Udumb (2021) - full transcript

The events that happen in the life of Ani after he gets convicted for a murder.

[Monitor Lizard]

Antony sir, it's heavy
wind outside.

I doubt if something like Tsunami
is gonna come.

My son hasn't reached
home yet.

I'm trying to call him up.

He isn't picking
my calls.

Sir, outside, there is...

- What's the matter?
- There's a lady outside.

Please come out.

Get me the umbrella!

What's the matter?

What happened?

I killed someone.

Why are you staring at me?

Who are you going to kill now?

Those who are dying
are adamant that

I must kill them.

He's come.

The Killer!

You won't be happy if you don't get
beaten up everyday, will you?


Is the sketch correct?

Everything is set.

Call your father outside.

Daddy, Simit Ani has come.


He came to our campus last month,
and smashed a guy's head.

He's a goon.


What's the matter?

- Please come, sir.
- Tell me the matter.

C'mon, sir.

You have a dealing with
Bharathan, right?

A dealing worth 75 lakh?

We need to close it.


Ani Annan is here for that.

Which Annan (brother)?


There he is.

Simit Ani.



Wow! Nice name.

Initially, I didn't understand
who you were.

Why do you stand here
like a post?

Come, sit inside.

Let's talk from inside.

Dear Elsi, why are you
getting scared?

They are folks of Bharathan.

Don't scare my kids
like this.

Hey, kiddo.

What's your name you said?

What Ani?


Sorry! 'Simit'.

Come on in.

Hey, do you know this?

When I brought her here after
16 days of our marriage,

this place was a forest.

It needs a lot of courage

to clear the forest, and
build a house here.


I did it.

When I cleared the weeds inside
the compound,

a few guys came in with
a threat to kill me.

And ordered me to leave
the place.

Hey, kiddo.

My Elsi hugged my feet,
and cried out loud.

Don't you remember it?

And, finally, what happened?

Tell them, my dear.

Kunjachan (I) saw the
sun set on that day too.

Also, saw a lot more
sun rise' thereafter.

Adding scary surnames
to your name,

and calling yourself as 'Goon'

was there even before this.

Snake Joy!

Porcupine Giri.

By the by,

there was another psychotic
guy no, Elsi?

What's his name?

Ah, I got his name.

'Thuppal (Saliva) Raghavan'.

All of them are tough guys.

Come closer.

If you secretly call them,

and ask them,

they would agree that...

they have got beaten up
by Kunjachan (me).

It's by thrashing and killing
troublesome people,

this Kunjachan became the
successful Kunjachan of today.

If Kunjachan decides not to give
anything to anyone,

that's deemed to have
decided by God.

If you have fetched any pocket
money from Bharathan,

give it back to him.

If you leave now, you can get
home before it gets dark.

Get going.

Get lost.

Kunjachan sir,

I'm damn hungry.


Stop there.

What the hell are you doing?

Hey! Hey!

Get out, I say.

Let me eat, sir.

Speak out whatever you
have in your mind.

Your time gets over the moment
Ani finishes eating.

After that, it is his time.

How dare he eat from
Kunjachan's house?

I'll show you what I can do.

Where's my phone?

You won't get the network
to make calls.

We have installed a jammer.



I liked your history, geography
and all.

The biggest mistake that
you did is

you considered Ani equal
to the goons

who added scary surnames
to their names,

and finally ended up getting
thrashed by you.

It's not a matter of concern
if you have decided

to give the money or not.

If Ani has decided to take
it from you,

he (I) will definitely do it.

Get up from my cot.

The most interesting part is

if Ani gets into somewhere,

he'll start staying there.

Stay means a lavish stay.

Before getting Bharathan's money,

neither anyone is going to
get out of here,

nor anyone from outside is going to
get into the house.

Kunjachan can decide whatever
you may like.

Take your time.


I want to speak to Bharathan.

That's a fair request.

Untie his hands.

Yes, will do.

Kunjachan, what's up?

Did my guys go till the climax?

Or did they pause for
an interval?

He's a bit problematic.

That Ani.

If I ask him to humiliate you,
he would do that.

If I tell him to kill you,
he would do that too.

He's a strange guy.

I have repaid my debt, Bharathan.


The debt you have created
for yourself is a bit high.

You will have to pay it
back to me.

Oh, my God!

Don't threaten people, Kunjachan.

Let it be.

So, Simit,

This is not going to end
by this.

And it's gonna be even worse.

That's up to you, Kunjachan sir.

Kunjachan's wish is the
wish of God too.

That's true!

"My dear, Lord Muthappan"

"Lovely, Muthappan"

"The incarnation of Lord Shiva"

"Please give strength to my legs,
and to my body."

"I offer you the elixir of life

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

"Toddy, that is uncorrupted."

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

"Toddy, that is uncorrupted."

"We eagerly wait aside,
ferment the sap."

"And get the superfine toddy."

"The toddy lures everything
around the place."

"The toddy that Sanku Muthappan
quaff in the evening."

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

"Toddy, that is uncorrupted."

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

"Toddy, that is uncorrupted."

"There are drum beats from
the sacred groves."

"The festival has started with
the flag hoisting."

"There is thappu, thudi and thakil."
[Musical instruments.]

"To tighten the rhythm, we have
Kuruvadi (Instrument)"

"Drank toddy with no water,
my inside quivered."

"The King of Ambalapuzha will
become high like a fly."

"Let's get together, get sloshed,
and enjoy."

"In the hillside, where there's consonance
of Kombu and Kuzhal"

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

"Toddy, superfine toddy."

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

"Toddy, superfine toddy."

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

"Toddy, superfine toddy."

"Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!"

[Singing a Malayalam song.]

M.P. sir,


Don't get tensed up.

We can solve everything.

I'll send Simit to you
tomorrow itself.

Stay brave.

Trust me.

[Singing a Malayalam song.]

Our M.P sir wants
to see you.

The party has been split
into two.

He will be needing your help.

We need to get an absolute majority
in the State committee.

Take the list of things that
everyone needs.

Monachan being on the other
side is the problem.

Sir is waiting for you.

Simit has come.

Take him upstairs.

Have it.


Monachan Ambazhakkadan.

When I felt that he was
kind of too obedient,

it was me who recommended
him to the state committee.

When I asked him if he
had any surname...

He didn't have a native place,

or, a name...

He didn't even know who
his parents were.


That name was given
to him by me myself.

There were no positions
or honours

that were not given to him.

And now, when the party split,

he stood with Johny rather
than me.

If I'm the one who created

don't I have the right
to destroy him too?

He shouldn't have a come back.

or, a re-birth.

Peter, do you think that
Ambazhakkadan would

shift loyalty to the other group
without having any benefits?

I'm conducting a Press meet.

At 4 o'clock in the evening.

When it gets over, you be ready

to bury Jacob alive.

OK, you hang up the call.

Let me go for jogging.

Only if you are healthy,

you will be able to play well.

I'm sorry.


Ambazhakkadan's death
has been confirmed.

What's your name?


Sir, he's advocate Krishnamoorthy
sir's son-in-law.

Oh, okay.

What the hell are you doing?


Forensic team is directly coming
here from the crime spot.

Let them come, first.

If this blood sample matches with
the dead guy's blood,

No doubt, the guy who Jithesh saw
is the murderer.

Will you be able to identify
him for a second time?

He'd worn a helmet.

Still, I can identify him
from his features.

- What do you do, Jithesh?
- I work in a software company.

At Infopark.

'Tech and Tricks'.

Take off your shirt,
and give it to us.

Blood sample from your hands
are to be taken too.

Leave me.

Leave me, I say.

What's your problem?

You stink of blood.

That will go when your odour
gets mixed with mine.

I'm just a tool for you to get rid
of the blood stink.

Other than that, do I have any
importance in your life?

I must definitely be punished for
running away with you.

Heroism of a murderer!

Leave me.

Leave me, I say.

Leave me!

Leave me!

Leave me!

Move over!

Move over!

Move over, I say.

Confirm it, and give me a call.

Good morning, sir.

Forensic reports have come.

The blood samples are
one and the same.

What's it, Cherian?

Nothing, sir.

This is for an identification.

It's my daughter's birthday.

We were going to cut cake.

You continue.

We will wait.

Then, you may join us too.

Let's eat a piece of cake.

OK, sir.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday, my dear.

No! No! Give him, first.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Jithesh, look carefully.

Is it anyone from these pictures?


Look carefully.

Sir, back.

Sir, he's the one.

Jithesh, are you sure?


Simit Ani.

Anything new?

Sir, we have identified
the person.

Identification and all is fine.

Will he have to face any
problem due to this?

No, nothing like that.

This will be kept a secret.

Then, you get going.

Today, there is one more
function at home.

I'm a bit busy with that.

- See you later.
- OK, sir.

- Carry on.
- Thank you, Jithesh.

Hold it.

Ani has been remanded
for 14 days.

My parents were poor.

That's how I ended up in
a tragic marriage.

But what was wrong
with you

to run way from your family?

Everything's my fault.

Are you good?

Are You good?

This is a jail.

What difference does it make?


It doesn't have bars like this.

Am I right?

You must do one thing.

Go to the pond near

Bhagavathy temple tomorrow

Take the phone with you.

I'll call.

- Hello.
- Have you reached?


Towards the eastern side
of the pond,

there is a root inside the water.

I have tied a bag to
the roots.

That's money.

You must take it out.

Are you scared?

Never after living with you.


[Phone chimes.]

If you want to go out,
I can come with you.

No, thanks.

Are you taking a revenge by locking
yourself inside the room?

Revenge on whom?

Will he understand it even if I
take revenge on him?

After marriage, guys start living.

And women die.

[Phone chimes.]

Hi, hello!
Remember me?

School days..

The Violet flower rain back then?


The Valentine's day gift
of that day...

[Phone chimes.]

The Valentine's day gift
of that day...

Did you like it?

Who's this?

[Phone chimes.]

Who's this?

Good night.

Good night.

Good morning.

Why did you hide yourself
from me back then?

Why did you hide yourself
from me back then?

I was scared.

Aren't you scared now?

Aren't you scared now?

Nope, I'm not.

Nope, I'm not.

Oh, took these many years
to get brave?

Oh, took these many years
to get brave?



Shall we meet up?

Shall we meet up?

Yes, sure.

Reshma, I'm a little busy.

There's a client meeting.

What's it?


Somebody is asking for you.

For his father.

Oh, really?

Tell him that I'll be back
soon after the meeting.

OK? Love you.

Love you too.

We are waiting for you.

Remember seeing me before?

Shall I order an ice cream
for you?

Oh, did you have such a dream?


Yes, I had a lot of such dreams.

What made you think about
me all of a sudden?

I don't know.

Just felt so.

What's your husband doing?

He's out of station.

Oh, he's working abroad?



What about your family, Jithesh?


Aren't you married?

I tried, but nothing worked out.

Someone like you...

that was my concept.

There's only one person
like you.

Chill, Bharathan.

How would I sit peacefully?

It's not for watching the festival, I'd
come to the court yesterday.

But to see my boy who's
bailed out of jail.

But, what happened was...

They are continuously extending
his remand period.

When he was going with the
police being handcuffed,

he looked at my face,
and gave a smile.

Do you know what it means?

He meant to say that

nothing could be done to save him even
after me being around him.


For you guys, Simit Ani
is a just a goon

whose hands and legs
would never shiver.

But, he, for me, lives
in my heart.

He is my heart, blood, life,
and everything.

We never expected a witness
to pop in all of a sudden.

That's the reason why the
bail was denied.

Sir, make a call, and
find out who he is.

Once the identity of the
person is known,

he wouldn't be alive from
the next moment

so as to give the witness

Who's your new witness,

Department secret?

Whose, you mean?

Give it to me.

It's Bharathan speaking.

I was going to come,
and meet you.

Keep the department secrets
inside the files to yourself.

But I'm going to take out the secrets you
have hidden inside your mind.

Sir, will it turn out to
be a problem?

We can't stop Bharathan
in Ani's case.

My sister and I were kidnapped
by a few people.

I somehow escaped from there.

My sister is in their hands.


Save me, please.

Who's playing inside
our fiefdom?

No idea, Bharathan.


You were cheating me,
weren't you?

Who the hell is behind
all these?

Tell me.

It's me, Bharathan.

Medayil Kunjachan.

Washed, and neatly ironed
kurtha and dhoti

are for Kunjachan (I), the
VIP of the place.

When I confront guys like you,

Kunjachan's old type of clothes
are more than enough.

We have been together for
a long time.

Didn't you send a mad dog
into my house

to settle scores with me?

Simit Ani.

It was into Medayil Kunjachan's
kitchen he'd ran to.

Not just that,

It was into my Food and
my Honour,

he poked his head through.

According to our scores,

it's better you go first. (Die)

When he gets out of the jail,
I'll send him too.

You calculations have gone
wrong, Kunjachan.

Your dad has not given you
the courage

to beat him or me other than
by stabbing from back.

You don't have to turn back
to check if Ani is coming.


He'll come, and stand right
in front of you.

I'll make sure of it.

You clear off, Bharathan.

Are you coming here
for the first time?

Not only this place...

I haven't gone to any such
beautiful place.

Why? Your husband
don't like it?

Marriage was a mistake that
I did at an immatured age.

A big mistake.

I have brought a gift for you.

"I waited for long to get
you into my life."

"The pearls of desires were hidden inside
the depths of my pain."

"We coalesce into a whole."

"The snow of love wet both of us."

"You come to me as
a wet breeze."

"You caress me with your
cold fingers."

"Oh, my lovely girl."

"I waited for long to get
you into my life."

"Oh, lovely flower that bloom
in the land of magic."

"Give me the infinite sweetness
of love."

"Whether you are far away from me,
or near by,"

"You are the silent happiness
of my life, forever."

"You come to me as a wet breeze."

"You caress me with your
cold fingers."

"Oh, my lovely girl."

"I waited for long to get
you into my life."

"The pearls of desires were hidden inside
the depths of my pain."

"We coalesce into a whole."

"The snow of love wet both of us."

She's Simit's wife, right?

Both of them use to stay
in our hotel rooms.

Go home.


I want to meet Bharathan.

Let's go to him.

Get outside.

Which place is this?

I don't get it.

Come on, brother.

Doing good, aren't you?

This is a nice place.

Did Bharathan buy it?


Come on.

Oh, the inauguration is
also over, huh?

Who all did you kill?

What the hell were you
doing here?

Take care of My family was
not that I'd asked for,

But to be with Bharathan
as his left and right.

And now, he's dead.

Don't we have to visit
Bharathan's grave?

Yes, but only after Kunjachan's


[Singing an old Malayalam song.]

Get lost!

Kill me.

But, aren't you going to live
with that slut after this?

Dirty pig!


What did you say?

Go and inquire about
your wife.

Inquire about, with whom she was
sleeping when you were in jail?


It's in my hotel, she slept
with a guy.

Do you want to see that?

Come, I'll show you the CCTV.

Be a man.

Kill me after that.

Can't you marry me instead of
just dreaming like this?

I'm starting to be damn
crazy about you.

Me too.

I'm so crazy about you.

We will have to wait for
a few more days.

One minute, Jithu.
I'll come now.

Hello, I'll call you later.

What happened?

That is...
I'll tell you later.

The traitor's sketch has
been drawn.

OK, I'll call you back.

Didn't I tell you that you
could go to office?

I would've come with mom.

You are my first priority.

Hey, it's him.

Let me finish him off?


Ani, why do you seem
to have changed?

You let go of Kunjachan
who killed Bharathan.

And now, him too.

Are you scared?

When I chop off my enemy's neck,

my hands and mind don't shiver.

But, if it is you who
I ought to kill,

I'll quiver a bit.

What if I'm supposed to
kill myself?

Jithesh is always busy.

I'm getting bored over here.

Then, come out.

I can turn off your boredom.

No need, now.

I'll tell you when the
time comes.

Why hesitating?

Don't we have to turn off
your boredom?

I love that mole of yours.

Not the one on your neck.

I'll give you a kiss now.

Keep your lips as it is.



I'll call you back.

Who are you?

Can't you hear me?

Who are you?

If you don't know who I am,

why did you get scared?

It's for the first time,

someone is giving testimony
against me.

If you want to encounter
Ani (I),

that is not sufficient.

You too.

I'm thirsty.

Let's go for a peg.

No, I don't want it.

Ha! Don't get scared, sir.

If I still had my old character,

your funeral would've been
over by now.

It's some realizations
that change people.

It's now that I got that

You are the reason for it, sir.

From your face, I can
understand that

you are not able to believe
any of this.

That's Okay.

The belief will come by its own.

See you.

If at all I can do anything
for you,

please feel free to call.

I'll be there with you
until I die.

Bro, did Vijayan come?


- Hima, I'm going.
- OK.

Here are some clothes.

I bought it for you.

I'd gone to Bharathan's grave.

I'm not able to cope up
with his death.

I'm thinking if I could stay somewhere
else for some days.

Do you wanna come with me?


I don't wanna come with
you anywhere.

I'm leaving.

Is this Jithesh's house?

Nope, it's my friend's house.

Come on.

I want to talk to you
about something.

- Tell me.
- That's a serious matter.

What's making it so serious?

I don't feel like going
back home.

I'm fed up of living there.

Dear, we can go somewhere.

But, not now.

I want some time.

There's nowhere we can
live together legally.

You need to get divorce.

But, it will take time.


Ain't I desperate too?

I also wish to live with you.

Don't spoil the mood talking
things like this.

Come on, let's go to
the bedroom.

No need.

Let's do it only after
getting married.

- Hima.
- I told you, 'no'.

- Hey, please.
- Move over.


What's this?

Listen to me, Hima.


Where had you gone?

I... to the temple.

I canceled my plan.

I didn't feel like going
leaving you alone.

I don't want us living together.

Let's get separated.

I want a legal divorce.

Get me some rice.

We will get divorce faster
if applied together.

Get ready in the morning.

Let's meet an advocate.

Aren't you ready?

Let's go.

Daddy, today is the last hearing
of that murder case, isn't it?

I've marked the hearing
of a case

conducted in Haryana high court
in 2018.

It will be useful to you.

Not the settlements you see
in your family court

is what happening in
a criminal court.

Oho, haven't I done
any help to you?

You would never appreciate
me for this.

Same time, you would
byheart it from the car.

Sundareshan uncle tells
me everything.

If it is Sundareshan who leaked
out the secret to her,

you don't have any other
way out, Moorthy sir.

Thanks, my dear.

When would Jithesh come?

He would reach now.

- Advocate Reshma?
- She's inside, please go.


Aren't you the case
Pappachan told?


You name?


Love marriage, isn't it?


Whose idea is this divorce?



He's a goon.

I didn't know about it when
I was getting married.

Hima, isn't it enough to move the case
after giving it a second thought?

I don't have anything
more to think about.

Let it be as she wishes.


You must send me both of
your address proof

and other details in

I'll get ready all other papers
for the divorce.

Both of you should give
your signatures.

You may come after 5 days.


He's my husband, Jithesh.

Let's go?


Baby is moving.

He's so naughty like
his father.

Do you know what
a kick he's kicking?

Not picking the call, huh?

Just to waste time.

Useless fellows!

Won't allow to sit with
my baby for sometime.


Let's go and meet the
advocate with

the address proof and other
details tomorrow itself.

You needn't wait for
5 days more.

Long time since I reached here.

I could go back only after
meeting you.

What's the matter?

You might not need anything
from me.


someone has given me a
quotation to kill you.


Let's have a peg together?

She was my classmate
in school.

We got to meet again lately.

Isn't it today's style

to catch up with old
school friends?

So, you really enjoyed with her.

Didn't you?

Her husband is out of station.

Moreover, she doesn't like
that idiot.

What could I do when she
showed interest in me?

Won't she be a burden
for you later?

Yes, 2-3 days later, these
girls start talking about

secret marriage,

and later on, a public life.

Tell them to get lost.

By the by, sir,

Your wife and dad-in-law are
big people, aren't they?

Won't it be a problem if they
come to know about it?

When you make a fool
out of wise people,

that's a different
kind of pleasure.

It's her husband who gave
me the quotation.

Ask him to hang himself
to death.

Do you know who she is?

I didn't touch her.

I just talk to her.

I'm telling the truth.

The job that I could ever do
to my best is killing.


Please, don't hurt me.

I'll do whatever you say.

What will you do?

What will you do, I ask?

What will you do?

Anyways, I don't want her.

When I go for divorce, the advocate
will ask for proof.

Can you come and
tell him everything?

Yes, I can tell him.

I'll tell.

I can tell about this

That's enough.

That's enough.

You might know my advocate.

Advocate Reshma.

Let's go now itself, come!


She's my wife.

Don't spoil my family.

Your family!

Your honour!

I'm an idiot, aren't I?

Don't we have to visit
to all those places

where you took my wife?

Come on.

You started everything
from here, right?

What if we end everything
from here itself?

Tell me.

What did you do to her?

Tell me.

Please, don't hurt me.

Don't hurt me.

OK, I won't hurt you.

But, you should marry her.

No! What about my wife?


Your wife!

What if I marry her?


Did you get hurt?

Can you open up everything
to her?

I'll tell her.

I'll tell her everything.

Get out of the car.

Go to her.

Tell her everything.

Come on in.

Come, I say.

Come to me.

You were so desperate to
sleep with me.

Now, what happened?

What's it?

I don't love you.

I took you out just for
enjoying your body.


Hey, Reshma.

It was a trap.

Didn't I tell you...

about showing a murderer
to the police?

That goon is her husband.

This is cheating.

This is their plan for
cheating me.

I swear!

You come, let's go.


Did you tell her?

Did you tell her everything?

We have already taken
her testimony.

When are you coming?

As he was brought in
the right time,

we could save his life.