Un etaj mai jos (2015) - full transcript

Sandu Patrascu is an ordinary Romanian citizen, living in a comfortable apartment in Bucharest. He has a good job (in the vehicle registration business), a wife (no-nonsense Olga), a teenage son (computer-obsessed Matei) and a (trained) dog. On the whole, he feels good about himself. One day though, he gets upset by an incident he is the witness of: a violent quarrel taking place on the other side of a female neighbor's door. Worse, Vali, another neighbor, leaves the apartment while Sandu stands in the staircase listening. Even worse, Laura, the young woman he has heard shouting is found murdered. What will Patrascu do under such circumstances ?

Come on! Bring in the stick!
Come on!

Come to daddy! Come on, boy!


Jerry! Jerry! Come on!

Come on, Jerry! Bring in the stick!

The stick! Come on! Bring in
the stick! Come on!

We must lose some weight!
- Do you run for a prize competition?

Yes... tomorrow!
- Stay where you are! Wait for me!

Hold your dog in the leash!
I beg you, sir!

Don't argue. If I set him free,
he will tear apart your dog.

Look at him! He's kind of angry!
What is it? Does that calf make you mad?

Take it easy, boy!

I once had a pittbull, just like him!
- E Amstaff!

Yeah... whatever!
- And now... you had yourself a doggy!

It had an opportunity...
yes, you litle devil! An opportunity!

The dog is a "she"!
- They are all males... for me!

Good boy! Bravo!
Come here with the stick! Good boy!

Come here! Here!
Jerry! Come on, Jerry!

Come here! Jerry! Come on!
Give me the stick! Come here!

Come on!

Come on, Jerry!
Come here!

Come on! We still have work to do!

Come on, Jerry!

Come on! Up you go!
Give me the stick!

Come on! Give me the stick!
Give me the stick!

Come on, Jerry!

Come on, cut that out. Hands off.

Come on, gimme some tongue.
- I've told you to leave me alone!

You told me to come over!
- But I didn't say "Let's fuck".

Seriously, let me pack.
Stop it, leave me alone!

I wanna see this sister of yours!
To see if she's got a dick.

Shoe does. Come on, go.

Vali, put down the keys, don't be a bore!
- Just you stay in there!

Vali! Open the door right now!
- Hello! - Hello!

Come on, boy.

I really will make
a scene this time. Vali!


Vali, open up!


Are you too dumb or
what's your problem?

Why did the dog bark like that?
- Mornin'!


Did you sleep well?
- Yes.

Wait a minute, you!

- Nothing.

I will go!
- See you!

Do you have a tough day today?
- No... I will be free about 16:00.

Make sure you leave
some kibble for the dog.

Six kilometers today...
- I don't believe it... let me see!

6.22, actually.
- You're great! Good for you!

And I'll put in more, too.
- We'll see about that!

All right, bye.
- Bye.

Cut it out and put that luggage down,
don't you get it?

You're taking the piss at me?
- You're an idiot!

Why the fuck did you...?
- Listen! Go to your place!

Tell me, why are you lying, Laura?!
- I've told you to go to your place!

You must go that way!
- I guess we can meet at 17:00.

OK. I will care other matters till then.
- That's very good.

See you!
- Much obliged!

Please go stand in line.
I will come there right away!

Stay there, it's ok.
- I salute you!

My respects. - I didn't know if I was all
right in here. You've placed perfectly!

Though I believe that the right lane
is more convenient today.

We'll go right after this black Audi.
- OK! And where do I have to go?

Behind that van it's a big white door.
An inspector will take over our case there,

he'll check out our paperwork, and the car.

Behind that canopy?
- That's right.

Now it's closed because it's full inside.

You're coming with me, right?
- I'll be right behind you,

I'm here with one other car.

You must have on you the car registration and
the money for the blue blank. 139 lei.

If you don't have it, I can pay it
and you can give me the money afterwards.

I can get it at an ATM.
- Don't worry about it!

Shall I give you the Car registration?
- We've got plenty of time, believe me.

Go downstairs and pay.
- The ground floor?

Down to the ground floor.

Hello, there, ma'am!

You've got something there!

Olga, listen.

No, you go back and go upstairs,
to meem with Baciu.

You do that afterwards.

Mănlășan Victor is
the leading actor today

So, Hans called and paid up,
so we can ask for the license.

Hold on a second.

My respects, Mr. Baciu!

I know, my wife will be there right away.

Yes, at Victoriei Station.

Which one are you at?
The exit by the Government building.

All right, my wife
will be there in 3-4 minutes.

Blond, tall, 90-60-95.

Yes... and with some
license plates in her hand... yes!

There's a free spot over there.
- Ok.

Did you take care of it?


Did they find out anything? Who...?

Come on, calm down.

Is Matei home?

Don't let him go out today.

You like it, you don't want to get out.

Hello, sir!

I said, you don't want to get out?
- Yes, it runs like a charm.

Here! You've got all the paperwork in here.
Please, check them!

All right. Anyway, I don't
understand anything!

Good evening.

You've heard, right?
- Yes, my wife told me.

Anything new?
- Nothing.

The police just left.
- Two of them are still here, I think.

I don't know.

Sheer bad luck.
- Yeah.

- Cheers.

Nelu! Phone call for you.

Tell him I'll call him later.


- Dad!

Did you hear what happened? Someone
killed Laura from the first floor!

You don't say!
- Luca saw when they carried her out.

How does he know she was killed?
- He texed me, her head was broken.

I even found her on Facebook, look.
- Where's mom?

She said she was going out a bit.
Come on, let me show you.

How come you get to see her page?
Are you two friends, or what?

No, but I subscribed to her posts.

If her head was broken,
it doesn't mean someone kileld her.

She posted that she was leaving for Milan.
"The Sisters are leaving for Milan today."

Close it, please.

Just a second.

Did mom tell you when she
was coming back? - No.

Good evening.
- Good evening.

It was before Christmas, right?
- Yeah, sure.

Here comes Pătrașcu.
- Good evening.

Where were you?
- I had some stuff to take care of.

Well, Matei's upstairs, checking out
all sorts of junk on the internet.

Aurelia says it may
have been an accident.

This is what Rotaru told me.
He was here when the Police arrived.

Yes, could be.
- God help us.

Good day, ma'am!

What? - Why don't you take
your phone with you?

I was just around the corner.

Come on.

I bet the police officer were
prompt to tell Rotaru.

What do you want? People will say
whatever runs through their heads.


I'd gotten that for myself,
'cause you're supposedly on a diet.

I was thirsty.

Are you going to make
yourself a salad or eat with us?

A salad.

Let me have a smoke, too.

Here, have it all.

Rădulescu called.
Should I call him back?

I know. I already got his WAT
Number from the green folder.

I'm hungry, when do we eat?

First change your clothes
and wash your hands.

I washed them.
- Well, come on.

Luca says they found her naked.

We'll be cutting down on computer time
tomorrow. You overdid it today.


We've got roasted eggplant
and meatballs left from lunch.

Let me help you.


Just one! You grubby little thing!

I'd take Jerry out, now.

Wouldn't you rather eat first?
- I'm not hungry.

Jerry! Come here, boy!

Do you want some tomatoes?

Good evening. Mr. Pătrașcu?
- Yes. Good evening.

Lieutenant Mănescu.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.

I know it's late, but it won't take long.

Come on in, please.
- Thank you.

Hello, ma'am.
- Good evning.

The gentleman is from the police.
- Mănescu, I want to ask you a few quastions.

Sure, com in.

Can I offer you something?
- No, thank you.

But I do see you have an ahstray.
Can I smoke here? - Yes.

Perfect. Thank you.
- Take a seat.

Does he bite?
- No.

Good evening.
- Hello.

Doesn anyone else live here
with you, except for the boy?

No, it's just us.

All right.

I say we start with the Misses, shall we?

Of course.
- As you wish.

I mean can you leave the
two of us alone for a minute?

Of course. I was going
to walk the dog anyway.

No, it really won't take long.

Who's that?

From the police.
He has to ask us some questions.

Is he going to ask me, too?
- No, why would he ask you?

Isn't he goign to ask all of us?
- No, he isn't.

Maybe they've found the killer. - Now...
Really, Matei! Sometimes... keep eating!

I've decided what present
I'd like for my birthday!

I want a Razer mouse...
it costs 3,5 millions lei...

It's orange and it's got
like ten buttons on this side.

which you can press with your little finger
and you can dodge the enemy's bullet.

And if you plant the bomb on some
of those small boxes

when the policemen come over, then
scarpe them off out back with the razor

or you can headshot them with the AK 47.

Only the mouse is really awesome

'cause it's got like 15,000 DPI,
normal mice only have 10,000 or 8,000.

Ok, I got it.


Luca's got one, too.

A mouse like that.

Well, we have a few questions for you.
- Sure.

I know they seem routine, but it
would be of great help to us

if you could answer them as
precisely as possible. - Please.

Are you well acquainted
with your neighbors?

I know some better than
others, you know how it is...

You do know what
happened in your building today.

Unfortunately, yes.

Did you know Laura Pascu?

We ran into each other a few times.

You used to speak with her?
- Just to say "Hello".

When was the last time you saw her?

Some... two weeks ago. I think.

Two weeks.

Was she accompanied by anyone?

No. Alone.

Have you ever seen
her in anybody's company?

Just once, when she moved in,
I saw her with her sister.

How do you know?
Did he introduce you to her?

No, but they looked alike.
- Yes, they looked alike.

Aside from her sister,
can you indicate anyone else?

Friends, acquaintances,
potential relationships?

How could I? No.

Have you heard anything from anybody else,
neighbors or kids that worths to be mentioned?

I know from my son that he has
an account on facebook.

Yes, we know that too. But I was think
about a little gossip.

Something that for the time being
seemed without any importance.

I don't remember anything like that...

All right.

I've got two more things
to ask you about.

What were you doing
this morning between 9 and 11?

I mean, where were you?
- Yes, yes.

At 10 I had a client, so I left at 9:30.

Me and my wife run a business...
- Yes, the Misses told me.

For car registrations.
- Did you see or hear anything suspicious?


Does the boy have classes in the morning?
- No, he starts at noon.

Did he see or hear anything?
- Nothing.

But he's got his head jammed
in those headphones all day...

Yeah, mine's the same way.

Well, that's it.

That will be all, thank you.

No problem.

Could I ask you what really happened?

Of course you can, only I'm
not sure what to answer you.

There are things that lead us
to believe it was not an accident.

But, well, let's see.
- Yeah.

Such crap, right?

Yes. You know what they say: life
is also made of stuff like this, too.

That is all?
- Yes, thank you very much.

Sorry for the imposition. Good evening.

Good luck.
- Thank you.

What did he ask you?

The same things he asked you.
He asked me what she was studying.


Be careful what you tell Matei.
He's already excited. - All right.

Everything is good.
I am sure that it will be worked out!

Good evening.
- Greetings.

Did Matei wake you up?
- I heard you in the bathroom.

He creaked?
- He squeaks like an old door.

Did he say something, too?

"The password, I lost the password!"
- Goddamn passwords of his!

You were snoring again.
Please sleep on one side.

Such a young girl...
I keep thinking about her.

Maybe it was an accident, after all.

What do you think?
- Maybe...

Poor little thing.

Quit scratching like that.

Please go put on some foot cream.

Matei! Let's go, it's late.

Did you get the breed certificate?

And don't forget the kibble.

Matei? - Yes?
- Come here a second.

What's up?
- Come over here, please.

Please bring two caps from upstairs.
It's really sunny today.

Why me?
- Pretty please.

They're up there, on the coat rack.


Jerry! Shut up!

Hello, sir.

What's up, Matei?
- Hello.

We're taking Jerry to a dog show.
- Has he been to any before?

Yes, we take him pretty often.

Well done! Good luck!
- Come on, Matei. - Thanks.

Matei, where have you been?

How old is the dog?
- Two and a half years.

Let's see his teeth, too.

The teeth are correct, scissor bite.

Typical, well built. Correct
anterior and posterior angulations.

You must make a slight move
to and from on my line, please.

Did you think you'd get away with it?

You have nothing better to do.

It's easy to take down.
I take advantage of you.

How did you take it down?
- With the chair.

Well, couldn't I have used the chair, too?
- No, honey, it would break under you.

Please, make sure they're evenly spaced.

Over there to the right, it's not even.
- Yes, yes.

The other one, too.

That's right, dear. A home fit for humans.
- I'm glad you like it.

Hey, hey!

You be careful there.

No use running if you're
going to make Cremeschnitte.

Never mind that, honey,
it's going to be all right.

Well, I'm ready. Are we
going to go down 1 Mai Blvd?

Grivița Street.
- Grivița?

We also need to stop by the market?

And don't leave that ladder here for me.

Hello, there, ma'am.
- Hello.

Hello, ma'am.

Mr. Pătrașcu!
- Yes?

I'd like your opinion on something.

I'm with my family right now,
I can't do it. - Hello.

I'll have you know that I know you.
Don't tell me your name, I'll remember it.

Come on, mom.
- Don't tell me, all right?

No, no.

Listen, I only have one basic question
to ask! You're very tough to get a hold of.

You go ahead, I'll be right there.

Ok, I walk slowly.
- Right.

I would like to switch
the ownership for my car.

Can you help me? Switch it over from
physical person to legal person?

You're Valentin, from the first floor.

Vali, madame, from the second floor.

You see... I didnt't
go completely to seed.

In Sandu's dining room

I installed a router on his computer.
- Well, that's very nice. Very good.

Will you help me?

Is the business yours, or is
it also on your wife's name?

It's mine. It's in my name.
- What about the car?

Also in my name.

Why, is that a problem?

No, it's just that there's no benefit in
switching it over to the business.

That's the problem. - Well, I have
some extra costs to deduct.

What about your car?
Isn't it as well company's property?

Mine was leased to
the company, all right?

Anyway, do you have all the paperwork?
- Yes.

All right, we'll do this.

Don't we have to get a mandate
from a notary's office, to say that

you'll handle it? You, or your wife,
if you don't have the time for it.

Who died here?
- Yes, we'll get a mandate.

Who else died, dear?
- You don't know her.

Then I'll come by and bring you the file.
- I'll pick it up.

Will you come today?
- I told you I'm with my family.

Tomorrow, then.
- I'll handle it.

Please tell me how much it will cost me.
- Four, five hundred.

And how long will it take?
- Two,, three days. It won't take long.

Well, we'll keep in touch.

You don't have my phone number
and I don't have yours either.

- 0722


Well, what are you doing? Are we going
or are we not going, what are we doing?

We're going. Come on,
let me hold the flowers, too.

That's me.

That's Valentin.
- Yes, come on.

Happy anniversary.
- Thank you.

I don't think they smell like much.
- They're very beautiful.

Well, callas. Let's see,
who else is around here.

Would you look who's here! Good Lord...

Hello, ma'am.
- But why are you all sweaty?

Pătrașcu is to blame,
buying Matei all those video games.

What did I do?

Your son beat the crap
out of me on the Kinect.

Denisa! - I won't kiss you, my
hands are wet. - I'll kiss you.

You look so well.
- You're a sweetheart.

How are you, Granny?
- Well, how are we? Glad to see you.

Come on, Jerry, you flea bag.

He's going to wet himself.
- Oh, no, we won't. No, no we won't.

Yes, we will. And I'll
have to clean it up.

Are you comfortable?
- What?

You've got work to do.
Come on to the kitchen.

What can I do? It's her birthday.

Come on, go, you just got here.

Oh, good boy, you piglet!
Good boy, you!

Come on, come on, shoo!
Shoo, get out of here.

The Cremeschnitte is very good.

You ate your momma's cake,
you'll have to eat my soup, too.

Listen, can you take over
Mănlășan's case tomorrow?

Sure. Where?
- 3rd District.

All right, I'll take over.

No, it's complicated.

The car is in his father's name,
we need a new mandate. Never mind.

So what? I can do it?
- Can you?

Because I promised this guy on the second
floor that I'd help him switch his car

over to his business. - Who?
- Dima. He says it's an emergency.

Doesn't this match the flowers better?
- That's true. Good thinking!

But who's dead on the
first floor, my dear?

Listen, why don't you go over
to the table and be a nice guest?

Well, why won't you tell me?
- Come on, please.

Who else is having what to drink?
- I'm good.

Campari, Fernet, Fetească,
Văleni plum brandy?

- Văleni brandy.

Come on, Jerry! Come on, boy!




I saw it. I haven't forgotten about it.

Well, it's 10 past 8, after all.

Nine, nine and a half.

You don't have to, I'll stop by.


Good morning.
- Do excuse me for just one second.

You've come to pick up the papers.
- Yes.

Vali isn't feeling so well.

He's thrown up. I don't know
what's wrong with him.

Goo think you knocked,
the doorbell doesn't work.

I think this is it.

Can you come here for a second?

I don't know that much about it.

We would also need a copy of...
- Excuse me.

Is he feeling sick.
- Yes, I don't even know what caused it.

I actually got scared when I saw him.
He was as white as a sheet.

Well... - Well, he called me
less than half an hour ago.

I don't think so.
He was with me half an hour ago.

Anyway... Do you have everything?
- No, I need this stamped at the bottom.

Well, let me see if I can find it.

Excuse me.

- I haven't forgotten about you.

- Don't worry.

I just need to ask about something.

Hello, there, ma'am.
- Hello.

That looks so nice on you.
- Thank you vety much.

My respects and salutations, sir.
- Hit me.

Vali Dima and Vali Dima's business.

Flashnet. A flash in a net.

I'll fill out both forms and
pay the taxes, until you finish.

That one doesn't work.
You're paying the fines, too, right?

What fines?

Plus penalties.

Need me to lend you some money?

Would you happen to have a pen?
- No.

This is Pătrașcu speaking.
Listen, you are aware of the fact

that you've got three
driving fines you haven't paid?

You should've told me, don't you think?

What am I supposed to do,
pay them out of my own pocket?

1460... almost 1500 lei.

Right, so what if I didn't have
that kind of moeny on me?

No, you won't bring it over,
we'll work everything out in the end.

21:45, 22:00. It's Champions League.

21:00 - 21:30.

- That's right.

All right, let's talk tomorrow.

- I'll recommend some options.

Now all the HD videos,
it plays them all choppy.

Look. The expert's opinion is that
we shouldn't buy a new laptop.

We better to replace its hard-drive,
which is only 120GB anyway and get a...

- Which is a type of memory, right?

It's also a type of HDD,
but it's much faster,

because it stores everything in flash.

Anyway, Matei got what it's all about.
- Where's Matei?

In his room, downloading
stuff off the Internet.

He asked me if he could
connect his Kinect to the PC.

I'm sorry about the fines.

I'm sorry about the fines.

I did say we'd work
everything out in the end, didn't I?

Sure, as you wish.

Want some cabbage, too?
- No.

My wife gave you everything, right?
- Yes.

I've installed it.

Good, now you connect the xBox
to the laptop through the network.

Thank you for the meal.
- I hope you enjoyed it.

You want some coffee?

I'm not going to turn
you down on that one.

He amazes me sometimes,
how good he is with the computer.

Nowdays, kids are learning very fast.
- Rght away.

I don't know whom he takes after,
because neither I, nor Sandu

are too technicaly inclined.

They're growing up
differently these days,

with all this technology and...

They have everything at their dosposal.

When did you arrive? - Around five.
Check out this cool think, it's called FAAST

and it means Flexible Action Articulated...
- Will you call mom over for a second?

Please call mom over for a second.

Mom! - Yes?
- Have her come over a bit.

Come over a bit.

Come here a bit.

Why are you feeding him?

I found him here with
Matei when I got home.

What was I supposed to do?
He said: I'm hungry.

- Vali.

When I filled Matei's plate
he also asked me for some.

Was I not supposed to give him any?

Did you manage?
- I think so.

I should set the TV as a display, right?
- Yes.

Wait, we don't want anything falling off.

Matei, shouldn't you finish your
meal first? - Dad, please...

So, this FAAST thing maps out
your movements on Kinect

right onto the keyboard shortcuts.

To do what?
- To play Street Fighter, Ninja, Karaoke.

Basically, you can also
email and do anything.

How does it know how to do that?
- Through the webcams.

I can't see myself.

No, it is supposed to see you.
There, raise your hand.

There you go.

That's so nice.

Wanna play Street Fighter?
- Yeah.

But I think we should
move the table to the side.

Mom, get out of the way.

Are you sure you don't want some cabbage?
- I said no.

I fucked you!
- Matei! That's enough!

So, see, it works. Let's put it back now.

Come on, we can play some other time.

Will you come over tomorrow, too?
- I don't know, I don't think so.

Or maybe just to bring you
that Star Wars, you know?

I kicked your ass, anyway.
- Well, I let you do it.

Yeah, right.

All right, then. I'm off, too.

Give me the specs again,
so we know what to buy.

A 256GB SSD. And I say make it
an OCZ because they're the...

Hold on, you lost me there.
I should write that down.

An SSD...
- Here, let me.

That's better.

Thank you.

The test were one thousand five hundred.
The fines... were five hundred more.

Well, your fee, right? - I told you,
we'll talk about it at the end.

If you want me to, I can buy the SSD.
- Whatever you think is best.

The Vehicle Registrar appointment
is Wednesday at 13:00.

The day after tomorrow.
- Yes, at 13:00.

You know where it is.
- Yes, thank you.

Thank you for the cabbage.
- You're welcome.

Oh, in case you don't find it

you also have this option.

write down the hybrid, too.
- That's what I'm doing.

What about the flash?
- It's the same thing. Flash, memory or SSD!

Second option is a hybrid. But Matei
knows about it. - We'll manage.

I hope so. Good day, madam.

Goodbye. - Bye, Matei.
- Bye.

You go finish your meal
right away. Come on!

Go on, smack him, so he gets it.

What do you want, Olga?
- I want you to act human!

It's no one's fault if you've got problems...
- Now you're putting me in my place?

No, honey, you're the only one who
gets to put everyone in their place.

Would you get a load of...

Good day, sir.
- Hello.

Is Commissioner Bolocan at the precinct?
- Is he expecting you?

We know each other well.

ID, please.

To the right, the building
out front, room 3.




Well, what do you know! Now this
is some surprise! Come in.

No, I won't stay. - Just a second,
let me put these down. Don't worry.

Well, how are you, man?
I haven't seen you in...

I've got some things to take care of
here. I thouhgt I'd peak inside, see how

you're holding up.
- Very well, very well.

How's life treating you?
- All sorts of way, you know...

And the junior?
- The junior is doing good.

He's adapted really well. Did
you know that... - I know, yes.

But, no he's all right, thank God. He's
also closer to us, now that we've moved.

Only, he misses Matei
every once in a while.

Maybe we can get together one of
these weekends. - Sure.

Listen, did you also change your phone
number now that you've changed homes?

I called you a few days ago.
- Oh, my, yes.

Matei wanted to talk to Emil and...

Has it been this long
since we last saw each other?

A year and...
- Oh, man.

I'll beep you off my new number.
- Let me see if you still got me.

Make sure it's not my wife's.

Are you sure you don't want some coffee?
- No, no. I've got to run.

298 at the end?
- Yes. Cute.

Well, all right.
- It was nice seeing you again.

Same here. Catch you on the phone.
- Yes.

Hello. do you have a key to the mailbox?
- Hello. Yes.

Thank you.

We can't find the keys.

Hold on a second.

What's the mister doing?
- Opening the box, baby.

No, I'm sorry.
- Here, let us try it again.

My condolences.

I can do it.

Coem on, try it. We need the
white envelope. That one.

Watch out, they're burning hot.
- Thank you.

Has it started yet?
- No, it should start.

Come on, switch to the game already.

Hold on, the commercials are still on.

This guy sure aged all of a sudden.

Well, I told you so.
- Never mind, the score is still blank.

Why there?

They'll burn them with a
counter-attack, just you wait and see.

Well, until Alves retires.
He thinks he's an left wing, poor thing.

Would you like some more?
- No, I'm good.

Shall I bring you another one?
- Never mind, don't go now.

Don't worry. Deni! Denisa!

Any news on that girl?

Sorin told me she was kind of a tramp.

I don't know about that.

There's... all kinds of them nowadays.

What, that girl in his building?
- Yeah, I asked if he knew anything new.

I say she was a slut.
- How do you know?

You know what it's like.

They say they're students and
they're hooking every night.

That's what I'm asking, do you know that?

Man. They really are hot. Well didn't you
tell me she was supposed to leave for Italy?

Yeah, so?
- She was going to Italy?

With her sister.

Now you're not allowed
to go to Italy anymore.

They showed some tramps like
that on the news a few days ago.


They were hitching up their skirts and
flashing their asses out on the highway.

Sails up! That's what they wrote.
- Can't help them.

Sails up!

That's right, ref! Finally,
a corner shot for our guys.

I think she was a very ok girl.
- Could be, I don't know.

I see you do know. She was a whore,
because she was leaving for Italy.

And since she was a whore,
she deserved to be murdered.

I never said that.
- You didn't?

We like hearing ourselves talk.

Like, when you go to Italy,
does that make you a whore, or what?

All right, man. Then,
you tell me what happened.

Maybe she had a fight with her boyfriend.

Listen, Pătrașcu, what if I'm right?

What do you mean? - What if she was
involved in god-knows what?

Now you're really talking out your ass.

She was a young girl
who was found dead. That's it.

What's gotten into you two?
- I'm just teasing Pătrașcu.

Might as well have
been a neighbour, right?

How do you know that
didn't happen? Tell me!

Could it, or could it not
have happened the way I call it?

What are you two talking about?

Is it, or is it not possible
that the killer is a neighbour?

It is.

It could very well have happened
the way I say it did,

so there's no point in discussing it any
further. - Who was discussinf it?

I thought you were watching the game.

If you're not, I'm changing the channel
to Romania's Got Talent.

No, we're watching it.
- Well, please do.

Till then, you do it to me.


So, did you take care of it?

Your problem. You handle it.

On Maghery Blvd.

No, I'm going home, that's it.

Well, you'll see it tomorrow.

Don't get sassy, or you
won't see it ever again.

Fine by me.

Should we take the bridge
or the river bank? - The river bank.


We did agree on 13:00, didn't we?

What do you want me to od?

You didn't show up,
you didn't answer your phone...

No, I've got someone else at 14:00.

It's 13:45.

All right.

Over there by the gate.

Now, yes.

Hello, sir. I have this
huge favor to ask you.

I would like you to be about
half an hour late or an hour because...

At Doamna Ghica street? I see.

A client messed up my schedule
and I need to fit him in right now.

Yes? Please, at least some 20 minutes
so I can get him inside.

That's perfect, I owe you one.

Listen, man, please switch
Chesa for Dima right now,

and put Chesa up for 14:30.

Hold on, you've got me confused.
Chesa isn't coming anymore?

He is, at 14:30. But now
I want you to get Dima in.

The guy at 13:00
- That one.

Put him now, at 14:00
and move Chesa at 14:30.

Is this the guy?
- Yes.

I can only do 14:40.
- Thank you.

Go stand in line,
I'll be over right away!

Have your car registration
ready and 139 lei for it.


Do it now, I gotta go inside the hall.
- Now, now.

Come on, cut the lanes to the right,
we need to go inside the hall.

Come on, get in front.

Pull back over there, please.
And keep that car horn down.

The gentleman has an appointment,
he talked to me about it.

So, we're just sitting here like idiots?

Let me see your appointment!

What I'd like to know is your name,
the guy playin with the appointments.

Show me the appointment,
or get out of the line!

Who are you, to throw me out of the line?

Better bet back inside your car
and stop the ruckus here.

Are you going to pay
for my missed office hours?

You talk too much!

Come on, drive the car inside the hall.
- Yes, yes.

Start the engine.

Why didn't you tell the police anything?
- What?

Why didn't you tell the police anything?
- Please drive your car in there already.

Tell me, Sandu, do you
want me to tell them?

Is that what you're waiting for?

Something wrong?
- It wouldn't start, I don't know.

Should we give it a push?
- No, no.

Chesa, is that the name?
- Excuse me.

Where is...

Come on, ask him to go in.
Tell him that it doesn't hurt!

Car registration?

I'm going to pay.

Hold on, he doesn't have
the periodic inspection.

Is the boss still around?
- The little one was.

Listen, man, would take him to the chekup

and then I'll arrange for him
to get the periodic after that.

Let's wait for the boss.

Please, I've got another guy
coming and I'm all messed up.

All right, but if he doesn't approve it...
- Of course.

You saw the way people are, anyway.
- I saw them.

Come on, Viorel, fix it,
do your job!

Mr. Engineer, sir!


I have this favor to ask of you.

I have a client who came in without
his periodic inspection completed.

Listen, I took care of it, I'll go pay and
come back with the receipt, all right?

You're here already?
Yes, I'm here to pay some fees.

Go in throught the gate.
Tell them I scheduled it for you.

You tell them that
and they'll let you go.

I can't hear you anymore. Hello?

We got cut off.

Very good.

Now go stand in one of the queues.

It doesn't matter which one!

Yes, that one's very good.
I'll come take you over right away.

Mr. Pătrașcu, the bill.

There you go.
- Thank you.

Where's Gabi?
- Out for lunch.

I'll leave this to you. Will you
show this guy the inspection?


Listen, tomorrow I'll take
care of the paperwork,

and I'll leave everything
in the mailbox for you. - Ok.

From this day forward,
you don't know me anymore.

You leave me the money in the
mail and that's the end of it!

You don't know me, my son or my wife!

Listen, Sandu...
- You don't get to 'Sandu' me!

I don't care what you did and why you
don't tell the police. It's your business.

Don't you get me involved
in any of your shit anymore.

Don't you see you're not
making sense? You don't care?

Then why were you listening at the door?

Was it nice? Did you like what
you heard? With that ear!

Why didn't you tell the police?
- I'll kill you, you fucking murderer!

Hold up, man!

All right man, enough!

Calm down!

Have you calmed down already?

You bloody mother fucking...

Have you calmed down?

- Are you sure?

I'm not touching him.

If you ever come near me, I'll kill you.

Come on, let's go mind our own business.

What's up, boy?

Hello. What happened to your eye?
- Nothing, really.

Sandu, what happened?
- I'm all right.

Some people cut in front of the line
and we had a fight. - Where?

At the Registar.
- Did you fight them? Hold on.

They cut in line and I was with Vali
Dima on the second floor

so we started a brawl with them.
- Right under the eye.

The eye is fine.
- Hold on, there.

So, didn't anyone cut in?
- No, it all happened very fast.

- Is Matei over at his place?

He's doing his homework.
What about?

Vali, it's even worse.

Come on, let's put some ice on that.

Hello, Matei.
- Hi, dad.

Hi, dad!
- Hello, Matei.

Matei, are you done?
- Not yet.

Please, you don't come out
until you're done. - Ok.

Who started it, you or them?

They cut in line and they
were also the ones who started it.

Pătrașcu, you're like an 11 years old.

What are you doing, putting
the whole fridge on my face?

I'm fine.

I'm ok.

You come home beaten up,
but you're OK?!

What about Vali, is he home? - I don't
know, we didn't come back together.

Maybe he's gone to the hospital.
- No, he was no hospital case.

What's up, boy?

What do we tell Matei?
- Just what happened.

Maybe we can tell him that
some guy rode his bike into you.

Yes, because he's stupid
and can't see the truth?

You're right.
- Come to poppa! Get over here.

Mom, there's this thing
in math that I don't get.

Hold on, I'll come over.

Let me see.

Can you manage with that hand? You
want me to write them for you? - No.

Who are you writting up the receipt?
- Vali Dima.

Can you give me a plastic foil, please?
- Yes.

I should've shown them.

Where did they show up from?

Need back-up.

Come, come, come on! Come on, man.

Matei! What is it, son?

... shot the ice ball.

What's that you say?
- It's a-spiff-sparite.

Who, son?
- The ball.

The ice ball?

- Aw, man!

Come on, let's go back ro your bed.

What is it son? Tell me.

What it could've been? A protection suit.
- Right?

It's made of an animal.

Of a what?
- Of an animal.

All covered up. The neck,
the face, the ears.

Come on, son, let's go to bed.

Don't let it stop.
- I won't, son.

Stay with us.

Let's sleep now.

The password, you jackass! You jackass!

You're going to tell me your name now.

My name is Pătrașcu!


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