Umut adasi (2007) - full transcript

Cevdet Ede, welcome.

-Hey, Yusuf. How are you?
-Fine, thank you.

-When are you going back?
-I'll go to Maras tomorrow morning.

I have things to do in Maras.
Can you give me a ride?

I will pick you at 7 am,
at the stone road.

-Thank you Ede.
-Now go and have fun.


So how are you Yusuf?

You are a big man now.

You'd look like your father
if you had a moustache.

What will you do in Maras?

Actually I'm going to Istanbul, Ede.

And I'll come to you from there,
with the will of Allah.

To me?


Yes, Cevdet Ede. I don't have
anybody here in the village.

I want to go to England
and be somebody.

PIease don't say no.

Yusuf listen. It is not easy.

It is hard to live in a foreign land.

It is not a happy
picture as you think.

It is a very hard life.

You can easily get lost
and that's pity.

You have a job here.
You have friends.

What do you think you can do there?
You don't know anything.

I don't want to end up
like my father.

If he had come with you
back then,

I'd be somebody now.

I can't stay here anymore, Ede

Do you really think about it?

I think about it whenever
you come to the village.


If you can ever reach England,
just give me a call.

This is my number.

I can't promise you anything,
but I will try to help you.

Have you got money?

I sold my late father's land.

And Mehmet Ede
knows a man in Istanbul.

I have the address. I will find him.

May the best with you.

-Ede. What's going on?
-Your ass is going on.

Get the fuck out of here.

And he asks. Don't you see?

-Daughter, come here.
-I'm coming dad.

-Welcome dad.
-Thank you.

You'll damage it.

-What is it?

My application is approved.
I'm going to London.

I must tell Kader about it.

Good afternoon.

-Is Mr. Havas here?

-Who is asking?
-Mehmet Ede sent me.


Ede? This is how we call
the loved ones in Elbistan.

It means big brother.

He will know if you say
Godless Mehmet from Elbistan.

Sit down.

Wait here for a while.

Come with me.

And close the door.

Godless Mehmet has sent him.

Latif, take my place.

Kid, sit down.

Tell me.

Mehmet sent me.
We are from the same village.

I want to go to England.

-He said you can help me.
-To England...

-What is your name?

-How old are you?

-Have you got money?

-How much do you need?
-How much?

For the sake of Godless,
you just give 3000.

-Do you have a place to stay?

-Have you found any jobs?
-No, either.


-Start preparations.
-Thank you.

If any officers come here...

...inspectors or such,
be very carefuI.

If anybody asks you
what you do in here...'ll say you
have just started.

Just started.

-Got it?
-Got it.



-Feed the boy.

-Who is it?
-It is me, Cetin.

Get in Cetin.
He is inside.

-Are there any news?

Asil, dude.

Last night I haven't slept at all.

Do you know what
happened after I left?

They grabbed the whole block.
They're looking for you everywhere.

The bastard has strong connections.


You have get lost asap.

Can you help me?

I don't know.
We will see.

There is a guy.

He smuggles people.

But we must investigate.

The guy is not trustworthy.
And it is a dangerous matter.

-It needs a lot of money.
-I have money at home.

They are looking for you everywhere.
You're talking about ''home''!

I have some money.

I will borrow the rest.
We will arrange it.

-Does anyone know you're here?
-No. Only you.

Turn off your cell phone. Don't
call anyone, don't see anyone.

Don't go out.
Just wait for my word, ok?


Yusuf, bring me tea.

Selamun aleykum.

Yusuf, come here.

Get ready.

You'll spend
the night in another place.

Don't say a word to anyone.

-And bring me tea.
-Ok, Ede.

And here is the
great actor Bugs Bunny.

Stop it. I'm hungry.
Mind your own business.

What this is costume?
Would you like carrotjuice?

Add them to my account.

What account?
Have you ever paid lately?

I will. I'm not running away.

Dear, can you please come?

I put everything you may need.
There is some money too.

In the front pocket.

Mr. Tugra?

Now listen.

This is the first time
we get separated.

Be very careful.

Don't trust anyone.

We hardly found
the money to send you.

That's not the issue,
just learn the language.

And don't forget
to call me frequently.

Dad, how may times
did we talk all these?

How much I wish your mother
could have seen today, too.

Come on, dad.


Move. Move.

Move man, move.


We expect the cruise
to take ten days.

Listen to me.

I'm the law here.

Got it? I'm the law.
I'm the king. I'm the queen.

Nobody is going to step out.

If anyone does not
obey what I say...

...I swear god I will throw
him into the sea.


Thank you for
choosing Havas airlines.

Have a nice voyage.

There will be no problems
if you act wisely.

Thank you.

-Is there only soup?

-My wife is pregnant, don't you see?
-I have to nourish the baby.

Don't you have at least?

Yes mam, how wouId Iike your
milk? Warm or cold?

How can I find milk
in the middle of the sea.

-Don't you have a heart?
-No. I left it at the shore.

She is pregnant.

You'll eat whatever I give.
That's it.

We paid you tons of money.
All for two spoonful of soup?

That's ok.
Never mind.

You paid that money
to go to England.

If you want better food
Mr. Tarkan is going to help you.

Here is the menu.

I can provide you the best
as long as you pay for it.

Of course, you'll not tell
the Captain about it.

Are you kidding? It's more
expensive than a five star hotel.

Really? Suit yourself.
I only want to help.

Aren't you done yet?

-Captain is waiting.
-I'm done.


Come on.

-How many months are you pregnant?
-8 now.

-A boy or a girl?
-We couldn't check out for that...

-...but I want a boy.
-As long as the baby is healthy.

It needs courage.
Taking this voyage in this situation.

What can we do?
This is life.

We don't have many choices.

We are going to England to provide
a better future for our child.

-Why England?
-My brother's...

-What was it?

Manchester. He made good money
in 3 or 4 years.

And opened his own grocery shop.
I will work for him. And you?

I have been doing chores for various
people since I started working.

There is no way that I can...

...make money in that way.
I had to find a solution asap.

So I saved some money
and got into the ship.

Mr. Tugra.
Here is your drink.

Sit down. And take a glass.

So tell me, how are you?

How are you, sir?

-I broke with Didem.
-When? Why?

Sometimes I just don't know
if it is me or them.

I have been with a lot of women.

But none of them...


-I'm an unhappy man who has
everything, right? -No, not at all.

Yes. Yes.

And it is not about money.

Sometimes I feel like
I have consumed everything.

Maybe I'm wrong.

But there must be something
to be done.

Something must be done.

I think you think the same, too.
That's why you quit, right?

Not exactly.

I'm going abroad.

-Really. Where?
-To England, to make some money.

-By ship.

Have you sorted out
passport and visa?

-I haven't.
-So how come?

I will go illegally. They take
you there by ship in 15 days.

I handled everything.
Nothing much to do.

A friend of mine had used
the same way. Now he's guiding me.


I feel like I'm deserting you.
I'm sorry for that.

Life leads you.

I'm going there to
become an actor.

There are more opportunities. You go
there, have a role in one or two shows.

Six months later
you're in the lead.

They love it when you
come from abroad.

-Why are you going?
-I don't know. I just go.

What is this? This stinks.

Our dry cleaner
has fallen into the sea.

What are you nagging about?
I'm trying to help.

Can I have another?

Just hold.
-What's going on?

-Where is Sibel?
-Around here.

Shut up. Where is Sibel?

This is a nice place. The mistress
seems to be a nice lady.

The kids are so cute.
I'm fine.


My courses are
going to start tomorrow.

So I'm a little bit excited.


I'm trying to know them, without
judging, without labelling them.

Just like as they are. If I...
-Are you a cop?

-Not at all.
-Are you an informer?

-What're you talking about?

-What the fuck are you?
-What is going on?

Come here.
What is this?

-Asshole. Are you making trouble?
-It's a diary.

What's going on?
What are you doing?

Leave him alone.

-You stay away.
-Leave him.

Get lost! There're many people who
know that Gazanfer and I are on board.

If anything happens to us...
Anything, you'll be damned.

Got it?

Got it. Got it.

Go and sleep.

-Are you alright?

I will be damned, huh?

Here are your straws.

And here are the
teas. Soldier tea.

-Where is the sugar?
-You only asked for the tea.

Tea without sugar?

Everything except the breakfast
is counted extra. Sugar is 50 liras.

-No way.
-Ok, I will pay it.


As you see there is
nothing you can't buy.

Booze, weed.
Everything except women.

You have to
arrange it yourself.

What are you talking about?

-Come on, move. Move.
-Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come on move.

I won. I won.

I won the game.

-What is this?
-Beat it.

I let you gamble, and should I
give all the money to you?

-Fuck you.

Anyone else who wants to play?

-Umut, why don't you play?

Mine went inwards.


-What's in the menu today?
-Beans and rice.

-Is this Sunday already?

You fag idiots. All your
laundry turned into rags.

Pull that rope.
Damn you.

Do I have to say everything?

Havas, you have a bad mouth.

Try to be more gentle. Do we
curse that much, motherfucker?

I'm sorry Captain.

Yellow boy.

Grasp a pair of fine trousers
and give them to the boy downstairs.

-What if he asks his own?
-Tell him they are in the sea.

Tell him they are lost.

As if those bastards need
clothing downstairs.

I'm sorry Captain.

-Hello Vildan, how are you?

It has been almost two weeks
and I didn't see you talking to anyone.

-Are you so silent all the time?
-In fact I'm not.

I'm trying to get
accustomed here.

What about a coffee downstairs?

I don't know.

What's not to know?
If you're bored, leave.

If not, I can show you London.

Mustafa, wake up.

Let me go.

Shout as you like.
Nobody can hear you here.

-Let go off me!
-I even enjoy that.

Leave me!

Leave me!

Open the door.
Open the door.

Open the door.

-Leave me!
-Open the door.

Help me! Let me go!

Let me go.

You asshole!

Open the door!

Take this away.

What is going on here?
What is going on, asshole?

Take this prick away.

I don't want to see him again.

Fuck you.

-Are you alright?
-Thank you.

-Enough. Stop it.

Enough. It is ok.
It is over now.

Now go and sleep.
The girl will come too.

Fuck off.


You are so kind.

But what if one day someone
asks how much she is?


Do you have to go to England?

Are you alright?

Kader, your phone is ringing.

Kader? It's Vildan.

Finally. When did you arrive?

A few weeks ago.

Shall we meet today
or have you things to do?

I'm busy today.

I'll work late.
Friday would be great.

-I can wait.
-Are you alright? Is everything ok?

I don't know. Lets talk tomorrow.

So you are ready.

Listen to me!

Thanks God we are now in
French territorial waters.

You'll get on the
boats in two hours.

There will be
two people waiting for you.

They will pass you through
the border to England in a truck.

They will Ieave you
before the police station.

Burn every paperwork
whatever you have with you.

When you go to police
tell them you seek political shelter.

Don't forget.
You seek political shelter.

Tell them you don't have freedom in
your country, you can't worship freely.

Tell them you are tortured and
your only option was running away.

Then they will bring you an interpreter.
Tell the interpreter...

...whatever you wish,
whatever you can come up with.

But be wise. Be consistent.
Be consistent about what you say.

Be consistent about what you say.

Yellow boy, come here.

-Come on.
-Sibel, what are you doing? Come on, in.

Sibel what are you doing?

What are you doing?
Get in the boat.

Havas stay away.

Get down. Get down.

Start the engines.

What are you talking about?
These people can die.

Why do you stop? You'll
get both yourself and us caught.

Umut. Umut.

C'mon move. Quick!

Come on. Down there!

Come on!


-What shall we do now?
-Follow this way.

You'll see a police station in about
half an hour. They'll give you food.

Bring that keg.

But burn all your id cards
before you go there. Got it?

-Good luck.

So tell me.
How is England?

I never thought it would be like this.

What is this?
It has only been a few days.

-Can you find me a job?
-Haven't you come here as an aupair?

The landlady acts weird.

I don't know how to say.

As if she is flirting with me.

And she treats me bad
because I don't respond.

Do you mean she's dyke?

I don't want to stay there.

-Doesn't your father help you?
-He could hardly send me.

-We don't have much money.
-Don't worry.

I will talk to my boss.
He will arrange something.

If not him, there're many Turks here.
Someone will help.

Don't worry about the house.
Stay with me.

We can share the rent.

Mahmut, go on with this.

Oz Sofra Restaurant?

-Brother Cevdet, this is Yusuf.
-Yusuf, how are you kid?

I'm fine.
I'm in London now.

What? Are you in London?

Yes. Can you pick me up? I can't
get out without giving an address.

Yes, I know that church.
I will pick you tomorrow.


Thank you.

Thank you for taking us.
Brother Asil needs a place too.

So I told him to come with me.
This is his first time in London, too.

-Really? You are welcome.
-I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

Not at all, no trouble at all.

-Look at it. Just like our country eh?
-That's right.

-It is full of Turkish signboards.
-Bingol Restoran...

So was that all
for coming to Turkey?

So, this is my place.


Ahmet. Park my car.

How long have you been here?

25 years, I think.

-Are you happy?
-Do you know what they say?

London is a place to live, except
the weather and the crowd.

This is my home now.
I built my business here.

I met my wife here.
My son is raised here.

Forget about me,
what about you kids?

Yusuf, you can work here.

I can arrange a bed for you in
here until we find a place for you.

Asil, I have a friend
who runs a coffee shop.

There's a job vacancy there.

-Thank you.
-Eat before it gets cold.

Enjoy it.

What's up, Ahmet?

-Take it.

-Cevdet, welcome brother.
-Thank you.

I'm fine. I have a guest for you.

-Welcome, brother.
-Thank you. Hello.

His name's Asil. He has just come
from Turkey. Can you give him a job?

Of course I can.
Do you know English?

-Not much.
-Have you worked in such a place?

I was a security guard
for a pub in Istanbul.

Fine. There is a room back there.
You can stay there. Ahmet...

Help this friend.
Bosana, take off the sign.

Sit down, Cevdet.

Did they come with the ship?

One of the kids fell down
and got killed.

They are coming for a hope
but just die.

-May Allah comfort his soul.

We should do our best to help.

Yes right... but you know the English
people don't want us anymore.

They cancelled my license,
I can't work after midnight anymore.

-What will you do?
-What can I do?

I've been thinking a lot
but I've no idea.

Ahmet, bring us two mild coffees.

-May I use your phone?

I need to call my father.
He must be worried already.

Vildan, where have you been?
I'm worried about you.

I'm fine dad, don't worry.

-Do you get along with the kids?
-I left that house dad.

-Don't worry, I moved to Kader.

There wasn't much time left for me
because of the kids anyway.

Are you angry?

No I'm not.
I blame your age.

Who is it with you?

A friend from the course,
her name is Esma.

Don't worry.
I will find a job as soon as possible.

Don't worry about it.

A graduate
can find a job here.

-I can take care of myself.
-Ok. Take care...

Dad, the bus is coming.
I have to go, see you.

-Good night.
-Good night, Ede.

It has been a month. Neither the water
nor the food have any taste here.

-What is it Yusuf?
-I don't know. It is just weird.

-Is it pork?
-May God forbid.

Anyway, that's enough.
Let's go out, shall we?


I can't believe you made me eat this
after all your complaints about distaste.

Are you bothered with something?
What is this long face?

My father called me the day before.
He didn't sound well.

He said he can't
send money every month.

He got so introverted
after my mom past away.

If only I could find a job.

Yes but what can you do?

Shall I arrange you a flight
for you to see your father?

Thanks. You are so kind
but this won't solve the problem.

I have to take care of myself.

If I go back before succeeding
anything like a loser...

I can't.

A friend of mine runs a night club.
They are looking for a barmaid.

I heard they pay good.

Why don't we go there tonight?

Have a good time and
talk about that.

-About what?
-I don't know.

Let's go to my place first.
Have a drink and ease off a little.

-Sit down. Let's talk.
-I have things to do dad.

Sit down.

Where have you been?
You never come home.

I told mom. I'm
staying with Nicole.

Who's she? A stripper?

-Not a stripper. A dancer.

Yusuf, give me a cigarette.

Won't you give me?

-Are you going to school?

Listen, this is not a way to live.

I haven't seen you
succeeding anything yet.

You live on your father's money.

Get that, kid? He's been working hard
ever since he came from Elbistan.

-I'm tired of this.
-And I'm tired of saying it.

I was working at your age.
And I'm still working.

-You're living an empty life.
-Life is empty anyway.

I choose what I believe.

Friends are waiting.
I'm going.

Asil, give them what they want.
I don't want any trouble.

They will go soon enough.

Stop. Get away.
It is over. Move away.

It's over.

What do you think you are doing?
I'm in a big trouble now.

They will all come
here and make a mess.

You've forgotten who you are
and where you came from.

I'm sorry.

I should better not drink any more.
I'm not used to it.

The night is young.
You can't quit now.

-Yusuf, come on.
-What is going on?

Officers are here.
You must hide.

Where are you? Where are you?

Vildan talk to me.
Please say something.

Let me help you.

Tell me what is going on?
Did anyone do something?

Talk to me please.
Say something.

Tell me Vildan.


-Is Yusuf here?
-Didn't come yet.

Asil. Come here son.

-Hello. I'm looking for Yusuf.

He is not here yet. Sit down.

What happened? Hamdi told
me about it but you tell me.

I fought with the hooligans.
I couldn't cope with Brother Hamdi.

Never mind.

Don't worry.
We'll find you another job.

Thank you. I caused you
enough troubles already.

Not at all.
What trouble?

Are you hungry?


-Bring something to eat for Asil.

Right away.

Come on move.

-I'm sorry.
-Who hired this girl?

She is Kader's friend, sir.
You had talked the other day.

-Is there a problem?
-Don't you see?

Lady who is supposed to wash the
dishes has never done a job in her life.

Didn't I fire two girls
for this last week?

-I said we can't just support any one.
-Yes sir.

Yusuf, what keeps
you busy every day?

You are so right.


Bring me tea, son.

Right, Ede.

Where is it?

Thanks. Have a seat.

You act weird nowadays.

You seem so distracted.
You are late for work.

And you don't sleep here any more.

Tell me what's going on?

Let me know if
you have a problem.

It is about a girl, right?

Listen son...

I've fallen for
a foreign girl myself.

I left my family.

If I hadn't realized that it was a
mistake I'd have lost everything now.

You are young. You are single.

You have fresh blood.

Just don't make a mistake
with anyone.

Remember son.

It is the woman who
makes a man a real man.

You came here for a new life.

It is up to you to use the
opportunities laying ahead of you.

Take this as a sincere father's advice.

No matter where you are
never forget who you are.

Take the day off.

Go get some fresh air,
and think.

One year later

Are you there?

My dear daughter. Vildan.

Hello. Hello.

-My brother.
-How did you find me?

Yusuf told me.

-You had beaten the hooligans.
-Never mention.

-So tell me what you are doing.
-I'm the head of the security here.

I plan to buy a share
if I can find the money.

Security job?
Just like the old days, eh?

-How do you know that?
-You know the fight in front of the pub.

I was there, too.

-How did it end?
-I don't know.

Never mind.

So you plan to buy a share.
How much do you need?

40000 or 50000 pounds.
A friend is working on it.

We shall see about that.

-Alright. Consider it done.
-Are you kidding?

No, I'm serious.

I've been looking for some
good business here.

You'll run the place for me and
I'll have a drink now and then.

I owe you from the ship.

Ok, but how did you raise
so much money so fast?

-But why?


-Did you find what you were seeking?

But I found two beautiful chicks.

Call me ok?

Call tomorrow and
let's talk seriously.


Don't forget the rent tonight.

Hello. My darling, Vildan.
Are you there?

Can you speak Turkish? I can't
understand anything. Hello. Hello.

-Hello Ceren.

Where have you been my love?
I have been trying to reach you.

You are free now.
The real killer is found.

There is no reason for you
not to come back.

Are you there, my love?

Yes. I'm listening to you.
That was sudden. I'm very happy.

I missed you very much.
When will you come back?


They are calling me. I have to go.
Thank you for telling me.

Yusuf, welcome.
What's going on?


Never mind about me.

Tell me, is this your place?

I have to work a lot for that.

I'm only running it.
Did you leave Brother Cevdet?

No I didn't. But I'm
not going there nowadays.

Things are in a mess.

Pretty much.

Do you want anything from me?

Brother Asil.
I only know you.

So I came to you.

I need...
I need money.

-How much do you need?
-How much...

As much as you can give.

This is all got in my wallet.

Not enough even a quarter.


Thanks for the money.

Where have you been?

Kader. Let's talk later.
I'm tired.

So you are tired.
Why are you tired?

Is it tiresome to screw
all day long?

-What you mean?
-Your father called yesterday.

He couldn't reach you.

I said I hadn't seen you
for a week.

Don't you ever worry about him?

How hard it was for him
to send you here.

-And what you are doing.

Don't say a word. I've been working
like a slave here for years.

Don't you think I know how to be
a whore? You can lie to anyone.

How will you ever look at
your father's face?

So she has become a whore
and nobody knows about it.

People work in constructions
after graduating in Turkey.

You'll have children in the future.

How will you look at their face?

Move. Get out of here.
I don't want to see you anymore.

You are disgusting.

Pack your things before
I leave in the morning.

I don't want to see you here
when I come back.

How dare you knock
at my door again, whore.


What is this?

Aren't you ashamed at all?

Did you come for this all
the way from Elbistan?

For this?

Your poor father must have
turned around in his grave.

You animal.

May Allah punish you.

You pig.

I don't know what she
had been doing since then.

All I saw were the wigs in the house,
the make-up stuff, the mini skirts.

She never came home
before midnight.

So I kicked her out.

I want to go to England
and be somebody.

Six months later
you're in the lead.

-Thank you, here you are.
-Thank you.

-Can you sign this?

What we are doing is a big sin.

But if we don't do it,
someone else will.