Un monde (2021) - full transcript

When Nora witnesses Abel being bullied by other kids, she rushes to protect him. But Abel forces her to remain silent. Caught in a conflict of loyalty, Nora tries to find her place, torn between children's and adult's worlds.

Don't worry. I'll see you at break-time.

You'll make lots of friends.

It'll be all right. Don't worry.

It'll be all right.

I swear, it'll all work out.
See you at break-time.

I need to go, all right?

Off you go, Abel.
Your class has already gone in.

Sir! Sir!

Parents can no longer go inside
with their children, sorry.

Come on.

Come on.

See you later.

It'll be all right. You'll see.

Go on, get going.

My name is Aïcha.

Thank you, Aïcha.

- And you?
- My name is Jeanne.

Thank you, Jeanne.


Thank you, Thiago.


And you?

Tell us your name.

Go on.


Thank you, Nora.


Leave the room quietly, please!

- Where are you going?
- To sit with my brother.

You can't change seats during lunch.

- Sit back down, please.
- I don't know anybody.

You'll make new friends. Sit back down.

Miss? What did I just say?

Why aren't you unpacking your lunch?

I'm not hungry.

Don't come over here. We're beating up
the new kids with Antoine.

But you said we'd play together.

We'll play tonight, all right?

You see the break lady over there?

Go on, stay with her.

I want to stay with you!

- Abel! Whatchu doin'?
- If you stay, you'll get beat up.

- Abel, come on!
- Coming!

I told you not to follow me.
Come on, get going.

- Do you want to play?
- No.

This here is our turf!

- I'll smack you if you snitch!
- We run this school!

Don't snitch, you hear?

- You ain't going anywhere.
- You talk, you're dead!

- Keep your mouth shut!
- Don't move!

Don't look at me!

You gotta learn!
Hands behind your back...

Get out of here!

Stop, that's my sister. Please.

- I don't give a damn!
- Leave her.

- No.
- Please.

I don't care if she's your sister!
Is she your girlfriend as well?

Wanna give her a hug?
And a couple of kisses?

You angry, huh?
You're mad 'cus of your sister...

- Stop it!
- What'chu doin'?

Don't touch me. Don't even look at me.

- Don't look at me...
- Stop!

- Whatchu say?
- Get off her!

What's your problem?

What's going on here?

Stop! Stop this!


You stand over there
and calm down, got it?

Over there. I'll be right back.

No, Antoine, you stay there!

The rest of you, go play somewhere else.

All right? Did you have a good day?

I wasn't able to be with Abel.

That's normal.
Abel's got his own friends.

You need to make friends too.

I don't want to.

You can't always count
on Abel to help you.

Didn't you like it?

Hey, I'm talking to you.
Weren't you hungry?

What's wrong?

- Are you all right?
- Hey.

- What's this?
- I was playing football.

I scored two goals.


Proud of you!

- Doesn't it hurt?
- No, I'm fine.

All right, come on. Let's go.

Do you need help with your laces?


Does anyone need help?

Can't you tie your laces yet?

If you're ready,
line up so we can head out.

All right, let's go.

Look straight ahead... That's great.

Good going, you two.

It's not a race, Mathias. Start again.

That's good, keep your shoulders level.

Very good, Mathias.

All right, next!

Go on.

- Move!
- Shut up.

Go on, Nora. Your turn.

Nice and easy.

Take your time. That's good.

Keep your arms out.

Very good.

All right, stand up. On your feet.

I'm here, don't worry.

That's it.

Very good. Next.

Great. Stand up straight.

Look straight ahead.
It's important to look ahead.

Look straight ahead.

Look at the wall bars.


You make the second loop...

And then you turn it round...

With the little hole there,

you put the second loop inside
and then you pull on it.

That's how you tie laces.
If you want it tighter, make two knots.

The other way.

- Got it.
- Well done.

Stop it!

Get moving! Are you deaf?

Go on, move it!

Don't you know how to walk?

- What's the matter?
- Leave me alone!

- Yeah, sure we will!
- Just stop.

Madame Agnès!

Madame Agnès!

- Stop it!
- "Stop it!"

Madame Agnès!
My brother is getting beat up.

Leave me alone...

Hey! What's this? What are you doing?

- Mind your own business.
- What did you just say?

You ain't our teacher.
Can't tell us nothin'.

Don't speak to me like that.
You and I will talk during break.

What? About the weather?

- What's going on?
- He's hitting my brother.

She's having a go at me.
I didn't do anything...

Can you move your pupils along?

All right, let's go.

Keep moving.

Go on, keep moving.

All right, jump!

Did I say "fool around"? Go take a seat.



Very good.

Wait for my signal.

Go on, Nora. Jump!

Take my hand.

On the count of three. One, two...

Well, it's something much bigger.

A car?

You think it's a car?

- An elephant? A giraffe?
- No.

- A tiger.
- No...

- A kangaroo?
- No.

- A lion?
- No.

- A motorway?
- No!

- A lunch box?
- No.

- A rhinoceros?
- No.

Is it a scary animal?


- A dinosaur!
- You got it!

What is it?

- A horse.
- What?

- An alpaca.
- What?

- A horse?
- No.

- A giraffe?
- No.

Oh, I know.

It's a sandwich.

Yeah, kind of!

Stop it!

Stop! Stop it!

Wanna play with us?

You're lame! You never want to play!

Madame! Madame!

One second, I'm busy.

- But Madame!
- Why did you do this?

- See what you did?
- My brother is getting beat up!

I'm coming!

I don't want to see this happen again.

- Are you all right?
- Don't get involved.

Why are they doing this?

I don't know.

So, what's going on here?

Why are you soaking wet?

Spit it out, what happened here?

We had a water fight.

You don't play in the toilets.
Especially not with water.

Go back to the playground.

Don't tell anyone.

Not even Daddy?

No, that'd only make things worse.

All right...

Cross the laces,
then you pull on it like this.

And that's the first knot.

Then you make a big loop,
then you turn the lace around it...

- All right.
- Then you have a little hole.

And then you pass the lace through.
Then you have two loops.


Then you pull,
and that's how you tie laces!

Well done! See? You got it!

Abel! Abel, over here.

Bad day?

We lost at football.

It's good to lose too.
That's how you learn.

Very good. Now the other way.

Keep going, hold it.


Arms out straight.

Change direction.

- Are you alright?
- I don't want you near me no more.

- Go away.
- But I want to help you.

I didn't ask for help. Go away.

Why are you being mean to me?

When you hang around with me,
I get beaten up.

- Is that what you want?
- No.

Just forget it.

You won't stand up for yourself.

Go on, get lost.

Get lost!

A lady will paint our faces
whatever way we want.

- Can she make me a mouse?
- Yeah, and there'll be a piñata.

I can invite everyone in our class,
and others if I want.

- Can I come with my brother?
- Does your brother play football?

- A little.
- Then no.


Because footballers are racist.

My brother isn't racist.
He plays football for fun.

Do you even know what a racist is?

Racists are people
who only think of themselves.

Like the big kids
in the playground playing football.

- That's gross.
- Cringe...

He needs a nappy, he's pissed himself!

- Don't make fun of him.
- Are you going to put him on the potty?

- What's wrong with your brother?
- Nothing.

Look, his trousers are all wet.

Is he four years old or something?

That's gross...

All right, have a good day.

- Go on.
- I've got a tummy ache.

You can't skip school
because of a little accident.


Chin up, lad.

Hey, don't worry about your brother.

- He doesn't want to go to school.
- I know.

It's not because he wet himself.

What's the reason then?


I promised not to say.

I won't say anything. Now tell me.

Tell me.

He is...

He's having problems
with the other boys.





Their-wings, like-scissors,



Why does your daddy bring you to school?

Doesn't he have a job?

- He looks after us.
- That's not a real job.

No, but it can become a real job.

Do you know what a "scrounger" is?

It's someone who doesn't want to work.

They stay at home
and let people give them money.

- They're lazy.
- My daddy isn't lazy.

Can you make room, please?

Something stinks.

Why are you sitting here?

- To be with his sister.
- Who's his sister?

- You?
- No.

It's her.

Don't you have a bathroom at home?

Your brother stinks of piss.

Your turn!

The ground is on fire!
If you fall, you're dead.

Quickly! Quickly!

You lose! You're dead.
You go lie under the bench.

Go on, you're dead!
Go lie under the bench.

Go on!

- I don't want to play any more.
- It's not a game.

If you quit, you won't go
to Victoire's birthday party.

Can I try again?

Hmm... No!

Give her a second chance.

All right, but it's the last time.

- Yeah! You did it!
- I win.

Fine, whatever...

I knew you could do it.

- Why don't you try?
- All right.

With no help.

If you can't do it,
we'll do it with help.

But not this turn.

OK! Now, with help. But quickly.

Quicker, quicker, quicker!

Is that them? Abel, is that them?

- Forget it, Dad, we were just playing.
- Are you hassling my son?

- Don't take me for an idiot.
- We didn't do nothin', sir.

I don't want you near my son, got it?

- Got it?
- We didn't do nothin'...

- Dad...
- Next time, I tell your parents.

- This isn't a game!
- This is my problem...

- Understood?
- It's my problem, Dad!

- Your problems are my problems.
- Boys, line up.

- Hey, it's good you told me, all right?
- Sir!

If it starts again, tell me.

- I'm counting on you...
- Sir!

Well done! Are you happy now?

You won't stand up for yourself,
so I told Dad.

If you stick your nose in again,
you're dead.

I'm here!

No, this way!

- I'm here!
- This way!

This way!

- It's not funny.
- Stop it!

- Stop it!
- Are you OK? Does it hurt?

Come on.

One, two, three...


- This way!
- This way!

This way! Nora!

Over here!

- This way!
- Nora!

- Get off the pitch!
- Move!

Get out of here!

Madame! Madame!

What's going on now?

- She won't let us play.
- Can't you pay more attention?

Try to stay away from the pitch, OK?

There's plenty more space to play.

Pay a little attention with that ball!

Look, you're bleeding.

We'll disinfect this
before you go back in.

Come on.

Can I go?

Hold on, I'm almost done.


No, break time is over.

Go to class now.

Come on, Nora.

Come on.

No, Nora!

You go to class now. Come on, please.

How many black stars do you count?


You get the number after adding them up.


Go on, Nora. Have a go.

It's good you want to help,

but it's better
if she works it out for herself.

We'll work on this together after, OK?

Keep working, class.

Nora, there's been a problem
with your brother.

- Where is he?
- Don't worry, your dad is already here.

We'll need to have a talk with him.

I want to see him.

We'll go see him after.

Leave the room quietly, like grown-ups.

All right?

It's normal to fight at their age.

There's no need to worry.

It wasn't just a fight.

Did you see something?

Tell me.

What did you see?

They put him in the bin.

I saw everything and I said nothing.

None of this is your fault.

It is.

I told Daddy and things got worse.

Your brother needed help.

You did a very good thing
by telling us, I think.


When you help people, things get worse.

I think that...

We can't always help people
in the way they'd like to be helped.

Promise you won't say anything?

All right.

Keep your fingers pointed!

Is it true your brother
was shut inside the bin?


You're lying.

I wouldn't want a brother like that.

All right?

Your dad is by the fence.

He's not supposed to be there.

Nora, tell me where Abel is.

He hasn't come down yet.

- Why are you here? It's not allowed.
- I came to check on your brother.

Daddy, you can't be here.

What are you doing there?

- Come on...
- Get away from there, now!

Nora, over here.

I'm here, do you see me?


Get that bin.

Pick it up.

Come on.

That's it, now climb on top.

Climb up!

Look, grab my hands.

Right, now tell me about Abel.

We don't play together.

If you have a problem, you tell me.

All right. Now go.

Wait... Do you know how long he'll be?


Nora, I'm trusting you.

- Are you listening?
- Go now.

One, two, three... Green light!

- One, two...
- You moved!

Nora moved.

One, two, three... Green light!

- Are you playing or not?
- I am.

Move then!

- One, two, three... Green light!
- I win!

How about we ask your brother to play?


One, two, three... Green light!

You both moved!

One, two, three... Green light!

One, two...

Have our seats.

Please, come in.

Come on, Abel.

Come on.

Nora, are you coming?

Come on.

Antoine admits telling his friends
to take part in the attack on Abel.

- If it starts again, I will report it.
- We'll make sure this stops.

If there's a problem,
you need to tell us.

Now say you're sorry.

- Sorry...
- Don't apologise to your father.

Apologise to my son.

Do as he says.

- Sorry.
- Say it louder.

I heard him, Dad.

Everyone needs to hear you.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

I'm sure that the four of you
are able to get along now, all right?


Now I'd like all of you
to each shake his hand.



- Nobody will want to play with me.
- Everyone always likes football.

And if they don't?

Say you'll be goalie.

Everyone likes scoring goals.

- It'll be all right.
- Daddy?

Why don't you work like the other dads?

Because I look after you two.

If you had a real job,
you wouldn't be able to visit at break.

- Are you annoyed that I care for you?
- A little.

- You too?
- No, I'm fine with it.

Don't worry, it'll be OK.
If not, you have your sister.

You know that girl who was always sick?


We never saw her again.

- What are you doing?
- She's buried here.

Kids aren't buried in the sandpit.

- I'm taking your bird.
- No!

I told you all not to touch it.

It's really very dirty.

Know why the grown-ups
didn't want us coming here?

They didn't want us
to see them burying the girl.

You're talking rubbish.

There's lots of dead kids
buried under here, I'm sure.

And they'll bury others
who'll be dead soon.

It's not deep enough to bury kids.

Have you ever reached the bottom?

I've never been able to.

- It's deeper than the sea.
- Is the sea deep?

Over 1000 metres deep.

Closer to the surface!

Even closer to the surface!

Stretch out your arms!

Keep going, keep going!

Go on, keep your arms out.

Legs out, work the hips.

Not your knees! No bent knees.

All right, keep going.

Remember to do a joined-up "s".

I want one.

This is for my birthday.
You're welcome to come.

I want one!

There isn't one for you.

Why can't I have one?


Victoire, please.

- I want her to come.
- You have to choose!

If she comes,
we'll never play together again!

Let go!


No! Let go!

Give them back!

Give them back! Don't!

That's enough! Calm down.

- Get up, Nora.
- We're not friends!

Stand back!

Right, stand back.

Everyone stand back.

What's going on?

- I was handing out invites...
- Nora came and ripped them!

One at a time... Victoire, tell me.

I was handing out party invites,
then Nora took them and ripped them.

If we could have stopped
this all from happening,

we would have.

Why didn't you do anything?

Because sometimes,
we don't know what to do.

Will you stick them back together?


Go on, Nora.

But we were going to invite
Nora and her brother.

Victoire, explain yourself.

If there's not enough places,
I can come without Abel.

Did you say there weren't enough places?

There's space for everyone.
Don't worry about that.

Are you annoyed Abel was invited?

Abel, we'd love you to come.

You could make some new friends.

I don't know...

I've always taught her
to not exclude anyone.

I don't know what's got into her.
I don't like this attitude.

I don't want a birthday party now.

You can't call it off. You made a list.

Forget it.
It's all right. They won't go.

No! I want to go!

Let's go, Abel.

Nora, come on.

- No.
- Give me your hand.

- Give me your hand!
- No.

Don't embarrass me like this. Come on.

What was that all about?



Very good.

Nora, carry on.

Go on, Nora. Your turn.

I don't know where we are.

We're here.




Very good.

Now you, Souleymane. Can you continue?


Why are you still here?

Haven't you taken a shower yet?

Dude, just get lost!

Hasn't your dad ever shown you how?


Ah, I can't breathe!

What about your sister?
Didn't she show you?

He's not my brother.

Oh yeah, they found you in a bin, right?

Cut it out, it's not funny.

All right, kids, have a good day.

- Bye, Abel.
- Bye.

Get going, you'll be late.

How deep is the sea?

It's quite deep.

How many times deeper than the pool?

It depends. Further out, it's deeper.


Three times deeper? Four times?

I don't know.

Ask your teacher
to help with your sweater, OK?

But how many times deeper is it?

- A lot more. Now get going.
- But how many times?

I don't know! 100 times.
400 times, maybe. It's huge.

- 400 times?
- Yeah.

Now go on. Don't be late.

- Goodbye, Madame Agnès.
- Goodbye, Madame.

Are you going to another school?

Yes, if I can find a place there.

Will we see you again?

I'll come back to see you.

Goodbye, Madame Agnès.

Thank you.

It's beautiful.

All right?

Don't cry.


It'll be all right...



It's OK, it's OK.


All right, Nora?

Take a seat for a bit.

Carry on, the rest of you.
Keep kicking your legs.

Go on, all the way.
Breathe out in the water...

That's it, keep going.

Go on, that's great! Keep going.

Whoa, nice!

- Yeah, not bad.
- Here, let me show you.

I hate you!

Everyone hates you!

That's not true. Say sorry.

- I'm all alone because of you!
- Say sorry!

Get off me!

Get off me!

- Get lost.
- I wish you were dead!

Get off me!

Get off! Get off!

- Stop it!
- Get lost!

Stop it!


Sit where I asked you to.

You can't change my seat.
I've got merit points.

This has nothing to do with points.
I told you already.

Everyone else has switched.

We'll change the seating later.

Later when?

Right, that's enough.

Right, you can go here. Sit down.

No, let her do it. Nora, pick it up!

Pick it up right now!

That's it, get up.

Let go.

Let go, now!

Calm down!

When you do as I say,
you can come back inside!





It's Nora.

Why are you crying?

Is it because of my brother?




- I went to the toilets.
- You have to ask first.

Have you calmed down?

Are you sure?

Right, go inside.

OK, next.

Go on, sit with your sister.

Sit a bit closer.

Put your hand on her shoulder...
That's it.

Look towards the camera.

All right, smile.


OK, thank you. Next, please.

Go on, get him!

Right in the head!

Now you hold him.

You hold him.

Well, I've got Fortnite
and Games of Thrones...

I only get 30 minutes each day.

I only get 20 minutes to play.
And it has to be before dinner.

- Do you know what Tik Tok is?
- Don't know it.

Want me to tell you what it is?

Well, Tik Tok is an app where...

You post videos,
but you don't have to post them...


Why are you doing this?

You'd rather it be me getting beat up?


Anyway, it's too late.
Don't get involved, OK?

Is this my fault?

Just forget it. Dad's waiting for us.

All right, champ?

Aren't you going to say hello?

Thank you.

What? Don't you want it?

I got vanilla, your favourite.

All right, Abel?

What's going on with your brother?






- Stop!
- Get off me!

Stop it, please!

Abel, stop!

Get off him!