychiatry,

medicine and neuroscience...