Ubit drakona (1989) - full transcript

Dragon is a bloody dictator, who kills every opponent. People live hopelessly, until Lancelot comes to save the beautiful Elsa. Lancelot can only win, if all people become free from fear, that is feeding the Dragon's power. Dragon's multiple personalities, ranging from a "dragon" to a "samurai" to a "Nazi", scare the hell out of all people, except Lancelot. Finally Dragon drops all his masks, to become the most dangerous of his incarnations - "himself". And the battle begins.

Based on the play
in two acts by Evgeny Schwartz

Kill The Dragon

Translator: miriam
Editor: alexius108

What was that?

The dragon.

- Did he want to kill me?
- But no, certainly not.

If he wanted to kill you
he would have killed you.

This is his amusement.
He was joking.

He has strange jokes.

We got used to it, we like it.

So you haven't heard about our dragon?

- I am not from these parts.
- So what?

Everyone is bound to know our dragon.

Who told you that?

The dragon!

He speaks too?

Yes, his mouth is opened, then,
he speaks....such a mouth.

He restored order.

If I were you I would kill him.

Alexander Abdulov

Oleg Yankovsky

Evgeny Leonov

Vyacheslav Tihonov

Alexendra Zaharova

Viktor Rakov

Alexander Zbruev

Frank Mut

And also

A. Frolovtzeva, A. Tolubeev, V. Polunin

R. Latipova, S. Farada, I. Fokin

A. Filippenko, V. Petrenko,
I. Agapov, O. Volkova

D. Hudaybergenov, V. Tkalich
V. Varganov, O. Soshnikova

O. Ruduk, B. Chunaev
L. Gromov, V. Kremlev

In a film by
Mark Zaharov

Will you shoot?



Is your name Lancelot?

Dear compatriots!
I give the floor

to the mayor of our city.

Now then...

Dear compatriots!
I give the floor

to the mayor of our city.

You already said that.

- I don't feel well.
- Everyone knows that.

- Who is everyone?
- The people.

- And are they here?
- Yes, here.

- And the mayor?
- The mayor? That is you.

Why did you interrupt me then?

Dear compatriots!

Today we open the celebrations
devoted to meeting

the chosen one of the dragon,
the girl Else

and the very......that......very

Mr. Dragon,
in the form of a statue on a scale

of 1 to 10.

Else, this is quite a task!
Quite a task!

Else, quickly,
they are waiting! Come on!

To you, o virgin, glory, glory!

Be proud, be proud of your fate.

Our lord gave you the right

to sacrifice yourself to him.

Look, go, don't turn back,

bring love as in a sense of duty

and cheerfully wail from happiness

as we cry from delight!

Go look around
at the bright light of day.

How many friends here
are more worthy than I?

How could I dream about this day?

Am I seeing this in a dream?

I sing and I shed tears of happiness

and I thank my destiny for everything!

And I swear,
my love

that I will meet your expectations!

I am telling you,

today you danced much better.

Yes, Mr. Dragon!

As you wish, Mr. Dragon!

Over there, our fisherman
picked up a wounded man.

Here. His name is Lancelot,

only they asked me not
to speak about this.

In exactly 3 minutes.

I will abandon your city forever.
Excuse me, sir...

Charlemagne, archivist.

My daughter, Else,

chosen for the dragon.

- Did she fall in love with the dragon?
- No, it isn't love, but our tradition.

Every year the dragon
chooses the best girl

and we solemnly see her off.


- And you put up with it?
- We are used to it.

Is it possible to get
used to the dragon?

It is possible.
He is very good.

- What has he done to be so good?
- Well......

He has done a lot
for our city.

Under him many construction
projects began

and he delivered us from the gypsies.

From whom did he deliver you?

From the gypsies.

What do you mean?
Gypsies are very nice people.


You know that is not entirely true.

It's true, I haven't seen
a single gypsy in my life

but I remember, like yesterday,
how we studied in school

that they are terrible people.

They're all vagrants by
nature and by blood.

They are enemies of any state system.

They are against the system.
And then there is their music...

...it is all annoying.
- Have you heard it?

Me, no, but we've heard about it.

Their music is scary,

and their songs? Those ones...

Gypsy songs, you know...

they are deprived of manliness and
their ideas are destructive.

Do you know what they suggest?

Scary, it's scary.

- Who told you about the gypsies?
- Our dragon.

- Isn't he going to die?
- No, he is only 400 years old.

- It's about time then.
- No, by no means!

No need, you're new
there is alot you don't understand.

While he is here, not one
other dragon dares touch us.

The only one way to get rid of a dragon

is to have one's own dragon.

Could you say that again?

About what?

About the dragon.

The only one way to get rid of a dragon

is to have one's own dragon.

So long, Mr. Archivist.

We will never meet again

because I wander constantly.

- But you are not a gypsy?
- No.

Are you a wandering knight?

No, my distant ancestor
was the famous Lancelot.

When I learned about this,
I started to wander

and I began to perpetrate
all kinds of nonsense

until I got bored.

- Of wandering?
- No, of being a knight.

I began to envy slaves.

They all know in advance.

They have unshakeable belief.

Probably because they have no choice.

But a knight...

a knight is always at a crossroads.

My head is splitting!

Have you died?

Three times.

And every time precisely those
whom I rescued tried to kill me.

Can you tell me who I can
save in this city?

I don't know.

You joke a lot.


If I start I cannot stop.

I'm terribly stubborn.

- Me too.
- Stubborn? - Yes.

- Do you like me?
- No. - You do.

He is flying!

The dragon!


- Mr. Dragon is here to see you.
- Me?


Get ready!

Maybe I'm not on time?

You have a guest?

Who is he?

A wanderer.

A passerby who stopped by the fire.

- Not a gypsy?
- No, not a gypsy, a very nice man.

Then why aren't you
looking at me, my dear man?

I am waiting for the dragon to fly in.

I am the dragon.

What? But where are your
three heads, wings and huge tail?

Today I'm informal, without protocol.

Our Mr. Dragon has been living
amongst people for such a long time,

that sometimes he turns into a human

and comes to us as an ordinary man.

Yes, I love ordinary people, but
only the ordinary ones.

Mischievious girl!

Well, scamp,
hold your snout higher!

I saw you, you danced well, good girl.

Everyone smile! The girl has
been well raised, well done.

What is it, passer-by?

What is it?

- I was admiring you.
- Well done, good answer,
continue admiring me.

Why have you come?
Who are you?

A passer-by.

Then pass by.

I am not a passer-by.

I am a knight.

I came in order to.....

in order to kill you.

He is constantly joking, Mr. Dragon.

He simply forgot to warn you.

I challenge you to a battle.
Do you hear me, Mr. Dragon?

- How is your health?
- Very good.

Right now my health is very good.
- What a pity.

I challenge you to a
battle for the third time.

Hey you, Therosaurus!

- Who?
- You are hearing things.

Don't be surprised, he has 3 heads,
he changes them whenever he likes.

- Why?
- Because he is not a man.

- Is your name Lancelot?
- Yes.

Are you a descendant of the
famous wandering knight Lancelot?

Yes, he is my distant cousin on
my mother's side.

I accept your challenge!

Wandering knights -
just like gypsies.

I have to destroy you.

I'm ready to fight you,
but I have no weapons.

Give me until tomorrow. - No I won't.
Before I leave, one more question:

Do you know on what day I came
into the world? No? I am a son of war.

Stay there!

- Mr. Dragon, I would like...
- Please.

The blood of dead Huns
flows in my veins.

I was born on a day
of a terrible battle. Follow me!

Since then I am constantly
changing friends, especially guards.

Get down!


The third head
is the worst of all.

Madam, do not be distracted!

- I am not a madam.
- Then be even less distracted.

We have not yet discussed
the conditions of the match.

We have been killing for a
long time already without conditions.

New times -
new trends.

Yes, but we must meet
in a fair fight.

Come to me!

Stay there!

Excuse me... now, just a minute.

You cannot kill him,
it's stored here.

I must remind you.
I must show you.

I'm devoted to you with all my soul,
but I am an archivist.

I have stored a document
signed by you.

It is a wonderful document.

Anyone who has challenged you is
safe prior to the fight.

That's what you have written and
confirmed it here with an oath.

"The entire city must help
whomever has challenged you

and no one will be punished".
This is confirmed by an oath

signed by you
327 years ago

on February 12th.

Daddy always said:
Destroy the files.

You have eaten a historical document.

I will now, probably, yes.....

No, I have prepared for many years,
do not beg me.

May I have a word!


A word.

Joking! He is joking!

Mr. Dragon, this is clearly a joke
not to be taken seriously.

For what purpose do you want a word?
What are you going to do with it?

Nevertheless, if one is
not allowed to protest,

...then at least let us debate.

So, we're beginning a discussion here.

I'll have to destroy
the whole nest in here.

- The whole world will know
you are a coward. - Do you think so?

Will there be any witnesses left?

There will! I'm going to tell them
all, all, you old lizard!

- Gypsy?
- No a fisherman, should we pursue him?

Ah, how good it is!

You are a worthy opponent.
I will take my fight with you seriously.

Strict but fair.

Will we start tomorrow
or on Monday?

Well, lets start on Monday.

Here is our hero.

I must warn you, my nerves
are in a terrible state

therefore you'd better leave at once.
- I will not leave.

Thank you.

Weren't you warned that I am sick
with all of the nervous

and mental illnesses and
with three more

which have been unknown until now?
- No. - Be warned.

Did I tell you,
it's impossible to deal with me?

- We are seeing each other for the first
time. - My memory isn't what it used to be.

A little about myself.

In general, I have brain and
other physical insufficencies,

including split personalities, constant
delirium and erotomania.

Go, girls.

But at the same time,
I am the mayor of this free city,

elected to a 17th consecutive term,

for life.

You don't want to leave?

- It's beginning now. - What?
- Catalepsy.

- What is that exactly?
- It is like schizophrenia, but worse.

My dear friend, who is
asking you to fight with the dragon?

What do you mean who?
The entire city secretly
dreams about it.

Most people in the city are
asking that you leave.

- I don't see anyone.
- Sergeant!

- Do you want to live?
- Yes sir, I dream to.

The hero doesn't see the people.

They have been waiting since
last night around the corner.

Here you are!

Here everyone is watching
and condemning you.

So do you condemn him?

Oh... that...oh-oh-oh...

Just ask anyone.
Where are you? Here he is.

Would you like Lancelot to leave?

It can't be any other way...
naturally... yes.

Last year we, you know...

Everyone unanimously,,
everyone! And you...

I'm not leaving.

- You do not submit to the will
of the people?- This is not the people.

Isn't this the people? They're worse than
the people. They're the best men of the city.

All as one! They themselves came
because they want to say goodbye to you.

- Yes!
- Where did you?

Ooo, that is...talk with each of them!
They are waiting!

Else stays with me.
Everyone else is free to go.

The fight is scheduled for tomorrow.

You are commanded to say goodbye to
Lancelot, we will see him off with music.

Are you content?
- Of course.

Are you hoping that Lancelot
will save you?

No, are you?

Me neither.

So, what did the Dragon say?

He ordered me to tell
you to kill Lancelot.

- Kill?
- Yes.

With this knife. It is very convenient,
because it is thin and poisonous.

There is almost no pain. Everything
happens quickly and imperceptibly.

Here is the button.

I don't want to.

In that case, Mr. Dragon ordered
me to tell you that

you must do this or otherwise he will kill
all your friends, including cats and dogs.

Who will throw the confetti,
parasites? Let's continue to rehearse.

Whatever happens, we always
have celebrations, celebrations.

And now throw the flowers!

Henry, tell him I'll do my best.

No, no, well
of course he was doomed.

Of course. This duel....

All in advance...
the way it ends...

One man and such
a force can't...

Of course this is alot of trust

they have given to us.

You understand, we
have a lot of trust

between us.

Well, that is, I would say
this is just a poisoned pin prick.

It's almost an instant death,

My god, what am I saying?

I am a scientist, historian
and now this...


but on the other hand,

you understand....he will not suffer,

but then there are the
claws of the Dragon...,you understand?

Good, daddy, if you like
I will kill him.

- No hysterics!
- She'll do it, she will.

Of course she's nervous,
it's just her first time,
she carries her bust poorly.

But she can get a kiss.

So, come on, come on.


Hold your posture.


Good! Distance yourself at once,
hold your posture.

Easy, easy!

- Is Else at home?
- Of course, she's sleeping.

Else! Else!

Here again?
You're not supposed to be here.

There is important news,
I have arrived specially to tell you.

If you do everything right with
Lancelot you will be let go as a reward.

Do you understand? And then you will
be able to marry with ease.

- To you?
- You gave your consent.

- That was a long time ago.
- That was a month ago.

- I forgot.
- Liar!

- You are too virtuous.
- No, you don't know how I am.

Yes I do! This scum senses
girls and always chooses

the most promising ones. Caveman,
dog, lizard, maniac, beast!

Heindrich, It seems to me
I cannot kill a man.

Why not? You can.
He's just a Gypsy.

- He's a knight.
- That's even worse.

Well then, if you find yourself
under this dinosaur,

on the second day you will
be a corpse, do you understand? -Yes.

- Your father would not survive this
do you agree?
- Yes.

So then do you not want to live?

- I want to now.
- Then we agree, you will live.

Sign here: I so and so, as they say,
killed of my own volition, without coercion

and we will live.
Go, go!

I love you,
I'm in love with you...

And I think that I will
not succeed at this.

Yes, of course it's difficult.
It's difficult for everyone.

And nevertheless, people
kill each other every day.

In the history of the world there hasn't been
a day, when someone hasn't been killed.

Dear, I adore you.

Go away cow!

I explained to you, people
cannot do without it.

Even children constantly play
"death", haven't you noticed?

Didn't you pay attention
to our toys?

We teach them to kill since childhood,
what else can we do, we have to.

- Have you understood? -I will do
my best. - Clever girl, do your best.

He won't deceive me, will he?

Certainly not, he is a parasite, an old
soldier, therefore he keeps his word.

He promised me.
Don't be afraid of me.

- I am not afraid, I don't care.
- Clever girl.

- So, how is he? - He has had
a fit, he asked not to be disturbed.

- Is he raving mad?
- Yes.


Get out, cows!

- You're losing your mind again?
- Don't yell at your daddy.

Your daddy is ill.

Stop this raving madness,
I've just come from the Dragon.

His wing webbing is twitching,
he is nervous.

- Who said that?
- I saw it myself!

I am sick, I have general deficiencies.

People, fellow citizens,
society - what delirium I have!

Love one another,
respect one another -

see how far gone I am.

Can you honestly say,
as a father to a son,

what you think of the upcoming battle?
Can Lancelot win?

- Lancelot?
- Stop, no need to behave like an idiot!

Without bureaucratic rhetorics,
as a father to a son: Yes or no?

- Can he win or not?
- He can.

But not over the Dragon.
And not this time.

And not Lancelot.

- I said don't behave like an idiot.
- And not "win."

I beg you to tell me the truth for once,
can he or can he not?

- Let us gather our strength.
- We will, my son.

We're up to our necks in strength.

Oh, there are storms today.

The elements are raging.

You are asking me if
Lancelot can defeat the Dragon?

I'll answer you sincerely, my son.

He can.

One time, without fear,
if he gathers his forces

takes him by the throat and hits his
snouts, stepping on the tail,

and hitting his reptilian snouts,
you know...

That's how some people think
and they are mistaken.

Because only our dragon
can defeat himself.

He defeated even those
stronger than him.

Now lets think,
whether he needs to be defeated.

Daddy, don't you want to say
that outright?

I don't, my son.

I haven't lost my mind yet.

Actually, I've lost it,
but not to that extent.

In fact, for such a question
I must spit in your eyes.

And when you report
our discussion,

say that I did spit.
- I will.

Very good, you conducted the
conversation very well, my son.

I'm proud of you.

And not as a parent, but as
a man that is close to you, an expert.

We didn't use to know how
to do it this way.

I also reported my father,
but in writing.

But you, young people, now you are
going deeper, sincerely, you know,

with conversations.

Such young people we have!

Excuse me, business.

- Well, what do you want?
- He is coming now.

Weapons for Mr. Lancelot.

- Weld the second one. -What do you mean?
-Weld the second head on.

Are you also banned
from seeing me?

- No, not banned.
- Then I am glad to see you.

But I am not glad.

Can I stand beside you?

They will kill you here.

- Aren't you all being killed?
- No, I've already been killed.

Such a nice young lady?

What a wonderful word!

Today you are more
beautiful than yesterday.

- Say that again.
- What?

"Young lady."

I really like you,

young lady.

You know, if you really like me,

why won't you abduct me?

Yes, true.

Or persuade me
to secretly go away from here.

That's all true.

But the trouble is knights
cannot do anything secretly.

They are so stupid,
they do everything openly and honestly.

And nobody likes this here except
for the Dragon.

Of course, an open hearted person -
is an excellent target.

Not true, I like it too.

Today I prayed,

in our city for a long
time no one has been able to pray,

because they didn't know
whom to pray to. I know now.

Thank you.

Your excellency!
Entrusted by us by you...

to you, to us, Lord, and so on...

in the municipality
everything is ready for the fight.

- Ready?
- Yes sir.

The pothole in the street which you
noticed has been filled.

People are very grateful
with all their hearts.

Everyone says: keep it up!

- Have the weapons for the visitor
been picked up?
- Yes, sir.

A shield and a sword.

- What, that's the weapons?
- Yes.

The visitor stays,
the rest - get out!

- Sorry?
- Go away, you dog sh*t.

An interesting observation,
your excellency.

We will all think it over.

May I tell them?
Because they don't know.

Go ahead.

There is an opinion that all of you...
well.. you heard?

It is such a rare opportunity
to kill a good person

and they could not even pick
up suitable weapons, the bastards!

- People? - No, soulless creatures,
I shaped them that way myself.

I only gave a soul to the mayor,
for him to have something to sell.

As an example.

Here is a worker.

- Friederichson, do you have a soul?
- No.

In genereal the soul does not exist,
it is harmful nonsense.

Clever. Our scholar-theorist.

In youth he ran wild and daydreamed. Then he
wised up, and began to think more practically.

- Isn't that right?
- Yes it is, thoughts bend one's brains

but practical thinking
straightens them out and
promotes circulation.

The spouse of the scholar.

-Quickly, quickly.
- Just a second.

Here they are, the beautiful ones.

They live and work here.

For whom are you going to die?

Would you like to give
them their freedom?

What will they do with it?

What is the purpose of it for them?

Haven't you thought about that?

- Friederichson, do you need freedom?
- Me?

Well, why, for what purpose?
- Maybe you, madam?

Why do I need freedom?
I am married.

Boy, come here.

- Boy, do you need to be free?
- I don't know, maybe I do.

You're talking nonsense.

Do not dare beat a child!

Quiet, quiet
here, give them freedom,

and they will strangle
and bite each other,

- They are not guilty.

How can they know
what freedom is?

After all they've never
known how to enjoy it.

You don't love people,
you don't.

You want to give them
new happiness.

But they cherish the old one.

Friederichson, come here,
sit down next to me.

So, how are things in general?
Are you content with everything?

Yes, very.
Especially right here right now.

Are you offended?

No, why?

Then take your pants off.

No need.

Do it.

In order for you to understand.

Go on, go on.

Mama, I want to see.

Does it hurt?

Yes, very much now.

- But am I right?
- Absolutely.

Go, my dear!


The young boy will take revenge
on me when he gets older.

Take him!
Hands off, you scum!

No, no, no!

Mrs. Friederichson! It suits you so well!
How nice!

Don't you want to say goodbye to
the girl who you are going to die for?

Say goodbye to the girl
who are going to die for.

- Of course.
- Boy, call Else!

Mr. Lancelot,
say goodbye to the girl!

No, no, you have convinced me.

In general and on the whole,
it should be accomplished.

Of course she is still worried and nervous.
After all, it's her first time,

but she will do it.
I believe she will do it.

Lets begin saying goodbye to the girl.

All bystandards leave.
You yourselves are delaying things.

All bystandards leave!

Like children, I swear!

Mr. Lancelot, I have permission to
say goodbye to you.

In parting, I want to tell you:

I love you.

It seems that way to you.

If you had known me better,
you would have seen what a vile,

disgusting, and stupid

young lady I am.

Say that word to me again,
that I like so much.

- Young lady, you are kind and clever.
- No, I am a fool.

What is she doing?

She is gradually taming him,
a modest girl, she is inspiring.

Yes, it is a shame he has
to say farewell to a girl,

if he would have agreed to a young man,
such as our lumberjack,

we would not need a flute.

And if I lose the battle
with the Dragon,

all of this will still
be here in 300 years.

So I'd rather disappear now
before the battle,

and let someone else come,

who is cleverer and stronger than me,
and who won't fall in love

with the first girl he sees, young lady.

What is he preaching to her?

What can he say? The world is
beautiful, love is immortal.

Literally that by and by
a happy life will come.

I know what you must do now.

Don't be afraid.

I am not afraid, I am brave now.

The main thing is that now
you are becoming like me.

You are the most powerful knight,
you are so noble,

you even pleaded for Gypsies.

You are the best...

- Really? - Yes, of course.

Clever, then...
so handsome.

So courageous.

You are Lancelot,
a relative of that very famous Lancelot.

And your children are
going to be Lancelots.

You'll see.

You are talented.

You're a knight, right?

I have loved you and
now I have someone to protect.

Thank you, my dear.

She's up to the point of a kiss.

Madam, I thank you.

You are free to go.

Shut up, dinosaur,
I am no longer afraid of you.

What was that?

When we tried that before,
everything went fine.

Get up!
Feet a shoulder-width apart!

At attention!
Close your eyes!

Where to? Everyone out!
Else, go home! Quickly!

Remember, however this fight ends,
you have already won.

Go! "You have won..."

Well Mr. Dragon, will we fight or
take the girl at her word?

A good joke before death.

Stay here and wait.
I will not say when I will begin.

A real war begins suddenly.

I am coming for you!

Quickly, into the coach!
Quickly, quickly!

- Are you alive?
- Are there any weapons left in the city?

- There are. - Where?
- In a safe place.

We've learned all kinds of
ways of hiding things here.

Follow me!

Here are the top blacksmiths of the city.
Brave people, but they're afraid of everything.

Hey, guys!

Here is a man who needs a sword.

Ah, it's happening!

That's what I said!

The thing has been lying here for 300 years
with no pretext for someone to take it.

Here you are!

How can we make it so
that the Dragon sinks to the ground?

Otherwise you cannot get him.
- You need to fight in the air!

That is impossible.

Only birds and dragons fly.

No, sometimes people fly too.

He is our balloonist.

24 years ago he graduated
from the university with honors,

but since then he has not really flown,
he immedialtey went underground

without even defending his diploma,
but with honor.

He hates all dragons,
ours in particular.

- He went underground?
But for what reason? - For a good reason.

Our bird... bird!

It's time!

That's it! He has begun his ascent.

Knight, don't forget about
your invisible cap!

You will appear and disappear.

Come on!
Cut the ribbon, academic.

Some believe that it is a tail,
but in my opinion he has lost his head.

- Which one?
- The main one!

Good afternoon, sirs or is it night,
I don't understand?

Can you tell me what's going on up there?
I can't see anything anymore.

Today everyone
decides for himself

what he sees.

But I am an archivist historian,
do you understand?

Gentlemen of the military,
we are not playing with toys.

Not tic-tac-toe, not hide and seek,
nor tag.

No race and catch, no truth or dare
not those games...

That one... with the ring...
well, you pull it, I don't remember now.

We are discussing issues
of national importance.

Mr. Dragon is certainly invinceable,

although the gossips say that...

And who in the cabinet is
responsible for gossips?

- May I speak?
- Yes.

Gossips are saying that
Mr. Dragon has lost his head.

- And what is it that you are saying?

- We are saying that one of the Dragon's
heads has been freed

from military service, because
of its health, to meet its needs.

- And what about the gossips?

They say the remaining two heads are worse than the first one

and will soon be in the a**hole.

- From where have they seen everything? - Through the windows.

And how many windows do we have open?

All of them are open.

We never know how to act in moderation.

Well then, we will close
all the open windows.

Else, Else!

Daddy, don't worry
I am fine.

I am not worried.
How are you feeling, daughter?

If you appear on the
street again without a bandage,

you will be sent to the Eye-Doctor.
- Yes, of course.

The third head has fallen!

You are dismissed!
Everyone go home!

- Will you obey?
- We probably will not.

- But why?
- Because there is no one to obey.

Down with the Dragon!

- With whom?
- With the Dragon.

Equality and fraternity!


It's good when there is freedom.

Freedom, freedom!


Get him, get him!

He won't escape!

Dismissed, go home!

What is that for?

- I am struggling.
- With whom?

With everyone.
For our happiness and freedom.

- Take the documents out!
- There are riots in the town!

More archives.

Why did I put my signature everywhere?
Burn them!

What are you doing, parasites!

Daddy, tell me what to do?

Everything has collapsed!

- What has collapsed?
- The body of the Dragon has fallen behind the mill.

As well as the three heads.
- That was to be expected.

- But where is the fourth one?
- Which fourth one? - Lancelot has it.

He also had a head of his own.
Where is it?

How should I know?
Daddy, the people are going mad.

- I am also losing my mind!
- You should have lost it before.

But now they are going to ask,
if you served them during the difficult

years, or if you cared for the people,
neglecting your own health.

Everybody into the swamp!

Don't be afraid,

now we can

be normal people.


We can.

It's difficult and unusual,
but we can.

You only need to start.

He is missing.

We haven't found the
conqueror of the Dragon.

Our pride,
our prowess,

our glory.

So, you've been looking in
the wrong place, you rangers.

Long live the conqueror
of the Dragon!

Stop, just a minute,
what are you singing?

- An oratorio.
- Really?

But I am thinking about
something different.

Maybe it's time to permit...

What do you think?

The President of the Free city
has arrived at the town hall!

The delegation of the oldest citizens

has arrived to welcome their liberator!

That is nice!

The oldest citizens well remember
how last year

in an unequal battle
you defeated the Dragon.

And that is nice.

So how, dear countrymen,

are we going to live on?

Which of you is the oldest?

- Who amongst them is the oldest?
- They all are - How, all of them?

- There must be an oldest one.
- Then here he is, he hears the worst all.

Come here, don't be shy,
come to me.

For a long time I've wanted to ask you:
how should we go on living?

I said, how should we go on living?

Do you remember me as a young man?

You don't remember?
What do you remember then?

- He doesn't remember anything.
- And what is he saying?

- The youth.
- Wait.

Are you speaking on their behalf
or about them?

Or about in general?

Đ¢hen I myself will tell you, listen.
Leave for a while.

My dear fellow citizens!

I'll tell you about myself,
who was I during the Dragon's time?

Well who was I? A madman.
A simple madman.

But I grew up, I matured,
and now I... am like him,

I mean, like you...
like in general...

because our...
well, our connectedness,

orientation of humanity,
when it is the masses that...

take him away from here, take him away.

As the old man who just
departed correctly said,

young people, as one says,
it is the young people, you know...

that when they give us ...
the power of impulse...

"If we were you, " they say,
"it's time for you to get married."

The bride is in good health,
the groom is of age, you know.

Therefore I invite you
to my wedding. As inquest witnesses.

Oh, look who's here!

Hello, jailer!

Your Excellency!

Our dear one!

Our precious one,
the best employee.

Well, gentlemen, don't wait
for our orders, do it yourselves,...yourselves...

Well, curly, what are you up to in here?

Show us!

- Who do you want?
- Are you sick?

You scum!

Well, I'll tell you this:

the road to the prison is so so...,
but the building itself is good.

- What is good about it?
- It's deep.

There are floors below and
a foundation on top. - What is in the building?

- People sitting. - Who?
- Almost everyone.

That is good.

- What is this for?
- For your former assistant.

We show him your portrait
and that makes him suffer.

- Does he suffer a lot?
- Yes, very much.

And if we tried to show
him me in real life?

Why is he happy?

He thinks that you have
just landed here too.

In general, it's an interesting
place you have here.

Yes, there are many
interesting things here.

- Do you have any intelligence about him?
- About him - no.

- Have you interrogated the birds?
- Yes, I started with that.

- So what about the birds?
- They just whistle.

Only the parrot agrees.
You ask him, "Seen him?" He says, "Seen him."

You say to him, "Lancelot?"
He says, "Lancelot."

You say to him, "where has he gone?"
And he says "to Timbuktu!"...

I said it long ago, that parrots wouldn't
acclimate to our environment.

Here is some food.
Enough for a week.

- What's being heard in the city?
- Music.

They are preparing for the wedding.
Else will be given to the conqueror of the Dragon.

The people are rejoicing.
- And her?

Three heads have fallen,
and 1,000 more have grown.

I'm leaving. - Where to?
- To nowhere,

but to the remainder of my life.

That's what we expected.
- Who?

Those who helped you.

Those who are imprisoned ask
that you change your name.

Good. I am no longer Lancelot.

Lets drink to the memory of the brave
knight, Lancelot.

I don't drink with those whose
name I don't know.


Me too.

My girl! You are lucky, you are
a bride again, such a position!

Else, we are so glad,
you will be the wife of the president.

Even better than the Dragon.
Normal arms, legs,

and maybe all other body parts.

And the fact that he is old, is also not
bad, you have the right to have a lover.

You will be able to do a lot of good.
Ask your husband, have him

dismiss my father's boss,
and appoint my father to be the boss.

Here chicky, chicky...

Mr. President!

There comes a moment when fear recedes.

Mr. President, you yourself
are a father and must understand,

that there is always
a limit to everything!

There is a line beyond which
no one is allowed to pass!

- Daddy!
- No! -Yes.

- Shall we kiss?
- No need.

It's necessary. It's a tradition.

Listen, Charlemagne, the fact that
you have come to congratulate me -

is good.

I understand that,
but tell me..

Does Else love us both?
- No, she is in despair.

- And you? - Me too.

- How do you feel?
- Good.

But you said...

By the way, daddy, are you
familiar with the jailer?

- No, not really.
- No big deal, you will become acquanited.

- Shall I take him?
- What do you mean by "take him"?

Whatever happens, just take him.
Go away!

Go! You have all lost your minds.

One thing, when it's not
clear to a human, when it's associated with a non-human,...

Listen, daddy!

You must learn
to be happy at weddings.

If you're going to be tedious, then I
am still going to marry her,

but she will already be an orphan.

I risked a lot for your sake
when I was chasing after the Dragon,

and then murdering him.
- Excuse me, Mr. President,

but I refuse to believe this.
- Don't refuse.

- On my word, I won't be able to.
- You will.

I didn't believe it either, but when
the facts began to appear, then the witnesses,

and the deceased himself... I said:
who killed you?

- He says: you.
- You?

We. Our military commanders

developed a detailed
plan of the last battle.

Notice, here it was
especially difficult.

So, now do you believe me?

No, this is beyond me.

He simply doesn't want to.
He's inflating the price.

Fine, you'll get the state...
how do you call it...

reward, now or posthumously,
it's up to you.

The happy bride!

What can you do?
There is nothing you can do.

Here, you know, nothing
can be done.

Playful, mischevious girl,
do you hear me?

You don't hear me,
but it doesn't matter.

When the blonde asks you:
do you agree? Say you agree.

Can you say this? You
cannot, but it doesn't matter.

Then nod, although it is
the same as ...

Master of ceremonies, announce it, the
bride is getting nervous.

- I am not the Master of ceremonies.
- I know, I'm kidding.

Don't kill me, please.

Citizens of the free city!

Let us begin our wonderful celebration
of love and harmony.

- Where to? Back!
- Lancelot is there!

Come on, don't be shy!

Your Excellency!

Have you sized it?
Why won't it fit?

- The guards are fleeing.
- Call the jailer to me.

He fled first.

What, has he lost his mind?
Salaries are paid today.

Wake up, Lancelot has freed
his associates

and is going to be here,
armed. -I'm going to kill you!

He is here, by the way.
Hello, we've been waiting for you.

So that's what he looks like!

We were just talking about you. Many doubted
whether you would come or not.

But I said, you don't know him well.

Here, the bride and rings are prepared for you.
I personally tried them on.

You guys here, I'm looking at you and thinking:

it's good, after all, we are all
from the same city.

Is it really you?

You don't look like the former Lancelot.

Smile for us, please, if
it is not difficult for you.

I have forgotten how to smile, Else.

I was drafted into service,

and later, like everyone

I served honestly,
but I took money.

Do you understand?
Everyone took money.

I was still so young when
I was recruited...

What could I do?

Don't look at me so,
it wasn't my fault.

We were young, we were taught that way,
do you understand? They taught us that way.

Everyone was taught that way,

but why did you become
the first student?


Because we were taught that way.

Are you crying, Friederichson?

Yes, from happiness,
Mr. Lancelot.

But you also shed tears of
happiness at the sight of the Dragon

and shouted to the mayor:
"Glory to you, victor!"

Yes, I cried.

You really knew it wasn't he who
defeated the Dragon.

- At home I knew that.
- Yes, at home we knew that,

but when everyone was around,...
in that situation...

When we were together, ...
- Yes...

Here we all cried from happiness.

We were sincere,
Mr. Lancelot.

After all, we should love someone.

Well, what are we
to do, Mr. Lancelot?

You, stand up!

You are a free man!

How can you be like this?

You have been free people
for a year already!

You are free people!

You, stand up!
You, you are slaves!

You are not people,
you are sheep, a herd of cattle.

Well, you must understand he is here.

Now, I will make everyone
of you understand that and

kill the Dragon within yourself!

Within yourself!
Do you understand that?

Else, come to me, here!

You will be my wife!

You should not be angry with us,

our new master.

They will surely love you,

but this takes time.
Be patient.

I have the right to tell you this.
I have lost my mind again.

But now I am not pretending,

it's cold being with you,
very... cold.

The winter is going to be long,

you need to prepare.


What, passerby, is everything beginning
all over again?

Maybe not now?

After all, they are children.

-Not now.
-So we won't start now.

Very interesting.