Ujala Hi Ujala (1974) - full transcript

Anuradha lost her mother at a very young age, and her father re-married a much younger woman named Anita, who wanted Anuradha out of their lives, and forced her to drink alcohol at a very young age. By the time Anuradha was an adult she was addicted to alcohol. After the passing of her dad, she is left to run a huge estate and business single-handedly - with the assistance of her close friend, Ajit and uncle, Jamunaprasad. One day Jamunaprasad recommends Vikram for employment with her organization, she does hire him, but dislikes him a lot. When Vikram comes to her rescue, the dislike turns into love, both want to get married, and she even gives up drinking. On the day of the engagement, Ajit cautions her against Vikram and shows her some incriminating photographs of Vikram and a woman named Gita. Angered at this betrayal, she immediately cancels her engagement and decides not to have to do anything with Vikram anymore. She takes to drinking alcohol again, and decides to marry Ajit. When Jamunaprasad wants to find out the reason, she accuses him of using Vikram to conspire against her and her wealth - as she will not let anyone come between her and Ajit anymore. What she does not know is that Ajit is already married; and is also having an affair with her step-mother. Will she find out about this, before it gets too late?

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What happened? Is the work done?


They hired someone else.

Oh no!

You didn't get job even here.

you don't get job like this.

For that you need money
and recommendations.

You don't have any.

I'm unlucky.

My hope always get shattered.

Don't lose heart.


Talk to your father for me.

- He has a big business.
- He might hire me at some post.

- Why didn't you give me this idea earlier?
- Father is out of town..

When he returns I'll talk about
you and get you a job.

Come. I'll drop you.

No. I'm going to Bandstand
to meet Shankar.

Who is Shankar?

He's my good friend like you.

I'll drop you there.

- Banstand is nearby. I'll walk.
- Ok, listen.

Can I say something
if you don't mind?

- No.
- Do you want some money?


I wish ask you if I need it.

He's very simple.

Saraswati, you?

- Sir, how are you?
- Please be seated.

- You went to America, right?
- Yes, sir.

I went to America but there
was no professor like you.

I failed for 3 years
and so I returned.

What do you plan to do now?

Sir, I've thought of a plan so
that you and your father..

I mean my father and mother
will be proud too.

Do it for sure.

Thank you, sir.

Lovely professor.

Lovely professor.

Look, Shyam.

You wander to get a job leaving
ailing sister at home.

What else can I do?

Do manual labour. Earn some money.

I'm lame. Yet I sell balloons
and earn decent living.

You're hale and healthy.

If you earn even Rs.10 per day,
it'll be Rs.300 per month.

That's fine, Shankar. But..

How will you sell?
As you're a graduate. Right?

This is the problem
with educated men.

They think they'll get
a job after getting..

- A certificate from college.
- You're ashamed of manual work.

No, Shankar.

- It's not so.
- Forget it. I know.

There are many graduates like
you looking for jobs.

Take this.

I've not seen Rupa for days.
I'll come with you too.

Drink tea.

What happened? Rupa. Rupa.

- Shankar is fainted.
- Call the doctor immediately.

Go. Take this money. Go in cab.

- Yes.
- Go. I'll be with her.

Vikram, there is only one way
to save your sister's life.

- That's operation.
- Operation?

I warned you earlier.

But now this is an emergency case.

Operation should be performed
by tomorrow morning.

- But doctor..
- Don't worry.

Doctor Madan is a famous surgeon
and my friend too.

He'll perform the operation
for free.

Only medicines and injections..

Have to be paid for.

- What will be the expenses?
- Around 1200 rupees.

1200 rupees.

Ok. I'll arrange that.

I'll take appointed from
doctor Madan today.

Brace yourself, son.

How will you get 1200 rupees?

I'm thinking the same, Shankar.

I've a friend. Saraswati.

He's a son of a rich man.

He'll surely help me.

- I'll go to him. Be with Rupa.
- Ok.

Greetings, mother.
Is Saraswati home?

No, son. He has gone out.

Where can I find him?
I've urgent work with him.

You'll surely find him in
the club in the evening.



Hold it.


Shankar. What happened?

After you left,
Rupa got serious suddenly.

- She was vomiting blood.
- I called the doctor and he said to..

Bring her to hospital quickly.
Did you arrange the money?

Not yet.

What will happen now?

- Don't worry. I'm going to club to meet Saraswati.
- Ok.

I'll get the money.


- Excuse me.
- Yes please.

I want to meet Mr. Saraswati.

Mr. Saraswati.

Maybe he didn't come yet.

He comes here daily, right?

Not for sure. He's a moody person.

He might not come.

- Can I wait for him?
- Of course.

- Please sit.
- Thank you.

Stealing heart..

Stealing goods..

Both is a crime.

It is a crime.

You can cheat in love.

Or you can cheat with
sleight of hands.

You can cheat in love.

Or you can cheat with
sleight of hands.

It's a theft whether
it's day or night.

It's a crime.

It's a crime.

Stealing heart..

Stealing goods..

Both is a crime.

It is a crime.

Whether it's lip or goblet..

I don't take what
belongs to others.

Whether it's lip or goblet..

I don't take what
belongs to others.

It's a crime to covet
other's belonging.

It's a crime.

It's a crime.

Stealing heart..

Stealing goods..

Both is a crime.

It is a crime.

It is a crime.


You were stealing.

- No..
- Come with me.

- Where?
- Police station.

- I..
- No arguments.


everyone goes through trouble.

But it doesn't mean..

A graduated and decent man like
you should become a thief.

Helplessness forces a
man to do everything.

Had it been someone
else in my place..

He would've handed
you to police.

Then what would've happened
to your sister?

Who would've treated me? How would
her operation taken place?

how much money do you want?


I'll give you 1500.

You'll give me.

I've and you're in need.

In return you can do my work.

I'll never forget your favour.

I'll do whatever you say.

Look, before starting any work
a man should fix himself up.

There isn't much difference
in our height.

There is my bedroom with bathroom.

There are my clothes
in my cupboard.

Wash up and wear a nice suit.

I'll be back. Ok?

Ah.. Gita.



I forgot to tell you,
your uncle Hari had sent a letter.

Wow! Is everything fine?

His son is getting his hair
cut for the first time.

- We'll go.
- He has called everyone.

We'll ask Ajit when he comes.

He'll be happy to see
us after a long time.

See if Ajit is here.

Ah.. father is awake.

- Did you come, son Ajit?
- Yes, father.

Bless you.

Father, let's go out to dine.

You know I eat early.
You can take her.

No, father.
Food will be wasted at home.

Let it be.

There should be change and variety
in life. Right, father?

- Right. Go and change.
- Quick.

You must be having trouble
as Gita stays here.

- What trouble, father?
- Instead of living alone in my flat..

She lives here to serve you.

But I don't like it.
As for my food..

I can eat in college canteen.

Why, father? Let this go on.

That's fine, son. But your
responsibilities will increase..

- You'll get kids..
- Then..

Father, we'll see then.

Let's go.

- Shall we, father?
- Come soon.

Come, Ajit.

First drink soup, sister-in-law.
This is our speciality.

- Don't be format. Start.
- You too join us.


Soup is really delicious, Yashpal.
Right, Gita?

Isn't it?

- What happened, Gita?
- What happened, sister-in-law?

Gita. What happened?

- I feel giddy.
- Ajit, sister-in-law isn't feeling well.

- Take her home.
- Gita, let's go home.


She got ill suddenly.

Take her to bedroom,
I'll call the doctor.

I don't know what to do.

She's in this condition and doctor
will come after some time.

- You can go please. -Yes..
- Yes.

Your sister isn't well.
Take this money.

- You can go. -But you said you've some work..
- Forget the work.

Can you see I'm in trouble?
But your work is done.

- Go please.
- But..

Take the suit too.
Go and save your sister.

- But this..
- Go to your sister.



Thank God you came.
I was waiting for you.

- Did you arrange the money?
- Yes.

- How is Rupa?
- God saved her.

Doctor gave this prescription.
Go and get it.

- I'll get it.
- Ok.

Who is it?

Ah.. remedy for hang over.

Uncle. When did you come?

Last night.

I thought it will be better
to see you in the morning.

How is my property
in Mahabaleshwar?

It's bad.
I think you should sell it.

Some people even squatted
on a part of land.

File a case against them.

I learnt when I went there.

Look, child. As your father's
friend I promised him..

That until you get mature
and educated..

I'll be your guardian.

What do you want to say?

That now you should pay attention
to your business.

You come to office only
4-5 times in a month.

Oh! I get headache when
I hear about office.

Appoint some managers for me.

If owner doesn't take care,
business will get ruined.

Please, uncle.

Ah! There is only one solution.


I should marry you to a boy who
can handle your business.

- Ah.. not a bad idea.
- Isn't it?

But we should find such a boy?

- Halt!
- Saraswati.

No time no see.
You don't even come to club.

I don't go to club because of you.

- Why?
- Because I go to club to meet girls.

And you come wherever
there are girls.

And when you come,
nobody looks at me.

You've come here too.

- Tell me, is Anu home?
- Yes.

- Ok.
- Listen, you can't go in now.

- Why?
- Because someone else is there.

- Who?
- Jamnaprasad.

- Jamnaprasad..
- My father.

- Oh! -What is it, Saraswati?
- Daddy.

Daddy, he's my best friend Ajit.

- Hello.
- He's a great photographer.

He makes beautiful girls
more beautiful.

But he never clicked my photo.

He's always with girls.
Dad, please request him.

Ok, let's go.

Wow! What a request!

One went here and one there.
I'm in middle.


- Hi, Ajit.
- Hi, Anu.

What is it? Today you came
early in the morning.

I came to return your belonging.

- Belonging?
- Yes.

Do you remember how
much rupees it had?


- Count them.
- Don't be silly.

You're the only one
I can trust fully.

If someone else had
got this purse..

He wouldn't have returned it.


You're innocent like a kid.

You're beautiful and rich.

God knows how many will
try to trap you.

You save me from them.

Do you know what people
say when I'm with you?


That I want your wealth.

Let them talk rubbish.
I know you well.

Hey, what's in this packet?

- Your photos.
- Really, let me see.

Lovely. Beautiful.

Nobody ever took such
nice photos of mine.

Which photo did you like the most?

- This one.
- This?

Then I'll take it.

When I'll miss you, I'll see it.


I'm going out for 15 days
for official work.

15 days.

It's an urgent work.

Take care of yourself.

Don't drink too much.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Father, why did you take the
trouble to come here?

- Ajit..
- If you had phoned, I would've come.

You were in a hurry last night
so I didn't tell you.

I'm going to Pune to attend
Hari's son tonsure rituals.

Uncle Hari didn't call me.

He invited everyone and I wanted
everyone to go, but..

Gita isn't feeling well.

I think she's pregnant.

Yes, father. I too think so.

So I thought I should go
alone or he'll feel bad.

Son, go home soon.

- Take care of Gita.
- Yes, father.

When will you return?

Today is 15th.
I'll come on 21st or 22nd.

21st or 22nd.

- Do you've some work?
- Nothing much. I had to go to Delhi.

Anyway, I'll go when you return.

Yes, son. Do that.

- Don't worry, father.
- Bye.

- Yashpal dear.
- Yes, dear.

- Cancel the trip to Delhi.
- Consider it done.

Come, sir is waiting for you.
Let's go.

You did a good thing by
canceling Delhi trip.

I've to go to Delhi, Anu.

- It's my work.
- Quit your work.

How much do you earn?

Around 2000.

I'll give you 5000.

Do you agree?

No, Anu.

I don't want to lose your
friendship by taking this job.

You can start your business.

I'll give you as much
money as you want.

One or two Lakh. Even more.

No, Anu. I want nothing.

The respect you gave
me is enough for me.

Promise me..


You'll never go away from me.

- Then you too promise.
- What?

You'll return from Delhi quickly.


Ajit, you don't know, but
when you're not around..

It feels as if I lack something.

Drink this.

Take it.

Wow! Romeo and Juliet
drama is going on.

- Who are you?
- Talk with respect.

- Give me the money.
- Money?

- Yes.
- Which money?

Give me your wallet
or I'll kill you.

They came to rob us. Stupid goons!

Let's go.

Sir, we were thrashed a lot.
Give us more money.

- You were thrashed a lot.
- Yes, sir.

Take this.

Ok, happy?

There was no rain.

There is no water.

All the youth of the county
are worried..

How will these girls swim?

Will the swimming pool close down,

Who is it?

Who is it?


You're strange, friend.

I talked to dad for your job,
but you're nowhere to be seen.

Where were you? Sit.

I came many times,
but I couldn't meet you.

Rupa was ill..

- We had to do her operation.
- How is she?

She's fine now.

I brought her home from
hospital yesterday.

I need a job really bad.

Vikram, don't be so worried.

Dad is home.
I'll introduce you to him.

- Saraswati.
- That's my father.

- Yes, dad.
- Do you've the newspaper? -Here.

due to no rain swimming pool..

Dad, this is old newspaper
of yesterday.

- Where is today's newspaper?
- There. I'll get it.

Dad, he's my friend Mr. Vikram.

I had talked about his job.

- What's your qualification?
- He's a graduate in commerce.

Why not masters in commerce?

I couldn't do it because
of shortage of money.

Any experience in accountancy?

Not much. But you won't have any
complain regarding my work.

- Dad, I guarantee you.
- Will you be quiet?

Can you adjust black?

- What?
- Black? Don't you understand?

In every business there
is is grey area.

There is black money.

We've to make adjustments
in accounts.

Forgive me. I can't do that.

You want a job?

I came for that.

I can do any work with
honesty and dignity.

Not with cheating.

Even if you've to face
trouble as unemployed?


- Forgive me, Saraswati. I..
- Wait.

I was testing you.

You could've lied to get the job.
But you didn't.

I'm pleased.

Dad, after all he's my friend.

But dad, you're a good actor.

- Your acting was wonderful.
- Will you please shut up?

Sit. I'll be back.

Vikram. Vikram.

You're so cruel!

You impressed my dad with your
honesty in the first meeting.

- After all I'm your friend.
- Consider the job is yours.

- Want tea?
- Sure.


- Babu.
- Coming, sir.

Two tea with cream.

- Ok, sir.
- Listen.

- Bring it in bathroom.
- Bathroom?

- Bathroom?
- There is bathroom in my room.

- Shankar.
- It's good that you came.

Take these fruits for Rupa.

- First buy some sweets.
- Why?

- To treat me.
- What's the occasion?

I'll get a job tomorrow.

- Really? -Yes.
- Wait.

Kids, come here.

Take these balloons. Good.

Shankar! What's this madness!

This is the only thing I could
think of to express my joy.

There are very few joyous
occasion in our lives, Vikram.

We should celebrate whenever
we get a chance.

Let's go home.

Rupa will be happy to
hear the news. Come.

Let's go.



Brother, please take care of him.

It's nothing.

Are you blind? Couldn't you
driving carefully -Shut up!

You should watch while crossing.

What if something had
happened to my car?

Take this. Give it to him.

Do you think these
money give you..

Right to play with human lives.

I'll hand you to police..

And you'll get sober down. Come.

Leave her. Let her go.


It would've been better if I had..

Died before seeing
this ruination.

Please take him to my car.

- What's the matter, baby?
- Nothing.

If anyone comes,
tell them I'm not home.

May God give you success!

Shankar, don't go to work today.

Doctor has adviced you
rest for a week.

Forget the doctor.

He injected with something to
keep me sleeping so late.

- I'm fine.
- Rupa, do you hear?

Don't worry.
I won't let him go out.

- Wow!
- Brother Shankar, lie on your bed quietly.

You order me.

- Do you know I call you sister?
- Come on.

Let's go.

Make him sit. I'll be there.

Mr. Vikram.


You're very shameless.

You insulted me yesterday
and today..

You came to ask me for a job.

If I had known Jamnaprasad
will sent me to you I'd..

The problem is that you came
to me with uncle's letter.

And I've to listen to him.

- Or else..
- Don't talk rubbish!

You think I'll work for you?

- A rich and rude girl who still stinks of liquor..
- Shut up!

I can buy many like you.

This is money talking.
It's high is worse than liquor.

If you're in your senses,
listen to me.

There is something which
no money can buy.

And that's human's dignity.

No respectable and dignified man..

Will prefer to starve to
die than to work for you.

I quit her job.

You didn't do the right thing.

You don't know how unlucky
that girl is.

Why do you sympathize with her?

How are you related to her?

In way, there is a bond..

And nothing if we don't accept.

Anu's mother was my aunt.

My parents died of cholera
when I was small.

Aunt brought me here.

She was a simple Indian woman.

And uncle..

Was like an Englishman.

He used to take Anu to parties
and clubs when she was small.

And aunt never liked it.

Now aunt won't go to
parties with you.

- Why?
- She's not a kid anymore.

I don't want my daughter to
go to clubs and parties..

And learn to dance with men.

Learn to drink liquor and..

And be called a society
girl when she grows up.

Don't talk nonsense.

An illiterate woman don't know
the ways of modern society.

Go and read your holy books.

Don't interfere between
Anu and me.

I'm her mother.

That's my misfortune
that you're my wife.

Only for namesake.

I neither love you nor I need you.

It wouldn't been better
if I had died.

And I would've got rid of you.

- Get aside.
- Aunt was heart broken.

She couldn't tolerate this shock.

Before dying she said..

Anu is your younger sister.

Take care of her, son.

When aunt died..

Uncle brought a young
and beautiful girl..

To take care of Anu.

Now you'll always be
in front of me.

Let it be. You brought me home
as nanny of your daughter.

In return I gave you flat and car.
What more do you want?

I want to be your wife.

I don't intend to marry again.

Anita was furious when he
refused to marry her.

She used to give liquor
to Anu everyday.

And when I saw it..

I got filled with rage.

- Take it.
- No, aunt. It's enough.

Drink this.
Then we'll eat and sleep.

Anu. Go from here.

You wretched!

You want to ruin my sister's
life for your luxury.

I'll kill you.


What's going on?

You made my aunt suffer to death
because of this wretched.

- And now she..
- Shut up!

Fearing that I might defame him..

Uncle accused me of theft
and handed me to police.

I was jailed.

Even in prison..

I kept remembering
aunt's last words.

Anu is your younger sister.

Take care of her, son.

In Anu's love..

I was forced to break prison.

I broke my leg.

My prison sentence increased.

When I was released from prison..

I went to meet Anu.

I learnt..

That uncle had died.

And Anu..

Anu was totally lost in liquor.

- Where are you going?
- I want to meet Anu.

- Baby Anu? -Yes.
- Go.

- Anu.
- Who is this insolent?

Who let him in?

Anu, you didn't recognize me.
I'm Shankar.

- Your brother.
- Hello, brother.

Look at Anu's brother's condition.

- Anu, he's your brother.
- I've no brother.

- No one.
- I think he's mad.

He's not mad. I think he's high.

- You want to drink more.
- Anu. -Shut up!

You spoilt my mood.

Get out of here or I'll
throw you out. Got it?

After that day I didn't
even try to meet Anu.

I tried to forget her.

But I couldn't.

Vikram, believe me..

Even if today I can give
my life to save Anu..

I'll willingly do so.

- Anu..
- Brother Shankar.

Anu. How come you're here?

I came to see you.

After hearing you I
couldn't control..

My tears on my misfortune.

Nobody gave me love till today.

I kept drinking liquor to
get over this loneliness.

I kept wandering.

I even spurned the love
of a brother like you.

Don't cy, Anu.

I'm still alive to
wipe your tears.

- Come with me now.
- No.

I'll come when you
reform yourself.

'No. I'll come when you
reform yourself'

'You think I'll work for you'

- 'A rich and rude girl who still stinks of liquor..
- Shut up'


- Your friend.. What's his name?
- Vikram.

Yes, Vikram. He's strange.

What happened, dad?

He went to Anu with
my recommendation..

Letter but never came again.

Tell him to meet me.

I'll call him now.

Where are you going with
the plate? Eat first.

Son, you don't need to go now.
Go in the morning.

Will you keep thinking of others..

Or worry for him too?

What's the need to think of him?

I forgot to think of him the day..

He went to America to
study for three years..

And failed all the three times.

It means he'll be idle
for all his life.

He doesn't need to work.

He's our only son.

He'll enjoy whatever I've earned.

No, dad. You're wrong.

I don't want your money.

Dad, I'll do some work..

Which will force you to say..

A son should be like me.

Mother, I'm not the son to
live on my father's money.

I'll earn myself.

But for that give me 5000 rupees,

- 5000?
- You give me 1000, mother.

I won't give you a penny.

Mother, dad is so generous.

- You should be more generous than him.
- Not at all.

Ok. You want 5000.

- Get my cheque book.
- Here.

- The cheque book is ready too?
- Yes, mother.

With the pen.

With pen? You'll surely spoil him.

Dad, make it 6000.

One one behalf of mother.

There is nobody home.

- Ah!
- Thief!

Hit him!

- Leave me.
- I'm Vikram's friend.

Yes. You call yourself Vikram's
friend now that you're caught.

Come to police station.

- Saraswati, you?
- Rupa.

Save me, Rupa.
They think I'm a thief.

- Rupa, do you know him?
- Yes, he's brother Vikram's friend.

I only saw him from behind.

That's why I was thrashed.

Why didn't you see my face?

Forgive us, brother. We erred.

No. I won't forgive you.

You've thrashed this innocent man.

You broke my button.
I'll break yours.

I'll sue you all.

I apologize on their behalf.

- Forget everything.
- Ok.

I forgave them too.

You may go. Go!

Please sit. Brother will be here.

- I'll bring tea for you.
- No. The hospitality..

So far is enough.
No need for tea.

Tell your brother that my
father has called him.

Does it hurt a lot?
Can I apply balm?

Nothing will be of any use.

Are you neighbours wrestler?

They thrashed me so bad.

Tell them to join
the police force.

Either be here or there.

Anu is like my daughter.

After her father's death..

I had to shift my business
here from Delhi.

I've my own business on one hand..

And Anu's business
on other hand.

It's hard for me to concentrate
on both.

When I help dad he objects.
Now you help him.

- Actually..
- Nothing doing. I know everything.

Dad, actually..

- When he met Anu for the first time..
- I know.

In that case I'll be quiet.

Vikram, Anu is a big moody
but she's kind hearted.

Don't mind her.

She told me that she's
really ashamed.

Come to office at 10
am and take charge.

Ok. Well, best of luck.

Thank you, dad.

Thank you on behalf of Vikram.

And thank you, Vikram.

Dad left.

But this thank you
is on his behalf.

Did uncle return from Pune?

Are you not well today?

Did he come or not?

I want to talk to him.

What's so important?

Tell me.

Ok. Maybe I can't tell him.

His daughter is characterless.

- She's promiscuous.
- Shut up!

- Aren't you ashamed to say that?
- Ashamed?

When you didn't feel shy to have
affair with other men..

Why should I shy from saying it?

Ajit, are you out of your mind?
What are you saying?

I'm saying the right thing.

First I had doubt, but now I've
proof of her betrayal.

- What proof do you've?
- You want to see? -Yes.

Look at this. You too.

- Who is he? -Not me..
- Don't lie.

I myself clicked these
photos myself.

Father, this is scandal..

At least you should've
thought of his honor.

Father won't be able to face
anyone after your such act.

I'll divorce you as
I'm a decent man.

Anyone else would've
strangulated you.

You'll get my lawyer's
notice tomorrow.

I'm sorry, uncle.

I've no other option.

Before doing this why
didn't you die.

No, father. I'm innocent.

I don't know all this.

- I swear on you.
- Don't swear!

You shameless girl!

Ah! Great!

You look like a fairy
in this dress.

I thought we'll meet in
club this evening..

- But I couldn't wait.
- I came to you directly from the airport.

- It's good. We would've have meet in club.
- Why?

I quit going to club.

Very good.
Take this. Your favorite gift.

Imported liquor!

I quit drinking too, Ajit.

What? How is it possible?

Maybe you'd be surprised
on my sudden change.

Not just surprised,
I'm very happy.

If I had known you'd change
for good in my absence..

I would've left earlier.

Anyway, now in this joy, I'll
take a week's holiday.

- We'll go for outing.
- Sorry, Ajit.

Now I've started going
to office regularly.

I get time only on Sundays.

No problem. We'll go on Sunday.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Tell me the truth, uncle.
How do I look in this chair?

I've to come close to
take a good look.

On this chair you look like
the owner of this company.

May I come in, uncle?

Oh, Vikram. Come.

I've made account chart.
Check this.


Anu, take this.

This is a simple chart
made for you.

So that you can understand
income and expense easily.

I won't understand any of it.

Vikram will explain it to you.

I've to attend an urgent meeting.
I'll be back in two hours.

Why are you standing?
Please sit down.

- What happened?
- Can I do my work if you don't need me?

Then who will explain this riddle?

Read it first.
If you don't follow, ask me.

I won't understand even if
I read for hundred times.

our company has so many branches.

Calcutta, Delhi, Madras.

Lucknow. Jaipur.

You didn't even know that.

Why not? I know everything.

Then what's the order for me?

- You may go.
- What?

You can go.


What mess have uncle put me into!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good..

- How come you're here?
- This is my company.

I can check any office to see if
work is going on well or not.

- Oh!
- Secondly..

I ask all my employees..

If they've any problem.

I even want to know everything
about their family.

I know nothing of you.

I've just younger sister and
nobody else as I'm not married.

Anything else.

No. It's enough.

Thank you.

- Hi, Ajit.
- Hello.

- When did you come?
- Just a while ago.

Sorry, you've to wait for me.

No problem.
You said you're free on Sundays..

So I came making plans
for the whole day.

Movie at 6.30 then dinner
in some nice hotel.

- Agreed?
- Agreed.

Please sit.

That's it. Sit like this.

I want to take your photo
in this beautiful form.




One more, Anu.

Move this tress this way.

Wow! You look so pretty.





- Greetings.
- He's Ajit. My good friend.

I already met him.

- Where?
- In your house.

This is account of Lucknow branch.


I want to talk to you.

Ok, Anu.
Bye. Be ready. I'll pick you up.

- I'll be ready.
- Ok.

- Bye.
- Bye.

What are you thinking, uncle?

Ah.. nothing.


- Yes?
- Are you going home?

- Yes.
- I'll drop you.

Thank you. I'm used to walking.
And my house is nearby.

You've come.

- When did you get my message?
- When I reached home.

And you came immediately. Good.

Why did you call me here?

There is some private work.

What's this?

I want to show you that
I'm not drunk.

I don't care for your
private life.

Tell me, why did you call me?

I invited some special
guests on dinner.

- I need your help.
- Forgive me, I work in your office.

I'm not your servant or cook.

- Did you ever talk to anyone with respect or not..
- Anu!

Again misdemeanor!

Either say Anu or Miss Anu.

- I..
- My guests are here.

Come, Rupa. Come.

First of all I want to complain
to you about Mr. Vikram.

He's very insolent!

- Who? Vikram?
- Yes.

I invited you for dinner.

- Yes?
- The you know what he said when I asked for his help?

- What?
- I'm not your servant or cook.

You didn't say that Shankar
and Rupa were coming here.

- Saw? Is this any way to talk?
- Not at all.

Rupa, tell me. Does your brother
shout at you too?

- No.
- Vikram.

What happened to you?
Anu is your boss and my sister.

You should talk to
her with respect.

Ok, I apologize.
I won't err again.

- Madam, order me..
- Talk formally in office.

You can call me Anu like brother
Shankar and Rupa.

Let's eat.

Don't dare to move!

Tell me,
where is the locker of this house?

Locker? It's in that room.

- Where is the key?
- I've it.

- Give me.
- Ok, here it's.

Give me the key.

- You? -Yes, mother.
- You try to fool me.

I appreciate your stinginess.

You weren't scared even after
seeing the pistol.

- It's fake. -But I'm real.
- Yes.


- What's this act!
- Dad, I was testing my skill of disguise.

Mother recognized me. I'm flopped.

Why are you in this costume?

Did you join any drama company?

Oh no, dad! Your son has become
a private detective.

Anand detective.

Oh! Detective.

The biggest detective of India.

Just a minute.

Dad, look.

This is my certificate.

I just need a case.

And then you can see my feat!

I'll touch the sky.

- Really?
- Yes, dad.

Oh! Then I'll give you a case.

You? Wait a minute please.

Where is my diary?

Oh! Excuse me. Your pen please.

- Tell me, who died?
- Nobody.

- Ok.
- I want to know what Ajit does.

- What's his business?
- Business.

- And what's his relationship with Anu?
- Ok.


It's a very difficult case, dad.

Don't worry.
I've taken this case now.

You'll get Ajit's daily report.

But dad, this is your cheque.

- Give me 1000 rupees advance.
- Not now.

First find all this.
Then send me a bill.

Then you'll get payment.

Ok, dad. Give me Rs. 500.

Shut up!

He's a fool.

- But you too..
- I'm a fool's father.

Oh! Both of you'll drive me crazy.

Yashpal dear..

Today I'll give you good news
that will delight you.

Tell me.

- Gita committed suicide.
- What?

She committed suicide?
How did you know?

Look. This is her father's letter.

Congrats. Your hurdle is no more.

I knew that our plan will succeed.

But I didn't expect
it to work so soon.

Now marry Anu quickly.

Or else she'll find
out your truth.

Who cares about that now, dear?

Uncle has sent the certificate
of my decency.

Now Anu is mine and her
wealth will be ours.


Take a sip on this
happy occasion.

Just one.


Which romantic novel
are you reading?

Show me too.



Business management.

Anu, you've really changed.

You too look changed today.

This Indian dress and
this simplicity.

I'm tying to follow
your footsteps.

I too quit drinking liquor.

- Really?
- I stopped going to hotels too.

- Why?
- Because..

One should quit what one's
to-be spouse doesn't like.

You're marrying? Congratulations.

Who is the lucky girl?
When will you introduce her to me?

Don't joke, Anu.

I was sure that you
know my feelings.

I can't even think of marrying
anyone besides you.

what has happened to you today?

Today my feelings came on my lips.

I tried to say many times,
but I couldn't.

Because you're very rich.

- And I..
- Ajit, love is the foundation of marriage.

It has nothing to do with wealth.

Don't you love me?

I like you as a friend.

We've come so close, Anu..

We know each other for so long.

I often came to drop you
home late in the nights.

You slept on my chest many
times in the car.

I was intoxicated during
those times.

And you never took any advantage.

That's why I respect you too.

Then why do you refuse to marry?

There is a difference between
like and love, Ajit.

I don't want to marry now.

She doesn't want to marry!

Your friendship is
very dearer to me.

I want that the way you've
fulfilled it till today..

You'll do so all your life.

If you want this,
Anu, then I promise..

I'll be your true friend
for all your life.

You can test me whenever you want.

Ajit, I expected this from you.

You fool!
You won't get your ways here.

- First Jaggu seized the land.
- Yes, sir.

- Then he made a house there?
- Yes, sir.

- And you kept sleeping.
- Yes.. -Why didn't you stop him?

I tried to stop him, sir.

I challenged both Jaggu
and his brother Mangu.

When he can't take care
of that place..

Then why don't you appoint
another watchman, uncle?

But if some other watchman
comes in my place..

I'll break his legs.

Who are you to fire me?

- Bhaddu?
- Yes, sir.

Talk with respect.
She's your boss.

Boss. Forgive me. I erred.

Forgive me. I apologize to you.

- Ok, fine. You can go.
- Bye. Bye, sir.

Come. Child..

I think we've to do something
about Mahabaleshwar property soon.

Or else complications
will increase.

And it'll be hard to
get those goons out.


Anu came home after
so many days.

And you're talking of business
and property.

Talk of something else. If there
is nothing, talk about me.

What do you want to keep quiet?

Nothing, dad. It's free.


Look, child..

I'll explain Vikram and send
him to Mahabaleshwar..

With property documents.

He's a good boy.
I'm happy with his work.

After all, friend..

Uncle, I didn't even see
Mahabaleshwar property till today.

I think I should see it too once.

Anu, I'll also come to
Mahabaleshwar with you.


Because how can Anu
go there all alone?

Why? Why will she go alone?

- Vikram will be with her.
- Dad.

After all Vikram is an outsider
and I'm like family.

What do you know of legal

- I don't need to know. This is lawyer's work.
- Ok, uncle.

Tell Vikram to get ready to come
with me tomorrow morning.

- I'll leave. -Bye.
- Ciao.

Dad, this is fine that Vikram
is a decent man.

He's my friend.

But as a famous detective..

It's compulsory for
me to go with Anu.

- Mr. Detective..
- Yes, dad.

What about the case I gave to you?

Yes, dad.
Investigation is going on.

Look at this.

Ah.. one minute. Please stand up.

Please. Hold this.

Dad, in Ajit's family for
past seven generations..

All the men that were born..

All the women that were born..

All the servants
that were born..

Their names are in this list.

Now I'm going to find
out about Ajit.

- Saraswati.
- Yes, dad.

- Your mother is right.
- About what?

You're a fool.

What happened to my ears?
I can't hear anything.

Good afternoon.

- What?
- I meant good afternoon.

Oh good afternoon.

- Yes.
- What yes?

- Do you want to order something?
- Yes.

- Call Mr. Ajit here.
- Why?

- I've some private work. Where is he?
- Inside.

- Then stay out. I'll go in.
- Mister.

- Smile. Yes.
- Ajit.

What is it, Saraswati?

What happened to you?

whenever I see something nice..

I start drooling.

I want to talk to you privately.

Excuse me, girls.

Come, Ajit. First tell me..

Do you..

- Think I'm a fool.
- Who said it?

- My father did.
- Then I can't say anything.

When you can't say,
how can I argue?

Now tell me.
What's your relationship with Anu?

Do you really love her?

I love her and I'll
always love her.

She too loves and will
always do so.

But why are you asking?

I won't ask. I know what you do.

I know your business.
Now tell me..

What's the secret
because of which..

You're always surrounded
by girls?

There are girls all around you.

Can't I get even one girl?


Look, Saraswati.
All these girls are modern girls.

They're of nobody.
They're not worthy of you.

You should look for a simple,
innocent Indian girl.

- How is that?
- That..

She sweeps and grinds
spices in the house..

- She cooks and prays.
- Stop it, Ajit.

You've opened my eyes.

I got my destination but
what will happen of you?


You just said these modern girls
belong to nobody like Anu.

Look, you love Anu.

And she's going to Mahabaleshwar
with some other boy.

You're laughing.

You think I should
get such a girl..

Who can sweep..

Who can wash utensils..

Grind spices..

And pray. Bye.

Did you consider what
Saraswati said?

- He's a fool.
- But he said the right thing.

And you too were saying that Anu
wants to be just your friend.

Look, Yashpal, I know how to
change friendship into love.

You don't know.
So you're a fool too.

- Wow! Wow!
- You?

On the rhythm of your sweeping..

- Music directors will sacrifice their music.
- What?

- Rupa, can you cook?
- Yes.

- Can you stitch?
- A little.

- Can you pray?
- I pray daily.

You're so simple. My work is done.

- What is the matter?
- First tell me, what do you think of me?

You're brother's friend.
You're a nice man.

I'm a fool.

Rupa, I looked for you everywhere.

- Everywhere.
- Me?

- I stay at home.
- And I was blindfolded.

Today when I saw you
sweeping the floor..

- My eyes have opened up.
- What are you saying?

What do you want to say?

It's a very simple thing.

- Make my life. -What?
- Become my wife and make my life.

Hey, what's this?
You're feeling shy.

Now I'll have to talk
to your brother.

You stand here feeling shy,
I'll talk to your brother.

Hey. Hey..

My heart says..

My heart says..

Early in the morning
in your love..

There is light and darkness
in your love..

My heart says..

Early in the morning
in your love..

There is light and darkness
in your love..

You woo my heart with your eyes.

Why won't your lover sing in joy?

You woo my heart with your eyes.

Why won't your lover sing in joy?

May we never be separated!

Come close to me.

My heart says..

Early in the morning
in your love..

There is light and darkness
in your love..

You are so trim and thin,

I'll make you fat with all
the joy in the world.

You are so trim and thin,

I'll make you fat with all
the joy in the world.

I will give you treat everyday.

I will give you feat everyday.

My heart says..

My heart says..

Early in the morning
in your love..

There is light and darkness
in your love..

Latest report is that Anu is
going to Mahabaleshwar.

She didn't even tell Ajit
with whom she's going.

And Ajit is still illusional
that he can..

Change Anu's friendship
into love.

It means, Yashpal..

Ajit has lost Anu.

Anu can never escape
Ajit all her life.

No, dear.
She's already out of your grasp.

She changed so much
because of love..

- With someone who has won her heart.
- If you don't believe..

Go to Mahabaleshwar
and see for yourself.

I'll go.

I'll surely go.

Yashpal, I lost Gita to get Anu.

If anyone comes between
Anu and me..

I'll kill him.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

Why did you stop the car?

First get down.

Look, this lake is so beautiful.

I feel like swimming
far away in it.

Can you swim?

There are more beautiful
lakes in Mahabaleshwar.

You can go there and
swim and boat.

But first come to Mahabaleshwar.

- Have you been to Mahabaleshwar?
- Many times.

With whom?

With friends or all
alone sometimes.

It's more fun to go with
someone at such places.

Especially with a dear one.

- Madam Anu..
- Don't call me madam.

Call me Anu.

Actually, it's a habit.

It's a bad habit.

Give it up as soon as possible.

I'll try.

It's getting late. Let's go.

No. I like it here.

I won't go from here right now.

Ok, stay here. I'll take a bus.

You'll leave me alone.

Look, I'm not master of
my own will like you.

It's my duty to finish the work..

That uncle Jamuna handed to me.

- I can do that work too.
- No.

Those people who have seized
your land are goons.

It's my work to talk to me,
not yours.

It means you've come with
me as my bodyguard.

You can think whatever you want.
You'll need my help there.

Not at all.
I'm scared of nobody. Come.

Father. Madam has come. Come on.

- Greetings, madam.
- Hello. -Greetings.

He's my son, Bholu.

Bhaggu, where are those who
have seized our land?

They're nearby.

You must be tired. First eat
something then we can go.

No. I want to meet them now.

- Can I come with you?
- Stay here and get the luggage down.


Sir, did you fight with
madam on the way?

You do your work and
get the luggage.

Madam. Madam.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

They're goons.

And to protect you..

There should be a man with you.


If they misbehave with you..

I'll thrash them.

Ok, Mr. Man. Come.

These are the goons.

Look at their guts!

They're cutting trees in our
compound as if they own it.

Leave it, Kallu.

Go on the other side.
I'll cut it by then.

Hey, stop cutting the tree.

Tell me,
who gave permission to come here?

Jaggu doesn't need anyone's

Who are you to ask me?

First greetings her then talk,

She's the owner of this place.

Stupid fool!

The owner of this place
died long ago.

And her daughter..

Is intoxicated day and night.

Get out or I'll call the police.

Police will come later.

But you can't go from here in one
piece after slapping Jaggu.

- Come, dear!
- Stop!


You want to confront Jaggu?

I'll show you.

- Watchman! -Yes, sir.
- Call the police.

When you'll serve prison term..

You'll forget bullying.


- Can I make tea?
- Not now.

- Let him come.
- She too had this quality?

But she passed away.

Who? Bholu's mother and my wife.

She used to fight with
me all the time..

But she never ate or drank
anything without me.

Now go and do your work.

My work is to serve both of you,

Honestly, when Jaggu touched you..

Sir punched on him like a lion.

He's really a brave man to face
three goons all alone.

May God bless your pair!

Bhaggu, what did I say to you?

To go and do my work.

When Jaggu touched you..

Sir punched on him like a lion.

May God bless your pair!

- So there is only one remedy for it.
- What?

I should get you married
to a boy..

Who can handle your business.

Madam Anu.

Again madam?

I've lodged the report.

That goon is behind bar.

Court case will be filed
against them.

I'll come for court hearings.

You fought with Jaggu.
He had an axe.

What if you had got hurt?

I would've been a little hurt.

I would've got your sympathy.

And I could even got promotion.

You can get that even now.

- It's in my hands to give promotion.
- What do you want?

How can I know..

What you'll give me?

I've decided..

That now you're not the
employee but owner..

Of everything I've.

And of me too.

- Really?
- Yes.

After knowing you for
so long I'm sure..

That now you don't dislike me.

And I like you too.


Don't keep saying 'Really'.


I liked you a lot that day..

When you came to me with
uncle Jamuna's letter..

And left after scolding me.

And today..

Because of me you
risked your life..

Hey, Vikram.

Where did you go? Vikram.


For me you're my world.

I can't live without you.

I suppressed my feelings
for long.

But I won't do it anymore.

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

For me you're my world.

I can't live without you.

I got you after losing myself.

So how can my heart
listen to me now?

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

I've come to sacrifice
everything for you.

Even if..

The entire world objects to it.

I was lost in darkness.

Now I'll settle wherever
there is your light.

What's on your lips and eyes..

Is in my heart too.

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

For me you're my world.

I can't live without you.

I got you after losing myself.

So how can my heart
listen to me now?

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

Your pretty face hiding
behind the tresses..

Enchants my heart.

What can I give you now,

I can give you this
heart and life.

But there is nothing
worthy of you.

I only want your company
and your embrace.

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

For me you're my world.

I can't live without you.

I suppressed my feelings
for long.

But I won't do it anymore.

- Without you, beloved!
- Without you, beloved!

What are you waiting for?
It's a good chance.

Kill him.

I don't need to kill him
with pistol, Yashpal.

He'll die by itself.


Do you hear me, dear?

- What?
- Anu is getting married.

- Really? With whom?
- Sit.

I'll read it.

My dear uncle..

- You..
- She didn't mention aunt.

- Oh! First let me read.
- Ok.

You and aunt used to tell me
to marry and settle down.

I've chosen Vikram for myself.

- Vikram.
- It's very good.

Now I need your blessing.

You're my elder.

And I've nothing besides you.

- Your..
- Anu.

It should be called a coincidence.

Vikram is a good boy.

I too wanted such a boy for Anu.

Then what's the delay?

Anu changes her mind quickly.

I think we should get
her married soon.

You're right.

I'll go and fix Anu's
engagement day.

Hi, Anu.

Hi, Ajit.

It's a grand preparation.

Entire mansion looks so beautiful.

Congrats on your engagement.

- Why? Won't you come to the party?
- Definitely.

Anu, I was very happy to see
the invitation card..

But I was equally
disappointed too.

Disappointed? Why?

As a true friend I'll
only say that..

Vikram isn't worthy of you.

Ajit! I know Vikram very well.

And I love him.

There is a difference between
love and marriage.

It was my duty to warn you.

- It's up to you.
- Ajit.

But you didn't tell me,
why I shouldn't marry Vikram.

- You believe me?
- Yes.

Yet I want proof of
Vikram's fault.

Look, Anu.
I don't want to break your heart.

But you want proof. Look at this.

You know Vikram very well.

No recognize him too.

Everything is done very nicely.

We should fix the wedding date
too along with engagement.




This engagement won't take place.
Stop all this!

- I don't even want to see Vikram.
- What?

Anu! What are you saying?


Anu, tell me. What's the matter?


Anu, open the door.

Uncle, what happened to Anu?

I don't know.

Uncle, Anu has insulted me by
breaking this engagement.

I didn't ask Anu to marry me.

She wanted it.

I want to know the reason of
breaking the engagement.

I too don't know the reason.

She went inside crying
and closed the door.

You go and ask.
Maybe she'll tell you.

I went to Anu with Vikram.

But she isn't home.

- She isn't home?
- Yes.

Can you tell me where she'd
be at the moment?

O' heart!

Forget it.

Forget it.

Don't cy, dear.

Let bygones be bygones.

O' heart!

Forget it.

Forget it.

Don't cy, dear.

Let bygones be bygones.

O' heart!

Forget it.

Forget it.

It was a dream which
had to break.

Dreams aren't real.

Nobody was yours,
so don't rue it.

It was a dream which
had to break.

Dreams aren't real.

Nobody was yours,
so don't rue it.

Forget those days and
those meetings.

Everything about him was a lie!

I got you after losing myself.

So how can my heart listen to me?

Without you, beloved.

O' heart!

Forget it.

Forget it.

Don't cy, dear.

Let bygones be bygones.

O' heart!

Forget it.

Forget it.

Don't think about the love saga.

The one who was mine had
left me long ago.

Don't think about the love saga.

The one who was mine had
left me long ago.

It was your illusion that
you belong to someone.

He had cheated you.

He has said that..

Your eyes and your lips..

Want to say the same thing.

Without you, beloved.

O' heart!

Forget it.

Forget it.

Don't cy, dear.

Let bygones be bygones.

O' heart!

Forget it.

Forget it.

Forget it.


What have you done to yourself?


- Let's go home.
- No. I won't go home.

I won't go home.

- Don't cy, Anu.
- Take me along.

- Take me with you.
- Ok.

Nobody can snatch you from me.


First drink this.

Black coffee with lemon.

Your hangover will be cured.

- What place is this?
- My flat.

- How did I come here?
- You were unconscious.

Last night I tried to explain
to you a lot..

But you were stubborn that
you'll come to my house.

And I stayed here the whole night.

Yes. I put you here in the bed.

I slept in the drawing room.

I don't remember anything.

- It means I wasn't conscious.
- Yes.

Or else you'd remember..

What you said to me last night.


That you want to marry me.

Of course. You weren't conscious
at that time.

I wasn't conscious even when
I decided to marry Vikram.

It's not your fault, Anu.

It was Jamnaprasad's
ruse that failed.


Greed for wealth is very bad, Anu.

He's your guardian.

And you consider him uncle.

Tell me, who gave job to Vikram?

- Uncle.
- And when you decided to marry him, he didn't object.

It's clear that Vikram is his man.

And through him he wants to
get all your property.


Believe me, Anu.
I'm more experienced than you.

I recognize people very well.

Now I can believe in anything
you say, Ajit.

Because you showed me the
truth about Vikram..

And saved me from making
a big mistake.

It was my duty.

She's missing since last night.
She hasn't returned yet.

Uncle, you're like her father.

Why don't you stop her?

- She has come.
- Anu.

- Where were you last night?
- With my to-be husband.

I'm marrying Ajit.


You wanted to marry Vikram.

Today you decided to marry Ajit.

I won't let you do this.

Because I'm your guardian.

After marrying Ajit I won't
need any guardian.

I've decided that Ajit will
handle my business too.

- Anu!
- Wait.


Anu, just tell me why you hate
Vikram all of a sudden.

I know him well. He's a nice boy.

Someone must've incited
you against him.

I too considered him a God,

But.. look at his real form.

After seeing this
photo we learnt..

Why Anu broke the engagement.

I considered you a decent man.

How can I make you believe,

I neither know this girl
nor am I related to her.

Then how such photos were clicked?

I don't know.

I only know..

That I needed money
for Rupa's operation.

I went to Club looking
for Saraswati.

I met a man there.

He took me to his house.

He promised to give me work
and money and left.

When he returned and
I opened the door..

And when he drove me out
and closed the door..

I didn't understand anything,

I was very worried because
of Rupa's ailment.

If what you told is true..

- Photos..
- It's detective's work to find the truth.

- Vikram, do you know that man's house?
- Yes.

That's it. Our work is done.

We'll find the secret of
these photos there.

- Come with me.
- I'll come too. -Ok.

Dad, do you've hundred rupees.

No? No problem.

- This is the house.
- This is Ajit's flat.

- Who is Ajit?
- Expert photographer.

He loves Anu too. I got it.

He has trapped you.

- I won't spare that scum..
- Don't be angry.

Let this detective think.

We've to search this place.

- But the door is closed.
- It will get open. Idea.

- Sir, want to hear a song?
- No.

Please hear it, sir.
She can sing and dance as well.

- You'll be entertained.
- Not interested.

- Hey!
- Now you've to listen.

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

Come with me to a far away land,

Come with me.

Come with me to a far away land,

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

Come with me to a far away land,

Come with me.

Come with me to a far away land,

I am restless without you.

I spend many days
in your search.

I am restless without you.

I spend many days
in your search.

Now that you're found,
you can't escape.

We aren't so naive.

You have to fall
in love with me.

You have to fall
in love with me.

Come with me to a far away land,

Come with me.

Come with me to a far away land,

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

Come with me to a far away land,

Come with me.

Come with me to a far away land,

I accept that your eyes are sly.

I too know how to cast a spell.

Come with me to a far away land,

I too know how to cast a spell.

Why are you standing
in amazement?

Look at this show for free.

Lose yourself in this heart.

Lose yourself in this heart.

Come with me to a far away land,

Come with me.

Come with me to a far away land,

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

This crazy heart won't
listen to me.

Come with me to a far away land,

Come with me.

Come with me to a far away land,

Daddy, didn't I say to you..

Some day you'll be proud of me.

Dad, pat my back.

First tell me,
what did you find out?

First of all
that flat is of Ajit.


Did Ajit gave you the money?

Yes, uncle.

We didn't find much in his flat..

But only this letter.
Please read it.


I got your lawyer's notice.

Now you don't need
to divorce Gita.

After separating from you,
Gita went to her uncle in Pune.

And one day she drowned
herself in river.

Committed suicide!

I didn't want..

Anyone to know of our
fight with Gita.

Police case would've defamed us.

So I've..

Hid the truth by saying Gita's
suicide was an accident.

Now that unfortunate has departed
from this world.

I've forgiven her.

If possible you too forgive her.

Shymalal Gupta.

Professor Shymalal Gupta.

Shyam Sadan.
Shastri Nagar. Goregaon 62.

So it means Ajit is married..

Not, he was.

Didn't you hear his
wife Gita died.

No matter what,
this Ajit is a sly artist.

Nobody ever found out
that he's married.

And he meets every girl
like a bachelor.

But the question arises..

That who is this
girl of the photo.

It's possible..

She's the one.

No, uncle.

No man will defame his
wife like this.

A rogue can do anything.

Shankar is right.

We should meet Mr. Gupta.

Maybe he can help us.


Yes. These are the photos that
made me doubt my daughter Gita.

- You never doubted Ajit.
- Not at all.

I considered Ajit not my
son-in-law, but my son.

And he too behaved
like a son to me.

Even after marriage,
to help me out..

He let Gita stay here.

He used to come here sometimes
to take her out.

What was the date on which
your sister was operated?

- 14th June.
- 14th June.

So this is the same night when
Ajit took Gita out for dinner.

And he must've mixed something
in her food.

I remember that when Gita came
with Ajit she was staggering.

Maybe you're right.

When Gita returned next morning,
she wasn't well.

She said she was feeling giddy.

I thought it was something else.

I didn't take her to Pune.

Before going to Pune I went
to Ajit's office..

To return home soon
to take care of Gita.

When I returned from Pune..

Then one day..

I considered my daughter
culprit till today.

You've relived me of this burden.

Mr. Gupta, I too learnt today..

That Ajit used my helplessness
very smartly.

He trapped Anu.

And he forced your daughter
Gita to commit suicide.

How did he you know that
Gita committed suicide.

Nobody besides me and
Ajit knows about it.

We found it from the letter
that you wrote to Ajit.

Oh! Where is that letter?

That.. it's with me.

Mr. Gupta,
the way Gita was your daughter..

Anu is my daughter.

Ajit wants to marry
Anu for her wealth.

Now only you can save
Anu from Ajit.

It's hard, Mr. Jamnaprasad.


Give me this letter.

Uncle Jamuna loved you
like his child.

Without any greed,
he looked after your business.

Now you find everything
about him bad.

Vikram is a cheat for you.

That's why I brought
Mr. Gupta along.

Listen to Ajit's truth from him.

Then you'll know what Ajit is.

I came to you for your welfare.

Just think that..

A daughter's father has come to
say something to a daughter.

- You don't know..
- That he's married.

You came to say this.

Ajit has already told
me everything.

His first wife had died.

And now he has the right
to marry again.

He has the right..

But you don't know what Ajit
did with my daughter.

- And in what condition..
- I know everything.

You can say anything to hide
your daughter's fault.

But the truth is that Ajit's
life was ruined..

By your daughter and Vikram.

What more can I say to you,

Ajit has overpowered your mind
and heart with his false love.

You'll repent all your
life by marrying him.

He doesn't love you
but your wealth.

What proof do you've?

Proof? Proof..

I won't accept anything
without proof.

I've decided to marry Ajit after
careful deliberation.

Nobody can change it now.

Anuradha is right, Shankar.

We need evidence to
prove the truth.

Ajit is very sly, brother.

He might cheat us too.

And our scheme might fail.

And your scheme failed the day you
included me in your scheme.

- Ajit.
- What do you think..

I don't know your truth.

After Anu's father's death..

Jamnaprasad drove you
out of the house.

And you didn't get a penny.

I got you by coincidence.

You believed that I'll woo Anu..

And you'll loot me. Is it wrong?

My dear, I know how do deal
with fools like you.

Don't forget that I know
your every secret.

Think again. What will happen
if I tell Anu everything?

She'll drive you out again.

If you don't believe, try again.

I can also come with
you if you want.

I made you so capable..

To marry a rich girl like Anu.

I was the boss,
yet I acted like a servant.

Today you dare to talk
to me like that.

I'll shoot you.

Ajit knows better to play
with these toys, Yashpal.

Keep it in your pocket again.

After marriage,
you'll get your share.

And don't try to act smart.

Those who doubt me..

Are driven out by me.


Ajit. Ajit dear.

- What?
- Take this.

And shoot me.

I listened to Renuka
and doubted you.

I'm a fool.

Forgive me.

Order me like before.
I'll carry it out.

Very good.

Shake hands.

- You'll listen to me.
- Yes.

Ajit. Ajit, congrats.

I came running here on seeing
your wedding invitation..

- To congrats you.
- Thank you very much.

Now congrats me too.

- Why?
- I too got it.

- What?
- My dream girl.

I've accepted you as my teacher.

I found the girl that you told me.

She cooks. She prays too.

- And she sweeps..
- I got it.

First tell me,
when are you marrying?

Friend, I can't get my work
done without your help.

- Meaning?
- I mean I'm scare to talk to my father.

And girl is orphan.

There is no question of
talking to her parents.

Then go and talk to her directly.

No, friend. I feel shy.

I can't talk in front of her.

why don't you fix my marriage?

You're an expert.

when you can woo Anu like this..

My Gita is nothing for you.

She's innocent and naive.

Ajit, it's very easy
for you to woo Gita.

- Gita?
- Yes, my Gita.

I chant her name day and night.

I keep her photo close to me.

Look at her.

Don't stare here.
She's your to-be sister-in-law.

That's why I'm looking
at it carefully.

Don't worry. Give me her address.

- I'll fix your wedding.
- Address.

It's here.

- Now go home and sleep peacefully.
- Ok.

I'll make your Gita agree.

My dear friend..

God, help my Ajit.

Please help him.

There is nobody home.
Entire bungalow is vacant.

- Did you check carefully? -Yes, sir.
- We searched every corner.

It seems nobody lived
here for years.

How is it possible?

It means Saraswati has..

Wait here.

You.. you're alive.

Your father gave me false
news of your death.

Now you kill me.

Or else..

I'll tell Anu..

I'll kill you before
you reach Anu.

Now you can't kill me.

I'm free from the cycle
of life and death.


You got scared!

Come. Come to me.

Strangle me.

Shoot me.

Now you can't harm me.

I'm Gita's soul.

Gita's soul.

You forced me to commit suicide.

But Saraswati told me..

He's your friend.

So I used Saraswati
to call you here.

What do you want now?

Tell me, why did you accuse
me of being characterless?

Until you don't tell me..

I won't get peace.

And I won't stop chasing you.

- If I tell you, will you leave me alone?
- Yes.

I'll leave you.

Ask me.

How did you click my photo
with a stranger?

I mixed your food with
intoxicating drug.

So that you weren't
aware of anything.

And I'd succeed in my mission.

Why did you do this to me?

To get you out of my path.

I couldn't marry Anu as
long as you were there.

- I loved her.
- You can't marry anyone.

- You?
- You're scum!

After ruining my daughter's
life you want to marry Anu.

She's not a soul, but she's Gita.

No, this is a lie.

You can't cheat me.

If she's alive,
why didn't the bullets kill her?

Fool, you didn't shoot at
Gita but on her image.

What? On her image?

Yes, on film.

You think you're very smart.
Come here.

Did you see? I was playing the
film and you were shooting.

Greed for money blinded you.

Or else a photographer couldn't
have been deceived like this.

Come here.

This tape recorder has recorded
your every words.

I had to the this drama as I had
no proof of your misdeed.

Now you can't marry Anu.

Nobody can stop me
from marrying Anu.

I think you forgot..

That proof of Gita's
characterless behaviour..

Your snaps and your letter
with the news of her death..

Are still with me.

Fool, that letter isn't with you..

But with me. Look.

All those photos and negatives
were destroyed by me.

Do you recognize me?

Ajit, you're trapped.

Now you can't escape.

Take care of your goons.


Now I'll hand you to the law and
avenge my daughter's insult.

There is no time for revenge,
Mr. Gupta.

You tried to trap Ajit
very cleverly.

I'll shoot!

The game has turned, uncle.

Hand me the tape recorder
and the letter.

Didn't you hear me?

Hurry up, Ajit.
Today is your wedding.

Anu must be waiting for you.

Take care of them
till I marry Anu.

Come to reception after _o hours.

Ajit. Friend, I'm your friend.

Take me along.

Fool, if I'm here, who will
tie garland to you?

Shut up!

- Come with me.
- Where are you taking her?

To give peace to her soul.

This is very expensive.
It might break.

- I'll keep it.
- Ok.

- Who will hit first? -I.
- Ok.

Hey, you hit your own friend.

Father! Leave me!


Leave me!




He took the tape recorder.
Tape and letter are here.





This is a good place to kill Gita.


God is giving you the punishment
for your crimes.

After falling from here,
your bones will be crushed.

- What are you doing?
- Save him.

For God's sake, save him.

- No..
- What are you saying? Gita, he has ruined your life.

He wanted to kill you.

Forget all that. I beg of you.

Save him!

Wait, Gita.


If you've decency left..

Apologize to Gita.

If she doesn't forgive you,
even God might not forgive you.


Forgive me.

Forgive me.

- Inspector, he's Ajit.
- Arrest him.

No, father. No.

Don't hand him to police.

- Forgive him, father.
- No.

I should get punished
for my crimes.

Uncle, if possible forgive me.

Let's go, inspector.


Won't you forgive me.

Forgive her.

wedding stage is ready there.

Bride is ready here.

You won't get such golden
chance again.

- Never?
- No.

Then what are you doing here?

Am I the third wheel?

Yes. A big one!

I'm sorry.

You are my world.

I won't live without you.

I suppressed my feelings
for long.