Un couteau dans le coeur (2018) - full transcript



Lois, can you hear me?

It?s 5 a.m.

I need you.

I had a nightmare
and woke up in the middle of nowhere,

totally alone.

Totally loaded, you mean.

It was all shadows and blood and death!

I'm scared, don't you see?

Hold my hand.

I'm holding your hand.

Tell me you love me.

Caress me with your voice.

Come get me.

Anne, stop.
Stop this game.

We agreed to see each other at work only.

It's over for good, you know that.

No, we fought over nothing again
and broke up in anger!

I don't want us to end, ever!

Give me one last chance.

No more scenes, no more lies,
no more booze.

Or just once.

We'll drink all night, like when we met.

You need to sober up.

You need to go home.

You're far away...

Far, far, far away!

It's terrifying, I swear!

Stop acting crazy.
I can't take it anymore.

You bitch, abandoning me
when I'm lost and terrified!

What if I were dying? Then what?

- I need to sleep, I'm tired.
- Don't hang up!

I didn't mean to yell, sorry. Lois...

Let me come over.

Let me smell your skin one last time.

So I won't be frightened
alone in the dark.

So your skin and scent
will always be with me.

Anne, it's over.

My heart has gone dry.


Get it on!

Shake your booties, boys!

That's it!

Get closer...


I said kiss, Thierry!


Get nice and naughty.

Far out, yellow briefs!

Here comes the boss!

Ok darlings, business time.

I want you all naked
and stiffer than President Giscard.

Very clever, Valentin.


Yesterday's dailies.

Know what's on 'em?


I see.

Same old shit.



Be hot. Be luscious.

Jerk off slowly...

Enjoy your hands, enjoy your friends...

Keep it up and I'll join you.

What a bore! Lose yourselves!

I need wild eyes!

Bite him, Thierry!
Take him, dammit!

Thierry, ease up on the heroin.
You're barely hard.

It's not the dope, it's his paycheck.

Not happy? Then fuck off.

They're lining up to replace you.

Mouth of Gold!

- Who for?
- Thierry needs you, my darling.

So much wasted time.

Pull over, quick.

What for?

What's your name?


Pretty name.

You earn about 2 grand a month?

Plus bonuses, why?

I'll pay you the same for 5 days.

What's the catch?

Hey Nans! Your mom's hot.

Introduce me!

No catch.

Just be yourself and trust me.

You're gorgeous, you know.

Who are you?

What do you do?

I'm a producer. Blue movies.

500 per scene, 3 hours of work.

A special rate for your angel face.

This is a joke, right?

Just gotta be good in bed.

I bet you're a real stud.

You fuck the daylights
out of your girlfriends, right?

I get no complaints.

But sometimes we're short on girls.

So it's boys on boys.

No can do. I'm not a fairy.

What a shame.

I pegged you for more modern.

No one will know,
so what are you risking?

A little pleasure, at worst?

And you'll die smarter!

Here's a bonus bill,

just 'cause I like you.

My number's on it. Call me tomorrow.

I found a gem.
A fawn among wolves.


He reminds me of Fouad.
His twin, even more stunning.


It's been ages.
He joined the Foreign Legion.

This is what we'll do!
Hit the work sites, the streets...

Find common people with character
to bring our films to life.

Common people?
Who are you, Zola?

I'm excited.
He's gonna blow Lois away.

- Hello?
- Is this Archibald Langevin?

Yes, that's me.

Inspector Morcini, Quai des Orf?vres.

We're trying to reach Anne Par?ze.

We tried her home and Office.

- Anne, wake up!
- Know where she is?

She's here.
Can I ask what this is about?

It's about Jean-Marie Duvernet.

Jean-Marie Duvernet...


Karl had just finished one of my films.
His 7th or 8th, as I recall.

The first was about 2 years ago.

What type of film, exactly?

Come off it,
don't act like you don't already know.

Maybe it arouses you
to hear it from a woman's lips?

Your actor was stabbed

multiple times in the rectum.

Quite a violent death.

The autopsy is underway.
We'll know more soon.

What was this Karl like?

Did he have enemies?


I didn't know him that well.

On set, he tended to be..


He loved it, for sure.

Last month we shot an orgy scene.

Five men were on Karl.

He went from one to the other.

- Eyes ablaze...
- Keep typing.

At the mercy of his partners, possessed.

When you lose yourself
with another person,

or persons,

when you lose control...

Have you ever felt that?

It's a form of love.




If anything's voracious in here,

it's your mouth.

And that hot ass
under your rain slicker.

You came here to tum us on,

you kinky slut.

Got the hots for the fuzz?

How dare you?

I'm a murder witness, not some slut!

Easy now, gorgeous.

You want it as bad as we do.

- Leave me alone!
- Tell us what you know.

You were very close to Karl.

He was your lover.

Wasn't he?

- No.
- Say it.

Whisper it.

Scream it! Don't play the bitch!

No... no!


It's true. He banged me.

Morning, noon and night.
He made me explode.


Keep typing, Lacotte!


Scene is wrapped!

Anal Fury scene 3, shot 5, take 3.

Break time, then porn shots!

She's a monster.


The boss. How dare she?

How dare she play with Karl?

She's playing with real life.

She never cared about him.

But I knew him. He told me everything.

All the sordid details.

Any idea who might've done it?

No, or I'd have told the cops.


Why would anyone hurt him?

He was so beautiful.

I loved him, you know.

Mouth! We need you.

Go on.


I have no cash, Thierry.

I'll pay you tomorrow.

Give me my dough. Right now.

- Get to work or you're fired!
- You need my hard cock.

You'll never work for me again. Never!

- Delivering the dailies.
- Let me do it.

What about you?

What's she pay you?

I need nothing, I live with my mom.


I'm friends with Lois.

Detective Rachid here.

Anne D'Amboise calling.
How's the investigation coming?

I'm on it, Ms. D'Amboise.
My informer called,

he says he knows the murderer.

But he wants to tell me in person.

We're meeting
at midnight at the sauna.

The sauna? How steamy!

Mr. Rachid,

I'm picturing what we did in your office

and touching myself.

It was so good.

I want to thank you
for your hard work.

I'm very busy at the moment.

- Meet me at the sauna!
- Yes.

- I'm hard as a rock, Detective!
- Me too.

It's delectable.

You're crazier by the minute, Anne!

Anal Fury, that's a wrap for scene 5!



killed me


They found Thierry.

Two dead buddies and we're still filming.
It's pure folly.

I'm scared and I'm not the only one.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with us.

Thierry was a hopeless junkie
with huge debts.

They found him in an alley.
Karl was no saint either.

What the hell are the cops doing?

They dropped by yesterday.

Asked us a few questions and left.

Any leads?

- What'd they say?
- Nothing.

They're not the chatty type.

I've got a new title.

Homocidal. What do you think?

Catchier than Anal Fury, right?

Is none of this affecting you at all?

Are you in the movie biz?

That's my dream.
I'm a great actress.

Shame I look like such a slut.

Tell me, my little dune coon,
got a part for me?

Forget it.

Even our girls have cocks.

C'mon, we can get around that.

Always the same with your boy toys.

Rabah sleeps with whoever he likes.
As do I.

We're not chained together.

Lordy, it's hot in here!



Still glued to the boss lady?

Hey Fran?ois!

What's up?

I'm Misia now.

Pretty, right?


My former bosses are here.

She's Patou.

1950s social-worker type
comforts the clients.

If they want an orgy, she's their gal.

Next to her is Farida.
Arabian Princess.

She promises endless nights
but makes you come in two licks.

And finally, Dominique. She's the boss.

Real high class.
But don't piss her off.

Don't you miss us?

Playing the actor wasn't my thing.

Here, we all know each other.

We help each other.

It's comforting.

- What's your specialty?
- Me?

I'm in search of mysteries.

Wanna be in pictures?

How much?

200 francs per scene.

- Less than a blow job!
- At day rates, no less!

The Far West box office girl!
They show all my films.

What on earth is going on?

She came here a lot.

She saw so many gay flicks,
she thought she was a fag.

Mother by day,

murderer by night.

A sickness on the rise.


That was the last shot of Homocidal.



wrap picnic this Sunday,
compliments of the boss.

I want you all there

with a smile.

- Was I a good fag?
- Superb.


Am I still beautiful?

Not too wilted?

No, on the contrary.

Lois will be amazed, you'll see.

Care to dance?

Forget it, honey. I'm taken.

This song is big now.

I like it.

What about you?

Still in love?

Nummy, how could you leave me

On such a cold and wintry night?

If you only knew how I loved you

In my queen-size soggy dreams

My Queen, you're breaking my heart

I love you too, but I'm so afraid

If I give you ecstasy
I will give pain

One lone kiss would be a fatal refrain

Nummy, don't I turn you on?

Look at my lovely legs and arms

Burning with love
I await your charms!

Stop tormenting me, please!

I'm already on my knees

But resist I must, indeed!

Imagine all we could do, we two!

Your paw in my little derriere!

My tongue in your slit...

so debonair!

If you turn me on
you better watch out!

My claws will slash you without a doubt

My mouth will chew and spit you out

My darling, kiss me, devour me!

At my age, fear no longer rules me

Yesterday we came

Tomorrow we die

Drink my every drop

Don't you ever stop

Send me over the top

My Queen, see how I love you?

The more I kill you

The more I love you...

The more you kill me,

the more I love you.

This is for you, my dear Mouth.

"I seek my old kisses.

The kisses

of my sole hour.

My mouth,

an unlit lantern,

seeks its flight.

Blue river."

Federico Garcia Lorca.

Like it?

Spitting image of Fouad.

He swears they're not related.

Crazy, right?

Don't know about you,
but I'm thirsty as hell!

To our health!

We ransacked the corner store!

Sneaky as you please.

I think they took pity on Patou.

My baby's coming!

I think my water broke!

Push honey push!

Miss Farida,
fresh from her operation in Morocco!

To Homocidal.

To Thierry and Karl.

You're waiting for someone.
Am I right?

If I wasn't a whore,
I'd be a fortune teller.

Isn't that all hogwash?

Not if you believe.
Give me your hand.

Forget everything around you.

- Not reading my palm?
- No, it's all about feeling.


Anne, you have a gift too.

Pay closer attention to your dreams.

They're there to help you.

Guide you.

Something's holding you back.

The armor you've been wearing
for so long.


Trust me.

You're trying to forget the past.

The sadness
that has eaten away at your life.

There's so much beauty inside you.

Forget your old fears.

Your demons.

Follow the path of your dreams.


Wanna come home with me?

I can't

I'm seeing friends tonight.

I shouldn't have done that.
It's just that I love you a lot.

I'll always love you.

Mustn't stand under trees in a storm.

We might catch fire.

I've got a subway to catch.

I could give you a lift.


It's better this way.



Where are you?




Stay here!

Sorry again about earlier.
It shook me up too, but...

Nothing's changed, Lois.

I've loved you this hard for 10 years.

I never thought
I could love this hard, this long.

This love is too much for me.

It's too powerful.
I'm terrified of losing you.

It's driving me insane!

You can't refuse a love like this.

It's criminal.
You must love me.

Love me.
Love me, love me!

Damn it!

Anne stop.

You're mine, Lois.

This... is mine.

This, too.

Mine, mine!


Stop, I beg you.

When did you last go home?

- Aren't I at home here?
- Of course you are.


No leads, really?

If you believe the reporters.

You barely questioned my crew.

Do all my actors have to die?

A madman is clearly after us.

Where's our protection?

The investigation is in progress.
It's confidential.

I advise you to stop working

for a while.

And tell your little friends

to stay quietly at home.

It's safer.


What do you want?

We do have a clue.

The only one so far.

Near the first two bodies
we found bird feathers.

We don't know the species yet.
The tests take weeks.

Maybe longer.

this case isn't a priority.

Surprise, surprise.

Why are you telling me this?

I always keep a souvenir
from my cases.

You can have it.

It's all I can do.

Good evening.

Here's your zodiac weather report.

The first will come last.

Storms, are brewing for Aries...

It's a disaster, I've made 30 calls.

No one wants to work for us.
They're terrified.

We'll take some time off.

Just a few days.

We'll let things blow over.

That won't be long enough.

I'm frantic myself.
Afraid to go out alone.

Have you heard from Lois?

I know everything.
We spoke this morning.

How's she doing? What'd she say?

What do you expect? She's in shock.

Let some time pass.

A lot of time.

Got a phone book?

What for?

Look up birds.


It's the phone book,
not an encyclopedia.

Bird shops.

Why? Looking for a pet?

I'll explain.

14 Street of Charms...

Sorry, I must be mistaken.


All is well.


My aunt recently died.

We found this feather in a trunk.

I was curious as to...


Where'd you find it?

My aunt died...

It's a secret.

Must be an ancestral secret, then.

This is a feather
from a Chaladre Grackle.

Or White-Eyed Grackle.

They're blind birds.

The last recorded sighting
dates to the 18th century,

in Chaladre Forest.


in that forest,

people used to take the dying,

hoping for a miracle,

when all hope for healing was lost.

They were convinced
this bird had mysterious powers.

That it could save people
from certain death.

They would leave the dying
alone in the forest one whole night,

for the birds appeared only to them.

It is said that the birds absorbed death,

then flew to the sun,

to burn it off.

But they flew so close

they went blind.

This forest...

does it really exist?

You mustn't be afraid.

Pierre has a rare genetic disorder.

It begins with the hands,

then the entire body mutates.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we're now approaching Chaladre.

Next stop, Chaladre.


If you're reading this,

Archibald must've followed
my instructions.

This is the last letter
I will ever write you.

I loved you for ten years too.



But last night, in a matter of seconds,

you destroyed that love.

The memory of that love.

You turned it into a monster.

I'd like to see you dead.

Hurt you the way you hurt me.

But I can't.

Only tears pour forth.

I'm sick over loving you, Anne.

It's eating me up inside.

I must undo the ties binding me to you.

Everything we shared.

I won't work for you anymore.

But before I leave,

I will finish editing the film.

In exchange,

I'm asking you to never seek me out.


I hope you'll respect this one request.

Anne Par?ze?

Someone reserved a room for you
at my inn.

A certain...


It's a bit

hard to find,

so I thought I'd come and fetch you.

I'm Mr. Vannier.

This is my daughter.

She'll take you to the forest.


this is Mrs. Par?ze.

- Have you lived in Paris long?
- Yes.

I've only been once.

I must've been... 4 or 5 years old.

I don't remember much.

Just a few details.

The crowds.

The smell of the metro.

The festive feeling,

the hustle and bustle.

A woman laughing to herself
on the Champs-Elys?es. That's it.

A little girl's blurry dream.

I've thought so often of returning.

But I can't leave my father.

You understand?

Are you married?

You work, perhaps?

Now, in the morning?

Here we are.

Thank you.

Don't worry about me,
I'll find my way back.

The forest is vast.

It's easy to get lost.

I'd be happy to come with you.

I'll manage!

What're you doing here?

Are you a friend of Guy's?

Excuse me?

Of course, you must be.

Your clothing tells me
you're from the big city.

Take good care of him when you see him.

Promise me.

Guy speaks to me.

No one believes me.

But I know.

At night, wherever he is,
he thinks of me.

And the flowers I bring him

change colors, change positions.

It's our secret language.

I'm afraid for him.

Tell me what's happening, I beg you.
How is my son?

- Calm down.
- You must know.

You're his friend, right?

He's such a good boy.

He had no luck, that's all.

So little luck.

I'm sorry.

You're lucky.
My father usually won't let me drive it.

- Did your excursion go well?
- Yes.

Did you make it to the river?

I only saw a cemetery
and a weird lady who hangs out there.

Guy's mother, no doubt.

Yes, that was the name on the grave.
Guy something-or-other.

- Did you know him?
- Guy Favre.

We all know each other here.

Poor woman, she's insane.

Poor little Guy. A dreadful story.

What happened?

Guy and one of his friends, Hicham,
died in a fire 15 years ago.

They were in a barn that caught fire,
no one knows how.

The strange thing is,

Guy's body was never found.

Only Hicham's.

Some think Guy killed Hicham,
set fire to the barn and ran away.

No evidence was ever found.

It took Guy's father two years
to get his son a spot in the cemetery.

He put only clothes in the coffin.

It's so sad.

And he died

a few days later.

That's when Guy's mother lost her mind.

Every day, she goes to the cemetery

with fresh flowers.

They never found any trace of Guy?

Not a thing.

It's a mystery.

The old-timers believe
the forest is haunted,

that Guy is still there, somewhere.

Mrs. Par?ze?

Anne. Call me Anne.

Do you have any left?

Maybe just a drop.


Mr. Vannier?

I need a bottle of whiskey.

I'll get one for you.

Promise not to give any more to Cathy.

She had a drinking problem.

She even wanted to leave.

And let me die.

She's all I've got left.

Dear Anne,

You seem to be interested
in Guy Favre's story.

I found these articles for you
in my father's archives.

His hoarding hasn't been
entirely in vain after all.

I'm not sure I'll see you
before you leave tomorrow.

But I was happy to meet you.

I hope these flowers
will remind you of me.

Your friend,


Hello, Archie?

Got a script lying around?

Yes, that'll do.
Schedule some auditions.

I know.
Tell everyone this film pays triple.

No, I'm not out of my mind.

I'll explain.

It's like an intuition.

An intuition within a dream.

scene 3, shot 5, take 2!


Untie him, Brutus!

Now he's beaten to submission.

We can fuck him to our heart's content.

Cut. Very good. Next sequence.


May the spirit of sodomy envelop you,

and make you come for eternity.

Let it be hard!

Hard and moist!

For the rest of our lives.

Long live hedonism! Long live lust!

Stop, stop.
I'm limp, I can't do it.

If you get shy now,
we'll never get the shot.

At the price I'm paying you!

Mouth of Gold isn't here?

No. He's afraid to leave home.

I may have an idea.

Archie, remember your beginnings?

I know what you're thinking.

Moon, it's me.
Can you pick me up at work?

Don't ask questions.

Just come quick.


- Ready?
- Yeah.

Go on, then.

May the spirit of sodomy possess you

and make you come forevermore!

Long live lechery! Long...


Sorry, my fault.

A little camera problem.

Everything ok?


You ok?

He's dead!

We gotta get out of here!

Guy Favre!

I know who you are!

Come out!

Show yourself!



Call an ambulance!


Why did you come here? Why?

Hang on, I beg you.

My love, I'll never hurt you again.

I promise to protect you all my life.




The Far West presents Homocidal

Anne Par?ze presents





Good evening.

I'm in Homocidal.

- Here. Enjoy.
- Thanks.

Mother by day,

murderer by night.

A sickness on the rise.


Excuse me, are you Anne Par?ze?


Thank you, it was beautiful.

I've seen all your films.

This is your masterpiece.

Lois did it all, you know.


I see a certain resemblance.
Am I right?

Yes, it's me.

Do you like it?

Very much, yes.

So I'm sitting next to the famous Fouad?

No. But you're not the first
to confuse us.


Next week at The Far West

Back by popular demand

In 1977, technology

is at the cutting edge of progress,
ushering in...

- Ah, a moldy oldie!
- Shut up.

Fearing the dangers

of modernity,
some young people return to nature,

preferring to live off spunk and...

It's 3 francs.

For the light.

Spunk and the Land Alone,
a wild, beastly film,

where sex between men knows no bounds.


Starring Karl, as the young farmer.

Thierry, as the farmhand.

The boy scout is played by Martin.

In the role of the lumberjack,
Jos? El Hombre.

And introducing

Fouad, as the Berber shepherd.


and the Land Alone...

the film that
quenches all thirsts!



Sorry, you're mistaken.


Stop him!

He's the killer!

Get off on killing fags?

His name is Guy.

Guy Favre.

His life is nothing
but a succession of faraway desires

until he meets Hicham.

Theirs is a secret love,

a love of infinite sweetness.

In Hicham's arms,

Guys cries at how lucky they are
to have found each other.

But one day,

his father catches the two teens.

Hatred erupts.

The knife

and the blood.

Then fire to erase his crime.

All is destroyed.

All is dead.

But Guy miraculously survives.

He falls into a deep sleep.

The kind you never wake up from.


birds with extraordinary powers
care for him.

Envelope him
in the recesses of forest.

In Guy's troubled dreams,

the birds speak to him.

Patiently show him the way back.

Guy opens his eyes.

He's forgotten
everything about his past life.

Forgotten everything about Hicham

and the fire.

He stays with the birds.

Learns their song,

their language.

But at night,

Hicham visits him in his dreams,

embraces him,

haunts him.

Guy is overwhelmed
by visions of pleasure

and pain.

He leaves the forest for the city.

One night,

he enters a movie theatre.

The lights are already out.

On the screen...

Subtitles ripped by gooz
karagarga, 2018