Ukigusa no yado (1957) - full transcript


Screenplay: Iwao Yamazaki
Producer: Ryoji Motegi

Cinematographer: Toshitaro Nakao
Art Director: Teruyoshi Satani

Assistant Director: Kazunari Takeda
Editor: Akira Suzuki

Song: "Inn of Floating Weeds"
Performed by Hachiro Kasuga



Mr. Shida, Marubishi Group Section Head,
Stabbed to Death


Was Shunji really killed?

I know how you feel.

How can you?

Do you believe he's dead?

He must be!

What did you say?

If he wasn't killed in the fight,
he may have drowned.


Just try to forget all about it.

How nostalgic!

This is a song we
all used to sing together.

I still remember.

I know it's painful.

Still... time we can forget such things.

It's best if you just
forget the bitter things.

What are you talking about?

It's not just whether I
should or shouldn't forget.

How could I ever forget Shunji?

What will become of me now?

No, I didn't mean...




Let's lighten the mood up a little bit!


Haruo: Hachiro Kasuga
Yuri:Ikuko Kimuro
Shunji: Hideaki Nitani

Murayama: Toru Abe
Toné: Jun Miyazaki

Taki: Shoichi Ozawa
Mio/Kozue: Hisano Yamaoka

Directed by Seitaro Suzuki


Oh, you must be on shore leave!

Want to have some fun?

Is Kozue still here?

Oh, you want Kozue!


Yes, yes! Sit down!

-Drink up!

What is it?


Remember me?


Don't you remember?

Hey, handsome! Come with me!

I can hear the steam whistle...

from the tavern at the harbor...

...drifting, drifting in and out...

of the Inn of Floating Weeds.

It seems it's both our fates.

So we drink until the end of the night.

So you had to run away to Hong Kong...

...and got a job for a shipping company

...and five years later,
you came back for a woman.

How romantic!

...looking at your face from the side...

...brings back a memory...

...of a woman I once cast aside.

But what can I do about it
after such a long time has passed?

You're the one...

...who kept calling me "Kozue" earlier.

Who the hell are you, anyway?

What are you doing?

I put myself at great risk
to come back to see you.

Who are you?


You're... Shunji?

I know it's unthinkable.



What will you have?

White horse.

You like it straight?
You used to drink sweet cocktails.

Shunji... name is Mio.

I'm Mio, the Madame here.

I'm not Kozue.

I'm not the woman you're looking for.

How unfortunate.

Don't forget your hat!



I'd like to ask something.

-Wasn't this a Hanada Group project?

Before I came here, Marubishi
had a big fight with them.

They crushed them.

-Crushed them?

Since then, Marubishi took over.

They're a construction company that's
been expanding a lot recently.

Where's their office?

Get in, quickly.


Tell the boss I'll be back.


How could Shunji be alive?

It's true!

Where'd you see him?

In front of the office parking lot.

How'd you recognize him?

We were sailors together.

I don't know how he survived, but
it's definitely him. I saw him myself.


...if it really is Shunji...

...we can't let him live.

He's the one who killed Shida.


Double check it's him.


Wait a sec.

Taki was too close to him.

Leave this one to me.

That 5-year-old incident is settled.

If there's noise, we can't afford to
let the name Marubishi be involved.

Yoshimura can recognize him... if we're sure it's Shunji,

make it look like an accident.

I understand, but...

if he's back,
he wants to start trouble.

He's very irritating, isn't he?



Do I resemble my sister so closely?

I'm Kozue's younger sister.


-I'm her sister, Mio.

I see.

I'd like to talk to Kozue.
Since she's your sister... you know how she is?
Where is she?

Where's your sister?

I came back for her.

Do you know?
Where she is now?

Did something happen?

Why are you silent?

Why are you silent?



She thought we'd marry
if you returned.

That's right.

When I came to Yokohama,
you were already missing.

By then, she'd stopped looking for you.
Then she vanished.

She didn't tell you where?

She just gave me your engagement ring.

It's been three years
since she disappeared.

For all I know, she's dead.


Don't say that!

She's not dead.

Kozue isn't dead!

It's all your fault!

Why did you kill someone?

You have it wrong.
That's not what happened!

It wasn't me who killed him.

He hit my head with
a beer bottle and I fell.

Who would believe that?


You're a criminal!

That was the most difficult part for her

It was too hard, and it killed her!

It's too late!

You can't bring her back!

You ruined her life!


Why are you so sure she's dead?

-Let's find her together.
-The police will arrest you.

The police?

We don't need to talk to them.

We'll find her on our own.
How about it?

-We can pool what we know...
-It's too late!

It's all too late.

Hey, Shunji!

Let us borrow him a minute.

Toné, stop it!

The boss gave me permission.

You'd better not get in our way.

Stop this!

-Tell your boss I told you to!

Are you connected to Marubishi?


I see.


We've finally found you.

I didn't kill Shida.

-Who was it?
-I dunno.

-You fought with him.

A man with a knife appeared.

Don't talk outta this!

Big brother!

Let's throw him in!

When the flowers come out in my hometown

when they came out

It bounced with joy, the silhouette

Now I'm at a fork in a hill road

Let's forget it!

I cry and stumble

Somehow, I've even forgotten her whistle

I forgot it all

When I called the girl from far away

Haruo Shima

It allowed me, the silhouette

When I covered in mud

From the bottom of my heart

Wrapping up a red kimono

I miss her terribly

How I miss her

Are you better?

Of course it was you.


Are you going out now?

We'll be waiting!

Looks tasty, doesn't it?

Just relax.

I've stirred up some
trouble with Marubishi.

I hope I haven't got you mixed up.

It's all right.

Don't worry about such things.

You're very generous.
What's your name?



Your brother?


I call him "Harukko."

Was he ever a longshoreman?




You're sneaky.

You haven't even told me your name.

I'm Shunji.


What a nice name!


Where'd Haruo go?

I'm not sure.

I see.

When he gets back, thank him.

-You seem prone to danger.
-I'll be fine.

How obstinate!
He'll be back soon.

Shunji, won't you rest until he's back?


-I have an appointment.
-You're going back?

-I see.

Your jacket.

Don't go getting into
fights like that again.

Look after this body.

Don't let it get broken.


Not to fight?

I promise.

Whatever you say.

I'm so happy!

And come visit us.


Take it.

I couldn't.

Take it for now.

For taking care of me.

You're so coy. What is it?

Why don't you open it when I get back?

Be careful!


Oh, it's you.

I'm lucky you found me.

How are your wounds?

Nothing too bad.

That's lucky.

You'd better stay away from the Madame.

I mistook her for someone.

I see.

She's with the boss
of Marubishi Construction.

I was wondering about that.

Can I get a ride?

Captain, a customer!

-You're on the Saranga Maru?
-How'd you know?

Yokohama's a small place.

Where's the customer?

Just make sure you're careful.

Where's Mr. Green?

He left?

He asked me to give you this.

I don't get it.

How about a glass?

Hey, Toné.

My name is Kang Ho-chun.

My name is Murayama.

Should we get straight
to our transaction?

There's someone here I can't stand.

Why'd you shut off the light?

He hit the wrong switch.

I didn't think it was so expensive.

It isn't the price.

Don't accept gifts so easily.

Why would I refuse it
when he was being so polite?

I'm in charge,
and I forbid it.

But why?

He seemed very grateful to you.

Just return it to him.

We don't want to get mixed up with him.

Why do you assume Shunji's bad?

What do we do if he is?

Then why did you help him?

-If you were hesitant about him, why...

I hate it!

I hate your thinking!

I won't talk to you about this any more.

When the light flickers and shakes

as it eventually will in this town

I'll still have strength to sing.

Nothing can force me to stop

because I have a dream.

In my memory of the night we parted

secretly, in this town
that doesn't change

Today came like any other day

If you call for me again,
my passion will reignite

because I have a dream, I will come

Best to do it quickly.

I'm counting on you.


Don't get too cozy with Shunji.


Don't screw up.

By now, he knows we're after him.

Got it?

I understand.

Step outside, will you?


Get out!

Go home, right away!

I have something to ask you!

You're in danger!

Since when are you Murayama's woman?

Go back!

What are you hiding
about Kozue?

Shut up!


Are you interfering with my business?

What's that face mean?

Be careful!

I'm an expert gymnast!

You think I'm lying?

I'll do a handstand!

Ready? I'll do it!

I understand, Yuri!

You don't have to prove it.

You didn't want this?

Too much of a tomboy?

The thing is...

my brother said I had to return it.
-Your brother?

Le matin ennui

You know?

Le... what was it?

Le matin ennui.

It means he's cranky in the morning.

So he told me I had to give it back.

He was very angry!

Your brother knows French?

No, but he always
complains in the morning.

That's what you mean.


Shunji, how long will
you stay in Yokohama?

Let me guess.

'Til you find your long lost sweetheart.

I'm right, aren't I?

Well, Shunji?

Who'd you hear it from?


No one.

Your brother?

I just guessed it.

Was I right?

I was right, wasn't I?

The thing is, she died.


You'll look strange with only one shoe.

Let's go buy new ones.

Haruo won't scold you this time.

How strange!

What's my old sweetheart
got to do with you?

Let's go!

Let's go.

What's wrong?

You're hopeless!

What's wrong?

You think Haruo will scold
you for being with me?

It's okay.

I don't care if he does.

Please, Shunji.

The Saganmaru is up to
something with Marubishi.

Promise not to get involved?

My brother says that your ship is bad.



Let me go!

Let me go!

Let go!


You only want me because
your sweetheart is gone!

It's so vexing!

I'm so vexed!

I'm sorry, Yuri.

You're so kind to me.

Unlike anyone I've ever met.

I'm sorry.

Will you forgive me?


-Don't walk barefoot.
-It's okay.

It's all right.
Wear them

Thank you.


-What'll it be?
-Red Label.


Come out here!

-Who is it?


Have you forgotten me?


You don't look happy to see me.

Never mind.

-Let's drink up!
-Thank you.

I'm glad you're well.

You seem nervous.

I can't stay.
I'm very sorry.

No need to apologize.

It seems it can't be helped.

By the way,
I want to ask you something

Bro! Hurry up!

It's all right.
We can talk later.

I'm coming!

I'm at May Flower Hotel.

See you there.

-It's better not to talk here.
-I see.

It's the first floor.
First door on the left.

Oh, Taki?
You beat me!

Let's take it easy.

It's been five years.

Let's celebrate tonight!

Come over here.

Who are you?


-Shunji, I...
-Forget it.

Let's have a drink first.
You can relax.

It's White Horse.

Should I make a highball?

I was moved to tears

I cried without stopping

I parted with that girl


Even the trees on the mountain cried

While a solitary cedar tree

Watched over like a stone Bodhisattva

In the outskirts of the village

Just how my sister liked it.

White Horse.

We loved to drink it.

It was hard to get your hands on then.

Whenever we managed to find it
somewhere, it would lift our spirits.

We drank a lot together.

One time...

...after a night of drinking
wine, it was a real mess...

We were laughing like children

but the hangover was killer.

But what became of her?


I couldn't tell you in the bar...


There's something I've hidden from you.

About Kozue?

I'm sorry.

It was just after you disappeared...

You were my sister's sweetheart.


After you vanished...

Murayama went after her.


You don't wanna tell anyone about this.

Got it?

Go help move her!

Taki told me about it.

I didn't know what to do!


-Where will you go?
-Where do you think? Maruyama!

It's dangerous!

From far, far away...

...a memory returns...

...of the distant sky...

...when I finally arrive in Tokyo.

I'm too late, she tells me.

Like an apple...

I'll have revenge against Murayama.

You can't!

I belong to him.


After he killed your sister?


I'm closer to Murayama than you are.

Let me go to him.

I want to avenge her!

That was why I got close to him!

I'm so angry when I think
about Murayama and my sister.

But the thing is, Shunji...

-He's too powerful now!
-I don't care what he does to me.

All I know is, I'll to
anything to avenge her!

Think it over.

I called out, over and over...

I called out on a moonlit night...

...she didn't return to me...

...I waited again on my way home...

How long has it been?

It must be twenty years or more.

Much too long.


-Shunji! Think this through!

I've waited 5 years.

-I snuck back
-Let's go to the police!

The police?

I'm a fugitive!

And you? How'd you explain being
with your sister's killer?

I'm trying to protect you!

You know about my promise.
You ought to understand.

-It won't be Murayama alone.
-I'm ready for whoever gets in the way.

Whatever happens, I'm ready.

But Shunji!

Don't say anything more!

It's settled.

Shunji! Wait!


Murayama's doing, again.

It's too bad running into you here.

With this unfortunate business.

By the way...

I want you to make sure Shunji comes
to the bar tonight. Got it?

I didn't tell you to kill Taki.

Just follow my orders from now on.


He blabbed about
Kozue after I warned him.

-So what?
-I had to kill him.

He was there that
night and saw everything.

Who else might he tell?

At this point, that doesn't matter.

Shunji is what matters.

That jerk may have talked, but we don't
need heat from the cops right now.

You might've exposed us.


He's going to come to us tonight.

Sit down here.

I'll be waiting with Mio.


You know the plan?

Who are you calling?

The police?

Don't play innocent!

That Shunji bastard
got to you, didn't he?

It's you!

You're under arrest for smuggling.

Don't try to resist!
We're taking you in!


You're Shida's killer!


I rub out whoever's in the way.

With Shida around,
I couldn't rise in the ranks.

Run 'em down!

Big brother!

You got a problem?
Now's our chance!


What're you doing?

Stop that!

It's dangerous!






Where's Murayama?


Harbor Light...

Harbor Light?


They got him.


My sister's ring...

...come take it.


I have to arrest you for smuggling.

But for my sister,
I'll use this instead.

I've been probing
into Marubishi's smuggling.

So you...

I know Saranga Maru is involved.
I've arrested your captain.

Won't you come quietly?

Just for now.
You'll manage.


Why'd Shunji leave
without saying goodbye?

He must have been rushed.

Will he come back?

His ship comes back in a month.

A month?

It has to go to India and back.

I see. That's so long.


When Shunji gets back,
let's let him stay with us.

This is yours.

Go on, take it.

It's all right.
Shunji will be back.

Even though I remember it... pathetic love is
just tears in the wind.

What a fool I am.

Like the mountains in the sunset...

...if you look into the sun...

My heart inflames with passion.

A deep, deep red.

The Inn of Floating Weeds