Un gioco per Eveline (1971) - full transcript

A couple on holiday travels around Corsica. There's some tension between them because Pierre wants Natalie to have his child. They stay at another couple's house and are joined by the disturbing appearance of a girl.

You really are obsessed.

Why's that?
What have we got in common?

- I love you, isn't it enough?
- Not the way you say it.

- You're starting to annoy me.
- You didn't answer me.

- What am I supposed to say?
- What have we got in common?

- Nothing, is that okay?
- It's not, but it's the truth.

- Then why did you marry me?
- Because I love you.

The way you say it
doesn't mean anything

Stop messing around, Natalie.

- Pierre, we're on holiday.
- So what?

I don't get why you're
trying to upset me.

- Children are part of a marriage.
- Sure, who's denying it.

I just don't want any.

Slow down, Natalie.
Slow down.

- Scared as well now?
- Don't be silly.

- Careful!
- Then change the subject.

What did I do?

- Don't do that!
- Will you stop?

Okay, I'll stop.

- Please, slow down!
- First say you love me.

I love you.

- I can't hear you.
- I love you! But slow down!

- What?
- I love you! I love you!

'A Game For Eveline'

Natalie, say something.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, lady.
We had an accident.

Not far from here.
If I could just make a call.

If it's no trouble, of course.

Listen, it's just a phone call.

Can I help you?

- It's nothing serious.
- Who are you?

She's coming round.

- We'll take you inside now.
- We were lucky to meet this gentleman.

It could have been worse.

You grab the luggage.

- Can you manage?
- Yes, thanks.

- Is it very uncomfortable?
- You're kidding.

It's slippery here, be careful.

You have a beautiful park.

With a pleasantly long boulevard,
don't you find, Mr...?

- Phillipe.
- I'm Natalie, he's Pierre.

Don't worry, it's just bruised.

- My wife.
- Good morning.

My husband.

- Sorry about earlier.
- I found it on the path.

Yes, I know, thank you.

It's a good thing you picked it up.

One of these days
she'll end up losing it.

Yes, it's just sprained.

I hope I haven't disappointed you.
Have I, Doctor?

I'm not a doctor.

- We should call one.
- Yes, I agree.

I'll call him now.

- And a mechanic.
- Of course.

- Minou, take care of them.
- Yes.

- Would you like something to drink?
- Thanks, a glass of water.

- Is that all?
- Yes, big.

Doctor Perio, please.
It's urgent.

He's not there?

Then put me through to his substitute.

Him as well?
What is all this?

Can't a person fall sick on a Sunday?

It's absurd.

Yes, I'll wait.

Thank you.

- I'm really sorry to trouble you.
- No.

- Would you like something strong?
- Yes, thanks, a whiskey.

Okay, forget it, it doesn't matter.

On Sunday we die.
No doctors.

There's no need.

Yes, I'm sure you'll be back
on the road in two days.

- Two days?
- But we can't stay here.

Why not? Besides, the nearest
hotel's 42km from here.

- Do you think we should?
- I can still sit in the car.

It's the car that won't budge.

Darling, don't look at me like that.
I can't perform miracles.

Okay, I'll call a mechanic.

Please, don't leave.

We're so happy to have company.
It never happens.

- Thank you, Mrs...?
- Minou.

- Pardon?
- My name's Minou.

Hello, is that the workshop?
Is Antoine there?

He's gone to Ajaccio?

Send me another mechanic.
But good.

What do you mean you can't?

It won't take an hour.
This is Phillipe Giraud.

Antoine knows me well.
I'm his client.

Tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow morning.

- I suggest you wait.
- Isn't there anyone else you can ask?

Yes, in Sab Le Roir,
but it's 300 kilometres away.

Listen, tomorrow morning's fine.
I'm counting on you.

Yes, Antoine knows where I live.

Good day.

What can you do?
Everything moves slowly here.

Listen, darling,
bring everything necessary.

It will be a pleasure treating
an ankle like yours.

Good evening.

- Excuse me, is the gate open?
- Why? Trying to escape?

I left my cigarettes in the car.

Come here, I've got some.

This way you can avoid being
attacked by the dog.

He doesn't like me very much.

No, he's like that with everyone.
He used to be a police dog.

You know what police dogs are like.

- Help yourself, my hands are wet.
- Thanks.

Pierre Ch?tleau.

Where have I heard the name Ch?tleau?

At the table.

Ch?tleau, the finest wines.
The best wine there is.

It's what my grandfather used to say.

If he'd just stuck to slogans, France
would have had less gastric problems.

And you less money.
Not all millions have a silver lining.

- What are they?
- Traps.

Traps for distracted lobsters but either
there aren't any or they're too smart.


It's one of two theories.

The other one is that I'm
so bad at this...

You seem like you know exactly
what you're doing.

Are you making fun of me.

No, I'm serious.
Natalie's bandage, for example.

She's very nervous.
Did you see her this morning?

- I couldn't believe it.
- This morning?

She's so sensitive.

- Do you have any children?
- Pardon?

Do you have any children?

Sometimes, having children...

No, it's just us.

Just the two of us.

Minou, let's head back.
You'll catch a cold.

The traps are in place.
Now, if the lobsters don't go in them.

Then they really don't want
to cooperate.

Goodnight, Pierre.
I'm glad you're here.

Thanks, Minou.

I'll be right with you, dear,

It's a shame to go back.
It's so nice out here.

It must be nice at night
under the moon.

It's impressive.
There will be lots of stars tonight.

- It will be a full moon in four days.
- Yes? No, I didn't know.

The night of a full moon is important.

It only happens thirteen
times a year!

- Can I help?
- Thanks, that's the last one.

In that case, goodnight.


Take these cigarettes.


- What is it?
- Don't you hear it?

You woke me to listen to a dog?

- Are you sure it's a dog?
- No, it could be a bitch.

But when they make a racket
they're usually males.



Did he scare you?

Didn't you hear it just now?
It was like a wailing sound.

Don't worry, it's Dali
howling at the moon.

He's an old-fashioned dog.

Thank you.

Milk, coffee,


- Soap?
- Roses.

It's true,
soap has a different flavour.

- How can you waste roses in jam?
- It's a matter of taste.

Thanks, I had breakfast
two hours ago.

Early riser.

I had an aunt who died
precisely because of that.

She'd wake up every morning at five,
open all the doors and windows.

- Eventually it became too much.
- Her heart?

No, my uncle.
He strangled her.

And the traps?

The traps.
Did you catch any lobsters?

No, but in recompense I had a long
walk, it's a wonderful morning.

An ideal climate for children.

Yes, only there aren't
any children here.

What about the doll?

- Which doll?
- The one I found in the bed.

It was there.
Did you take it?


Maybe it was the dog.

He has a terrible habit of bringing in
things from who knows where.

- Where is it now?
- The dog must have taken it.

I want to get up.
Will you give me a hand?



Thanks, now I'll try by myself.

- Is there anything I can do?
- You can applaud.

Look, I'm walking.

Don't tire yourself.

And where does the good
wife who can walk go?

She goes to her husband.

And what does she do when
she's in front of her husband?

- She kisses him.
- No.

She takes him by his nose
and fills him with sweetness!

The window.

The mechanic's arrived.


I wanted to come to you last night.

I don't have anyone to talk to.
It's easier with you.

- You're not scared I hope?
- Scared of what?

You know what.

I live alone.

As time passes it becomes
harder to say things.

Even the simplest things.

The sea, you can't talk to it.

It always gives the same answers.

We walk alone, eyes closed.

And all of a sudden you meet someone,
you see the world differently.

You forget where you're going.

But that doesn't matter.

I don't know if you understand me?

But you don't know anything
about me.


- Pity.
- Is it really bad?

- We'll see now, but I don't think so.
- How long will it take?

You'll have to ask Antoine,
he can tell you.

For the mechanical parts,
a couple of days, I think.

- For the bodywork...
- Leave it, just try to get it running.

Tell Antoine to take a day longer
if needed, but to do a perfect job.

- A day longer?
- Leave it to me.

- No one was hurt, I hope?
- No, luckily.

He was alone in the car
and Eveline was next to him.

I'll fix it, don't worry.

- Who did you say was with me?
- Natalie.

- No, I'm sure you said...
- I said Natalie.

- Did it upset you?
- What?

That he thought we were
husband and wife.

What do you mean?

- If it doesn't upset you?
- No, I'm just upset it's not true.

We've got one thing in common,
just one, it's important.

- I know you like children, right?
- Yes, it's true.

And that you'd do anything
to have one, your own son.

- Or a daughter.
- A daughter?

Yes, maybe called Eveline.

Don't say that name.

Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.

Isn't there anything
I can do for you?

Yes, perhaps.
Who knows?

Does Phillipe know how much
you want a baby?

- No, Phillipe doesn't know anything.
- Listen, I'm not judging anyone.

But it's your right to have a child.

I don't mind, do you?

Not at all.
I hadn't even noticed.

What are you doing?
Do you want to take it down?

- Wait, I'll help you.
- Thanks.

A bit more.

Damn it.
I can't do it.

Wait, I'll try.

- What do I have to do?
- Remove the other hook.

I'm sorry.
I still feel very weak.

I shouldn't have asked.
Lift me up again.

Where do we have to fix it?

It's for something else.

Do you mind leaving me alone?


- Forgive me.
- What for? Forget about it.

Dali, fetch!

At least this way he'll
leave us alone.

He's taken a liking to your wife.
He won't leave her alone.

- And Minou?
- I don't know, she stayed behind.

After all the time you've
spent together...

You and the mechanic must be
pretty close by now.

- Jealous?
- Yes, but of the mechanic.

- Should I be angry?
- You're so bad at it.

And I think Phillipe would get
bored listening to us arguing.

It's a way to pass the time.

A pastime like any other.

We're one too many for chess
and one short for bridge.

Do you have any watercolours?
I could paint your portrait.

Two variations on the
theme of the male.

- Pity, no watercolours.
- How boring it is being bored.

At least if Minou was here
we could play a game in four.

Seeing as Minou isn't here
why don't we play with the dead?

- With the dead?
- It means we'll pretend she's here.

- Exactly.
- And she'll make it four.


Only her partner has to play
how she would play.

Which means understand her,
think like her.

What does it take to think
like a woman?

Imagination, sensitivity?
Psychic powers?

- Love.
- Excellent.

That's rather fun.

- Are you both agreed?
- Perhaps.

But who will be Minou's partner?

Pierre, I'm going for a swim,
do you want to come?


- You don't mind, do you?
- Why? Do you mind if I mind?

- Here, I removed it.
- Thank you, my love.

Go on, and enjoy your swim.

- Phillipe.
- Yes.

Were you lying to me earlier?

- I don't understand.
- Me neither.

Earlier you said you didn't
have any watercolours.

And now.
Here they are.

On display.
Are you okay?

- These belong to a little girl.
- Right, everything's so small.

I could have guessed.

Where is this girl now?

She's dead.

- A year and a half ago.
- Who put these here?

- Someone.
- Minou?

Yes, perhaps.

I'd rather you didn't discuss it
with her, she's very fragile.

Don't mention it, okay?

How's your ankle?

I think it's getting better.

The sea's a little rough tonight.

Isn't it better like that?
The wind, the waves.

The foam.
Does it frighten you?

No, this house isn't going anywhere.

Forward the cavalry.

Seeing as caviar's expensive and it's
also fattening, queen takes knight.

Damn it!
What happened there?

Knight takes bishop.

How can she sleep with
all that noise?

- Right, you think she's still asleep?
- I'm sure of it.

- She can sleep for days.
- Isn't she hungry?

- She didn't even have dinner.
- She'll sleep till tomorrow morning.

Watch the king.

The king is saved.

- I'll castle the king.
- You can't, it's in check.


- I didn't see the rook.
- You're too distracted.

That could be dangerous.

- Look at this beautiful girl.
- Which one?

- Do you like it?
- No.

That's some wind.
It's your turn.

- Don't you hear it?
- It's the wind.

Yes, maybe.

- No, it's something else.
- Stay here, please.

What's going on?

There was a girl screaming outside.
Didn't you hear her?

- There's no girl.
- Sorry, but I heard her.

How come Phillipe and me
didn't hear anything?

What do you mean?
Just now while you were talking, right?

- It's not what you think.
- I'm sure there's someone out there.

There's no one out there.
They're here.

What are you talking about?

- Do you have a daughter?
- Minou, can you hear me?


Please, dear.

- Why won't you tell me where she is?
- Minou, my dear.

It's an absurd idea.

Did you hear her?
She's looking for me.

She wants me.

My love, don't you understand?
None of this makes any sense.

I don't know where she is.

But you'll tell me.
You must!

- How can I? She doesn't exist.
- Please, Phillipe.


Go and see if she's okay.

Go on.

Yes, thank you.

- Yes?
- Just out of curiosity.

Is she dead
or isn't she dead?


Where are you?

I can't go on.

- I'd like to understand, but...
- Why did it happen to me? Why me?

Come on, try to calm down.

Why won't you tell me?

It's not so easy.

If I only knew what was wrong.
If you could tell me, I could help.

Silent, but quick.

Sorry, but I don't find it funny.

Afraid she'll jump in the sea?

I know what wives are like,
it's them who make men drown.

Look, I managed to redo it,
but that doesn't look like a girl.

Sure, you redid the other side.

Who are you?


Please wake up, that girl's here,
the one who was screaming before.

At this hour?
Strangle her.

Look, it's the same girl
from the puzzle.

The puzzle?

She was there.
Dressed in the same way.

You're so foolish
I can't even get angry.

- But now please let me sleep.
- I saw her.

She was playing with a ball.
I'm sure of it.

- She was playing over there?
- Yes.

Listen, it's the ball bouncing.

Okay, she's not playing anymore now.

Hi, you're quite the energetic

Good morning.
It's my hobby.

- I look after all these plants.
- Strong plants.

There's a big hole over there,
did you do it?

It's not a hole,
it's a passageway.

- Has your ankle healed?
- Almost, I'm very strong as well.

And Minou?

I think she's on the beach.
Do you need something?

Okay, agreed.

So, will you give me back the easel,
paintbrushes and paints?

Weren't they in your room?

Right, then someone took
them last night.

Last night?

- That's strange.
- It wasn't the girl.

Ghosts don't exist.

- So?
- I know who it was.


- Will you help me?
- What happened last night?

- Yes?
- You've got to tell me everything.


It won't start.

Let's try turning the key.

Do you mind if I drive?

Can I trust you?
In that case, go ahead.

- Take the wheel, I'm diving in.
- Stop!

There was a girl in my room
last night.

- She was playing with a ball.
- White?

Yes, I bought it for her
in Cave Du Poids.

- You haven't told Phillipe, right?
- No, not yet.

Please don't tell him.
He might hurt her.

The girl?

He could make her disappear forever.

But this girl, does she exist?

Yes, she exists.

- It's Eveline, my daughter.
- So Phillipe's hiding your daughter?


I don't know.

- I just want to help you.
- Don't do anything, for now.

Do you feel how much it burns?

I'm all alone, Pierre.

I'm not taking anything
from anyone.

But I love Natalie.

No, I'll only hurt you more.

- What will you do if it's mine?
- I'll keep it.

There are women who refuse
to have children.

A child.
That's what love is, giving yourself.

But above all receiving.

And if a women thinks any different
then she doesn't love you enough.

- There's no one there, it's pointless.
- They said to call after six.


Antoine after six?

They played a joke on you.

Are you in a hurry to leave?
One day more, one day less.

- Don't you like it here?
- Yes, sure, but it's been three days.

- We wouldn't want to impose.
- No, there's no danger of that.

Why do you keep it loaded?

There's nothing more pointless
than an unloaded gun.

Right, but anyone could touch it.
Even a child.


There aren't any children here.

May I?

Sorry to disturb you, I kept ringing
the bell then I saw the gate was open.

- It's always open.
- Mr. and Mrs. Giraud?

My wife.

I'm an inspector for the
local school board.

- Please, have a seat.
- It wasn't easy to find you.

It's about the girl, Eveline Giraud.

Your little girl was six last year,
but she's not enrolled in any school.

Which is against the law
regarding compulsory education.

But Eveline's dead.

Sorry, but it's not in our records.

- It's outrageous.
- I don't understand.

Eveline died along with her governess.

Unfortunately, my wife's never
been able to get over it.

It was over a year and half ago.

The 12th of January last year in the
mountains, in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont.

We were there for a week's holiday.
Who could have known?

We'd just left the village.

Me, Eveline, the governess
and five other people.

Then came the avalanche.

Minou, don't be like that.

Two of us survived.
Two out of eight.

- Who was the other one?
- A woman.

A man and a woman.
Very impartial.

I hope you'll forgive us
but we'll have to check.

Check what?

It's strange our records
haven't been updated.

- I'll show you out.
- There's no need.

I'd better, our dog's got
a bit of a temper.

Excuse me, I'm so sorry.

You'll check it out, right?

- Of course.
- Come.

You can keep letting him
hug you if you want.

I don't need him right now.

- Don't you get it?
- No, and neither do you.

That's why I want her
to remain comfortable.

But I'd like her to explain
once and for all.

You don't think she's dead.

You think Phillipe's taken her
and he's hiding her.

- Is there a reason?
- Yes, but I'd rather not say.

Do you want me to tell you?

You think Phillipe's hiding Eveline.

Because Eveline wasn't his daughter?

- Not was, she's alive.
- What about the avalanche?

He said the place,
the day it happened.

The avalanche happened,
but they never found the bodies.

Just him and that woman, alive.

He was jealous, and he envied Eveline
because she was mine, only mine.

You're referring to her
in the past as well.

I need to talk to you.

- Where's Minou?
- With Natalie.

Come, let's go for a walk.

Antoine called while you
were out this morning.

- The car's ready.
- What?

Yes, I didn't tell you because
I don't want you to go.

- You're very kind, but we don't...
- Please, do it for her.

- I know, but...
- Do it for Minou.

No, just hear me out.

She's falling in love.

She looks at you like she's never
looked at anyone else.

- Wouldn't it be better if...
- What?

To watch her slowly go mad?

She's already lost in this nightmare
that I'm hiding Eveline.

How can she possibly think that?

She was my daughter as well.

Help me, Pierre.
You're the only one who can.

- But you?
- Right now, I don't matter.

What is it?

Do you know why she refuses
to accept that Eveline is dead?

That girl had become
everything to her.

And how do you live
if everything's taken away?

- What can I do?
- Give her another reason to live.

It doesn't matter what.

Thank you.
No matter what happens.


Minou, come quickly!

Pierre, are you crazy?

Don't you hear it? Is there or isn't
there a violin playing downstairs?

It's down there, look.
Come on, Minou.

Where was she?

- How can that be?
- What?

She was there.

There's no one here.
The sound's coming from over there.

Eveline's room.

The light!

- Did you turn it on?
- No.

No violinists here.

- There's one missing.
- A brown teddy bear, right?

Excuse me.

Who's the genius insomniac?

Whose bright idea was that?

Is there anyone else here?

Where did you see that toy?

It's started again.

Any more tape players
in the house?

It's coming from outside.

Is that where you've hidden her?

Let's have a look.

The light.
The light's gone.

Even the violin's stopped.

The truth is, you hear and see
what doesn't exist.

You don't believe me?

Okay then, let's go and have a look.

I didn't see anything.

Exactly as I thought.
There's nothing here.

The game is still on.

The girl's alive.

The girl's dead.

No one knows.

- Isn't it a fascinating game?
- I'd hardly call it a game.

Yes, you're right.
It's something much worse.

What if we found her.

What if the governess had
kidnapped her rather than Phillipe.

- The governess?
- Sure.

- They never found the bodies.
- Why the governess?

Why Phillipe?
You need it to be him, don't you?

Phillipe's nice.
Phillipe's understanding.

Phillipe really is the perfect husband.

He listens to you.
He takes care of you.

He adores you.
How can you not hate him?

- You're nasty.
- At times being nasty can help.

But the truth is hard to accept.

On the other hand, if the girl
were to suddenly pop up alive.

If Minou was right.

And you didn't have to help
her anymore.

Understand her.
Forgive her.

What would you do, Phillipe?

What else could you give her
in exchange?

It's all just words.
The girl's dead.

It's not true.
She's alive.

So, the farce continues.

What are kids for, anyway?

If not to let adults play a little.

- May I?
- Please, come in.

I'm sorry, I didn't know
you were eating.

I bet you've got some news
which can settle this.

Yes, indeed, I called headquarters.

They immediately ran a check
and the investigation wasn't easy.

The Chief superintendent dealt
with the matter personally.

Which was, yes...
let's say, too sensitive.

The misunderstanding arose
because of the girl's name.

But in the end we were able
to clarify everything.


How do you spell the girl's name,
Eveline, with an I or a Y?

- With an I.
- With a Y.

No, with an I.

That's news to me.
We always wrote it with a Y.

- It's not true!
- In our paperwork it's with an I.

- You see? With an I.
- Dear, it must be a mistake.

While the name of the girl who
died in the avalanche was with a Y.

- Of course, with a Y.
- No!

- Then it's not her.
- I'm sorry, is it an I or a Y?

- What was this girl's surname?
- We believe it was Giraud.

Her name wasn't Giraud.

She had her father's name.
Not yours!

How dare you?

How much more do you
want to hurt yourself?

Why did you say you think
it's Giraud?

At the inquest, numerous witnesses
say they saw a lunchbox...

with the name Eveline
written on it, with a Y.

But why Giraud?

Because it was Mr. Giraud who
reported her disappearance.

What does that prove?

However, based on all
this evidence...

the Chief Superintendent has given
orders to correct the I in her name.

And to consider Eveline Giraud
officially deceased.

- Age six.
- Age seven.

It says six here,
but it doesn't change much.

I'm sorry, but I have nothing
more to say.

Wait, I'll keep the dog at bay.

The girl I saw, what was that?

A ghost?

I'm not an expert on ghosts.
And kids even less.

But I know very well the effect
they can have on others.

They're a kind of poison.
Chubby and smiling.

Made on purpose to destroy the
pleasure of living together.

Nonsense, the fact is,
you don't want to understand.


- What are you doing?
- Guess.

In the meantime,
why don't you close the door?

Having a baby isn't that horrible.

I told you before I married you,
no children or dogs.

- That was the deal.
- Yes, I know.

You don't think about it at first.

Then, all of a sudden,
you notice an emptiness inside.

Please, Natalie.
I love you.

Donkeys that bray in May
might say the same thing.

- I love you, I love you...
- Stop it!

What is a woman for you?
A type of duck to stuff?

Or a belly to swell?
And nine months later...

Out pops a little doll of flesh and
bone with blue eyes, just like daddy.

- And the poo that mummy has to clean.
- You're so vulgar.

I'm young,
and that's why you love me.

But when a baby manages to age me
sooner than my time.

You'll swap me for someone else.
Young and beautiful like I was.

And when she asks you about me,
you'll say, who? Her?

No, I don't love her anymore,
she's just the mother of my children.

Is that love?
Look around you.

Ask Phillipe or Minou.

And what if Minou had
already answered me?

If I already knew that you
don't love me enough.

That you don't give me anything.

That you never abandon yourself
because you think, think, think!

No children then.

Us two and our mucous.

- Okay?
- You don't understand...

Yes, sure, us two
and all of our resentment.

You're a fool.

- How many are left?
- It's the last one.

Is it empty as well?

Yes, it looks like it.

No, don't look!

Does it bother you?
It must be at least three kilos.

Hey, you two!
Leave it there, I'll take care of it.

Put some rocks on it
so it doesn't open.

- Lobster.
- I heard.

- Tartar lobster, you like it?
- No? You cook as well?

I'm perfect.

Good, and you do everything
to keep up the act.

Why should I?

Someone like you, either they're
a fool or deeply misunderstood.

Who else comes here?

No one.

Well then?
Whose are these?

They're Eveline's.

Come and see.

I swear, it wasn't him.
She was here.

Where has she gone?
Where has the girl who was here gone?

They don't understand me.

- What's so funny?
- I was thinking of Minou.

It's admirable, your commitment
to ruining everything.

- A bit late to preach morals.
- Get dressed.

In a woman like you
there's nothing left to discover.

I don't know for what perverse
reason you wanted to sleep with me.

Out of anger? Boredom?
Or what else?

Out of spite,
and because I hate children.

I used to say to myself,
do you want a son?

Well, you need to see
if he'll want you.

If he wants to come
into this world.

Either way, he'll pay dearly for it.

Every time a woman leaves him,
every time a friend dies.

Or when he goes to war.

Or when he has Cancer, or when
he spends so many foolish days...

Passing them with regret,
jealousy and hate.

What's the point?
I said to myself.

I didn't want any children either,
so I had a vasectomy.

- What did you do?
- A vasectomy.

I wanted to be a seed that doesn't
bear fruit, as it says in the Bible.

To never be tempted to have children.

To use this pathetic excuse
to hide the pain of living alone.

We're the same then?

I don't think so.

You see, one day I found love, Minou.

And ever since then,
so as not to lose her...

I'm prepared to sacrifice
everything I have.

And give her a baby,
seeing as she wants one.

Give her a baby, even if it's not mine.
Are we the same?

I don't like the way you refuse,
it's self-righteous.

Yours is selfish
and slightly more squalid.

Listen, loverboy...

Where does your kissing the girls
in the garden fit in with your morals?

You're mistaken, I've never kissed
anyone in the garden.

Get out!

I never came in here.

Where have they gone?
There's no one here.

They must be outside.
Who cares?

Pierre, promise you'll never leave me.

That you'll help me
to find myself again.

Of course.
Of course, I'll never leave you.

Thank you, Pierre.

- We're the same.
- I know, we both need to love.

- Will you help me?
- Yes.

Yes, you'll see.
We'll fix everything.

- How?
- I don't know, but we'll find a way.

Pierre, give me a baby.

The way it moved with all those
little claws, right Phillipe?

It's like it was praying.

Then, when it was thrown into
the boiling water alive...

What a terrible way to go.

What is it?
Does it bother you?

All this because, one day, a female
lobster said to a male lobster...

Please, my dear, give me a baby.

What's wrong with you?

Amusing thoughts.

For example?

For example, I think of the drama
of someone who wants a baby...

and searches for a male to get one.

- Who are you referring to?
- The lobster.

If you still want to save what
little there's left between us...

Change the subject.

You don't want to talk about
children, darling?

Okay, let's talk about little girls.

As you know, every night a little
girl appears in front of Pierre.

Stop it!

Pierre says
she's a delightful little thing.

I don't believe in ghosts.

But this is a very unusual ghost.

It appears, disappears,
plays jokes.

He says she's a splendid creature.

With beautiful big eyes
and a little face you'll never forget.

- Do you think it's Eveline?
- I'm sure of it.

How can you say that?

If he's never met her.

It's her.

Wait a moment.

Why do you talk so much?

We need to get things straight.
All of us.

Do you think so?

Where has she gone?

- He's her husband, dear.
- Please, that's enough.

How pretty!

Pierre, why do you say
she never smiles?

I was happy then.

And then the meetings with
Pierre made her sad.

Anyway, it's her.
It's the girl I saw.

But who's she?

The governess.

The governess?

But that's the same woman
from the school board.

- What's got into you?
- I'm telling you, look at her.

You think I don't recognise
the governess?

You're kidding.
She doesn't look like her at all.

May I have a look?

Pierre's right.
No doubt about it.

It's the one with the wrong Is.

- It's her, isn't it?
- No, it's the governess.

Well, it was the governess.

It was the governess and now
it's the woman from the school board.

- It's all rather...
- Morbid.

No, it's the governess.
Right, Phillipe?

It's not that woman.

The governess is dead
and there's no doubt that she's dead.

- No, Phillipe?
- She's dead, Minou.

She died with Eveline.

Yes, Pierre.
He's right, that's what happened.

- Eveline is dead now.
- Dead? It doesn't make sense!

Of course.
Don't you get it?

Why should she still be alive?
Minou is satisfied.

And Phillipe is happy because you're
the drone that resolves their problem.

But you still don't get it.

He knows all too well,
the girl's no use alive now.

She's better off dead.
Isn't that right, my dear?

You're cruel.

Right, maternity is sacred,
one mustn't make fun of it.

You're so sensitive,
and I'm so, so, cruel.

Stop it!

Don't be afraid.
They're just words.

But they're horrible
and I don't want to hear them!

- I don't want to hear them anymore!
- Wait, where are you going?

Antoine called.
The car's ready.

Antoine was very good.
It's ready just at the right time.


Who knows?

The game is over.

The girl's alive.
The girl's dead.

- A game?
- Yes.

To have something to cling to
which keeps her alive.

Which keeps her dead.

No, Eveline isn't a little girl.
Or a ghost.

Yes, sure, she's just an idea.

- And the will to love.
- No, it's an illness.

And it's infected Pierre as well,
but I don't want to lose him.

You got it?
And if Minou believes...

- Minou's not here.
- Good.

Why do you hate everyone?

You're wicked.

You watch everyone, you wait,
you smile, and then you speak.

Those same damned words.

You two are the same.

One way or another you destroy
whoever's close to you.

Am I mistaken, Phillipe?
Answer me.

We've all got it wrong.

Because we all need our own
fears to live.

But other people's ones
don't concern us.

And we're going crazy here.

Let's go, Pierre.
Please, let's get out of here.

- I love you.
- I don't believe you.

You don't love anyone.
All you do is lie.

I don't want to lose you.

- Listen to me.
- Quiet.

Did you hear that?

- She's here, I hear her.
- But there's no one here.

- She's there.
- She doesn't exist.

- She's there, I see her.
- It's not true.

- She's coming!
- She's not there!



Eveline, my little girl.

- Then she's...
- Keep calm.

Now you've gone away forever.

It had to happen.

Because your mother doesn't
need you anymore now.

That's why I'm letting you go.

You're dead.

- I killed her.
- What are you talking about?

She's the one to blame
for this heinous crime.

No, you don't kill a memory,
you forget it.

And I had to forget her
to go on living.

I've got no room for her anymore.

Because I'm going to be
a mother again.

Thanks to you, Pierre.

Thanks to you.

Yes, yes.

But now we must end this.
She must disappear.

- In what way?
- I think he's right.

It won't be easy to explain
to the others when they come.

- But isn't it better to...
- No, no.

My love, there's one last thing
we must do.

- You're not scared, right?
- I'm not scared.

What are you doing?

Leave this to me.

We're sure something strange has
happened here, but don't be afraid.

We just want to know if you're
in some sort of difficulty?

Nothing's happened that
concerns you.

One can never say that.
Your behaviour is very strange.

- Listen, what do you want to know?
- What's under there?

And if we don't tell you?

- We want to know what's under there?
- You don't have...

You don't have any right to ask
and we're not obliged to show you.

Think it over, if you refuse
we'll report you.



They have to know.

Everyone must know!

How's that possible?
It's empty!

Just as well.
We were worried about nothing.

They say they're satisfied as well
and apologise for disturbing you.

You offended us with your suspicions.

No, don't misunderstand us.
We only wanted to help you.

Believe us, only to help you.

Pierre, my love!

Talk to me!

Why isn't she here?

Why isn't she here?



My love.

Say something.

- What happened?
- I was a fool, forgive me.

- An accident?
- Yes.

Forgive me, my love.
How do you feel?


- Just very scared.
- I can imagine.

No, you can't imagine it.

The road was too steep,
if I hadn't steered off road...

No, it's my fault.
I was driving too fast.

An accident.

I didn't realise you enjoyed it
so much.

But you're right, it could
have been a lot worse.

How are you feeling?

- Your ankle?
- What about my ankle?

No, I'm just a bit shaken up.
Like I've taken a beating.

- You deserved it.
- Agreed.

But now let's try and find
someone who'll help us.



What is it?

- A gate.
- Good, then let's try there.

- Slow down, please.
- I don't like this place.

Who cares, as long as they've
got a phone.

- Listen, let's go back.
- Don't be stupid, come on.

- Do you want me to carry you?
- No, I'd rather sit down.

- So you'll wait here then?
- Yes, it's better if you go.

Go on, you can do it.

Go on.

- Do you see anything?
- No, nothing.

Try going in.
Maybe it's open.

Come here, Dali.

In this confusion, somewhere the thought
also rages far from the right point.

And in turn he looks for me where
I?m not there, he can?t calm down.

Samuel Beckett

Subtitled by Pozzo and Lucky
July - August 2020