Ujala (1959) - full transcript

Bombay-based Ramu lives an impoverished lifestyle in a Chawl in Parel along with his widowed mother; sister Sandhya; & three much younger siblings, and makes a living using a wooden pushcart. One day his sister, Munni, is run over by a car, gets hospitalized and passes away. Unable to obtain wood for her cremation, he uses his pushcart, and then joins hands with a Chembur-based gangster, Kalu, and picks pockets. He is able to get some money to feed the family as well as pay for Sandhya's engagement. He then gets into an altercation with one of his associates, Chandu, and the latter gets killed. Guilt-ridden he decides to give up on crime and gets a job sharpening knives. It is is here he will be plagued by the arrival of the police who are investigating Chandu's death - as well as become a suspect when a silver knife goes missing.

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Ramu, Ramu.

- What is it, mother?
- The rice is ready.

Brother, put some coins in it.

Munni, I'll definitely
deposit this evening.

No. I know you won't deposit.

I'll put two annas, this evening.

- No, you're a liar. You won't!
- No I'm not a liar.

- Look, I said this evening...
- Ramu brother, come let's eat rice.

Let's eat rice!

- We'll eat rice!
- We'll eat rice!

Mother, give us the plate of rice.

- We'll eat rice!
- We'll eat rice!

Ganga, hand over the bowl of pulses.

Why don't you lean forward
and take it yourself?

Mother, hasn't she got married yet?

As long as she's in our house,
let her work.

Come on, serve it.

You can remove me
from the house later, brother.

First, get yourself a wife.

I'll get him a wife!
I'll get him a wife!

Okay, you can get me a wife.

Okay children, the food is ready.

Okay Gangaram dear, begin your act.

Before having food, first take
God's name, as it's said by Gangaram.

Gangaram! Gangaram!

Gangaram! Come on let's sing.

- Gangaram!
- Gangaram!

Ramu's mother, please listen to me.


- Tell me, dear.
- Please give me some grain.

There's not enough grain
in my house today, dear.

Not even a little bit?

- No.
- Mother...

Why not give aunty some money?

There's no money either, dear.

You brought two rupees last night.

I gave a rupee to the grain seller.

And the other rupee, I saved.

- Mother, give us food!
- Mother, give us food!

Come little children.
Come over here.

If they eat,
then you'll go hungry.

Aunty, children are equal to God.

Sit down.
Sit down.

Eat this.
Eat this.


Ramu brother, his mouth is over here!

Okay, his mouth is over here?
Then you have it.

His mouth is over here!

- We want more rice!
- We want more rice!

You people are crying to eat rice?
Very bad!

I have better things for you to eat.

Potatoes, sweetmeats, halwa's, bread...

and many other dishes.

The fairies in the sky
have sent them for you.

Okay, children,
get ready to eat.

And clap for this opportunity.

Sun, please come nearer

We'll cook the bread of dreams today

Hey sky, you're kind too

We shall treat you too

Sun, please come nearer

The oven has turned cold

And the stomach is burning

Tasty hot bread

It's such a beautiful dream

Sun, please come nearer

We'll cook the bread of dreams today

Hey sky, you're kind too

We shall treat you too

Sun, please come nearer

A curry of potatoes and tomatoes

Tamarind pickle

Roasted hot bread with pure ghee

Sun, please come nearer

We'll cook the bread of dreams today

Hey sky, you're kind too

We shall treat you too

Sun, please come nearer

Let's sit somewhere in the shade.
Let's go on a picnic

This kind of life is
What we've always wanted

Sun, please come nearer

We'll cook the bread of dreams today

Hey sky, you're kind too

We shall treat you too

Get down, dear.

From today, I'll go along with you.

Else you won't bring anything for me.

I told you I'll bring you everything
this evening. Get down!

- And what about my toys?
- Wait until this evening.

- Get down! - Sure?
- Yes, sure.

Brother, come home early.
I'll wait for you.

You hardworking fool!

Walk carefully.

There's a trench ahead.


Why are you working so hard, Ramu?

For how long are you going to
feed dream bread to those children?

I've told you many times, Kalu,
don't talk to me.

Your talk has no effect on me.

No need for effects, Ramu.
There's still time left.

Throw away this cart and come with me.


Why are you getting offended, Ramu?

Come along with me.

Food, clothes, whatever you ask for...

That day will never come.

Listen to me, Ramu.

Else you'll repent one day.

That will never happen, Kalu.


Swear on God!

Talk to me once in a while, Ramu.

Hey, Chabili, get down.

Why have you become
so hot tempered these days?

Why don't you talk to me?

Look, Chabili, don't try to
flatter me, when I am doing business.

C'mon, don't imagine yourself
to be a businessman.

You want to carry loads, do you?

Then take me for
a ride around the town.

Come on.

Where do you want to go, Chabili?

Take me to the cinema, or show
me the theater, show me Ranibaug...

or at least show me
a glimpse of the goddess Laxmi.

You have a glimpse
of me today, Chabili.

- Have a glimpse of you?
- Yes.

Look, Ramu,
don't you talk like this to me.

It makes me blush.
Swear on God.

And don't you stop me
in the middle of the road.

If someone passes comments,
don't blame me for that.

Swear on God,
you're so hard hearted.

You don't understand any language.

Don't you understand
the language of the heart?

Why are you acting strange?
Go away from here.

No, I won't go.

If I thrash you into the trench,
you'll be broken into two pieces.

Oh! Swear to God!

Oh yes, Ramu.

Isn't it Diwali today?

What'll you bring for me this evening?

A horn costing two paise.

You can play it all day long.

Such a big festival
and such a small gift!?

Money is earned with
great difficulty, Chabili.

For two rupees, I have to slog all day.

You're such a bad man.


Brother! Brother!

- Munni!
- Brother!


Stop the car.


Let's go.

Chase that car.

Move fast!

Stop over here.

Isn't the life of a
poor person valuable, sir?

Hey, who are you?

I'm the local goon
of this neighborhood.

In my area, no one can
escape after killing someone.

Tell me, will justice take place here...

or at the police station?

Police! C'mon, escape!

C'mon, move!


Please come out.

Sir, you've caused an accident.

You shouldn't flee like this.

I ask for forgiveness.

Constable, take him
to the police station.

Get into the car.

Oh God!
The bleeding isn't stopping.

These drivers are merciless.

He didn't stop even after
seeing the child under the car.

Munni! Munni!

What are you staring at?

Let's take her to the hospital.

Nothing can happen here.
Come on. Come on.

C'mon, dear.

Come, mother.

Doctor, what's happened to her?

Her head has been crushed.
She's badly injured.

We'll need the senior surgeon.

- Senior surgeon?
- Yes.

She'll need an operation.

Nothing to fear. He's on the way.

But doctor, will Munni recover?

Don't worry, we'll try our best.

My Munni will recover.

But I'll need money.

From where can I get money?


Don't worry, Ramu.
Here, take this money...

and save your Munni
from the jaws of death.

No, Kalu.
I don't want your money.

I don't want to nurse my sister's
wounds with someone's blood.

I'll borrow somewhere else.

You fool! No one will give
you anything for asking.

Lala! Lala!

Help me! You'll earn
the blessings of the poor!

Save my, Munni.
She's dying in the hospital.

Have I signed a contract
for your family's welfare?

If I help you save Munni today...

you'll just come
for someone else tomorrow.

A poor man, without any
thought can produce children...

but doesn't know
how to produce money.

Why are you abusing the child, Lala?

It's a God's gift.

Some people yearn for a child.
Some yearn for money.

Have some pity on this
poor man and give me some money.

I can give you the money...

but as soon as you get it
you'll disappear.

If I go missing, Lala, then assume
I haven't tasted my mother's milk.

- You want money? Here, take this.
- Yes.

- Here take this.
- You're a very good man, Lala.

But listen, Ramu.

After Munni's recovery,
tell your mother...

to marry off Sandhya to me.


Take back your money, Lala.

I don't want to sell one
sister, to save another one.

Let Munni die if she has to.


Let's go.

Munni left us, Ramu.

Munni left us.

Has Munni left us?

C'mon, Munni. Let's go.

Ramu, where are you taking my Munni?

Don't take away my Munni, Ramu!

Burn the corpse.

Leave the corpse here
and go and buy some wood.



Ramu, where are you going?

Who is it?

Here, take the wood.

Now at least burn my sister.

Now I hope you understand!

I used to tell you...

no one will give you anything
just for asking.

Burn this cart.

Leave this profession.

I'm coming, Kalu!


I've come, Kalu.


I knew you'd come
to me one day, Ramu.

If you had listened to me a few hours ago,
your Munni would have been saved.

Anyway, it's okay.

Now such a death will never again
take place in your house, Ramu.

From now on,
no one will go to bed hungry.

Our lives will have
no more tears, Ramu.

Take this, boss.

Ramu, this is Chandu.

His fingers can cut better
than a pair of scissors.

Your innocent looks, his prowess
and my mind, and this colony is ours.

Ramu, we've another accomplice.

His name is Bholu.

His brains and fingers
both work together.

I've brought it, boss.
I've brought it.

There was a strike in Bombay today.
I didn't get any money...

- so I brought along this donkey.
- Hey, Bolu!

Ramu, this is the
other accomplice, Bholu.

And Bholu,
this is our new companion, Ramu.

Ramu, here, take ten rupees.

Buy grain on your way home
to ensure no one goes to bed hungry.

Bholu, bring Ramu
to our den from tomorrow.

Here, I won.

Greetings, Kalu boss.

Kalu boss, this wasn't aimed at you.

The one who saw your selflessness,
became yours

I became someone's.
Someone became mine

What did it see in you,
that my heart became yours?

Dawn broke, as I thought of this

Even I possess an unusual magic

The one who sees,
loses control over his heart

When my eyes meet yours,
evening doesn't set in

I remain lost in thoughts of you, sir

Your arrival, lighted up the evening

I became someone's.
Someone became mine

The one who saw your selflessness,
became yours

I became someone's.
Someone became mine

A glance from you
has had such an effect

It has filled my body with love

I made a mistake by falling in love

Being at the banks, yet thirsty

What can I do to my heart now?
What has happened, has happened

I became someone's.
Someone became mine

The one who saw your selflessness,
became yours

I became someone's.
Someone became mine

It calls you, the shade of my cloth

Smile a bit, I beg you

I swear on my heart, dear

I've accepted you as my lover

I was alone and your world was made

I became someone's.
Someone became mine

The one who saw your selflessness,
became yours

I became someone's.
Someone became mine

What did it see in you,
that my heart became yours?

Dawn broke, as I thought of this

Ramu, Kammo is my life.

And Kammo, this is Ramu,
my new companion.

He looks like a child, Kalu.

Come on, smoke the cigarette.

Why are you feeling shy?
She's your sister-in-law. Take.


She's like your sister-in-law?

First, you marry me!

Then you can bring
your brothers to meet me.

Kammo, these traits
of yours are what I die for.

Who's the one who killed me?

Come back to your senses, Bholu!

Boss, the elders have said,
after drinking...

you shouldn't regain your senses.

Kalu boss!

It's not Kalu boss.

- It's Kammo.
- Hey Kammo!

Throw a six!

Here it is.

Don't go.
I'll get more money.

Go. Bring the money.

Boss, give me ten rupees.

I never give money to a loser, Chandu.

Chandu, I'm going.

- Boss, he's going.
- I've told you, no money.

Leave the flowers,
break the enemy's spine.

Poor boy of the streets wants money.

Ramu, this is my world.

This is where I laugh
and this is where I cry.

And then I think about this too.

To become the Kalu,
you've to do all this, Ramu.

I'll do, Kalu. I'll definitely do.

I understand all that
you're saying, Kalu.

Till yesterday, I was Ramu.

- Today, I'm also Kalu.
- Very good, Ramu.

Now you've begun to understand the life.

Here, take this money as a reward.

- 25 rupees?
- Yes, now go home.

Your mother's waiting.

Kalu, you're really
a kind-hearted friend.

Don't forget Kalu, Ramu.

Tripping isn't good for youth,
swear on God.

Oh no!

Teasing travelers isn't good, either,
swear on God.

Oh, traveler?

No clothes, no baggage, no utensils,
you're a traveler from which town?

Love town.

Traveler's from there
I've heard, are blind.

That's why I tripped.

Then how did you fall so gracefully?

I had your support. That's why.


- Bangle?
- Yes.

From where did you bring it?

I've got a job today.

I bought the bangle for ten rupees
and here's the balance.

Are you happy now?

Do you know what
giving a bangle means?

Yes. Are you trying to teach me?

Swear on God,
you're a very bad man, Ramu.

You capture the heart
with only a few words.

And you, too, wait for me till midnight?

You thought I was waiting for you?

I was searching for someone.

For whom were you searching?

- There's someone.
- Okay.

What does he look like?

- Look like?
- Yes.

- He resembles you a little.
- Really?

Fair, very fair.

He looks old,
but is actually quite young.

He's quite faraway,
but can be seen quite clearly.

His face is quite nice,
but who is he?

- My cow's calf.
- Get lost!

Okay. C'mon, today, you have
to pay me and then search for your calf.

Will your leg ache
after searching for a calf?

Find the calf first.
Only then will you get money.

Away from the world,
away from envious people

Come on, let's go somewhere
far away, far away, far away

It's a world of love.
Everyone's kind-hearted

Different is the land,
and different is the sky

No sign of sin,
no saga of sorrow

Something that everyone understands,
the language of love

Away from the world,
away from envious people

Come on, let's go somewhere faraway,
faraway, faraway

Hand in hand, without any control

Wherever we go,
we shall spread light

The moon shall say with a grin,
holding its heart...

there go two lovers

Away from the world,
away from envious people

Come on, let's go somewhere faraway,
faraway, faraway


Mother, get up, mother.

- What is it?
- Get up, mother.

Here, take 15 rupees.

Fill the house with grain.

Now, hunger won't trouble us
for a few days at least.

But where did you get so much money?

Ten rupees this morning?
Now 15 rupees!?

Mother, my employer is...

a very kind-hearted man.

His heart was moved
upon hearing my plight...

and gave me 15 rupees and
asked me to pay back my loans.

- Really?
- Yes.

Oh God!

Oh God!

Oh God!

By your grace,
this widow day's has changed.

Ramu's employer took pity on us poor.

Bless him with a long life, God!

Bless him with abundance
in his earnings!

Don't pray for someone,
so much, mother.

Just pray this much...

that Sandhya gets married.

Yes, son,
if your employer remains unharmed...

Sandhya will definitely get married.

Now with the grace of God,
Ramu has got a permanent job.

Now get Sandhya married, soon.

You're satisfied with the boy,
aren't you?

I'm talking to you only
after I've approved of him.

He earns more than 50 per month.

Arrange the marriage today.

Within a couple of months
the wedding can take place.

But sister, we can't afford a dowry.

They don't have any expectations
of getting anything.

All they want is that
the family should be decent.

Who else would be more
decent than us, auntie?

Tell me, who has doubted our decency?

If I don't go and graze his face,
my name isn't Chabili. By God!

Which track have you gotten to?

I was only talking
about Sandhya's alliance.

Fine, then talk to me.
Who are the people?

They live in Banarasidas chawl.

And the boy works at a bicycle shop.

- Yes, dear.
- Then fine.

Take us there today.

We'll fix it up there,
after seeing the boy.

And you satisfy them
about our decency.

That I've already told them...

that the girl's brother is decent,
beyond the limits.

Auntie, this is where
you've not spoken the truth.

Hey Ramu!

- Yes?
- Are you really decent?

Just look at me once,
with your decent gaze!

Yes, yes, I am more upright than you.

Look mother, ask your
wayward one to be quiet.

She plays pranks with people,
even at two in the morning, on the bridge.

Oh, what were you doing
at the bridge at two in the morning?

I was returning from work.

Really? Which office
is open till two AM?

I want to hear, too.
Mother, get Ramu married soon...

or else he'll slip
out of our hands. By God!

As soon as Sandhya gets married,
I'll tie you both in holy matrimony.

You think I'll marry you?

Fatso, have you seen
you face in the mirror?

Okay mother, I'm leaving now.

Listen, come back earlier today.

If I see you at the
bridge at two AM...

I'll shout and awaken
the entire colony. Remember this!

You're out of your mind!
Always yapping!

- Shut up!
- Cut it out, now.

So Ramu? Shall I
fix up Sandhya's alliance?

Yes, mother.

The earlier she marries, the better.

Then come, auntie. Let's have
a glimpse of the boy and fix...

- up the alliance. Come.
- Yes, come sister. - Let's go.

Greetings, auntie.

Come, sister, come.

Auntie, he's the boy, isn't he?

Yes, that's the boy.

Then what was there to see in him?

I've seen him at the
bicycle shop a dozen times.

Why? Haven't you liked the boy?

Oh, why wouldn't I like him?

Sharp nose, jet black eyes...

and the face is such, it enters
the heart at the very first glimpse.

Mother... she... she...

Hey, why do you get nervous,
my sweetheart!

I haven't come to marry you.

I'm the elder sister of the girl.
Elder sister.

- Will do.
- What?

Keep quiet now. Sit.

We accept the alliance, sister.

If you accept it, then send the
engagement bangles in a couple of days.

- Is that okay, Lallu's mother?
- Yes.

Look sister,
we don't expect a dowry.

One gets everything,
upon getting a good family.

Oh, our second name is decency.

And then the girl's brother
is an angel. An angel!

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

I have a heart, too.
Don't be scared of me

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

I have a heart, too.
Just don't avoid me

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

I'm a king at heart

For my love,
I'd sacrifice everything

I'm a poor man.
That's my only misfortune

I have yet to be introduced to her

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

I have a heart, too.
Don't be scared of me

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

Long live your wealth!

Hail to your pockets!

I will speak the truth, by God!

Death be to this stomach
which condemns us to sin

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

I have a heart, too.
Don't be scared of me

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

What kind of world is this?

Life is difficult;
death is easy

We're still living
while licking our wounds

Our state is all thanks
to people like you

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

I have a heart, too.
Don't be scared of me

Don't let my face mislead you, friends

Catch him!
He took my money!

He took my money!
Catch him!

He took my purse!
My 20 rupees!

Someone catch him.

Someone catch him!

Got him!

Don't let him escape! Catch him!

Don't let him escape! Catch him!

Catch him!

I won't spare you.
Where will you escape today?

Catch him.

Caught him! Where will you go now?

- Oh, slipped out of my hands.
- Why is she after me?

Run slowly, you wicked fellow!

- I'm dead.
- Walk slowly.

Oh God, I'm so tired of running.

Where will you go?

- Now I won't let you go.
- Let go of me.

Escaped again! Catch him!

Stop, stop! Yes, stop.

Stop. Greetings! Just stop!

Hurry up! Behind that car.

Greetings! Greetings! Thanks!

Goodness! Dead!

Stop! Stop!
Stop, he's running away. Hey, stop.

- Catch him! Catch him!
- Thief!

Catch him! Catch him!

- Catch him! Catch him!
- Oh no!

- Come on, number six.
- Here it is!

Buddy, go.
Your wedding is arranged.

- Brought it for me?
- Yes.

This chain's from where?

This is my stuff.
I brought it for her.

When did you begin cheating Kalu?

Why didn't it come to me directly?

Must everything come to you?

You, too, give many
things to your Kammo.

Boss, boss, a pick pocket from
our turf has come to your turf.

How much?

I saw him taking
change of a 1000 rupee note.

- Where's he gone?
- To the movies. It's ending now.

Ramu, Bholu, Chandu!



Boss, he's the one.





Taxi! Taxi!




Catch him.

Ramu, Kalu's been caught.

Move aside.

You're working with a great company.

Now your life will be made.

- Shut up, Chabili.
- A grown up sister...

a hungry mother and the son a thief?

Okay Ramu,
continue with this trade.

You'll earn a real
good name for yourself.

- Chabili.
- And your sister's wedding will definitely take place.

Her in-laws will sing your praises.

I told them, right?
That the girl's brother is an angel.

Listen to me, Chabili.

Now, there will be a pile
of gold and silver in your house.

And the community people
will worship at your feet.

They won't worship.
Rather they'll lick my soles!

Then go to your Kalu,
rot in the jail...

ruin your parent's honor and hand
over your sister to some ruffian.


I'm not doing this work
for my personal gain, Chabili.

I just want Sandhya to get married...

and that family members all get
two square meals a day, Chabili.

You're committing a sin, Ramu.
It's a sinful business.

Why don't you understand?

There's no blessing
of abundance, in its earnings.

It's a sinful business. Walk away, Ramu.

You should have told me.

I would have gotten
you a job somewhere else.

Leave this work, Ramu.
Please leave it.

Leave Kalu's company.
These earnings carry no blessings.

It's a sinful work.

It's a sinful work.

Mother, Lala has come.

Yes, coming, daughter.

- Greetings, auntie.
- Greetings Lala.

Tell me, what's the matter?

Your seven month's rent is due.

Pay 14 rupees right away otherwise...

Why are you getting angry, Lala?

It's just a matter of 14 rupees, right?

I'll get it from Ramu.

Ramu, wake up. Get up, Ramu.

What's the matter, mother?

Wake up. That Lala has come.

Wake up and give me some money,
if you have.

Mother, I didn't bring
any money home last night.

Then what should I tell Lala?

When will you be able
to get some money?

Mother, my employer has left town.

I can't do anything until he returns..

He'll be back in a few days, right?

I think so, mother.

But he might take longer.

What's happening, auntie.

How long will I have
to wait at your door?

Just wait for a few more days.

I will pay your each and every penny.

You'll have to pay
the rent today...

or else I'll throw
all your belongings outside.

No, Lala. Have mercy on us poor.

It's monsoon time.

Where can I go with small children
and a grown up daughter?

You seem to have turned
blind away from your grown up daughter.

If you wish, you can get
her married this very day.

We worry a lot about about this.

Why worry when Banwari Lala is here?


Get lost from here.
Collect your money tomorrow morning.

If I don't get my money tomorrow, I'll...

Get out of here!

From where will you get
so much money in one day?

Your employer isn't here.

Mother, Lala will
get his money tomorrow.

Son, don't do anything
bad out of worry.

God never forgives one who sins.

Trust me, I won't do anything bad.
I won't.

Please send
two special teas to Chandu's shop.

Take, two special teas.

I need 14 rupees.
I'll wash dishes, do anything.

I need 14 rupees.


- I need 14 rupees, listen to me.
- What are you doing?

Have you lost your mind?

If I don't get 14 rupees by night,
I'll surely lose my mind.

Go, get lost.

Sir, listen to me, sir.

I've been roaming since morning.
No one even cared to listen to me.

God has given you everything, sir.
I just need 14 rupees.

I'll do anything for you.
I'll wipe you car.

I'll polish your shoes.
I'll wash your clothes, sir.

- Sir, I just want 14 rupees.
- Get lost, you beggar!


No one will give anything,
if you ask them.

Truth holds no value in this world.

Son, don't do anything
bad out of worry.

God never forgives one who sins.

Trust me, I won't do anything bad.

I won't.

- Ramu.
- Bholu?

Come, Kalu is calling.

Kalu's back from jail?

You thought he'd be inside
for the rest his life? Come.

No Bholu, I can't go with you today.

I need 14 rupees by tomorrow morning.

Come, I'll get them from Kalu.

No Bholu,
I don't need Kalu's earnings today.

I promised mother I wouldn't
do anything evil today.

With you...

Four rupees.

I still need ten more rupees.


Forget Chandu, boss.
He won't come now.

Where will he escape?

You didn't do it right, boss.

You slapped him in front of all.

He informed on us to the police.

We were working with such honor!

Everything has gone awry.



I have come again today, Kalu.

Today, I can do
anything that you want.

Tonight will be my
last night of crime, Kalu.

Today, I'm ready to bet my life
on whatever you want me to bet it.

Tonight, all I want
is just one 10 rupee bill.

Only 10 rupees.

All you need is just
one 10 rupee bill, tonight.

It's a deal.

Come with me.


Bholu, you sit here.

I'll be back.

Ramu, I'll wait for you
at the mouth of the narrow lane.

You'll have to bring Chandu along.

After we finish,
a 10-rupee note will be yours.

Let's go.

Kalu, Chandu has come.

I ask you, Chandu.

Who informed the police yesterday?

I did.

Chandu, how dare you do that?

Chandu, I don't want to kill my companions.
You fool!

I know!

- Me?
- Yes, Ramu, you.


Chandu has died!

Chandu has died!

Chandu has died!

Ramu, run away!

Chandu has died!

Ramu, run!

You committed
this murder, Ramu. You!

This murder will
be on your head.

You went to call him.

People must've seen you with him.

- Me?
- Yes, Ramu, you.

The law will hold you
as the murderer.

It's you who'll be hanged. You!

Ramu, look. Stop the work.

If you want to save your life...

disappear from here for awhile.

And tape your mouth.

Go, run away, Ramu.

Run away.

Run away.

Bholu, tell me, promise me, Bholu...

that you won't share
this secret with anyone.

Tell me, Bholu, that you'll say nothing.

- No.
- Okay.

Bholu won't tell it to anyone.


No, no.

Why have you come here?

Where is Ramu?

Ramu? Why?

What do you have to do with my Ramu?

He's a murderer.
He killed Chandu in the narrow lane.


My Ramu?

No. no. My Ramu can't be a killer.

He's a murderer!
We've come to arrest him.


I haven't done anything, mother.
I haven't done anything.

- Ramu.
- I haven't done anything, mother.

What happened?
What has happened to you?

Ramu, what has happened, my son?

Nothing, just getting scared, mother.

Scared? Scared of what?

- Mother.
- What happened, son?

I'm very scared, today, mother.

Hey, you nitwit!

You are scared despite
being so grown up?

Yes, mother.


What fear do you have
when your mother is with you?


Ramu's mother, it's morning.

Wait Lala. Let me wake up Ramu.
I'll give your money just now.

Ramu! Ramu!

Son wake up, that Lala has come.

Give him his money.

- That Lala has come.
- Lala?

You've started to freshen up.
That Lala is standing there.

What a phenomenon
this money is, mother!

Forget man, even God would
go mad, if fallen in its trap.

You've brought the money,
haven't you?

Must have been the
biggest enemy of mankind...

the one who created money
on this earth.

Had this money not been there,
I wouldn't have begged on the streets...

wouldn't have carried their loads.

And neither would have I gone to Kalu.

Only for ten rupees, mother,
just for ten rupees.

But that deal proved to
be very expensive. That deal...


What deal are you talking about?

You don't know, mother.

In that deal, a human life...

was like, like...


- Like...
- Then?

- Then...
- Then, what happened?

- Then, mother...
- Then, what happened?


Where did you go?
You loafer, ruffian, liar.

You went, but you
left this blemish with me.

When I kept lying to you...

you believed me, mother.

Today, I told you the truth...

and you thought it a fantasy?

Fine, mother.

Enough of your dramas, Ramu's mother.

Give me my money or else
I'll throw your belongings out.

Take this, Lala. Your rent.

Thank you, auntie.

Perhaps God wished this only that...

the last memory of my husband
doesn't remain with me till my end.

Chabili, you were talking
about some job that day, right?

Which job?

Go, Kalu must be waiting for you.

I take an oath on you,
I have left Kalu's company.

Get me any job. Really.

Really, Ramu?

- You've left Kalu's company?
- Yes, Chabili.

Now you've come
to your senses. By God!

Come with me.

Give it.

Come with me.


By God! Even the moustache
in the old age is very sharp.

For whom are you making these knives?

Hey, how come you've
lost your way, today?

Oh, I've come all this way
to see you, uncle.

At least look at me and talk.

Tell me, what do you want to say?

Understand for what I've come to say,
without me saying anything.

Will you speak?

Just look at this boy.

Even if an elephant stands on his arm,
it won't bend. By God!

He can do the work
of four men, at least.

Hire him for a job with you.

- Is he trustworthy?
- Yes, yes, I'll vouch for him.

If you want, put my thumb
impression on a blank paper.

C'mon Ramu, start working immediately.

Nothing to worry about, uncle.

If you suffer any loss,
catch hold of Chabili.

Work properly, Ramu.

I have given your guarantee.

Don't worry, Chabili.

Hey, why will Chabili worry?

Okay Ramu, I'll go now. Okay?


Uncle, I'm leaving.


what's your name?

- Ramu.
- Listen, Ramu...

my shop has very expensive knives.

My own and also those of customers.

Everyone here is a trusted person.

You, too, work with honesty.

Honesty and trust are the
only possessions of a poor man, sir.

A poor person might die
but never bargain on this possession.

- Trust me.
- Great!

- Thakur!
- Coming, sir.

This isn't difficult work.
You'll learn it quickly.

And then the more you work,
the more money you'll earn.

One anna for putting
a blade on four knives.

Thakur, teach him
to operate the machine.


Bholu, it's been fifteen
days and Ramu hasn't turned up.

He'll show up only
if he's in this world.

- I hope he wasn't caught.
- Possible.

He was a decent chap, though.

Where to look for him now?

I'm afraid, Bholu, he might
fall into the hands of the police.

- It will be good.
- It will be good?

- What do you mean, Bholu?
- He'll at least get the jail food.

Jail food?

It's easy to say that, you idiot.

Ask those who had to eat their food.

One has to break rocks there, too.

And I'm afraid, if Ramu
is required to break rocks...

even for a single day,
he'll reveal everything to the police.

Come, inspector.

Tell me, how can I help you?

Who is Chandu the knife-seller?

I'm the one, tell me.

Do you recognize this knife?

Someone was killed with
this knife in the narrow-street.

What happened, Ramu?

Nothing, sir.

The belt snapped.

Thakur, change the machine belt.

This knife was produced
in your shop, wasn't it?

- Yes.
- And this is your trademark, right?


Can you tell me who
bought this knife?

This is very difficult to tell, inspector.

Hundreds of knives are
made and sold here every day.

- How many workers work with you?
- Must be around eight to ten.

But inspector,
all of them are very old.

- Can you show me a similar knife?
- Fine.

- Bring the knife that you have, Ramu.
- What?

Yes, the same one.

Excuse me.

So all your men are old, right?

Yes, inspector,
but he began work just today

So dear.

What's your name?

- Ramu.
- Ramu?

Which work were you doing previously?

- I used to drive a cart.
- Why did you stop?

I wasn't earning enough to survive.

Not making enough?

- The belt has been put on, sir.
- The belt's replaced. I'll go now.



Where do you live?


Chawl number nine.

Chawl number nine?

- The chawl behind the narrow street?
- What?

Isn't it?


What do you know
about Chandu's murder?


- No one ever told you anything?
- No.

- Never heard anything from anyone?
- No.

Have you ever seen this knife?

- No.
- Look at it.

- No.
- Never?

- Never.
- Okay.

Okay sir, if the need arises...

you'll be called to the police station.

- Thanks.
- Very well.

Ramu, these cops
are such strange people.

They were asking me as if...

I was the murderer's friend...

or as if I've hidden
the killer in my shop.

- What?
- Nothing, Ramu...

go and do your work. Go.



What are you thinking?

What's there to think, daughter?

If the silver bangles don't reach
Sandhya's in-laws' place by tomorrow...

the engagement won't be confirmed.

Why do you worry, mother?
Everything will be all right.

How will everything turn out alright?

Ramu just recently started his job.

How will we get so much money?

Didn't I already say
everything will be all right?

You don't understand, dear.

If the arrangements aren't made,
the engagement will break.

The engagement won't break, mother.
Why do you worry?

I'll set everything all right.

I'm telling you.

I'll set everything straight.

I'll set it right.

God, God! Goodness!
Interest is forbidden for me.

I donate all this money
to the charity at the cowshed.

And from you, I have
charged only two percent on this cow.

Yes, yes, Lala...

you're the only virtuous soul
left in the neighborhood. By God!

So you already know it,
don't you?

Not only do I know...

I was thinking that the
day Banwarilal passes away...

even the mourners
will have to be borrowed...

from the cowshed
on interest. By God!

Oh my goodness!
What are you saying?

Lala, give me the money.

- One, two...
- Why are you counting? Give it to me.

And my cow is tied here.

After one month, I'll take her by
repaying the principle with interest.

And if I find a difference of
a single gram in this cow, I will...

You know Chabili very well.
By God!

I knew a little.
The rest I've learned today.




- What's the matter, Ramu?
- Auntie!

- Is everyone at your place?
- No son, they have...

- Everything all right, auntie?
- Yes, Ramu.

They've all gone to Mangal sir's bungalow.

For what?

To satiate their hunger.



Did you already assume I died, mother?

Why are you cleaning others
dishes when I am still alive!?

Sandhya, you fool, these hands
are meant to apply myrtle.

Mad girl, c'mon, wash your hands.

Gangu, Ganga Ram, you're working?

Here, take this, eat.
Take this Bansi. Have some, Lallu.

Everyone's working.
Hey, your Ramu brother is still alive.

Why do you need to work?

Take this, mother, you eat too.

As long as my body can work...

I won't let you
do this work, mother.

For us, hunger doesn't
mean anything, son.

We're used to living
on an empty stomach.

But a poor person gets compelled
for the dignity, at times.

You don't know, son.

Only when a poor person's girl is wedded
is she known to have nuptials.

If she's at home...

- she's called a widow, son.
- Mother.

Mother, don't kill your Ramu
while he's still alive.

- Trust me, mother.
- Son.

Have faith in me, mother.
All your hopes will be realized.

Trust me, mother.
Sandhya's bangles, her marriage...

everything will be done.
Just trust me, mother.

- Yes, son.
- Come, mother. Come with me.

Come with me. Come Sandhya.

Gangu, come dear.
Lallu, come. Get up, Bansi.

Come, mother.

No need to work now.

Mother, trust me.

Sandhya's engagement will never break.

You'll get her bangles tomorrow.
Most definitely.

Okay mother, I'll leave now.
I have to work overnight. Okay?

Okay, son.

If you have to work overnight,
why don't you rest for awhile?

Enough of the rest.

Now, unless I work day and night
things won't work.

Hey, why do you boss
around unnecessarily?

You don't even have time to talk?

The way you're
behaving with me today...

I, too, will do the
same with you tomorrow.

You've shown that today, Chabili.

Mother and Sandhya go and
wash dishes at Mangal sir's...

and you just loaf around carelessly?

I've seen you too, Chabili.

Everything's just for show.
Now I need no one's help.

I'll do everything on my own,

Take these, mother.

Tomorrow, give these
bangles to Sandhya's in laws...

and fix the engagement.

Chabili, you seem to be related
to me from some previous birth!

Am I not related to you
in this birth, mother?

Ramu, Ramu.


Sorry, I dozed off, sir.

Were you working all night?

If I don't work,
how will things work out?

The milk lady was right.

That you are a trustworthy man.

Sir, tell me, how much should I work...

that after 25 days
I can earn 100 rupees?

After 25 days!
That means on 5th August?

It's my sister's engagement
on that day, sir.

- Your sister's engagement?
- Yes, sir.

You'll get it.
And if you keep working so hard...

it might be more than 100 rupees.

- And if it doesn't?
- You'll still get it, Ramu.

I'm very happy with
your hard work and honesty.

- Ramu brother...
- Mother!

- Ramu!
- Come mother.

Sir will give me 100
rupees on 5th of August.

No more worries.

Sandhya's engagement will
definitely happen on the 5th of August.

- Oh Ramu!
- Sir, she's my mother.

- Sir, she is my mother.
- Is he your younger brother, Ramu?

- Yes, sir.
- So Gangu, greet sir.

- Greetings!
- Nice kid.

Sir, by giving Ramu a job...

you have removed all our worries.

Your son is very industrious
and honest, sister.

May God bless everyone
with such a child!

Ramu, invite your sir to...

attend Sandhya's engagement
and wedding for sure.

Tell me, sir, will you come?

Your attendance will bring
glory to us poor.

Yes, yes, I will come, definitely.

Ramu, bring your sir
along with you, on that day.

Yes, mother.
Sir, I'll be back in a moment.

- Come, mother.
- Come, son.

Mother, you've brought
food for me? Right?

Yes, son.

You came hungry in the night.

The entire night,
I kept dreaming about you.

I don't know how you can work...

without any food or water.


Have this, son.

- Have this, son. Take.
- Mother, I'll feed myself.

You moron, do you feel
embarrassed eating...

from the hands
of your mother? Have it.

You've brought food for me
at such an old age, mother!

Why didn't you send that
no-good Chabili, instead?

She's angry with you.

You scolded her last night, right?

If I shouldn't scold,
should I have put her on my head?

You don't know how she managed to buy
the bangles for Sandhya's engagement.

And there you were,
you fought with her!

- Bangles?
- Yes. See these.

Upon giving these bangles,
Sandhya's engagement will be fixed.

Mother, that no-good Chabili
gave you these?

Hey Ramu, where are you going?

- Finish your food and then go.
- Coming, mother. Coming.

Swaying weather! Beautiful season!

A damsel, fair like the moon

Kohl (kajal) in the eyes,
perspiration on her face

Goodness! She took my heart away

Some admirer has entered my dreams

Won me over in a single glimpse...

by spelling a cast of love over me

Goodness! He took my heart away

On chilling streets, under the bushes

The arrows of the gaze
were shot galore

You, too, were wounded there
and so was I wounded here

Wearing a red drape
and with a unique gait

Ornaments on the forehead and ears

With pearl studded
bangles in her wrists

Goodness! She took my heart away

Some admirer has entered my dreams...

won me over in a single glimpse...

by spelling a cast of love over me

Goodness! He took my heart away

You are here and I am here as well

Where will such a union happen?

I swear upon you, my sweetheart

My heart resides where you are

The owner of my heart
is a crazy fellow

Unique in this whole world

Sun of love,
brightness of the day

Goodness! He took my heart away

Swaying weather! Beautiful season!

A damsel, fair like the moon

Kohl (kajal) in the eyes,
perspiration on her face

Goodness! She took my heart away

A fire was ignited on both sides

Such was it that it
couldn't be extinguished

You got burned in it
and so did I

But still the flower
of the heart blossomed

God! You face is like
the tale of the flower

Your tresses are like a lovely dusk

Queen of beauty and love

Goodness! She took my heart away

Some admirer,
having entered my dreams...

won me over in a single glimpse...

by casting a spell of love over me

Goodness! He took my heart away

Swaying weather! Beautiful season!

A damsel, fair like the moon

Kohl (kajal) in the eyes,
perspiration on her face

Goodness! She took my heart away

Ramu it's your sister's
engagement today, isn't it?

- Yes, sir.
- Do you want the 100 rupees now or later?

I'll take it this afternoon
when I leave.

Very well. Also, Ramu...

don't leave the shop unattended.

I'll be back later.
Only then go for your lunch.

Okay, sir.

So, Knifeman!

Put a blade on these scissors.


How much money will you take?

- Not a single penny.
- Why not?

I beg of you, Kalu, go away from here.
Please go.


Kalu won't go alone, today.

Today, you have to go alone, Kalu.

Our friendship was over that night...

That night?

What happened that night, Ramu?

Why don't you speak?
Why have you gone mum?

Nothing, Kalu.

Let me eat honest bread, Kalu.
I want to live in peace.

You fool, your honesty ended the day...

you burned your handcart.

And peace?

Peace you lost the day...

you went to call Chandu.

I'll go mad, Kalu.
For God's sake, go away.

Try to understand
what I want to say, Ramu.

No, Kalu. No.

Ramu, don't embrace this machine.

It'll kill you prematurely, one day.

Let it kill me!

But Ramu won't go with you.
Won't go! Won't go! Won't go!

Forget it, boss.
Let him stay here.

Why are you crying, Ramu?

Offer me a cup of tea, at least.

Then Kalu will go.

- Tea? You want tea?
- One cup.

- I'll bring it right away. Right now.
- Fine, Ramu.


Now Ramu will definitely come to Kalu.

- Hats off to you, boss!
- Tea!


Okay dear, I'm going now.

But Ramu...

whenever you get
tired of this machine...

come directly to Kalu.

His door is open, forever.



Don't be shy of your
old friends, Ramu.

What are you thinking?

- Nothing.
- You should remain happy.

Go and have your lunch.

And upon returning, take 100
rupees for your sister's engagement.

- Okay? - Yes, sir.
- Go.

- Greeting!
- Bring water also.

Pay before leaving.

Give him snacks.

Come on, tell me.

Bring a plate of snacks.

- Your turn.
- Yes you start.

Come, inspector. Please sit.

You have murdered Chandu.
You killed him.

You went to call him.

Chandu was last seen with you.

Thus, in the eyes of the law
you're the murderer.

You, you're the murderer!

Ramu is not that kind of man, inspector.

But where has he gone?

A poor person is compelled
for his dignity, at times.

You don't know, son.

A poor person's daughter,
when she's married...

is considered having nuptials.

If she's at home...

- she's known as a widow.
- Mother!

Have faith in me, mother.
Bangles for Sandhya...

her engagement, her marriage,
all will happen definitely.

Will Ramu come now?

He'll surely come, inspector.

And today he can't go anywhere.

Today is his sister's engagement...

and how can he go without
taking money from me?

Just relax and sit here.
He'll show up.

Ramu has come, mother.

My son has such a long life!
We were just talking about you.

C'mon give the money to Chabili, soon,
so that she can go to the market.

C'mon Ramu, take out the money.

Chabili, tell me something.

Chabili, those who don't
have money for two square meals...

isn't nuptial music played
at their house, Chabili?

What are you talking about, Ramu?

- C'mon, take out the money.
- Haven't you left yet, Chabili?

I can't go until
he loosens the purse strings.

- Ramu, give it to her, soon.
- Mother, I want to ask you something.

- Now, first give her the money...
- Mother, I'm asking you something.

Mother, tell me,
those who starve for food...

don't their girls ever
wear wedding attire?

What has happened to you?

What are you talking about today?

Must a poor man's daughter
remain unmarried, mother?

Do they get married?



Just consider,
consider, that I wasn't born, mother.

Consider that something bad
happened to me today.

- Won't Sandhya's marriage...
- Ramu!

What nonsense are you talking?

Look Ramu,
it's your sister's engagement today.

No more stories like that.

No, no.

Mother, I'm not narrating a fantasy.

Mother, trust me.

Chabili, convince mother
I'm telling the truth.


- Ramu!
- Ramu!

- Ramu!
- Come away from there.


Where has Ramu gone?

- Ramu!
- What happened to Ramu?

- Look there. Ramu is running away.
- Running away?


Where shall we go now?

Tell this to us, Earth!

There is no one in this world
to call our own

People are scared
of their own shadows

No one trusts anyone, any longer

Where shall we go now?

We go door to door
and show our hearts

But the people of this world scorn us

The paths are missing

The destinations are lost

No one trusts anyone, any longer

Where shall we go now?

Eyes are filled
with hatred and savagery

What is this poison which has
contaminated the world's atmosphere?

The hamlets of love
have started to turn into ashes

No one trusts anyone, any longer

Where shall we go now?

Each breath is earned

Each life is like a pearl

But they hold no value in the market

Life has no value in this world!

No one trusts anyone, any longer

Where shall we go now?

Tell this to us, Earth

There is no one in this world
to call our own

Where shall we go now?

What do you want, son?

What can I wish for?

All the roads
of my life are closed now.

Who has closed
all the roads of your life?

Some by my near and dear ones
and some by outsiders.

Who were those near and dear ones?

One of them is my mother,
who gave birth to me...

but never tried to understand me...

and never trusted me.

I always wanted to
be truthful to her...

but she mistook my truth
to be some false story.

The other one is
my childhood friend...

who exploited me and made me
a thief, thug and a pickpocket.

You forgot this son...

that nobody on this earth
is a thief, thug or pickpocket.

- How so?
- It's the difficult circumstances in life...

in which a person gets
trapped and loses his virtue.

His soul gets tired
and his faith is destroyed.

Then what should I think myself to be?



- Ramu!
- Mother!

- Ramu!
- Mother!

Mother! I'm innocent.
I didn't do anything.

Then why did you run
away from the shop and house?

Chabili! Convince mother.
I didn't do anything. I swear.

Every thief swears his innocence.


What was stolen?

They say you stole
a silver knife from the shop.


No Chabili!

No mother! It's wrong.

It's absolutely wrong, mother.

Ignoring such a huge amount,
why would I steal a silver knife?

And those hundred rupees
weren't for some charity...

- but payment for my work.
- If you didn't steal...

why run away
without taking your money?

Your sister's engagement
was that evening, wasn't it?


C'mon, speak up.

Ramu, why don't you speak?

You haven't committed any murder,
that you might be hanged.

Speak up, Ramu.

Now's not the time to remain silent.

Your silence shouldn't cause...

your sister's engagement to be broken.
Speak up.

You son was very sincere.

But don't know what went wrong
with him today, all of a sudden.

Always something goes wrong with him,
just recently.

Acharyaji! Acharyaji!

I didn't do anything.
At least you believe me, Acharyaji.


Did you report the
matter to the police?

Not yet.

If you receive the price of that knife,
will you leave him?

- I'm the owner of that knife.
- I ordered that knife from the shop.

Who'll pay the price?

How much does it cost?

Sixty rupees.

Here, take this.

And pay his labor to sister.

- Very well.
- Thank you.

Come, inspector.

You preserved my dignity.

I'd have been shamed
if I hadn't gotten the money...

for my daughter's engagement.

Sister, don't feel bad.

You definitely gave birth to him...

but you've never tried
to understand him.

Don't make the same mistake again...

or else, all your children
will turn into a Ramu.

Go sister.

From today he'll stay in this Ashram.


But it's her sister's
wedding on 25th August.

Don't worry about anything.

Your daughter will
definitely get married.

And I'll personally
bring him with me that day.

Okay, son. Fine.

Munni's mother-in-law has come!

- Munni's mother-in-law has come!
- I see.

I thought your
mother-in-law had come.

My mother-in-law is dead!

- Oh, your mother-in-law is dead?
- Dead.

Come, I'll get you a
new mother-in-law, come. Come.

Oh, hey you milk woman...

have you quit
the milk-selling business?

Get lost! Go and wash people's dirt.

I clean people's filth...

but I don't go door to door
like you, selling milk worth pennies.

Get lost!

Or else I'll throw you in the water
along with your donkey! By God!

- Don't you dare touch my donkey!
- Fatty auntie, what do you do?

Fatty auntie, what do you do?

Fatty auntie, what do you do?

By God! I let go of them.

Otherwise you'd have squeezed
them like wet clothes!

Come on.

Have, eat, dear. Eat.

Many congratulations, Lallu's mother.

By accepting my daughter,
you've preserved my dignity.

It's all right, sister.

But where is her brother?

By God!

Her brother can't spare
any time from work to come home.

Do you have business with him?

No, I just asked casually.

Yes, it's fine.

She's very mischievous.

Hey, Sandhya!

Don't eat all the sweets yourself.

I, too, own a share in it. By God!

You can have it all, sister.

By God!

You just arrived
and now you're going again?

I'll be back soon.


Hey, Ramu!

Hey, you son of Ramu!


Oh! You and here?

Come. Come downstairs. Come.

Go away. Go away from here.

This is an Ashram.

I don't know any Ashram.

I just want you to
come downstairs. Come.

Someone might see.
Go away. Go away.

You won't come?

This damn Chabili,
would've gotten me in trouble.

She came to the Ashram.

If Acharyaji learns, what then?

Hey, Ramu!

Will you open the window or not?

Open it.

Had you not opened the window...

then I would've
smashed the glass. By God!

Why did you come here?

I felt like coming here,
so I came.

Who are you to ask me?

Females aren't permitted to come here.

C'mon. Can't you see the difference
between another woman and me?

Now that you've come,
tell me why you're here?

My dear, what business can I have?

I've come to feed you these sweets.

Eat these to celebrate your sister's
engagement. C'mon, have it. Eat it. Eat it.

Hey Chabili...

you must be gloating
while feeding me this, right?

And you must be thinking...

when these days are over...

you'll dress up in the clothes
of a bridegroom.

And you?

Hidden by a veil...

sitting quietly in the palanquin...

- you'll watch me on the sly, right?
- What are you saying, Ramu?

I feel shy. By God!

You are always feeling shy.

By the way, how are my mother and Sandhya?

Yes, Gangu, Mangu, Hira,
Moti, Jyoti, everyone is fine.

Ask me also, how I am.

What's to ask about you?

You're standing here,
in front of me, hail and hearty.

By God! You are stonehearted, Ramu.

You don't understand any language.

Not even the language of the heart.

- Hey, someone's come. Leave now!
- Let him come.

- Eat the sweets...
- You leave, go please.

- Let me go.
- Go away.

Okay, I'm going.
Just as a favor to you.

- Go. Hurry up.
- I'm going!

- Go. Go.
- I'm going, but let go of me first.

Go. Hurry up.

This is an Ashram, Ramu.

- An Ashram.
- Yes.


Sandhya, you're being coy!

Changu, Mangu, Gangu...


Listen to the tinkling

Oh dear, listen to the tinkling

The night struts.
So do the rows of stars

We also move along with them

Listen to the tinkling

Wow! Dance to the tinkling

With a vigorous thumping
on the percussion of life...

this song of happiness is emanating

Night blossoms, so does love.
Merrily swinging spring blossoms as well

Each step is turning into a dance

Listen to the tinkling

Oh dear, listen to the tinkling

The night struts.
So do the rows of stars

We also move along with them

Listen to the tinkling

Wow! Dance to the tinkling

Hail to the tinkling

Each desire of the heart
is like a burning ember

Each gaze seems to give
out the secret of the heart

When the eyes met, things started
moving of their own accord

Now who can ask anyone to stop?

Listen to the tinkling

Wow! Dance to the tinkling

The night struts.
So do the rows of stars

We also move along with them

Listen to the tinkling

This festival of smiles

All my wishes have been fulfilled

Let this sequence
of happiness continue!

May no sorrow ever
come in this direction

Listen to the tinkling

The night struts!
So do the rows of stars

We also move along with them

Listen to the tinkling

Wow! Dance to the tinkling

The night struts!
So do the rows of stars

We also move along with them

Listen to the tinkling

Hail to the tinkling

Wow! Dance to the tinkling

From where are you coming,
so late in the night?

Manager sir, you know that...

my sister's wedding is approaching.

Look, this is the second time.

If you try to break
the Ashram's rules again...

I'll have to take strict action.

All the Ashram mates are
dear to me, like my own children.

Today, a father is giving all
this to his daughter on her wedding.

Acharyaji, today it feels to me...

that my father hasn't died.
He's still alive.

Ramu, I assure you...

you hard work will never go in vain.

Go Ramu, finish your work quickly.

In the evening, all the Ashram
mates will attend your sister's wedding.

Go Ramu.

Acharyaji, did you call me?


Put Ramu in charge
of the Ashram's purchases from today.

Can Ramu be trusted
in matters of money?

Why not?

Call Ramu.

Look Ramu, you have
new responsibilities from today.

Take this money and this is the list.

Pick up the bags from there.

And buy all these things.

And listen, Acharyaji had previously...

never trusted anyone
in matters of money, so soon.

His trust should not be misplaced.

Work with honesty.

Trust me, Mr. Manager.

This money is the Ashram's
responsibility on me.

I'll never violate Acharyaji's trust.

Trust me.

Munni! Munni!



What happened?

Munni! Munni! Munni!

Munni! My daughter! My daughter!

Thanks a lot.
How can I repay you?

I didn't save your Munni,
for personal gain.

A hundred? Two hundred?

A thousand? Two thousand?

Take whatever you wish from this.

No sir, it's your money.
You keep it.

He's not a man, he's an angel!
An angel.

I've come from Acharyaji.
Please give the Ashram goods.


My money! My money?

What happened? Forgot the money?

No, I didn't forget.

I'll be back in a moment.

I'll be back in a moment.

Ramu, where are the Ashram goods?

What am I asking?

Where are the goods?

My, my money, is lost.

I already knew that. I expect...

you'll make up some story.

No, I'm not making anything up.
Trust me.

When I went to buy the goods...

I don't want to hear
anything you have to say.

Whatever you have to say,
say it in front of Acharyaji.

I beg of you, Mr. Manager...

please don't take me to Acharyaji.

That's impossible.

I've already forgiven
you twice, before this.

But this relates to money.

I'm helpless. Come with me.

I warned you earlier...

not to trust him to handle money.

- But you...
- Mr. Manager.

What happened, Ramu?

I'm telling the truth, Acharyaji.

While saving a girl's
life in the market...

the purse fell out of my pocket.

Trust me, Acharyaji.

It's no lie.

But earlier, he broke
the Ashram's rules twice.

Once some girl came
to meet him in the Ashram.

I pardoned him.

The second time he was missing
from the Ashram, and after midnight.

I pardoned him then, too.

But why couldn't you
pardon him this time?

Just because it's related to money.


Keshav, it's of the utmost importance
that you trust this boy...

or else even this Ashram
will become his house for him.

I'll prove to you
that Ramu is an honest boy.

Take this, Ramu.
One hundred rupees.

And get all those things
for the Ashram, soon.

Acharyaji, you still trust me?

Trust, trust can never die, Acharyaji.

A man can't live without trust.

This isn' money, this is my life.

Now prove to the Manager that
you're still worthy of being trusted.

So I can continue helping thousands...

of other Ramus throughout my life.

Acharyaji, nothing but death
can stop me now.

I'll return soon.

Keshav, Ramu will come.
He'll surely come.

Sir, take this hundred rupees
and please...

I knew it, that you'd run away
from the Ashram with the money.


today I won't let you take this money,
Kalu. This money is my life.

- Your life?
- Listen to me Kalu.

Kalu, you don't know that
represents Acharyaji's faith in me.

I would be ruined.
I would be destroyed.

- Give the money back.
- Ramu, let me go!

Kalu! Kalu!

My naive beloved doesn't know
the secrets of my heart!

Doesn't know. Doesn't even listen

My naive beloved doesn't know
the secrets of my heart!

Just the way the branch bent
burdened with flowers...

still the gardener didn't understand

He made this little
life suffer with pain

All men are really bad

My naive beloved doesn't know
the secrets of my heart!

Doesn't know. Doesn't even listen

My naive beloved doesn't know
the secrets of my heart!

I tied the thread of love

But still the fortunes
didn't smile on my heart

I still haven't received
a response to my love

I thought he would come to marry me

My naive beloved doesn't know
the secrets of my heart!

Doesn't know. Doesn't even listen

My naive beloved doesn't know
the secrets of my heart!


No Kalu. Not today.

- What?
- Give the money back to me.

It's not just a hundred-rupee note
but an angel's trust in me.


It's not a matter of money,
but my life.

This money isn't supposed
to be given to a dancer.

- Get lost, Ramu!
- This Ramu no longer dances to your tune.

I'll go only after taking
my money back. C'mon, give it to me.

Kalu boss, escape from here.
The police are raiding this place.


Run! The police have arrived.

Look over there.

Don't move or else I'll shoot!


Where did he escape?

Where is that Kalu rogue?

I'm asking, where is that Kalu rogue?

Constables, take them in.

- Acharya sir, Ramu hasn't come?
- Ramu?

You promised to bring him
along with you today.

I had thought so, sister.

But I had...

- Did you send him out on some business?
- Yes.


- But why is he late in arriving?
- Don't worry, sister.

He'll come.

Please call the bride's
brother for performing the rites.

- To perform the rites?
- Amazing!

At his sister's wedding
the brother is missing.

Such a careless person?

Brother himself is missing.

He can't even get
to his sister's wedding on time.

Did he forget, or something?

This is something new. The one who
was to perform the rituals is missing.

So Acharya sir, have you seen
the consequences of trusting Ramu?

You're mistaken, Mr. Manager.

I'm sure Ramu will come,
most certainly.

I'm sure, too, Acharyaji,
but of his not coming.

The auspicious time is passing by.
Hurry up.

Don't get anxious.
Ramu must be coming any moment now.

If the girl's brother doesn't come,
who will complete the rituals?

I'll complete the rituals.

I will.

Tell me, where is Kalu?
Who is Chandu's murderer?

- Where does Kalu live? Speak up.
- Sir.

Sir, he lives in the Chembur forests,
on the water tank.

And he is Chandu's killer.

Get up, Kalu.
Your death has come to you today.

- Ramu?
- Give me the note, my money!

Move your leg away.

Give me my money or else
I'll break your bones, today.

I tell you. I tell you to give me my money
or else I'll break your bones, today.


No Kalu! No.

No Kalu!
I won't let you die today.

Let go of my hand.

I won't let you die now, Kalu.

First give me my money.
Then you can go and die!

- LLet go, Ramu.
- Till then I won't let you die.

Ramu let go.


Let go of me, Ramu.

I ask you to let go, Ramu.


Okay, Ramu, let me come up.

Let me come up.

Ramu! Ramu!

Wait Ramu.

No, Ramu. No.

- No, Ramu. No.
- Give me my money, Kalu.

Kalu, give me my money.

- No, Ramu, no.
- Or else I'll let you slip.

- I'll let go of you, Kalu.
- I'll give you the money, Ramu.

Pull me up, Ramu.

Ramu, I'm giving it.

I'm giving you the
100-rupee bill, Ramu.

This was nothing to fight over, Ramu.

I was only joking.

If you needed the money so badly,
why didn't you tell me me earlier?

Hurry up, Kalu. I have to go.


This knife...

you stole it, Kalu.

Whenever I tried to improve my life...

you pushed me into
the darkness of ruin.

You, Kalu. You did that.

I won't forgive you.

Now, I won't forgive you, Kalu.

I won't forgive you, Kalu.


Ramu, get out of here.

Run away, Ramu.

Or else I'll kill you, Ramu.


Now only my corpse will leave here.

Acharyaji, hasn't Ramu come yet?

I won't let you go, Kalu.

I won't let you go, Kalu!

Ramu, go back
or else I'll cut the rope.

Even if you slit
my throat today, Kalu...

I will cut the rope.

Cut the rope, Kalu...

but give me back my money.



Ramu, the police have come!

Ramu, police!

Acharyaji, I'm coming.

I'm coming, Acharyaji.

I'm coming, right away.

- Kalu, where's Ramu?
- I don't know.

I ask you, where is Ramu?


I don't know who
thrashed him so cruelly.

I think he should be taken
to the hospital immediately.


Hold him carefully.

Cover him with a blanket.
Cover him.

Stop brothers.
Where are you taking my Ramu?


- Ramu.
- What happened, my son?

- Ramu, open your eyes.
- Brother.

- Ramu.
- Brother, look, I got married.

- Brother!
- Ramu, son.

Ramu, see, this is your Chabili.

- Ramu, open your eyes.
- Brother!

My Ramu!

- Chabili.
- Ramu! Ramu!


- My Ramu!
- Mother!

- Acharyaji!
- My Ramu!

Thank God!


Your trust.

This note?

I couldn't get the goods for the Ashram.

But I've been successful
in gaining your trust, Acharyaji.

Ramu, I'm proud of you.

Today you've made my faith unwavering.

Did you see, Keshav?

Didn't I say that my Ramu would come,
most certainly?

You are so fortunate...

to have given birth to such a son.

And Chabili,
you are also so fortunate that...

you'll be known as the better
half of this worshipper of trust.

Some admirer has entered in my dreams

Won me over in a single glimpse

- Did you hear?
- Yes, do you agree?

Goodness! She took my heart away

Didn't mother say that
as soon as Sandhya gets married...

You too will get married!

Swaying weather! Beautiful season!

A damsel, fair like the moon

Kohl in the eyes,
perspiration on her face

Goodness! She took my heart away