Un crimen común (2020) - full transcript

Cecilia is a sociology teacher. One night the son of her maid desperately knocks on the door of her house. She doesn't open. The next day, Kevin's body shows up murdered by the police. Cecilia begins to be haunted by the young man's ghost.


Come on, let's go!

It's great, isn't it?



I could celebrate
his birthday here, don't you think?

The kids love it
and it's near our house.

It's always the same with him.

What's wrong? Can't he find it?

He turns the car alarm on and off…

Since we're here, why don't you ask them?

-I should do it, right?



Listen to me.

Would you like to celebrate
your birthday here at the park?

Hey, you two, what's the big secret?

-What is it?

Thank you.


I would like to know
about celebrating birthdays here.

Is there any special price or discount?

Thank you.

-I paid for this ticket, didn't I?
-I don't know, I don't remember.

Okay! We're leaving!

-Wait! Wait!
-Okay, we're leaving!

You're pushing him! Why, sir?

Why are you pushing him, sir?

Get out of here!

Are you pretending to be asleep?

Are you pretending to be asleep?

Go to sleep, honey.

There you go.

There you go.

Help Mommy a little bit.

"The problem is that if 'the economy'
is determinant in the last instance

"for every type of society,
it must be defined independently

"of any specific type of society,

"and the conditions of existence
of the economy must also be defined

from any particular social relation."

Ceci, is something cooking in the oven?

Yes, some breaded beef.

Can you check on them?


Are they overcooked?

Pretty much.

There is a white serving platter
down there.

Yes, put them there.

Have you tried it?

I don't dare.

At least you can cut them.

I told you sharpened knifes were useful.

That's my son.

Kevin, say hi.


-Come and get it.

The table has a glass to put on top.
It's in my bedroom.

Kevin, tell me the truth.

I'll know it sooner or later,
so it's best if you tell me.

I don't want to talk about it.
I'll take this home.

Take it home and put it where I said.
And I'll talk to Nelly about this.

-Let me know when you get home.
-Yes, sure.

Let me know!

-I want to see you in class!

Come on.


- Hello. How are you?
- Hi. How's it going?

We want to know if you could
take a look at our paper abstract.

-See me after class.
-Okay, great. Thank you.


We've seen how Althusser raises the need
of not hypostatize the abstract,

as he sets out the overdetermination
of every reality.

We had nevertheless pointed out
some contradictions, remember?


Because he establishes
the economic base as a decisive factor?

Exactly. He states a universal
and abstract object

which would be determinant
in the last instance.

So, since the economy
is always at the center

of every possible social formation,

this allows us to define
once again society

in a way that leads us
to a simple determination,

and not to an overdetermination.

So, we find ourselves back

in the 19th century Marxist discourse…

"In short, 'history was no longer

"a way of interpreting the world,

"but a tool for self-discovering

"or for acquiring
collective recognition'".

I think you mean right…

But it lacks accuracy.

It's just a first approach.

We still need to work more on it.

Right, but I still believe
there are things

you need to clarify from the start.

The subject of study is not clear.

Your methodological framework
is not clear.

The authors backing up
your investigation are not clarified.

The working hypothesis
is not entirely clear.

But that's precisely what we intend.

Not to establish a priori concepts,

but to construct knowledge dialectically

with the grassroots sectors
we interviewed.

We want that to be the starting point…

Guys, you do start
from previous knowledge.

That was the point of your studying.

You guys need to deal with that.

The work can't just be
the recreation of that encounter

as if you didn't have
any previous knowledge.

Right, but our goal was also

to question academicism
and power relations…

All the more reason, if that's your goal,
it has to be well-grounded.

You need to justify your decision.

You'll be presenting this
in an academic conference,

not in a community center.

Language and framework are different.


-Is this for next week?

Then reformulate it.

Reformulate it
and we'll meet next Thursday.

And take into account what I've said.

Come on, Juan, it's your turn!

What are you watching?

I'm checking the masks
of Martin's birthday.

Let me see...

These are very ugly.

In my opinion, they are very scary.

Very scary!


That one is hideous. Hideous!

It looks like Donald Trump.


It's true.

Oh, no! The pot!

Stop it, kitten.

What happened to her?


You won't get any!

-Poor old lady…
-Poor woman…

They're so mean to her.

He likes caramel.

He's so smart.



- Hi.
- Hi.

Are you okay?

Yes, we just overslept, I'll go change.

-Tie your shoelaces, Juan.

Drink your milk, love.


Get your act together. You need to study.

Come on. It's late.

-Did you do your homework?

-Do you have everything in your bag?

We're almost there.

Come on, honey, hurry.

The glass!

- Let's go.
- Ceci!

Ceci! His bag and exercise book.


You forgot this.

Come here.


Still asleep.



We thought you weren't coming.

- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.

Listen, gather all folders
and we'll examine them later.

-Sure, no problem.
-And we'll talk later.

Bring her up-to-date.

-Bye. See you later.

What happened?

We overslept. Was he mad?

Mad at you? You're a daughter to him.

But he talked again

about how in his days
if someone was late,

it could mean they were taken in…

About your parents burning their books
and almost the house by accident.

-He repeats himself.
-He's growing old.

Anyway, he's very excited
that you're applying.

He says you should be very thorough
about all the paperwork.

Of course, yes, I'll attend to that.

And he said he won't excuse himself
from the jury just because he knows you.

He's chief professor,
who else could evaluate you?

I'll still create
the classes from scratch.

Don't worry, Rubén will agree
to whatever you present.

-Okay, see you later then.

-See you.

Hey, hi.

Oh, sorry.

What is a microorganism then?

-Bacteria, for example?

In math class, we studied fractions.

Divided fractions.

And what are those?

Fractions are like...

I think I forgot already.

But you learn them today,
how can you forget already?

Because it's a new subject.

And today I sat with Joaquín Santos,

with Felipe...

Felipe Calero, Ciro García,

-and Juan Cruz.
-I see.

-How is Juan Cruz doing?
-He's fine.

I haven’t seen him in a while.

What is he doing outside?

What are you doing outside?

Come here.

Bring the bags, love.

You're very nervous.

Stay over there.

What are you doing over there? Come here.

Grab a banana.

-Are there any?
-I don't know, check.

-We don't have bananas.
-So grab a tangerine.


-That's an orange, but you like it.

Come on.

Take your bag.

There you go.
Drink your milk before you leave.

Let's go.

Come on.

That's it.

What did I say about leaving the TV on?

I didn't leave it on.

If you didn't, who did?

Give me the cup, love.

-Kiss Mommy now.



Where is Kevin?

Last night, after the neighbors' riot
in front of the police station,

the authorities have decided to rake
the river in the search for Kevin.

Tension is growing.
Some people have their faces covered,

they insult the police,
and there have been clashes…

Where is Kevin?

What do you think happened to Kevin?

We are accompanying
Kevin's mom and family,

the police had been harassing him
for a while now...

We know they took him in,
and we haven't had news from him since.

We want to know what happened to him.
We want him to appear.

We want to see Kevin alive.

They've found Kevin!


Here you were.

I'm sending the students home.
Did nobody warn you at the entrance?

The whole building's electrified.
Something about the electric circuits.

-The power's already off.
-Oh, no!

- What about the exam?
- We'll do a take-home exam.

This might take weeks.
They might even shorten the term.

What's in your eye?

That's it. How are you?

-Just a little tired.
-So this comes right on time.

Relax, I'll take care of the exam.
I'll use last year's.

Let's have a beer.

No, I'll head home.

Okay, I'll be around the corner.


Yes, is Nebe there?

I'm Cecilia, Nebe works with me.

Yes, I know. That's why I'm calling.

I was watching the news and...


Oh, okay...



Tomorrow I'll be there.


Thank you.

Thank you. Bye.

It's two more blocks down the street.

I know, but we don't go so far in.

But the app says you do.

I still won't go that far in.

You can pay me less,
but I have to leave you here.

It's ridiculous,
I would've walked over here then.

-I don't know.
-Oh, well! Take it.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

They threw him into the river.

And now he's in the morgue.

Excuse me.


We have to wait now.

Until we can bring his body
from the morgue.

It was the police. Everybody loved him.

It won't be easy.


Your mom is calling.

Hello, you silly-billy…

How are you?

Did you eat?

What did you eat?

Your dad cooked?

Ice cream is not a proper dinner.

Well, breaded beef is okay.

Okay, silly-billy.

You don't like "silly-billy."

Okay, I'll never call you that again.


Get some rest.



Love you.

Okay, I'm coming.

Excuse me. The check, please.

- Hello.
- Hi.

I'm looking for Nebe.

- I'm Cecilia...
- It's fine, let her in, it's Ceci.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

Excuse me.

Come in, please.

Thank you for having me.

This is Sandra, the lawyer from the NGO.
She's taking the case...

We were just talking about you.

What about?

Just that I work at your house,
that you have a son, Juan.

-He asked after you.
-Come, sit down.

Do you want some yerba mate tea?

Sure, but I don't want to disturb

your meeting.

Silvi, could you prepare
some mate tea for Ceci?

We already have the witnesses.

We know who did it.

It was the Gendarmerie.

At an empty lot near your house.


The lawyer is building the case
with all this information.

She'll file it today.

I'm glad you're already...

I'm sorry,
I don't really know what to say.

It's okay.

Please check all the information.


They had been harassing him
for a while.

Neighbors saw him once
being dragged into a patrol car.

I still can't believe it.

Like this is not really happening.

Thank you for being here.

I brought you this month's salary,

so that you can count on it.

Excuse me. I have to go.

Oh, okay.

-See you.
-I'll call you later.

You'll probably have to go back
to court to testify.


Sorry, I didn't bring an envelope.

-Is everything okay?
- It's all good.

-The information is correct.

I'll get going, okay?

If you need anything...

Take all the time you need.
You can count on your salary.

And you can come back
when you feel...

I'll leave you to work.

Pablo, please walk Ceci
out of the neighborhood.

There's no need.

- Sure?
- Sure, I can go by myself. Thank you.

I've been thinking

you could use The Order of Things
to prepare the new classes.

Students know the author at least by name,

We used to have it in our syllabus.

Students know the author at least by name,

and you could use it to introduce
the historical possibility of theories.

I can send you my notes on that text,
they're on my computer.

-Even if you know it by heart...

Were you able to work on that?

A little bit. I took some notes.

Lately, I've been feeling like...

Every approach seems a little bit shallow.

What we've been teaching
seems to me a little bit dull.


It's an introductory course,

for some students
it's even their first subject.


They'll use these tools
throughout college.

Yes, sure. Of course.

Can you see the boys?
Are they out of the pool?

I don't get it,
you were the one pushing for those texts.

Yes, sure.

They must be in the locker room.

Why don't you come home to dinner
and we work a little bit?

I'm just a little tired today.

Wait here.
I'll buy something for the boys.

Hey, you.


Hi, my love.

Don't forget to bring a copy of your ID,
and a certificate of your academic degree.

I sent you an email.
You have to take it to the presidency.

While you're at it you can check
how the work is progressing.

You want me to call to remind you?

No, it's okay.

Would you stay with Juan a bit?

I want to hide his birthday gift.


My gift!

Mom, are you ok?

Yes, love. I was just thinking.

What did you do? It's all wet!

I didn't do it!
It was already wet.

Where are you going?

To my room.

Shhh… Go to sleep.

You're having a nightmare.

Let me sleep.

They are blurred.

How odd…
We changed toner yesterday.

I said nothing about the toner.

-How much is it?
-It's ten pesos.




Can I have the cannelloni
with tomato sauce?

We can only serve sandwiches at this time.

Breaded beef, chicken
or ham and cheese sandwich.

Breaded beef then.

Right away.


Are you satisfied with the work?


Since we decided to use
Gramsci's philosophy of praxis

as the methodological framework,

it allowed us to reorganize
the theoretical conceptions,

but according
to our sense of the practice.

In a way, what we did

was to go deeper into Marx's 11th thesis.

I see.

It's fine.

Our only doubt was regarding
the use of texts from the syllabus.

We haven't used those…

Don't worry, it's fine.

Excuse me.

Can I have this to go?

-Of course, I'll wrap it up.

Any suggestions maybe...

Any correction,
or hypotheses we can reformulate…



Here you go.

-Thank you.
-My pleasure.

Ok, guys, I have to go.

-Thank you.
-Good luck with this.

Thank you.


Yes, it's me.

Juan is with you, right?

I just woke up and got confused.

Yes, I know, I'm sorry.

Tell him to call me tomorrow.

Don't worry.

Thank you.

Hi, Claudia.

What do you mean your house?

His dad was supposed to pick him up.


I thought today was Wednesday.



Thank you, my friend.

Yes, I'll be right there.

Thank you.

I can't believe I forgot.

Nothing happened.

If it wasn't for you,
he would've stayed alone.

The school would've called you.

Diego once left Lucas in a public toilet.

-In a toilet?
-Yes, at a train station.

He realized it when he saw me
waiting for them at the coffee shop.

He ran back immediately
without saying a word.

-Mom, you're gonna get me killed.
-Don't exaggerate.

- Love, we have to go.
- No, please.

We have to go home.

No, please, let's stay a bit more.

-Come on, let's go.
-No, please!


Stay, I put some pies in the hoven.

Thank you.

You have something in your eye.

Let me see.

I was in the park, reading.

Come, kids, food is ready.

They turn so stupid with that videogame.

Come on, kids!

I want no stains, eat at the table!

Claudia told me
you'll get the new position.

Actually, I have to compete for it first.

Mom, can I sleep over here tonight?


I imagine you're happy,
it's better on the money side.

Honey, you don't listen to me,
it's not like your job.

It's not more money, but at her age,
that position is essential.

It's prestigious, and it helps you
get scholarships, for example.

A little spicy, right?

I'll get you some water.

You better eat, honey,
we've got no food at home.

Please, I want to sleep here.
I don't want to go home.

No, you have your school supplies
at home. No more discussion.

-But mom, please!
-Stop it already!

Slow down, Juan.

Open the door.

Juan, open the door.

Juan, come on, open the door.

It's not funny, come on, open up.

Juan, open...

Come on, open the door!

What are you doing?

What are you doing, son?

Juan, open the door!

Open up!

Son, open the door!

Come on, please, son!

Open up, please.

What were you doing?


-Who were you talking to?

-You are a cheat, huh?

I forgot it in the kitchen,
and you opened it.

I didn't open it.

You'll have to wait until your birthday.

Do you want to sleep in my bed?


Put your pajamas on, and come.

What did I tell you last night?

It's just that I wanted to see

how to build it first,
so that it won't be so hard afterward.

Okay, now hurry,
the school bus is coming.


Ceci, come in.

No, please come…

-Hi. What happened?

I need to tell you something.

I was thinking about...

the night Kevin got missing.

You said it happened
in the empty lot near my house.


Well, I heard something.

What did you hear?

Something like…

Like someone…

Someone knocked on the door.

Several times. And I saw a shadow.

Was it him?

I don't know. It was dark, I…

Cecilia, was it Kevin?

It was raining a lot,
and I got scared...

-And I didn't…
-But was it Kevin?

Go. Leave now, Cecilia.

-Get the hell out!
-What's going on?

-I need to talk to the lawyer…
-Get out of here!

-I know you're mad at me, but…

You're still here?

You won't get the results today.

-I'll leave then.
-As you wish.

You were great, so relax.

What if I don't get the position?

What are you saying? You were fine!

I have to go to the toilet.

Before your trip,
we'll have dinner at my house.

I have some things
for you to bring to your dad.

Bye, see you.

Where is the toilet now?
God damn it!

Should we jump in the Scrambler?

I think I'll also celebrate
Lucas' birthday here.

-Is it expensive?
-No, it's not.

Should we throw these?

Or we wash them and keep them?

We wash them and keep them.

-The slices of cake were too big.


Who wants a cheese puff?



It scares me a bit. I'll wait down.