Un centesimo di secondo (1981) - full transcript

Drama centering around a group of skiers competing in the big international downhill races. One of them is injured in a skiing accident which leaves him paralyzed.

This is Cesare, a young
champion of world skiing.

And as a true champion,
he doesn't drink, smoke or go with women.

I mean,

Let's say he does not smoke.
Full stop.

Come on, make this jumps
more effective!

Up, up!

He is our coach Chicco.

And, as it can be easily understood,

he is one of the biggest
pain in the arses in Europe.

And I only say Europe because
I know little about America.

A little faster, come on!

This is Pocci.
Blind as a bat.

If he takes off his
glasses, he confuses

the race commissioner with a skilift.

which, however, has
already happened to him.

And this is Marco.
The handsome of the group.

One of the strongest.

This is me instead.

Objectively, the strongest,

the most handsome, and the
nicest of the company.

I say it myself because
nobody tells me that.

Ah, my name is Micio.

This is Rolly instead.
And as Zeno Colò would say....

It is so much a fool
but so much a fool

that if there were the world cup
of fools, he would come second.

Because he is too fool to win.

All together we are part
of the national ski team.

that having just lost a great champion
for retirement,

tries to keep the strength of an avalanche.

And prepares at the orders
of the above mentioned pain in the arse,

the first year of giant.

That is, after Gustavo.

But, while
Rolly the fool,

and the other half-unknowns,

do their best to be
the first of the class,

Us, that is, Marco,

Pocci, Cesare, and me,

the four horsemen
of the apocalypse,

we often pull away
from training,

to go hunting for butterflies.

Butterflies so to speak.

Or to go partying at the disco,

possibly with the
aforementioned butterflies

if maybe we managed to convince them.

A girl like you should
not go around...

... so undressed.

- It is bad for health?
- Yes.

But the health of whom is near you.

- What are you doing later?
- I go to bed.

Are there many people or
there's room for me too?

What are you thinking about?

about the same thing you are thinking.

Good girl

I have a wonderful double bed,

do you want to try it?

- Really!
- You are so silly!

I'll give you a group discount.

Well, then!

But how do you distinguish them?

Why distinguishing them?
It's not like in the race.

whomever you get, you'll be lucky!

It is clear that in
our turbulent life

sometimes we come across
financial problems.

But it is equally clear
that with our nerve,

anyhow, we overcome everything.


I offer everyone to drink.

Valtellina and Grumello
as if it were raining.

Come on friends, keep me company.

Perhaps this will
be my last toast.

Do not leave me alone
before I fight.

Why, will you fight?

Like a lion.
And it will be very hard.

whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes.

Another round before the battle.

What battle are you talking about?

The one between me and him.

This crappy dinner...

... I won't pay it.

It's useless for you to be witty.

If you don't not pay, I will be
forced to call the police.

And you think the
cops will pay for me?

Ok, let's not make a mess,
let's pay.

How much is it?

- Eight for...
- It's too much, half.

Half of what?

Half of what he wanted to say.

- they are 400,000.
- Half is 200.

- Impossible.
- The half. Not a penny more.

And that's OK 200,000, but then
you disappear.

- The half.
- Half of what?

- Of 200,000.
- Are you crazy?

Half of the half.

What the hell! I'll give
everyone a lesson now.

Go away, I do not want
troubles in my club.

- Dinner is on me.
- No, this, not!

What? You don't even
want it as a gift?

No, we also want a couple of bottles.

Iced champagne.

- A couple of bottles?
- At least twice.

Think about it.

- It's him who does not want to pay.
- Yes why?

What time is it?

What do you care! It changes every minute!

If the pain in the arse catches us,
he'll kill us!

He won't catch us
we'll pass through the window.

Please, not him too, after
the mess at the club!

Come on!
It was fun.

Guys, it was raining slaps
as if it were snowing.

What a year.

A collection of punches like that
has never been seen before.

Come on, we did it.

Good evening.

- We got the room wrong.
- No.

You did not get the wrong room.

I was waiting for you.

And I was waiting for the others too.

Finally you decided to get back.

don't you think it's ok
to come back at this time?

Where do you think you are?

I am fed up with you four, is it clear?

Ok, ok, sorry.

I give a fuck about your excuses.

Then, shoot us and let's end it.

That's it ,Marco.

You are wrong and you know it.

This year everything goes wrong.
What's with you guys?


we are tired.

Chicco has been
stressing us for two months.

Fast on those knees,
jump, straight on!

Push! And what the hell guys!

Marco, that's it!

- You're drunk.
- Yes.

And it happens more and more often.
Why is that?

I drink to forget.


Gustavo has nothing to do with it.

Gustavo was not there tonight.

I know he was not there.
But you?

Do you know it, Marco?

Now he is gone.

You were supposed to be the ones to keep
the team going. Look at you instead!

The training is going bad, and the
tests are worse than that.

I'm sorry, but I'll kick
you out of the team.

Yet another thing.

Do not let others see you like this.
You suck!

We fell low in record time.

We are downhillers!

If he were still here, this
would not have happened.

I'm glad to see you.

And how are the others?

As usual.

Or maybe a little worse.

- How is it going?
- Ok.

Always in shape!

As one who skies on Sundays.

Do you still have the reflexes though?

When you're around, it's
best to keep our eyes open.

What do you want Marco?


What do you want?
You have not answered yet.

- Why do not you come back to the team?
- No.

The past is closed, now I'm old.


Of course, you were with Moses to
help him separate the Red Sea.

In fact you were his favorite son.

Christ, Gustavo!

You are not even 30 years old.

And you want to give up when
you're still number one

and line up all those
who drool on the cup.

Of course, coming back is a temptation.

But then it's just sadness.

What's up?
Are you afraid of ruining your image?

Want to stay in the legend, is it?

This means being cowards,
and you know it!

Where are you going?

Wait up!

I have to tell you something else!

We need you!

They are kicking us out of the team...!


You are a bastard...!

- Good honey, what is it?
- Rhododendron.

If you ask him, maybe
he will listen to you.

what is this?

And why me?

You know that Gustavo
cannot say no to you.

Once you had it too.

And I still have it, but I can
understand when I am second place.

The first is the first.

- The second is nobody.
- Marco, you're a bastard.

I see the word has spread.

So, will you ask him?

No...do not even think about it.

I do not tell him
to go back running,

because I don't care to
have a champion.

If I have to be with someone, I
want a man to stay with me.

And not somebody that goes
around 12 months a year,

with the fix of winning and the anguish
of when he will not win anymore.

Ok, ok, don't get angry.

Out! Or I'll get angry and
slap you out of here.

When you get angry you're
even more beautiful.

I said outside!

Yes, sir.

To your health!

- Can you hear it?
- What?


My father used to say that snow
should always be caressed,

you should never hurt
her even on skis.

Because as we can not
know if she has a soul,

if you hurt her there is always the
risk that she will take revenge.

And your father did not teach you
that women also have a soul.

What does it matter?

Tell the truth, is it very hard
to be a common guy?

But I'm not like
many, I have you.

Answer seriously.

Yes, a little.

Is it true that my
hair has the color of wheat?

- Is it true that I have beautiful eyes?
- Yes.

And that when I smile

it's like a ray of sun
breaking through the clouds.


And that being with me is like
an anticipation of paradise.

Well yes.

Oh Gustavo!
What wonderful things you tell me.

He's been inside two hours,
but what is he doing?

Is it all ready?

What if he takes it badly?

I don't think he could ever
take it well!

What if he refuses,
and discredits us all?

No... Gustavo believes in few
things, one of these is friendship.

Here he is, come on!

Come on come on come on.

And so gentlemen,

Gustavo Thoeni is back!

- Did not you know it?
- Of course!

And you agreed.


we need you, the team
is breaking apart.

Because the problem today
is finding the guide man.

That is, the man who knows
how to set an example.

The man who knows how
to encourage young people.

And keep the old ones
together, above all.

The old guard collapses,
but does not give up.

Could not you stay out of it?

You could not do without it.
What is it, a drug?

- I swear it's the last year.
- I believe it, I believe it.

- I know you know!
- What?

That you are stronger than everyone.
Come on, win!

Thank goodness there is someone
who still believes in you.

And what about you?

How can I believe you if you
first say something and then...

- Hi Gustavo how are you?
- Fine thanks.

Win for us, otherwise this
avalanche becomes a landslide.

- Good luck!
- Thank you.

You already said that it was
over for you last year

and now here we go again.

I said it but the
others did not agree.

But I'm with you
Gustavo, no with others.

Thank god!

It's me who loves you.

What did you say?

What did I say?

That you love me.
Do you realize?

It is the first time that you tell me
you love me

so directly.

Sorry I must have been distracted.

I am going to choke you!

Come on those legs!

Come on come on come on!

Come on like this!

Come on, let's start all over again!

Come on!

You like it.
Legs, legs!

Come on, come on, start again!

Move! Move!

You are little girls.

Go! Come on!

Move, down, down!

Come on go!



Come up quickly!

Come back to the cage.

And move those legs!

Come on, fast!

Not good, guys
not good at all!

You can not get
Gustavo back to run,

and then get three
tenths in three seconds!

And in a door he gave
you three tenths!

You can not do the start this way!

It's not good guys, not good!

Marco, it is not possible,

You either start skiing properly
or everything is useless!

Go and swim in the sea.
You too Pocci!

Try with water skiing, it's the
last thing you have left.

And the same is true for you.

You too are planted on
skis and do not attack.

You're a weak one.

It is useless to organize this
mess to get Gustavo back.

If then you are not able to push!

You have to get these skis going!

Not good, guys, not good at all!

Let's try again these starts,

I want to see you try your hardest!
Is it clear?

Among your tasks,
you should

also encourage the athletes!

Yeah, to push these guys

it'd take a tow truck.

So Pocci did you understand?

I want to see a determined push.

And then those knees must
be more independent.

They have to absorb better.
Come on wait!


Focus, breathe, and push.


But go!

Come on!

Come on.

Damned idiot bastard!

This time I'll tear him
apart, I swear.

- Have you read what's written?
- Where?

On the newspaper, come on!

Alright then.

Hey, are you still sleeping?

But where is the light?

Come on Micio, stop and follow me.

Oh no, now that
she convinced me?

You will be persuaded later.
Come on hurry up!

Then bye.


I know you're with the twins.
Get rid of them and come with us!

Wait Marco.

Hey stupid, it's you who
told these things.

We are lacking in seriousness.

We have been giving our best
for 10 years

and now you want to preach us.

And then in the newspapers.
You are such a bastard!

A stab behind the back.

You are formally accused
of high treason.

Do you plead guilty or innocent?

- But go to hell!
- Court contempt too!

He has condemned himself.


That's enough.

The fool gives
statements to the newspapers.

- I only told the truth.
- Which one?

That if it was not for you
they would have already kicked them out.

So young and already so filthy.

They may exaggerate in
believing too much in friendship.

But you do not believe in it at all.

Forget about him.

Do not fool yourself
into thinking it's over.

Ok, I want 20 of you.

Come on!

Go Go!

Immediately outside!
A little more of an angle. Forward!

And where is the angle?

Come on, come on!

Bring yourself outside, well come on!

Straight outside.

Fast, fast!

Miss, you must keep him on the phone
for at least ten minutes.

Tonight I'll take you dancing.
You're an angel.

At least ten minutes...


- Pardon!
- What!

- Here's the rope.
- Let's hurry up!

But what... guys. What do you want to do?

what are you doing?

- Oh, you're out of your mind!
- Stay still.


Leave me alone.
What have I done to you?

Come on guys, quit this stupid game!


Take off the trousers.
We'll turn you into a girl.

Let's not jokes guys, quit this game.

You can't be serious!

See the boots?
Now we tie them to the rope.

When they fly down there
will be a nice tear and...

Zac, a shot, you will
not feel anything.

You can not do this.
It's worse than killing me!

Say goodbye to your thing!

Goodbye my little bird,
who flies away...!


And I'm sorry if I could not use you.

So you'll learn not to take
advantage of friends.

Let's hurry up,
otherwise it comes off by itself.

Two, one, go!

Too bad the rope got
caught under the foot.

If we had castrated you, Gustavo
would have taken it badly.

But do not try it again.

Next time the rope will
not get caught!

The appointment with Kitzbuhel
finally happens.

On the infamous Streif.

The most famous ski descent in the world.

[Speaks in German]

The athletes get
ready for the start.

The race will start
in four minutes.

You are strong boys.
You remind me of Humphrey Bogart.

Bogart was not a downhill skier.

Why, are you?

Look at you!

If one wanted to stab you in
the heart he would not find it.

it's in your throat out of fear!

Next year, instead of going to
the mountains, go to the sea.

So if you want to ski you
can do it on the flat ground.

You guys are a mess!

You look like a
laxative advertising.

Give us a break, Marco.

Come on, focus!

[Speaks German]

The curve is all ice, the
big S is a green slab.

The first forerunner flew away,
tell the boys to be careful.

The second also fell down.

Watch out for the Hausberg. Over.

Chicco why do not you
give us ice skates?

Let's ask for a postponement.
With the sun, the snow loosens up.

Asked already, they won't grant
it, television needs.


Those in the armchair have
more fun when they see us fly.

They enjoy the danger.

For others.

- Come on Marco, do not make a fuss.
- Me?

Numbers 4, 5 and 6 at the start.

Is there anyone who believes in
the effectiveness of prayer?

Now I'm playing.

But when it's your turn,
I will pray for real.

Careful with the bones,

You too.

At the first inter-time
Gustav Thoeni makes it

in 47 seconds and 95 hundredths.

At the second inter-time Gustav Thoeni

in 1 minute 48 seconds
and 24 hundredths.

He'll win, I tell you he wins!

Come on boys!
The same time as Kramer's.

He'll win!
Is it true God that he wins?

Gustav Thoeni's time is

2 first 4 seconds and 98 hundredths.

Good Gustavo, you were great!

We have to tell the guys to
change the trajectory of the S.

Chicco inform the others that there
is ice at the Hausberg.

It is not just ice.
We must change.

Anticipate the first one and
stay wide on the second.

Chicco, please. Inform the boys.

They heard you.
Good, congrats.

Don't get ahead of yourself, Gustavo.
Someone faster than you is coming!

Me! Over!

Ok, you heard.

The track is icer and
faster than yesterday.

So you have to be careful
of three things.

First, at the entrance
of the Mausefalle.

Prepare very well and push hard.


At the Steilhang entrance.

Stay very upstream
and close sharply.

Therefore, the diagonal of
the Hausberg, the fast exit

tends to bring down.

Stand as far up as possible.

- Be careful, ok?
- Ok.


He fell at the exit of the curve.

It's a terrible fall.
Send the helicopter.

He seems to be hurt very badly.
Hurry up.

Dr. Brown at the helicopter.

To the helicopter, it is urgent.

Hurry, it is very serious.

Come on guys!

But where are you going,
you still have to go down!

How was the accident?

He came out of the
Hausberg off balance

and he did not make it.

He could not hold the ice?

I do not know,

I only saw that he
could not

resume the position.

A bad fall!

Do you think it is serious?

I'm afraid yes.
The fall was on his back.

Do you think it could affect
his future activity?

I do not know.
Now we'll take him to Sondrio.

We all hope that it
is nothing serious.

Gustavo, give me the helmet, go with him.


- Do not leave me Gustavo.
- Do not worry.

I'll wait for you at the finish line.

But please,

at least in there try not to be crazy!

He is still in the operating room.

How are you?

Christ, he's been inside for six hours.

And they do not even
tell us if he is still alive!

If he were they would have already left.

Sit down and be quiet.

It will be a long thing.

You have been here two days,
the team has to leave.

And who cares.
We stay.

When he opens his
eyes who tells him?

Do we let him be
told by a nurse?

Look boy,

You are alive but for you
it's over with skiing

If everything goes well,
you'll be able to walk again.

But in the meantime, learn
to use the wheelchair.

You're 28, go back to your town.

No, master, at most you
can be a paraplegic.

But who the hell
has the heart to tell him?!

If it happened to me...

... I wish it would be a friend.

Marco will choose it.

No, wait.
Leave them alone.

You waited for me at the finish line.

You did it, old fool.

Congratulations champion.
You broke the Kitzbuhel record.

79 hours of coma.

You took a look there,

you saw that there were no
women, and you came back.

No, it's not for women.

And that they introduced
him to God

who said:
My son!

and so he ran away!

God usually puts his children on a cross!

Do not make me laugh.

Tell me instead... how am I?

Like a crap.

You're the news of the summer.

Skier smoothie.

You look like someone who
stopped a train with gums.

Tell me how I am.

It's up to you Gustavo.


Well, first of all you're alive.

And it's wasn't for granted.

Nothing more?

Apart from the fractures,

you had a spinal column injury.

It will take some time,
you'll have to work hard.

After the convalescence you
will do some rehabilitation.

It will be hard but..

... but you will return
to walk as before.

- To live like a normal person.
- And the races?

We were already old Marco.

To quit before or after a season
what matters anymore?

It's not true.

It is not true that it is over.

You did your best Gustavo.

I am the asshole, here.

I always knew that this
is part of our job.

It can happen.
And it happened to me.

But you for God's sake

Stop it with those
gravedigger expressions.

What the fuck are you doing here?

Get away from this shitty place.

Go back to the snow.


And on Sunday,
run for me too.

And you!
Show them we are not old.

Show them we are not over!

You have to go out now.

How did his father take it?

He did not say a word to them.

As if he did not understand.

Then he got drunk and
took it out on God.

- Marco tried to commit suicide.
- I knew it.

But nothing serious thanks God.

Are you afraid that he'll try again?

When he comes back, it will be
very hard for him. He has no one left.

- It's not true, he's got the four of you.
- We will not be enough.

You should also try
to stay close to him.

Are you telling me to
get back with him?


But I have to help him
regain the joy of living.


Sometimes I think you
love him more than me.

Come on!

Life goes on.

It sucks.

But continues.

The American Wilmer, who was

in fifth position
after the first run,

got the second best time.

The Italian Poccio Antonioli

in obvious delay at the
first intermediate,

did the high part
of the track completely wrong

making useless the good results
of the first run

in which he got 4th place.

Just 60 hundredths from Stenmark.

We have thus had,

a further proof of how he
and the other Italian athletes

do not like skiing on fresh snow,

preferring a harder and
faster icy bottom.

Despite his vehemence on the
second part of the track,

Poccio Antonioli stands for now

at the 16th place in the ranking.

Gustavo Thoeni is coming down.

Gustavo must improve a lot
compared to the first run

to be able to hope for
a good placement.

Miss, I will ask you kindly, again.

Would you please disappear?

High his first
half-time to confirm

his precarious
shape conditions.

Evidently the three
rather angled doors

placed at the top of the track,

immediately after departure

did not help him find
the best rhythm.

2.52 and 44 hundredths

the overall sum of
Gustavo Thoeni.

Which sees the Italian athlete
now in 19th position.

With the number 11

Stenmark is now coming down.
Great candidate of this race.

Once again Stenmark
confirms the forecasts

that saw him triumphant here.

2.49 and 51 hundredths

the sum of the times of the
two runs for Stenmark.

Who thus preserves the first place.

The Italian athletes have not succeeded...

Make that asshole shut up!
Turn it off!

But not even in the first ten.

I told you he was awake.

May I, sister?

The nun did not want to let us come in.

She kept saying... It's late!

But I answered her

... not to love us dear.

And I kissed her.

She wanted to report him
for ecclesiastical outrage.

She also caught the flask.

And she said:
What is this?

We got a bit
of snow water sister.

But this is grappa, she said.

I threw myself on my knees
and, Miracle! Miracle!

And you drove 300 km

to come here to tell me
these stupid things.

Today you sucked again.

It is already the third
race that you missed.

It can happen, but you'll
see that next time...

You will be even more disgusting.

Come on, we do what
we want with skis.

Then put them away.

I fucked you I'm sorry.

But I fucked you.

What the hell are you saying now?

Before at least someone used to win.

Now everyone loses.

You get back on your feet and
I swear I'll win you the cup.

Some traumas remain inside you.

It's over.

You must stop drinking.

- What?
- You have to stop drinking.

But a bottle relaxes.

- And does it make you sleep?
- No.

But at least it makes
me happy to be awake.

From tonight you will not drink anymore.


- You deal with Poccio.
- At your orders, Captain!

Happy now?

There is a telegram for you.

Your father your mother your
brothers and grandmother

are coming here to keep you company.

Can I help you?

Oh my...
I would like to...

I would like to......

... Oh my!
His... his suitcases.

If you allow me?

You know, Poccio's grandmother.
She is jealous.

If she finds you here...
his Grandma...


What's happening over there?

who is it?

A friend of yours.

He says you have problems
with your grandmother.

With my grandma!

But she died in the war!

Go away and do not bust my balls!

Are we ready?

what do you still want?

Sorry but there is
an ongoing move.

One can no longer be romantic
in peace.

- Not now.
- Your twins then?

I got rid of them.

No wait a moment!
Only five minutes.


But why?

Because you are out of shape.

Who said that?

In ten days we bring Marco home.

And in two weeks there
is the race in Bormio.

We have to win.

Downhill skier inside the bed,
on the skis he bends his knee

his time is not that good
if he trains in a bra.

That's enough, Gustavo.

I can not handle it anymore.

If I faint will you let me rest?

Save your breath.

I don't have anymore breathes
to save!

We have to do our best.

If we win, Marco wins with us.

Come on!

Do you know the news, Marco?

Gustavo has forbidden women.

Do you understand! He
even denied us...

... these little daily joys.

It turns out that I'll
the give it to science

as I never use it!

Do not worry it's
not a big loss.

Oh, what are you, the passion
for roller coasters?

The road is disgusting.

As for crap you do not
even mess around.

- You can not even fix yourself.
- But beauty passes.

Ugliness stays.

However, stop messing or I'll do
as Osvaldo in Roncesvalles.

What did he do?

He broke everybody's balls.

You have already broken them
to one of us

Come on, Marco, like old times!

Union makes the face.

Now it's only pitiful.

It's a matter of fact, though, that
we continue loosing.

And Marco does not make any progress.

And for us,

who in the end are only
skiers and not psychologists,

it's becoming increasingly difficult
to find something...

that makes him happy!

To cheer him up
like before.

We are only able to
stay close to him,

all as much as possible.

And sometimes it seems that
it's useful.

Other times, instead,

You realize that it doesn't help.

There is a hellish mess, outside.

The priest also blessed
the athletes and said:

God will be with you.

And I asked him.
With what number does he run?

There is also the army of salvation.

We are raising funds
for prostitutes.

Do you want to contribute?

No, no, I said, we
already do directly.

Stop it.

Why do not you leave, it's late.

They had just come to ask
you to come up with us.

No, I do not want to ruin
the party to anyone.

In fact, I changed my mind.

I'm coming up with you.

But you...

... you have to promise me something.


You must promise me that you will
put me in front of the gate.

But without the skis.

The wheelchair is enough.





Give me a push and throw me down.

You will see.
It will be a real show.

I could be proud of it.

I will make a wonderful descent.
I swear.

I won't make mistakes.

This time I'll aim...

for the trees.

With the number two
Poccio Antonioli

one of the favorites on
this difficult track.

I'm scared!

Be calm.

Yes, I'm calm.
But I'm afraid all the same.

Pass the finish line in 2
minutes 8 tenths and 36 hundredths.

With 2. 8. and 36 McCornik
set the new track record.

Poccio Antonioli is pushing hard.

And this vehemence
leads him to split up

and lose the ideal set-up
for such a descent.

Spectacular fall of the Italian athlete
at the exit of the Sertorelli.

Meanwhile Cesare Anzi
started his run

one of the leading members
of the Italian team.

That after the forced
withdrawal of Marco Pozzi,

sees Gustavo Thoeni,

Poccio Antonioli, Cesare Anzi

and Miccio Sosio, to be the
strengths of the team.

GustavoThoeni is now the
team's Champion.

Thoeni's fluid style today
appears almost contracted.

As if there was something that
prevents him from running

with that fluency and ease
that are congenial to him.

2 minutes 10 seconds and 76
hundredths for Gustavo Thoeni.

Too bad a time too high
to allow our Champion

to enter the medals positions.

And now with the number
21 Miccio Sosio.

The last component of the
former Italian avalanche.

On which the remaining

of the team and their fans
are pinned.

Stay down.

Do not give up.

I can not do it.

You are a coward.

I am not coward!

I do not want to end up like Marco.

Marco, most holy god, Marco.

Forgive me but I can not do it.

I can not do it.

I do not want to break myself too.


I do not want to end up in a
wheelchair for the rest of my days.

Slow, here.

Here, this way.

Good morning Professor.


It's safe to say
that the bone lesion has healed.

The nerve bundles are
also being reconstituted.

There are no atrophy or cuts.

Excuse me, but in simpler
terms what does this mean?

It means that from the
clinical point of view

there is nothing that
prevents recovery.

With proper care he could
also walk again.

Even if he behaves as
if he did not want to.

But why!

Evidently there is
a psychological block

or a mental refusal, something
that prevents him from fighting back.

Bones can be fixed but,

this is more difficult.
- Thank you.

Did you hear, sir?!

You are healed now you
can go back to walking.


I just got a flat tire.

I did not...

I did not bust the engine.

A nice review...

And off at full speed...

Do not be a fool.
Focus on it seriously.

Of course!

You're going to see.
Trigger the stopwatch.

Here you go!

The paraplegic's sprint!

We too broke something inside.

We can no longer attack.

We are afraid and the
stopwatch notices it.

But if we want to help
Marco we have to do it.

If we start to win again, he will
find the strength to walk, too.

And he will stop
saying it's his fault.

In how many days do you run in Wengen?

In a week.

It's the last chance we have left.

If we do not win even this time

we will spit in the air for a year

waiting for it to fall
back into our faces.

I come to Wengen too.


What is it? A tongue twister?

No Poccio, it's simply
what I decided.

I'm coming with you too.

And why?

Every time I followed the
team, one of you won, no?

Right. And who tells the coach?

I will speak with the coach.

In the first place there is Muller no?

Look how he does the S.

He let the skis run.

He let them run very well.

He anticipates.

and he makes it easily.

Now look at yourself, instead.

At the entrance of the bend,
you keep the skis too tight.

You get up, but above all...

You do not let the skis run.

However, it's not that bad.

Nobody will beat us!

All will.

You are so negative!

Look at Rid, look!

He re-enters well, anticipates
the curve and goes down to the bottom.

Who made the best
times on the flat one?

The Swiss are like arrows.

They are the only ones

they did the right
preparation for the skis.

We'll have to steal the skiman,
he makes the difference.

Without him the Swiss...

If it doesn't snow, tonight

we can make it, tomorrow.

I was going down so hard today

that I did not even
have time to realize it

At the finish line there was a mute man.

But as soon as he saw me
coming he started shouting.

You are great! You are a god!
You are the strongest of all!

It was better if he remained silent.

If not he had to tell
you that you're stupid,

the biggest idiot of all.

But what did you have in mind?

Did you want to fix the race?

What are you talking about?

I'm saying you've
made a big mess.

And now they want to disqualify you all.

And what would we have done?

You tried to bribe the
skiman of the Swiss

to make their preparation wrong.

And who would have gone
to talk to the skiman?

This could not be said.

But that he was an Italian, he
was willing to swear it.

Typical of the Protestants.

And so they immediately thought of you.
Everyone knows you.

The four of the apocalypse.

If I find that son of a bitch
who did this mess...

You've already found it.

With all the respect I
have for my mother.

I'm the daughter of a bitch.

But do not worry, I'll go and
inform the committee right away.

That was solely my idea.

... as if it were so simple.

Nobody will believe you, it's useless.

They will think it's the usual excuse.

That we found a fake
culprit to save the team.


And then, we must immediately
find a solution.

We have to come up with something.
A believable culprit.

Here you are, for example, Micio.

You report yourself to
the Committee

And you say it was just your idea.

But they will disqualify
me for a long time.

You're young,

you still have a lot of time
ahead of you for the races.

If he goes out, I'm going out too.

If he goes out, everyone will.

You stay out.

Listen to me, you have
a past to defend.

But I also have a future.

And I can not let Micio be
the only one to pay.

Gustavo is right.

Of what Anna did, we
are all responsible.

But who do you want to save?

That part of us
that doesn't care for races.

Even ending up in bad shit?

Then it will be the
last thing we miss.

It will not be pleasant
but we will do it together.

Sorry, I did not meant to...

But why did the skiman
say he was a man

who wanted to bribe him.

I had a cap on my head.

Of course only a Swiss

could mistake Anna for a man.

There's such a mess

That even if our
innocence has come out.

and our good faith,

the federation decided to push us

with a suspension

that keeps us away from
competitions throughout the season.

Well, we were not winning anyway.

It was easy for them to give
us a punishment.

Oh well, who cares.

We are fed
up with this life.

With the risk at all times
to break our neck.

It means...
that we go home.

And that from now on we
will ski only for fun.

If it snows tonight, tomorrow use these.

I really want to cry.

Me too.

And now come on.

Try to get up.

I can not do it.

For 15 years you've
killed yourself with training.

And now you get tired after half an hour?

Do you know that joke of
the Italian who gets captured by cannibals?

First they cut his arms and legs off.

And then they threw him into
the river and told him:

If you arrive on the other side,
you're safe.

Logically they were
convinced that he would drown.

But as soon as the Italian
touched the water...

... he flew over the waves
like a motorboat.

he passed the rapids,

and got to the other side.

The stunned cannibals
ran after him.

Oh! How did you do that?

And he said:

When you do that...

My balls spin...

...like propellers.

Food has arrived!

- Hey Hello.
- Hi guys.

I caught it a mile away.

I caught mine instead
without firing.

And how did you do it?

It saw me and gave up.

There is fresh milk of the day.
I milked the cow myself.

As soon as I finished the
cow turned to me and said...

... You've touched my
tits for three years,

when will you kiss me?

Tonight we will prepare a great dinner.

And then we all go to a party.
What do you think?

Nice idea.

How are you, Poccio?

I work with my father.

- What about Cesare?
- He went to America.

Good boy! Still with the twins?

No, no, with an older girl.
The mother.

And he got engaged to all three.

He must have confused the
pleasure of the house,

with the pleasure house.

And you Marco, show us how you get up.

- Do the Frankestein!
- Imbecile!

- Sorry it was just a joke.
- You said it.

Now you can go.

Come on, Marco.

Get out!
Go away everyone.

You too Gustavo, what
are you doing here?

Why stay?
For me or for Anna?

I saw the way you look at her.

And what should I tell you?
Who cares?

You lose one, you find a hundred more?

If I lose her

I will not find one hundred.

I will not find anyone.

Marco, please!

- Go away with him too.
- No.

Take her Gustavo.

You lost everything because of me, right?

Take her.

She is my damage compensation.

And now come on.
Get out.

- Get out!
- You must first listen to me.

Go away!

- No.
- Go!

Go away.

Go away!

Did you hear what my son said?

You must understand him, Gustavo.

And you must forgive him.

The disability makes him selfish.

There are so many days
that you do not come visit anymore.

Do not be upset with Marco.

And not even with me.

That physiotherapist you
sent is very good, you know.

But he will cost you a lot of money.

Not much.

So why did you stop
the hotel's work?

I love you, you know.

- But you can not leave him.
- You would not want it either.

He does not want to get up, does he?

Perhaps he believes

that the only way not lose
me is to stay that way.

But he does not know it either.

And you? You know?

What change does it make?

Do something, Gustavo, please.

Do something.

You would like to go back to racing!
And you forgot that you are disqualified?

It's almost over.

I could come back for
the world championship.

Do you know what the first race is?

And on that damn track
besides Marco, something broke down

inside you too.

Forget about it, Gustavo.

It was a great time,
but it is over.

I asked you for help not a sermon.

What can I do, they
put me aside, too.

They accused me of
delaying the renewal.

New people first!

But where are the young people?

However, if I were you,
I'd forget about it.

Thanks for the advice.

But I do not change my mind.

I tried to tell
the Federation's executives.

They say that even if
you went back to racing

you would not be the same as before.

Better leaving
room for a younger man.

Come on guys, get off.

I also asked them to
keep you as a coach.


You can not be re-admitted in the team.

And you can not have roles.

Your disqualification
must be an example. I'm sorry.

- Hi Gustavo.
- Hello.

Welcome back!

Come down with us.

Hello Champion.

I keep those skis.

If you want, they're always yours.

Do you give up too?

Even for you, either you're
champion or you're nothing.

You asked me to do something.

but I can only do that.

And now you say enough.

I understood Marco.

It took me some time
but now I understand him.

Now I know what it means,

to feel paralyzed inside.

To no longer want to fight.

Because fighting is not necessary.

I tried it myself with disappointment.

It is fear.

the fear that tomorrow gives you

because you do not know
what will happen.

And so you want to close
yourself in your solitude

to play the part of the loser.

You want to compete with Marco?

What kind of men are you?

Two losers, and with me,
we are three.

But I send you all to hell.

I came to ask for help.

And this is the help you can give me?

The choice between a
loser and a paralytic?

Listen to me, man.

To get you moving from here,

I'm willing...

I am also willing to rape you.

But I will not leave you.

Do not give up Gustavo.

Please do not give up.

Do it for me.

And for you.

We must hold on.
Never give up.

Experience teaches this.

The more time passes, the
more you have to work hard.

If you want to achieve results.

Perform the same exercises
ten, a hundred,

one thousand times!

Until the moment they become
yours, you can dominate them.

Face them with security.

A jump, a twist.

A repeated bending to
the point of nausea.

They allow you then on the snow

to be ready for
any solicitation.

To face a curve or a jump,

Calmly. With security.

And never like this time,

I will need to feel calm and safe.

For me and for Marco.

What are you doing here,
in the dark?

Five days are missing.

- At what?
- In Kitzbuhel.

Yes, yes.
I'll be back to the races.

- Are you crazy?
- No.

- And you will come with me.
- Not even dead.

- I do not want to see that place again.
- We'll see it together again.

And I promise you something.

Either we both come back standing up,

or we both come back...

Take it.

On a wheelchair.

You are crazy.
I'm not coming.

I said you'll come with me.

Unless you get up from that chair,

and kick me out of here.

It's nonsense, Gustavo.

They will not let you run.

The Federation gave
me the clearance.

And so?

You no longer have an international score.

You came out of the rankings.

And you'll come down with a high
number when it's all a hole.

In one way or another I will
go down that damned track.

For Christ with Christ and in Christ.

To you God Almighty Father.

In the unity of the holy spirit.

Every honor and glory.

For all the centuries.

Obedient to the word of the Lord.

We address you
with our prayer.

Our father.

You in the skies.

May your name be sanctified

Come your kingdom.

Your will be done.

As in heaven so on earth.

- And what are you doing?
- She must decide.

Here is the Streif.

Ugly bastard.

Do not get ahead of yourself Gustavo,
right now there's a guy

who's faster than you.

Those in the armchair
have more fun,

if they see us fly.

They like the danger.

That of the others.

If someone wanted to stab me in the
heart he would not even find it.

It went in my throat out of fear.

Now I'm playing,

but when you come down,
I will seriously pray.

Careful with your bones, Champion!

- Hello.
- Hi how are you?

- You arrived?
- Well I'm here.

Do you want something?

Yes, a number for the race.

What can I do?
We are full.

Five Italians are allowed,

and we are five already in the team.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but you
can not say anything else?

- And I'm sorry.
- Listen to me.

It's not easy for me to
talk, and you know it.

But I'm here.

And I want to get down that track.

We could even put you back on the team.

But we should take away the
number from one of the boys.

This is blackmail.

It's a filthy thing,

that I've never done and
that I'll never do.

Gustavo. I'll give you mine.

It's not a large number but
it's better than nothing.

- I can not accept.
- Why not?

I'm not fit.

Provided I stayed standing I would do...
30th or 40th.

And then I owe you one.
You do not remember it.

You gave me something
hard to understand.


And this is the only way
I have to tell you...

... that I did not throw it away.

Thank you.

Last day of test sessions

here on the Kitzbuhel track.

Before the highly anticipated
free descent tomorrow

worth for the World Cup.

The best times in the test sessions
were made by the favorites.

Klammer, Muller, Kanrid-

Among the general surprise
will start tomorrow

even an old champion.
Gustavo Thoeni.

In what could be a pathetic

and impossible challenge
against time,

but above all against himself.

Marco says
not to be foolish.

And you?

Whatever I told you,
would you listen to me?

Give it a go.

Do not do the race.

You asked me to do something.

And this is the only thing I can do.

Guess who's coming?

It's freezing, you know!
Tomorrow the track will hold perfectly.

Better the ice than the holes.
You can do it!

The track is all a sheet of ice.

Green ice as the day
of Marco's accident.

Please, listen to me.

Do not go.

Get yourself close to the
finish line and wait.

The athletes get ready.

The race will start in four minutes.

The trailblazers and the number one.

Ready to leave.

McCornik does the first half-time

in 47 seconds and 84 hundredths.

McConrnik, the second half-time

in 1 minute 48 seconds and 24 hundredths.

Here, at this moment the
American Steve McCornik

crosses the finish line.

McCornik's time is

2 minutes 2 seconds
and 94 hundredths.

McCornik got near
the track record

held by Franz Klammer

with 2 minutes 2 seconds and 46 hundredths.

The Canadian Roister
fell on the Hausberg.

The Austrian Franz Stock
crosses the finish line.

Stock's time 2 minutes 3
seconds and 45 hundredths.

Stock is second in the provisional ranking

behind McCornik.

At the exit of the Hausberg
the Swiss Paolo Neri

number 34 falls disastrously.

Fortunately it seems that
the athlete is not injured

after such a fall.

No. 35 the French Morin

falls on the Hausberg.

Also No. 36 falls on the Hausberg

the Czechoslovakian Varancleda.

Only high numbers have
remained in the competition.

And the provisional ranking can
therefore be considered definitive.

It sees American McCornik in
the lead with the time of

2 first 2 seconds and 94 hundredths.

Followed just under a second

by the Austrian Stock.

Let's ask Paolo Valenti

if we can hold the microphone
until Thoeni arrives.

Paolo, can you hear me?

Can we keep the line?

Okay then thank you.

With No. 62
then inevitably cut out

of any possible
inclusion in the ranking.

that is from every possible
placement in the first 10

now Gustavo Thoeni prepares to
go down.

At the first half-time
Gustavo Thoeni passes in

47 and 65 hundredths.

The amazing descent of Thoeni

seems to undermine the victory of McCornik.

He is currently at the
first with the time of

2 minutes 2 seconds
and 94 hundredths.

Thoeni's time is

1 first and 47 seconds

01:42:44,886 --> 01:42:45,886

01:42:46,437 --> 01:42:47,437

01:42:47,659 --> 01:42:48,659

01:42:49,195 --> 01:42:50,252

01:42:50,858 --> 01:42:51,858

01:42:52,252 --> 01:42:53,252

01:42:53,601 --> 01:42:54,601

01:42:55,149 --> 01:42:56,149

01:42:56,484 --> 01:42:57,484

01:42:57,944 --> 01:42:58,944

01:42:59,407 --> 01:43:00,407

01:43:00,862 --> 01:43:01,942
2 minutes

2 minutes and 1

2 minutes and two!

The time of Thoeni is

2 first 2 seconds and 95 hundredths.

For a single hundredth of a second.

Gustavo Thoeni was defeated
by the American McCornik.

with No. 62.

Thoeni has accomplished the
miracle of bypassing

the platoon of
fierce adversaries.

And so conquer the second place

behind McCornik.

From whom he has only
a hundredth of a second more.

Which calculated on the
length of the track

and on the average
speed of the route

it's equivalent to
about seven centimeters.

That is, a 3000 meters long track,

Thoeni is second

for only seven centimeters

from the winner.