U Turn (2020) - full transcript

U turn tells the story of a budding investigator and a cop who will uncover the new conspiracies of a bike gang.

--== McEphie ==--

[woman on TV] Until now,
they still haven't finished

the construction.
And there are no lights.

It's so dark here.

That's why this area's
accident prone.

It's bothersome

I don't know when they're
planning to finish it.

[reporter] It's been more than
a year since the construction

on this road started. But
it remains unfinished until now.

Motorists have been
complaining about it.

[vehicles honking]

[ominous music playing]

[car door closes]

[engine starting]


[phone ringing]

Yeah, I'm on my way home.

Just need to swing by a meeting.
Something came up.

-Yeah, I'll just-- [yelps]
-[phone thuds]

[car stopping]

-[eerie music]


No, it's nothing.

I'll see you later. Bye.




Happy monthsary, babe.

Don't be late
for our dinner later.

Hmm... I'll think about it.

Babe, our reservation
is at 8 p.m. Okay?

Don't worry, babe.

I'm always worth the wait.

[Ned] Why, babe?

Something smells like
burnt rubber.

Or, something.

Burnt rubber?

I bought a dress for later.

I'll give you a preview.

[door closes]


Oh, my god, babe.

You're so beautiful.

You like it?


Is everything okay?

[Drew] What's happening?

[clicks tongue]

-[exasperated sigh]


[eerie music]



Babe, are you okay?



[Ned] Babe, what's going on?
What's happening?

Babe, is someone there with you?


[Ned] Babe!



[eerie music]

[eerie music continues]


[door creaks]

-[door slams shut]


[coughing, choking]

[coughing continues]


Whose car is this?


You look stressed.

Your car's acting up again,

Yeah, I had to bring the car
to the repair shop this morning.

Good thing the mechanic
let me borrow his service car

so we could have something
to use today.

Come on, let's go.

Later, I'll give you a lighter.

So you can set your old car
on fire, okay?

Guys, I don't know
what's happening.

Daily Journal Online has been
getting very few hits.

Since our last meeting,
none of our content went viral.

Just coffee?

[man] How about some bread, too,
to make it feel like...

-we were in a funeral?
-Guys, focus, please.

But, ma'am--

Nothing new is happening.

What do you mean?
There's news everywhere.

Just make sure it's shareable.

Actually, anything will do.

Just make it clickbait,
it will be fine.

Like what?

Child sees the Virgin Mary
dot, dot, dot.

Like that? We can't even
identify the subject

because it's all hearsay.

Then, put "allegedly"
or "supposedly."

I even make my interviewees

It's because you put Vicks
on their eyes.

-At least, I get a lot of hits.

Sonya, do you hear yourself?

You are so unethical.

[Monique] Donna, that's enough.
Everybody, stop bickering.

Our site's static.

We need to move forward
and gather new content.

Robin, what are you going to
write for your finance column?

Ah, yeah.

I'm actually writing about
investment opportunities

for millennials and Gen Zs.

So it's not all about travel
and gadgets.

Wow! A rich kid with an
Economics degree in the States

becomes a columnist
right away.

Excuse me.
My column is finance.

If she thinks she can do
a better job than me,

then, be my guest.

[Monique] Moving forward...

Mention the depression
kids are experiencing these days

and their lack
of the will to live.

That would make it
interesting and relevant.

-[Robin] Why?
-Donna, next.

I'm going to write a piece
about illegal logging...

Not again.
Nobody's going to read that.


There's a night market in Laon.
You should write about that.

That will trend.

Move it, guys.

[man] All right, move it.
Everyone. [claps]

-Ma'am, can you check this?

-Why is the picture pixelated?

Ma'am, they're all naked.

No. Just blur it a bit.
Show the naked bodies.

Expose a little of the face
of the good-looking guys.

-Do it now.
-Sure, ma'am. Okay.

Ma'am, are you okay with the
report that I emailed you?

About the woman
who got into an accident?

-No. Change the headline.

"Fat Woman Skewered, Dead"

Do we really need to mention
that she was fat?

Why would people want to read
the same old news?

-Come on.
-Yes, ma'am.

Ma'am, about my report...

Ma'am, I need your signature.

-Thank you, ma'am.
-Thank you.

What is this?

-Yes, perfect front cover.
-Okay, ma'am.

Ma'am, I've been a reporter
for 7 years

but all I do is report about
night markets.

Can I try "day market"
for a change?

Donna, I don't know
how to tell you this.

You can't write.

That's a little insulting--

I know you graduated with
honors in Journalism.

You know the 5Ws but
you're forgetting the H -

Human Interest.

That's why nobody bothers
to read your stories.

[Donna] My ego left the room.

-Ma'am, please...
-Fine. It's up to you.

Just show me something that's
shareable on social media.


I will.

-[yelps] Oh, my god!


-You're late, as usual.
-I know.

If only your favorite hangout
place isn't this far.

[Eric] Fine. It was here you
became a couple.

-Hmm... Such a beauty!

Bro, Donna already ordered
food for you.

Why is my twin sister
so cranky today?

Well, I just realized that my
work is not news writing.

It's fiction writing.

I shouldn't have studied

I should've just taken
Creative Writing.

Donna, admit it.

You have always been stubborn
even before we were born.

You do what you like.

How about you, hon?
When you were a reporter,

did you just give them
what they asked for?

No. That's why I switched
to column writing.

See? How I wish.

Anyway, future brother-in-law,

how's your new townhouse?

It's finished.
Your design was great.

Of course!

So, when are you two moving in?


[Eric] Sensitive topic? Sorry.

I moved in last week.

I'm just waiting
for your sister.

Hon, I'm sorry.

I'll visit your place soon.

I just have a lot on my plate
right now.

It's been 7 years and nothing's
happening in my career.

And Mama keeps telling me that
I took the wrong college course.

Unlike her favorite son who's
a licensed architect now.


I wish Papa was still alive,
so I'd have somebody on my side.

A little too early for the
primetime drama.

Hon, it's okay.

[Robin] I had it built for us.

You can move in
anytime you want.

I'm at a loss for words.
Aren't you the pretty one?

[phone ringing]

[Donna] It's Miss Monique.

She sent me a text,
but I think it's for Jino.

There's an accident
at the blind curve.

Forward it to Jino.


It's mine. She sent it to me.

Accidents are better than
night markets, right?

I need to do this.

Got to go.

[Donna] I'll leave you two.



Did she just leave?

[indistinct chatter]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[exhales deeply]


Ma'am, you're not allowed here.


He's my friend.


[Donna] Do you remember me?

Police Major Kevin Flores.

Yes, it's you.

We were classmates in college.

-Donna. Donna Suarez.
-Donna Suarez.

You wrote that terrible piece
about me when I refused

to be interviewed about the
ROTC military training, right?

Have you ID'd the victims?

Not yet.
We're waiting for the evidence.

What for?
It's pretty obvious.


See the skid mark?

It's short, but pronounced.

Meaning, they were driving
very fast.

And didn't realize
they'd hit this.

Somebody moved the barrier
which caused the accident.

They must be driving around
50-60 KPH.

The trajectory is upwards.

That's why somebody got thrown.
The girl, probably.

The woman was driving.
She was dragged because

she was clutching the handlebar.

-[Donna] Yeah.
-[Kevin] Like this?

So, you already knew that.

You can't get near them.
You can't touch them.

This won't take long.


Bring the ambulance here.

The reporters are crowding
around the dead bodies.

Just a second.

Kevin, please.

[man shouting] Eliza!

-[man] Eliza!
-[officers] Wait!



It's my fault!

Don't leave me!

My daughter!


[eerie music]


[Donna] The couple allegedly
had a fight on the night

the wife left. She was angry
and that made her reckless.

She was speeding at an alarming
rate which resulted in tragedy.

This is Donna Suarez for
the Daily Journal Online.

Finally, after 7 years,
I got a hit.


Congratulations, hon.
You deserve it.

I better go back to work.

It's a pity.
Papa is not with us anymore.

Hey, I know your dad
is proud of you.

[Robin] Here, let me help you.

Thank you.

Was that the report Ma'am
Monique was supposed to text me?

Uhm, Jino...

Karla, that thing I told you...

[James] I know the hits.
I know that.

What kind of media ethics
is that?

James, I've said it before,
and I'm going to say it again.

[Monique] We're obsolete.

Nobody's printing newspapers

Everyone is now online.

We need to keep up
with the times.

Miss Monique, my news is getting
a lot of shares and hits.

[James] This child...

She used to be intelligent,
passionate, and principled.

And now? Such a disappointment.

Donna, you messed
with the accident scene.

Who was your prof
in media ethics?

James, Donna's approach
was fresh.

It was ordinary news
that she made interesting.

It's news. It's not supposed
to be interesting.

It's supposed to be factual.

And objective.

Excuse me.

Yes, Donna.

I followed your advice.

I used a different angle
for the story.

Very good.

Remember, the people are angry.

They want blood and gore.

[Donna] And just like that.

It's been a week since
my story went viral.

Now I'm back to nothing.

Not even an accident.

Or, a kidnapping.


Uh, hon, I'm sorry.

Don't you think you're feeding
in to all the negativity?

What are you saying?

Hon, I'm a reporter.

It's my job to let people know
what's going on.

Don't you think
you're just feeding

people's thirst for blood
and gore?

You're being negative.

Here's your coffee. No sugar.

[Robin] Thank you.

You should think of it as -
I'm feeding them what they want.

It's what they expect
so it's what I'll give them.

But, hon, why don't you go back
to your investigation

on illegal logging?
Eat something.

Illegal logging...

But Miss Monique said,

"Why write a story that nobody
will bother to read?"

It's nonsense.
It's better to...

-[phone ringing]

Stories, news, same banana.

Wait a second.
It's Miss Monique.

-It's Miss Monique.

Hello, Miss Monique.

[Monique] We got a tip that
there's a livestream on FB

about a suicide.
It'll definitely go viral.

Of course, Miss Monique.
This will go viral for sure.

Okay. Thank you.

[whispers] Hon, I need to go.

Uhm, yeah. Go ahead.

-Okay. I'm on my way.
-[Monique] Okay.

Okay. Thank you, Miss Monique.

Hon, I'm sorry.
But I really need to leave.

-Are you sure?

Thank you.

Love you. Bye.

Oh, my.

What happened?

[sobbing] I don't know, ma'am.

I just finished the laundry
when I saw her.

She was already dead.

Ma'am, you can't go in.

The police are not here yet.

I already called them.
I'm going in.

Now it looks like a suicide.

[Kevin] Why is the door open?

It's you again?

Did you touch the victim?

No. I didn't do anything.

Who saw this?

The cleaning lady did.
So she screamed.

You can leave now.
We need to work here.

[Donna] Just a second.

A few more shots.

If you leave a mark,
you'll become a suspect.

Fine. I'm leaving.

The authorities are pointing to
suicide as the probable cause

of this grisly death based
on the CCTV footage found

inside the home of the victim.

This is Donna Suarez reporting
for Daily Journal Online.

[officer] Sir, let's bring
the CPU to the station.

[Kevin] Pagsibigan,
what are you waiting for?

-Secure the computer right away.
-Yes, sir.

[footsteps approaching]

Why are you still here?

Uhm, I'm just about to leave.


What was she looking for?

[eerie music]

[woman sobbing]

[Donna] The authorities are
pointing to suicide as the

probable cause of this
grisly death.

The victim was allegedly
suffering from a mental illness.

This is Donna Suarez reporting
for Daily Journal Online.

[laptop slams shut]

[door opens, closes]

Sir Kevin.

Bonifacio and I
are already here.

[Kevin] I'm on my way there.
I'm just in the area.


I don't believe
those were all suicides.

And Donna was always there.

[Kevin] That's why I sent you
there to make sure

that she had nothing
to do with them.

[man] Can I ask you something?
Where does Donna Suarez live?

Let's go.

[Robin] Hey, there's a banner.
It should be on the gate.

[Donna] Ma!

[Donna] Ma!
What is this?

[Donna] It's not necessary.
It's just us. And it's huge.

[Myrna] So what?

I was even thinking
of putting your picture there.

Wow, Ma. Really?

You know, you're actually smart.

That's why I don't understand
why you took up Journalism.

So, now, you don't have money.

Are we starting this again?

Why couldn't you be like
your twin brother?

An architect.

Oh, well... At least, you're the
"Suicide Queen."

I better call Eric.

[phone ringing]

[Eric] Hey, Donna.

Pinkytwink! Mom has been
grilling me nonstop.


Pinkytwink with a golden heart.

Never mind her.

She's just teasing you.

[Donna] Where are you now?

I'm on my way.

I'm actually making
an illegal U-turn.

So I'd get there faster.

Yeah, right.

Take a picture. As proof.


Fine. Okay.

-[camera shutter clicks]
-[phone chimes]

All right. Hurry up.


Don't do it!

-What's your problem?
-Stop right there.

It's dangerous.

Are you okay?
What's going on?

No. A hobo's attacking me.

-It's dangerous! Stop!
-What's wrong with you?

-No! Stop!

[gate opens]

[gate screeching]

-You're a liar!
-[Donna screaming]

You said my girlfriend
was crazy!

You're lying!

[Robin] Let her go!

-[siren wailing]

You're a liar!

Stop it!

Drew didn't kill herself!

Put him in the car.

Donna, that's Ned.
Drew Caleon's boyfriend.

Do you want to file a complaint?

Never mind.

Are you sure?


Let's go.


Don't listen to that guy. Okay?

He's crazy.

Did I do something wrong?


If I wrote that report,

I wouldn't make those

But, hey, look.
It worked.

You got the interest
of the readers.

And, look.

You're finally reaching
your dream.

[door closes]

[Eric] Sorry, guys. I'm late.

What's going on?


You're late, as usual.

[Eric] Witch!


-[Eric] Wow!

Donna, I want a grandchild

Why don't you ask Eric for one?

He's your favorite son, anyway.

Because he's an architect.

[Myrna] How on earth
can he have a child?

He's a twink.


A good-looking one though.

[phone ringing]

Just a second.

Excuse me.

Just a second, Ma.

I'll talk to you later.


Was that King?

[soft chuckle]

Seriously? Don't tell me
you're getting back with him.

Once a cheater,
always a cheater.

Donna, give me a break.

Don't you dare.

I'll cut off
our umbilical cords.


Oh, that face...

Shit. You're back together.


What else can I do?

I love you too much.


Thank you very much, Donna.

I love you, too.

Spit? Really?

Eric, here.

Bring this home.

Ma, I'm good.

You'll get hungry.

Ma, I have lots of food
in my condo.

It will just spoil.
I'm fine. Okay?

Don't forget about tomorrow.
You'll bring me to the airport.

Of course. I'll go with you.
I promise.

Bye, Ma.

Donna, bye.

-[Eric] Congratulations again.

-[Eric] Thank you.
-[Donna] Take care.

Wait, you forgot this.

Oh, yeah.

Be careful.

Where'd this come from?


[crying continues]

Little girl,

Which unit do you live?

Are you okay?

[door slams shut]


[banging on door]




[exhales, panting]

[Myrna] Why is your brother
not here yet?

I'm going to miss my flight.

[Jino] We are here at the
condominium building

where they found suicide
victim, Eric Suarez.

The authorities are still
gathering details.

Mr. Suarez was the twin brother
of our fellow reporter,

Donna Suarez.


-[indistinct chatter]
-[sirens wailing]

[reporter] Ma'am, is there
anything you want to say?

Ma'am, what do you think drove
your son to kill himself?

Were there any signs...

-What are you doing? Stop it!
-[camera shutters clicking]

I said stop it!

I will put Eric beside your dad.
I will wait for you.

Let's do it together.

It's going to be okay.

Why don't you stay with me
at the townhouse?

So you don't have to be alone.

Here we go again.

You, and that fucking townhouse.

Can you give me a break?

-I don't get it.
-You can go now.

-Just go!

You're telling me to leave?

I want to be alone.

Just go.


There's a lot that I need to do.


I will never stop
until I find out

what really happened to you.


[girl laughing]

[laughing continues]

Who is it?


You're right on time.
Let's have dinner?

Can't you eat by yourself?

Two days after Eric Suarez,

and there's already
another suicide.

He jumped in front of the car...

[Donna] Wait. Suicide?


Miss Monique
didn't send the text

to the wrong number
this time.

-By the way, I saw Sir Kevin.
-[kid laughing]

He's sending his regards.

Miss Monique, why did you ask
Jino to cover that news about...

-[Monique] Suicide.
-[kid laughing]

Donna, are you okay?

What is wrong with all of you?

You keep asking me if I'm okay.

No! Isn't it obvious?

Are you happy now?

Please, stop asking me
because I'm not okay.

Donna, what's going on with you?

[Kevin] Donna.

I remember
when we were in college.

You were enemies with everyone.

Anyone who crossed you,

you reported them
in our school paper.

Even the little accidents...

What's your point?

That you stood your ground.

[Kevin] You never buckled.

You didn't care
what anyone thought.

I'm not used to
seeing you like this.

Sad. Broken.

[Donna] Are you happy now?


I'm sorry. I'm just...surprised.

Yes, you rub me the wrong way.
But I have respect for you.

Is there anything
I can do for you?

I want to get a copy of the
CCTV footage of the condo

on the night my brother died.

I just want to know
if he really...

If... if he really was alone...

Kevin, I know I haven't been
nice to you.

But I'm begging you.
Please help me.

I need to know what really
happened to my brother.

I'm begging you. Please.

Usually, getting a copy of the
footage isn't easy.

-But, sure. I'll help you.

Why are you frightened, Eric?

[Donna] What's happening?

What are you running way from?


My brother did not kill himself.

I saw the CCTV footage.

He was afraid of something.

[Kevin] Donna, for the last
time, the case is closed.

There was no suspect.
No motive.

There was no forced entry.
No witness.

Allegedly, suicide.
That was it. I'm sorry.

[phone thuds]

Eric, where had you been going?

[engine humming]

[tricycle stopping]

Stop! Don't cross!


It's dangerous!

Stop! You will die!

It's dangerous!

What are you saying?

Get out of my way!

Stop! Stop!

It's dangerous!

-[driver] You want to get hit?

Don't cross the barrier!

[shouts] No!

Are you okay?
Why did he hit you?


[stammers] You need to warn him.


Here's his plate number.

Warn him.

I need to know who owns
these plate numbers.

Ma'am, I'm sorry.
But I can't help you.

Why not?
It's public record, right?

Miss Donna, you might use it
for your report.

And you know
how that always ends.

You'll make us look bad.

Capt. Salvador, give it to her.

But, Sir Kevin...

It's on me.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

[phone buzzing]

-[Robin] Hon, can I see you?

Robin, not now.

[Robin] Please.

What is it about?

Just trust me. This is important
for both of us.

Fine. I'll be there.

I got a job offer.

From The Canadian Post.

Good. That's great.


But I haven't accepted it yet.

Why not?

That will be a waste.

You're turning down dollars?


Well, you're a rich kid anyway.

I haven't accepted it yet

I didn't want to leave you here.

I want to be with you.

Especially now that
you need somebody.

Somebody to cheer you up.

I want to spend the rest of
my life with you.

And I want the rest of my life
to start soon.

Sadly, though.

You don't see me.


You can keep it.

It's up to you
what to do with it.

Did you just arrive?

You didn't come home again
last night.

And now you reek of alcohol.

Why is it so dark in here?

You're wondering why?

They cut the power

because you're squandering
the few cents that you make.

Papa, stop it.
[pants, cries]

If all those who made
the u-turn died,

then this last person
will die, too.

Albert Awa, he's the only one
here who's still alive.




You're too noisy!

Son of a bitch!
What are you crying about?





[heavy breathing]



[groans, pants]

[screams, groans]

[suspense music playing]

Man, he was alone.
Nobody else was inside.


But his wounds look like
it was a road accident.


Hey, miss.

Why did you touch the corpse?

Did you know him?

Sorry, Miss. But you're a
suspect now.

Handcuff her.

Wait, I didn't do anything.

His name is on the list.

You were my husband's woman!

I knew it!

You were the reason
he hardly came home to us.

I didn't know your husband.

What do you mean?

You didn't know Mr. Awa?

What were you doing
in his apartment earlier?

I just wanted to talk to him
because he made a u-turn.

Sir, is there a complaint
against me?

If not, then can I go home?

Not yet.

We reviewed the CCTV footage
of the compound.

You weren't there when the
victim died.

But since you touched the

you're a suspect now.

You got some nerve.

Let me go.

Are you going to tell me now

why you went to Albert's apartment earlier?

And what's this list of those
who made the u-turn?

You got this from the
traffic bureau

when I vouched for you,

Here's some more.

I still haven't confirmed

But, yes.

Most of the names there,
committed suicide recently.

Here... it's Drew.

The very first one.

Your brother, Eric, is in this
list, too?

I went to Albert's apartment
because he was next on the list.

I wanted to see him alive,

so I could see who
was killing them.

I wanted to warn him.

Who gave you this list?

He could be the killer.

It was Selo.

The hobo at the u-turn?

Yes. Why?

Pagsibigan, get the car ready.
We're leaving.

Bring Bonifacio.

Kevin, he didn't do
anything wrong.

He just wanted to help.

How did he get the plate
numbers on this list?

How did he know these people
were going to die?


What is it about, sir?

Come with us.

Why? I didn't do anything.

He's telling the truth.

He didn't do anything.

We're not apprehending him.

We just want to ask him
a few questions.

We'll just talk, okay?

But I didn't do anything.

What did I do?

I didn't do anything.

Sir, have mercy on me.

I didn't do anything.

Here he is.

He wouldn't say anything.

He wanted to talk to you.

We'll be there.

I'm sorry.

I got you into this mess.

Donna, I didn't kill them.

Do you know who is?

Haven't you noticed?

Before this string of suicides,

there was a
mother and daughter who...



Mother and daughter who?

The mother and daughter who
had an accident

in that same u-turn.

I saw what happened.

[woman crying]

I wanted to call for help,

but instead I just hid.

That's why they cursed me.
They latched on to me.

I couldn't call for help

They would bring me
back to...

[sobs] Nothing.

I just hope that
somebody else

could see them, too.

They are the ones
killing those

who mess with the barrier
at the u-turn.

To avenge their death.

Why didn't you tell
the police about it?

I am scared.

They're watching me.


Even you, they've latched on
to you, too.

Marcelo Caniogan,
you're under arrest.

Wait. Why?
What did he do?

He was given parole.
But when he was asked

to return to prison,
he went into hiding.


[Selo grunts, groans]


Don't do anything stupid.

Selo, calm down.
Let's talk.

Don't come near.

I'm begging you, Selo.

I will never go back
to prison.

Selo, we can talk about this.


Put down your gun.

Stop right there.

Selo, calm down.
Let's talk.

Put down your gun.

-Don't come near.

Let me go.

Calm down, Selo.

-[sinister laugh]
-Let me go.

Let her go.
Put the gun down.


[sinister laugh]

No! Stop!


[screams, sobs]


Just a second.
There's a barrier.

Don't touch that.

What the hell?

Don't remove it!

We're just passing through.


Believe me.
You'll get killed.

What's with you?

No, that will kill us.


It's true.

Get out of our way.


It's late.
You need to get some sleep.

Why won't you believe me?

Get some sleep!





Kevin, we need to help
those two.

They will die next.


Donna. I'm sorry.

I've been ordered to stop meddling in these suicides.

I'm sorry.

You want proof that
I'm telling the truth, right?

Here it is.



Fine. Let's go there.

Let's run the plates.

If they're in jail,

we can watch out for them
and they'll be safe.

Yes, Donna.

Hey! Nobody move!

What's going on?
Wait! Wait!

Hey! Where are you going?


Stay here.

-But, sir...
-Just a second.

Wait, weren't you the lady
at the u-turn?

Such dedication.

We made a u-turn,

and now you're sending us
to jail?

Now we'll see
if what you're saying

about the "killer ghosts"
are true.

Can't we talk about this?

This is a little too much.

How long have you been here mate?

A year, mate.

That's long.
What for?


Double murder.


We're in this together,



Kevin, thank you.

What for?

I know you don't
believe me.

But at least you trust me.

If you're willing to put
your name on the line

and you're sure
of what you're saying,

then, why not?

What's important is
to save lives.

Stop it!

Go ahead! Kill him!


Stop it!


Shoot him!

Let him go! Stop that!

Don't shoot!
They're minors!

Stop that!

[glass shatters]


You got turned around by

Suicide Queen,
Donna Suarez.

What happened?

Illegal detention
of two minors.

And they died in our custody.

You're suspended

while the case
is being investigated.

I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault
you got suspended.

It's not.

It was my decision.

It happens
to the best of us.

Still, I am sorry.


Thanks for coming.

I can't drive anymore.

So that's Kevin?



I found out that
the u-turn project

was anomalous.

It should've been
finished long ago.

But the budget
was pocketed.

That's why they left a
temporary barrier there.

But the worst accident

was the mother and daughter.

Your first story
that went viral,

someone moved the barrier-

that's where they crashed.

You need to go back
to your first report.

The radiator is all rusted.

That's why the coolant
is not pumped in.

Excuse me,
Mr. Blue Manzon.

Did you use water?

Didn't you know I bought

Sir Blue Manzon?

Yes. Who are you?


From the
insurance company?

Just a second.

This way, Ma'am.

Sorry for the mess.

You're early today.

[ominous music playing]

That night, my wife and I
had a fight.

I promised her that

I'd take us all out
to dinner

for my daughter's

But I had a lot of work.

So, my wife and my daughter
left without me.

The police say
it was an accident.

How could that be
an accident?

I don't understand.

I didn't realize
it would be like that.

To lose someone you loved.

But what hurts more is

not knowing
what really happened.

Do you want it?

I have extra copies
at home.

The couple had a fight
on the night the wife left.

She was angry.
And that made her reckless.

I want to thank you.

I never really talked
to anyone about this.

It still hurts.

I'll walk with you
to the gate.

Are you getting a taxi?

No, I'm okay.

Donna Suarez?



Why did she interview you?

Is she going to write
a report about you

on Daily Journal?

Daily Journal?

You're not from the
insurance company?

You were the reporter who

the death of my family?

I'm a reporter.

I had to do it.

[screams] What for?

So everybody could talk
about my misery?

By implying that I was

a terrible
father and husband?

Blue, I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Just go away!

Go away!


Make her leave.

Just go!

Don't show your face here,
ever again!

[motor revving]


What do you want?

Why do you have to kill
those innocent people?

[screams] Answer me,
who are you?

Why did you have to kill
my brother?

He didn't do anything wrong.

Why did you do it?

Show yourself.

Show yourself!

You kill everyone who makes
a u-turn here.


Show yourself.

[ominous music playing]

[door creaking]

-[door slams]
-[lock clicks]

Based on the CCTV footage
found in the victim's home,

she was suffering from
a mental illness.

This is Donna Suarez,

for Daily Journal Online.

[sobs, pants]

-[glass breaks]

[water flowing]





[thuds, crashes]

[sinister laugh]

[bones cracking]

You are heartless!

You killed me
and my daughter!

A horrendous death,
because of you!

It wasn't me who killed
you both.

Believe me.

I didn't do anything.

It wasn't me.

Even your other victims,
it wasn't their fault.

Because you've been dead
a long time.

[suspense music playing]



[suspense music continues]

Elisa! Anna!

Please, not the headlights.

Mama, I'm feeling cold.

Just hang on, okay?

[screaming, crashes]


Don't kill me.

I will find
who did this to you.


Until tomorrow...

[ominous music playing]

Are you okay?


Is something wrong?

I need to find out

who moved the barrier
that killed them.

I got suspended
because I did

everything you asked me to.

And now you're putting
yourself in danger?

This is the only thing
I can do to save myself.

They are giving me
until tonight.

Kevin, I made the u-turn.

Sir, here's the copy of the
CCTV footage

that you requested.

Angel, play it.


I'm sorry, Sir.

This was the night the
main camera malfunctioned.

Miss Donna, I hope you
don't do an expose' on us.

We don't want to go viral
just because of this mishap.

I don't do that anymore.

Sir, I need to go.

Angel will assist you.

Thank you.

[ominous music playing]





That car...

It entered the
blind curve but...

He returned
right away...

In the opposite lane.

It couldn't have
returned immediately.

Trace this plate.

Whoever is registered
to this plate

is the culprit and cause
of all this.

Here it is.

I found the name
and the address

of the person

who moved the barrier
that caused your death.

Whoever he is,

I hope you forgive him

and not avenge
your death anymore.


Everyone is asking,

are preparations enough
to mitigate flooding

now that the rainy season
is about to start?

Newlyweds, come with me

and check out these homes

to invest in
for your future.

For important

this is the perfect venue
for you.

I thought I'd never
see you again.

I just arrived from
Canada yesterday.

I turned down the job.

I can't be away from you.

Especially yesterday
when you called me.

I thought you were
breaking up with me.

What are you thinking of?

Don't you realize?

When you gave a name
to the ghosts

that means

they're going to have
a new victim.

Actually, I'm feeling
guilty about it.

But I had to give
them something.

they'll kill me.

And many others
after me.


By the way...

[soft music playing]

I missed you so much.

I missed you, too.

I love you, hon.

I want to see
our townhouse.

Are you serious?

Of course.

Aren't you excited?

Of course, I am.

Let's go.

Come on.

You know,

since I left
two months ago,

this is the only time

I'm going back
to the townhouse.

Eric designed this for us.

Make yourself comfortable.

I'll just change.

[suspense music playing]


Hon, what's the address here?

175 Sandico Street.

Whose plate number is this?

That was my old car
that I sold last time.

My god.

It was you.

The ghosts
are looking for you.

It was your address
that I gave to them.

They know that it was you
who killed them.

Captain Salvador, what are
you going to show me?

Sir, I checked the logbook.

Apparently, in the CCTV
at the u-turn...

There's recorded footage
before the accident

of the mother and child.

You can check it out.

How could that car
be yours?

It was registered to
TSC Company.


Tiongson and Sons
Construction Company.

That was my uncle's.

He gifted it to me

when I hired him to
build our townhouse.

But it was always
breaking down

that's why I sold it.

Why did you make an
illegal u-turn there?

Two people died
because of you.

Hon, I never made
an illegal u-turn.

Not there,
or anywhere else.

Sir, the man who was driving

in the footage
Ms. Donna reviewed

was not the one
who made the u-turn.


He switched cars
with another guy.

They swapped keys.

I never made that u-turn,

The car needed to be fixed.

I met the mechanic,

and we exchanged cars there.

Who was the mechanic?

It was Blue Manzon.

Blue Manzon?

Yes. I know where
he lives.


Straight ahead!


[suspense music playing]

They're following us.

They're out to get me.


Open the door! Please!

Blue! Please!

What are you doing here?

I told you never to
show up here anymore.

What's going on?

We need your help.

Your wife and daughter
are after us.

They think Robin
caused their death.


But the truth is-

It was you!

You moved the barrier
that caused their death.

It was you, Blue!

-[door slams]



Get up!



Don't do to him
what happened to you!




[girl laughing]


[sobs] It was my fault!

I want you to be at peace.

Stay quiet.

There's a door here.





[suspense music playing]

[whispers] Quick!

We can go out of
the gate of the shop.

[bones breaking]

[whispers] It's locked.

There, over there.

[suspense music builds]

[metal clanking]




Just leave us alone.


Forgive us. Please.


I'm here.

Kill me instead.

Don't hurt him.

He didn't do anything wrong.

Just kill me.

Do it.


Elisa, stop it.

Don't get in the way, Blue.

I need to avenge my daughter.

It was my fault.

We were on the phone.

You were mad because
it was Anna's birthday

and I was still working.

Where are you?

My god, Blue, it's your
daughter's birthday.

She's been waiting for you
the whole night.

I'm on my way. Okay?

I promise.

Don't bother.

We're leaving.

Wow, it's so pretty.

It's a pity
daddy's not here.

[shrieks, crashes]

It was my fault.

I killed you.

Forgive me.



No, please.

Forgive me.



Daddy didn't mean it.



I'm tired of getting revenge.


[grunts, groans]

Are you still mad?


Do you want to kill us?

Because you can't accept
that your own husband...

The person you loved most
killed you?

Can't you find it in
your heart to forgive?

Elisa, stop.

It's enough.

For our daughter's sake,
I will not kill you.

But it doesn't mean
I have forgiven you.

Bring me with you. Please.

No, Blue.

You will live.

But your conscience
will haunt you

for the rest of your life.



Hey, what happened here?

Stay here.

Donna, thank you.

If it weren't for you,

there would be no justice
for Elisa and Anna.

I hope their victims
get justice, too.

Thank you for all your
help, too, Kevin.

[background music playing]

[background music continues]