Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshitachi (2017) - full transcript

The continuing adventures of the space battleship Yamato.

The great infinte universe.

A world full of silent light.

Old Stars die, but new are born .

Yes. Because the universe is alive.

I live ... I live ...

Then she says "You need love".

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Go In . Go all in.

In order for these people live ?

What would it cost to compensate all that pain?

Still so, we need love.

What herbs pulls out of our universe weeds pain.

Great love .

You it is agreeing with me ?


What happens is predetermined.

But It is not so simple.

Warriors of a planet apart.

In your hands ... everything .

Space battleship Yamato 2202 - Warriors of Love.


All the fleet is accounted for.

Move the fleet into battle formation.


Prepare for combat

Begin transmission.

Monitor enemy movements on the radar


60 days ago, the enemy captured the eighth floating continent

The Hamilasians have stopped the rescue of civilian personnel.

Our goal is to wipe out the Garlant fleet and as its base on the floating continent .

The honor of returning the captured continent is entrusted to the Earth fleet .

The Gamilas fleet will spearhead the attack.

And we will take care of any remaining ships .

These scans are of the Zergood's shields.

The Gamilians do not use them often, there are three deployed!

Make sure you save all the data.

How long do you think they will last? Here is a chance to watch them closely.

Ayhara .

The Gamilas are on our side .

Show a little respect to your ally.

I understand, Captain Kodai .

A data link with the three Zergoods is ready.

The Garlants have started launching ships from its base in the eighth continent .

They are advancing and aligned in a defensive perimetre .

Message from our listening station.

The United fleet is in position.

Enemy aircraft carrier is launching fighters .

Understood. We will continue to adjust our strategy accordingly.

The lead elements of the enemy fleet are in range.

Enemy fleet is launching an attack .

We have lost one shield ship

The main Garlant forces are closing.

What ship is that?

Message received . That is the 47th destroyer of the second escort group.

Unagi .

They are releasing fighters .

antiaircraft missiles, fire !

Prepare forward torpedo tubes .

Set spread angle: three degrees .


The enemies ships are retreating.

They are returning to floating continent

Retreating ?

Why would they back off now?

The Gamilas fleet are counterattacking .

Open a channel to the lead flagship.


There is a huge object to the rear of the enemy lines.



What is that ?

Wait a minute ...

It's a Super-dreadnought.

The lead units of the Gamilas fleet have been destroyed .

The sixth and seventh squadrons have been destroyed .

Retreat immediately !

Director , it seems to me that the time arrived .

Make sure that our allies are not in the line of fire .

This is most important .


An urgent message for both fleets.

We move to plan "A".

All ships take up positions according to the instructions prescribed .

What is that ?

I not I know .

But the instructions were loaded we
computers from the flagships before the battle .

No ...

No it can't be!

24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17

Withdraw immediately to the third line of defense .

16 15 14 13 12 11 ...

These are our instructions for plan "A".

I nor knew .

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

I'm detecting a huge unknown wave source .

A wave motion gun?

But from where ?

Promise me ...

Promise me that you won't go on to repeat our errors .

I give you my word .

I give you my word ...

Kodai, look at the truth with your eyes.

In this war, the Earth lost very much .

We must survive !

Tell the United fleet flagship that the Andromeda is coming.

{\ pos (638.572)} ANDROMEDA

The eighth continent flying was completely destroyed .

Proceed to destroy the enemies survivors .

United fleet, remain in position and observe.

My respect to all who fought before us .

What is this ... What the fuck is this ?

Andromeda ...

Already built?

The Andromeda is moving to the battle zone.

It happened .

The diffusive wave motion gun.

The Gamilas will also change their relationship with us .

Especially the enemies of the Earth?

The dreadnought is located.

Is it destroyed ?

The challenger and Saratoga are badly
damaged and not can continue the fight .

Requesting permission to withdraw back to Earth.

Permission granted .

A wave of gun?

It is a wave gun?

To do such something ... you came to him during these three years ?

The ship enemy ship just fired their engines .

Charge the main meter .

They are increasing speed.

They are gone!

Third and fourth guns , fire !


Garlant dreadnought approaching in high speed .

What? evasive maneuvers !

Are you sure ?

Yes. The enemy dreadnought it is following
Challenger and Saratoga to Earth.

Emergency Warp! We we are following them also !

An object of mass huge emerged from
The warp at outer orbit of the Moon .


In the same place where Defiant and Saratoga left.

The object is probably one of the Gatlant ships
that have retreated from the battlefield.

Where are our sentry satellites?

Enable the defence systems!

The satellite line of defense was destroyed !

The Gatlantic Dreadnought only was to around the Moon .

He will enter at Earth's atmosphere in 400 seconds.

what is the place expected impact?

Here .

Is this is the usual strategy of the Gatlant?

Serizawa, the situation is critical !

Start the evacuation of the capital immediately!

It's too ... late

At this speed, and with such mass ...

Start civilian evacuation procedure.

Open all entrances to the old underground city .

Another ship has left warp to the side of the enemy .

K-47. The Unagi !

Kodai ?

We are exactly under them !

The enemy He is heading to Earth.

Set the main indicator . Fire!

It's useless . The weapon is not penetrating their armour.

Stop shooting .

Place us beneath her belly.

Let 's go downstairs and try move it off course .

Ahead full!

The Unagi collided with the enemy .

Kodai ...

It's useless . He not changing course.

Captain , Lieutenant Mori from headquarters is calling you on the staff line .


Connection .

Kodai , listen , now I will transfer it .

Kodai .


Send us the trajectory of the enemy .

No there is almost no time, you will have enough time

Evacuation of the third party sector already it is in progress .

Open the seventh sector .

Run the pallets .

Reverse motors . We we are leaving .

Aye Aye.

Now all we can do is wait ...

All wharf employees report immediately to the shelter .

I repeat . All dock personnel,
report immediately to the shelter .

Here !

More fast, it is not yet flooded .

Move .

The backup mechanism was tested .

Charged to 100 percent.

Cylinders on automatic, They are ready.

Start the backup engine .

Starting backup engine.

Activate gravitational field .

Activate sensors

Ready guns and torpedoes for battle .

Turnover in 1600.

Booting the backup engine .

Disconnect docking clamps.

Start the climb !

Bank ship to 35 degrees .


Are we saved?

Situation report!

Oh, now.

The ship enemy was destroyed The an altitude of 18,000 meters from the surface .

What happened ?

Sanada ...

That's Yamato!

Yamato fired!

But how ?

It is still being refitted.

Contact the Underwater dock immediately !

Yamato ...

What is that ? What is happening Here ?

Captain Okita ?

Go back to Yamato.

Go back to Yamato.

{\ pos (142,590)} First episode

{\ pos (381,696)} 2202 YEAR NE YEAR, YAMATO SPACE LINKER

If it's more soft than a flower.

If it's more beautiful than one star .

So protect - the so you can.

Take a shot your life per her .

Each of us think the same way ,
What is needed do per love to love .

If I would have something for you to say .

That , perhaps , so far only this :

Do not make me tell goodbye .

Do not make me tell goodbye .