Udaan (2010) - full transcript

After being abandoned for eight straight years in boarding school, Rohan returns to the small industrial town of Jamshedpur and finds himself closeted with an authoritarian father and a younger half brother who he didn't even know existed. Forced to work in his father's steel factory and study engineering against his wishes, he strives to forge his own life out of his given circumstances and pursue his dream of being a writer.

Not so fast

Come on

Come on

Climb Fatso.

Climb Fatso, climb.

Don't fall on us or we'll die.

I'm slipping

Put your foot here.

Now go.

Go on you cow..


Come on


Fatso, you eat too much.

I got tired giving him a leg up.

You're no less..

Did you see yourself?

At least I did it on my own.

He almost crushed us.

Did you see his legs
dangling in mid air?

I'm hungry..

Forget it fatso.
We're already late.

Thanks to this idiot,
I've started pronouncing it

'Filum' instead of film.

Walk on the side.

Four tickets please..

Quickly, give me your money.

- Twenty..

My twenty..

- Don't have any..

You're so cheap..

Why are you always like this?

Keeps eating, that's why..

Lets go, quick..

Hurry hurry..

It's just started.

Look at those..

This is a grape..

A very ripe grape..

Her name is 'Desire'

And she desires..

A young and handsome man..

Who will love her..

And enjoy the juice of this grape.

What a beauty..

Look behind..
- Why?

There's another movie going on.

Where's your wife?


Excuse me.


You are very beautiful..

- What?

It's Mr. Rathod. The Moustache.

Run! It's the Moustache.

Bengali get up.

Look who it is..


Run Fatso! Run fast.

- Come on, fast!

Stop! Benoy..

Benoy.. Rohan..

What was Moustache doing there?

Watching the movie, what else?

Did he recognize us?

He was calling you
by your name, idiot!

Benoy.. Benoy..

Oh! He has a moped.

Should've punctured the tyres.

Why didn't you think of that before?

What if he complains?

If we reach school before
him he can't do anything.

Run. Come on, run Manu..

This time we're dead.

Don't think too much..

What happened?
- Lets see..


He twisted his ankle.

And no one here to
straighten it out.

Shut up Bengali.

You guys carry on.
I'll get back on my own.

How? Will you fly?

Moustache will get you expelled.

And he'll throw you a parade?

Come on, lift him up.

Walk slowly..




- Come on. Hurry!

Benoy.. do something..

Fatso lift his leg..

Hurry, you fat cow.

Run run run

Run run run

See you at school!

He's gone..

What did you do, Junior?

Didn't finish my tasks.

That's it?

They sent you to Heady for that?

And what did you do?

Went to town for a film last night.


He broke his leg.


Our luck ran out..


Don't know..

You got caught?

No. We're here to kiss Heady.

What will your father do?

Break whatever bones I have left.

My father will send me to
my grandmother in Singur..

To study in a government school..

If it still exists..

My father will be reading the news..

He'll ask, "You're home?"

I'll say, "Yes, it's vacation time".

He'll ask, "When do you go back?"

I'll say, "When they phone."


We don't have a phone at home.

And you?


The boy is asking what
your father will do.

No idea..

I haven't seen him for eight years.


What was the name?

Whose name sir?

Name of the film.



Kanti Shah's "Grapes."

Last year you left
all the taps running..

We had to evacuate
the whole hostel.

No sir, that was two years ago..

Last year it was the fans..

Sorry sir.

I just spoke to your
father Muninder.

We got a phone at home?

Shut up!

What did my father say?

He's coming to get you himself.

He's going to kill me sir.

Please.. one last chance..

Stand straight.


This is the third
time you've been caught.

Your parents have been informed.

They're waiting for you at home.

You are expelled.

No Sir please Sir.

Dismissed. All of you.



I'm sorry.

Excuse me sir?

Please ask Mr.
Rathod who the lady was?

The one whose blouse
he had his hand in?

Please sir.

Where's Rohan?

There he is..


We had to leave sometime..

Couldn't stay in school forever..

Want to hear a poem?


Tiny scattered moments,

Sprinkled on the garden of

Strolling, bare foot, on them,

It feels we've wandered too far..

Now we can't remember,
where we left our shoes.

Our heels were soft
when we got here,

They still feel tender.

And they will remain fragile,

Till those bittersweet memories,

Keep tingling them.

True, we've forgotten,

Where we left our shoes..

But now it seems,
we don't need them anymore.

Liked it?

Did you understand it?

We should've watched
the whole film..

Come to Bombay.

I'll show you
Paris Hilton's sex tape.

I'll miss you guys..

We too, pal.

Okay, then..

Take care..

You look after yourself.

You too

Take care, man.

Take him home carefully, Moustache.

Does your wife know
about the woman..

...whose blouse you had
your hand in?




The beauty has vanished

Like smoke into thin air.

Then, we were lost in our dreams,

Now we face the unknown.

Is life over?

Or is it about to begin?

Is this nightfall?

Or is it a new dawn?

Is life over?

Or is it about to begin?

Is this nightfall?

Or is it a new dawn?

Will the future bring comfort?

Or will bring us to a crossroad?

Who knows what lies ahead..

Has come on platform no. 2.

That's my bed.

Who is he?

Your brother.

My brother?

After your mother died..

I got married again.

It didn't work out..


Get up.

This is my bed.

Get up or I'll whack you so hard
you'll go to the bathroom and cry.

Get up!

Come here.

This is my cupboard.

Listen pipsqueak. This cupboard
was mine before you were born..

Now that I'm back, this cupboard,
this table, this bed..

Everything is mine.
Nothing is yours.

What is your name?


Go and get him.

Sir is calling you.


You call Papa 'Sir'?

Tell 'Sir' that I'm coming.

I'm coming.

Sir is getting angry.

Next time you'll have no hair left.

Little brother..

Big Brother..

Coming. Coming.

You're slow..

Good evening Uncle.

Here.. Here also..

And who is this?

As big as your uncle..
- Hello.

His voice broke..

Good evening Auntie.
- Good evening.

He is so handsome!

Handsome my foot.

Good evening to Auntie,

And only a 'hello' for me?

Well done..

Where is my hug?

Good to see you.


Heard you were a bad boy at school..

Who was she?
- Nobody.

I went to see a film with friends.

At Rivoli?
- Yes.

We used to see lots of films there.

Good one?

Don't know. We had to run back.
- Why

Our warden was there.

- Rathod.

Big moustache.
- Yes.

Who made him a warden?

He used to be a peon.

Not him.. His son.

He has a moustache too?


Come in. Our moustache is watching.

So big man

What now?

- College!

Everyone goes to college.

What will you study?

Arts, Literature.

Why not science?

I want to be a writer.


What will you write?

Poems, novels, stories, or jokes?

- Nothing.

He'll write nothing

He will study
engineering and work in my factory.

He wants to study literature.

What's wrong with that?

Writers are respected these days.

Respect won't feed him..

Writers only grow
their hair like girls,

wear a kurta, carry a bag..

And think they're brilliant.

But they're not.

Then they die. Either from hunger.

Or as frustrated alcoholics.

If he lives in my house
he has to obey my rules.

I don't want to work in a factory.

Did I ask for your opinion?

Did anyone?

What are you staring at?

I'll whack you so hard your
eyes will fall in your plate.

Lower your eyes and eat your food.

See how cheeky he is Jimmy?

What would our father have done,

If we had behaved like this.

He would've melted our bones
along with steel in the furnace.

And if we'd been kicked out
of the best school in India..

Do you know
what he would have done?

We'd be out on the streets
till we proved our worth.

If you don't behave yourself

I'll treat you the same way.

At least your father would've
met you once in eight years..

No, no.. He's just a child..

Child? He's insolent.

Let me go..

Hardly has a moustache..

And talks back to his father.

I'm talking to you..

How dare you..

Stop, Stop.. You'll kill him.

Let him go..


Why do you talk to him like that?

He doesn't understand any other way.

He brought you into this world.

Mummy did that..

He is your father.

What kind of a father is he?

He abandoned me for eight years..

One letter a year which
sounded like the news on TV.

"Everything is fine here.
I got your results..

".. You could do better."

I had even forgotten his face..

Saw him at the station
and wondered who he was..

I'm his son,
not a fixed deposit in a bank.

I'll clean toilets all my life
but I won't work for him.

Come on, get up.

Every father wants his son to
grow up to be just like himself.

Give him a chance.

He might understand.

I know that you'll do
whatever it is you want..

But first stand on your feet.

Then be whatever you want to
be; Write or clean toilets.


The food's getting cold..

Come. For my sake..

You can't deny a fat man his food..

I'm starving.

Come on.

Bring Arjun upstairs.

Arjun get up.

Arjun get up.


Let's get some facts straight..

This is my house..

If you stay here, you will
have to live by my rules.

First rule

Call me Sir as Arjun does.

What did you call
your seniors at school?


What happened at Jimmy's
should never happen again.

You will never..

Ever misbehave with me again..

You will not raise your voice..

And you will only do as I say.



The word is 'Yes'


Yes what?

Yes Sir

Give up your dreams of
being a writer.

It will not happen.

Stop flying.

Keep your feet on the ground.

Do you understand me?

Yes Sir.

You will come to the
factory with me from tomorrow.

You'll work there till lunch
then leave for engineering college.

Thanks to your school record..

I've had to beg
a lot of favours for you.

If you let me down again..

I'll slit your throat.

Do you understand?

Did Sir shout at you?

He always shouts at me.

Or beats me.

Be down in five minutes.


I'll show you the sights
of Jamshedpur while we jog.

When we return, we will
race from there to here.

But I don't want to race.

Has anyone asked you?

Lets go.

And you?

I can't run.


- Brother..

Got your son running too?

Run Rohan run

Come on! Catch up!

Shall I come too?

I'm coming..


You know who this is?

Sumant Moolgaonkar!

He made this park

Come on..

Lets go.

Come on..

J.N. Tata.

J.R.D. Tata


P.N. Bose.

St. George's Church

Come on.


Forty one minutes.





Study well

I shouldn't get any complaints.

Okay Sir.

This is my son Rohan.

He's been at Bishop Cotton School.

He will be joining us from today..

Let's hope he'll
work as hard as we do.

And be a good co-worker.

He is my son, but at home.
Not here.

If anyone has a complaint
about him..

Please feel free to voice it.


Now get to your work.

Come Mr. Rao.

You too

Mr. Rao is the manager here.

He will brief you about your work.

He is older than you.

Shall we?

Just a moment..

Best of luck.

An engineer always faces the task

Of describing shapes
of objects on paper.

The paper, through which an
engineer conveys the details

Of a machine or object is
called Engineering Drawing.

In order to present the exact
size and shape of the object,

The lines are drawn perpendicular
to the planes of the paper

From various angles of the object,
giving an image on the paper.

These are called
Orthographic projections.

In the figure 10.1

All three sides, that
is front, side, top..

Can be seen together.

When the projections are
parallel to one another..

And also perpendicular
to the picture plane,

The projection thus forming a plane
is called Orthographic Projection.

When a surface, front, side or top..

Of the object is to
be depicted separately

It is drawn in the
true shape and proportion.

By assuming the object
placed in a particular position,

Where only the surface
to be drawn is visible.

The projection is the representation
of the shape of an object.

On a plane or surface..

Don't you know that
style is taxed in college?

Now you know..

Will you cut your hair now?

What shall we do with him?

Sit ups.

Fifty sit
- ups.

Go down. All the way.


Who's counting? My father?

He asked you to sit not
to waste time.

What are you laughing at?

You can't escape me now!

I'm big, I'm small,

I'm stronger, I have a gun.

How will you kill me?

Put it on my account.

Come on. Lay out the food.

Why don't we keep a cook?

Will you pay?

And a maid for Arjun..

Yes, you can keep one.

When you earn, you can keep one.

Maid, cook, whatever..

There's a recession on,

Do you understand what that means?

Go. Call Arjun.

Sir is calling you for dinner.

He's coming.


Rum and coke.

I remember, I had chased him..

Do you know my name?


Mishter Apu.

Mister Apu.

- Mister..

- Mishter. - Appu. - Appu.

We are your seniors,
you know that don't you?


Then you also know that a
senior can do anything he likes.

What shall we do with him?

Sing a song?

What the fuck fatso!

You always make people sing.

He makes everyone sing.

You want to make it to Indian Idol?

Why do you keep asking me? Ask him.
He never says anything.

Okay. You.
What shall we do with him?

What will you do?

You understand sit-ups?


Look, like this..

Sit down and then up..

Sing a song on sit-ups.

Sit-up fatty..

Do it. Sit and then up..

Hands on your ears..

Sit and then up.

Please sing.
Sing a song on sit up.

I know you know a song.

You're sitting so quietly,
there's something on your mind..

It's our first meeting,
it's our first meeting..

Well sung..

You making fun of me?
- No..

Are you making fun of me?
- Fun? I'm not making fun..

In front of this boy.

No man, you sang well..

He laughed at me.

Don't laugh

You're making fun of me fatso.

No I'm not.

He always does this.

Why are you getting angry?

Who have you come to bully?

Him or me?

Let it go.

No I won't..

Don't listen to fatso. He's mad.

If he's mad he shouldn't be here.
- Calm down.

Will you like it if I made
fun of you in front of the boy?

Listen to me..

What did I say..
- Let it go man.

Let it go man. We're friends.

Let it go. Let's drink.

You can't afford to buy booze.

You live off this guy.
How will you buy me booze?

How can I live off him?
He wears shorts.

Listen to that.

You just eat all day fatso.

You shut up. Let's drink.

Who's buying drinks?

He is.

Which school were you in?
- Bishop Cotton.


Where is it?
- Shimla.

You must feel cold then?


From the hills aren't you?

You know what fatso's father does?
- What?

He sells panties & bras.

Sits on a stool all day..

With bras and panties.

My friends and I
always wanted to do that.

Lingerie shop!

Cheers to Lingerie Shops!


To fatso. Who never gets the joke.


Now that you've left school..

Your dad must be breathing fire..

He must be saying..

No more studies. Waste of time.
Join family business.

How do you know that?

All small town fathers are alike.

Family business..

Very good, very good..

Dream business..

Very bad, very bad..

What' your dream business?

I want to be a writer.


Javed Akhtar.

Written something?
- Yes.

Let's hear it..

He'll eat every strand of your hair

If you let him,
he'll eat days of the year

He'll eat the food of
a starving man.

And the last wishes of
a dying man.

He'll eat Laloo's children

And the Naxal core.

He'll eat the fun of youth

And the warmth of old age..

He'll eat the walk of
a woman with no shame.

And if given a chance..

He'll eat all your
thoughts as well.

Even a tortoise is faster,
Fatso master..

He is a gas
- blaster, fatso master..

Fatso master is a total disaster..

Total Disaster is Fatso master.

Speaks from his ass, fatso master.

Drinks only Fosters, Fatso master.

Equals a hundred elephants,
Fatso master.

Stomach or Equator? Fatso master.

Larger than extra large,
Fatso master.

Original loo breaker,
Fatso master.

The Titanic's anchor,
Fatso master.


Let's go.

Careful with the steps. Don't fall.

Okay. Okay.

Leave me, I'm fine..

Wrong side..

No.. you sit here. He'll drive.

Who'll drive? Rohan will.

Yes, he'll drive, you go to sleep


You sleep, he'll drive.

He can drive?
- Of course he can.

No, I'll drive.

Please sit. Let Rohan drive.

You go to sleep.

He can drive?
- Of course he can.

Please go to sleep.

When did you learn to drive?

I drove Mr. Pasli's car during
the holidays.

What else don't I know about you?

Speak up!

Do you smoke?




Must have a girlfriend?

Have not.

Have you had sex?


No sex!?

No! Go to sleep.

Lower your voice.


Hasn't even had sex yet.

I had so many plans for you..

To send you to England
to become a engineer..

But you've ruined everything.

Which college will take you?

Will any college take you?

Will they?
- No!

Can't even take a little pain eh?

Not even this much?


You're not a boy. You're a girl.

You look like a girl too.

Just like your mother.

She loved you very much.

More than me..


Get lost.

I came to see you at school..

Met your principal too.

You were playing football..

You looked so happy,
I didn't want to disturb you..

And besides..

I had nothing nice to say.

Idiot girl!

Haven't even had sex..

Leave me alone!

I'm okay now.



He was the original drunkard.

Drunk all day long.

The first thing
he did every morning.

Eat booze. Drink booze. Piss booze.

Sold my mother's wedding necklace
for a drink.

He'd curse and beat
her when she protested.

My sister and I could only watch.

One day I came home and
he was beating her again.

My mother isn't
a bag of dirty laundry.

I got pissed off..

I became a hero and
caught him by the collar.

"Enough of your drama!" I shouted.

And threw him out of the house.

Told him never to look back.

Then I slammed the door shut
and turned towards my mother.

Thought she would embrace me.

But got a tight slap instead.

Then she led that moron back in..

And said, "Whatever happens,
he is my husband and you're his son."

I became an orphan that day.

Left home..

But didn't leave Jamshedpur.
My biggest mistake.

Fatso, before all this
heartache kills me, let's fight..

No man.
- Come on fatso.

Let it go.
- It's been ages.

No, Apu. Apu sit. Apu, don't go.

Apu wait.
- Apu.

Apu.. - I've been
playing this since childhood.

Who is this?

This isn't carrom son.
Go play Ludo.

What's he doing?

Don't ask.

This isn't carrom son.

Really? Is it that funny?

Shall I make you cry instead?

What did you say? Make me cry?

Yes. I'll make you cry.

Where do you stay?

Wait, wait.. What did you say?

I'll make you cry.

You'll make me cry?
- Yes.

Do you know who I am?
- Who are you?

Don't you recognize me?
- Who are you?

Are you new here?
- Are you?

Why are you wasting your
time with this mad man?

See how he's talking to me!

Who are you?
- I'm Aseem Khettry's son.

Sure you're not his driver's son?
- And now you're dead!

- Hey, let go off him!

You Idiot!
- Stop.

Messing with Khettrys' son?
Go play carrom idiot.

- Take this.

Fatso, he's calling the police.
Let's get out quick.

Lets go.
- Wait.

No, no, no..

Let's get out.

Come on Shiv..

Run Fatso

Open the door. Quick.

Open the door.

Quick. Open, open, open..

Get lost! Blow me
you fuckers! Get lost!

What did you tell him?

I said, " Look son..

Play pool with me
instead of with these fools.

I can pot the ball without
a stick."

You're lying.

No I swear.
Then he told me to get lost..

So I said, "This is why
you're here putting balls in..

And your wife does the
same at home with other men."

You never said that..
- He's lying..

I really did say it

Then he kept staring at me.
So I said, "What are you looking at?

Want to see your wife's tattoo?
It's across both cheeks of my ass."

You said that?

Balls you said that. Fuck off.

I really did!

But it was fun..

Fatso doesn't believe me, eh?

Apu Don't. Stop it.

Hey it's raining.
- Rain!

Filled with the joy of life,

Bursting with delight

We never asked for this moment

we stole it

This is how we will live...

If we had run faster
we wouldn't have been expelled.

- No, it's the Moustache.

Look behind you.
I'm standing there with my moped.

Rohan, how are you?

Manu.. How are you?

I'm good.
Why are you awake this late?

Jamshedpur has a new disco?

No man. I sneaked out to
drink with some friends.

Grown up already?

Oh shut up. We got
into a fight as well.

Beat up two guys. Had a blast.

You're mad..

Totally mad

You okay?
- Totally fine.

How's your father?

Not father. Call him 'Sir'.

Makes me work at his
factory and study engineering..

Says I should study.
There's a recession on..

Do you know what recession means?

I don't know what it means.

Even if I fail all my
exams he can't do anything

He can't do..

I also have a younger half
- brother.

A six-year-old brother who
I didn't even know existed.

Are you okay?

I'm fine. I really am.
Meet the new town drunk.

Enough about me.
How are Vikram and Benoy?

Everyone is fine..

Vikram's Dad has a new restaurant.
Vikram is working there.

Benoy's in art school.
He's changed completely.

Wears a kurta, quotes Tagore,
shows a new girl his room everyday.

Why? Is it a special room?

Yes.. it has a bed..

And you?
- I'm fine. Looking for work.

Dad still ignores me
and reads his news..

And mom sulks as if dad caught her
watching the Kanti Shah's "Grapes".

Are you happy?
-I am..

And you?
- Me too..

You sure?

I'm sure..

I miss you guys a lot.

Come to Bombay. Tell your father
we'll take care of everything.

Even you'll have fun.

I will come. For sure.

Listen, I don't have much money,
I'll call you some other time.

Tell Vikram and Benoy
that I said hi.

I will.. and you take care..

I will.
- And keep calling..

I will.. bye..
- OK. Bye

Bhairav Singh

I am coming to get you..

Do you understand recession?


Was this picnic your idea?

Your father isn't as bad
as you make him out to be.

I just don't get him.
Sometimes a demon, sometimes a lamb.

Spoken like a true writer..

I'm not talking like a writer..

Your mother would have been
proud if she were alive today.

She always wanted you to be
a writer.

- Yes.

She never told your
father but she told me..

How she would've loved that line..

Sometimes a demon, sometimes a lamb.

Sometimes a demon, sometimes a lamb.

Stop it!

I have an idea..

Let's hear one of Rohan's poems..

He's written a full-length novel..

I'm not asking you
to change your mind..

Listen to it. If you don't like it,
don't applaud.

Come on big man, go for it.

If you could see past the shore,
You would know what I think.

If you could hear the waves,
You would know what I think.

Remove your veil of obstinacy,
And look beyond the window.

If you could see through convention,
You would know what I think.

If you had faith in yourself as I do,
You could walk with me a while..

If you could see the colors I do,
You could walk with me a while.

If you want to touch the sky as I do,

Then your desires would come alive.

Then, in my next life,
we could fly together a while.

Forget it

A woman's magazine will publish it..

...or someone will drop
a coin in your begging bowl.


Please.. sit..

Hello. How are you?
- Please, have a seat.

How was the journey?

Okay. Our flight got a bit delayed.

I made these for you to read.

They're good..

I'm glad you came today.

I'm off to Kolkata tomorrow..

Let me show you the workshop.


- Is that Mr. Singh?

Yes? - I'm Mrs. Batra here,
Principal of Arjun's school.

Yes Mrs. Batra, tell me.

There's been another problem
with your son, Arjun, this morning..

We'd like you to come here
and take him back home today.

I'm in a meeting right now.
Can I come post lunch?

No Mr. Singh.
This is an extremely serious problem.

I know Mrs. Batra but..

Keep him in your office
for sometime.

Mr. Singh please understand

I cannot allow Arjun to
remain in school today.

Okay, I'm coming.

In half an hour?

Yes Mrs. Batra.
I'm coming right now.

Thank you, Mr. Singh.

I'm sorry, but I have to
rush to my son's school.

He's been unwell
recently and it got worse today.

But Mr. Rao will show
you around the workshop

No problem.
We'll come back tomorrow.

We have other factories
to see today.

But I told you,
I have to be in Kolkata tomorrow.

I've committed it.

I am sorry.
We can't stay any longer.

Anyway. We'll meet again.
Some other time?


Let's go.

What happened?

Get in the car.

What happened?

His blood pressure is very low.

Seems like he's had a bad fall.

There could be internal bleeding.

I'll have to check. We'll keep him
under observation for a few days.

How many days?

Four to five days.
- Four to five days?

Don't worry.
He'll be fine. Don't worry.

Thank you.

How did it happen?

Fell down the stairs.


How should I know? He just fell.

You go home. I'll stay here.

I'm also staying.

What happened to your results?

I passed.
- Marks?

They're good.
- Good.

I'm going to Kolkata
for three days.

If all goes well,
I'll return with a few contracts.

You stay here with Arjun.

And don't leave him alone, okay?

Yes Sir.


No need to inform Uncle and Auntie.

I've told them that both of
you are going with me. Okay?

Yes Sir.


Have you eaten?

Sir has gone to kolkata.

Aren't you happy?

What happened yesterday?

For you.

And these..

If you feel like reading.

This has my poems and stories.

Would you like to hear some?

Hello Arjun.

Are you feeling well today?


Could you change his clothes?

- Thank you.

What is it?

What now?

Lunch was to be served by 12.30.
Its 1:00 P.M now.

Please don't shout.
It's bad for you.

Yes I know.

I can get a heart attack.

But if I die of hunger before that?

I'll go and get your food just now.

Get it fast..

Corpses don't eat.

Why don't you laugh?

I am 80 years old..

Grandfather of six.

Great grandfather of two..

Can't I shout?



Would you like to listen to a poem?

Chandu's Cycle.

Chandu's cycle was just like Chandu..

As it moved, it crickered and
crankered, just like Chandu.

The handle was as light
as Chandu's slender hand.

The pedals were as thin
as Chandu's spindle legs.

The seat was as broad
as Chandu's huge behind.

The carrier was as small
as Chandu's short career.

Yet it was Chandu's true friend.

Was always loyal to Chandu.

It took Chandu's
heavy weight with ease.

One day the cycle broke down.

Seeing a bull charging at him,

Chandu dropped it hard.

When Monty Mechanic
could not save the cycle,

Chandu's father sold
it to a scrap dealer.

Chandu drowned himself
in his books.

Like he had an old dream
to fulfill.

Later, when Chandu grew up,

He used his very first salary..

And got himself a new cycle..



This cycle too was
just like Chandu..

It still crickered and
crankered as it moved around.

It's seat was..

As broad as Chandu's huge behind.

The carrier was as small..

As Chandu's short career.

You wrote that?

- Wow..

Very good.

Very inspiring!

Thank you.
- Keep writing like this, son.

Keep writing.


How many friends do
you have in school?


Their names?


Sunny, Raju,

Batuk, Kunal..

Kunal.. Kunal.




That's only six.

And one more..


You have so many friends.

I have only three.

What was your mother like?

My mother was very nice.

She loved me a lot.

She smelled wonderful
when I'd cuddle up to sleep.

Just like a mother.

I don't know
what my mother was like.

Do you know her?


Mr. Poet..

Why don't you ever laugh?


Look at you now. You look so good.

When do we hear something new?


In the night?

Do you also write at night?


Beware of the night..

You see..

The day destroys the night,

Night divides the day.

Try to run,

Try to hide..

Break on through to
the other side.

This is the true
story of three friends..

Muninder, Benoy and Rohit.

The kingdom where they
lived would select..

...the smartest boys for training.

Years later, they would join
the King's prestigious army.

But nobody really knew what
went on inside the castle.

Their parents didn't know
that the King's evil minister.

Was brain-washing the kids
and turning them into robots.

Is it a true story?


The wicked man's name was Rathod.


Yes, Rathod.

Vikreet and Benoy were
with the full Robot Army..

Muninder and the kids
were due any minute now..

Rohit was worried.
They hadn't come yet.

He turned around. And froze.
A terrified look came into his eyes.

He saw someone
coming through the tunnel.

Someone was coming from the tunnel..

Who was coming?

Who was it?

We'll finish tomorrow..
- Now!

34 in Chemistry

20 in Physics. 15 in Maths.

You told me you passed.

Is this a joke to you?

I thought you'd finally become
serious about your studies.

You're narrating
stories to half-dead people.

Just to hear them tell you
what a good writer you are.

What are you staring at?

Lower your eyes.

If this wasn't a hospital,
I would skin you right now.

I'm not going to
forget this in a hurry.

Come home. I'll make
sure I get an answer.

What did Sir say?

Sir said that he will send
me to the hospital as well.


Because I failed my exams.

So you'll go back
to boarding school?

No. Why?

Sir said if I don't pass,
he'll send me to a boarding school.

What happened that day?

Sir hit me.


Two boys were teasing me at school.
I broke one's teeth.

Did he beat you a lot?

He beat me with a belt.

Shall we go?

How old are you?

I'm asking you something.

How old are you?



And you still don't use your brain.

When will you start?

After you turn forty?

Why did you fail?

I didn't study.

Why not?

I don't understand engineering.

You didn't try hard enough.

I did.
- Shut up!

A failure.

If you weren't studying,
what were you doing?

I'd sit by the river.

What did you do there?

What did you do there?

Smoke cigarettes?


When did you start smoking?

In school.

So why did you lie earlier?

Light it.

I'm not joking. Light it.

Smoke it..

What other lies have you told me?

Lying is a weakness.

It's cowardice.

A liar is a spineless person.

Who doesn't have the Guts to
say what he really believes.

You're a coward.

Do you have the Guts
to hear the truth?

I ask the questions here.

I said I want to be a writer.

Did you listen?

You know that I'm a good writer.
Everyone likes my writing..

I don't.

And I will not discuss it anymore.

How often have you lied to me?

Every time you
couldn't digest the truth

- And where is your spine?

You lied as well. You said
that Arjun fell down the stairs.

He didn't fall down the stairs.

I know that you beat
him with your belt.

I lost a contract
worth a lot because of him.

He should understand
the consequences.

By hitting him?
- It was a mistake.

By sending him to hospital?

I didn't want to send him to the
hospital. I said it was a mistake.

I didn't want to hit him.
I apologized to him.

Well done Sir.
Scar the child for life..

...scare him to death
and then apologise.

Your father would have been proud.
- Rohan!

I said it happened by mistake,
I didn't want to hit him..

Did I tell you?



Won't you apologise to me now?


Good morning.

Good morning, Sir.

Arjun get up.

I know you're awake.

Get up.

I'm here to apologize..

Forgive me.

There's too much work and
then there's the two of you.

I get frustrated.

I get angry, and then..

I thought a lot last night.

I have done a lot for both of you.

But it was never enough.

And it never will be.

Rohan, you don't want to study

So there's no need
to study any more.

You start work full
time at the factory today.

You will reach one hour
earlier than the others..

And you leave two
hours after they leave.



I have spoken to the principal.

A new semester starts in two weeks.

You're going to boarding school.

To study and live there.


I've decided to
marry again. For myself.

I get very lonely.

And now that both of you won't
be here, it will get worse..



You're getting married?


To whom?


And Rohan? Arjun?

They're insolent.

I will always be their enemy.

But they're your children.

You're sending Arjun to boarding
school? He's six years old..

I was six when dad sent me..

But Arjun isn't like you.

Then he'll become like me.
Forget all this..

You want a drink?


Please think about
what you're doing.

I have thought about it..

I took this decision
after thinking.

If it's too much for you
we can take care of Arjun.

What did you say?

What do you mean 'too much'?

I mean..

What do you mean by 'too much'?

We can bring him up. Take care
of him. Send him to school.

We have no children..
- Arjun is my son.

And I'm not in the
business of selling children.

Why take this the wrong way?

All I'm saying if it's too hard..
- What are you saying?

It isn't my fault that
you didn't have children.

Adopting Arjun won't cure
your infertility will it?

That's not fair

Not fair?

You want to tell me what's fair?

Get lost..

What is your problem?

Why can't you ever see anyone happy?

I'm tired.

I'm tired of making everyone happy.

First Father, then you.
Now these two. I can't take it.

Have you ever given him one chance?
- One chance?

I put everything into his education.
He got kicked out.

I begged for his admission
into College. He failed.

What else has he ever done?

He's written a novel.
- He's written nonsense!

Stop encouraging him.

Stop living your
unfulfilled dreams through my son.

I don't want him to
become like you.

Like me?

Look at yourself..

Big Fat Loser.

What are you looking at? Get out!


Where are you going?
- I'm going home.

Take me with you.
- No..

Please uncle
- You have to stay here.

Arjun needs you.

He's going to boarding school.

He'll need you when he gets back.

You're his only friend.

Please uncle.
- Come on Rohan.

Don't do this to me right now.

Please uncle. - Don't do this
to me right now. - Please uncle


No Papa.. No Papa..

Papa not that.
Please.. Papa not that. Please

Sir please not that..

Against the rising waves Your
boat is helpless and tired.

Living one gasp at a time...
Your boat is helpless and tired.

Though the currents
are against you...

It's time to make a difference.

Hoist the sail with courage...

This is all about your pride.

Shout ahoy and push ahead.

This is all about your pride.

Conquer. Raise the victory flag,

It's time to do or die.

Fly and reach for the sun...

Leave behind the darkness.

This is my son Rohan.

Rohan, this is Madhavi.

Hi Rohan. It's nice to meet you.


And this is her daughter Richa.

Richa, say hello..


Go wash up.

Come on.

Powerful storms will shake you...

If you surrender to a whirlpool ...

What good is your might?

Let the light
in your heart overcome

Break away from the night...

Master the tides...

So that the seas may salute you.

Happy birthday to you.

You're 18 years old now.

You've become a man, which
is why I'm giving this to you.

This was my grandfather's watch.

He gave it to my father
who then gave it to me..

...when I turned 18.

See that you continue
the tradition.

Living one gasp at a time...

Your boat is helpless and tired.

Do you think you're the
Only one who has problems?

Are we all sitting on
a lotus flower?

You don't have the Guts to
stand up to your father.

So just sit here with us,
drink, write and cry like a girl.

Though the currents
are against you...

It's time to make a difference.

We're having a blast in Bombay.
Remember Vikram's papa's restaurant?

Vikram convinced him to
let him run it for a month.

Uncle agreed. So Benoy and I
went to help. And guess what?

Profits doubled in our first month!

Really, it's great. The restaurant
is ours. Uncle retired.

We work and eat goodies all day.

Girls are actually talking to us.

Benoy got laid!

His girlfriend hangs
with us all day..

If you were here you'd be so happy.

Come to Bombay.



Rohan, are you there?

Listen, I have to go,
I'll call later.

Wait, talk to Benoy and Vikram..


He was so drunk

That he couldn't
even stand straight.

The car?

Buy a new one.


Not him. The car.

When do you leave
for boarding school?


Good Luck.

Where are you going?

I'm leaving home.


Are you unhappy with my marriage?

No. Not at all.

I'm delighted.

Your frustrations will
come out somewhere else.

And Arjun won't need to
go to the hospital again.

Excuse me.



You fucker..

I'm going to Bombay.

What will you do there?

I'll work in Vikram's restaurant.

I'll write.

I'll clean toilets.

But I won't ever come back.

Though our feet be chained,
Dreams will ever float free.

Even tender sprouts break
through the mighty earth.

Hopeful hearts can hold no fear..

When they listen to
their inner voice.


Sir's gone to get an autorickshaw.

Let him go.

You're coming with me.

Sir asked me to wait here.

Forget what Sir said.

Do you want to go
to boarding school?

You will come with me
wherever I go.

I'll be back in a moment.

How do you cage the morning rays?

How do you cage someone's thoughts?

Just as soon as birds grow wings,

They soar high up in the sky.

How do you cage the morning rays?

How do you cage someone's thoughts?


Just as soon as birds grow wings,

They soar high up in the sky.



Can never be asked for.



Seize it and live forever free.

How do you cage someone's thoughts?

Just as soon as birds grow wings,

They soar high up in the sky.

I'm taking Arjun with me.

If I leave him here he will become

...another version of you.

One of you is enough for this world.

You will never
understand why this happened.

Because it's a word you've
never known or experienced..


Please don't try to find us.

If you come within
a 100 kilometers of us,

The police will know you beat Arjun.

Legally, it's a criminal of fence.

Arjun can be a lot
more than just your slave.

He needs a family, not a cage.

He needs a future, which I will make
sure he gets, whatever the cost..

Congratulations on your new wife,
your new daughter, your new life.

Your son, Rohan.

Is life over?
Or is it about to begin?

Is this nightfall?
Or is it a new dawn?

Will the future bring comfort?

Or will bring us to a crossroad?

Who knows what lies ahead..