Un aller simple (1971) - full transcript

A small-time criminal wants to give up his life of crime. He performs a robbery with a friend, with similar feelings, and things go sour.

How much did we make tonight?

I think you'll be happy. Goodbye.

So, you were trying
to steal some gaming plaques?

Here we rob the customers, not the boss.

See you tomorrow.

Can I pay later?


You understand Leggett,
you never know who lives and who dies.

-How much for this?
-Twenty bucks. You're kidding.

No, a lot more.

You won't see anything like it.

Double or quits.


It will make you look sharp.

My dear Leggett,
I'll try to be worthy of it.

Don't tell me
that you're lucky in love, too.

-Bye, Leggett.

He's a good customer, but a little tense.

Why? We let him keep his car.

I need to make a call.

Hello. Did I wake you up? Yeah.

It's taking a little bit longer.
That's all.

Yes, I love you.

-Sorry. I'm expected.
-Are you?

We'll take them on the boat
so we don't have to come back here.

You didn't answer me about the boat.

Is it a bother for you
to tell me you're not coming?

It's not guaranteed that I won't come.

When they start deciding my schedule,
I dump them.

Well said.

You can tell me the rest some other day.
I'm expected.

-Will she keep you busy all week?
-No, all my life.

She's one in a million.

I can't wait to meet her.

You'll never meet her.

Afraid I'll steal her away?

No, but I don't want her involved
with our business.

No, you keep them.
See you in Brussels. Bye.

Hey. Is she a "violent freak"
or an "adorable porcelain doll"?

She's the one I needed.

-It's time.
-I shouldn't have come.

-I don't feel like going.
-What do you mean?

It was fun to blow the cash
for old times' sake,

in memory of the years
of hardship and prison.

It was fun.

If it's just to share the dough

and go our separate ways,
it's no longer any fun.

You know, deep down,
I've always been a prankster.

Let's just say it's your last prank.


Do what you want.

Don't stick around.

La Balafre is the best mole.

My last prank.

Now you'll pay.

-How much tonight?
-I think you'll be happy.

We've got them, the wild cats.

Yes, there they are.

I thought they were younger.


This can't be.

He's dead.

They killed him.

They killed Bruckner.

Well, off to the morgue.

What day is it? What time?

It's noon. You've been here for two days.

What about my friend?

So, the scoundrel has finally
opened his eyes?

For the tenth time, get out of here.

-Is he awake?
-I have orders.

-I'm responsible.
-Well, we have rights.

Leave or I'll call security.

No need, your boss is coming.

Put him back on his feet.

I want to see
his head fall into the basket.

-If you get mad, they'll kick us out.
-I can see that.

All we're good for is getting shot at
according to them.

I think you're unfair.

We're paid and buried like heroes.

This will take your mind off it.

Just so you know,

they don't want us
to smoke in the hallway.

I'm sorry.
He can't be questioned right now.

Listen doctor, with your stethoscope,

you can examine his heart.

I have no way to examine his brain.

At 15, he served five years in prison
for burglaries.

He went out and came back in.

Then he came out at 25.

And here he is again with assaults
and the murder of Bruckner,

a police officer on duty.

That escalated.

Lack of sleep makes me talkative.

To me, he's a patient like any other.

We won't go overboard.
It's just formalities.

Then go alone, quietly,
and not for more than three minutes.

-Understood? Three minutes.
-Yes, doctor.

Hello, Marty.

Constable Mendel.

I've seen your file.

During the attack,
you shot Inspector Bruckner.

-Are you serious?

We have your gun, your bullets.

Not Inspector Bruckner.

I shot Bruckner the assassin.

Bruckner the piece of trash.

We'll play on words another time.

I'll come back
with a list of your assaults.

The wild cats, there were two of them.

You and Tom Mills.

And now you're on your own.

Because Tom Mills is dead.

He's dead?

Good for him.

I'm done.

-You still have one minute.
-He's tired of preaching in the desert.

See you soon.

Anytime, Moses.

Try not to wiggle.

Aren't you afraid
he'll choke on his remorse?

I have no opinion.

I won't let you enter without permission.
That's all.

-Are you unwell?

Yes, a little lovesick.
It's funny but ridiculous.

-You know, with this kind of man--

-Did he confess?
-Follow her.

She'll tell you about it in ten columns.

-Miss, please.


Thank you.

My condolences.

Hello, Moses.

-You look like you came from a funeral.
-You little--

-Shall we read it to you?
-What is it?

Your assaults with Tom Mills
and the murder of Bruckner.

Okay. Where do I sign?

Please read it first.

As you wish.

It's my left hand. I hope you don't mind.

I won't be getting a lawyer anyway.

-It will suit everyone.
-He wants to die like a saint.

Nice try. You won't have one
because you can't.

There's always a choice.

You won't tell the judge otherwise
when he sentences you.

Don't worry, Moses.
Go in peace, you and your brothers.

If you weren't in a hospital…

When you have nothing left to lose,
you feel light.

A young girl came for you.

-A young girl?
-Or rather a young woman.

Short, dark-haired. Tina Ricontti.

I told her she was crazy to come to you,

that the police would be on her back.
I sent her away.

-Did the cops see her?
-No, they didn't.

Thank you.

I didn't do it for you. I did it for her.

Besides, she's a foreigner.

You have a visitor. A big-time lawyer
with a permit from the prosecutor.

-To hell with them.
-Don't summon the devil.

He could hear you.

I'm Nilesse.
Your friend Tom was a client of mine.

Almost a friend.

Sit there
if you have nothing better to do.

Make sure it goes well, without incident.

No lawyer can get me out of this.

I know it, and I won't give you a dime
for a lost cause.

Someone will have to.

The cop's widow?

My secretary received a visit
from a woman named Tina.

She has $4,000
that you won at the races.

She wants to spend that money
to defend you.

My secretary thought she was young, naive,
and therefore sincere.

Are you married to Tina, Marty?

Just wondering.

She's a very pretty girl,
dark-haired with black eyes.

Fragile, with a foreign accent.

You're not answering.

Are you worried about your money?

I don't want it.

-I don't want to defend you.
-What are you doing here, then?

To ask you to confess to the Grazia case.

Are you crazy?

-Leggett was found guilty.
-Yes, but he never confessed.

Someone has to confess.

At this point,
one more murder won't change much.

Leggett murdered a defenseless broker.

I shot a cop. Don't get it mixed up.

-Think about Tina.
-I don't know her.

What does this have to do with me?

The case is simple.

A man and a woman
went to De Grazia's apartment.

They forced him to open the safe
and killed him

so that he couldn't
give their description.

But the receptionist had seen the couple.

You have the right age, the right build,
and Leggett's blue eyes.

But he doesn't have a girlfriend to match.

The so-called accomplice

from the police files.

It turns out Marty,
that Tina fits that description.

This Tina is a mirage.
Go seek medical attention.

And why arrest Leggett
and convict him?

The evidence is the mole's revenge.

He turned Leggett in.

It's certainly the same person

who dropped off the jewelry
stolen from De Grazia.

You know what police informers
are capable of.

Yes, but I prefer them to guys like you.

Now, put your glasses back on and get out.

As you wish.

I guess Tina will come back to the office.

The police will be glad to meet her.

Don't tell me that Tina is nothing to you,

that I made her up for the cause.

This is childish. Her name is engraved.

Here. You scream it out in silence.

It's for her that the De Grazia case
is a trap.

For you, nothing will change.

Assuming I know her,

it won't help her if I confess.
On the contrary.

Yes, it will.

That's why I'm here.

Listen carefully.

No need to talk about her.

You have enough guts to stand on your own.

You confess to the murder
and describe another woman.

I provide a passport
and a lot of money for Tina.

Isn't that what you want?

To keep her safe from harm?

We all have someone to protect.
It's human nature.

Here. Give me Tina's address

or phone number

so I can get her to safety right away.

If I give you the address, I confess,
and we release Leggett,

what guarantee do I have for this woman?
If she exists.

I didn't say she existed.

I've always paid in advance.

Tina will let you know.

I'll sleep on it.

It's the final deadline.

Understood. I'm keeping this.

All right.

I trust you.

You see, he was very calm.

That's good. Goodbye, sir.

-Something to sleep on tonight?

Here. This is for Tina,
the young woman you saw.

You saved her, but if she goes back
to see Nilesse, she's screwed.

Do you hear that? Screwed.
But she's innocent.

Here's her phone number.
Tell her to leave town.

And to forget about me.
She must forget me.

Please help her.

One pill in an hour.
The other in the night.

No, leave her. No.

I can't. I'm going to see my parents.

-Yes, tomorrow.


Tina is gone.
I entrusted her to people in the country.

-She didn't say anything to anyone.
-Thank you.

It's a silly word, but it's all I can say.

-Drink up.
-I don't like milk.

Drink it anyway.

Hello, friend.

I'm here for my answer.

Your answer?

Vulture! Traitor!


Here you can make
all the noise you want,

and we'll be able to come see you freely.

Can't you forget me?
Go to the movies or the museum.

We're not bad. We brought you something.

-I didn't ask for anything.
-Here. Look.

Isn't it beautiful?


Yeah, it would make any man look sharp.

Yes, this is the watch.

At first, I thought it was a coin.

-And the young man?
-The same eyes.

Probably the same build.

He had a hat,
and his coat's collar was up.

What's his behavior with the woman?

-Anything to add?

I already told you,
he was holding her by the arm,

quite tenderly.
I need to see them together.

You will soon.

It's for the De Grazia case.

The jewelry broker.

Have you heard of it?

Yes, everyone has.
Leggett is already being pinned for it.

His lawyer wanted me
to take the blame for him.

To get him out.

Moreover, he went to cry in your skirts.

No, in the prosecutor's office,
that means you have information.

You're out of luck.

The prosecutor
and the investigating judge came here

and told me nothing.

We've received a letter since.

Accusing you of having this watch.

It was true.
We found it with your belongings.

As for this gentleman,
he's the receptionist who saw the assassin

go upstairs with his accomplice
to De Grazia's.

This accomplice, a young brunette.

So, my man, do you live alone?

No, it's impossible.

Are you trying to pin this story on me?

Fifteen assaults, murdering a cop,
isn't that enough?

Do you think I have several lives?

I'll only get killed once.

I won't admit to something
that I didn't do.

Especially a heinous crime on an old man.

How kind of you.

I only shoot in self-defense.
Like for your friend Bruckner.

An armed bank robbery,
you call that self-defense?

-You little bastard!
-It's time to take the gentleman home.

Thank you, sir.

At your service.

Where did you get this false witness?

He's been around since the beginning.

Recognizing a guy's watch
when he walks through a hall…

-No one will buy that.
-It's well-explained in the file.

The murderer went back down alone,

asked the time to set his watch
and phoned De Grazia's place.

He was already dead.
The accomplice upstairs answered.


You don't even know where it's from.

I could have bought it from someone
or won it in a game.

Okay, from whom?

Give me a name so I can help you.

Leggett, for instance.
You met him in prison, right?

Get this through
your thick skull, Moses.

Leggett risked his life
on the De Grazia case.

I can't be expected to betray him.

I don't know anything even if I wanted to.

-Even about the mysterious woman.


Tina is the name of your accomplice.

Faithful, very faithful.
She has already tried to help you.

I see.

You let yourself be fooled
by Master Nilesse,

a professional ambusher.

Stay true to yourself.

You didn't kill De Grazia?

Then your girlfriend is not in on it
and can prove it.

-Why are you covering for her?
-You're right.

If she existed, I would send her to you.

I wasn't going to burden myself
with a woman,

let alone make her an accomplice.

When you dump them, they turn you in.
You know that.

Look at yourself.

Since the age of 12,
you've been against the law

you never had the last word.

-You won't get it this time.
-I will.

Before they chop my head off
I'll yell, "Fuck you."

My head gets chopped off,
and you have no time to reply.


A real joy, Moses.

A real joy.

I don't know this room.

We used it for hospitalized prisoners,
but we had nothing but trouble.

We reopened it for your client.

-How long will it take?
-I don't know.

-I'll lock you in, just ring the bell.
-Thank you.

-Here. Do you believe me?
-I didn't hire you.

-She's a woman named Lucile Pruet.
-The nurse?


I can't accept. Give her back her money.

I'm not expensive. I'm just starting out.

She implied to me that the money
came from someone else.

Do you think it's possible?

Even a battalion of lawyers
can't save me from the guillotine.

We will plead self-defense.

Inspector Bruckner
had already killed four people

while on duty.

It can throw a damper on any courtroom.

We will plead not guilty
for premeditation.

We will make appeals.

I'm not saying we'll win, but over time,

we can hope to avoid the death penalty.

I'm amazed.
So, it's getting better for me.

My leg is also better.

Yes, today it's much better.

If officials see you frolicking,

you'll be kicked out.

They'll bring the trial date forward.

-I'd like that.
-I wouldn't.

-Tell me about your life.
-It's not that great.

My mother ran off with a black man,
then my father killed himself.

In my family, we die young.

I kept getting in and out of jail.

I didn't know where I stood
or what I wanted.

I saw guys with nice clothes and girls.

I thought, "That's the life that I want."

I met Tom Mills in a detention center.

We had nice clothes and everything else.

But you always wanted
something more, right?

Yeah. I didn't know what it was.

I felt more alone than in jail.

Then I met someone.

-A nice girl.
-Forget it, Bébert.

I'm tired. Thank you for coming,
and see you next time.

-Have faith and good luck.
-Of course.


Good luck. A young brunette.

There are thousands of them on Earth.

Do you like this girl? Then trust me.

Give me some arguments
so I can get her out of this mess.

An old man said to me,

"If you're accused
of stealing the Eiffel Tower,

put a border between you and the law."

I hope that Tina is smarter than you
and that she'll come see us.

Not everyone has a problem with justice.

Moses and the complexes.
Chapter One, Verse 28.

Your turn. I'll come back tonight
if there's anything new.

Be cautious.
Come to the center to make a statement.

Ready to go?

We don't want to be disturbed.

I'll leave the key on the board.

-He's more troubled than you, Marty.
-That's true.

We don't get paid for overtime.

Yes, but we have no intention of skimping.

-He has a small face.
-Yes. A nice kid, that Tina.

-A nice little piece.
-Extra and smart.

She was the one pulling all the strings.

But last time, we showed up.

You weren't surprised
to see us around the bank.

You're not an idiot.
Only three of you knew.

Tom, you, and that girl.

She's the only one who's free
with the jewelry.

It's obvious. There's nothing left to say.

You know, nobody can live long,

being afraid of their own voice.

It's not for nothing
that there's confession.

He's tired of being spoken to politely.

We can't touch him.

It won't hurt
to have me straighten out his face.

-Put the gun down.
-Put it down, Palmer.

Put it down! Can't you see he's crazy?

Remove this.

Get it all off.

The key.

-Marty, don't be stupid.
-Back off.

-You're not going to heaven.
-I never intended to go.

There's a guard post outside.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Get up and get undressed.

On your knees, hands behind your back.

Hurry up.

Take off your shoes. Your socks, too.

Get over here. Hurry up.

Hands in the air.

Your handcuffs.

If you escape, we'll have the doctors
who treated you charged.

They told us that you were unable to move.

You won't get far.

You can put away your gun.
You don't scare me, you know.

All my life I've had to deal
with scoundrels like you.

We always think we know everything.

-Open your safe.
-Is it money you want?

I have some here and there.

Just do what you're told. Open your safe.

Don't be a wise guy and pull the alarm.

Open the drawers
and empty them on the floor.

As you wish.


Two. The notaries of Brussels.

Oh, you're not interested.

My payslips. The board of directors.


And that's it.

Don't take everything. There's $10,000.

-You won't need it. You're--
-I'm what, screwed?

-Just give me the rest.
-That was all the money.


See, checkbooks.
Nothing of interest to you.

Here. It will make you feel better.

-You want more?
-Yes, I do.

So, you risked your neck
for that last drawer.

Please don't touch it, it's trapped.

We'd both die.

Don't touch it.

-Will you do it, or must I open it?
-You didn't escape to die, did you?

Life is behind that door.

There are plenty of ways to go abroad.

You have 10,000 dollars.
You can start a new life.

That woman will join you.
You'll forget the past.

It will be great, Marty.

You deserve it, don't you?

You're protecting your drawer.


I've got nothing to lose.

Since we're still alive,
show me what's in there.

De Grazia's jewelry.

I didn't expect them this fast.

Give me the name of the girl
who did the job.

-I don't know.
-You've never seen her?

I have. Once.

It was long ago,
and I had no reason to ask her.

You didn't get the jewels
from her house, did you?

You're crazy. If you think Leggett
would have given everything to a woman,

you don't know him very well.

Did he entrust them to you personally?

No, he buried them.

He had to tell me about them to sell them.

I was well-placed for that.

to put an innocent girl in jail.

If you don't help me
find the real culprit,

I'll kill you.

The real culprit?
I could invent a name to escape.

-I'm taking you with me to check it out.
-I don't know anything about her.

At De Grazia's, Leggett lost control.

He must have killed the girl
to keep her quiet.

It's a spiral.

You're the same.

Eventually, murderers fear themselves.

They break the mirrors.

They're afraid to talk while dreaming.

They walk with their backs
against the walls

so they don't get shot in the back.
Go ahead.

Shoot me, since that's how it will end.

Sir, can you hear me?

The director of the Nelson facilities
is getting impatient.

-He said--
-Send everyone away.


Cancel my appointments
and lock the office.

I still have work to do
on the Brandt case.

-It's for tomorrow.
-Take it home.

Reception. I'm listening.

-It's François.
-I was going to call you.

Don't bother.

Send away the customers and go home.

-Good evening. See you tomorrow.
-Don't hang up.

Is he still with Inspector Palmer?

-Did you see him leave?

-Then don't ask stupid questions.
-It's just that…

The radio just gave details
about Marty's escape.

Leggett was still there.
Maybe someone in Antwerp knows the girl.

You'll get caught trying to resell them.

You know that resellers are dealers.

Leave them here, please.

-Leave them here.
-I'll give them back. They're yours.

But only once you find the girl.

I'll call you from time to time.

Think about it, Marty. One last time.

Sir, see for yourself.

Drop the gun, the police are coming.

You tried to buy time.

But it didn't work.

He shot me. He's screwed.

Those who shoot are screwed.

-This way.

After the tunnel,
there's an exit 500 meters ahead.

We brought you here, didn't we?

You're not going to…

Oh, it's you.



Come on. Quick, old man. Come in.

Yes, this is 128. We found him.

He's locked in a factory with the guard.

Gather all available personnel.
We're going to surround the area.

Send the boss of the factory, too.

Go. Turn it off.

-Is there an exit in the back?
-Yes. That way.


I asked you for the exit, not the safe.

They're all like that in case of fire.

-This is a paint factory.
-Come on.

-It's made of--
-Come on! Open it.

Go ahead.

Thanks, old man. You did great.

The cops are there.

-Isn't there another way out?
-On the roof.

Come on.

What's wrong?

What is it?

What's wrong?

My heart. I need pills.

Where are they?

In the desk, in the drawer.

Police Officer Mentel from Brussels.
Inspectors Palmer and Dietrich.

Commissioner Berck, Mr. Volterra.

The owner of the factory.

He tried an exit on the opposite side.
He's cornered.

I wouldn't be so sure if I were you.

There, it's open.

I thought he was on the other side.

You told me he wouldn't shoot.

-Do you have an idea?
-No, I don't.

This is my factory. You promised me.

You can't promise anything.
He'll blow it up.

There's turpentine and lots of alcohol.

One spark, and it will be a disaster.

I made myself. I started from scratch.

-I'm an emigrant.
-Calm down.

-You have insurance.
-What about my security guard?

He's like a brother to me.
He's from my village.

Don't you care?

Oh, my God! That bandit!
He'll blow everything up.

Let him out. This is my factory.

You shouldn't have let him in,
so get him out.

He's blocking the door.
He's not coming out.

Mr. Volterra, are there any speakers

to communicate with the workshops?

Yes, in the management office.

There must be a window
overlooking the street.

In another building
because of the risk of fire.

Do you expect him to surrender
after a speech?

Yes, he can be persuaded
to release the watchman.

-We have to wait until daylight.
-Yes, sir. Please.

Wait for daylight. He's stuck anyway.


Here. Feeling better?

Old man? Are you feeling better?

Come on now.

Come on. I have to get out.


Oh, shit.

Can you hear me?

This is Moses speaking.

What will you do with the night watchman?

Use him as a shield?

We will shoot you in the back.

Did you escape to die?

Or to protect Tina?

Think of her when she finds out
that you killed your way out of it.

There is an intercom near the speaker.

Plug it in and answer me.

Marty, did you plug in the intercom?

Marty, be reasonable.
You'll have to get out sooner or later.

If only to eat.

Listen, Marty.
The watchman's family has just arrived.

His wife and children.

What do I tell them?

That you're keeping him
because you're afraid of the dark?

Tell them they're disgusting to make a man
with a heart condition work.

-He's upstairs.
-Let him go.

Forth floor.

We won't try anything, you have my word.

-And Commissioner Berck's word.
-Isn't there a third person?

Moses, I'm going to make you an offer.

If you don't do as I say,

I'll blow the place up
and the whole neighborhood with it.

-Help me.
-It's Tenti, my watchman.

It's my watchman.

He's near the back door. Tenti!

It's me. It's Roberto. Are you hurt?

No, it's my heart.

Are you tied up, Mr. Tenti?

-Open the door, and you'll be saved.

Open up. The thief is on the fourth floor.
We're coming.

I'll try.

Go get him. I'll stay and keep Marty busy.

So, what is your offer?

If you're in this situation,
it's not the neighborhood's fault.

If you save lives,
I'll testify to that in court.

And I'll get a medal.
In Algeria, it was the opposite.

The more you killed,
the more medals you had.

-He should be here soon.
-Remember what the gangster said.

He'll blow up my factory
if you try to go in.

Wait. This will work.



There are police cars
and men around the houses.

We'll evacuate the neighborhood

and attack you with tear gas canisters.

Set fire to the factory if you like.

Have you ever seen a guy die in a fire?

You hear screaming.

They twist on the ground like worms.

You're screwed
if you stay locked up in there.

I'm screwed. I know. I like it.

If you want to die,
shoot yourself in the head.

I'm not brave enough.

Great answer.

There aren't many people
capable of admitting their weaknesses.

You try to look worse than you really are.

Real desperate situations don't exist.

They exist only in the head
of those who live them.

Don't refuse hope.

I've known greater criminals
saved from the death penalty.

A change of government.


Marty, you wouldn't?

Why not?
I was like you, lying on the ground

when your friend Bruckner aimed at me.
How does that make you feel?

Drop the gun, Marty. You bastard.

You little gumshoe gangster.

You don't have enough guts to kill me.

You know it.

Drop your gun.

Which way did you come in?

-The emergency door.
-So, they're all downstairs?

No, it's just me. I give you my word.

I don't care.
If someone comes up, you're dead.

I said I'm all alone.

Blood, Marty. More blood.

Aren't you sick of it?

If I surrender, what happens to me?

Well, you extend your life.

Everyone wants to extend their life.
What more do you want?

-You killed two guys.
-Nilesse is dead?

Yes, very dead.

He gave Tenti his pills.
So he's not that bad.

You don't know what you're doing.
It's your inspector's fault.

You fool. You don't know life.

You're all fools.
I was wrong to trust you.

Hello. Dietrich speaking.

-Can you hear me?
-We heard everything.

Marty will surrender.

We'll take the elevator,
and we'll open the main door.

-Is he still armed?
-That doesn't matter anymore.

If he wasn't caring for me,
I would be dying.

I think we won.


-I said stop.
-And let you lose your leg?

A cop as good as you,
that would be a shame.

Here. You're good for a while.

We're coming down,
I just need to drag him to the elevator.

Call an ambulance. Over.

Marty, you're out of your mind.

Hey! What the hell are you doing?


Pull me back up. Don't act like an idiot.

Marty, come back.

Stay with me! They'll shoot you.

You'll die!

Come back, Marty!

You'll die, Marty.

Come back!


-Quick, look.

Marty, where did you come from?
How did you get in here?

Do you have many of these?

Yeah. I came to ask you about someone.

I think I'm running out of time.
I'll come back.

First I have to get out of here fast.
I've got two thousand dollars.

It's not up to you to set the terms.
It's up to me.

You know what I heard
after you left Nilesse's?

The cops found a stolen necklace.
Didn't you take everything with you?

Did the cash come from Nilesse?

The Secretary spoke of an envelope
of $10,000.

Understood. I'll go up to 5,000.

The cash is for your old age.

I want De Grazia's jewelry.

You wouldn't be able to sell it.

Leggett owes me a lot of money.
He used to spend nights here gambling.

Are you sure it was Leggett who did it?

-I wouldn't be talking about it otherwise.
-So, you want these jewels.

-You're risking a lot.
-Yes, but it's the last time.

I have the resale money.

Nilesse and Leggett came to me,
I'm the one who had to sell. Surprised?

You're bragging.
Nilesse swore to me that it was the girl

who brought him the jewels.

-It's impossible.
-It's not. He had them.

Yes, from Leggett.
I know you have them now.

Give them to me,
and you'll get the passport you want.

I'll add $5,000.

So, will you give them to me?

-I don't carry them with me.
-Where are they?

I don't trust anyone.
We'll trade once I'm safe.

Okay. For the safe house,
someone will come and get you.

-Do you want to eat?
-No, it would make me sleepy.

I can't sleep.

How long are you going
to play with that gun?

It's the only friend I have left.
We like to hold hands.

What's the matter with you?

Never seen a woman before?
Let me introduce myself. I'm Rose.

-I'm here to take you to my place.
-Where is he?

Him? Up there with two cops.

A simple checkup.

Looks cheap.

You don't look like you're world-class.

Get dressed and follow me.

-Gentleman, feel free to open.
-I'm not a gentleman.

With Rose,
a bad attitude always costs more.

No opening the shutters.

Not bad for a safe house.

It will cost you $100 a day,
paid in advance.

It's wet. It's not fake, is it?

Ask La Balafre.

My word! You're as stiff as justice.

Let yourself go, darling.
Make yourself at home.

Here. You'll feel better in this.

Let's have a drink.

It's the only real way to recover.

Of course. It's too big for you.

My friends aren't small.

-To your future.
-I'm not thirsty.

Where do I sleep?

You can choose between this one…

and this one.

It's mine.


Yes? I don't know what he's doing,
I hear noises in his room.

He slept all day.

Okay. I'll tell him.

I'll call you later. Goodbye.

Yellow, green, brown,
what color are they exactly?

Brown. What do you care?
I can do what I want.

-What's wrong with you?
-I strained my leg.

There you go.
Rose is always a good girl.

Here. It's ointment.

Make a bandage with this.

Hey. You've been here a day, haven't you?

You owe me 100 bucks.

-Can I eat?
-I'm not your maid.

Go to the kitchen.

Fix your hair. It looks terrible.

-I must say, you chose the wrong color.
-It's my natural color, you jerk.

Well, nature played a dirty trick on you.

What's all this talk about my hair?

You shouldn't dye it red.
It doesn't suit your eyes.

-Your brown eyes.
-Mind your own business.

You're like a real cop, a dirty cop.

Hey! Those are my cigarettes.

Buy me some when you go out.

I can't go out unless it's an emergency.

For $100 a day, you could do me a favor.

Let's talk about your $100.

I just heard about you on the radio.
You're off to a terrible start, my dear.

The town is offering 2,000 dollars
to the one who finds you

or gives any information
that leads to your arrest.

Do you understand?

So, it's not $100 anymore.

It's $200, ten percent of the bounty.

Pay up.

Let's say an extra $50.
That should be enough.

And what about the $2,000?
They don't count?

At least we know where we stand.

Pay up.

You can cry on my shoulder.


No, it hurts.

It was a joke. Just for laughs.

I was just kidding.

Me too.

I only messed with you
because you didn't want me.

I'm a proud woman.

You can use this time to wash up.

No, not like that.

You look like you fell
into a can of paint.

I think I'm ugly.

You looked ugly before.

Makeup is good for old ladies.

It's a habit I got into with performing,
because of the spotlight.

Were you a stripper?

No, dear. I was a singer.

-A singer?

During a tour, I ended up here.

Then, I got tired of that job.

There are better things to do.

You're no fun.

No alcohol, no love, no nothing.

-What's left?

-That's what you like best.

I want tons with diamonds.

Famous diamonds. The ones princesses have.

I was born in the street

Small, half-naked

And I ride in a carriage

Like a kid's dream

Is La Balafre going to bring you this?

We're partners, mind you.


At what time
do you get up in the morning?

It depends on what I do at night.

Go to sleep,
and you can go early and buy me this.

Of the highest quality.

-Let the salesman choose.
-Are you saying I have bad taste?

Here. Bring back the change.

Raglan, medium size.

-Do you think it will fit?
-Raglan aren't tight.

Did you know Leggett?

William Leggett.

Why do you ask?

He always wore raglans.

He stole a lot of famous jewelry
from De Grazia.

I got it back from Nilesse.

Everyone knows.

You could have said so,
don't you love diamonds?

You killed Nilesse. It's a crime.
Was it personal?

Say, you bastard. If you want to be chic,
this isn't enough.

Dear listeners, you've heard
Inspector Dietrich's statement.

And now, Inspector Irvin,
the eminent psychiatrist,

will be able to enlighten us
on Marty's case.

Is Marty a born criminal
or an occasional criminal?

-He's a born criminal.

He illustrates the two theses.
The one of the habit

and the one of the sexual system.

Indeed, the act of pleasure gives man

an illusion of power.

Power? You poor bastard.

Draw the curtains. I'll turn on the light.

It's heavy.

-And it's not the seller who chose it.

It's me.

-You took your time.
-Yes, but I saw La Balafre.

He worked hard for you, you know.

He has a boat that will take us
from the port to a quiet place.

There will be a legal car.

Is it in Brussels
that you'll retrieve the stuff?

-That's right.
-That's where I leave you, my love.

-That's not where we'll do the accounting.
-I don't care.

I trust my partner.

Do you know the end of this journey?

Yes. The border of Luxembourg.

A smuggler. Afterwards, I don't know.

He's coming tomorrow with the papers.

Why don't you stay with us?
That's when we'll share.

The smuggler wants no one else.

Poor fool.

Did you fall for that?

How much do you think
I'm paying La Balafre?

-I don't know. Half.
-No, everything.


Yes, all for the trip
and five thousand dollars.

Liar, no one would ever do that.

Why would you?

I can't resell these diamonds.
So, he set his price.

The ticket is one way.

After the border, he'll kill me.
It saves them the trip.

They get their $5,000 back
and a small profit.

He never saw De Grazia's jewelry.

I can give him anything.

He's sending you to Brussels
to recognize them.

Because you know how they look.
You and Leggett.

They always tricked you.
After that, Leggett tricked you.

When he gave the jewelry to Nilesse.

La Balafre won't let you live.
You know too much.

He dreams of keeping everything
to himself.

It's like a heritage among the rich.
We're going crazy.

That trash. That living scum.

Steal from me? After all the trouble
I went through to get them.

You'll get them. Here. Look.

What is it?

Come closer.

This is the key to a post office box.
The jewelry's inside.

You'll be the one to open it.
I'll be there.

Give me a detail
to make sure you deserve them.

One of the necklaces is broken.
What will La Balafre say?

He won't be there.

You'll punch him in the face,
won't you, darling?

It's up to him.

Everyone just walks in here.

-We were waiting for you.

You look different. Don't you think so?

Did you see my dress?
It's discreet for the trip.

Awesome, little Rose.

-Go make drinks. I'll call you.
-A true gangster.

Your friend, put it away.

I've come to get you, everything is ready.

-I hope you're happy.
-The money.

-She doesn't know?
-What do you take me for?

You have the papers?

Learn it by heart.

Here's your disguise.

You can choose.

-The boat, what is it?
-A pilot boat.

-The car?
-A Rover.

-The smuggler?
-A first class guy.

At the end of the trip, you'll get
a visa for Algeria and a plane ticket.

-From Luxembourg, it's easy.
-In a post office box.

Don't forget to keep your mouth shut
during the trip.

-I have to get dressed.


Is he dead?

-Poisoned him, yes. You wouldn't have.

It was up to me to do it.

Now we're the same.
I also have two on my conscience.

It's not love I'm offering you.
It's not friendship, either.

You understand, with what we did,
we're not like anyone else.

We are cut off from the world.
We're too lonely to remain alone.

Too lonely.

Is Tina okay?

Yes, but you don't intend to see her,
I hope.

No. Tell her that soon
she'll have nothing to fear.

-I thought you were miles away.
-Don't you think about your case anymore?

Leave, pal. If they catch you, it's over.

-For her.

-Stolen money?

I swear it's not.
I can't explain, but it's not.

It's funny. I feel like a new person.

It's for you, you know.

It's here. 110.

I look like a real princess.

A princess on her honeymoon.
Don't you think?

They're beautiful.

-We've arrived.
-Where are we?

Really, are you crazy?

We wouldn't have gotten far.

Are you crazy?
If you're out, you're on your own.

-It's for another woman.
-Another woman?

A friend died for her,
I have to go through with it.


No! It's mine. Thief!


-Take her to the infirmary.

You can't do this!


I'm a princess!




-Do you want a date?
-Thank you.

They're increasing the price of gasoline.

I don't care. I don't have a car.


Damn it!

He's a murderer. He's not human.

Only a killer can laugh
at a time like this.

I'm innocent. He did it all.

He won't say it. I'm innocent.
That's why he's laughing.

Don't get upset, Leggett.
We weren't laughing at that.

I'm the only one who knows him.

He needs to see others suffer.
That's why he's in trouble.

He's afraid to go off on his own.
Come on, Marty. Give me a hand.

For you, it won't matter.

I have a bill to pay, I pay it.

-Do the same.
-Well said, Marty.

Should we give him a little date?
It's good for what he has.

Here. It's from him.

I don't want anything he touched.
Let him call the judge!

Stop yelling! You yell every day.

Want to go to a madhouse
like your girlfriend?

You know you're not going, so--

-Marty, in the parlor.
-The parlor?


It's a mistake, I'm not expecting anyone.

Tina? It can't be!


It's been so long.


So long.

I don't understand.
What are you doing here?

Don't worry. I'll be fine.

It's Mendel.
He found me by following the sign.

He got me this audience.

If only you had trusted him.

You could have avoided a lot of things.

I was afraid you'd be involved
in this mess. I acted alone.

I never trusted anyone.

Except you. You're so beautiful.
It looks like spring has returned.

Yes, Marty. It's here.

It's everywhere.
It sings in Lucile's parents' farm.

Such a friendly farm.

They won't kill you, will they?

-They won't?
-Of course not.

There will be a change of government.

Remember, there were riots in the streets.

You kept twisting your ring.

And that pretentious chatterbox,
do you remember?

Yes, with his whiskers.

You had a silly dress with a bow.

Hello, Moses.

Thanks anyway.

There's something I'd like to tell you.

If you got out now,
you would never steal again.

You'd have the girl, kids.

A job. Only, no one can open the door
for you anymore.

Nobody. And I think that's absurd.

Negative and absurd.

Don't get hung up on it.
We all die someday.

-Bye, Moses.
-The nickname will stick with me.

The small things
are what's most important.

A ring that's too big, a silly dress.

This time, it's over.

Marty, there was nothing I could do.

Good. It's better this way.

Don't touch me!



As a lawyer,
I would file a complaint with the board.

I'm leaving.
I have nothing more to do here.

He'll have to go either way.
You could talk to him.

Mr. Prosecutor,
I cannot persuade this man

to face death.

I can talk to him if you want.

Let him through.

There you are. Tell them that you did it.

You know very well that it was you.

Yes, I know.

But I don't want to go.

-I don't want anyone to touch me.
-Nobody will touch you.

Understood? No one can touch him.

No one will touch you.

-I give you my word.
-Get out of here.


You know how to talk to them.

Come on. I'm sick of this place.

With these weirdos playing soldier.

I don't want anyone to touch me.

You're right.

They're all freaks.

-Let's sing to piss them off.
-I don't know a song.

I know one. Sing after me.

Whether you are beautiful or ugly

We are all alone in our coffin

Whether you are beautiful or ugly

We are all alone in our coffin

Whether you are beautiful or ugly

We are all alone in our coffin

In ornaments or in galoshes

In a shroud, there are no pockets

In ornaments or in galoshes

In a shroud, there are no pockets

Whether you are beautiful or ugly

We are all alone in our coffin

In ornaments or in galoshes
In a shroud, there are no pockets

Subtitle translation by: Alexandra Dormoy