Un autre monde (2011) - full transcript

In 1915 on the island of Réunion,

all black men of French nationality
were called up to the front.

The Indians who worked
in the sugar-cane plantations

became the majority on the island,

where the white plantation owners

made sure to suppress
their desire for emancipation...


We'll make him see reason.

The Count is unlikely to comply.

He's giving his land
to the Indians.

If the Count of Kerdiguen,
as I expect, legitimises his son,

we shall have the law on our side.

Trust me,

you may sleep soundly.

On this island, our Holy Mother
the Church still has a future.

My dear brother, I implore you,
divest us of this imbecile.

- He nearly killed us three times.
- Always such harsh words.

My wife will never learn moderation.

I shall never learn anything
from you...

I'm afraid.

I thought I heard a noise.

That's my Aunt Fanny.
That's her husband.

She's lovely.

So pretty.

Get lost, Lucien!
You're too young to go to war!

Go on!

You grow lovelier every day, Sita.

Not a man on this island
deserves her.

- Don't you agree, Doctor?
- At my age, I do.

Not wishing to discourage you,
this mission won't earn you

any medals.

You're taking a bunch of no-hopers
back to France.

Remember the servicemen
of whom the poet speaks.

We owe them an empire.

A poem is not a page of history,
Mr Military Attaché.

Without breath,

those pages contain nothing
but numbers, Governor.

What smugness to think
that history will remember us!

Perhaps not.

But history has not heard
the last of this island.

When we were with the nuns,

your mother was the prettiest
of us all.

My mother's only hope
was one day to see her son

take the name Kerdiguen.

Well, things are moving
in the right direction,

it seems.

I dared not hope

for as much the day I arrived.

It's just a title.

But when a title
means I'm your son,

its value is inestimable.

Thank you.

Louis' mother
made a last wish before dying.

She wanted her son
to have a church built

on these lands
which will one day be his.

- I don't see why not.
- In this church,

aside from the conversions,
which I hope will be many,

the curate would like to know
if the teaching

could be entrusted

to monks
rather than schoolmasters.

That is not within my power.
It's an administrative matter.

Would the Governor be agreeable

to helping us in this regard?

Help me get up.

- Madam.
- My Lord.

- Amalric.
- My Lord.

Come on, Salima.

We're at war, Governor.

Our role is to serve our country.

What are you implying?


I'm just saying that
other than your brother-in-law,

I'm having difficulty
obtaining the list of recruits,

on the basis that by removing
his labour,

I am threatening the economy
of the island.

You must admit it's a concern.

But for now,

it's still in our hands.



My husband and his friends think
we would be reliant on the Indians,

a people whom we have betrayed
and who would make us pay

dearly in return.

Let's not re-open the debate.

Why not?

We're debating
with responsible people.

With hooligans, you mean!

Reassure me.

You haven't fallen for the charms
of that puny lecher?

I have a weak spot
for men with a future.

You should know that he's escaped
the firing squad twice.

Once for attempted desertion,

and again for false accounting.

What people will do for a trinket!

Are you afraid?

I have come up against
more formidable enemies than him.

You are no doubt referring
to the young English ambassador

who had the audacity
to find me attractive?

I never understood
how he committed suicide

by shooting himself twice

- in the back.
- No doubt he was very supple.

No doubt.

Come on.

Where are they going?

To the river, I expect.
They often do.

Or to the pond
when they're too drunk.

I thought

this party was in honour
of my arrival.

But my father shut himself
in his office and introduced me

to no-one.

Your father doesn't
show his feelings.

Let him come to you.

My dear Louba!
Come here,

let me kiss you!

So, are you going back home?

Are you happy?
You deserve it.

You sacrificed your life
for the Count.

He owes you that.

You know, the Count
has always been kind to me.

He respected my contract.

Let's celebrate that. Come on!

No, Mr Amalric.

Come on! Everyone's having fun!

No, no.

Come on, Sita's there!
You can say goodbye.

- Come on!
- No.

Thank you, Soya.

Done sulking in your office?

None of our charming guests
has deigned to say hello to Salima.

They never will, Gabriel.

- They'd rather die.
- Oh, I know.

It's been 20 years.


What the...

- Can you see her?
- No!



Who is this girl?

My daughter.

Monsignor de Beauvais
could have told me.

Why would he do that?

Like her mother, Sita is an Indian.

She has no rights.

But let me make this clear:

until my last breath,
Sita will have all my affection.

You'll have to share it
if I managed to gain it.

- Correct?
- Very true.

You took my mother's money.

I never asked your mother
for anything.

The Church, perhaps, but not me.
If there was a contract,

I don't know about it.

My demands have to do
with my family.

So either you accept my choices

and are welcome in my home,

or the idea of sharing our life
is repugnant to you,

in which case

you should return to France.
With a new patronymic

and the title of Count
which I cannot refuse you.

Come on, let's go.

Armand, hurry. Get in.

Max! Get in. Come on!

Keep your feet inside!

Hurry up!

Come on.

Charles, are you ready?

you're taking too long! Hurry up!

Don't take the road,
go across country.

When you get there, stay together.
I don't want to count you later.

Come on!

You know, the administration
knows the exact number

of Blacks and Creoles
who live on our plantations.

They've been on file since 1848.
There's no way

of cheating, believe me.

I find it hard to believe that
apart from your Malagasy steward,

there are no French nationals

- on any of your lands.
- Negroes are lazy.

They refuse to cut cane.

That's why I only have Indians.
They all have

a contract.


No, thank you.

But should you be hiding the truth,

do you know the penalty?

I do.


We are at war, Mr Amalric.

- I know the law.
- In that case,

bon appétit.



Come here.

You've gained weight.

- I know.
- Let me see.

- Do you love me?
- Yes.

- Tell me you love me!
- I love you.

- Say it!
- I love you.

- Again!
- I love you!

I'm pregnant.

Tell Jean-Baptiste to drown it.


Yesterday you asked me
to make a choice.

As it affects my life,
I'd rather it not be dictated

- by the moods of a servant.
- Salima is my wife.

An idea that means little
to a bastard, you will agree.

Here are your title deeds.
An idea that is no doubt

more familiar to you.

They really love each other.

Your father and my mother.

They really love each other.

Sometimes I wonder

if I will ever experience that.

Have you ever been
deeply in love?

- No.
- So you and I

are really brother and sister.

Sita? Come and help me.

France is growing impatient,

I won't let a handful
of plantation owners impede

- the minister's plans.
- What plans?

Making them into cannon fodder?

My report will be sent this evening.

It does not plead
the case of your planters.

Go ahead.

France is so far from here.

Tell me, Captain,

when in Paris you put sugar
in your coffee each morning,

is it not thanks to these men?

They're lying! They're all lying!

They are deceiving
the French authorities!

That has yet to be proved.

I'll scour all the archives
if I have to, but I'll find proof.

Scour away, Captain.

You will find nothing
in the archives.

Nothing that will compromise
my husband's friends.

He is covering for their misdeeds.

Would he risk dying in prison
for them?

Do you really believe that?

It is not purely from personal
interest that he covers for them.

What he loves
is to keep them in his power.

A power that brings him
enormous pleasure.

Could you provide me with proof?

You are asking too much of me.

- Then we'll not speak of it again.
- Yes, we will.

On the contrary.

If I decided to deliver you
his friends,

I can say goodbye to my husband
and this island.

I would blame myself.

I wouldn't blame you.

You have guts.

That will be all, Sabi.

- Leave me.
- Very well, madam.

this place is reserved for men.

Tell that to the Governor.
I'm his wife.

My respects, madam.

Come in.

"When we're very strong,
who shies away?

"Very happy,
who falls in ridicule?

"When we are malicious,
what can they do to us?"

"Adorn yourselves,

"dance, laugh.

"I can never throw love

"out of the window."

Here, read this.
It's less emotional than Rimbaud,

but it might interest you.

There is enough here
to send them to prison.

- Your husband and his friends.
- Isn't that what you wanted?

How could this have happened?

After the abolition of slavery,

my father neglected to regularise
the status of the Blacks

who had always worked

on our lands.
Most of them

did not know their rights,
which enabled him to evade tax.

All kinds of tax.

When he died, my brother
hastened to declare them all,

but my husband...

He and his friends
burnt down the clerk's office.

The only lists that exist today

are those which the planters
themselves want to show you.

Does your husband know
you have this document?

He's banking on my cowardice.

And as I never fall in love
with my lovers...


Take it. I cannot accept.

The present?

Or the woman?

It's Saint Expedite,
the saint of immediate causes.

I often pray to him.

You must always give him
a present, or he becomes vengeful.

I immediately saw
that you were not like the others.

I'm going to tell you a secret.

I've fallen in love.

I know the man is not made for me.

But I am prepared to do anything
to link his fate to my own.

- Who could reproach you that?
- It's already too late.

For him and for me.

Can I ask you a personal question?

Do you have children?


I was pregnant once.

I lost it after 3 months.

When I think of it, I tell myself...

perhaps I lost it because
it was not conceived out of love.

Like me.

I always knew that my mother never
had a place in my father's heart.

I'm not sure there is a place
for me on this island today.

I was your age when I came
to live here to escape the nuns.

Then one day our father died.

Gabriel went to Brittany
to bury him.

That's where he had
an affair with your mother.

An affair is a big word.
My mother said it was one night.

They spent only one night together.

She only found out
she was pregnant after he left.

She could have written to me!
I don't know why she didn't.

My mother read novels.

We all did.
All young girls are romantic.

Not my mother.

I kept all her letters.

My mother invented a story
and believed it all her life.


Your father signed all the papers.
You are legitimate now.

He can never go back on that.

Do you really think
that's something to rejoice in?

Can I ask you a question?

Please do.

Did my mother know
you'd raised a family?

Your mother knew everything.

She was even prepared
to share it to buy you a title.

I owed it to you to tell you.

I'm sorry.

Poor Louba.

- It's really bad luck.
- Louba had done his time.

But his son Shankar
is as good as a Black.

I'd gladly buy him from you.

Sorry, but I have
other plans for him.

- He's going to be my foreman.
- You'd have your domain run

- by an Indian?
- He will do it very well.

The Indians will think
they own the country.

After the land
and the right to worship,

what will you give them?

His name. To the woman

he loves.

One day, perhaps.

It's as well there are laws
that protect the Whites

against the madness of some, no?

Unfortunately, no.


My wife believes that

all men are greedy hypocrites.

You would think she never had
any affection for her father.

Leave my father


You forget he was the first
to populate this island

with ships full of slaves.

Despite his violence and cruelty,

you will never match up to him.

I still managed to bankrupt him...

And you boast of it?

If I had behaved otherwise,
do you think

he would have given me your hand?

For the use you make of it...
My poor friend.

Go and tell that native

that this is a private club.

Reserved for Whites.

Don't bother.

I'll do it.


Shall we play?

Moustien, I'd like to introduce you
to someone of great merit.

Captain Henri de Boissieu.

- Young man.
- Sir.

Come out.

No harm will come to you.

What is your name?


You are French and must go to war.

Come on!

Everyone out.

Who is that young man?

The devil.

If the devil is so handsome,
I'll gladly be damned.

Our father always dreamt
of seeing his country again.

He did not have the chance,
but I shall.

You were born here, Moustien.
This land is yours.

It will never be ours.

- We have nothing left there!
- Here everything is stolen from us.

In Les Rousses, the land will
be ours. The Count gave it to us.

I don't want his land!

What has my father done to you?


But I don't want anything from him.

Why do you always
let your brother win?

Why do you let him humiliate you?

Why do we never have fun together?

We must choose work or play, Sita.

I choose work.

I won't go to live in Les Rousses.

A woman must live
in her husband's house.

I haven't said yes yet.

We'll see about that.

Why does your mother
want you to marry so?

Shankar is a foreman.

If Daddy died, he could protect me.

Protect you from what?

From what?

I have nothing, Louis!

I could be bought by anyone!

A Bordier, an Amalric.


I'm here now.

You've no need to worry.
I'll protect you.

Good evening.
You look ravishing.

Good evening. Thank you.

- Good evening.
- It's always lovely at your home.

You clearly do not leave
these women indifferent,

which, in a community such as ours,
is not without importance.

I don't have to marry them all,
do I?

One will be plenty to begin with.

The bishop is no fool.

He offered money
to the Indians who baptised

- their children.
- They must have been

easily persuaded.
There were 60 conversions in a week.

A miracle!

In the Middle Ages,
the Church distributed indulgences.

Today it is buying your workers,
but it always pays

- the poor with thin air.
- It's lucky that the Church

still takes care of us.

Abandoning the island to the Indians
will not relaunch the economy.

I rather agree
with Monsignor de Beauvais.

With the Indians,
you must never give in.

We can make them whatever we want
by taking away their religion.

I see this idea bothers you.

Our Church is dead.

And its representatives
are like you: they believe only

in the stock market.

Perhaps we should lower our weapons.

Don't you think?

To contemplate
the wasteland of our lives?

I'd rather hate you.

It's less painful.

Trust your brother
to do something like this!

He had to come with his bastard.

Sita is my niece
with the same title as Louis.

I invited her.

- What a beauty!
- Please, get me out of here.

Ignore those imbeciles.

- And you...
- My beloved sister.

- How are you?
- A charming evening.

Tell me about France.
What is it like? Tell me.

In Brittany,
I have a mansion and land.

But Paris terrifies me.


Too much beauty, too much noise,
people everywhere.

Avenues that go on forever.

There is even a building
that reaches the sky.

- I would so love to see it.
- I'll take you.

As soon as the war is over.

It would take so little
to live in harmony.

So little, indeed.

A little kindness would be enough.

Something bothering you, my son?


It's stupid, but I think
one of the planters was armed.

In the house of God!

The house of God needs defending,

What are those men doing?

Don't get involved.

In France, you committed
yourself to the Church.

And yet you take part in
the Indians' religious ceremonies.

I obey no-one.

My name is Louis.

What are you looking at?

What is that?

My Christening medallion.

Will you give it to me?

Get on! Quickly!

Gabriel, don't take sides
against your Church.

The Whites will declare war on you.

They already have.

- I'm coming with you.
- Don't get involved.

If I am to take your place
one day, explain how we manage

this domain!
And how we protect its people.

A miracle

has left my son and daughter
safe and sound.

Leave us.

You and your friends
are lucky to be alive.

If that ignoble Jean-Baptiste
is not arrested within the hour,

I will inform the state authorities
this very day.

That temple is on my land!
It has been violated!

You are no longer

able to ensure the protection
of your fellow citizens,

as your function demands.

And I have proof that you
hid the list of names from me.

- Hundreds of men, all French.
- Yes... Negroes, runaways.

who don't pay their taxes

and whom we forgot to declare,
is that it?

Like the distillers
that Mr Bordier hid on the beach.

- I know nothing about that.
- You know full well

that men are awaiting my departure

to leave the mountains.
You took me for an imbecile.

Oh... But if what you say
is true, I'll send

my men to fetch them.

Don't bother.
I'll go myself.

Be careful.
You may get lost.

Not if I go with him.


Take a note. Urgent.

Goodbye, boss.

I thought we had a free hand.

Light fingers, you mean.

And that land belongs to the Count,

- in case you had forgotten!
- It seems he's won.


To be completely honest,

the fate of Jean-Baptiste
was sealed by my wife.


For a man,

rape is...

difficult to justify

to a woman.

I tell you,
excuses were hard to find.

Who governs this island exactly?

- You or your wife?
- To govern

is to predict,
and my wife is unpredictable.

In that case,

your brother-in-law
can say his prayers this time.

Did Madam come back?

Madam has gone.

Where did she go?

To the heights, with her brother.


Since your father
clearly has not done it,

it is my duty to enlighten you
of your situation.

- Some coffee?
- With pleasure.

Thank you.

I'm listening.

The Indians...

will soon be the only labour
available on the island.

If we want to keep any authority,

we must not appear weak...

My father authorised the Indians
to practise their religion.

I have no intention
of going against his wishes.

So in my home,
they honour their divinities

as they always have.

In addition, I have decided
that my mother's money

will be used to reconstruct

the temple that you destroyed.
I am sure

that my mother,
who adored my father,

would have done as I am doing.

Another cup,


- You're distracting me.
- You're progressing.

Thank you. Without you,
I'd be lost in this vastness.

Make no mistake.
I did it for my sister.

She has put herself in danger
for you.

My place is at her side.

What I did
was of my own free will.

Thank you for saying that.

You know what I think?

Right now,
those cretins are in the process

of blaming each other.

Or they are in the process
of killing each other.

- Sorry, My Lord.
- My turn!

I think we're being followed.

Well done.


It's ridiculous.
You can't stay up all night.

Sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day.

How can I sleep?

There's no-one there.

Is that what scared you?

Now I can tell you.

I thought it was my husband!

What do you think war
means to a man like me?

A chance to start again.


Now you know about my past.

I don't care about your past.

I haven't told you everything.

In France...

I have a wife and 2 children.

The worst thing is not
that you lied to me.

You gave me back
a thirst for life.

Believe me, I'm as lost as you.

An affair with you
immediately entered my head.

But the other night at the club,

I saw you stand up
to those dreadful men.

I found you very touching.

I found you handsome.

I was living like a blind woman.

I didn't know it.

You came just in time.

So did you.


- What can I eat with that?
- If you don't like it, get out.

I'll kill you one day.

Get out, he said.

And they want us to rely on them?

- It's a crying shame!
- I came to fetch

- my money.
- What money?

My contract has ended.

- And the money I lent you?
- I paid it back.

I worked extra hours
like you wanted.

- My sons too.
- I don't remember.

2 years.
It's written here.

I needed to sign it.
How can I remember?

Everyone will tell you.
Your steward especially.

- If I had to remember everything...
- You see?

Either pay me the money,
or give me another 2 years.

- Decide.
- I don't have the money.

In that case, sign.


Moustien didn't kill Bordier.

It wasn't him. I'm sure of it.

Do you love him?

Is it him you love?

I know you love him too.

It's I who should be ashamed.


I no longer feel part
of the family.

I'm neither French,

nor Indian.

I'm nothing.

It's him.

Stay here, I'll be back.

Come on. Let's not stay here.

Why should I trust you?

You wanted it?

Take it.

Come on.

Work on the temple is progressing.

Why do you give money
to the Indians?


it's fair.

Do you have a lot?

- Enough.
- Time to go.

- Come on.
- Hey! Sita is coming with me.

You are all French.

France welcomed you like a mother.

You have a choice.

Either you defend the nation,

or you desert

and receive the death penalty.

This time,

we can go.

Suddenly France seems far away.
I no longer want to go back.

You would soon tire of this rock
made of dust and fantasies.

I have decided, Fanny.
Once back, I will leave

my wife.

You're hurt!

It's nothing.
I was lucky.

- It just clipped me.
- Give it to me.

I hope you know what you're doing.

Moustien is wanted by the police.
He killed a man.

He killed no-one.

At last!

You took your time.

- I crossed the forest.
- There's nothing in there!

There's no chicken, pike
or wild boar, but... We'll manage.

If your father saw you
sharing this meal

with me, what would he think?

He doesn't distinguish
between Whites and Indians.

So he says. But you eat
in the kitchen with your mother.

I don't mind. I'm used to it.

- Moustien is right.
- For you, Moustien will always

be right. Obviously.

What's that?

It's a camera.

If you read the paper,
you'd know.

What's it for?

It stops time.

It's very dangerous.

It steals souls.


It's there! I've got it!



What will you do

- with these photographs?
- My job.

- Stealing isn't a job.
- Yes, it is.


And what is your job?
Eh? What is it?

Stop it.

Mr Amalric?

Please wait in the lounge.

They found my men!

Your orders have been carried out.
I no longer have

a single Black worker!
I'm ruined!

Those were the orders,
you know that.

Enrol all the Blacks and Creoles
of French nationality.

The minister was

quite clear.

The minister?

What bloody minister?

You shouldn't have given them

I didn't give it to them.

Orders or not,
no-one leaves my plantation.

Do what you like when I'm gone.

They've sent me to Guyana.

They didn't leave me any choice.

It was that
or a 3-metre-square cell.

You will understand
that in such a situation,

and given our arrangements,

I had to show willing.

Come on!

Burn everything!

Burn all these rats!

No-one is above the law, Mr Amalric.

I warned you.

If Moustien has done nothing wrong,
why is he hiding?

Bordier was killed.

The Indian village was burned
in reprisal and he disappears?

So I ask you,

where is Moustien?

I don't know.

Very well.

I'll find him.

And if he's responsible
for what happened,

he'll go to prison.

What the...
Are we expecting someone?

It's your daughter's place.

My daughter eats in the kitchen

with her mother.

Very well.

In that case,
my place is also there.

- What is the money for?
- Moustien wants a revolver.

A revolver?

He doesn't plan on using it.

It's just for self-defence.

- What do you want from Moustien?
- Nothing.

I just want to prove
my friendship to him.

Never tell him that.

He'd laugh in your face.

You can always search my house.
I'm hiding no-one.

Of course not.

But your son
has good reasons to do so.

Hasn't he?

Have you interrogated him?

It wasn't necessary.

Be more precise.

I don't interfere
in people's private lives.

Stop this game.
What have you to say to me?

- You really want to know?
- I'm asking you.

Your son insists
on hiding Moustien...

because he is his lover.

Louis's confessor
always suspected him

of liking boys.

But I am of the firm conviction
that when Louis realises

that the Indian
only wants his money,

he will come back
to his real family.

Leave us, please.

And you, get dressed.
I want to talk to you.

So what they say about you
is true.

I don't know what they say,
but I assure you

there's nothing but friendship
between Moustien and me.

Even if, on my side,

I regret it.

Louis is not like you,
but he's your son, Gabriel.

And I thought heaven had given you
a big enough heart to welcome those

whom you had not chosen.

- Salima, listen to me.
- Don't touch me.


- What are you going to use it for?
- A firework!

- You're mad!
- I just want my share!

The Whites exploit us
and despise us!

I didn't have the honour

of killing Bordier,
but I'll blow up his distillery!

They'll know it's you!

They'll hunt you down
like an animal and kill you!

You want to die, Moustien?

Leave it. Leave it!

Leave it!

Do you want to die?
Do you want to die, is that it?

No, I want to live!

This is the reward for our suffering
and my ticket back home.

- That's my brother's money!
- Now it's mine!

From now on,
you must choose, Sita. It's him

or me.

Let me go.

Let me go!


I'm sorry, but the Governor says

- you may not pass.
- Very well.

Tell Mr de Boissieu
I'm waiting for him here.

He's gone, madam.


By boat early

this morning.

Thank you.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

You're welcome, Captain.
Good luck at the front.

I've ordered your luggage
to be prepared.

I have no intention
of following you.

I find you very arrogant.

I nearly died on this expedition.

- It gives me a certain advantage.
- Over whom?

Over what?

How will you live?
You don't know how to do anything.

Perhaps, like your brother,

you will live off your nephew?

Everyone chooses their fate.
Yours is me.

I'm sorry, I...

I didn't know where to go.

I've never belonged anywhere.

Whatever I do,
I'll always be a foreigner.

They say love is the art of madmen,
but madness belongs nowhere.

On this island
more than anywhere else.

It condemns the mind
and all forms of intelligence.

I can't live without hope.

We're all waiting for that which
allows us to glimpse another world.

Another life.

Perhaps also...

a way of...

accepting oneself.

I thought I had found it.

Then you will find it again.


I would need to hate my father,
and that is beyond my strength.

Don't leave this way.
Stay a while.

Will you write to me?

Governor, your car is waiting.

I am waiting for my wife.

I'll leave you these.

So that you don't forget.

Don't go!

It's not our war, Louis.

Here, mine is over.

What will I do without you?

It's your land.

You'll find a way.

Let's go.

"My dear sister,

"my lovely Sita.

"I received your last letter.
Don't worry about me.

"Here, the violence of men
is less insidious than that

"which we have both known.

"But prudence obliges me
to think of your future,

"so I have made
Aunt Fanny my inheritor,

"so that, if anything happens to me,
you will all be taken care of."

Shall I open it for you?

Thank you.

"My dear brother,

"the rains brought me a child.

"He is beautiful.

"His name is Louis.

"He is dying to meet you.

"I often shut myself in your room.

"I look at the photographs
that you left on the line,

"and I remember our happy days.

"Your place is here."


Louis will rest like my
grandfather and my father

in our family tomb in Brittany.

I never told him
how much I loved him.

I thought we had plenty of time.

- They let you go.
- They had no proof.

What are you doing here?

I want my child.

Sita chose to raise him with me!

Sita didn't choose!
Her father did!

- The Whites choose for us!
- What do you have to offer them?


Your father said that
on this island, the Indians lived

between two worlds.

That of the Whites,
which is constantly dying,

and yours,
still unable to be born.

Louba was wrong.

He was wrong.

Like me.