U Turn (2016) - full transcript

Rachana, a young reporter, is dismayed at the number of illegal u-turns and resulting traffic accidents, and she wants to write a story about it. In pursuing a lead, she finds herself in the middle of a police case dealing with a series of murders. While freeing herself of false accusations, she becomes part of the investigation process. What is behind the mysterious deaths and how are they are all connected to the flyover road?

Your brother's having visa issues.

He doesn't know if he can come down.

If he does come,
he can't go back it seems.

I don't understand any of this.

He must come when your marriage
is fixed, right?!

Mom, stop saying the same thing again!

Or I'll get off here and go away.

Go, go, everything I say irritates you!

Why do you spoil my mood this way?

I need to reach the office after dropping you.

Your father struggles to make you an engineer...

...and instead of making good money,
you do something entirely needless!

Look mom, no provocation will change my mind.

Why would you worry?

You have nothing to lose.

Our neighbor Lakshmi is younger than you.

She got married last month.

She is settled in "Sudgaad."

Mom, not "Sudgaad," Stuttgart!

Whatever. She's so happy you know.

Your father cried on seeing
her photos in Facebook.

He looked so disappointed.

What wrong have we done to deserve
this from you?

Mom, it's no achievement to get married,
settle abroad, and put up "happy" pics.

It's no big deal.

Do you people need Facebook
and WhatsApp at this age?

At this age, we must have been
dandling grandkids on our knee.

Where will you give us that fortune?

Oh god! Always twisting your way to the same topic!

Marriage, marriage... marriage

Hello, are you married?
- Huh?!

No madam...bachelor.

Do you find me good-looking?


Stop at some temple on the way.

Let's get married.

Let these souls find some peace.

Shut up, Rachchu! You continue driving.

Don't worry, madam. I wouldn't have agreed.

The Lady cop in my area is way cooler.

I'd rather marry her.

At least, my life will be peaceful.

Look Rachchu, I am speaking for your good.

Let go of this reporter ambition.

Go back to your computer job.

Broker Shamanna says he will find you
a greencard holder!

O mom, I swear on this auto driver,
I will disappear!

Disappear, no one is stopping you.

Get married and then do whatever.

Mom, does your phone need a recharge?

No... I have balance.

Hey, why do you change the topic?

You're going on a non-stop bus.

Use the toilet at the bus station if need be.

Your replies make no sense!

Make sure dad eats less sweets.

He is the only one left to care for you.

Oh you are always with us,
never letting go...

Right now yes, but after marriage?

You are raising the topic of your marriage?!

I must have performed
some good deeds in the past!

Stop watching those daily soaps please

Such drama you create!

Mom, you get down.
I'll get the bags.


Have we left anything behind?

Only two bags mom!

How much?

Seventy, but give me 30 extra.

Why? Why extra?

Madam, so much luggage...
I have to go back empty.

Why extra for the luggage?
Did you carry it on your head?

I just asked for 30 extra, not any dowry.

One tight slap you'll get now! -Rachchu!-
Indeed you will...

Rachchu, hand it over. -Be quiet mom!
Why fight with him?

Lady, only God can save your daughter!

No money required.

Use that 30 to get your horoscope drawn.

Hey, get lost!

Rachchu, why do you speak like that?
- Mom, this is how we must be. Come!-

Where's the bus? Are we late?

Oh stop fussing!

Hey Divya...

Hi.. hi..

What's up? Coming this late?

Where was the long lunch?

No lunch...I haven't eaten.

I'm hungry. Got mom on the bus.

Madam, the editor is calling you.


Good luck...

Sorry sir, urgent work at home, I had to leave.

I'll come tomorrow and do it.

Sir, I am actually on the flyover.

So much traffic...difficult to come back down.

Ok sir...you get the papers ready, I'll come.

Yes sir...

Not done yet Rachana?

Ya man, lots of work. I'll be late.

Is it?
- Yes.

Go home and do it, it's ok. Goodnight.

Sir, just a minute...
couple of couriers for you.

Dad's here!

Sunny.. Sunny.. come here!


Hello Sunny!

What have you got for me, dad?

How was school today?

We had a running race today.

You had a running race? Wow!

Wow, did you come in second or third?
-First, dad!-

What did you win?

Don't lie...you must have come last.

No, dad, I really stood first!
-Hey, get dinner ready.-

Did you have dinner, Sunny?

Not yet? Why?

I'll have it with you.

Sunny, keep that aside. Eat...


I checked out this daycare.

Let's enroll him next week.

Why can't you understand? No daycare.

What's wrong with daycare?

How long shall I sit at home?

I am earning, isn't it?

You don't need to get a job.

Just stay home and look after the child.

No need for some random nanny.

Before Sunny, I too had a career.

I can't sit at home quietly anymore!

Why don't you quit and take care of him?

No daycare required then.

I am already tense...

Will you let me eat in peace?

If you wanted a career,
why opt for marriage and kids?


Get up...enough play! Go to sleep!

Jaya, let him be.
-Look, dad!-

No food for you!

Listen girl, I haven't stepped into your room.

It's been a month...it'll be full of dust.

Can't you just clean it?

I can't even manage my work...

How will I clean your room?

Even my enemies don't deserve
a roomie like you

OK, I will clean the room.

But if I like some shoe or clothes of yours..

That's mine. Ok?

Clothes ok, but no touching my shoe collection!

You have 10 dozen shoes!

What to do with them after you die?!

Bury them with me ok?

Don't touch them, I'm warning you.

Ok, ok...you mad person.

That's not a room, it's a shoe store.

Let it be, what's your problem?

Anyway, home alone are you?

I heard the weather is cold.

Having fun?

Yes...all your boyfriends visit.

I party with them.

What happened to that office crush?

Any further developments?

Oh that...going nowhere.

He fears talking to me.

Wonder how he is a crime reporter !!

Do one thing, wear my red top.

That top has guaranteed 100% success for me.

What sort of success?

One slip, and you'll end up with kids.

Really? Let me try.

Ok, keep me updated...bye!

Don't forget to clean the room ok?

Fine... bye!

Hello... have anything for me?

Early today, Rachana?

Going for a fancy dress competition?
-Shut up, ya-

Hello sir, did you receive my mail?

Ok sir, thank you.


Hello, what news?

Note this number...-tell me!-
KA01 EE0212

Ok...cut the call.

Full busy are you?

Yes, up to my ears in work.

Call you later...
Fine, bye!

Oh, come!


Hi! Please sit...

I hope I am not disturbing...
-Not at all!-

How's work?

Normal...the same rapes and murders.

What else can be new?

Oh yes, you asked for some material...

I have it here. Hold on.

Here you go.

Thank you!

Is this helping you at all?

Of course, I read all your stuff.

Then I compare notes.

To learn you know.

How you write from this data...

At least someone's reading my work!

Actually, I need another favor.

Tell me.

Do you have reports of accidents
on the Double Road flyover?

That flyover? I use it on my way to work. Why?

I am writing a story. That's why.

Double Road flyover...ok.

I'll keep ready some stuff.

This may take time. Is that ok?

Of course, no problem.

Ok, so I'll see you.

Thank you.



You left it behind...
your phone.

Phone...so silly.
I keep forgetting it.

Would you like some coffee?


No...I have some work...

Ok...of course...I mean...

See you then. Thank you.

Sir, coffee

Here you go...

Thank you.

Are you from Bangalore?

No, Mysore.

I shifted here six months ago.

So, what does your husband do?

Do I look like I am married?

No..you said you shifted recently...

You could ask me directly if I'm married.

No, I didn't ask for that reason.

Really? No...I'm not married.


Which school does your third kid attend?

Hmm?-your third kid's school-

Do I look like a father of three?

The child is too small,
so she's at my first wife's place.

Oh? You're now with your second wife?

No... I divorced her yesterday.

So, back to being single,
ready to mingle.

Oh, very interesting!

So, why did you murder your ex?

No, I wanted to, but he left me.

Oh, he left you?


I wonder what faults he found in you.

I am not stupid enough to
poorly market myself.

Hello, the office thinks you're a tomboy.

Can there be poorer marketing?

Wow! Really?

Good. Now all the loafers will stay away.

Thank you for coming.

I have a lot of work. Meet you later.

Don't mind, huh?

Rachana...a minute.

I have two tickets for a film review.

You can invite a friend if free.

I thought you worked on crime...

What's the connection?

Mmm...it's a crime film.

Ok, a tomboy will await you in the parking lot.

If you want, you can come pick her up.


Write this down...

One second...ok.

216, Shoba Residency, 6th cross, Phase 4

Super, thanks. I owe you a treat.

That's what you say to get work done.

Sorry. This Saturday for sure!

Mmm...let's see. Ok, I have to go, bye!


Sir, what's the time?


How do I find the house?

Down to the pool and right...

Ok, thank you!

Aditya, next time, take us to a good film ok?

Right...it seemed never-ending no?

Seriously, I can't stand horror films!

They appear totally comical!

So you don't believe in the supernatural?

No way. Thank you very much...so stupid!

Do you believe in the supernatural?

I don't know...


There's so much we don't know.

Soul...who knows, it may exist...

This soul business is a lie...
good for fiction and films only.

You know, this stuff has become news on TV.

And people like my mother believe in it.

Seriously, I get so annoyed...

Let it go, people are entitled to their beliefs.

So, this means you believe in ghosts.

No...I said they may exist. But...

How so?

Oh let it go, I'll tell you next time.

Aditya, look there!


Ahead -


There, a woman in a white sari
hair undone, holding a lamp.

Haha, very funny!

She's waiting for you...

Aditya, stop..

So.. this is your home...ok...

Thanks then, I had a great time.

Is it your birthday today?


Special clothes... also seems you've had a bath!

Oho...so I don't look like I bathe everyday?

No seriously...You look different today.

So you do observe these things.

What to do? Crime reporter...it's a trait.

Do you observe everyone?

Only those who need to be observed.

Oh, like that...

Ok, I'll leave now.


See you tomorrow..



Hello, come here!

Yes, you, come here.

Where is Block 1, B2?

That's my house.

So you're Rachana, is it?

Yes, why?

Sir, this is the girl.

Are you Rachana?

Yes, why, what happened?

We called you sometime ago.
Why didn't you pick the call?

Oh that was you?

Why did you not receive the call?

I was in a theatre...

Theatre? Who was the guy who left now?

Err...what do you want? Why these questions?

Who is that guy?




Look, what is this? What's happening?

Get in, you need to come to the station.

What! Me? Look, you've made a mistake.

Isn't this your number?


Come quietly and don't make a fuss.

Or the neighbors will record this
and post it on Facebook

Get in quietly. All else at the station.

Sarojamma, bring her.

Ok sir... Come, get in!

Sir, madam, please listen to me..

I said, keep quiet!

Sarojamma, seize that phone!

Madam...sir, one phone call, please!

Where did you go that late?

...we had a quarrel...

What quarrel?
Did your husband physically abuse you?

No, nothing like that.
We were having dinner.

I told him I'd apply for a job.

He forbade me.
So in anger, I went to my room.

What job? Who with?

I don't know sir.

I was just discussing me applying, that's all.

But then...

Get her some water...

Madam.. Here, drink some water.

Sir, this is Rachana.

What's happening? Why am I here?

Sir, this is that girl.

Don't mistake me, but was your husband
having an affair?

Did you know about it?

Why are you asking me this?

Have you seen this girl before?
Do you know her?

No sir. Who is she?

She went to your place this afternoon.
That's all we know too.

Who are you?
Why did you go to our house?

Whose house? What...

Sir, your question...this girl...

Look, you go home now.

We'll have more information in the morning.

Get her home, it's raining.

Ok sir..

Come, you...

Come, madam, let's go home...

Console yourself...

Muddanna, Step out for a bit...

Sir...this is a misunderstanding. I'm not that...

Why did you go to Sundar's house?


Pass me that register....

This is your name and number right?


You went to his place this afternoon.

Yet you say you don't know him!

Sir, I went to his place, true
but I didn't know him.

Sir, what happened? Why these questions?

You dare play innocent?

Nayak, give me that photo.

This evening, Sundar was found like this!

Why did you kill him?

Sir, I did nothing.

I went his house, rang the bell...
no one responded, so I left. That's it.

So, you mean you didn't kill him?

Sir why would I kill anyone?

That's what I'm asking you!
Why did you kill him?

Sir, I did nothing!
You keep saying the same thing.

You didn't know Sundar, yet went to meet him.

A few hours later he's hanging from the fan!

Sir, you have to believe me!

I went to his house but...
-Why did you go there?-

Sir, I'm interning at Indian Express.

I'm trying for a permanent reporting job.

I was working on a story, and it led me to Sundar.

What story? What's the connection with Sundar?

That is...

Spit it out!

I am working on a story on the Double Road flyover.

Many people illegally move the road divider blocks
on the flyover to avoid traffic.

But after taking a U-turn,
they don't replace the blocks.

It's very dangerous for traffic from the opposite direction.

How is Sundar related to this?

Sir, I wanted to interview people who broke this rule.

Sundar moved the blocks on the flyover...

That's why you went to interview him...

Yes, sir...

How the hell do you know he did it?

Were you sitting on guard there?

Sir I used the help of an old man who sits there.

When Sundar moved the blocks,
he noted the vehicle number.

This morning he gave me the number.

Rachana, at least weave a credible story.

Such silly ones will land you in trouble!

Sir, it's not silly!

What else then? Sundar moved the blocks,
so you killed him!

Sir, I went to interview him only.

Is it some great thing to move the blocks?

Does it deserve an interview?

Sir, such people just move the blocks and take a U-turn.

What are these people thinking?

No heed of civic sense or traffic rules?

I wanted their perspective, so I went to his house.

Hello, yes sir. We are on it right now.

Sir, we too need time.

You may have political pressure
but we too need to do our work.

Sir, give us time till morning.
We'll do something about it.

Sir...please believe me... sir please sir.

Sit here. Sarojamma, keep an eye...

Muddanna, get my bag...-yes, sir-

It's late, and may rain all night.

Drop the girl to the remand home.

Let's wait for the post-mortem.

Sir why the remand home? Why not send her home?

We can fetch her later.

Any other case, I would have approved.

But this dead guy, he used to work
in the corporator's CA office.

He was handling the corporator's accounts.

Now everyone is on our case.

Look, sir..! get me all his phone and data records by morning.

Sir, I have already requested the cyber cell.

I need all this by morning.

Ok sir.

I'm being hounded from home. I need to go.

Sir, we'll manage...
- Coming

Sir, she could be telling the truth.

It feels coindicental that she went to Sundar's.

Coincidence or not, who knows?

She works in the press, that's the problem.

The minister has prohibited the case reaching the CID.

Look, don't hold her here,
drop her to the remand home.

Ok sir.

Let's leave Muddanna...
Ok sir..

Hello, can you hear me?

Sarojamma, call the remand home
get the paperwork done.

She'll have to stay there tonight.. ok sir..

Sir, why, what happened? I answered you...

You go..
-Sir, it's late, and raining...

Get it done ok?
- Ok sir

Sir, what's happening?
I told you everything!

Rachana, we have many more questions.

By rules, we can't detain you here overnight.

Look if I was guilty,
why would I write my name and address in the register?

Rachana, under the circumstances,
you are a suspect.

Sir, there's been some misunderstanding.

Along with Sundar, I have ten other names and addresses.

What do you mean?

Here, sir...take a look.

This was given to me by that man on the flyover.

All these people moved the
divider blocks and took a U-turn.

Sundar was just one of them.

Let's back up a second.

Who is this man on the flyover?

Why does he give you these numbers?

That man is always found on the flyover.

I had a deal with him. I would pay
him 100 for every such violation he noted.

So he gave you all these 10 numbers?

Yes sir...

Have you interviewed them?

No, Sundar was the first.

I mean, I went to interview him....

Why not Ramesh first, whose violation was last month?

My mother was with me the past month.

I was also busy... no time to follow up.

So that guy on the flyover gave you the numbers right?


Will you identify him for us?

Of course, I can take you there.

Hmmm...a minute.

Sir, you called?

Yes, Swami...here. Trace these vehicles, quickly!

Yes sir.

When we went to fetch her,
there was a guy with her...

Couldn't identify him though.

Prabhakar, get the vehicle to drop Rachana.

Yes, thanks.

Chakravarti, try getting the post-mortem report earlier.

No, Nayak, it's not so easy.

Why don't you try? It'll be useful.

It's already late. See the time?

I understand. Work your contacts though.

Prabhakar, do we have umbrellas?

Yes, in the vehicle.

Let's go.
-Get moving!-

Kumaranna, to the Double Road flyover.

Yes sir...

Forget the official report...

Any cases on the vehicle?

Tell me just this...

Ok sir...

Suicide? Or murder?

Sir, right here.

Kumaranna, stop.

Rachana, where is he?

He usually sits here.

Here? No one here.


She's just playing us, Nayak.

Hold on.
- He's usually here-

Usually? Where is he now?

I don't know, sir...

Prabhakar, come here...

It's in order...thank you sir.

Nayak, where did you find him in this rain?

Right there...anyway, what about post-mortem reports?

It'll take more time.

Come to the cabin, I'll tell you.

Prabhakar, seat him, I'll come.

Rachana come.. Ok, Nayak...

Any new information?

The duty doctors say there's no sign
of scars or stab wounds.

This makes me feel it's a suicide.

What about time of death?

They estimate death at roughly 2 am.
No confirmation yet...

Any information on visitors to the house?

As per security cam footage, after the wife left...

...the next visitor was this girl.

No others? No window entry?

Nothing. The records are clear.

So a 12-hour window between
Sundar's death and Rachana's visit.

Also, there is no suspicion of any previous relation
between Sundar and Rachana.

She's speaking the truth then. She's innocent...


Sir! I have the details of the vehicle numbers.

Hey get up, rascal!
- Sir, let him go

Sir, he's innocent!

You sit down!
- Please

Sir, what are you doing to him?

That man gave you all these 10 vehicle numbers?

Yes sir...

Does anyone else have this information?

No sir...my friend in the RTO gave me these addresses.

Why sir? What happened?

All these 10 people are dead! All reported suicides!

You are hiding things from me!

I'm trying to help you.

Don't lie to me dammit!

Sir, I have no idea what's happening.

Other than these numbers and addresses,
I know nothing!

What are these dates here?

The dates of the violation, when they took the U-turn.

All these 10 dates match with the sucide dates.

All 10 cases!

How do you explain this?

Sundar died yesterday, and that's the date here!

How do you justify this?

Nayak, he is not saying anything.
I think he is a mute.

He is revealing nothing.

He's the main link.

When I checked his bag, I found this.

See the number inside.

Whose vehicle number is this, Rachana? Whose?

I don't know sir.

Look again, whose is it?

I don't know sir...

Maybe a violator's today...
he must have noted it down.

He would have given it to me tomorrow.

But...I don't understand anything.

Had he given this tomorrow,
what date would you have noted in the diary?.. yes..!

Which date would you have put down?

Today's date...

Damn it!


Swami, trace this vehicle's address...quick!

Ok sir...- quick!-

Hey, stand aside.! ok sir..

Prabhakar, go to the traffic control room...

...check whether these vehicles took a U-turn on the flyover

Call me immediately.


Let's check out the madman.

Sir, you have locked me in with a mad fellow!

Shut up...where did you get these numbers?

Chakravarti keep at it...

Sir, the latest one you asked for...close by...

Prabhakar, quickly head to the traffic control room.

Just leaving...


Yes sir?.. come..

Sir can I go home?

No, stay here...

Kumaranna, the jeep.

Take us to this address.

Rachana get in.

Kumaranna, go...
- yes sir-


Yes sir, Nayak wanted some info...

Yes, he called me.

This is Damodar, he'll help you.

Ok sir. Thank you.

Damodar, can you check if this vehicle took a U-turn
on the Double Road flyover this morning?

Sure sir. Have a seat.. ok..

Kumaranna, check the flat number.

Right sir.

Come Rachana.

This way sir.

Come Rachana...

This way sir...

Why the bell? People will be asleep now.

See the board?

Oops...sorry sir!

Who is it?

Are you Sharath Kumar?

Who is it? Who was it that rang the bell?

The child was sleeping! Now you've woken her!

Have you no sense?

There she is crying now.

KAO5 HG3146, is it your vehicle?

Why? Why should I tell you?
What happened?

Is this your vehicle?

Yes, what's the matter?

Did you ride on the Double Road flyover this morning?

Why? Did anyone complain? Who was it?

What's the problem Sharath?

Dad, I'll take care of this. You go...

Ok, fine...

Who else is at home?

Why is that your concern?

Tell me, who complained? Got a warrant?

I'm a lawyer. Don't play games with me.

Show me the papers.

Hey, got a search warrant? I'm asking you!

Is he deaf?

How dare you enter at this hour?

This is a respectable household!

What are you looking for? Leave!


What are you looking at? Out!

Come to the station tomorrow.
I will register your complaint.

Meanwhile, lock your door.

You bet I am coming! See you in court!

I'll show these guys what lawyers are about!

Kumaranna...stay here till morning.


Yes...any problem?
- No sir-

Call me at the station if anything
-Ok sir..-

Come Rachana.

Have you seen that lawyer before?

No sir..

Sharath, why were the police here?

Dad, it's fine. Go to sleep.

Ok...you too go sleep.

What a horrible guy! I hate lawyers!

Ah.. why did I sign up for this !!

Hello Nayak...

Any information Prabhakar?

The vehicle did take a U-turn this morning.

The traffic cameras have captured it.

Was he a lawyer?

Yes...the driver was wearing a lawyer's coat.

Ok...What about the other vehicles?

They're checking...it'll take some time.

Ok Prabhakar, keep me posted.. thanks..!
-Ok Nayak..-

Rachana, the lawyer did make the U-turn
on the flyover this morning.

So the madman was going to give it to you...

But, what's the link between
the U-turn and Sundar's death?

Oh my god!

What is this?!

Stay right here Rachana! Don't come out...


Shit! Oh my god...


Traced all the numbers I gave you?

Yes sir...

Ok.. what about the other vehicles?

Those pictures are here too.

Ok, thank you.

Keep the lawyer for later,
let's investigate Sundar's death first, Rajan.

Too much pressure...so many calls!

Yes, he fell on our jeep...
SI Nayak was there...

Yes she works in Indian Express..

We felt she was linked to Sundar's death...

With the press, one has to be careful...

Yes, that's why I sent Nayak with the girl.

Nayak...all these guys have taken the U-turn on the flyover.

I'll update when I get the lawyer's post-mortem reports.
Keep me updated...Thanks Rajan!

Sir, look. I investigated all the
vehicle numbers in Rachana's dairy.

All reported as suicides.

What is this? What does it mean?

We need to make more enquiries sir.

Perhaps it's murder disguised as suicide.

Why not the girl?

No, she did not seem to have a clue of this.

She sounds innocent.

I will continue investigations...

No! You are no more on this case.

Sir, I know the full case history...

Nayak, all the other cases are
registered as suicides, right?

Do nothing more. Close Sundar's as suicide too.

Sir, these are not suicides. It's very serious.

Look, don't simply argue and waste my time.

Come! Where is the girl now?

In the interrogation room.

Ok, come...

Call her.

Yes sir...

Come, sit.

Your RTO friend is being questioned.

Don't worry, he's not in trouble.

The post-mortem report has also come.

There is no evidence of Sundar being murdered...
or your hand in the affair.

You may leave now.

You are free to go now.

Remove yesterday from your mind.

Your article, the flyover, that madman...

the 10 vehicle numbers, your diary, those addresses...

...that death...leave them behind.

We'll keep it that way.

If your knowledge of these numbers is leaked...

your life will be hell.

I'm speaking for your good.
Leave this behind.

Go home...take some rest now.

Nayak, drop her home. I'll see you later.

Come Rachana...

Hello, yes sir. Yes the post-mortem report is out.

The case has been closed as a suicide.

Tell your corporator friend to rest easy.

Ok sir...thank you.

Rachana, we're here.

Ok.-It's alright-so sorry...

Yesterday was a lot of trouble for you.

Go take rest.

Sir, you believe me right?

Rachana, I trust you ok? Don't worry.

I'll make sure you face no trouble ok?

Go get some rest.

Sir, coming to the canteen?

No, carry on...

Shall I send something up for you?

No, I'm fine, thank you.

You've made us wait for an hour.
We have to report at work.

Did you see these post-mortem reports?

We prepared the files. Tell us what the issue is.

All the cases are reported as suicides.

Sir, we only determine the cause of death.

The police decides if it is suicide or murder.

Is there any common link between all these cases?

Like a modus operandi, circumstantial evidence,
physiological proof?

No such thing in the cases I examined.

Nor in mine.

Got it sir...I will call you if required. Thank you.

No sir... those were definitely suicides.

Nayak, I've traced all the vehicle numbers you gave me.

You too check them.

Sir, we're getting delayed.
Can we leave?

Yes, please.

I'll call you if anything.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome sir.. ok..

Prabahakar, there are more than 10 reports here.

Other than those 10 vehicles,
there were more who took the U turn.

I felt it would help your investigation.


Yes, this is her seat. She hasn't come yet.

Oh, thank you.

Hey, hi! -Hi...-

I was just looking for you.


How come this late? Are you ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I slept late last night, so...

Actually, you still look sleepy.


Err...the editor...

Ok...no problem. Another time.


Yesteday, I heard of this suicide-type case.

A guy jumped off a building...
Right on top of a police jeep!

I was going to look into it. You can join me.

Oh, sorry...editor problem right?

Ok you finish your work.
I'll give you my notes as usual.

Thanks...meet you later.

Sir, are you busy?

No, tell me.

You asked a question that time.

I too handled one of those cases.

It was slightly weird.

Ok...please come sit.

Sir can I see those reports?

Yeah, here you go.

Yes, this is my report.

In this case, the slitting of the wrist led to death.

When slitting, people usually make only one cut.


Rarely do we see two or three cuts.

But here, the cut is a curve...

Interesting...this is not common?

No sir. Suicidal people are usually depressed.

They usually end it with just one cut.

Twisting the blade in this way.. like...

This...U-shaped cut is quite strange..

I just wanted to let you know of this.

Ok sure. Thank you for coming back...

Call me if you have more...thanks.

It's purely coincidental
and I have nothing else to add.

I have given my statement already.

Why are you complicating the case?

A lawyer jumping to his death
onto a police jeep?

It's national-level breaking news now.

Sir, we wanted to make sure he was safe.

Don't make such statements in public ok?

The lawyer was deep in debt.

His house and property were facing seizure.

That's why he jumped.
State it this way, ok?

You make things difficult for both of us.

Go work on some other case.

Yes sir.

Nayak, come here.

Do you have Rachana journalist's number?

Yes sir...here.

First delete the number.

I'm sorry...

Please take this...I'm sorry.


Hi Rachana...

Hey, hi...

You were behaving oddly this morning.
Anything wrong?

I mean, did I do something?

No, nothing like that.
I have some other problems...

I was wondering
if I said something wrong last night...

No...Aditya, you're reading too much into it.

I will tell you when I meet you.


Free for dinner?

Aditya, I'll call you back...

One minute Rachana...

Sir... my son is innocent..

His friends are to be blamed -

Sir, you have to help them sir, please!

Please wait outside. I'll call you.

Rachana come sit.

Tell us, what happened?

I was just now at the flyover...

Hey move it more...

Sir, please! Excuse me!

You're not supposed to take a U-turn here.

Can you please go straight?

Who are you? Can't speak Kannada? Get going!

Sir, no U-turn allowed here.. please go straight..

Why? We're locals ok? We know everything...

We know where to make a U-turn,
where to move the blocks

Sir, you will be in trouble...

Is this your stone? Is the flyover yours?

Sir please try to understand..
- You get on with your life.

Sir please go straight
You're not supposed to make a U-turn here

Don't talk too much. I will rape you!

Hey get lost.

Come on, don't waste time with her...

Wanna come with us?

Sir you must save them.

Look I have their vehicle number.

Rachana, Why are you getting involved?

I had warned you.

Sir, what are you saying?

Somebody's deliberately killing
those who make that U-turn

Hey, are you a detective?

You do your work.
Don't get into this mess.

Sir, I did nothing.

These two took the U-turn like the others.

Can't you ensure their safety?

Our job is not to look after
people on the flyover

Leave now, please.


Go, talk some sense into your friend.

Rachana, wait!

Rachana, listen to me...stop a moment!

Rachana, please...don't get angry.

This is for your good.

Sir, I'm worried about those two.

How you are taking it easy...
I really don't know.

They're both in danger.

Nothing like that will happen.

Sir, why did that lawyer jump yesterday?

You saw it too. You must do something.

You have to help them out.

Look, Rachana, I must obey orders.

OK! You follow orders.

If something happens to them

I won't keep quiet!

Get up...up I say!

Get up, rascal! Get moving!

What...who...? Let go...

Hey ... in you go.

Shut it... stop drooling... you rascal.

One day behind bars...
will knock some sense into them


Hey Raju, wake up!


Sir, did he say something to us?

Sir, what is this place? Is it safe?

It's a cell in the old block...

It's pretty safe, nothing to worry...
let them stay there tonight.

Turn off the lights, let them sleep.

Here you go.


I've arranged to drop you home.

No...I'll stay here tonight.

They're sleeping, they're pretty safe-

No, I'll stay till morning.

I hope that's ok, please?

Yeah sure. No issues...

I did a lot of research...
but I can't understand a thing.

Are these deaths connected?

Actually, I'm also very confused.

In my career, I have never seen a case like this.

Something is very strange here.

So do you think these are planned murders?

Mmm... by law, every death is a homicide
unless proven otherwise.

They've been reported as suicides. Let's see.

Is there a link between the flyover and the deaths?

Very strange right?

Sir! Something's going on in the cell.
Please come.

What happened Swami? Let's see...

Come sir..

Sir, this guy got up suddenly...
he's just walking around.

Sir, looking at him...

I feel scared

...I feel something's wrong.

Sir, something's happening there.

Ok, go switch on the lights.

Nayak, what's going on?

Nothing serious. Swami's checking.

Oh god! Prabhakar, quick, control them!



Raju...what happened?

Sir, something's wrong.
Why are they fighting?


Kumaranna, this is the wrong keybunch!

This is the one, sir.

Nayak, what's going on?

Those two are fighting...
and the lock isn't opening.

Chakravarti, go check.

I just reached the cell.
Prabhakar, what's going on?!

They need help! Quick!


Nayak, the door's not opening.

We must break it down.

Rachana you stay here.

Can't you understand?-It's not opening!-

All of you, move!

Chakravarti, Prabhakar, open the cell!

Stop them!

Sir, it's not opening!

Bring the master key!

The lock is jammed. Think of something..

Stop... Stop... Let him go.

Don't worry, you will be fine.
Prabhakar.. get it opened.

Hey... stay with me... hang on..

Chakravarthy get the torches.

Here... take them.

Bring them quickly.

Prabhakar, check on the lock!
Yes Nayak..

No one's moving in the cell

The lock is open!

What?! How?!

I can't understand a thing!

SIR.. someone else is inside.

Swami, shut up! Move aside!

Swami.. Get over here.

Don't go inside.. someone's there.

Hey Swami, shut up!

Swami, come here!

Please don't enter.

There is someone in there...
Please don't go... Please.

Can't see anyone!

Here, here!

Oh god!

Nayak, I think he's dead!

Careful Nayak!

Sir, please help me...

Back off! Don't shoot!

No one shoot.

Drop the gun! Listen to me!

I said, drop it! hey What are you doing..!

Hello, madam!

You said you'd call?

Busy are you?

Hey, let's step out...

Rachana, what happened? Are you ok?

Rachana, what happened? Rachana...

You are hiding something from me.

I won't ask you why.

I know you'll tell me at the right time.

But I'm really worried about you.

Is someone troubling you?

Are you ok?

I'm fine...no trouble,
just work pressure.

But I'm here for you.

Call me when you need me. Ok?


Here's a small gift by the way...

You asked for some leads on the flyover accidents...

If these help you, I'll be happy...

Oh...work call.

I'll see you later.

Thanks for this...

No respect for orders?

You have disobeyed me.

Two guys in our lockup fight,
and one shoots himself with a police gun!

Do you realize the gravity of the situation?

Sir I did not expect this...

I wanted to keep them safe, and so the lockup.

They fought so brutally, what safety do you mean?

Firstly, why did you get them here?

Look, I don't care what's between you and the girl...

But you've clearly misused your powers,

Sorry, sir... I was just taking initiative...

And you two, what were you doing?

There will be an enquiry against you three.

Sir, they are not at fault.
I take full responsibility.

Let's see...


You are suspended till further notice. Leave now.


...We're sorry Nayak.

Hey, why are you apologizing?

I'm sorry, I made trouble for you.

We'll do all we can. Don't worry.

Thanks Prabhakar.


I'm Rachana, I work at Indian Express.

I would like to speak to you.

What is it?

I'm writing an article on accidents
on the Double Road flyover...

I wanted to ask you some questions.

Maya's and mine was a love marriage...

Our daughter...Aarna...she was in Class 2.

My wife used to work.

Back from work, she would take care of Aarna.

We were very happy...

I'm so sorry Ritesh...

I told her to take an auto that day...

My daughter insisted on the bike.

What do you think of the accident?
How did it happen?

No idea...the police filed a rash driving case.

The night of the accident...
a car descended the flyover.

That car was the cause!

It was recorded in the traffic camera.

But the police did not investigate.

In one night, I lost my whole family!

That one night...

I'm so sorry I'm reviving painful memories.

She used the flyover everyday.

She was a safe rider.

This was deliberate!

It wasn't an accident! Wasn't...

Ritesh...please, calm down.

Madam, coffee...

Thank you.

One more coffee.

I heard at the station about you.

I'm so sorry.
Your career is at stake because of me.

Nothing like that. I too needed a break.

But still...I feel so guilty.

Don't worry, it's just temporary.

What happened last night?

He was on drugs...and so his reaction
or so says the report.

They are still investigating.

How's your work?

Is your article done?

It's going on.

I am interviewing the accident victims and relatives...

You won't let that flyover go.

I spoke to Ritesh,
whose wife and child died on the flyover.

He lives alone now.

But there is something very strange about him.

I feel you must investigate further.

No, stop it, Rachana!

You're obsessed with this. Let it go!

There is some link between the deaths!

You know that.

Those 10 deaths, that Sundar, these two guys...

Considering the common link...
you are the prime suspect!

I didn't do anything!

Rachana, I believe you...will others do so?

You will be in trouble.

You will roam the courts for years.

Finally, they'll frame you as the murderer.

All those people taking U-turns
on the flyover are dying.

And you're doing nothing about it.

Rachana, I've seen enough murders in my career.

You too should follow the lesson I've learnt.

Some questions should never be asked.

You won't feel guilty for not having answers.

Aarna! Arnaaaaa.....


Amma, I want oranges not apples...

Oranges later...eat an apple now?


Amma, it's not nice, I don't want it, please!

Look, eat quietly. Just a bit more!


One more..,-No!-

Please Aarna...


Aarna, we shouldn't waste it no?

Amma, where is the balloon?

Balloon...will you go find it?


Is it there, amma?

Go and look.

Aarna, careful...

You're the one who killed my child.

Not...not me...

You moved the divider block on the flyover today.

How do you know that?



Why did you kill my child?

It wasn't me...

You're lying!

I wanted to find out what
happens on moving the block, yes.

But not on the day of your accident!

Everyone says the same thing.

They claim they know nothing.

That night, I was driving carefully as always.

Aarna, are you asleep?

No, amma!

Because you moved the block, we fell!

I've never done such a thing.
Please believe me.

Amma, I couldn't find the balloon anywhere.

Aarna, enough searching, go sleep.


Good night, Aarna.

Good night, amma!

I am innocent!

Believe me please!

No...I'll find that person for you.

The person who moved the block...

I'll find out!

Please believe me!

You must let me know by tomorrow.

Hello Aditya...

In an office meeting...call you back.

Please Adi
- ok, bye!-

Aarna, have this.

If yesterday's happening was true...
how was the apple intact?


No, I saw it.

That girl eating the apple...
and the mother feeding her...I saw it!

Rachana, I am serious!

You're overthinking and imagining things.

Let it go!

Sir, you have to help me!

We need to find the person who moved the block.

Come, come with me.

Look, these are the photos of the cases in your diary.

There is a common link here.

What link?

Every case has this curved shape involved somehow.

It's not a coincidence.

Look... here! The same kind of shape.

But...how about in the cell with those two?

Shockingly...look, there too!

Look here.

What did you finally see Rachana?

I remember nothing like this sir.

Any object, pattern, shape, anything random?

I saw no such thing.


What's happenening, Rachana?

You have an upgraded surveillance room.

We have added 150 cameras.

All underpasses, flyovers, signals can be
monitored from right here!


Nayak, this Mallik...he'll help you.

Mallik, show me the footage of the March 9th accident
at night on the flyover.

Is this the mother and child case?

Yes, that's the one!
The child fell off the flyover.

Two cameras on the flyover were not working that day.

Sir, the accident was due to moving the divider block.

We need to find who moved it, that's all.

That footage isn't here, sorry.

Mallik, show the footage of the entrance
to the flyover on March 9th.

This is the footage for 9th.

Nayak, do you have the vehicle number?

That's what we need to find...

It's difficult without the number...

Sir, please find it somehow!

Sir, anyone who entered one lane and exited
by the other quickly may be the guilty party.

So you can trace it now?

This screen will show the guy going up...
and that one, him coming down.

That must be our guy.

Thanks, this is good.

Sir, I'll play the footage now.

Sir that one! With the orange jacket!

Sir, he's the first on March 9th.

He went up and down the flyover very quickly.

Trace that vehicle!

Come Nayak, let's wait outside.

This is the vehicle number
and address of the guy.

Amma, balloon!

Are you happy now?

I've done what I can.

Come sit...

Amma, something's written on it.

Thank you...

-Thank you.-

I'm really sorry Aditya.

I've been difficult the past 3-4 days.

No, just 3 days. You were fine the first day.

Please don't make me feel guilty.
I said sorry already.

At least, tell me why this behavior.

Aditya, have you ever met any death row prisoners?

Yes, and I've interviewed some...why?

Isn't it weird?
Both us and them know of their impending death.

How then do you talk to them?

Can't talk of the future, only the past.

Actually, they never talk of the past.

How so? How can they talk of the future?

In my experience, they feel they're not guilty.

They feel like victims.


Since death is certain, they only
care about how people remember them.

No regrets?

No...none in my case.

What do you feel about such people?

After so many years, I don't know
what my personal feelings are.

Whose crime was planned, whose was incidental
I can't understand it.

That's why I don't think of these things.

Yes...probably better that way.

I'm really curious...what are you writing?

Nearly done...you'll see it first...

I'll use the restroom...


Rachana, what are you doing?

Excuse me...please sit.



Thank you.

This is my work number..

How did you get this number?

I mean, I don't hand this number out much.

My first number...
retained for sentimental reasons only.

But, how did you-Rachana...hey!-

What's going on?


What happened?

Why didn't you tell me anything?

Why suffer through it alone?


Sir, look.

Aditya, why did you move the divider block that day?

You caused the child's death!

I didn't expect this of you.

Look, I never moved the block.

I am not that shortcut kind of guy.

I've tracked your bike that day!

You had your orange jacket on.

You went up the flyover and
came down almost immediately!

Sir, this is the vehicle that went up the flyover.

Yes the orange-jacket guy...

Two minutes after, this vehicle
came down the other lane.

He moved the divider block and took a U-turn...

I wanted to give my bike for service that day.

I was very busy.

No time to drop it at the garage...

The two vehicles are different!

How is it possible Mallik?

We met at the midpoint of the flyover...

Same type of vehicle, color, and model number...

...but different registrations!

Oh god!

Pasha, service it. Check the engine sound.
Come near office tomorrow.

That's all that happened.

I did not move the block.

I'm not that type of guy.

Rachana.. relax.


Stop, stop right here!

The address I gave you is wrong!

I made a mistake. He didn't do it.

Don't do anything to him.

I am sorry Aditya.. Nothing should happen to you!
It wasn't your fault!

Relax...tell me what to do, and we'll do it. Ok?

Ritesh! Let's go to his house
-Who? - Her husband!

Let's ask him for help...
-Ok, fine, calm down...-

Ritesh, you have to help us.
Your wife will listen to you.

Please stop her...please!

The accident happened because
the block was moved?

Yes, I saw it...I mean...
I don't know...

Did you really see my wife and child?

Ritesh, I'm so sorry!

Was Aarna asking for a balloon?

Yes...she's very happy.

I want to see them...see my daughter!

Help me, please!

I want to see them!

Sir, this is the guy.

Mallik, are you sure?

This is serious...
no room for error.

No, sir. I have checked it thoroughly.

I'm 100% sure.

Ok, get me his address.

Such a happy family...




I'll make it for us.




Rachana, I traced the address.
I've double-checked.


I'll message it to you.


Good luck.

Thank you sir.

Aditya, what happened?!

Nothing, the glass fell down. Why?

Enough, put the phone down...hello?

Nayak has sent the culprit's vehicle number...

Rachana, stop!


Thank you.



Where did you go? How are you darling?

Are you ok?

Appa, where were you all these days?

I was right here waiting for you...

I've missed you so much!

Where's amma?

Appa, can I play?

Yes dear...

Why are you here?

Maya, how are you?

The guy who killed our child owns this house.

I won't let him go.

Maya...the day of the accident...


Yes sweetie?

How long will you take?

Coming, sweetie...

It's pouring, and so much traffic.

Come quick, we need to go to the birthday party!

Yes, coming.

Hello? Where are you?

On the Double Road flyover.
The rain isn't easing. I'm coming.


Maya, I'm sorry...

I didn't do it on purpose.

I never knew it would lead to this tragedy!

And to our family!


Sorry Maya.


Maya, I can't live alone!

Please, take me with you!


Aarna, don't leave me.

I too will come...

Don't go, please!

I can't be alone!

Maya! Aarna! Don't leave me behind!

I too will come...Maya!

Amma, won't appa come?

No, Aarna, appa will stay here. Come...


Appa still has a lot of work...

Will he come later?

Yes, Aarna...

Don't go!