Un jeu d'enfants (2001) - full transcript

Content with two children in an upper class French marriage, a woman finds herself faced with visions of rape, violence and the supernatural. Her husband, a successful businessman also starts experiencing hallucinations in which he often ends up physically hurt. Their babysitter hangs herself and the children begin acting strangely, their sadistic behavior arousing suspicion. It becomes apparent that the children's bodies have been possessed/inhabited by two dirty, old people.



Of course, Joseph.

Yes, yes, I'm sending you
the first 15 pages.

Yes, I like the book very much.


Oh no. It'll be quite easy to translate.

I didn't notice any particular problem.
Absolutely not.



Yes, absolutely.

What do you want?

Rubber bands.

I know I'm a little late, but don't worry.

Yes. I'll send it all to you
in three weeks, when I'm done.

We'll take that chance to eat together.

Yes, thanks.

Bye, Joseph. See you soon.

Knock, knock.

May I come in?

No, Mom.

It's a secret place.

I see. Do I have to leave, then?

Yes, but you'll be able
to come in one day.

You have to wait.

Well, I look forward to that day.

If you want your snack,
it's in the kitchen.

Who do you want in the Ramses family?

The grandfather.

What else?

-I was wrong.
-In the Modern family

Leave it Daphnée, I'll do it.

Give them a bath now,
so you can leave early.

-The grandmother.

Ask him for the sister, Aude.

In the Ramses family,
ask him for the sister.

But, I have it. Oh no!

In the Modern family, I want the sister.


Good evening, ma'am.

We're sorry to bother you at this hour.

-Are you Mrs. Faurel?
-Yes, that's me.

We're the Worms children.

You probably don't know who we are.

So let me explain.

My sister and I lived in this
apartment when we were children.

While in Paris, we thought that maybe…

we could see this place
that is so dear to us.

Do you still have
the stove in the kitchen?

Because it was so hard to get it up here.

No, my father had a boiler
installed when he arrived.

But, please come in.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

If you only knew
how important it is to us.

When my parents died,
I hesitated to sell it, then…

In the end, my husband and I decided
to move in two months ago.

It's very moving.

So many memories…

The paintings
are in a deplorable state, but…

I'm afraid if I touch it, the
apartment will lose some of its soul.


Actually, the only thing
my parents did was…

the bathroom, unfortunately.


I imagine it's pretty close to what
you experienced as kids.


Pretty close.

Excuse me.

-Marianne? That's it!

You got the job?

Yes! I'm calling from my new office.

That's great! Are you happy?

Yes, very.

I'll be home late,
I have a lot of work to do.

Put the kids to bed and stay up.

Of course I will.

Jacques, I have to go, I have guests.

Really? Who?

A brother and sister
who lived here as kids.

They wanted to see the apartment again.

That's funny.


I've always wanted to do that
with the house in Boulogne.

I have to go.
I'll try to get home by nine.

OK. See you later, my love.

Mr. and Mrs. Worms?

Mr. and Mrs. Worms?

Goodbye, sir. Goodbye, ma'am.

Good evening, children.

-Are we friends now?

Are you OK, kids?

Look Mom, I'm going to win.

We took the liberty
to continue on our own.

Did you see everything?

Yes, our room, our parents' room.


-It's getting late.
-I'll walk you out.

Thank you.

Thank you very much
for allowing us to see it again.

Are you coming?


Stop dragging your feet.


Mom, why don't you want us to stay?

Because it's nice outside
and I want you to go out.

But we've already been out today.

Stop arguing, that's just the way it is.

-Play for an hour, then come home.

See you later!

See you later!

Have fun.

We can go, I have the tickets. Here.

Several levels of graves appear.
Up to 2,5 m deep,

which continues

to worry the parking lot builders.

The necropolis of the early
Middle Ages is very…

Mrs. Faurel, I'm leaving.

Of course, go home.

Are the children asleep?

-Did you tell them a story?
-Yes, they're sleeping.

You're perfect.

You'll finish earlier tomorrow.

For once, my son and his wife
are not going out.

OK. Goodbye, ma'am.

Goodbye, Daphnée.

You have to do it.

I don't want to do that.

I don't want to do that.

Aude, Aude. Shh…

Wake up. It's a nightmare.


I don't want to do it.

-You don't want to do what?
-It's a secret, don't tell.

Tell me.

Don't tell.

What was in your dream?


What did you dream about?

Nothing. I was sleeping.

Please talk to me.

Talk to me.

What are you doing, Julien? Lie down.

Hello, sweethearts. How are you?

How did it go?


It's the holidays!

I got good grades. You want to see, Mom?

Show me at home. Grandma will be there.

It's Dad's birthday,
so let's get him a nice present.

-Why don't we bake him a cake?

Excuse me, ma'am. Please.

One of your purchases must not
have been demagnetized.

I don't know, I just bought a perfume.

Can I look at your bag?

-In my bag?


-Hello, ma'am.
-Hello, ma'am.

This is certainly an error in our system.

There must be an object
that triggers the alarm.

-Can I look at your bag?

It's just a little check.

You want to check
if I stole something. I didn't.

I paid for this perfume
and I want to go home.

Marianne, do as they say.

If you stole nothing,

show them your bag
and let's get out of here.

Go ahead, check.

Thank you.

Ma'am, I'm sorry,
but you'll have to explain.

I assure you, I… I…

I don't know how it could be,
I don't understand.


Of course.


Did you play a joke on me?

No, Mom.

Do you promise?

It's OK, but tell me.

We didn't do anything, Mom.

"He pulled some feathers
from Horace's cushion

"and arranged them
into a large square bed.


"Goldilocks decided it was time to leave

"the bear family's home."

And then?

Then it's time to sleep.


Mom will tell you the rest tomorrow.

Good night, Aude.

Good night, Julien.

Honey, don't worry too much.

Someone took advantage of your
inattention and put it in your bag.

That's all.

No, I don't think so.

Maybe I did it without realizing it.

I'm afraid I'll fall off the wagon
like I did last time.

Stop. We said we weren't going
to talk about this anymore.

Come eat dinner.

Focus your vision on the center

with eyes wide open.

What do you see?

I see a circle with white dots.

And on the top right, a small blue cross.

What about now?

A lower case "e".

Your cataract
does not have a foreign body.

Look, I don't see anything wrong.

Maybe it's just fatigue?

Have you ever had this kind of problem?

Yes, once, a long time ago.

What were you given at the time?

I can't remember. It was a long time ago.

Use these drops as soon as
your eyes start to burn,

but above all, stay at home in peace

and avoid the sun.

Did you find what you wanted?


-What's wrong?

Why the funny face?

What face?

You're looking at me funny.

-Were you watching me?
-Of course not.

You were.

Are you afraid I'll steal again?

Do you want to check my bag too? Go ahead.

Stop, my love. Everything's fine, I swear.



Oh Geneviève!

Geneviève, what's going on?

Where are the children?

I don't know, they were playing.

Aude! Julien!

The door's locked!

-What's wrong?

I don't know, the kids are locked up.
They aren't answering.

Where's my mother?

In the living room.
The door's locked, too.


Mom, what…

I must have dozed off.

Hold on.

All the doors are locked.

Julien, Aude! Open the door!

What's this about? Come and open the door!

Aude, Julien!

Aude, Julien, answer!


Where were you?

Did you lock the doors?

-No, Dad.
-We were playing.

What were you playing?

We were in the basement.

But you can't go down there.

You played with the locks.

No, Dad.

Don't lie, Julien.

He's not lying, Dad.

I don't understand.

I didn't doze off
for more than five minutes.

I'm sure of it.

It's OK, Geneviève.

Stay in your bath
for another five minutes.

Grandma will dry you off, OK?

You don't mind, Geneviève?

Of course not.

It can't be the kids, impossible.

-Who then?
-I don't know.

Even when my parents were here,
we never had those keys.

What about those people the other day?


The brother and sister
who lived here before.

The Worms?


Maybe they kept a key.

Why would they do that?

I don't know. You don't know them
and you let them in.

Stop, Jacques, stop.

I'm calling the police.

Can you do the bedroom door now?

It's locked too?

I told you, all the doors are locked.

Go ahead.

Is anything missing?

No, I don't think so.
I have my computer, my camera.

No, no, absolutely not.

So, do you still want to press charges?


Against what? There was no break-in,

nothing was stolen.

You want me to investigate

locked doors?

-What will you do about the Worms?

I've been talking about them for an hour!

The brother and sister?

Are you going to look into them?

There are four inspectors
for the whole district.

We have other priorities.

Because it measures time.

Show us, Julien.

Grab her by the waist.


Go ahead.

Just like that, good job.

The other way.

Aude, Julien, are you here?

What are you doing here?

You know your parents don't want
you to play in the basement.

And with a candle? What were you thinking?

Do you want to burn down the building?

It's time for your bath.


Are you here?

Hello, Jacques.

-Is Marianne with the kids?
-No, they're sleeping.

Your wife's at the theater.

Oh yes, that's right. I had forgotten.

Nice dress. Are you going out tonight?

No, I just bought it.
I like it very much, too.

-Have you had dinner?

I can stay, if you want.
It's not nice to have dinner alone.

Thank you, that's nice,
but don't bother with me.

I don't mind!

You must have something
more exciting to do, right?

How's school?
Are you still taking history?


It's not exciting, but it's OK.

Yeah, I understand.

Do you want to call a cab?

No, thank you.

You know I live five minutes away.

Bye, Jacques.

Bye, Daphnée.

Well, my angel,

you're not in bed?

I wanted to see you.

I'll tell you a nice story,
then you can go to sleep.


Mr. Jacques Faurel?


Inspector Monnier,
from the 13th district station.

I'm calling about Miss Daphnée Vermot.

Is she your children's babysitter?

Yes, why?

We just found her in her apartment.
She hanged herself.

Can you hear me?



It's a suicide.

And we know from a neighbor that
she was babysitting for you.

Did you see her tonight?

Yes, she was here. She left an hour ago.

Did you notice anything
that would explain her actions?

Can you hear me? Mr. Faurel?

I'm sorry? Yes, yes, sorry.

Did you notice anything in particular

in this young person lately.

No, no, not especially, uh…

My wife usually saw her.

Maybe she was feeling
a little lonely here in Paris.

She wanted to stay a little later
with the kids tonight.

Sorry, huh…

My wife just came home. Hold on.


She hanged herself.

It's the police…

We mustn't tell the kids.

Pierre! Pierre, my baby! My baby!


…the snot that runs.

I suck.

There you go!


Here, honey. There you go!

Catch it with your hand.

I can't.



Throw it to me, sweetheart.

Oh, no. Not that way!

Do you want to go home?

I feel like it's going to rain.


I think it's going to rain.
I think we should go home.

Would you like one more cake?
Julien, do you want more cake?

I don't.

What are you doing? Let's go.

Would you like cake, honey?

Where are you going?

Go get him, Jacques!

We're coming. Go, go, go!

Marianne, are you coming?

Wake up.

Come on.

Good night, Julien.

Good night, Aude.

See you tonight, kids.

See you tonight, Dad.

Julien, stop with those marbles.

Eat your cereal.

Will you stay with us now?

Well, yes, during the holidays,
then we'll see.

So it's great that Daphnée is dead.

What did you say?

That Daphnée is dead.

Who told you that?

You did.

I never said that!

You did last night
when you told us a story.

You told us Daphné hanged herself.

I didn't…

You even said it would happen to us
if we were bad.

We're good, right Mom? We're good?

Of course you're good, you're very good.

I would never hurt you, never.

What about Dad?

And neither would Dad! Dad loves you, too.

I want to talk to inspector Mayens.

Jacques, the meeting is about to begin.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

To conclude,
according to our growth curve,

the acquisition of Digital Design
will let us diversify our activities

and significantly penetrate
the Southeast Asian market.

Thank you, Jacques.

We know what we have to do

if we want to compete with the Germans.

Yes, Patrick?

I also think Digital Design would
be interesting for the group,

but Heiko and their new software

might be more relevant to our business.

But Heiko is not for sale.

No, but they're going
to increase their capital.

Have you heard about this, Jacques?


That changes things a bit.

Look at it this week
and make a decision on Thursday.


What's with you, Patrick?

What are you laughing at?

Come on, tell me.

Hey, I'm talking to you!

Stop! Stop!


Julien? What are you doing here?

You're not in school?

We're on vacation, Dad.

Oh, right, lucky you!

Oh, I got dirty.

Can you give me a paper towel?



If you have a problem
with the prescription,

don't hesitate to call me.


I think it'd be best for
your husband to be monitored

in a specialized place for a few weeks.

No. Those places are nightmarish.

I want my husband to stay with us.
I'll take care of him.

It's changed a lot. There are some
very good clinics now.

I don't want to.

I can't force you,

but he was extremely violent and…

Thanks, Doctor.

Good evening, ma'am.

Good evening, Doctor.

Pierre, give your toy to Julien,
he's going to repair it.

Here, Pierre, take my car.

Look, this is how it moves.

Are we friends now?

Will you come back often?

There was no need to be sad.

Aude, Julien.


Can I say goodnight to Dad?

Not tonight, he's not feeling well
and he went to bed early.

To be better tomorrow morning?

Yes, that's it.

We can see him tomorrow?

Yes. Go to bed now, it's late.



So, Perez, did you find them?

What about you, inspector?
Did you find them?

-Royal Menthol!

The fresh air of the mountains.

The Worms are dead.

-Yes, and it's not recent.

The father went crazy one night.

We don't know why, but he got up,

killed his wife,

his two kids,

then went back to bed.

Where is he now?

He's dead.

He set the apartment on fire
before he went back to bed.

Firefighters found the four burned bodies.

It's all in there, you'll see.

Could you see if we
have anything on the Faurels?

The woman's name is Marianne.
I don't remember his.


How can they live in there?
It's scary, isn't it?

I'm keeping this.

I don't have the time to look into it now,

but you'll have what I find
on your desk by the morning, OK?

Thanks, Perez.

Hello, Jacques.

Am I interrupting anything?

Of course not.

Come here.

Come here.

No, I can't.

I need help, Jacques.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

Are you leaving me?


You let things happen.

You always have.

No. No. No! No!

I'm sorry.
I just wanted to air out the room.

Close those curtains!


I thought I was doing right.

It's 5 p.m.

How can I go back to work if I can't rest?

Don't get upset, sweetheart,

I know you need to rest.

I'm leaving for Biarritz tomorrow.

Why don't you come with me?

No, I want to stay here. Just in case.

Just in case what?

The office could call me.
I have to work on my case.

The house is big. It's quiet.

No, no, I want to stay here.
I want to be with my children.

Get some rest then.

I'm leaving, kids.

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving, kids!

What are you doing outside?

Come back to bed right away!
What were you thinking?


Jacques, are you sleeping?


What were you doing on the balcony?

Looking at the sky.

The news said the moon would be red.

There were two people downstairs.
Did you see them?


And you, Aude - did you see anyone?

No, Mom.

You didn't see a man and a woman?
A little older?

They came to the house the other day.

They even came to your room.


-You don't remember?

You were playing the family game.

They came to the house.

-You don't remember?

That's alright.

Time for bed now.

Good night.

Can you leave the light on?

The rabbit's on. It's enough.

Good night, Julien. Till tomorrow.

Good night, Julien.

Good night, Aude.

Open up, Dad.

Drink water.

Thank you, my angel.


"Sir, following a decision
from upper management,

I must inform you of your transfer

to a branch we are currently creating.

Pending the creation of this new position,

we must inform you

of your technical unemployment
for an indefinite period.

I'm sorry to have to break
this news to you so abruptly.

I myself was notified
of these changes very recently."

Small nut.

Jocelyn… Thanks.

Can it be fixed?


We'll change the pump and clean
the water supply. That should do it.

Unless it's an electrical problem, then…

Well, I'll leave you to your work.

That's from your grandma?


Nice trunk.

Are you OK?

Aude, are you OK?


Do you need anything, Jacques?

No, I don't.

Why are you wearing your jackets, kids?

They're coming with me.

I'm going out a while.

Let's go.

That's good.
Do you want me to go with you?

No, no. I'm just going
to buy some cigarettes.

Cigarettes? But you don't smoke.

See you later.

Stop. Go away.


It was delicious. Really good.

Mom, can we have dessert now?


The walk did me a world of good.

I didn't even buy cigarettes.

Tell me,

did the repair men

fix the machine?

Yes, it works now.

Marianne, I'd love an apple.

What's wrong?

Did I say something hurtful?

Kids, go eat your dessert
in the living room.

Go! I'll be there in a minute.

Marianne, what's wrong?


This afternoon…

Yes, tell me.

No, nothing…

I must be a little tired.

I'll give you a pill, you'll sleep

and then you'll be fine.

A pill? No, no, I don't want to.

Are you sure?

Yes. I'm fine.

What is it?

There's nothing left to eat.

I'm sorry.

I'll go shopping.

Marianne, do you want this?


Five bags of sandwich bread.

Three big packs of mash.

Three boxes of Chocapic.

Fruit yogurt.

Chocolate yogurt.

Do you have any vanilla left?

I do.

Five boxes of ravioli.
Five cans of green beans.

Ten cans of tomato sauce. Orange juice.

-Five bottles.

Five bottles of long-life milk.

-Packets of ham.


I want ice cream too.

Every flavor. Three boxes of each.

And cakes. Cookies.

Whatever you want.

Yes. Yes, yes, that's perfect.

Are you delivering today?

Tomorrow? Oh no, I beg you sir!

I beg of you.
Tonight, today, even very late.

Around 6 p.m.?

Yes, yes, I will be there. I'm not moving.

I'll wait for you, thank you.

Thank you.

It doesn't work anymore?

I'll call the repair men.


They didn't do a good job,
they have to come back.

No, it's old. Let's get a new one.

We can't spend money unnecessarily.

I'll fix it myself.

What are you doing?

I told you, I'll fix the machine.

-Aude, give me that toothbrush.
-Come on, Mom!

No. I don't feel like playing.
Give me that toothbrush.

Why were the marbles
in the washing machine?

Give me that toothbrush!

Are you hitting our kids?
Have you gone completely mad?

Go wash your face with water.

Ask your kids why the machine is broken.

Are you OK, sweetheart?

Are you hurt?

Oh my!

Who's there?

It's the grocer, ma'am.


-Which way is the kitchen?
-Put it there, I'll pay now.

Fine. As you wish.

How much do I owe you, sir?

1,169 francs.

Keep the change.

Thank you.

I'd like you to take them
to the kitchen, actually.

That way.


That's all right, dear.
Dad's going to clean up.


It's horrible!

There was a guy on you.
He was doing you on the table.

It was atrocious.

What's happening to me?


I think the children want to hurt us.

I'm scared.

What the hell are you talking about?

The children know about Pierre, I'm sure.

Stop torturing yourself with that.

You're not to blame, you know that.

My little baby.

Did it hurt?


I'll dry you up now.

Aude, don't just stand
there with the dryer.

Aude, don't stay there
with the dryer, it's dangerous.

Aude, can you hear me?



Julien, tell your sister to come down.

Help her down.


What's the matter with you, Mom?

What are you afraid of?

Get out!

You're driving me crazy.

But why, Detective?


Of course.

No, I don't know about that.

The Worms?

Tell him you can't come.

Unfortunately, it's difficult
for me to come today.

Tell him your eyes hurt.

Yes, I have vision problems.

No, nothing serious.

I'll stop by as soon as I'm feeling
better. Maybe tomorrow.

You're welcome, Inspector.

Have a nice day.

That was good.

I wanted to play speak and spell.

You're too little for that.

I want to!

OK, no problem. I'll do it right now.

Wait here, I'll be right back.

You don't want to take your coat off?

No, thank you.

-Are your eyes better?
-They are.

The week was quieter.

I had time to do some research.

The Worms.

They didn't come
to your house the other day.

I looked into them and…

I found this.

Read it, you'll understand.

The children were killed by their father?

You didn't know this story?


No, my parents never told me about it.

Mrs. Faurel,

try to remember.

No one ever mentioned it?

Your parents?

A neighbor?

I told you, I'm sure.

One thing is certain anyway,

if someone really came to your house,

it can't be the Worms.

Who else saw them besides you?

Your husband? Your children?

There was… No…

Go ahead. Tell me.

No, I was alone with the children.


So the kids saw them too?


No. They were taking their bath.

I always

do some research when I get a new case.

You had a serious breakdown
eight years ago.

Yes, I had a difficult time.

Are you seeing a doctor now?

No. Not for a year.

It might be a good idea
to go back and see him.

To talk.

Forgive me for being indiscreet, but…

with your husband… your children…

Is everything OK?


Jacques, wake up.

We need to talk.

Where were you?

We need to leave.


We need to leave.

Listen to me. Listen.

Joseph will lend us his house.

We'll go live there for a while.

Time to find something of our own.

We'll sell the apartment.

Sell the apartment?
What are you talking about?

We can't go on like this.

Do you realize that?

We have to leave. I know we have to leave.

You want a vacation?

No, not a vacation.

I'm talking about going
to live somewhere else.

-What? Leave Paris?

What about my job?

They fired you, Jacques.

You got a letter a few days ago.

I'm sorry.

But it doesn't matter.

We'll start a new life.

We'll be happy. I know we can do it.

Trust me.


the kids?

I'll talk to them.

Do you agree?



Where were you, Mom?

We're going to leave.

On vacation?

Yes, on vacation.

By the sea.

At grandma's house?


We'll have our own house.

Where, Mom?

In the house where we were last summer.

-Where we did a show?

When are we leaving?


That means we won't
come back here anymore.

Are we going to stay there?

Yes, for a while.

Yeah! I could go swimming every day!

And I'll go water skiing.


Does it make you happy?


Will we switch school?

We're going to switch schools,
houses, cities, everything.

It's going to be amazing!



Are you ready, kids?

Yes, Mom.


Yes, Julien?

Can we start putting stuff in the trunk?

Of course.

Ask your father to help you.

The car keys are in the entrance.

Marianne, ready to go?

Yes, let's leave here!

Time to go, kids.

What's going on?

It must be the battery.

You must have left the lights on.

Of course not. I checked everything.

I haven't taken the car in a long time.


Is there any way to start it?


We must charge the battery.

How long does it take?

I don't know.

Ten, twelve hours.

We have to leave.

What do you want me to do?

Go get a cab, I'll take care
of the luggage with the kids.


That's enough! We'll leave tomorrow.

Please, Jacques!

I'm begging you, we have to leave.

I've had it!

We'll leave early tomorrow morning.
And that's final.

Get out of the car, kids.
We're going home.

Marianne, are you coming?

Jacques, we need to talk.

What are you talking about? Stop it!

Be quiet! You're talking nonsense!

Mom, do you want to kill us?


I'd never do such a thing.

Pierre, our brother…

Why did he die?

You didn't love him anymore?

I did.

And do you still love us?

Why are we scared then?

I love you. I adore you.

We love you too, Mom.

Will you come dance with us, Mom?

Come dance with us, Mom!

I hate you! Let me go!

You disgust me!

-I hate you!
-Mommy! Mommy!

I hate you! Let go of me!

-Let go of me!
-Let go of me!

-Let go of me!
-Yes, yes!

Let go of me!


Let go of me!


Play with us.


-I hate you!

Marianne! Drop it!

They're not children!

They're not our children!

It's not them!

Shut up!


Marianne? Marianne?


Wake up. Are you OK? Are you OK?


Get out, kids!

Come, quickly.

Aude, Julien! Get out!









Where were you?

Over there.

I don't like it when
you walk away like that.

We'll never do it again.

Hurry up.

We won't do it again.

I hope so.

We need to go, Mom's waiting for you.


-Did you have fun?

What did you play?

A bunch of games.

Subtitle translation by: Michael Francart