Un ga yokerya (1966) - full transcript

Shochiku Films


Hajime Hana
Hiroshi Inuzuka

Chieko Baisho

Makoto Fujita, Senri Sakurai,
Shin Yasuda, Yasuo Tanabe

Hideo Sunazuka, Toyoko Takechi, Choko Iida,
Bokuzen Hidari, Kenzo Tabu, Tokue Hanasawa

Kiyoshi Atsumi
(Special appearance)

Shooting: Tetsuo Takaha
Art: Kiminobu Sato

Music: Naozumi Yamamoto
Lighting: Masa Tsubuki

Editing: Keiichi Uraoka
Recording: Yukio Obi

Screenplay: Hisashi Yamanouchi
Supervision: Tsuruo Ando
Production: Shigeru Wakita

Written and Directed by:
Yoji Yamada

[EDO, TENMEI ERA (1781-1789), SPRING]

Translation by bLoodZ

Beware of fires.

[It is said that around that time
there was a countrywide famine]

[followed by a soaring rise in prices.]

[People's lives became tougher as the vices
of the government officials grew thicker.]

[There must have been something wrong
going on during those times.]



It's freezing.

Things don't seem to go well
at all today, right Kuma?

If a pine card were to turn up there,
I'm sure our luck...


Praise be to Buddha.
Praise be to Buddha.

Please don't stop me.
Let me die, Kuma-san.

I'm a good-for-nothing parent
who sold his daughters.

Let me atone for my sins with this.

Say, Kuma-san,
please let me die, all right?

I'm not going to stop you.
I'll just watch you do it.

Hurry up with it.

I'm losing my patience. Die already.
I'm freezing here. Go.

That made a nice sound.

Hachi, let's give him a hand.

- Come on. Come on.
- No-no-no-no-no...

Help me!


"Murderers", you say?

We're taking the trouble
to help you out, right?

Didn't you say not to stop you?

Stop it! No-no-no...
I'm going to die! I'm going to die...

There you go.

Stop it! Let him go!


You idiots!

What are you doing to my husband?

Come now, he's the one who chose
this stingy way to die.

He'll make the water undrinkable.

If you want to die, do it in the midst
of the cherry trees in Mukojima.

Some nice cherry tree branches
await you there.

- Damn you!
- You bastard!

- What's wrong with you?
- Now you've done it!

Are you mad at yourself
for what you did?

If you were to kill yourself
every time you sold a daughter,

all your life's days won't be enough!

Damn it!

Bunch of fools.

Good grief, it sure is pouring down.

What are you doing with my kimono?

I'm just borrowing it.

It's your own fault
for ending up naked.

Try wearing Taabo's lined kimono.

So you don't care if the head
of the house catches a cold?

Look at the big mouth on you.

If you want to be treated like
the head of the house, act like one!

Why you bitch!

Now you've done it!

Get the hell out!

Get-Get out!

Get out!


Damn it!
What a stubborn wife she is.

In our field of work,
we can't do anything

if it rains for 3 days, am I right?

But you're doing a lot, aren't you?

Bloody fool!

They've gathered again
at Kuma's place.

They said it's more fun to listen
to my brother's silly stories

than look at their wives's dark mugs.

- Osei-chan, did they really say that?
- That's right.

They said only anger is left
after beauty withers.

That happens when
you're married for a long time.

So, you should also marry
before you start growing horns.

I'd really love a drink now. Damn it.
Since we're all gathered here after all.

Yahachi, what's your situation?

I have diarrhea since yesterday.

I'm not asking you about your stomach.
That's gross. I'm asking about money.

- Ah, money?
- Of course.

- Why didn't you say so?
- You really got some?


Don't get my hopes up...
Yago, do you got any?

I don't own such a dirty thing.

Acting all mighty...

Kyu-san, don't you have any in there?

Do you?

I got just a little left
from selling my daughter.


But they're for....

I'm gonna hit you, damn it!

You guys are of no help.

- Kuma, do...
- I don't!

That was fast.

Of course it was,
I was waiting for it.

You don't have to boast about it.

What about you guys?

You make a big fuss only
for buying 1-2 sho of sake.

You're too stingy.
That's why I hate the poor.

Excuse me, but you don't seem
to have any money either.

What do you mean by "seem"?

Then, do you have any?

What do you mean by "any"?
You bastard, are you doubting me?

With all these people gathered here,

I was thinking of marching somewhere
in Senju to party all night tonight.

Don't be absurd, Kuma.
Do you really have that much money?

Stop saying money all the time.

You have to use your head.

Do you have a plan?

That's why I'm telling you.
I'm plotting it since this morning.

How about it? Are you in?

We'll party the whole night tonight.

You don't want to? Forget it then.

- Hey...
- No-no-no... I'm in. I'm in.

At least for a drink.


I still think we're one actor short.

Hey, for what role?
Am I not good enough?

Someone with good looks
and somehow composed.

Someone who seems
to have a load of money.


Ueno's blossoms make the world...

Osei-chan, is Kuma home?



Hi. I see everyone's here.

Young Master,
you sure came at the right time.

Is this about money?
I don't have any, you know?

We're back in business.

If you want to enjoy life, you've got
to try your luck with a social reform.

Hey, you should go get
your best kimonos.

What's going on?

What a pleasant turn of events.

So we'll skip the bill on them, right?

Don't you dare act stingy.

Just keep drinking till you get drunk
and then we'll go on a spree...

What are you guys up to?

Oh... Young Master.

Let's go, go.


Hey, Kyuroku, were are you going?

- To pray a little.
- The temple is the other way.

Wait for me!

- Where are you going?
- To do the laundry.

Taabo, I'll bring you a souvenir.

That's my kimono!

I borrowed it!

Hey, let's do it again.

Sorry for the wait!

Hey, tomorrow morning
we wake up early at 6!

Don't be like that
and take your time.

We can't do that, right Young Chief?

Tomorrow we have an important
framework raising after all, right?

So you all are craftsmen?

- That's right, that's right.
- We can't work on an empty stomach, right?

So that's why the Young Chief here
is giving us a treat, right?

Keep the goodies coming!

Hey, keep them coming,
don't be stingy!

Keep them coming, you bastard!

Make way.

Stop pushing, damn it.

Kyuroku, why the heck are you crying?
You darn maudlin drinker!

He says he'd like to have her daughter
eat such a big snake-like broiled eel too.

Hey, just think of her as being
your daughter and spoil her all you want.

That won't work.

Sorry for the wait!

Hey guys, eat this tonight
and build up your strength.

I'll break your backs
if you don't party!

Let's heat up the party again!

Here we go!

How wretched

When the price of rice
is higher than Mt. Fuji

Over the burning Edo
it pours with rice

It also pours with money
and rice crops too

It also pours with money
and rice crops too

The price of rice is higher...

Welcome back.

What are you doing?

Hey, keep it down.

With 200 mon you can get a
2 sho 6 gou 5 shaku 5 rin ‎amount of rice.

It's enough for parents with child
to live idly for 7 days.

Pay me the interest at least.



I don't know anything about that.

Stop that.
Staring at me like that creeps me out.

- Where did Hachi go then?
- Don't ask me.


- He must be with your brother, right?
- Yeah.

They're probably whoring,
so they won't be back soon.

Where do they have the money for that?

Stop staring like that, it's creepy!

Is that what a human should do?

Kuma too, Hachi too.

Is everybody planing on sucking
this old woman's lifeblood?

Lifeblood you say?
Look who's talking....

What's the use of a blind
peeking in, you fool!

I got it.

Good morning.

It's morning.

Kuma-san, it's morning.


The hard part comes next.

- It's morning. Hey, it's morning.
- Hachi.

It's morning.

- Hachi.
- Ouch, that hurts...

17 ryo and 2 bu!

Just 17 ryo?

That's cheap.

That sure is cheap.

After such a big party like that...
What does this souvenir part mean?

You said you wanted 2 broiled eel
portions per head as souvenirs,

so that's 14 portions.

6 chicken lunch boxes.

And also 6 short coats and
6 towels ordered from the dyer shop.

- Here they are.
- Are those the souvenirs?

And 6 pairs of straw sandals.

Come on, switch roles with me, Kuma.

If I get a blister now...

It's too late for that.

Hey, don't act like it's none of your...

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Hey, get out my wallet.

Who's holding it?

- Who is it?
- Who is it?


Hachi, it's you, right?

- Yeah, well about that...
- Give it here.

I don't have it.


Did you forget it?

No, that's not it.

Before leaving, the missus said:

"Our Chief is someone who won't return
until he spends all the money he has."

"Well, I don't mind him
spending 50-100 ryo."

"But since tomorrow there's
an important framework raising,"

"it's not good if he plays
around too much."

"So when you need money,
come back to get some", she said.

But I got drunk and forgot.
I'm sorry!

You stupid goof! You blockhead!

- The blister...
- Shut up, you bastard.

Now, now, now, now wait up!

Mr. Head Clerk,
it's just as you heard.

I'm sorry but,
could you lend us a horse?


It doesn't matter who.
We'll pay the bill once we reach home.

Well, that's kind of a problem.

Hey, what do you mean by "kind of"?
Are you doubting me?

No, that's not what I mean.

Do you think we're a penniless bunch
who live in a row-house?

Calm down, Chief.

Mr. Head Clerk, we're in a hurry
because we have work to do after this.

- That's right.
- That's right.

Our Chief's missus is
a generous person.

She even gives the errand boy
200-300 as pocket money.

- That's right.
- That's right.

Sometimes she gives enough
for a sash and a jacket.

That's right...

Aren't we here because
you forgot to ask her for money?

- You goof! You blockhead!
- Ouch!

There's no use arguing about it.

If we botch this framework raising,
we'll just lose a 300 ryo job.

Let's just give it up
and party for another night!

You can't do that.

Then, do you mean
you'll lend us a horse?

Yes, I guess I have to.
I shall be the one accompanying you.

Hey, you'll be the horse?

You're not pleased
with me as the horse?

No-no. You're perfect for it.

Mr. Head Clerk,
you'd better not get involved...

What the heck are you babbling?

Come now, it's time to go.

This is nice.

I really love mornings.

Me too, especially these kind
of mornings. They're irresistible.

- But this doesn't seem right.
- Huh?

Well, it means that things
are about to become interesting.

Mr. Head Clerk, are you single?

No, that's nonsense,
I also have kids.

My old man was a
wholesale rice dealer.

And thanks to this famine,
the price of rice went sky-high.

So with some of
that inherited profit,

my wife started to lend
money to prostitutes.

- She's loansharking?
- Yes.

After all, there are lots of
muddy water drinking prostitutes

who indulge themselves to death.

I guess you reap what you sow.

What do you mean?

I mean, if you end up
drinking a little muddy water,

it's because you had it coming.

Hey, let's settle through a piss contest
who was the most popular with the ladies.

- All right!
- Very well!

Then, how about we award
that lady killed with 1 ryo?

Hey, Mr. Head Clerk, we're taking
a group piss, care to join us?

Thank you, but while waiting
at the inn I have already...

You already did it?

So what if you already did?

I appreciate the offer, but...

Hey, Mr. Head Clerk,
you're being unsociable here.

Just stick it out and drip
a few drops out of sympathy.

There's none left for that...

Then you only have to pretend.
How about it?

Yeah-yeah, that'll do too.

- Here we go.
- Watch me.

One and...

Two and...

Mr. Head Clerk.

Can you swim?


Can you float a little?

Yeah, I guess so.

Then, just accept this as bad luck.

Down he goes!

We did it! We did it!

Hey... Hey! Wait a second.

It sure went well.

Screw you! I was so nervous.

Everybody's here, right?
One, two, three, four, five...

Ah! Hachi's missing.

Did that fool stay behind?

Hey! Wait for me!


Hurry up.

You idiot, why make us worry?

He got out his tobacco pouch when
he was floating, so I took it from him.

Don't act like a thief!

Hey-hey, wait for me.

Hey, we've got souvenirs!

Hey, Hachi...

Hey, do your job well.

Hey, everyone, did you eat?

Souvenirs, we've got souvenirs.

Otake-san, we've got souvenirs.

Hey, Osei, I'm back.

Oh, Taabo, you were also here?

- I got souvenirs...
- Brother, Brother.

- Uh?
- This is terrible...

- At Hachi's place...
- What's wrong?

Tome! Taabo!

Hey, Tome!

What's going on?

Tome-san, you see... She eloped.


I see. So she finally did it?

You knew about it.


I knew about that wandering tinker.

Good grief, what's Hachi dilly-dallying for?
Darn son-of-a-bitch.

- Right, Taabo?
- Uh-huh.

Did he understand that?


I'm back.


I see you're studying.

Sadakichi, bring water for my feet.

Oh, oh. Heave-ho.

This is treachery!


Hachi was crying.

I bet that sly old landlord got full of
himself again and gave him a lecture.

Brother, what should we do?

Just leave him be.
She'll eventually come back.

Even so, his wife loves him.

- Right, Taabo?
- Uh-huh.

Do you really understand that?

I don't think that's going to work.
I won't tell you to stop though.

I also tried that when I sold
my eldest daughter, but...

The beam is going to fall first.
This row-house is rotten after all.

Give it a try first.

I'm sure it'll fall.

You never know until you try.

Go ahead.

Why you bastards! How dare you
take advantage of others' weaknesses?




I think this looks better, Hei-san.

No, that would look better on yourself.

There you go again
with your smooth talk.


Money is no object.

The same goes for the wedding.

Even if it's double,
we'll recover the expense anyway.

I'm atoning for your sins, you know.

Is whoring a part of sin atoning?
And together with that filthy bunch.

That's the best way of atoning.

I was delivered by old Okan
from the row-house anyway.

I also have to look after the guys
you exploit for house rent.

I hear that old Okan is near her end
and became a disgusting loan-shark...

Shut up!

I can't concentrate because of you.

You fat face! Your mug is not fit
for Nishijin fabric, you ugly!

The words of someone
who doesn't make money.

Is making money
that important, Mother?

Bring the others later.

He used to be the best at school.
He was such a smart boy.

Is that so?

That's right, even if we have
quality tatami coverings,

ebony wood floor and panels,

our worth is still that
of an oil peddler's.

I hope a fire starts
and burns it all down...


How dare you say that...

That hurts! Father, you're mean.

Let me hear you say that again!
What about a fire...

Calm down, Master,
leave this to me.

How dare you...

Young Master!

Flames! Fire!


Still won't shut up?
Lock him up upstairs the warehouse!

Give him food only in the morning
and water for the rest of the day!

Sadakichi! Scatter some salt!

Yes sir!

Master, thank you very much for always
allowing me to scoop the night soil.

You're late. It's almost overflowing.
It's a mess.

Excuse me, but with this rain
the potato seedlings were kinda' late.

I'm sorry.

Since there's a lot this time,
2 sho won't be enough.

I brought some vegetables,
so please forgive me.

Hey, be careful! Nothing good comes
if you can't handle money.

Here's the rent for the month
before last, kind of late though.

Of course it's late. Tell your brother
to pay for last month too.

Yes, I'm sorry.

Master, this is my son, Gosuke.

I'm old now and since it's harder
for me to walk so far,

I'll send this fellow here from now on,
so please treat him well.

Hey, Osei.



The Master is calling for you.

I'm sure they have money hidden
somewhere for whoring

even though their rent
keeps accumulating.

Aren't you a little too soft
on the row-house bunch?

No, that's nonsense. You see,
in this neighborhood I'm called Ogre Genbei.

That's the same as being called a fool.


Buddha on the outside,
ogre on the inside.

That's how a clever administrator
must be.

But you're the opposite, right?

Buddha on the inside,
ogre on the outside. That's no merit.

Listen up, from next month, the rent
will be increased to 1 kan 200.


1 kan 200?

The Miss's wedding also approaches.

But the shop has some expenses
like offerings and taxes.

Are you discontent with it?

No, that's nonsense.

Then, we're counting on you.

Ogre on the inside,
Buddha on the outside.

Got it?

Yes sir.

Poverty is the greatest motivator,
they say.

Those who work honestly
will certainly reap its rewards.

The gods aren't blind.

They can see everything
perfectly, right?

If you all were to think the same way
and work hard to properly settle your rent,

no quarrels will be occurring.

Everyone will be getting along
smiling in harmony.

And this row-house will become
like the Pure Land.

You don't have to do
anything complicated.

But just change your greed.

Humans must know their own duty.

If someone here were to do a misdeed,

I'd also end up at
the Kodenmacho prison...

Hachi, close your mouth.

Someone's superior has
his own troubles, you know.

You all...

- Okan, Baiki.
- Yes sir?

- Are you listening to me?
- Yes sir.

You all might not know,
but a large store like Omiya's...

... has to pay offerings and taxes.

That takes a lot of hard work.

In other words, Omiya-san pays
the government this money in your stead.


Basically, you have a right
to express your gratitude...

... for this.

A landlord is the same as a parent.

A tenant...

... is the same as a child!


Let me hear you say
what I was just talking about.

About filial piety.

You idiot!

There's no need to yell
at me for that.

Where were you last night?

Last night?

Who spilled the beans?

Where did you get that kind of money?

I didn't use any money.


I'm not lying. I just did it
so that everyone could recreate.

Recreate? You went whoring
without paying the rent?

Humph. I'm not living for
the sake of paying rent, you know.



And it's none of your business where
I spend the night with my quick wits.

- You shithead geezer!
- Brother.

I dare you say that again.

Shithead geezer!

Show me a geezer
who's not a shithead?

You're right about that.

That was a good one!

What's so funny?!

How can you be so ignorant
of others' troubles?

Do you know how much I do
to cover up for you all?

It was already hard enough even
without Omiya-san rising the rent price.

And yet, you're the ones
who are the most carefree.

That's such a ridiculous...

Damn it!

You don't even know how I feel like...

Mr. Landlord.

Leave me alone!

Just as I thought, widowhood
doesn't fare that geezer well, doesn't it?

You can't even write your name right.


Get ready again!




It's so noisy.

What's all this commotion?

They're cleaning the well.
That's why it's so noisy.

Can't they do it quietly?

I apologize.

Excuse me.

Oh my.

I was waiting for you.

I'm sorry for being late.

Here's the Nishijin fabric
ordered the other day.

Well, come in here.

Thank you.

Oh my, isn't that too flashy?

Don't be absurd, I'm thinking
this might be too plain for you.

There you go again
with your smooth talk.

I mean that.

What do you want? You're here
to pester me for money again?

You clairvoyant.

No. There's no money
in this house for whoring.

It's fine if there isn't.

It's just that, I have blood
pilling up in my head.

You never know
what I'll do when I snap.

Is that a threat?

Threatening your mother even
though we aren't blood related...

What was that?

That's how

I'll threaten you
when I'll feel like it.

Hey, turn back!

Go back!

Everyone, I cut the watermelon
Gosuke-san brought.

Wow! Watermelon! It's watermelon!

Hey, get ready again!



Not yet, not yet.

Hey, why aren't you helping out?

I got a headache since yesterday
and my ears are ringing.

What a convenient illness.

My crooked back won't straighten because
you all won't pay back the money I lent you.

Look, a dead cat.

Look at her back straightening.

I know it's nothing much.

I hope at least it has some pickles.


It must be hard to come
from so far away every time.


You can read books?


That's admirable.

Where did you learn that?

- At the school in my village.
- Hmm, that's nice.

Taabo, you should also learn to read.

If you play all the time like your dad,
you'll be illiterate for life.


He's adorable.

He's always sleeping with me.

He really looks like his mother.


How do you know Taabo's mother?


Oh no, you mean me?


Taabo, go to your Pa.

What the heck...
So what if you can read?

You're still ignorant.
Do I look like a woman with a child?

I'm sorry for the mistake.
I thought that...

I'm barely 19,
which is a girl's prime.

I'll be blooming and
bearing fruits from now.

Hey, Osei! We're done
with the well, bring some food.

Oh my, you're pretty as always.


He thought I'm your mother.

He's unbelievable.

Gelidium jelly.

Are you the one who manages
the row-house behind?

Yes, I am, sir.

If someone from the
row-house made a blunder,

allow me to apologize
in their stead.

They're all a bunch
of crude fellows, but...

No-no, no need to apologize.

I hear that in this row-house
there's a 18-19 years old

shabbily dressed girl
that's really good-looking.

Who's daughter is that?

Excuse me?

Yes-yes, there's someone like that.

She lost her parents 3 years ago

and is now living together
with her scoundrel big brother.

She's still just a young girl.
I don't know what mistake she did,

but please...

No-no, I'm not here to condemn her
or something like that.

Excuse me?

I am Akakuma Gunjuro, a retainer of
Lord Marunouchi Akai Gomon no Kami.


After our Lord's Gomon
no Kami's wife lost her child

for some time now,
for the sake of the house

we kept recommending him
to take a concubine,

but since our Lord is
very stubborn by nature,

we couldn't get him to agree.

But the other day,

while passing in front of this house,
his attention was caught by that girl.

Since he was very attracted to her,
he said that he wanted her.

He was told that
she is of a too low class,

but since he stubbornly
would not listen to that,

the chief retainers,
after further consultation, agreed

to make her a concubine
for the sake of the house.

If she fortunately manages
to bear an heir...

it will be a great success.

You'll get all the preparation
money you need.

Our Lord doesn't want
to lose any more time.

Inform at once that scoundrel
big brother of hers

that, accompanied by his landlord
and administrator,

they must urgently present themselves at the
Marunouchi Akai Gomon no Kami residence.


Hey, move-move-move!

Hey, is Kuma here?

Yes, he just...


Watch out, you damn hag!

Listen up, Kuma, calm down.

Something big happened,
this is not a dream.

I also saw that Osei
was no ordinary girl,

but as you'd expect from a daimyo,
he sure has a keen eye.

I guess it was worthwhile
living until this old age, right?

Isn't this one lucky turn of events?

Listen, Kuma, calm down!
You must calm down!

I'm perfectly calm, you see.

By the way, Mr. Landlord,

how about removing those sandals
when you enter someone's house?



Come on, I hear that
something big happened.

I have no idea what's going on, but
the landlord's here turning red and blue.

So, is that samurai an important man?

Good grief, you're so ignorant.
That's what I'm trying to explain...

Listen, Lord Akai Gomon no Kami
is a daimyo with a 50,000 koku fief.

50,000 koku?!

If Osei-chan becomes his court lady,
what does that make you?

His brother-in-law.



- Me?
- Pull yourself together.

If Osei were to birth an heir,
you'll be the Young Master's uncle.

Then you won't be a plasterer
living in a row-house anymore.

You'll be made a samurai and will be given
a 100 koku fief. 100 koku, you know.

100 koku?

You'll get 100 koku of rice per year.


Because you're the
court lady's brother.

Who is?


- I'm getting 100 koku?
- That's right.


Because... as court lady...
Osei-chan with Lord Akai...

What the heck are you saying?
I have no idea what you are all saying.

Now I'm also getting confused.

This is irritating!

I'm the one who's irritated here.


Oh! Master!

You didn't have to come
all the way here...

- Genbei, which one's Kuma?
- This one here.

You're Kuma-san?
Well... Where's Osei?

At the brush shop.

I'm sure she'll rejoice once she hears.
The Lord wants us to hurry...

I'm also coming, so hurry, hurry up.

Come now, you must get ready.

I... I'm naked here, you know.

Well... I came prepared.
I brought you these.

Yago, Yahachi.
Get us 2 palanquins. Urgently!

- Yes sir.
- Yes sir.

Hurry up already!

Hurry, hurry!


- Oh, Osei...
- Why are you dressed like that?

Well, actually...

Hurry up, Genbei!

You can talk after.

Hurry up!

This is troublesome,
just go like this!

Ask the others about it.

Kuma, was that girl Osei?

Yes sir.

I see, she looks like a clever girl.

I'm sure she'll do her duty well,
right, Genbei?

Yes... sir... that's... right.

Are you serious, Seibo?

Well, even if it's as a mistress,

you'll be the concubine
of a respectable daimyo, right?

Respectable my butt!

I'm the sister of a respectable
craftsman, you know.

So what if he's a daimyo?

Hey, not so loud.

It's my normal tone.

I, you see, I'll marry someone I love
even if it means living in poverty.

Even so, Seibo...

I'm not doing what my brother
or the landlord want.

- But you know, Seibo...
- Leave!

I'll throw salt on you!

Hey, Yago, Yahachi.

How was it?

They seem to be in a good mood.

Seibo, they're back. Be gentle,
don't get them angry, all right?

All right.

I didn't know he was such a bad drunk.

He argued with a noble
and peed on a guard house.

We had to run all the way here
from Marunouchi.

What in the world happened?

You are such a pitiful girl
for having a brother like him.

You see, when we arrived
at Lord Akai's residence,

the Lord was in such a great mood...

that he welcomed and
offered us drinks at once.

Everything was going well so far,
but then this idiot here,

happy to see such fine food
and drink, kept gulping them down

until he got completely drunk.

And on top of rampaging,
listen here, Osei.

"I'm not giving you my sister
as a mistress!"

That's what he started screaming loudly.
Darn bastard...

And then, Lord Akai, with
a completely ruined mood, said:

"Because of such a brute of a brother,
you can forget about this deal."

Damn it...

Osei-chan, don't get disheartened.

What's done is done.

Look at her!
She's so disappointed, poor girl.

Kuma, apologize to Osei.

It's all this good-for-nothing's
fault, after all.


I knew it, Brother.

Damn it!

What's wrong with you?
Why did you tie me up like a criminal?

You idiot!

The Lord tolerated you
only for Osei's sake.

Normally, you would've gotten
the capital punishment.

What the hell? Screw you!
Court lady-schmourt lady my ass!

That's clearly a mistress,
you damn geezer!

Who're you calling a damn geezer,
you darn good-for-nothing?

I'm going to pray for it to rain
all day long on your funeral day...

You son-of-a-bitch!

Brother, stop it.

Why can't you all understand
the feelings of your superior?

That's why I hate the poor.

All right, all right.

No matter how much I look after you,
it's harsh when it's all in vain.


Osei, give me water.


What is it?

Don't brood over it.

I'm not.

Why should you become
the mistress of that weakling?

I'll take good care of you, you know.

I'll take good...

I know that, Brother.

I'm counting on you.



Don't be a stranger.

Ah, that's right,
I have to draw some water.

- Good morning.
- Oh, you're here?

Ah, that's right.

You forgot your towel
at our place the other day, right?

- Yeah.
- I washed it for you.

Come on, Mother.

Please, find me a bride.

Come on.

You should find one yourself.

Don't say such a cruel thing.

Come on, if you won't
let me go whoring

at least get me a wife or this poison
will spread throughout my body.

Oh my, what a nice scent.

This here, you see,

it's called a white chrysanthemum.

Who's scooping night soil?
This is so disgusting.

This is just great,
what a splendid flavor indeed.

What's so funny?
Go away!


Is Kuma home?

No, he's at work.


Hey, Boss.

Oh, you mean me?

Obviously, Boss.

It feels weird being called that.

By the way, Boss...

Ah, this is about whoring, right?


Oh, I ain't got any money, you know.

It's not about money.

I just went by your house...
I see Osei-chan sure got pretty.

She's at that age, after all.

Did she find a marriage partner?

Yeah, she did.

What? Who is it?

Is it a large store clerk
or a skilled craftsman?

Or some retainer...

Hey, you know the son of the night soil
carrier that comes to the row-house?

That's him, apparently.

A night soil carrier?!

Don't make fun of me.

I'm not making fun of you.

Just accept it as bad luck,
Young Master.

Damn it!

A night soil carrier.

That means I'm less than shit.

You can enjoy the moonlight
from the latrine too.

What's that?

That's called being out of luck.

Welcome, Mr. Landlord.
I'm sorry.

My husband was bit by
a dog the other day,

and is bed stricken
for 4-5 days now.

It's a big mistake if you think
that falling behind is natural.

I'm very sorry.

I'm sorry for every time.

We'd like to pay,
but I had a kid last month,

so we can't...
Stand still, you brats!

Why do you keep making
one kid after another?

- I won't be so merciful next month.
- I'm really sorry.


I'm sorry sir.

I apologize.

You have money for sake
but not for rent?

- I'm sorry sir.
- We'll pay tomorrow.



I don't know who's there,
but I'm ill.

My head hurts and my ears are ringing,
so I can't hear anything.

What's wrong with that geezer?

He's acting strange today.

How so?

He keeps sighing since this morning.

He's going to die, maybe?

Excuse me.

Did you hear about the landlord?

Hear what?

I just heard it at Omiya's.

Apparently he got sacked.

Even though we called him a shithead
geezer, he's not a bad person.

He's a decent person at core.

- He's really a good person.
- That's what I always thought.

- Really?
- What do you mean?

I was so frustrated
I couldn't sleep.

Omiya is detestable no matter
how you look at it.

That's right, damn it!

Kuma! Don't you have any good ideas?

Shall we set fire to an oil barrel
and throw it at their house?


I got it!

Do you have a good idea?

Hey, today at lunch we'll all
be eating saury.

We'll trouble Omiya if we eat saury?

Just listen to me. Go to the pier
and buy a lot of saury.

All right, but does Omiya hate saury?

Just listen to me till the end.

At lunch, we'll start grilling the fish
bought from the pier all at once here.

When the fat starts dripping
on the fire, smoke will rise.

And for all 10 houses,
that's 50 fish at once, you know.

So the row-house
will be filled with smoke.

And then, someone will ask
on a normal tone:

"That's some nice saury,
where did you get it from?"

Let me hear you say it.

"That's some nice saury,
where did you get it from?"

That was pretty good.

Don't get ahead of yourself.
And then an old...

I can't do that.

I could spare 1-2 shu, but not
the large amount required for whoring.

Don't be ridiculous.

I'm not asking for your money.

You should spin some money
from the counter. Come on.

Come on.

You can take care of it easily
with that abacus.

It won't be your first time anyway.

That's outrageous!

When did I ever do that?

Look at you acting all innocent.
And in a loud voice too.

My voice is normally loud.
If I were to argue...










They finally did it.

Kuma-san, where did you get
that saury from?

- From the pier!
- Pier!

Kyu-san, where did you get
this saury from?

The pier.

The pier?

- Fire!
- Fire!

Throw water on the warehouse!
Matsuzo! Gohei!

The warehouse...
Throw water on the warehouse!

Hurry up!

Get water!

What! What! What!
What's with this commotion?

Where in the world did
you get this saury from?

The pier!

Fire! Hurry up!

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

A thief set the fire to steal money!

Shichisaburo, call the firemen
at the guard house!

Yes sir!

Fire! Fire!

They're at it. They're at it.
There's a big panic at Omiya's.

Serves you right, fools!

Brother! Brother!
The fire bell is ringing.

Where's the fire?

The first arrived at the scene
is the 2nd squad!


Stop that.


Stop that. Hey-hey!


Stop that already. Hey!

Hey. Stop that!

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Hey, stop!

Hey commoner, why did you start screaming
"Fire!" if you were only grilling saury?


I never said fire.


I heard you yell "Fire!
Fire!" several times.

Well... I was asked where
I got the saury from,

so I answered "the pier", right?

There's no way we'd hear such
a low voice all the way to Omiya's.

Well, since he was hard of hearing,
I yelled "pier", right?

Then why did you yell that 3-4 times?

So what if I yelled "pier" 3-4 times?
It's your fault for mishearing.

You darn brown-nose clerk!

Say what?!

- Hey, apprehend this person.
- Yes sir.

- Is he the administrator?
- Yes sir.

- Apprehend this person.
- Yes sir.

Master, the landlord doesn't know anything,
tie me up only, not him too.

Kuma, this is the landlord's duty.
You should also give in.



Hey! Stop resisting!


You fool!

You seem to have grown more gray hair.

It's all because of you.

Hey, that hurts.

What is it?

Well, I've heard of white foxes,
but not of white tanukis.

Me neither...




It's been two months already, right?
I think they haven't released him yet

because he's probably starting fights
in prison or insulting the guards.

You must be worried.

Not really, since I know
he rarely even gets ill.

How do you feed yourself all alone?


I've always earned my own money.

But, I see everybody's having
a hard time nowadays.

Well, about that...

How do you know that?

The night soil has gotten
quite thin lately, you see.

Hmm, the night soil?

I see.
The night soil is so honest.

What's so funny?

My conversation is kind of dirty.

But it's the truth.

- Osei-chan.
- What is it?

My old man told me to give you this.

Make some rice cakes
with it or something.

You're giving it to me?

No, I don't want
this precious glutinous rice.

Take it.

No, you're always giving me stuff.

Just take it.

I'm fine.

Just take it.

Fine. I'll cook.

What's wrong?
You're already fighting?

Besides committing adultery, she even
got knocked up with a kid, damn it.


I'm really sorry about it, you know.

I keep apologizing since yesterday.

And yet, he called me a prostitute.

I'm in the last month and it hurts
even when I breathe, you know.

Bear with it.
This is painful for him too.


Look, I got some glutinous rice.

I'll share it with you,
so you should steam some.

Sorry for troubling you all the time.




Do you think you could get
old Okan to lend us some money?

Go away.

I feel kind of helpless
with a child on the way.

I don't know...

She's not lending anyone money
ever since she got ill.



You see, since Tome-san is in her
last month, she really needs money...

Are you not feeling well?

I'm not lending anyone anything.

I dare you try to get it from me.



Rice cakes...


What's that?

Go get me some rice cakes.

Rice cakes?

Rice cakes.

I understand.

You want to eat rice cakes, right?

Buy me...

... rice cakes with this money.

I will.

But, since right now
it's the dead of night,

I'll go buy them once day breaks.


Haven't heard of that
old hag to buy rice cakes

since the creation
of heaven and earth.

I don't think she's got much time left.

Everyone can tell
when their time comes.

But, buying rice cakes with all this
money is too much for one person.

Maybe she's gonna give them throughout
the row-house for troubling us.

No wonder it's snowing.

It's the money that I paid back.

You should get going before she dies.

Oh, it's freezing cold.

- This is terrible.
- What do you mean?

She went into labour this morning,
so I think she'll give birth tonight.

Hurry up and call the old midwife.

I don't want to.

- Since it's not even your kid, right?
- Yeah.

- And especially for a paramour's kid.
- Hurry up already.

Dying, giving birth...
Today's going to be a busy day.

With this weather, how about
we take a day off and go for one?

Granny, I bought you the rice cakes.

Did you really bought them?

How many?
I hope you didn't pinch anything.

I wouldn't do such a thing.
Look, there's so many.

Want me to make you tea?



Shouldn't we go help out
at Hachi's place?

Not yet, not yet.

That baby will arrive
tonight or tomorrow at dawn.

The question is, where did that hag
hide the money?

Either the ceiling or the floor,
inside a clay pot.

Place your bets!

I think she hides it
in her bellyband.

No-no, that hag won't hide it
in such an obvious place.

Big sis.


Granny. Stop.

Granny. Granny.

- What is it? What is it?
- Somebody help!

What's wrong?

Praise be to Buddha.

- Praise be to Buddha.
- Praise be to Buddha.

Uncle Kuma!


Hey, how's it going?

Osei, everybody,
I see you're the same as usual.

Prison is such a terrible place.
I never want to go there again.

Even this dirty row-house,
compared to that place...

What's with the long face?


Oh, is the old fox sick?


Isn't she dead?

Hey, when did she kick the bucket?

Just now.

Just now?

She's still warm.

What are you standing still for?

Oh, that's right. I'll go inform
the landlord... I mean Omiya-san.

Hey, why are you idling away?

Someone go get a priest.
We have to prepare for the wake.

Yago, why are you standing
here with your mouth open?

At least go order some sake.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

What's wrong with that?
It's for the dead.

Do you have money for it, Kuma?

Idiot, we can use old Okan's money.

The money she hoarded
from charging us.

That's right,
let's search for her stack.

She swallowed it.

- Uh?
- Uh?

She swallowed it. She tucked it
into rice cakes and swallowed them.

Rice cakes?

Osei-chan, did she tuck the money into the
rice cakes you bought and swallowed them?


Give me a break!
What an absurd old hag.

- Can't you get it out somehow?
- Maybe stick your fist in her mouth...

It won't fit.

Maybe it'll come out her mouth
if you stick it up her bottom.

That won't work, you'll need
a jelly hand to go though there.

What are we going to do now?

She really took it
with her to the other world.

Hey Osei, did you see her
swallow the rice cakes?


Why didn't you stop her?

He's right, Osei-chan.

How could you just watch her
swallow them?

I... was scared.

- What were you scared of?
- That's right.

I was so scared that
I couldn't even move.

You wouldn't understand it
unless you've seen it!

Hey, we're not blaming you
for anything?

Stop crying, Osei.

She's helpless.

Ah... Her belly really swelled up.

Kuma, you're back?

Yeah, I just returned to find things
getting hectic around here.

That's true.
And that's not all of it.

What do you mean by that?

You see, when I arrived at Omiya's
and told them about Okan passing away,

the Master said:
"That's the perfect timing".

"Actually, this year
I had planned on demolishing

this row-house and build a stable"

"so I was just about
to announce that".

That's what he said.

"It was problematic with
a sick person around"

"so after she had gotten better"

"I was going to ask you to leave at once."
That's what he told me to say.

Right, Young Master?


Where are we supposed to go?

What are we going to do?

Young Master, is that what
you meant by "that's not all of it"?

I tried to change his mind, you know.

"If they're evicted, they're a bunch
that have nowhere else to go.

- Isn't that too harsh?", I said.
- So what did he say?

"That row-house bunch that doesn't
pay their rent are causing me only loss."

"If I build a stable, I won't have
to collect rent from the horses."

"And they won't complain either,
so it would be easier to manage."

Hey! What did you say?

How can you say that horses
are better than people?

You son of a bitch,
are you messing with me!?

I can't breathe.

So what?
Hey, Kumagoro is back.

You'll pay if you do whatever
you like, you son of a bitch!

It wasn't me, my old man said that.

His old man... said that.

Is that so? Then go back
and tell this to your old man:

Someone just died here this morning.

Since old days, they say
a landlord is like a parent,

and a tenant is like a child.

A landlord should act like one.

When someone dies he should
say a few words of condolence

and offer 2-3 sho of sake and
some food as it's customary, right?

But, will that old man of mine
agree to something like that?

Hey! If he starts
grumbling on, tell him:

She actually has no relatives
to take care of the body.

So I'm bringing it to Omiya's
for them to take care of it.

When I arrive, I'm going to show them
a dead dance kappore. You tell him that.

- Don't be absurd...
- Go tell him, you son of a bitch!

I will, I will.

- Go already!
- I'm going.

Kuma, was it all right to say all that?

What do you mean by "all right"?
Do you have something against it?

I handled a lot of corpses
in prison, you know?

I became a little violent,
so you all better be careful!

Shichisaburo, what's wrong?

Did you check the situation
at the row-house? How was it?

Will they leave willingly?

About that, Kuma was back, you see...

What? Kuma?

So what's that about Kuma?

Well, he said:

"What the Master says
kind of makes sense".


Uh-huh, uh-huh.

It's just that...

"Someone just died here
this morning", he said.

So he wants me
to wait 2-3 days, right?

No, that's not it.


"A landlord is like a parent and
a tenant is like a child", he said...

I know that. So what are you
trying to say? Spit it out already.

"Since someone has died,
along with condolences,"

"isn't it a given to offer 3 sho of sake
and some food?", he said.

Who said such a thing?

It was Kuma... not me.

Kuma's acting all mighty
since he returned from prison.



You are Omiya's heir, aren't you?

I guess so...

What do you mean "I guess so"?
How are you planing on feeding yourself?


With chopsticks and a bowl.

- Idiot!
- Ouch!

Come now, now, now.

That hurt.

Master, please calm down.

Ouch, that hurt.

Young Mater, listen here, as Omiya's owner
you're going to inherit a lot of houses,

so you're going to have to learn
how to run the business.

And you're doing what?

You're backing down just
because of Kuma's absurd words

and even act as a messenger for him.
That's just pathetic.

No wonder the Master
has gotten angry.

So that means you won't offer
any sake and snacks?

Obviously. Especially for someone
who died with a lot of rent left unpaid.

- If you don't, Kuma said...
- Kuma's words again?

Listen to me till the end.

"The deceased has no relatives
to take care of the body."

"So I'll bring it to
you to take care of it."

Say what?

I didn't say that, Kuma did.

"When I arrive, I might show you
how that dead dances kappore."

What? That's outrageous!

All right! Shichisaburo.

If you're acting like a messenger,
tell him exactly what I say.

This Uhei is not going to fall for that bluff.
Don't underestimate me! You tell him that.

Until this age I've never seen
a dead dance kappore.

I'd like to see that, show it to me
if you dare. You tell him that.

Did you say exactly what I said?

Yeah, I did.

Even about taking the dead there?

Yeah, I did.

And then what?

"This Uhei won't be scared by that",
he said.

And then?

"Until this age I've never seen
a dead dance kappore,

so I dare you show it me", he said.

Kuma, you're no match
for him, just apologize.

I think the same.

Keep quiet!

So, Young Master, you're saying...

that the Master wants to see
a dead dance kappore, right?

That's right.

This is looking bad.

Face that way.

- Huh?
- Face that way, I said.

Kuma-san, no matter how you spin it,

it's better to give up here.

What are you doing?

Cold! She's cold!

Stop struggling! He said he wants to see
a dead dance kappore, so I'll show him.

There! All done. Now get up!

- Cold...
- Come on!

- She's cold... cold.
- Come on!

Hey, Hachi, come here and push!

Give me a break,
my wife is in labour.

What the hell are you saying?!

Hey, didn't you say that you'll be
the most troubled if you get kicked out?

- Hurry up and push, you coward!
- No!

Come on!

Come on, Hachi. Push, push!

- Hey, Kuma...
- Hachi, I said push.

I don't like this.
I feel like throwing up!

Come on, hurry up.

- Hey, Kuma...
- Hachi, I said push.

- This is bad...
- Push!

It's not that way, it's this way.
Come on.

This way, come on!

- Kuma, don't pull so hard.
- Hachi!

I'm going out, go get me a palanquin.

Yes, Ma'am!

Uhm, it's me, Kuma.

I'm terribly sorry for the
inconvenience caused by my absence.

Hey, you are...

Uh, I'm terribly sorry
for my previous rude words.

Do you really think
you'll get away with only an apology?

Indeed, you are absolutely right.

Considering your kind intention
of demolishing...

the row-house this year and
take in horses instead of people,

you are absolutely right to get angry
after hearing those rude words of mine.

Kuma, why did you come here for?

Well, I thought I had to do something
to express my regret,

and since I hear that the Master here
would like to see a dead dance kappore,

I thought I had to do
something about that.

Wha... Say what?!

What's with all this trouble?
I have to head out, make way.

Wait just a moment please.

You're about to see
something interesting.

Hey, come in!

- Come on!
- Shichisaburo, you...

What are you doing?

Hachi! You have to sing kappore.

I'll s-s-s-sing.

I'll sing.

Kappore! Kappore!...

You call that singing?

Sing louder. You too, Young Master.
Sing together with him!

I'll do it. I'll do it.

Kappore! Kappore!

Dancing kappore and drinking

Isn't it great... isn't it?


Even though it's dark...


I can see a white sail...


Hey you, will you write a deed
that says you won't evict us?

Wait up. Wait up!

Will you write it or not? Look!

Husband, do something about this!

That's Kinokuniya's

Ya-re-ko-no ko-re-wa-no-sa

Yoi-to sa-sa-sa

Just write whatever he wants!

So, are you going to write the deed?

Ship with mandarins

I'll write it. I'll write it.
I'll write it...


Hachi-san... Tome-san went into
labour with all this commotion.

Brother, stop playing around
during this crucial time.

Hachi, go! Go!

You idiots,
why aren't you helping out?

- With what?
- It's obvious with what.

Put Okan in that coffin
and bring her to the crematory.

What's the big rush...

You idiot! Omiya passed out.

We have to hurry before
he comes after me.


Hurry up, guys!
Move, hurry up already!

Come on!

Listen here.
Report it to the guard house if you dare.

This shop will be as good as done
if I get arrested, you know.

I'm as guilty as Kuma after all.

Do you understand?
Hey, do you understand that, Gohei?!


If you do anything unnecessary,

I'll tell them how you're pinching
from the counter.

Mother, the same goes for you too.

If you do anything unnecessary,
I'll tell everybody about your secret.


Come on, hurry up.
This way, this way.

Hey, we need to get to the crematory
before dark, so hurry up.

Come on, hurry up!

Come on, come on. Hurry, hurry.

You're really hopeless.

Come on, go. You bastard!


Come on, hurry up!

Push firmly, push.

Don't worry, don't worry.
It's going to be a healthy child.

Keep going.

Hey, I just prayed to Inari-sama
that if you give birth safely

I'll build her a huge archway.

Don't be silly, there's no way
you can build that.

So what if I lied?
You just give birth already.

Is that a coffin?

Yeah, we have a dead here.


Cremate her right away.

You want a superior cremation
or an ordinary one?

The method doesn't matter,
just make it cheap.

Oh, it's just a hag.
Just leave her over there.

Hey, I said to cremated her right away.

This late in the night?
What if the fire goes out?

Shut up.
Hey, just get her in.

Hey, wait a minute!

Do you have a cremation note?

I don't have such a thing.

You can't cremate her
without a cremation note.

Just shut up already.

Hey, I'll tie this bastard up,
you go ahead.

Just cremate her.

W-Wait a minute, I said.

You can't cremate her
without a cremation note.


We have our reasons.
You just wait here for a while.

Just a little more.

Just a little.

That's it! Push again.

Come now, push.

You coward!

There we go.

Calm down a little.

It's not like you're giving birth.

It's been born!

The heartless old hag is
finally burning.

By the way,
we didn't give her any last rites.

You're right.

Hey, shall we pretend
for the sake of it?

Old Okan, rest in peace.

I sure spoke ill of her quite a lot.

Me too.

Thinking about it now,
she sure was pitiful.

She was hated by everybody.

She was all alone.

She was put inside a pickles barrel instead
of a coffin and received fake last rites.

Tome, you can rest now.
It's a boy, a healthy boy.

I'm so glad.

Whom does he look like?

Whom do you think?
There's no way he looks like me.

That's right.
Husband, please forgive me.


Don't be absurd,
he looks just like you.

Take a good look at him.

You big fool!

Yeah, he does, he does.
It's t-true, he looks just like me.

It's done.

It's done.

Your ordinary cremation is ready.


Wake up. Wake up. It's done.
Wake up already.

Hey, bring me some tongs.

Why are you stirring that up?

You'll break the bones.

That's not how it's done.

You keep quiet!

Hey, hey, hey.

Here we go.

Hey, take this back
and share it with everybody.

Wash it well.
This is like New Year's money.

With this, you can pay all the rent.

Come now, this is your money.

I'm sure even Okan in heaven
will be happy if you take them.

Kuma, what about you?

Me, huh? The constable will probably
be coming after me for that midday matter.

If I get caught this time
I'll be decapitated,

so I need to run
before that happens.

Kuma, so you're already going?

That's right.
Give everyone my regards.

And also.
Take care of Osei for me.

Kuma, let me feel you a little.

Stop it, this is weird.

Will we see you again, Kuma?

Not for a while.

Stay well, guys.


What's with that look?

You were a really nice guy.

What's wrong with you guys?

Stop crying, it's shameful.

Wherever I am,
I'll be thinking of you guys.

You... stay well, all right?

You too, guys.

Let's meet again.

If luck smiles on us.

Ah, I've finally found you.
I looked all over for you.

Hey Kuma, you can relax,
my old man didn't report you.

Say what?

I rushed here to let you know.

When I told him that I'll be
an accomplice if he reports you,

my old man lost his words.

Serves him right.

Oh, is that so.

What's wrong?

Nah, it's nothing.

That was funny.

Who's that?

Shut up, cremator!

You're annoying.


The moon goes out...

Hi-hi, are you guys doing well?

Yes sir. Thank you for being
the matchmaker today.

Well, Gonta, the night soil carrier,
compelled me to do it.

Who are you waiting for?

Well, about that...

It's about Kuma...

What about Kuma?

He's been out to earn money for Osei's
wedding since the night before yesterday.

- Gambling again?
- Yes sir.

The idiot, he's going
to return naked again.

About that, you see... I was with him
until the day before yesterday,

but that bastard said that
he was feeling lucky and...

You idiot!

You guys never seem to change.

Make way!

What am I supposed to do with you?

Ah, it's Genbei-san.

Hi-hi. Is everyone doing well?

Congratulations for today.


you have one hell of a brother.

He's out gambling
on his sister's wedding day.

Oh, you poor girl.

You better give up on that
kind of a brother, all right?

Why didn't you stay with him?

How are we going
to face Osei-chan now?

There's no need to worry.

Last night when I left him,

he had earned enough for a
bride's wardrobe and such.

So why didn't you dragged him home
at that point, you big forehead?

I told him to come with me,
but Kuma wanted to keep going.

He said he'll leave after he gets enough
for one more wardrobe.

He's so helpless.

From Takasago

Sailing over the bay

From Takasago

Sailing over the bay

Sailing over the bay

The moon goes out with the tide

Past the silhouette of Awaji Island

Far over the sea to Naruo

Translation by bLoodZ