Un amour de sorcière (1997) - full transcript

Michael Firch is very skilled in computers and he goes to Paris to meet very important persons to discuss a contract. Michael was born on a special astral date. On arriving in Paris, he meets Morgane and her son. Morgane is a witch, she is beautiful, she is good and she needs Michael to save her son from evil powers. Molok is a sorcerer and he opposes Morgana's plan.


Adaptation divx Silviu Dima

Four days to planetary alignment

Mr. Thompson?


I apologize for having interrupted.
I realize that you are very busy.

My name is Molok Edramarek.
I'm a geneticist and astronomer.

Yeah, it's obvious ... How did you get here
f r s v latre c inii?

You were lucky to have not gotten to you.
They pushed all those who came here.

Over 96 hours, exactly at 6 o'clock,
there will be a unique alignment of the planets.

Stelarers' Hours ...
I do not believe in these afflictions.

You were born on June 14,
at six o'clock in the morning, is not it?

I am not sure,
but this day is.

What is this ? A lottery?
Did I win a prize?

I'm afraid.

What are you listening to?

Michael Firth, the new Bill Gates

In Paris ? In France?
But you chose New York!

Mr. Bauer did not respond to his wishes
the genius studio. Did he forget? Rita!

Prostate ? It hurts in the elbow
this thing! Get on the first plane.

Firth wishes to fly by plane.
He's a retired guy.

You want me to call Anderson
from Sony?

He would be cut to cast
an eye to Michael's mindware.

Did you ask Bill Gates for this?
In that case, it will cost you expensive.

Avion Concorde, a palace at your disposal ...
And I do not take a penny out of my pocket.

Good afternoon, sir!

You are a real genius, Mr. Firth!
What is this ? A phone ?

No, but he can be looked at.

Your brain is a remote control,
and the back screen is the TV.

- Can I change channels with my mind?
- Exactly.

Electromagnetic waves emitted
your brain will be transmitted

the mindware program,
which will translate the waves into operation.

You think you want to get started
starts. You want to stop, it's done.

Think about it being on the first plane
to Paris, because there you will be.

See, is that simple? Anyone can,
even Joel. Good, Rita! I'm not flying.

With Concorde you do not fly,
c l tore ti n time.

Land Before You Take Off,
as by miracle.

Concorde? Precisely they cry.

Michael, nothing is good
for the new Bill Gates.

- Where's the joystick?
- You are the joystick.

Go back, forward, fast, stop ... Go away
And the toy is listening to you. Rub the rubber!

You take the white machine, I, the red one.
In places, be ready ... Think!

The hotel has pillows and fluff
Flannel nappies, as you like.

I do not fly anywhere.
I'm sorry.

Take a pill and fall wide
Before taking off.

The French put butter in every meal.

There are 36 McDonald's restaurants
in Paris. Kill your eyes and chew!

- Get her down!
- Maybe in a dream!

You wish.

Chloe pretends to be prosthetic
Herr Bauer's only her merit.

Obvious. You focused on
the tonsils, but he was nine years old.

- They?
- All right, girls! It's on the way ?

- It's on the plane.
- Merlin's with him.

Recognize it as the most seductive.
We also have to think about Morgane.

What does it mean for you?
forbid "? A rock formation?

How well you are here! You want to have it
do you care about the kidney, take the kidney?

- Kidney?
- It's only a minute.

What a minute, when it comes
to save a life?

You can not ...

You can not handle it hard
to find a donor.

People are no longer lucky.

Excuse me ... A small child!
Let the baby sit down!

I am!

Is he properly dressed, Michael?
The people like the protocol protocol.

It would have been better
Unless the pills were taken.

Who gave them?
Sunny von Bullow?

- Do you wear a tie?
- Yes.

- Do you have the mindware?
- Joel, I'm just using it.

The driver must have a cardboard box
on which you write your name.

I saw him! We talk later.

Can you handle luggage?
Where's the machine? I want to stay up.


Thank you, Joel.
We need a porter.

- Why ? Are I a woman?
- Yes.

- And only the men can get what?
- Yes

Then take your child.

I'm sorry, but my equipment
it's not to be replaced. You do not have to fall!

- And my pack is fragile.
- One minute, right?

- Do you believe us idiots?
- No, that's the machine.

You said you had to get a kidney.
Where's the pot?

- The box with a red cross ...
- Here it is!

Bill Gates, damn it!
This is not limousine!

Era, in 1959.

It's alive!

The liver is better preserved in one
living organism. Arthur, be good!

The liver?
You said it was a kidney!

A kidney and liver.
He's very generous.

- Do we go once?
- And very unfriendly.

- You have to survive only a s pt m n !
- A clip ...

I can not believe it!
Joel, you're a dead man!

You do not have to feel bad, you do not
where do you know. I will not say no.

Thank you.

This does not exist
speed limit?

Yes, but it is optional.
I'm Morgane Edramarek.

And he's Arthur, my co-driver.
Greet Mr. Firth.

Hello, Arthur!

Drôcia drac ...

She likes to taste everything new.

- Paris is not there?
- Here we are avoiding agglomeration.

Look !

Fuck' !

It happens to "taste"
And twice?

- Morgane on the phone.
- Who the hell is Morgan?

- It's Joel. I'm talking to him.
- Joel, my dear, how are you?

- Joel, you fucked up!
- Do not worry. Mr. Firth is here.

Where? Who are you?

End the machine!

What are you waiting for? D Once again!

- Later! You'll get it!
- Michael ...

M tem c nu ...

Here's what you did!
It's destroyed, it's dust!

- You'll buy another phone.
- It was not a phone call!

It was a digital mindware
And you can not buy another,

because there is no other!
I invented it!

And translates the thoughts into another language,

forms the phone number to which
think, send by fax ... What is it?

- tie s hr neasc un bebelu ?
- Does it seem funny? Get out!

Five years of work
they went to the water of the fire,

because of a tough Frenchman
who leads a rabl fran uzeasc !

Where are you going? You will not get on foot
in Paris. It's dangerous.

It's less dangerous
with you and the little cannibal!

- It's raining.
- That's great ! Get up in your rabble and disappear.

Come on!

A teapt -m !

- Wait! End the machine!
- Has he become a ma?

Park called me
s m urc n rabl i s disappear.

You've got me wrong because you're not good
English. It's a linguistic barrier.

I do not know English well?

Stop it! It's my driver!
Stop and las -m s urc!

I do not understand!
I think the linguistic barrier to wine.

Good. Doing?

- Shot? Dou ?
- How about you, Arthur?

Six hundred.
- Six hundred!

It was done. Stop and las -m s urc.
Open once!

You see the money, you know.

- Around here !
- Damn it ! I'm exactly what you asked for.

- My luggage!
- You go after them.

Stay ! Coming !

Arthur likes the color of your tie.
That's a good sign.

- Is there a lot more to Paris?
- Do not you want to relax a little?

What's the smell of that?
I can not stand to smoke me.

The heating system is broken,
but with that you'll feel better.

Or maybe you want to stay with Arthur,
to "non-smokers" ...

Where does your company get these machines?
From scrapping?

Glumi i? That car was going
De Gaulle, before it becomes an airport.

- A spider!
- Where?

What the hell...

God! It was a flying spider
huge, absolutely horrible.

I'm sorry I crash you up,
but maybe it was a spider

who cares about the people
to lay down their eggs in their brains.

- I can 't even think ...
- Where is it ?

I think he flew. Here it is!

- Ready. It was what ...
- Yes.

Hong Kong
Three days to align the planets

Mr. N'guyen?

Excuse me to disturb you.
I know you are very busy,

but what I will say
it does not suffer.

I am Molok Edramarek,
geneticist and astronomer.

You are born on June 14th
at 6 o'clock in the morning, right?

- How do you know?
- We should not talk about it here.

Can not we go somewhere?

Why do you eat?

- I was gonna think ... But it's absurd.
- What do you think?

Maybe you just mess up!

- It's really fun.
- You saw the cover of the magazine "Fortune".

Complications are waiting for you in a warehouse
prsit. You owe it a rebuild.

But to whom? My parents died,
and I do not have a brother. Joel?

It's so stiff,
If you ever see it,

would pay for at most
repatriating my body.

- He could call your friends.
- I have no friends, no plants.

- I do not have time to get anything.
- Nobody will feel it missing?

It's sad. I hope my son would feel me
lack. I surely want him.

Sure. Mother's attachment to the child
is due to a hormonal imbalance.

If you inject a mouse
a sufficient dose of pitocin,

it will burn out
And a bumpy of l'nn.

I die if I lose
"the lnn g".

- How is that done?
- Like in the United States.

Just like in the United States ...

In the States, I do not change babies.
Neither do Lun do that!

I am your passenger,
not Mary Poppins!

- Your wife does not want kids?
- What's soaking up?

Who does not know how to get you down
the wedding ring, when you look.

Follow on the finger v d empty,
by Firth.

Finger on the finger?

It's from my dad's reign, which
I take it down because my fingers swell

During flight due to
high atmospheric pressure.

Can we go now?

- What the hell is this?
- A little picnic.

Do not look too good. Must
s c i something. Or mskcar be that.

What was that ?
It was horrible!

- Normal. It was an elixir of love.
- I do not feel anything.

Elixir makes it quicker
if you increase the pulse.

It's time to put things right,
Miss Edra Do not know.


I said I'm a loner.
I do not even have a dog.

A dog must walk,
flush, perish, mongue ...

With women is the same.
In addition, they are still waking up.

I will not complain.

Do that to all your clients?

It's my first day of work.

Dear good !

What the hell...

new York
Two days to align the planets

- It's beautiful in New York.
- I have arrived.

Where's my boot?

Keep the rest.

You should have confidence
In the charm of natural colors.

Can I help you with something?

A genetic system complex
she chose your lipstick.

So they will fit
your skin

What did these lips tear
to tell him yes to Joel Andrews,

who did not ask the question.

- Does anyone know?
- She wants to see Mr. Firth.

- Unfortunately, he went to France.
- In France?

I can not afford to change it.
He wants you to do this.

Bun, Arthur!
These flowers were here last night?

What is your first encounter?

Whose step? I know it's crazy.
We only know for a few hours.

But I did not feel that
In my life!

I wish I knew you
And my parents! We go to Paris!

It's not possible ! We have to go
to my grandmother, to the Basque Country.

In the Basque Country? Perfect.

Joel, it's me.

I felt the need to say this to someone ...

I'm sorry!

It's unbelievable!
And thank you for Morgane.

Michael, it's four o'clock in the morning!

- Good day. Do you have skim milk?
- Yes.

- Cancel the meeting.
- Do I cancel it ?!

I'm not in Paris.
I have to be Arthur's nausea.

- Joe, have you ever been honey?
- With honey? Where the hell are you?

Skimmed milk ...

And the hamburger sandwich.

Come on!

He makes 255 francs.


You will not cost anything.

Goodbye !

- Do you suffer from back pain?
- For years.

ntinde i-v ! You will not cost anything.

Arthur, for many times I told you
is not it possible to do this in public?

I never survived
such a physical experience!

- Joel, I want life insurance.
- A physical experience? What are you talking about?

- You did not say you cared for Arthur?
- I have to shut up. Hungry!

Joel ... I love you!

Rita, we have problems.

I've known Michael for 10 years.
He never said to anyone "I love you".

I was in trouble. Call the Nemes,
tell them the plane has collapsed.

But Michael will come to the meeting.
F'm my reservation on the plane. And the luggage.

- And my luggage?
- Give it a balt!

How's the hamburger?
I called him Big Morgane.

Incredible! He's the best hamburger
which I have ever seen!

And it's not just that. Everything seems to me
more beautiful when I'm with you.

- Does that mean we're bound?
- Of course, yes.

- I will never drop it.
- You are an amazing guy!

I can not sleep.
I drank too much coffee.

- Is that a good book?
- Yes.

Knowing the story In the 20th century,
de Molok Edramarek.

Do not find any spell
who can help sleep?

There are several.

- Just do not believe that trouble.
- I wrote them.

- Excuse me. Speak my mouth without me.
- It's no problem.

- Molok Edramarek.
- Joel Andrews.

Witches are historically attested,

I'm not a historian, but I have not met
never a wicker.

Are you sure? They are mortal
they have to mate with people.

That would be an explanation
for my former wives.

- What is this ?
- A ritual ceremony.

At the age of one, the infant baby
will be oriented towards good or bad.

- This is done by choosing a nau.
- What about?

- But it must be a propeller, right?
- Not in vain.

The wizards choose to nag an ordinary man,
if they want the baby to be loose.

- Unbound?
- He adds to his power. Watch it!

They use sex and eating for
to throw away their victims.

I would not let go! "Massage him
with the price of honey and honey. "

Honey! He said he was screaming
She hung with honey ...

Here you go ?

What is happening to the nau,
after that?


A guy who was shot can be saved
by one of the wicked devils?

I've done that.
A single date.

What program do you have,
after you get to Paris?

Do not forget what I said,
Sometimes the grandmother talks a little about it.

"Watch them in the strings,
whatever he says. "

Make yourself acquainted.
Merlin ... Mr. Firth.

- Tell me Michael.
- Get it.

I think so too!

Arthur, my dear bitch!
I was very restless.

How long have you grown up!
Your bad mother did not call me at all.

She's adorable, Morgan.
He's seamed with me.

You must be Michael.

What the original tie!
I suppose this is the new way.

But here we do not formalize. If you want
to put it down, it's no problem.

- Grandma!
- I was kidding.

It's always serious! The park
he would not have seen a nagy tie ...

Let's get Arthur
s fac баня!

What ?
What I said ?

Now I can see who he is
Morgane, she's so beautiful.

I like my boy!

Maybe you'll keep it ... That dac
He will not blow his balls, okay.

Here you go ?

- Let me put it in a bag.
- What a shit!

Merlin, show Michael his room.
I have to talk to my grandmother.

- Stop your stupid jokes!
- Did not you tell him anything?

I'm gonna tell her, not you!

The nose needs to know that it's a loosening.
Otherwise, the ritual has no effect!

I do not recite my book, I know it by the way.
Chapter Seven, verse four:

"To cancel the powers of a baby."
choose not to be an ordinary man,

did not come on the same day and at the same time,
under the same configuration of the planets.

You have 10 to theory, but 0 to practice.
And Molok is like to practice.

Do you know that he killed the Vietnamese?

Michael is the last na n via .
Molok did not follow.

He will not give up anything
to put Arthur on me,

while the child will retain his powers.
You need to unleash it quickly!

I'll tell Michael
Before the ceremony.

The planets will align
over 36 hours, my dear.

I charmed him in five minutes.

And why do you have to tell him the truth?
Did not he charm you?

I'm the wicker, and the pickers
they can not get lost.

It happened once.

In a fairy tale ...

Joel, it's me, Michael. Rita gave me
your number. What are you doing in Paris?

What would you have to do!
Where are you?

In a Bayonne castle,
on a hill at the edge of the river.

The French tia tiu s tr iasc !

- Nice hiding!
- Mickey, we're not here on vacation!

Bring the mindware here, end up
damn it once!

Please have a meeting with two
or three days. I already have a baptism.

Write down my number, if it is
you need me: 0559209999.

- I have to shut up.
- Michael, wait!

- Okay, I hired them to get the fuck up!
- Do not be angry, my friend. I'll get him.

I wanted to say
I am very grateful to you.

You, Grandma ... Mighty Chloe ...

- Mŕtu ii ...
- Fleur.

Thank you for raising her
Morgane is beautiful

And you want to kill her
to speak perfectly English.

It's no secret anymore,
I love her crazy.

Sure you love her, my dear.

Iart -m , my dear. Obinuina ...

Toc ni a e servit .

- Thank you.
- You need to know something about me.

- And you, about us.
- But you said you worm snails!

He would not have believed
that I will be intimidated.

Nay !
You said you were spaghetti.

I am 30 years old.
I do not drink much and I do not smoke.

I have my own company. We are on our way
to change the history of communications,

due to my last invention.
I did not lose any tooth ...

Lucky you ! I lost them
In a bet with the Molok pit.

Stop Michael with the crap
your stories.

I say all this, because I am
I want you to meet my niece.

But surely he told her.
It can not be mistreated, because it ...

That's enough !

I said that I would say it!

Do not be angry, my dear.
We just want to help you.

I tell you how you can help.

If someone wants solni a,
he does not have to ask.

- It's only 34 hours left.
- tiu and I s num r.

M sorry. What did I say?

You have not lost any tooth.

It was once like never,

when people still believed
In fairy tales and in fairy tales,

a little toaster
who lives in a huge castle.

On one of the walls of the castle
the portrait of a t'n'r was attached.

Day after day, the little wicker was seated
He faced the picture and looked at him.

As she grew, her love
for him he was becoming stronger.

When a woman arrived,
She wants a baby with him.

But all the world knows
they can not go away.

Why ?

To fall, you have to stop.

Love takes people
by surprise.

But I always know how to do it
what awaits them.

But for the little wicker,
that did not matter.

One day he enters the secret room
of her grandmother and find her magic book.

She was in it
nonsense magic formula.

It's all night
the formula he needed.

Even before the sun,
she uttered the magic words.

and stick lips to his lips ...

The next moment, he was shaken.

- The result was even more incredible.
- It's already unbelievable.

ndrgostindu itself,
she had transgressed the law of her people.

As punishment, her boyfriend's face
disdain from her memory and painting.

He does not shine from the picture ...
Their gaze was a follow-up

to remind him of what he never did
he will not be able to remember.

Her life became a legend.

The only wanderer
who has ever got caught ...

no other has ever stopped.

A day to align the planets

Sure there is a way to save him
Michael during the ritual!

Precise a charm
to protect his spirit.

- And I like it, my dear.
- It's not about that!

He's a great inventor.

What would have happened if Gutenberg
Crazy and stop inventing the pattern?

I knew from the beginning
Arthur's nausea

will end with the intelligence coefficient
of a vegetable.

And we pretend
that we are good wrestlers!

Your mother wanted to be. And before
to die, that's what he wanted you to become.

Or do you want to see Arthur and Molok,
as the heir of the forces of the river?

Think about something now a moment!
Recognize! It was about me.

How do you fail to read my thoughts?
Be more respectful, baby!

There is another way, is not it?

Tell me what it is, otherwise I ask Fleur.
Her ideas are easier to read.

Las -m n pace, Morgan.

- But there is another way.
- It is enough !

When you hide your thoughts, go.
You did that to me.

Morgane, I ...

Now you are.

If you do this, it does not matter
let me explain to Arthur.

- You have no choice. I'm stalling.
- I cant do this. And Arthur?

Babies are not admired. It's the moon
honey. But let's invite her to the wedding.

- You're doing everything, Michael!
- Good morning, Grandma!

- How can you do that?
- Go ahead. I'll be there in a moment.

It's not too much.
Goodbye !

The cancellation of powers must take place
Tomorrow, before the sun rises.

It's not the time to be mad.

- That's a limousine.
- But I'm not crazy.

It's his last day. I want it to be
just as he dreamed of it.

We'll come back in time.

Does not say anything.
I have a surprise for you.

I'm your favorite nephew.
Do you open the door or open it?

I'm talking to him. Get out of here.

Merlin, take care of the baby.
Gr bi i-v !

- Where is it ?
- You look great. He does well and he gets good.

Come on, fuck out your beloved nephew,
as you once did.

Are we the best opponents?

Where did she go?

You would be invited to dinner,
but I'm busy.

I make the cake for Arthur's birthday.


- Have you ever loved me, m tu ?
- Never.

I feel ughurat.
That makes things simpler.

It's weird. I always had scruples
to attack my family members.

We have destroyed many worship dynasties,
I have absorbed the power of their streets,

but I never touched
by either of you.

How can I guess that in a good day,
the struggle between good and evil

will become a family business?

You heard what he said. I must
to listen to my grandmother, and you, me.

Behave yourself !

Arthur, be good!
Molok is down.

You have to be good. Aa.
Otherwise ...

What the hell is that?

Pateu de g sc ! I told you to finish
with room-service.

What does that mean?

He used his credit card.
In Venice.

At Venezia?

O s m faci s pl ng. You missed it
vocation. You were supposed to become an actor.

You do not want me anymore now.

Your nau was in the service of the Lord.
You can not despair.

And you do not see the good.
We are both infirmary.

What do you want, Molok?

What you want.
A heir.

Your Ramur may also have children,
but mine, no.

Do you think I've gotten myself,
to disappear without leaving something behind?

E u or s mori. Kill your eyes, numbers
Angry, and the rest comes by itself.

M sorry.


How you doing, Mr. Andrews?

How romantic ! How did you get it?

Are you going so fast?

Do not try to read my thoughts.
You may have nightmares.

I'll try to taste the cake.

What are you doing here?
Who is this?


- You know nothing about me.
- I know enough.

My son is not what he can
a normal child.

You are right.
I'm not an expert in babies,

but it is obvious that it is clearer
after the alliance.

That's it, but that's not what I wanted to say.
When he came to the world ...

You want to talk to me about his dad.
It does not matter.

I love and believe it
that he keeps on me.

I'll adopt it. No one knows
change diapers so well as I do.

- Yes but...
- What ?

I do not understand. Do not you love me?

- I'm an Edramarek. I can not...
- I convert. Tell me what to do.

Convert yourself?
Michael, I'm a wanderer!

I have inherited the magic powers from
my mother and I handed it to Arthur.

Only you can help
to cancel his powers.

It's more beautiful than last night's fairy tale.
You should write children's books.

- Do not you think?
- Morgan, I'm a man of science!

I slipped and lost my balance.
It is still happening.

I threw you out of the gondola.
It's an elemental spell.

And Arthur can do it.
Get your cereal bowl.

Morgane, I'm afraid of the boy
you, but all the children and you eat the food.

There's nothing magic about this thing.

You threw the table with your leg.

The wind is good. He knew.

Spontaneous combustion.

I think I've been drinking too much wine ...

I told you the truth.
I was supposed to tell her, that's all.

Truth is to be the most beautiful
I'm out of my life.

They are the only spell
which I need.

I want you to promise me something.

If it happens
to ever make a bad one,

a wants to beat you
And you know I had no choice.

I had no other solution.

Promise me
to remember that.

- What are you trying to tell me?
- Promise me, Michael, please!

Okay, I promise.

What does this girl do?

What's the clock?
We have to go back.

Do not worry, the plane is waiting for us.
Come over !

- Piatra cu piatr ...
- Here you go ?

We thought how we would carry
the castle in New York.

We can not ask for grandparents
to live in an apartment.

Let's rebuild it on a hill
on the Hudson bank.

Let's send it
with Federal Express.

Arthur will go
at the very best in the city.

Merlin could open a restaurant
who will get to fashion.

Upper East Side. The world will come
by far the tastes ... How was it called?

Pasta with snails?

- Toc ni . And what am I going to do?
- You take care of the ten children.

Sure, we'll have ten children. And a dog
who will drink water from the toilets.

It has never happened to me.
I'm upset.

Danseaz f r me, my dear.
I'll get her out of life, do not worry.

I go with my new friend,
s m sp l.

Be nice, where's the toilet?

Destiny ...

You were three.
He could have come to you first.

Are you talking to me?

I apologize for disturbing you.
I realize you're busy.

- But you need to speak urgently.
- If you can finish before me ...

You are born on June 14th
at six o'clock in the morning, is not it?

How do you know that?

I am Molok Edramarek,
Morgan's mother.

Do not worry that you will not see your way,
is not it?

You do not find it strange to ask a stranger
to give it to your child?

Especially since it has been around for a long time
I would have liked this honor.

Morgane proposed me to baptize him,
and I accepted it.

- After you made love with her?
- How do you allow yourself?

After, obviously. The wrinkles are used
of sex to charm people.

Do you think you are the first to know
Has he tricked the picnic trick?

M sorry. Leave me alone!

I'm sure no one told him what he was
He meets the nails during the ceremony.

- I love her !
- Nonsense!

The necktie you're wearing is wine.

Have you tried to take her down?
You will not be able to. With her she charmed you.

Everything Morgane wanted
it was a na for Arthur.

Las -I!

I'm hurrying over, Morgane.
Here's what you did! It's completely useless.

- I'll fix you what you broke.
- Stay ! It was a mistake.

- It can not be.
- How?

- Not on June 14th, but on 4th.
- The liar fucks the bone!

See ? I broke the spell. Let I
and I will let him go.

And what do I choose?
Was my whole party in van?

I want a heir. Give me Arthur
And I leave the Beautiful-Sleepy.

I do not understand why you want Arthur.
He's a half-man.

But he has inherited your powers.
He will be a thankful heir.

Thank you? What would you say about one
legitimate, cousin? Get out of your blood?

I have to remind myself
it's the only planet on the planet

who can still have children?

- I do not want a big wedding.
- Are you serious?

- You swear to me you will not touch Arthur.
- I swear.

And you'll let Michael go.

It is understandable that you are attached
your baby. But a man ...

It was done.


Morgane, a teapt -m !

Spell disappears altogether in a few hours.

Tomorrow, do not remember her
nor does it smell her perfume.

What are you waiting for?

- I'm gonna untie Arthur f r a na .
- F r na ?!

- It is impossible.
- You do not miss me, Merlin! I found out.

A witch who does the ritual
unleash, dies. Did you tell her that?

Better to be alone in the tomb,
after Molok in bed.

- I will not let you.
- I've done it.

You can not afford it
such a decision.

Have you forgotten what our purpose is?

I represent the forces of good.
No one asked me if I want this.

After my death,
This task will come back,

whether you want it or not.

I'm gonna find Michael,
Before sunshine.

Not !
Do not mix it in this story!

I'll untie Arthur f r a na ,
whether you want it or not!

Come in, grandma.

I always wanted it
I paint stars on the ceiling.

Merlin will do that.

- Do not forget to sow the plants in the serra.
- Three days, beside the sage.

When Arthur is great,

I want you to give him this letter.

The little tower remembered.

Michael Firth tied his heart
with new nodes.

How is it possible?

Like that fairy, grandma.

The little tower can not be
It's gone, but that did not stop it.

He did not ask him any questions,
because they were not interested in the answers.

This spell is not learned from cogs.

Do not throw yourself! It's your birthday !

Michael ... Come on, relax.
In the morning we meet Bauer,

We end the business and go home. will
be just a dream like in the "Wizard of Oz".

Chop those on the string
by these miserable sects

are set for a few days.
But you'll come back to her.

That baby is the baby.

Are you really stupid, stupid?

I was drugged, deliram ...

- But it's over!
- After my advice, you're done.

And in your likeness, you are not
of no use to the firm.

Okay, l'm meeting with Bauer.

You do it, take it out of that sect
And you bring her to Brooklyn.

I find you some psychiatrists
good and we go back to work.

Joel, what's the clock?

Morgane, disobedient fetish
what are you!

Why can not you ever invite me
to these family meetings?

A lack of power,
f r un na ...

What a brave gesture!

What a disappointment!

How stupid !

Let her finish it!
She's dying.

I made a pact, remember?
You promised me a heir.

And hear it!
You die in vain.

- A pact is a pact.
- Not !

Not !

Not !

Do you feel good, sir?

- Michael!
- Is Morgan here?

You come!

It is irreversible, after the harvest
Doctors, Molok broke the ritual.

Arthur retained his powers, and
Morgan is struggling between life and death.

- You have to find a spell with which ...
- What am I going to do?

To wake the half-dead?
Do you think we can do any miracles?

- And Arthur?
- Morgane has a deal with Molok.

- He has the right to have a heir.
- So you do not do anything?

We are wrestlers and we must
we respect the pact. That's our law.

I'm not a wanderer.
You do not have to respect anything.

If he meets me, do not force him away.
Do not let him touch you.

If it succeeds, you must touch it
And you, above it, did it.

And they wear these things.
They will protect you from any enchanted object.

The wizards read the thoughts.
Take your mind off, recite the billboard.

Why can not I burn it on the bush,
pure and simple?

- Young man, that's a myth!
- The wizards are not burning for a long time.

In contact with the fire, we liquefy.
We've adapted to the environment.

- But it's not perfect.
- We are vulnerable during liquefaction.

- Interesting...
- Molok moves very fast.

You have the feeling
Two places at a time.

Molok is faster.

Here's the crystal powder. Must
to make a circle with her around her.

Be careful to join the circle. Powder
you will shake when the circle closes.

Molok will be the prisoner of the circle
until it dissipates the powder.

- How long will it take?
- Depends on humidity.

Michael, I fixed it!

- Why do not I smile?
- Take care! Molok is very strong.

It's stronger than we do.
The game has no limits.

But the good triumph always.

Is not he?

Good people, say yes!

Have you gone back?

- Not.
- You forgot how we read the notes.

Twice, two. Two or two, four.
Two or three times ...

And if I give up?

It is not writhing,
but it has its magical power ...

- That could help you.
- What ?

These are the last words of the little witch.
Talks of love ...

My dear Arthur, when you were little,
You had magical powers.

You could talk to the pussies,
change colors.

And I had these powers,
I met Michael Firth.

Michael had a much greater power.

The power to be surprised, to hesitate,
to get away ...

He's been hiding me that too.

Everything I did was
that you could have this power.

I would have liked you to meet Michael.
Maybe you will succeed in one day.

I know it.

Go straight ahead. You can see her.

Cross the lab

You will see a corridor
which will take you to the cargo elevator.

Only the elevator can take you
At the observer tower.

There he is Arthur,
In the old telescope room.

Behave yourself ! Take the bottle.

Now you have to sleep.

Come on, close your eyes!

Arthur ...

What is this ?

Aa ...

Excuse me, sir.
I put him in bed, but he refuses to sleep.

He is waiting for his father to squeeze him.
Let go. I'll take care of him.

You could have been at u .

Impressive walkman!

F r resentiment.

- I came to get Arthur home.
- But it's home.

I can get rid of this pain.
We're a quack family.

See that you were well-established.
What can you offer to the boy?

You work day and night
you do not have time to deal with him.

- It will be raised by a governess.
- I'll find time for him.

- Daddy's doing this.
- You're not his dad.

Not you!

Still, it sees what it is
more with me. Is not he?

Do not try to fuck!

I do not need to fight, Molok
Did you hear about the crystal powder?

Look down!

The lights off!

Damn it ! Child seat ...

Why do not you change it
And diapers?

Go on!

Michael succeeded!
Molok is a prisoner.

- When the crystals will dissipate.
- How can we help Michael?

We can not intervene.
We have to respect the pact.

Molok is strong, but I am.
I'll fight him with his weapons.

This car ... Where did you get it?

A Viper rouge, with excessive speed.
Send your machines!

Worrying wretch!

- It's in fibrillation!
- Take the relatives from the salon.

- Take his pulse.
- He has no pulse.

- The paddles!
- I did.

To your side!
One two...

- Not ! We lose it.
- Take a date. 300 joules.

- He can not die ...
- l a teapt .

- It's still in fibrillation!
- Yesterday!

- Nothing.
- Count to 360!

Cardiac arrest occurred at 5:38.

Injection with adrenaline
they did not work.


I'm sorry ...

We need to help Arthur
to get in touch with his mother.

Do not cry, Arthur! I'm lnging you.
There's no reason to be afraid.

Get away and drive me!


ndr gostit nemngng iat
He puts the end of the days ...


They entered the connection!


My hands up, or I ...
or someone will shoot it!

Stop the engine! Get out of the machine
with the hands above your head!

No reaction ...
I do not understand anything.

He was dead, he came back
And now we lose it again.

What the hell...

Where the hell was gone?
How did he get out of the machine?

Michael, you can forgive me
On a good day?

It was my fault.
I did not want to believe you.

My baby! Give it to me!

Please !

See that it does not bother you
to give it to a woman.

Take the baby!

Come, Arthur.

I'm sorry, but here's not smoke.

Morgane ...

It's me, Michael.

Arthur is safe.

Wake up!

Unless you wake up, what will happen?
with the man in the picture?

His eyes will be tears,
but you will not be able to see them.

Just the love of the little creature
He can play his face.

It was once like never ...

They have been happy
p n la adncci b tr ne i.

That must be done!

Please, wake up!

I love you !

According to Firth ...

You started to go!

Come over !

Michael! Thank God!

Arrest these women!
I'm banging for a satanic cult.

- No, Joel. Ascult -m !
- It's ridiculous. I did not hurt anyone.

- I can not get out of here!
- Take care of that scorpio b tr n .

Mr. Bauer did not sign the contract,
because somebody told him you were in trouble.

- But you do not look crazy at all. What are you doing ?
- Good.

- You look great.
- You're making a big mistake.

They are good wizards.
The one is in the bucket. See ?

- Now there's no danger.
- I am leaving !

No, Herr Bauer. It was a joke.
Is not he, Michael?

Have a superb tie,

What about a picnic?
Only two of us ...

That's enough !

Did you do that?

And will you give them a long time?

Toat via a.

Adaptation divx Silviu Dima