Ular Tangga (2017) - full transcript

An indigo student who can see something bad is going to happen who come through a dream with her plan and friends for hiking a mountain but no one believe her.


Hello, Martha.

Yes, I'm still at home.

Alright, see you.

Hello, Bagas.
Martha called me earlier...

about the trip to Bareng Mountain.

But before that, we need to talk.

Alright, then.

Humans are made of two things,

physical and spiritual.

What we see everyday with naked
eyes is the physical side.

The spiritual or spirit is at
the highest level in psychology.

The spirit can be anywhere
and has no limit.

Therefore, not many
is able to control the spirit.

This requires a high
level of concentration.

So what actually happens
when we're dreaming?

Well, when we fall asleep...

ninety percent of our brain
functions are resting.

However, a hundred percent
of our spirit is awake.

When we sleep,
only our physical body is resting...

while our spirit has
its own world in our dream.

At times, dream comes from the ten
percent of the brain that's awake.

For example, when we're tired...

or lack of sleep or perhaps
our life experiences...

all this can be supported
by our brain capacities.

So when our bodies are asleep,

our brains are able to
lead us into dreams...

which we called as déjà vu.

But what about dreams
that come frequently?

Is it a sign?

Whether it's a sign or not,

only you know that.

You need to be really focused.

Have you heard of
the Javanese beliefs?

A knowledge or power that can rot.

I've never heard of it, Sir.
What is it about?

It's a knowledge or
strength possessed by...

the rishis and kings of ancient times,

including Majapahit.

They can control their spirits
and make it exits their bodies.

So the mastery of spirit uses ten
percent of the brain function,

while the physical body is resting.

But are people with those
kind of power still exist?

That's just a myth and no one has seen
such things especially in big city.

It'll be good to pray before
sleeping and ask God for guidance...

whether your dream means something.

Alright, thank you for the
explanation. I'll excuse myself.

This is the map to Barong Mountain.

I have marked red
for the shortcut to the peak.

You're not joining us?

Maybe next week.
I have to finish my thesis...

or else I'll have to
stay a student forever.

-Get it?

I have to go.


I don't feel good about this, Bagas.

What's wrong?

We've done this countless times.

Others may say it's haunted or a
difficult path, but we'll go anyways.

Do you remember when my parents died?

I had a bad feeling.

As if it's a sign that
I'll lose someone I loved.

That's how I feel now, Bagas.

I've told you so many times.

Stop reading these kind of books.

It'll make you overthink.


William, prepare the tent
and hiking gear.

Got it.

Lani, prepare the food supply
for our hike at the mountain.

Got it.

Doy, go help Lani out.

You want her to prepare the food?
She'll finish everything.

What's your problem? Are you jealous
you didn't get assign anything?

Just be more reliable.

Make sure you don't
leave anything behind.

Don't worry.

Just let Bagas,
Fina and I handle the rest.

I've settled the accommodation.

Once we reached, someone will
send us to the first post.

Martha, I need your help to
find Fina in the cafeteria.

She's feeling down.

She's probably missing her dad.

Alright, everyone come gather here.

This is the path we're going...

from the base camp to the first
post about 40 minutes to an hour.

Is the food all prepared?

A hundred percent done.

-Don't finish it.

What's wrong?

I have a bad feeling about
our trip to the mountain.

Fina, don't worry. We are a family.

We've promised to
protect one another.

Besides, Bagas will be
there to look after you.

I hope that we'll
always stay together.

I really care about you guys.

We know that humans are not
the only creation God made.

There are other creatures
living in this world.

What I meant was...

there are angels and other
creatures from God we don't know of.

My question is...

should we fear them?

And how do we defeat them?

Well, do you know...

how the world was created?

I know but I don't really understand.

Our world is made of two parts,
which is the unseen...

which is filled by Jinn, and the seen
which is filled with humans.

There are Jinns who able
to enter the human world,

there are also humans who
can enter the unseen world.

I don't get it, Sir.

Before human,

God created Jinn from fire
and angels from the light.

After Jinn was created,

God created human, who was Adam...

who was made from soil.

God then gave His commands,

for all creatures
to bow down to Adam.

They all obeyed except for one...

which is the Jinn because...

Jinn was made from
fire and thought...

of themselves as God's
perfect creation.

God was angered by this and said...

those who disobey
shall be banished to hell.

However, before Jinn entered hell,

they made an agreement with God,

Jinn can tempt humans until doomsday.

God agreed under one condition.

Jinn can only tempt humans...

through their thoughts,
their hearing, and their blood.

However, Jinn cannot kill humans
in the physical world.

Jinn is responsible
for misleading the children.

So the Jinn can't kill
human beings, right?

I supposed so.

Doy, are you hungry?

I've eaten earlier. Are you hungry?

I'm hungry. When do we arrive?

You guys are noisy.

What's your problem?

Are you jealous
you aren't intimate like us?

People can get so jealous.

Enough of it. Just get some rest.


Where are you?

We'll reach in a bit.

It's getting late.

Sorry, we'll reach soon.

Who is it, Bagas?

She's Gina. Our guide who'll
lead us up the mountain.

She'll lead us to the peak.


You know about it?

How do you know?

I haven't told anyone yet.

What was I saying?

What's wrong with you two?

Keep going, Bagas. It's alright.

Let's just continue resting.

Be careful not to brake abruptly.

Let's get down and get the stuff.


Bagas, it's getting late.

Sorry, what's important
is that we're here now.

I'll brief you all quickly.

This is our starting post.

The first and the end point
for vehicles to enter.

As instructed by Bagas, I'll guide
you from here to the first post.

After that, you'll be on your own.
I won't be joining.

After two days,
I'll pick you up from the first post.

This is very important.

I have 12 years of experience.

If you want a smooth trip...

then you'll have to
follow my instructions.

Remember this.

Follow my instructions...

Time is short, let's leave now.

Are you okay?

What's wrong with your friend?

It's none of your business.

Is it wrong for me to ask that?

I just don't like it.

Let's go.

This is the first post.

Now, listen carefully.
First of all...

Don't go through
paths that are closed.

-Why not?
-The path is not safe.

Here, Bagas.

I've marked the safe route
for you to go through.

Don't take anything
that belongs in the mountain.


don't leave anything that
can dirty this mountain.


Don't climb the mountain
when it gets dark...

especially at night.

Alright, I'll see you in two days.

Stay safe.

-Thanks, Gina.

If we go straight ahead,
it'll take us three hours.

Now, it's 3 pm.
We'll probably reach at 6.

If we go right,
it'll take us an hour and a half.

Hold on.

According to Gina's map,
we're not allowed to go right.

Are you sure her map is accurate?

Of course it is.
They've been here before.

I don't trust Gina.

-We should obey Gina's words.

-It's safer.
-Isn't it better to just obey Gina?

I'm okay as long as
it's for the best.

Whichever is faster,
I'm already tired.

Do you want to see the sunset?


We'll go through here, let's go.

Let's go.

According to the map, we're correct.

But why do we keep
coming to this big tree?

We've gone past the same tree
so many time, Bagas.

It's alright,
we'll just find another way.

It'll be 6 pm soon.

We shouldn't stop.

Let's keep going.

Let's go.

-Come on, Dodoy.
-Hurry up, Dodoy.

You're too slow.

That looks like someone's house.

-Let's check it out.
-Let's go.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Sir? Ma'am?

Excuse me.

Excuse me, Sir, Ma'am.

This house looks like it hasn't
been occupied for a while.

Let's go inside.

Let's go.

Hurry up.

Bagas, there's a child.

What child?

There can't be a child
alone in the forest.

Let's just stay here for tonight.

William, do you really
want to stay here tonight?

Don't you see the bench
moving by itself?

I'm not staying here.
You guys can go on...

but don't drag me along.

It's probably the wind.

Yes, but not here.

We can pitch a tent outside.

Dodoy, let's get out of here.

I don't see any woods
around here, William.

There, Dodoy. Let's go.

Over here, Dodoy.

Why don't you carry some, William?

Dodoy, if I help you carry the things,

who will look after you?

Hurry up!

I'll just wait for you here.

You carry all the woods.

Are you scared?

Don't talk too much.
I told you to hurry up.

There, that one over there.

Hurry up, don't take too long.

Hey, William!

What's wrong with you?

I saw a child holding my hand.

The child was wearing white,

had long hair,

and a wound around the neck.

How do you know, Fina?

That's the child I saw inside.



-Dodoy, are you alright?
-Yeah, I'm alright.

I was running because
he left me alone.

Something is wrong.

Martha is right.

Let's move into the house.

You all stay inside while
William and I wait outside.


-Bagas, the chair was moving inside.
-What now? It's late. Let's go.




Dodoy, Lani, wake up. Fina is gone.

Bagas, William, wake up! Fina is gone!

What do you mean?

I woke up to find the back
door opened and Fina was gone.

-I'll find Fina.

No. We'll find her together.

Let's go.

Hey, wait up!

Who are you?







That's Fina.


Hey, Fina.

Fina, what are you doing here?

I followed the child here.

There's something
they want to show us.

We'll dig it up.

Perhaps, there's a sign.

No, let's go home.

Let's find out. William?



What's that sound?

Bagas, put it back.

This must be important.

We'll open it tomorrow.

Let's head back first. Come on.

Let's go, William.

Bagas, I don't feel good about this.

Let's just return this to its place.

I agree with you, Fina.

This looks like their
toy, before they died.

The wood looks old.

It must've been buried for a while.

I just want to know...

why the child ghost
leads us to this game?

There must a reason.

Guys, look at this.

The dice is made from wood.

Where did Lani go?


Bagas, we need to return this game.

We have to find Lani first.

Fina and Dodoy wait here.

We'll go find Lani. Let's go.

I'm really scared.











This is all my fault.

We shouldn't have come here.

No, I can't. I really can't.

I can't prove my instinct.

Arrange the base.

Arrange the base.

Dodoy, don't do it.


Arrange the base.




What happened to you?

Fina, where is Dodoy?

Dodoy has disappeared, Bagas.

It's all because of the game.

Bagas, we should return the game.

I don't want to
sleep here tonight, Bagas.

It's alright.

We'll find another place. Let's go.


I'm scared.

Fina, don't worry.

We'll take care of each other.

Soon, it'll be morning.

We'll head down and look for help.

Are you sure, Bagas?

What Lani and Dodoy's disappearance
is just the beginning?

Could the game has
something to do with this?

Let's find Gina tomorrow.

Perhaps she knows
something about this.

I'm sure she knows, Bagas.

Yes, Bagas.

You should try to
contact Gina tomorrow.


Let's get some rest.

Arrange the base.

Arrange the base.

You're not sleeping yet?

Not yet.

Why are you awake?

There's something I want to show you.

What is it?

William! Fina!

Wake up! Bagas is missing. Bagas!








This is all my fault, Martha.

-What do you mean?
-I couldn't stop us from coming here.

I've seen all this
in my dream, Martha.

But I couldn't prove it.

What do you mean, Fina?

You knew we're all
going to die here?

No one is missing,
no one is going to die.

We'll find them.

Fina, I think you're right.

Your dreams, your instincts,

Gina's warning,
and this game are all related.

This is all because of the game.

William, don't. It's too late.

We have to bring this game
and find Gina.

We have to find a way.

How do we get out of here?


We've been walking
for more than two hours.

I'm tired.

I'm hungry.

There's something odd
about this place.

The compass points to the south
when we have to go west.

This place is familiar.

Do you hear that?

That's the sound of river flowing.

Let's follow the sound.

Now I truly believe,

your dream is connected to those who
went missing because of the game.

Something is following us.

We have to leave before nightfall.

I think we've been here before.

Why are we back here?

William, are you alright?

I'm alright.

It's not a coincidence.

We have to start from the beginning.

We have to find a clue.

I'm not going back there.

I'd rather build a tent here
than going back there.

Why are we going back to the start?

Aren't we getting
information from Gina?


We won't be able to get out of here.

We won't be able to find them...

until we've figured out the game.

Hey, Bagas!

Why did you go through this path?

Why didn't you guys listen?

Sorry for going against
your words, Gina.

Where are the other three?

Bagas, Lani, and Dodoy are missing.

You still haven't found them?

It all began because of the game.

Where did you find it?

Near a big tree in the forest.

Is it so hard to obey my instructions?

How did you know we're here?

The children led her here.

You can see Sania and Tania?

-You know them.
-We shouldn't talk here.

Why don't we go home?

Why are we going back to the house?

I'm not going back
until the rest is found.

What you've experienced is related
to the history of this house.

This house belongs to Sania
and Tania's parents.

The children ghosts you saw.

We were friends when I was a kid.

-One, two...
-Come in.

Alright, in a while.

-Enough playing, come in.
-Yes, in a minute.

Just a moment, Sir.

-I'm sorry.
-It ripped.

-We can't go in the square.
-I'll fix this first...

I'll make a wooden one,

but another time.

So you don't know the origin
of the game...

and why your friends
invited us to play the game?

Mr. Karto promised us wooden toys
but I've never seen it.

I heard that Mr. Karto disappeared
after killing Sania and Tania.

Soon, this area became deserted.

The people was afraid.

They were constantly disturbed
by Sania and Tania's ghosts.

That's why I forbid climbers
to go to this area...

and I've never guide them
past the first post.

If I do so,

the two ghosts will appear.

-We should find Mr. Karto.

Only he knows what the game means.

No one has seen Mr. Karto
ever since, Lani.

Even if he died,

no one has seen his corpse.

What do we do now?

It's a power.

It's a knowledge or strength...

possessed by the sages
and kings of olden times.

We need to go to their realm.


I need to concentrate.

Mr. Guntara said
it's the melting of the soul.

Don't Fina. It's too risky.

I just need to concentrate.

Can you do it?

There's no harm in trying.

We have no options.


If something happens,

bury the game in its original place.

Maybe it's the only way
to get out of here safely.

Alright, let me try it.

William, look after Fina.

Don't take your eyes off her. Alright?


Where are you going?

To the back.

I'll go with you.

Arrange the base.

Do you know where your father is?

Dad is always by the river.

Do you want to help me
find your father?


He has killed us.

Do you want to help me
find my friends?

Your friends have been
taken by the old lady...

that prays in the
snake and ladder game.

What are you doing here?

I need your help, Sir.

The spirit of this river
hates intruders.

I have helped you all...

by sending the girl...

to guide you here.

You must leave now before they come.

They'll mislead you until you
can't return to your body.

Hold on, Sir.

What should I do now?

You've gone too far.

You should've returned the game
to its original place.

What about my missing friends?

You have to let them go.

They're now slaves to the
guardian of this game.


Remember not to read before
you've reached the real world.

Hopefully, you'll find the answers...

and what you need to do.

Go back to the forest.

Hopefully, you'll find the answers
and decisions to make.

Whether to keep going or to stop.

But, you have to focus...

and don't think of anything else.

You have a gift...

that no one has.

Another thing,

if you ever bumped
into Sania and Tania,

please tell them...

that I miss them...

and that I'm sorry.

Quickly, leave.

You don't have much time.

Thank you.



You must focus...

and don't think about anything else.

I'm sorry.

I was rude to you.

What is it?

Nothing, I'm fine.

I saw a ghost who looks like you...

but the face was distorted.

Who pulled my leg?

Come out if your dare!

I'm not scared.

What's wrong with you?

When I was sleeping,

someone pulled my leg
but I don't know who did it.

Come out!

Fina is still not awake.


I fell asleep.

I was supposed to look after her.


How long have I been sleeping?

About three hours.

How was it?

The place where he hid his diary.

Alright, let's the place.

This is our only clue.

Behind the pine tree.

It should be here.

It should be around here.

Are you sure?

I don't see any graveyard here.

It must've been different
from 15 years ago.

Let's look around here.


Yes, this is the grave.

Let's look at the paper
that Mr. Karto gave us.

It's above the grave
of Tania and Sania.


Hold on.

-William, hurry up!
-Who are they, Fina?


Now, what is this?

Forgive me,

Tania and Sania.

Look at this.

What is this?

-Wow! It's the snake and ladder game.
-It's the snake and ladder game.

Which means we can play again.

But you can't play it tonight.

You can only play tomorrow.

You ask Gina to play along.


Now, go to sleep.

Come on.

Do you want to see it?

We'll get caught.

Come on.

Did you hear something?

What is that sound?

I'm scared.




Sania, what's wrong with you?




-No, don't!
-Dad, help me!

No, don't!


Forgive me.

I was just trying to make you happy.

This isn't the ending
I was hoping for.

Forgive me.

Hopefully in that realm,
you can read this.

It all happened so fast
without me knowing...

that it'll lead to their death.

All that went missing in the game,

will be slaves of the big tree.

Dear God,

hopefully nobody ever finds this game.

So this game killed Sania and Tania?

What do we do now?

Hold on, in this book,
Mr. Karto wrote...

that whoever roll the dice
will be taken away...

and forever be the slave of the game.

Stop, it's a cliff!

There's no point running,

we're at the edge of the cliff.

It'll be bright soon.

We have time to rest and
think about what to do.

I can't think anymore.

I just want to get out of here.

We have to find the rest first.


We can rest here.


How long have you
been able to do that?

You mean entering the other realm?

This is the first time.

You have a gift.

If you can Mr. Karto in that realm,
why don't you find Bagas?

I dreamt about Mr. Karto before.

That's why I know where he is.

I'm not sure about Bagas.


Dodoy! Lani!

Get out of here, Fina. Go!

If you get caught,
you'll never wake up.

No, I need to free you.
We have to get out of here.

It's useless, Fina.

It's useless.
They've hidden our bodies.

So we'll be lost without our bodies.

I want you to burn this tree
and sell the game.

The spirit is only scared of fire.

We'll get out of here.
I promise you that.

If you want to save us,

you have to find our bodies.


Today is our last day, Fina.


-Fina, what's wrong with you?

I know where they are.

We have to find their bodies
before they rot.

Where do we begin?

Let's start from Dodoy,

then Bagas,

and then Lani.



It's useless, William.

He won't wake up.
Let's bring him to Mr. Kanto's house.

Be careful!

William, follow me.

Gina and Martha, wait here.

This is the last place
where we saw Bagas.

My body is near a large rock.

We'll follow this path.


What is that?



I'm sorry, Bagas.
This is all my fault.

Fina, it's getting darker.

Quickly, bring him.

It's getting late but they...



Bring him in.

Let's bring him in.

Be careful.

We only have until 12 midnight.


Three of you go.

I'll stay here.

I can't do this anymore.

You do know how heavy Lani is?

The old lady who's after us
is afraid of fire.

Gina, I need your help.

Use anything to spark a fire.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

I saw Bagas,
Lani and Dodoy tied up here.

I feel the colder.

As if there's someone behind me.


This is the place Bagas told me about.

It has to be around here.

We have an hour left.

I have a plan...

but you need to obey me.

Don't break any of it.

Bring Lani to Mr. Karto's house.

Make sure their bodies
are surrounded by fire.

If I don't make it by 12,

just leave.

Bury our bodies...

and burn the place.

I can't leave you, Fina.

No matter, I need to be by your side.

You don't have much time.

Let's go.

Jinn can only tempt humans
through their thoughts,

their hearing,

and their blood.

But Jinn can't kill human in
the real world and physically.

Jinn is responsible for
misleading the children.

So the Jinn can't kill
human beings, right?

I supposed so.


Wake up, Bagas.

Why are you here?

What's wrong with you?

I'm too tired.

Alright, I'll help you. Hold this.

Put this behind.

-Can you do it?

-You're done? Let's go.

Fina, are you sure this is the place?

I'm sure.

But why is everything different?



Do you know where we are?

Do want to help me go back
to Mr. Karto's house?

You and your friends,

will soon become our friends.

Everything that happened
isn't Mr. Karto's fault.

Mr. Karto will never abandon you.

He really loves you both.

He killed himself
because he felt guilty.

You're lying.

He purposely made that game for us...

to make us slaves of that old lady.

If you help me,

I promise to prove that
he really loves you.


Martha, to the house.

Let's gather their bodies.

Let's do it.

Where is Fina?

We are told to wait here until 12.

If they're still not back by 12,

and Dodoy, Lani and Bagas' bodies
are not awake,

we'll need to leave because
they'll never come back.

Fina said to surround
their bodies with candles.

Let's do it.

Where's your body, Fina?

There's something I need to do.

Alright, I'll accompany you until...


Dodoy, Lani, please go in.

Are you sure you'll be fine?

Everything will be okay.

I love you, Bagas.

I love you too, Fina.

Alright, you go in.


Are you guys alright?

Bagas, where is Fina?

Yeah, where is Fina?

There's something she needs to do.



This is the diary that
your father wrote before he died.

Do you remember?

Your father loves you both.

He never meant any harm.

You're right.

Do you know where
the old lady hid my body?

I know.

We'll only take you until here.

Even if you die,

we'll look after this forest together.

Today is the last day, Fina.

We only have until 12 midnight.

-Bagas, there's no time left.

If she's not back by 12,
we have to leave.

Even if you die,

we'll look after this forest together.