Un comisar acuzã (1974) - full transcript

The Iron Guard, also known as Legion of Archangel Michael, was a Romanian nationalist and patriotic movement of extreme right; as such, after it rose to power, it supported Nazi Germany and started a fierce campaign of retaliation against its political enemies. As such, in the night of November 26-27, 1940, the Death Teams executed forty political prisoners in the Jilava prison (in the movie, named "Viraga"), and next day, other two Teams arrested and shot the former minister Virgil Madgearu and the world famous historian Nicolae Iorga (in the movie: Costin Märgeanu and Nicolae Jugu). To squash down the political outcry, the Police Prefect Stefan Zävoianu (Visan Nävodeanu) conveniently assigns the cases to a commissioner from the "Morals Division" (prostitution, thieves), Tudor Moldovan, hoping that he will fail to get to the bottom of the case. However, Moldovan has communist sympathies, so he quickly comes under the influence of the Bolshevik Pîrvu, who had escaped during the Viraga massacre, only to be later apprehended again by the police. Pîrvu being an old friend and work mate of Moldovan's father, he feeds to the commissioner all the well-known soviet propaganda, during the interrogatories. Thus gained on the left side, Moldovan turns against the Iron Guards, in a short time gathering enough evidence to close the case. Hearing about this, the Iron Guard Senator Naumescu (Nae Ionescu) tries to bribe Moldovan - but the commissioner only accepts the money (one briefcase containing half a million lei, worth his salary for ten years) to use it for financing the communist party. He then delivers the file to the "Universul" newspaper, but the Legionnaire commissioner Paraipan, his arch enemy, retrieves it before going into print. Learning this, Naumescu orders Moldovan's dispatching. After a long and noisy series of shootouts and street action, Moldovan gradually shoots eight out of the new members of Paraipan's team, sparing only Tänäsescu, who had been assigned as his assistant during the investigation. Loyal to the cause, Tänäsescu informs Naumescu about Moldovan's whereabouts - so the Senator lays a trap for the commissioner, using Tänäsescu as bait. At the height of an unequal confrontation, in the heart of the Plumbuita slum, Moldovan is ridden with bullets by a few dozens of Legionnaires.

In the winter of 1940 the reactionary
leaders of the bourgeoisie

and the landed aristocracy,
with the help of Hitler's Germany,

bring to power the fascist military
dictatorship in Romania.

The Iron Guard Legion's terror
grips the country.

Meanwhile, mass protests are taking
place all across the country.

The Communists lead the battle
against the Fascists.

November 26, 1940


- Everything is ready.
- Alright. Open the gates.

- Anything new?
- Nothing of notice.

We have just finished our inspection,
but we can do it again if you want.

Don't bother, lieutenant. I'd like
Mr. Chirvasie to accompany us tonight.

As you wish.

Open the gates!

They have come again to inspect.

The prisoners are going to make
quite a racket.

Make noise!


Open it.

Loteanu, Orheanu and Tanasescu.

Casapu, Zisu and Boeriu.

Make sure the noise doesn't stop.


Get up, face to the wall!

Everybody face to the wall!

- Lieutenant!
- What is it?

- I think I hear shots.
- Be quiet.

- Manea!
- Yes, sir.

Sound the alarm!

Quiet, brothers!

Isn't that the inspection,
Mr. P?rvu?

I think there's something serious
going on.

Comrades, let's go downstairs
and get the Communists, too!

I order you to stay where you are
and put down your weapons!

Men, shoot for the ceiling!

Lieutenant, cut the charade!

We've got one more job
in the basement and we are done.

I order you to withdraw!
Fire a round!

- Mr. P?rvu!
- What is it?

Get away from the door!

What happened?

Run! The Legionnaires
are coming to kill you.

What about the others?

Run through the inner courtyard!




Take them off!

Grigore, Popescu and Barbu,
run through the cemetery.

Lefter and I will sneak
behind the City Hall.

- Are you ready?
- Yes, comrade P?rvu.

Now, go!

Let's go!


What if they caught
the other comrades?

Don't worry, we would have
heard shots. Let's go!

Inspector on duty
Ilarie Bucur here.

What? At Viraga? Hello!

Hello, Miss! Operator!
Put me through with Viraga!

Mr. Paraipan...

Petrescu, this is a great day!
We killed the politicians at Viraga.

Aren't you glad? We're getting rid
of the lepers in this country. Open!

Come on!

You're a coward, Petrescu.
But we won't tolerate it.

Either you obey the Legion's orders,
or we'll treat you as our enemy.

Take him! Let's make
an example out of him.

Hello! Viraga won't answer?
Hello, Miss!

Operator, put me through with
the Prefect's house. It's urgent.

Yes, at this hour. Now!

Yes, at this hour. Now!

Hello. Yes, inspector Bucur.

You've done very well to inform me.
No, don't do anything

and don't inform the D A.
I'll handle this case personally.

I'll be there in an hour.

To our fortunes, gentlemen!

- Pull over.
- Yes, sir.


- Allow me to say my prayers.
- Alright, but make it quick.

Miss, put me through
with the D A's Office.

- Prefect.
- What is it?

The District Attorney.

Good morning, Prefect. My name
is Halunga from the D A's Office.

Nice to meet you.
What brings you here?

We have been informed
by the inspector on duty

that four prisoners were shot
in the Prefecture's lockup.

You must be mistaken. There
has been no such incident here.

You are surely the victims
of a prank.

Nevertheless, prefect, we will proceed
to our inquiry, with your permission.

- And if I won't allow it?
- I'm sorry, we have a search warrant.


Satisfied, gentlemen?

Yes, Prefect. We apologize
for the disturbance.

- Good day, Prefect.
- An honor.

- Where is inspector Bucur?
- In your office, as you requested.

- Arrest him and keep him in solitary.
- Yes, Prefect.

- Arrest him and keep him in solitary.
- Yes, Prefect.

Sir, Director General Dinca
is waiting in your office.

Anything else?

Undersecretary Vicsoreanu has been
asking for you on the phone.

Put him through.

Dinca, I'm glad you came.

- Fanica, you're in trouble.
- Why?

The gendarmes have already found
the body of inspector Petrescu

in the Balota Woods. They have
identified him on the spot.

Unfortunately, one of the officers
knew him. I have good news, too.

Tell me!

They captured two of the eight
Communists that have escaped.

- Good news, indeed.
- Yes.

It's Vicsoreanu.
Good Morning, undersecretary.

Not yet, but we're doing everything
we can to identify the murderers.

We have arrested two of the
Communists that had escaped.

I'll inform you as soon as
we find out.

Yes, sir.

What should we do, Dinca?
Vicsoreanu is driving me crazy.

Panaitescu threatened to hang us
should anything come out.

- I have the solution.
- Tell me.

We'll put a smart inspector
on the case.

He must be popular with the masses
and not a member of the Legion.

Thus we distract everybody's attention
and we can continue with our plan.

We don't need a smart one.
He might overthrow our plans.

Don't worry,
I'll handle the details.

The investigation will establish
that the Viraga massacre

is the direct consequence
of the Communists' escape.

And the other murders are the work
of unidentified perpetrators.

- Who do you suggest?
- You'll see.

Inspector Moldovan.

Inspector, Director Dinca has
recommended you for a difficult case.

I am sure you will solve it.

- Viraga?
- You're a mind reader, Mr. Moldovan.

No, sir, I just heard
the rumors.

Smart and witty. I am sure
you'll do a good job.

The first measures
have been taken.

We arrested two of the Communists that
had escaped from Viraga last night.

I wish you luck.
What is it, inspector?

This case has political implications.
I only handle thefts and prostitution.

Inspector, this is not
your first murder case.

It is your political impartiality
recommends you.

I thank you for
your confidence in me.

Leave us alone.

- P?rvu, who organized your escape?
- I already told you, nobody did.

That can't be true. Don't tell me
the cells were unlocked by a saint.

You, of all people.

It wasn't a saint, but that's
pretty much the way it happened.

You're mocking me.

I'm not in a position
to do that.

Your colleagues have been very
persuasive this time.

They can do it again,
unless you tell me.

The report is clear.

"At midnight, a group of Communists,
with assistance from outside,"

"have escaped from the basement
of the Viraga prison."

"Confronted by the Legion's guard on
patrol, they made use of their guns."

"The patrol returned fire. Numerous
prisoners and guards were killed."

Who gave you the weapons?

Nobody gave us any weapons
and nobody organized the escape.

Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

You mean you gave yourselves up?
How did you escape from the cells?

I'm telling you for the tenth time:
A master sergeant shot the locks open.

He opened the doors
and told us to run.

And the major sergeant was shot
by one of the legionnaires,

who was shot by the dying sergeant.
I know the story.

I don't buy it, P?rvu.
Make something else up.

I don't need to make anything up, sir.
I have told you everything I know.

You are a stubborn man.

What was the weapon used
by the legionnaire?

I think he had an automatic Mauser,
but I'm not sure.

Take him.

- Inspector.
- What is it?

We may not have an education,
but we're not stupid either.

Only a fool would try to escape
when the guards are on patrol.

Ionescu, who was on duty last night
at the Police Prefecture?

Inspector Ilarie Bucur. And inspector
Ghita Petrescu at the lockup.

Where do I find them?

Ilarie Bucur is detained
in the Prefect's office.

Nobody saw Ghita Petrescu
this morning.

Moldovan here. I want to speak
with the Prefect, please.

I'm sorry to bother you,
I need to talk to Ilarie Bucur.

He left an hour ago?
Thank you.

I need Bucur and Petrescu

Who are you?

I've been appointed
as your assistant, inspector.

- Who appointed you?
- The Legion's representative.

Can't you knock?

- Good afternoon, doctors.
- Hello, inspector.

I hear you're on this case.
I am at your disposal.

No. I want you to make a report
with the help of our specialist.

- Agreed.
- Thank you.

One more thing. Are there
any legionnaires among the dead?

There was one, but his body was taken
this morning. Minister's orders.

- Okay. Good bye.
- Good bye.

Let's go.

What is it, Ionescu?

The Gendarmerie informs us they have
identified Petrescu's body.

He was killed last night
in the Balota Woods.

Ionescu, analyze the bullets
personally. What about Bucur?

He didn't go home. He was seen
drinking in a tavern.

Okay. I'll meet you
at the Prefecture.

I have seen your face before.
Are you from Bucharest?

- No, but I was a boxer.
- You don't have the nose of a boxer.

Now I remember.

You are from Braila and you have
been jailed for procurement.

Do your bosses know that?

I want to see the matinee. I can't
find tickets for the evening show.

- Leave me alone!
- I'm sorry, it's so crowded here.

Don't push, lady. You've been
pushing for half an hour.

You can have my ticket, too.

- Did you take it?
- Yes. What?

- Give it back. Move!
- Inspector, I was just...

- You dropped your wallet.
- Get in the car. Come on.

Inspector, I haven't noticed
you were there.

Not a lucrative day today.

Yes, hard times,
the war is about to start...

I hear your investigating...

Don't change the subject.
Do you know inspector Bucur?

- Of course I do.
- Have you seen him today?

Yes, at The Horse.

Okay. I'll let you go this time.
Get lost.

Inspector, you have something
that belongs to me.

Careful, Snitch!

Snitch, get lost!

- I've been looking for you all day.
- Me? Why?

Bucur, I have
a few questions for you.

I thought you were investigating
the Viraga murders, not me.

They forced me to take that case.

You have known me for ten years
and you know my methods.

I must find out who phoned
the D A's office.

It's clearly the same person
who received a phone call from Viraga.

It's clear that something happened
in the Prefecture's lockup.

- It wasn't I who phoned the D A.
- They arrested you for nothing?

- Can I get you anything?
- No.

I was a suspect until they had proof
it wasn't I who called.

Can you at least remember who took
20 Mauser pistols from Judicial?

You were on duty there. How many
prisoners were there in the lockup?

I don't know. Petrescu
was on duty there.

Petrescu? When did you
last see him?

Last night we came
to work together.

- How are his little girls?
- They are alright.

My daughter invited them over
for her birthday party.

- How old is your daughter?
- Seven.

Time flies.

You're a coward, Bucur. I'll give you
a reason to fill your belly.

Petrescu was gunned down last night
in the Balota woods.

I have a family!

- Tanasescu, where's your car?
- It's around the corner.

- Where?
- There.

Let's go.


Yes, inspector. I've been summoned
to the ministry right away.

I'd like to see the cells that
the Communists escaped from.

As you wish. Florescu,
accompany the inspector.

Yes. This way, sir.

Major sergeant!

This one and the next two.

- Where can I make a phone call?
- From the warden's office.

Is that the only phone
from which you can call Bucharest?

Yes, only from the warden's office.

- Can you get me a glass of water?
- Alright.

Both rounds were shot
by the same pistol.

Probably a 7,63 Mauser.

Mauser? Just as I thought.
Thank you.

Good afternoon, lieutenant.
I am inspector Moldovan.

Hello, Mr. Moldovan.

I have some questions about escape
of the eight Communists from Viraga.

- Please.
- Leave us alone.

I have orders to guard him.

I have orders to interrogate him.
Get out!

Where were you when
the Communists escaped?

In the courtyard. I was heading to the
guard house when I heard the shots.

- Who was shooting?
- The Communist prisoners, of course.

- Have you seen them shoot?
- No... I mean yes.

Did you stay in the courtyard?

No. I sounded the alarm and entered
the prison with the soldiers.

What was going on?

There was a fire exchange
and we intervened.

That is all I know. I didn't see much
because the light went out

and I was wounded.

Where were you when the light
went out?

On the first floor,
in the hallway.

- Where exactly?
- Halfway through the hall.

Strange, lieutenant.

There is an emergency light there
that never goes out.

Anyway, did you call
the Prefect of Police?

No, not I.

Who were you talking to on the phone
when you were shot?

- I don't understand.
- You understand perfectly.

First the emergency light,
now the phone...

Let me enlighten you, lieutenant.
You called the Prefect of Police.

You tried to inform him what was
going on at Viraga.

Perhaps you were interrupted.

- Rich imagination, inspector.
- Fructuous is the right word.

I have two bullets. I found
one of them in the warden's desk.

The other was extracted
from your chest.

They were shot with the same pistol.
I must say you were lucky.

If the second bullet had hit you,
we wouldn't be talking today.

Good bye.

- Inspector.
- Yes.

- I have children.
- You're not the only one, lieutenant.

- Were you eavesdropping?
- Inspector, I will not be...

Easy there, goon! You're supposed
to follow me, not kill me.

Put your guns back in.

Guns are not toys, boys.

- How old are you, miss?
- 23.

Beautiful age.

Inspector, the Gendarmerie of Snagov
requests you there immediately.

- Good afternoon, inspector.
- Who is that?

Professor Costin Margeanu,
the former minister.

What is it, Ionescu?

I have the ballistics report for
the bullets found at Viraga.

There were 587 rounds
from 9 Mauser 7,63 pistols.

Nine killers.

Inspector Petrescu was killed
with the same guns.

The sergeant was wounded
by one of these pistols.

Lieutenant Cristescu as well.

Analyze these two.

I heard shots and I saw five men
coming out of the forest.

They got into a car
and they disappeared.

- What was the license number?
- 6211 -B. There was a second car...

Write his statement and bring it
directly to me, at the Prefecture.

Alright, inspector.

- Hello, mother.
- Hello, son. Why are you so late?

Work, mother.

Always work. Eat something,
you must be hungry.

How is Ionut?

He's asleep. He waited for you,
but he was tired, poor child.

Aren't you asleep?

Dad, don't forget about
the competition tomorrow.

- I won't. Go to sleep.
- Good night.

- Hello.
- Ionescu here.

It's me. What is it?

Professor Nicolae Jugu was taken
from his mansion in Sinaia

by the legionnaires.

Alert all the gendarmerie mobile
units. I'll be right over.



Good morning, students.


Gentlemen, I admire courage.

I am willing to have a dialogue
with you. Who wrote these things?

Nobody did?

Gentlemen! Gentlemen!

Get out!

I'm afraid I dropped in
at a bad time, Professor.

- Inspector Moldovan?
- Yes.

Come by my house tomorrow night.
I'll be expecting you.

- Good Morning, inspector.
- Tanasescu, bring P?rvu to me.

- Good morning.
- Sit down.

Stop staring at me, inspector.
You'll give me the evil eye.

Supposing your story is true,
why did the soldiers react so late?

Maybe they didn't hear the shots
because of the noise.

What noise?

Every time the legionnaires
came to inspect the prison

we would hit our metallic cups
against the doors and bars.

Why the hell didn't you
tell me before?

Thank you.

- Who told you to make noise?
- I wouldn't know that.

Did you make noise, too?

Of course. We wanted to show
our contempt for the legionnaires.

Then we realized
we did them a service.

This is clearly the work
of an instigator.

The noise allowed the legionnaires
to act freely.

Do you smoke?

- Do you have children?
- I had five, but two of them died.

- Why did you become a Communist?
- Why did you become inspector?

Somebody had to do it.

And somebody had to fight for truth,
social justice...

For an end to man's exploitation
of man... I know all that.

What good are
these utopian ideals?

They have become reality
in countries around the world.

If life is so good in Soviet Russia,
why don't you go there?

Because we belong
to this land, inspector.

We were born here,
and we will die here.

You're right about the dying part.
How will you feed your children?

With our utopian ideals,

You have been arrested twelve times.
What would you do if I let you go?

- I'd do the same things.
- You are hopeless.

I am determined, like all railroad
workers. Your father was like this.

- You knew my father?
- I was his apprentice at Grivita.

Had he not died in '24, he would
have been with us today.

Oh well...

Is it true that you also investigate
the murder of Margeanu and Jugu?

Do you read the papers
in prison?

No, but the news
travel faster inside.

- May I tell you something?
- You may.

- The murders are just the beginning.
- Go on.

It appears the Legion wants
to consolidate its grip on power

by eliminating all its opponents
from the old regime.

Than they will turn against
Antonescu's clique.

Now they turn a blind eye
to the Legion's actions,

hoping they will be discredited.
Then they will fight among themselves.

- You're caught in the middle.
- Let's not exaggerate.

- Tanasescu, take him away!
- Let's go.

- Take care, inspector.
- Move!

Mister Paraipan!

Hands off or I'll smack you!

- How was it, Dad?
- Very well.

Since when do you like horses,
Mister Paraipan?

- Ilarie Bucur has disappeared.
- I heard an hour ago.

- What measures have you taken?
- Can't you see?

Answer the question!
Do you have clues?

Let me give you a piece of advice:

Mind your own business
and don't mess with me.

Mind your own business
and don't mess with me.


where were you on the night
of November 26?

Snitch, take this money and follow
Paraipan wherever he goes.

Yes, sir.

Since when do you like horses,

Mr. Moldovan, I do what I'm told,
otherwise the boss don't pay me.

- Doesn't pay you.
- What?

104, 105, 106...

No, I won't allow you
to kill Moldovan.

He doesn't have evidence
to incriminate you yet.

But he might get evidence.

Today he asked me where I was
on the night of the executions.

I'll handle Moldovan.
You're free to go, Paraipan.

Don't let Ilarie Bucur
get away.

What do you intend to do,
Mr. Naumescu?

To fix the stupid mistake
you and Mr. Dinca made

by assigning Moldovan
on this case.

- Inspector Moldovan.
- You have a call from Constanta.

Take your ears outside.

- Hello!
- Petre, it's me, Ilarie.

Listen, I lied to you. I know you
won't like it, but I had to.

- They threatened to kill my daughter.
- What are you doing in Constanta?

Never mind that. One of the assassins
is Paraipan. He led the operation.

How do you know that?

Lt. Cristescu told me it was Paraipan
Zisu, Orheianu and Cristea.

Then we were cut off.

So it was you who called
the D A's office.

Yes, it was I. Be careful,
Navodeanu is involved, too.

He gave orders for the bodies of the
prisoners to be thrown in the sewers.

They were inspectors Pinciu,
Tinau, Oglinda and Mohor.

- I need a written statement.
- I can't do it right now.

This is the only way I can help you,
until I get out of the country.

- You want to leave the country?
- I'm trying. I have to go now.

And take care of your son.


Have you come to get a tan,
Ilarie Bucur?

Mr. Paraipan, please don't shoot!
I haven't done you any harm!

I have a child. Please don't shoot!
I beg you, Mr. Paraipan!

Don't cry, be a man!

Throw him in the water!

- Did you grow a moustache, Snitch?
- No way, it's fake.

- Did you grow a moustache, Snitch?
- No way, it's fake.

- How was it?
- They nailed Bucur, too.

Did you see who did it?

Paraipan, who else?
I followed him step by step.

He was with Zisu, Cristea,
Chervasie and Plopeanu.

There was someone else but I didn't
see him because it was pitch-dark.

Wait here, I'll be back
in five minutes.

- Who lives here, inspector?
- Professor Jugu.

Nicolae Jugu, the historian!

I apologize, madam. I would just
like to ask you two questions.

Please, inspector.

How many were they yesterday, when
they took your husband at Sinaia?

Four of them entered the house,
a fifth was waiting at the door,

and four others were waiting
in the second car. Am I right?

Yes, mother.
There were two cars.

Do you recognize him?

- Yes.
- He seemed to be their leader.

Thank you. Good bye.

Bastard, you want to kill us!
Are you alright, Gheorghe?

Don't hit me!

Counsellor, Marin P?rvu
gave me your phone number.

I know, inspector. I have been told
you were looking for me.

I know the situation very well.
What do you want to tell me?

My investigation brought me
to the conclusion

that P?rvu and the other Communists
had nothing to do with the massacre.

- The legionnaires plan everything.
- Do you know their names?

Some of them. Here's the list.
There are only three names missing.

How can I help you, inspector?

I have hard evidence, but I need you
to uncover the real murderers.

- Uncover to whom?
- Justice and the public.

An intelligent man like you are knows
that they control judges and police.

Even the government. And how
do you intend to alert the public?

Through the press.

Do you think you can? The legal
press is control by them, too.

The conflict between Antonescu
and the Legion will help me.

- Dog will not eat dog.
- It's true, but sharks do.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that
Mr. Stavru Naumescu,

the Legion's senator, is expecting me
at his house in an hour.

They want to negotiate.
That means they are afraid.

Dear friends, last night
I was very tired.

I went to the barber
and he gave me a massage.

He slaps a hot towel on my face...
He charged me 44 lei!

Please excuse me.

Good evening, inspector!
I am glad you came.

How can I help you, senator?

- Do you smoke?
- No, thank you.

You refuse me from the beginning?

The important thing is that
we reach an agreement at the end.

I like your straightforwardness.
I can talk openly with you.

Yes, I like you. I know you like
elegant clothes and beautiful women,

good meals and luxury cars.
Unfortunately, your salary...

I am willing to greatly
increase your budget,

taking into account the fact
that you are very good at what you do.

We just need to find a way.
What do you say?

The best way would be
for you to adopt me,

but it's a bit late at my age.

I know another way,
one that applies to any age.

Half a million, your salary
for ten years. It's yours.

Why do you care so much
about me, senator?

Sometimes it's better to let
things flow. Don't interfere.

This is my advice
regarding your investigation.

Close the case and say
the deaths were accidental

and were caused when
the Communists escaped.

As far as the public is concerned,
the situation is very simple.

Yesterday they unearthed the bodies
of the legionnaires killed at Viraga

by the old regime. Facts justify
one another. This is history.

Strange, Mr. Naumescu. You claim
you want to establish a new order,

and yet you use such methods.

Where are the moral principles
you talk so often about?

I don't have the time to explain
to you our moral principles.

But remember: Everything around us
is a lie, therefore everything goes.

So nothing is impossible.

I'm sorry, I cannot accept
this self-serving ethic.

I would like to believe that truth
is universal, as these books claim.

You have a beautiful picture.
Is it a Rembrandt replica?

It's the original.

I'm afraid you were duped.
I saw the original two weeks ago,

in general Avramescu's house.
He was killed at Viraga.

But treasures are made
to pass from hand to hand.

That's the way history works.

You said that everything around us
is a lie, therefore everything goes,

so nothing is impossible. Thank you,
I'll try to remember that. Good bye.

It's alright, gentlemen.

Professor, I'm so glad to see you.
I was your student.

Nice to meet you, Miss.
You are my guest.

What did the ambassador say?

Antonescu's meeting with Hitler
is quite important for us.

- Costache!
- Inspector!

I brought you the file,
like I promised you.

- Be careful, it's dynamite.
- Great! Leave it to me!

- What did he give you?
- Dynamite, girl!

The events are gathering pace. An hour
ago, senator Naumescu try to buy me,

but he will soon have a very
unpleasant surprise.

I'll leave you a copy of the file,
just in case.

Alright, inspector.
I have something for you, too.


The names of two more legionnaires
who took part in the murders:

Boeriu and Casapu.

Just as I thought. There's only one
left unidentified now.

I am sure you will identify him.
I have something else to tell you.

- I know you have a son.
- Ionut.

- His life is in danger.
- What makes you think that?

Look what happened
to inspector Bucur.

Your mother is old and you don't have
any other relatives.

P?rvu and I thought of a solution.

I'll keep him in a safe place,
if you don't mind.

I accept and I am grateful to you.
I will call mother. Good night.

Good night.

- Why are you so late, Paraipan?
- I am sorry, senator.

- Did somebody else see it?
- No, I took it from the news room.

The report would be
disastrous for us.

That means your method failed too,
Mr. Naumescu.

I warned you
Moldovan won't be bought.

Then why did he take the money?

- He fooled us.
- Nobody ever fooled me!

What do we do?

There is only one solution:
Kill him.


- He's coming, let's go!
- Go.

Now is the time.
Signal them!

I don't like your methods, inspector.
You disappoint me.

From now on, the Viraga case
will be assigned to somebody else.

- Good day, gentlemen.
- Good day, undersecretary.

Navodeanu, why don't you
answer your phone?

Do I have to come here myself
to get information about the case?

Forgive me, undersecretary. I was just
suspending inspector Moldovan,

who has proved himself

You haven't reached
any conclusion yet?

I have made a report,

Did you hide this from me,

The massacre of the prisoners
and the murder of Jugu and Margeanu

are the work of the Legion's

Believe me, undersecretary...

Did you arrest Paraipan,
Casapu and the others?

- The warrants were not approved.
- Alright, I will analyze the report.

Anyway, I congratulate you.

I order you to stay on this case
until you catch the murderers.

I will present the case
to general Antonescu.

Good bye, Prefect.


- Good morning, Prefect.
- Good news for you, inspector.

As a reward for your hard
and competent work,

you have been promoted
to the rank of quaestor.

- You are now chief of the Vice Squad.
- What about the Viraga murders?

We have other people for that case.
You are now quaestor.

But undersecretary Vicsoreanu
told me...

He promoted you. I congratulate you
and I wish you luck in your new job.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Inspector, can I bring
your car up front?

Yes, please.


This time you won't get away.
Your office will be your grave.

This is what happens
to those who oppose us.

The good news is that
you won't die alone.

We'll send P?rvu and Lefter,
your Communist friends, with you.

Moldovan, open the door!

Moldovan, open the door!

In the courtyard below!

Get away from the phone! Take
the keys and let's go to the lockup!

- Inspector...
- Move!

Get in! P?rvu, Lefter, quick! The
legionnaires are coming to kill you.

- Is it bad?
- I can manage.

Get out through the door
on the left.

Get in the van.

Back to the cars!

Everybody out of the car!

- This in abuse.
- How dare he!

But he's handsome.

- How's your wound?
- It's okay, inspector.

He's losing a lot of blood.

- We'll get there. Which way?
- Second turn to the right.

What will you do now, inspector?
What if the legionnaires get you?

I won't let them.

You'd better come with us.
We'll find you a safe hiding place.

Thank you, but I can't. Tell the
lawyer to take care of my son.

Inspector, I thank you!




What will you do now,

First of all,
I want to bury my mother.

And after that?

After that I have
some scores to settle.

I understand what you feel,
but you should reconsider.

A man like you should follow
his reason, not his instincts.

Different people, different methods.
You are many, I am alone.

So I have to act alone.

- You stand no chance against them.
- Maybe, but there's no other way.

You are a smart man and you know
very well there are other ways.

Communists have different principles.
Your ideals span centuries.

I only have one life. You fight
for truth and justice.

Nice words, but they belong
to a different world.

Maybe that day is not far.

I wish it were so,
though I don't believe it will.

Everything will change
in a few years.

I cannot see that far in the future.
I act here and now.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring.
I am glad your wound is not serious.

You can't risk going
to your mother's funeral.

Let him go there
on your behalf.

Every man must bury his own dead.
Thank you anyway.

- Thank you for P?rvu and Lefter.
- And I for Ionut.

The land and everything on it
belong to the Lord.

Earth, receive this body
that was made from you.

- It must pe later that 4 o'clock.
- Why don't we attack him, boss?

Are you crazy? They are too many.
They'd lynch us.

- My condolences.
- May she rest in peace.

Thank you. I am deeply moved
by the fact that you came.

- Time to go, inspector.
- I'll stay a bit longer.

It's dangerous. The legionnaires
are trying to get you.

- Don't worry, I'll be okay.
- As you wish. Good night.

Thank you. Good night.

Who the hell was the trigger-happy
bastard? He'll get away again.

Lights that way!

He'll get away because of the dark.
We should surround him.

You two go to the left. The rest
of you spread five meters apart.

There he is!

Where the hell is he?


- Are you hurt?
- My arm!

- Don't move!
- Don't shoot!

Put your gun down.

Take your coat off
and don't move.

Don't shoot!

- I saw him.
- Where is he?

He's behind the that tomb.

Bring the cars. As soon
as you see him, shoot.

There he is!

We got him! Come on!

Idiots! You shot Chirvase.
Take him to the car.

He's coming.

You shot your last bullet.

How may I help you?

- We're the Legionary Police.
- Have you seen inspector Moldovan?

I haven't seen him for a week.

Upstairs, first door.
Wait, what about my money?

- When we get back.
- I'll wait here.

This is mine.

More tomatoes.

More for him, he hasn't eaten
in a long time.

- Cheers, boys!
- Cheers!

Long life! That's enough.

It's great.

- It's good.
- Very good.

May I help you?

Don't throw me out,
I have something to...

Take your hat off.

- I have something to say to...
- Get out.

- I have money.
- Of course you do.

- He came to me this morning...
- Get out!

Get out!

- What's this?
- French champagne.

Pour me some.

Cheers, boys! To our health!

- Who are you looking for?
- That man over there.

A man asked me to give you this.

- It's for me?
- Yes.

- Hey, kid!
- Come on, open it.

Let's see what it is.

It's from Moldovan.

Stop thinking about Moldovan.
It's just a joke. Cheers!

Shut up!

Have you seen this man?

- No.
- If you do, call us.


Show us the records.

- Police. Have you seen this man?
- No, I haven't.

- Have you seen inspector Moldovan?
- I haven't seen him.

Go where I sent you!

- Have you seen inspector Moldovan?
- I don't understand.

- Have you seen inspector Moldovan?
- Here? No, I swear!


They're gone, inspector.
They were very angry.

They're looking for you
all over the city.

That's the game, Snitch.
I hunt them, they hunt me.

You picked off
about five of them.

Four down, five to go.
Let's go.

The tragic death of commissaries
Casapu and Zisu.

This must be Moldovan's work.

I'm sorry for Moldovan.
He has a good heart.

Unfortunately, he acts
on the first impulse.

The police work made him like that.
Yet he is an honest, brave man.

Was he brave when
he interrogated you?

Whoever hates Hitler's henchmen
is like a brother to me.

"Romanians, Antonescu and
the Legion are allies of the Nazis."

"Let all those who want our country
to be independent"

"and who love freedom and justice
join our struggle."

"Sabotage the war production and all
the goods sent to Nazi Germany."

"Rally behind the Romanian
Communist Party."

Down with Fascism!

Shouldn't we do something?

Are you crazy?
They are too many.

Antonescu didn't move a finger,
the bastard!

Give orders to all legionnaires
to stay indoors.

I wish the Reich's troops
were here.

Long live Romania in freedom!

Wait here.

Orheanu, quick!

There he is!

- Drive!
- Inspector...


Back to the car!

Take this money and drive as fast
as you can. Do you know me?

I do. The whole city knows you.
We're being followed.

Go straight ahead, then turn left
and stop in front of the theater.

- Yes, sir.
- After I get off, drive away.

Where is he?

- Are there other exits?
- This is the only one.

Get out and lock the door.

Boeriu, to the right,
Cristea, to the left.

It's over, Moldovan,
you won't get away this time!

search the stage carefully.

He's not here.


I'm at the balcony.
There's nobody in the corridor.

He must be on the floor.

Boss, he's here, somewhere.

It's nothing serious, boss.
Just the left hand.

Idiot! I told you
to be careful.


Those bullets were for P?rvu. Now I'll
give you a down payment for Viraga.

- Where are you?
- At the door, boss.

I have a statement in my pocket.
If you sign it, I'll stop shooting.

- The judge will decide the rest.
- You bastard!

Give me your gun!

As you wish.

The last three...
for my mother.

I'm coming onstage.


- Don't move, hands to your collar!
- Don't shoot! It's me, Tanasescu.

- What are you doing here?
- I earn a living. I'm your man.

It won't be the first time
that you play the double agent.

I need information. Come to Plumbuita
monastery, the day after tomorrow.

- Understood?
- Yes, sir.

- Stay here, don't turn your head.
- Yes, sir. Thank you!

- Paraipan, Boeriu and Cristea, dead.
- How come you are alive?

I waited outside and I followed
Moldovan. I know where he's hiding.

- Where?
- Near Plumbuita monastery.

Alright, wait for my orders
in the salon.

Have a glass of brandy.
You deserve it.

- What do we do now?
- Send out people after Moldovan?

We'd be looking for a needle
in a haystack.

If the gypsies are hiding him,
we won't find him in a year.

- What then?
- We sacrifice Tanasescu.

Maybe we're wasting our time.

No, I'm sure Moldovan
will want revenge,

after he reads the letter
we sent him through the gipsy.

Let's follow Tanasescu.
He's out bait.

Get away from here!
To hell with you!

Hey, ugly face, come here!

Ugly, me? Nice coat!
Are going to the opera?

Cut it out! Where is
inspector Moldovan?

Why's everybody looking for him here?
This is no place for inspectors.

You can't fool me,
I saw you in his car.

Me? Never, upon my eyes!
Am I right, kids?

- No!
- Go home!

- Come here!
- Don't shout at me!

I want to tell him
that his son has been kidnapped.

I think my mother-in-law
is calling me...

Get away from here!
Get away, ugly face!


It's me, inspector!
I came, like you said.

What happened to Ionut?

Nothing. I just said that
to get to you.

- Did you tell anybody I was here?
- No! You know I am your man.

- Who told Naumescu?
- Not from me, I swear!

He sent me a letter: "Mr. Moldovan,
let's bury the hatchet."

"As a sign of friendship, I'll send
you the ninth member of the group."

I swear on my life
I wasn't there!

- I wasn't there, I swear!
- Watch out!

- You want us to shoot?
- No.