Ugly Duckling (1957) - full transcript

Every family has its beauties.

Moskva 1956

After a story of H.C. Andersen

written by George Berezko
directed by Vladimir Degtyarev

art directors V. Ignatov, B. Petin
music Eduard Kolmanovsky

cameraman Nikolai Vohinov
sound George Martynuk

assistant directors G. Lyoebarskaya, V. Egorova
Assistent art.dir. A. Dudnikov

animators M. Kuprach, S. Stepanov,
V. Dolgikh, Victor Likhachev, Nikolai Fedorov,
Elizabeth Komova, Igor Podgorsky

artists I. Troyanova, D. Anpilov,
I. Prokofyeva, Ye. Tannenberg

Spring came.

It was good for the city.

The trees turned green,

and in the meadows the young grass came up.

[chicks peeping ]

What do you think about the babies?

They are just adorable!

[Birds singing]

Why doesn't the biggest break yet?

It must be

a turkey egg.

It looks exactly the same

as I had once.

And I had a lot of trouble with these turkeys!

The did not want to go into the water!

So I grunted and grunted -
Yeah, but they did not go!

I'm sure, I'm sure
that it will be

an extraordinary child!



How nice!

It's all light!

Oh, what a wonderful world!

Yes, indeed, extraordinary!
He's ugly! [Laughs]

He is not like the others!

Phew, what a big one!



The next day the young mother
went with her chicks

to the poultry yard.

They should be introduced into society.



What a piece of poultry!

Look how nice he is rowing with his legs!

He is ugly,

but he has a good heart!

In the poultry yard lived
a fat Spanish duck.

She was considered the highest in rank.

Now I will introduce you

to the Spanish duck.

You see - she has blue rag on her paw!

That is - a sign of rank!

Bow to her and say:
"Crack! Crack!"

Well, here's a whole crowd!

So many ducklings already, and now even more. [Laughs]

But that last one! How hideous he is!

It is! we can't tolerate such hideousness!

[Sound of a fight]

I think this is yours.

What? [Cackles]

What an insolence!

[Cackles] Who let this freak in?




Nice kids you got.

Really very nice!

Hello, Grandma!

This is - my youngest.

He spent too long in the egg

and therefore not entirely as he should be.

[Quietly] Crack! Say: "Crack".


This one is indeed a failure!

Some queer poult!

Thus passed the first day.

And it got even worse!

All made fun of the unhappy duckling

and no duck recognized him as one of theirs.

What kind of bird is this!

I'm a duck!

Ha, what kind of duck are you?

You're a queer poult!

Piss off to the turkeys!

You wouldn't have

a place for me?

Everyone tells,

I am a sort of turkey.


What do you say?


How dare you, you freak!

I'll show him!


Please, take me!

I was just born yesterday,

and still do not know what I am.

What you are? What you are? what you are?

I wouldn't want you to intermarry with us!

[Shouts] Beat it!


[Cries of birds]

[Rooster cackles]

So the poor duckling wandered around

in search of refuge.

He could not understand

Why to the bird that lived in the yard

he looked so ugly,

why they all laughed at him

and chased him.

[Solemn music]

The duckling did not know

the name of these beautiful birds,

but he admired them so

as he did not admire anyone else.

Oh, how he wanted to

fly away with them!

Oh, why I was not born

so beautiful?

[Sound of the wind]





[Cackles] What is that ugly one doing here?

I. .. I ... I ...

Please let me stay with you.

I can be useful. I won't be a bother.

Well, do you know how to take care of eggs?


Maybe you know how to purr?

Like this! [Humming]

I Do not know how to do that.

Well maybe you know how to make sparks?

Like this.

Oh ... No.

So go, if you don't know how to do anything!

[Fast Music]


[Fast Music]

Again the duckling

was left on his own.



[Frog laugh]

Even they

laugh at me.

Here in the cavern

on the shore of the Forest Lake ,

the poor duckling settled himself.

He was very bored on his own

but he was afraid to look
others in the eye.

And only at night,
when no one could see him,

He crawled out to swim,


and spread their wings.

But when the morning came,
the duckling would always
withdraw in his cave.

And so the summer passed.

During this time the duckling grew stronger,

but he couldn't bear his loneliness.

Autumn came.

The days grew colder
and colder.

The birds that lived on the lake
started to fly away to warmer places.

With anguish he watched them go.

He felt very bad.

And then, one frosty morning,

He saw those lovely birds again.

They were preparing for a long journey.

It really seems

You can freeze to death here!

Better to try and join these majestic birds

than to die here from the cold!


The ugly duckling never had dreamed
of such a joy!

The beautiful swans

took him into their family!

He was incredibly happy,

because he met

real friends.

[Happy music]

How handsome he is!

He came to say hello to me!

After all, we are related to swans.

But no one in the poultry yard realised

that this beautiful bird flying over them

was their former

Ugly Duckling.

Subs by Eus after
the Russian sub for hearing impaired