Un + une (2015) - full transcript

French famous film score composer goes to India to compose the score for an Indian adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. There he meets the wife of the French ambassador to India, and a complicated relationship ensues.

Watch out!

-Stop the car!
-No way!

Stop the car!

Stop the car!


Pull over.

Hurry up!

We'll be there in 2 minutes.

Move it!

We're almost at the hospital.

Anyone here?


Someone, help!
She's hurt real bad.

Where is everyone?

Nurse, get a doctor.

Your name again?

I didn't tell you?


Hello, Alice.

Hello, Antoine.

Know who I am?

I recognized you.

It's why you came?

I don't know. Maybe.

No regrets?

Not really.

-No regrets.

Can I ask a dumb question?

Given the situation,
dumb is best.

Besides your music,
what do you like most in the world?



-No way.
-Yes way.


I'm sure you mean it.

You bet I do!

It's true for everyone.

It's why we love
to fall in love.

The one time
self-love is trumped.

But I have room for two.

At times.

Great news...

And you?

What do you like most?


In every form.

In love with anyone?


Been together long?

Since I'm three.

That's long.

No, I never met a guy
as sexy as my piano.

As your what?

-My piano.
-Oh, okay.

You set your sights high.

Often play in stations?

Whenever I can.
I love piano in public places.

First time I missed a train.

Where were you going?

To see another woman.

So you're a collector.

An enthusiast.
Enthusiastic collector.

Same thing.

Yes, Rahul.
I'm working on it.

Do you have any aspirin?

What's that plane there?

One of our 380s.

One minute ahead of us.

2000 feet below us,
on its way to Singapore.

We start on the same trajectory.

Work or pleasure?

Not for pleasure. I wish.

I'm scoring a film by Rahul Abhi.

A big Indian New Wave director.

Bollywood style?

Not really, no.

It's more...
a film in black and white, 1:33.

It's actually a little...

-A little boring!
-Got it!

A movie for festivals.

But the director won an Oscar.

Got it.

I'm glad.

We're crossing a zone of turbulence.
For your safety,

return to your seats
and fasten your seat belts.

Can I get more aspirin?

Just a minute.

In a fog, he wandered far.

Doing what?
Playing guitar.

How's that?

I adore you.

I'm so happy.

If Mom could only see us.

Are you listening? Can you hear?

Will you marry me?

Can you hear me?

I thought you hung up.

You could have.

I'll get my bags
and call you back.

Rahul! How's it going?

So what's the program?

Listen, I'd like us to start...

by recording the main theme.

With the orchestra.

Then we can move onto...

the robbery scene,

the visiting room.

We'll finish with the choreography
outside the prison.


In any case...


That means welcome.


Hold the wheel.

I'm holding it.

We don't drive here.
We avoid accidents.

A country of stuntmen.

If we pass a drugstore,

stop for a second.

-What is it?
-Terrible headache.

Happen often?

Started on the flight.

If we make it to the hotel alive,
I'll relax tonight.

Ah, no...

We have a minor chore tonight.

The ambassador
organized a dinner for you.


Bombay high society.

You're a superstar here.
You realize?

A real superstar.

Tell me again.


Tell me once more.
I'm very, very famous here?

You are very famous.

Your film is a true story?

That's right.

Sanjay, the robber...

He was arrested
as he left the hospital.

And since he chose the girl's life
over the money...

They play themselves, robber and victim?


They've become like gods
here in India.

That's why I call it
"Juliette and Romeo".

Pretty clever.

Why not "Eve and Adam"?

That's my next film.

We must always put women first.

Have a girlfriend at the moment?

Got one.

She's a pianist.

-I see.

Gorgeous and I feel great with her...

I really can't say why.

When we're together
I feel like I'm alone.

Get it?

I'm not being mean.

In fact, she doesn't annoy me.

I don't annoy her either.
I've finally found...

A certain balance.

Myself with tits. Get it?

She's like me. I mean it.

We don't bother each other.
It's not bad.

The only problem is...

she asked me to marry her.

She just asked me,
15 minutes ago.

At the airport?

Marriage for all, sure.
But not for me.

All these street people...
what's their take on life?

What do they think?

They learn. In their 1st life.

And the best school is suffering.

It is a great honor
for the French Embassy

to welcome Antoine Abeilard.

A great French composer.

Known the world over.
And an Oscar winner

for the score of
"Symphony of Chance"

in 2010.

We also welcome Rahul Abhi,

a great Indian New Wave director.

Their immense talents have joined forces
for our pleasure.

To this French-Indian collaboration,

I'd like to pay tribute.

My dear Antoine,

welcome to India.

A country of infinite possibilities.

Life and death

signify something
altogether different here.

The country in fact...


How can I put it?

-Eternity, thank you.

The country of eternity, on some level.

My dear Rahul,

my dear Antoine,

I raise my glass to everyone.

I hereby salute

our wondrous actors, Ayanna and Sanjay,

our new Romeo and Juliette.

Juliette and Romeo.

That changes everything.
A different film.

So you're the ambassador's wife?

Someone's got to do it.

Not too hard?

These dinners aren't too boring?

Depends who's next to me.


-Am I doing okay?
-Just fine.

How do you choose

the movies you score?

I leave that wisdom to my agent.

Who's your agent?

My agent is...

it's all chance and coincidences.

You let fate decide for you.

My talent is luck. I'm lucky.

As far as luck goes, I think...

we get what we deserve
and in the end,

it's all for the best.

Life serves a purpose.
It's always one step ahead.

We all have to achieve
our personal dharma.

-Without disturbing the cosmos.

The natural order of things.

These are Indian theories?

Yes and no. It's really...

my deepest,
my most intimate take on life.

All is for the best.
I'm reading a great book, "The Secret",

about positive thinking.

It's wild how the power of thought

can make things happen.

You have to think hard.
I talk to the universe.

I say:
"Infinite universe, make this happen."

I address it directly.

"Infinite universe, make this happen".
It motivates me.

Our thoughts... No, don't laugh!

You have thoughts...

They take flight, they overflow...

Thoughts have power.
They all collide.

There are billions of thoughts
in the world

and around this table.

You say "infinite universe"
and things happen.

When I have a negative thought
I want to get rid of,

I go to the toilet and flush it.

I send my thought down the drain.

Or I take a piece of paper.

I draw 2 circles.
I write your name, "Antoine".

I write something you really want.

I cut it in half
and burn both pieces.

Until they become ashes.

Nothing better to do?

-You're teasing.
-Because I don't get it.

Sorry, it's my passion.

You're very eloquent.

It makes no sense to you.

You're not equipped for it.

You think I lack...

Spirituality. A little.
You're pragmatic.

Can I find spirituality here?
Is there a shop?

It's the center of spirituality.

It's supernatural.

The land of myths,

divinities, tons of stories.

Would you happen to have aspirin?

Headache? I exhaust you.

Not at all. No connection.

-You're polite.
-Former boy scout.

It's throbbing in my eye.

"Infinite universe, stop this headache."

Say it to the universe.
I always do.

It works.
Power of positive thinking.

Are you married?

Even better.

I'm in love.

That's great.


-What's her name?

Excellent. Nice name.

"Alice in Wonderland".

That was random. It just came out.

I bet she hears that often.

It's pretty.
It conjures up images of...

-What's her job?

She's a pianist.

A great one.
She'll come after we record.


Lucky to be an artist.

I didn't plan on it.

I thought I'd be freer,
then I figured...

It just happened and it suits me well.

I like it.

As I said, I got music...

I got it...

In your veins.

The ambassador must be worried.

-You're an artist. In Hindi.

That shut them up.

A display of our famous
French arrogance.

That's it.
You really hit the mark.

I'm having fun.

Life's little pleasures.

You must know about that.

I'm thrilled...

This is fun.
I thought I'd be bored, but no.

It was the purpose.

I can understand your reaction.

But in fact it's nice.

The notion of time...

Do you miss France?

Not at all.

I've found my purpose here.

I feel close to the land, the stars,
to life, the cosm...

Close to a spirituality...

Close to stupidity, not too far off.

It makes me smile, sorry.

I could be converted
but you make it hard.

You see no signs?

I may need a week off after this.

Lots of information.

What about my question?

It's all I think about.

I'm obsessed.

Keep on thinking hard.

I mean I'm obsessed to find an answer.

Can we talk when you come?

I'm a little tired right now.

I love you.

-I love you.
-I love you too.

I'm annoyed
but I love you all the same.

Sleep well.

Good evening.

Can I come in?

Yes, sure.

What is it?

It's that...

It seems I stared at you all night.

So what?

My husband threw a jealous fit.


I'm sorry.

Can I sit down?


He said:
"Yeah, you didn't stop staring at him.

"Get lost.
If you find him handsome, go to him."

So here I am. He kicked me out.

In life there's what we say
and what we think.

It's a little...


There's what we say
and what we dare say.

And what's on your mind?

That this is ridiculous,
my head is killing me

and I can't wait to sleep.

What were you thinking at dinner?

I must tell you everything?

That's right.

I was wondering...

if she cheated on her husband.

Is she a good lay?

Does she like anal sex?

Oh, I see...

On the banks of the Ganges.

That's what I didn't dare ask.

I was wondering
if you wanted to touch me.

You come on strong.

I just got kicked out.

Okay, but...

You're outrunning me here.
Usually I...

You're the hunter.

It's my job.
But you're harpooning me.

-Switching roles is good.
-Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Doing this turned me on.

This isn't a dream?

Definitely not.

When are you recording tomorrow?

What time tomorrow?

10 am.

How are you?

-Yes, Laurent.

So, very good. Just...

slow it down before the piano.

For the woodwinds...

Did you hear them enough?

You can take them up.

Take them up a notch.

Pay attention to the cuts.

It was hurried.
Especially on the close-ups.

Do you want more of a swell
with the violins?

-More expressive?
-A bit more.

Are you well?

Good job, you bastard!

My husband couldn't make it.
I came alone.

Everyone had fun.
They liked you a lot.

Same here.

Especially the Russian ambassador.


From the start?

We'll work on the coda.
Take it from the start.

I dreamt about you.


What was I doing?

You came to my room
after your husband had a jealous fit.

No jealous fit, rest assured.

On the contrary.

It's funny, you were very...

very upset and very determined.

-I wanted to console and punish you.
-How funny.

This is where
many chapatti westerns were shot.


-Chapatti is Indian bread.


Thank you.
I don't know how to thank you enough.

Won't you stay for lunch?

We'll just grab a quick bite.

I don't want to impose.

It's spicy. We're in India.

-But free.
-At the embassy too.

I never said it wasn't.

Where do we go?

The rotunda.

I'll be a sec.

I love this artistic milieu.
Such fun, nice change.

I can imagine.

You're not in the embassy all day.

I go out of course.

But if I didn't have this trip,

I'd listen to you record every day.

Going somewhere?

Yes, sort of.

It's a touchy subject.

I'm going on a...

fertility pilgrimage.

A fertility pilgrimage?

I can sense your reaction.

I haven't been able to conceive.

My husband and I are in love.
We'd like to have one.

Isn't it easier

to make love often?

We just can't...

Make love?

Get pregnant.

A question of time.

Many women do this.

It's psychological.
It depends on our own history.

Especially since
what goes on in my head isn't easy.

What is this fertility pilgrimage?

It's amazing.
You have to go Benares, a holy city.

It's a Hindu celebration
where millions of pilgrims

bathe in the Ganges, a holy river.

In fact 3 rivers join there.

I know the Ganges.

I know the minimum.

The idea of purification
is big in India.

People purify their souls.

It's a time of introspection.

A washing away of sins.

We have to leave our worldly body.

We leave our bodies

to avoid a reincarnation...

I see you!

No, go on.

I'm pragmatic.

There's a certain fertility ritual.

The pitcher symbolizes Mother Earth.

You fill it with water,

then you see Amma down south.

What's Amma?

Amma is...

It's just amazing.

One of today's great spiritual leaders.

She's a woman. Imagine God...

She's an avatar of God.

She's 100% sacred.

The divine permeates our lives.

When I saw you recording,
there was something divine.

Music is divine.
She's 100% divine.

She gives unconditional love.

No ego, no desire.
She can embrace 10,000 people a day.

There's a nice story about fertility.

A woman who couldn't have kids
went to Amma.

Amma embraced her,
and said she'd have a child.

But her doctor said:
"You're not pregnant."

She went back to Amma who said:
"You're pregnant, I swear."

But the ultrasound still showed nothing.

A year went by.
After 14 months, she gave birth.

It was a miracle.

Legend, maybe, but a miracle.

I believe in miracles.

Can she stop my migraine?

A migraine is nothing
as far as she's concerned.

She does much harder things.
You just have to believe.

When is your plane?

I'm not flying.

Fear of flying.

I'm going by train.

Like the Indians do.

I really want to do things...

I want to pay.

You're big on namaste.

-What motivation!
-I'll do it like locals.

What are your husband's qualities?

His qualities? He is...

I think... he has flair.

He's generous.

He's honest. He's sincere.

He's pure.

He hates lies and...
wants to change the world.

-How's that?
-Not bad!

He can change the world
and tend to you?

-Both are possible?

Big job.

He questions himself a lot.

It's something I appreciate.

I ask questions
no one else asks.

Like what?

They come from nowhere.
Who conceives preconceived ideas?

Why are no-shows always guilty?
What do scales weigh?


Truly essential.

Where did birds sit
before phone wires?

Why measure the speed of light,
not dark?

That's a big one!

You're not that pragmatic!

Who supplies our last sigh?

When do boomerangs turn around,
and why?

When do boomerangs turn around,
and why?

I never wondered that.

Because we don't care.

That's why!

That's why. We don't care.

Well, I care.

How did you meet Alice?

My turn to ask
about your pianist.

It's only fair.

How did you meet her?

By missing a train.

May I?

It's for everyone.

You play well.

I hope so. It's my job.

Often play in stations?

Every day.

Easier on my neighbors' ears.

And here,
if they don't like it, they leave.

At least it's clear-cut.

Not bad either.

Hope so. It's my job.

Not bad at all.

Let's annoy them a little.

That's a nice story.

Pretty unique.


Fall in love often?



I'm being honest.

That's a very good thing.

Sort of a turn-off.

-It makes it less unique.

It's strange but I'm in love with love.
I like the feeling.

I understand.

For everything:
women, music... vegetables.


You don't fall in love with a person,
but with love itself.

You go from woman to woman.

So you must cheat on them a lot.


At least you're up front.

Best to steer clear.

For sure.

I may not see you again...

-Shall we kiss?
-Of course.

-Good luck.
-You too.

Say hi to the Ambassador,
I mean Samuel.

Take care.

For your headache:

mashed banana,
tamarind and salt.

It works.

Then I'll go to the hospital.

-Goodbye, Madam!

Don't stop.

-Nice lady.
-I thought she'd never go.

Sorry, it's my fault for inviting her.

-Your headache?
-On and off.

Let her look.

The blood clot can...


at any moment.

Don't worry.

Hold on...

I have to go back to Paris.

You can't travel
because with the air pressure...

It's a big risk.

The longer we wait,
the greater the risk.

This doesn't feel right, Rahul.
At all.

I'd rather find out in Paris.
Let's go.

Five more minutes.

I'd rather make the most of them.

I'm better already.

See her.
I'm sure it's nothing.

Mr. Abeilard?

I have something to ask.

My first wish is for a child.

But if you could tell Amma
about my other wish, it'd be great.

I'll make a special request.

What are you doing?

Kissing my wife's hand.

How nice to kiss your wife's hand.

It's soft.

My love isn't too overbearing?

No, I...

I like it.

Where are you?

A real chore...
I'm taking my wife to the station.

Why are you here?

I have such a headache, I opted for...

soul medicine.

Allow me.

Damn, this is...

You're pretty brave.

How did you find me?

Your husband said
I could catch up with you by plane.

Do you mind?

A boat now?

Yes, a boat... then a bus.

Not a rowboat though.

A small boat.

I'm not sure.

It's crazy being here.

Isn't it pretty?

Weren't you seeing a doctor?

Yeah, I went but...

I left. I got scared.

I don't like bad news.

Scared of the doctor?

Still a mama's boy.


You have my mom's cheekbones.


-Was she pretty?
-Beyond pretty!

Love of my life.

And your father?

My father and I met only recently.

How so?

-Do you care?
-Yes, I do.


Vive la France!

You often invite strangers to dinner?

First time.


Thanks a lot.

Why are you staring at me like that?

I've never seen you before.

We know each other?


You're a cop.

Feel guilty about something?

I don't understand.

Annie Abeilard.

-Does "Annie" ring a bell?


I knew a lot of French women.

Louise, Martine...

Annie Abeilard. Actress.

And you were an actor.

Me, an actor?

I gave it a shot.

No luck.

You both shot with Ettore Scola in '77.

You're right. It was...

"We All Loved Each Other So Much".
Great movie!


So here I am.

I don't get it.


Look at me.

Face to face.

Don't move. I'm in charge.

Don't move.

To the right. Now at me.

Now left.

Very handsome.

Believe it or not,
I was handsomer.

And your mother saw it from the get-go.

This is important:
when did she first mention me?


It was...

3 months ago.

Just before she passed.

Before she passed.


Whenever I asked who my father was...

What did she say?

She said...

He was a loser, so...

the less you know him, the better.

The less you know him...

the better.

She never told him she was pregnant?


It was just a fling.

Flings are complicated.

Seen your father since?

You bet. He's crashing at my place.

Making up for lost time.

It's beautiful.

So where are we going now?

We're crossing the Ganges.
We take a bus after.

To the mela,
to bathe in the Ganges.

Ten million people are there,
waiting for us.

I hope your headache stops
when you go in.

That's why I came.

Does it still hurt?

It's okay.

These cremations are incredible.

It is supposedly
the fastest means of reincarnation.

We never know where we come from
or where we go.

We must make the most
of the scenes we're offered.

It's true.

When do we get there?

This is India.

We know when we leave,
not when we arrive.

Any aspirin in there?

I don't think so.
Let me check...

A little perfume.

Give me a sec.

Some candy... no, none left.

I don't have much.

Just one word from you...

One word and I'm out of here.

I'll give it all up.

We'll open a little crepe stand.

Better yet, naans.
A naan stand.

He has a nice face.


Of course.

You preach to the converted.

I totally agree with him.

There are 2 schools.

Jean-Charles' and...

See the broken heart?

You see signs now too.

Hard not to.

Speaking of hearts,
what's a woman for you?

You really want to know?

A perfected man.

I'm not on vacation without you.
2 days!

For some fresh air.

I've been stuck in a studio
for 6 months.

It's not a lovers' weekend.

There are 10 million of us here,
not just two.

She's going in the Ganges.

I'll call you back... I love you.

We're a little lost.

I'd say it's that way.

What music would you put
on this crowd scene?

I'd put nothing.

Maybe a guy who whistles.

Or a harmonica.

I'd end up with a piano
and an orchestra.

That'd be nice.

Where to?

We have to find the pier.
No idea where.

That way.
We'll cross the Ganges.

Where they do ablutions.

Yes, my love.

Everything's fine.

It's incredible, beyond belief.

It's unreal.

It's sublime.

So many people...

I have no words.

It's incredibly powerful.

He's here in front of me
on the boat.

He wants to say hi.

Good day, Ambassador.

Fine, thank you.

My girlfriend may get in early.

Can you send a car for her?

That's very kind. Thanks very much.

I'll put her back on.


Yes, I know.

The three of us will come back.

With the baby.

I hope so.

Me too. I love you.


Yes, my love.

Excuse me, Minister.

Are you okay?

It's really impressive.

I don't think I can go in.

Fear or cowardice?

Cowardice, obviously.

I'd feel like a crook
out to make a good deal.

I understand that.

Listen to this:

"In parts of the Ganges
aquatic life is impossible.

"A third of all sewage flows into it.

"Coliform bacteria
reaches 1.5 million per centiliter."

Stop! I know. I read all that.

But it's drinkable.


Of course not!

I believe everything you say.
I'm an idiot!

People come to purify themselves,
not to wash.

15 million Indians don't get sick.

You talk nonsense.

What the hell?

-Do it for your headache.
-Wait here!

Come here!

Hold on. There's no problem.

What are you doing?

-I'm shooting.
-Shooting what?

A documentary on the mela.

We were in the frame?

-Yeah, I was shooting.
-Not me. Delete it.

Okay? Happy now?

Have a good day.

-What is it?
-He's doing a documentary.

Where we can eat?

Excuse me?

We'd like a bite to eat.


Ever seen this before?

Maybe in photos.

The Sadhus are into the separation
of body and spirit.

By concentrating...


They feel no pain.
And it's the case.

You can see them all over.

And he's not light.

I'll try next.

I feel up to it.

-I want to see that.
-A challenge!

I see you.

Do you?

-I see you too.
-I know.

What do you see?


Sleep well?

I slept.

What are you reading?

It's called "Un + Une".

It's about...


How a man and a woman,
how Adam and Eve...

how their encounter
led to 7 billion of us.

It's about meditation...

patience, fasting.

About the value of privileging...

You believe that crap.

Spend your life not being
at one with yourself,

not knowing yourself,

lying to yourself forever.
Why not?

-So I'm not at one.

There's me and myself.

I don't know who you are.
Always laughing...

I don't know you either.

In fact, "Un + Une" is...

What are you doing?

-I'm taking your place.
-Go on.

So what's it like to be me?

-Don't get upset.
-Go on.

-And I'll be you.

I'm Anna.

I'm Antoine.

I'll wear your cap.

I'll take the book.

I'll sit up.

You always slouch,
totally blasé, totally bored.

Bored to the core.

-Mrs. Ambassador.
-Mr. Blasé.

"Un + Une" is less a book than...

an experience about altruism.

I don't talk like that...

Are we doing this or not?

In fact it's about...

It's interesting.

It's about a group,
people of different nationalities

who decide to fast together.

They find a common language:
that of the heart.

Do boomerangs come back or not?
Who the fuck cares?

Are you stupid or what?

Does it come back or doesn't it?

And your bullshit bird questions!

Where did they sit before phone lines?

I think you're upset
because you just saw yourself.

Not at all. It's ridiculous!

You heard yourself
and it's a shock.


-A shock.
-No way!

Yes... it's hard to see yourself.

-Your imitation...
-It's time to wake up.

There's divinity in your music.

But when you talk, it's disappointing.

Almost always.

Replace your mouth
with an oboe.

That's nice. More poetic.

-Poor man's instrument.
-I prefer.

-I'll only whistle now.
-It's true.

Don't you agree?

We take another train after?

That's right.

Then a boat.

And then Amma.

Then Amma.

Amma's embrace.

How's your headache?

It's here. It hears you.

Did you come for me
or for your headache?

Which would you prefer?

What would you like?

You know.

For my headache.

I'm fine, honey. Where are you?

Yes, it's starting.

Where are you?

At the airport,
getting my bags.


I think there's a car waiting for you.

They told me there's a driver here.

Great. That's perfect.

Okay, honey.

See you soon. Love you.

I love you too.

Take care.

Yeah, safe trip.

-Okay, I'll stop.

Welcome to India, Miss.

Thank you.

Nice of the embassy to send a car.

It's perfectly normal.

Is the ambassador nice?

Very, very nice.

Very nice.

I like him a lot.

-And his wife?

I'd even say

that she's exceptional.



Tonight's dinner at the Russian embassy
is pushed off 30 minutes.

I don't have to go before 8:45.

Yes, you can come at the last minute.

Will you drive yourself

or use your driver?

With my driver. Me and my driver.

We'll both go. Thanks for calling.

See you, Ambassador.

Why did you put me in back?

Just for fun.

A little joke. I like to joke around...

That's how I met my wife.

Excuse me!

-When does the embassy open?

I was robbed. I lost everything.

No bag, no papers, no passport, nothing.

I can't even buy a coffee.

Did you lose your bag
or was it stolen?

I don't know.
I was asleep in the train.

I can't remember a thing.

Come with me. We'll grab a coffee.

Tell me what happened.


You work here?

Sort of.

How long do passports take?

Let's discuss it calmly.

-Can I really get in?
-Of course.



-No addresses, no telephone...
-I can't hear.

Who exactly are you?

I'm the ambassador's personal driver.

What do you do?

I'm a teacher.

-What do you teach?
-Eastern philosophy.

That explains your trip to India.

A little.

I've always been fascinated by India.

Where are we going?

We'll get gas, have a coffee...

then back to the embassy.

I'll even introduce you
to the ambassador.

For an hour
I thought he was the driver.

When he said he was the ambassador,

I was already in love
with the driver.

Nice story.

Almost there?

After a short boat ride.

It won't be long.

I have a new friend.

We're very close.

I hope they fix it.

This is common in India.

-What's that?

Aren't we going overboard?

With what?

With everything.

You went to the station.

Yes, I know.

I did something stupid.

I feel like you're about to...

forget a husband
you want a baby with.

And me,
the woman who wants me.

I don't feel comfortable with it.

I don't know. Maybe.

If I add up all the...

the tiny moments

since the embassy,
the signals you sent...

-I sent you signals?
-You sure did.

What kind of signals?

The Ganges in a wet blouse
was a bit much.

I was ashamed for the others.

I was purifying myself
in the Ganges.

Purifying myself.

Everyone's wet in the Ganges.
Sure, I was wet.

Like everyone else.
How can you say this?

Otherwise, I'm friendly. I'm polite.

I smile. I'm a woman.

If that makes me a whore...

I never said that.
I'd never have.

It's your fault. Look at yourself.

You're attractive, funny, carefree.

-What do I do?
-Stop crying!

I'm not, but what do I do?

We're screwed. We're in deep shit!

Look at yourself,
joking around, making me laugh.

What do I do?

Flings are no good.
They never go anywhere.

We're heading for disaster.

I really respect you.

You're touching
and I won't hurt you.

-Or myself.

Thanks, I'm moved.

Maybe I hit on you.

It was mutual.

Since you're so smart,
what do we do now?

We keep going.

You go to Amma and I go back.

And your headache?

I still have it.

So you have to go to Amma.

No other solution.
Now more than ever.

Then we'll both go but... as friends.

You know...

what you just did is awful...

I want you more than ever.

What you told me is...

totally sexy.

That wasn't my purpose.

I want us to come out of this wiser.

It sounds pretentious.

No, it's good. You're right.

I like you even more.

These are rich people's problems.

No big deal.

Have some peanuts.

Come on, let's move it!

Is this a wedding or a funeral?

A wedding, I think.

Where do they go after?

Probably to Amma for a blessing.
We'll see them there.

I grew up on a

boat. Really? My

adoptive parents were sailors.

I spent my childhood on a barge,
on the canals.

In France
I visit them on their houseboat.

We're almost there.

Okay. That's so sweet.

I'll say hello.

Hugs and kisses. Talk later.

It was Samuel.

Alice will stay at the embassy.

It's going well.

That's nice.

After Amma, I'll fly back.

It'll be hard to talk to you
as a friend.

-Just keep it cool.

You cool?

Very cool.

-You cool?

It's cool being friends.

What cool music would you use
on this boat?

I'd go for opera.


But you never wrote one.

What are film scores?

Hey man, keep cool.

Film scores are operas.

If Mozart were alive now,
he'd score films.

Chopin's and Rachmaninov's hits
were used in film.

An opera about what?

Women in general.

I owe it to them.

Written by you.

Yes, written by me.

What would you say?

Something very simple.

9 times out of 10, they're right.

But they always start with number 10.

I'm getting to know you.

It's hard for me
to keep up this familiarity.

Saying things like "Let's keep cool."

-I may have an idea.

The 3rd person.

Is she going to Amma?

You bet she is!
What about him?

He sure is, then he'll fly back.

And he still has a headache.

He'll feel better after.

Drop the gun!

No, stop!

Get any sleep?

Not really.

It's normal.

It couldn't work.

Too much baggage.


Know what Indians say?

What matters in this life is...

to prepare for the next one.

This one is just a rough draft.

Breakfast, meanwhile?

Your dream isn't crazy.
It could have happened.

How awful.

I was never so lousy.

Not even my first time.

Every new woman is a first.

Who was your first?

My mother's best friend.

Only the best for her son.

Her name was Paula.

Great tits, great teacher.

How nice.

To have an understanding mother.

No, it was...

I'm sorry.


I thought we'd never finish.

In fact,

I didn't hit the right buttons.

No... it was great.
You hit them.

We were too conventional.


It's Samuel.


All well?

Long time to answer.

Sorry, the phone wasn't nearby.

I was having breakfast outside.

I tried calling all night.

I was exhausted.

Amma left me washed out,

I fell fast asleep.
I didn't hear the phone. Sorry.

Things didn't go well with Amma?

No, it was extraordinary with Amma.

I was never embraced like that.

-And Antoine?
-What about him?

Did Amma... relieve him?

I mean, get rid of his headache?

I think so.
As far as I know.

Is he there?

I mean... he's in his room.

Not here.

I think I'll go home tonight.

-When is the train?
-I'm going to fly.

So no more fear of flying.

Amma removes all fear.

Antoine is flying back too?

I'm not in his head.

I'll be at the airport.


I'll tell you when.

What's that music I hear?

The piano tuner... who is busy tuning.

Take care.

See you.

Love you.


Not even.

I wanted it.

And you?

I regret I was lousy.

Who cares? You weren't lousy.

There were two of us.

Maybe we didn't feel at ease.

Unconsciously we wanted it to be bad.

You were bad for you.

Not for me.

Not easy to tell them it was a failure.

-Will you tell him?

Sure I will. If I'm up front,
he'll forgive me more easily.

And you?


It won't be easy.

It'll be too easy.


I did. Now it's your turn.

Just do it.

Yes? Are you okay?

Everyone's very gracious.

Is your headache better?

I don't know if it's the Amma effect,
but yes.

Good news.

Amma sounds amazing.

Coming to the airport?

Of course.


I don't think
we should stay at the embassy.

They're so nice.
I don't know how not to.

We'd insult them.
I mean, the ambassador.


See you later. Love you.

Total bedroom farce!

If we all meet at the airport...


What is it?

It's "Juliette and Romeo".

It's the theme of Rahul's film.
Antoine wrote it.

Nice, all the same.

Yes, it is.

We never think it can happen to us.

Pure theater.

We need a theatrical plot twist.

Such as?

To come out on top.

On top of who, on top of what?

On top of...



Tell the Prime Minister
I'll call him back in 10 minutes.

I'm picking up my wife at the airport.

This is wonderful!

You okay, honey?

And you?


Over there.

How did it go with Amma?

No describing it.

She embraces people
for 15 hours nonstop.

At first I didn't buy it
but in fact it's beautiful.

Magic. She gives love.
She heals people's wounds.

It's just wild.

Her gaze is moving, child-like,

full of generosity and purity.

And your headache?



It's a little too soon
to know if you're pregnant.

Yes, I think so.


-With Amma...
-Miracles happen.

With Amma, you never know.

For me, it worked.

I got named to Washington.

That's great!

Washington is the best?

-Best of the best.
-For ambassadors.

I'm thrilled to live there.

And your album in New York?

You finished already?

Why did you leave the film?

I told you. It was...

to get fresh air.

They're remixing.
They didn't need me there.

Okay, listen... I'll make it short.

You went to recharge your batteries.

And I get the impression
that the results

went far beyond what was expected.

As you can imagine,
I tried calling all night.

In vain.

You never shut off your phone,

so I got worried.

I called the hotel. They rang your room.

There was no answer,
so I woke up your girlfriend.

I asked her to try
to get in touch with you.

But... no answer either.

So we both imagined
the worst-case scenario.

Since it couldn't get worse,

I asked her to join me for a drink,
then 2, then 3.

We spoke a lot.

We imagined everything, and more.

Since we were very tense,
very worried,

I'd even say very unhappy,

Alice went to the piano.

From Chopin to Mozart,
with a bit of Ravel,

I began to appreciate her company
more and more.

And in a moment of inattention
or despair,

I decided to kiss her.

Our embrace lasted quite a while.

When we woke up,

we thought it would be smarter
to tell you everything

to make things easier for you.

Or harder.

Truth always triumphs,

which makes it very annoying.

You're laughing.

Never serious.

Alice, are you willing
to forgive my misconduct.


I can't.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

You've done me a favor.

Do you forgive me?

Excuse me?

Do you forgive me?


Shouldn't we lay the cards
on the table?

Enough laying went on last night.

I guess I'll go finish my music.

Coming with me?

Do we leave as friends?

We just leave.

I'd like to thank you.

You've done me a favor too.

It was nice meeting you.

Same for us.

Why is love the only remedy
for the pain it causes?

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have done this to you.

I hope you'll forgive me.

You're a wonderful man.
I spoiled everything.

I just want to say what happened.

No, I imagine well enough.

You imagine wrong.

Did you ever question things
no one cares about?

What does a scale weigh?

When do boomerangs turn around?

Why measure the speed of light,
not dark?

Where did birds sit
before phone lines were invented?

Do you know?

All this fascinates me.
I find these questions essential.

The only ones worth asking
because the rest is boring.

Fuck the rest because life is boring.

I don't know what I want.
I don't know what I desire.

Thanks for everything.
Thanks for us.

Thanks for saving my life.

I don't know anything.

And it was great to have met you.

And I loved you.


Stay for a minute.

Why did you say all that crap?

We did nothing last night!

We could have, should have.

We came out on top.

Who cares about that?

You already forgot?

The best memories
are those we try to forget.

Thanks, I know Aymé.

What differentiates
man from woman?

No idea.


I'm going.

I'm going to see Amma.

Yes, Minister.

Thank you, sir.

You've made me very happy.

Thank you very much.


-City of departure?
-New York.

May I have an autograph?

Yes. Your name?


I loved "Juliette and Romeo".

Thank you.

That was ages ago.

My passport?


So long.

I'll get my bag.

Wait for me over there.

Antoine, get down from there.

I don't like this.

This isn't funny!

Get off at once.

Come here. That's dangerous.

What is this?
Stop laughing. It's not funny.

Antoine, calm down.



How are you?

And you?

Why are you here?

I just got in from Rome.

And you?

From New York.

It's been ages.

Did you score a film?

That's all I can do.

No more fear of flying.

That's all over.

No more headache?

I'm fine.

This is my best friend.

Her daughter.

And my son, Antoine.

Say hello.

Come, I'll buy you candy.


So it worked.

Yes, it did.

Been a while.

-Been a while.

New hairdo.

How old is he?


Was New York nice?

Yes, it's always...

always a lot of fun.

You live in Paris?

Still with my Dad, who's here.

You'll see the beast.

It's the dinosaur there.

All well?

Anna, my father.

Her friend, the kids.

Didn't you go alone?

And I came back with a family.

You know how it works.

I never saw Rahul's film.

"Juliette and Romeo"?

It's on internet.

I'll check it out.

Where's the car?



Kids, say goodbye.

Antoine, say goodbye.

Goodbye, sir.

Are you my sweetheart?


Dad, Mom, are you home?

How are you?

I just got back from the airport.

I'm fine, honey.

Do you mind if we meet tomorrow?

I don't want you to be upset.

I love you too.

How are you?

I'm in Paris.

I finished early.

I'm with my dad.
Let's meet tonight.

Mommy, what's "Juliette and Romeo"?

A love story that ends badly.

What's a love story?

When two people love each other

but can't help fighting.

So that's why it's ends badly?

Who's that, Mommy?

I don't know. Go and see.

Who is it?


The man from the airport,
with flowers.

Subtitles: Andrew Litvack