U.S. Seals II (2001) - full transcript

Lieutenant Casey Sheppard, US SEAL, (Michael Worth) takes exception to the useless brutality of his chief Frank Ratliffe (Damian Chapa), during a search and destroy mission. Later, back to their army base in Okinawa Island, Japan, it's obvious they are interested in Sensei Matsumura's (George Cheung) twin daughters, the daring Nikki (Karen Kim) and the coy Kamiko (Karen Kim in a double role). Frank goes on a date with Nikki and sometime later Casey finds her corpse, and sees Frank in the process of hiding evidence of a murder-for-rape crime. Three years later, Frank Ratliffe is a criminal operating from a former Russian island, who has turned against his own SEAL corps and about to kidnap Dr. Jane Burrows (Kate Connor), a physicist scientist, to force her help him getting two nuclear bombs ready for a strike against the United States. Backed by an army of dozens of killers, plus Sophia (Sophia Crawford), a sexy expert with the saber, and Borris (Velizar Binev) the scarf strangler, he asks for one billion dollars ransom for the bomb. His former commander Admiral (Burnell Tucker) forms a team of seven commandos, including retired SEALs like Frank's arch-rival Casey, Army Major Nathan Doner (Marshall R. Teague), and Kamiko who, reluctant at first, then accepts to help Casey in what is deemed to be a high risk, desperate mission against powerful, evil terrorists. After the invasion, as any explosives or gun shots would ignite the natural gas that contaminated the nuclear station, the seven commandos and the defending thugs are restricted to the use of crossbows, swords, daggers, iron chains, and hand-to-hand fighting techniques which in the end will prove to be as deadly as machine-guns. When action stops, it's a gory end for all, and a Pyrrhic victory for a few.

Mr. Simeanoff.

Sorry I'm late.

Are we alone?

Did you bring the files?

I got them right here.

Then we are alone.

Hawk in position.

Target's acquired,
ready to move in.

Good luck, and Godspeed.

OK, this covers
every commercial ship

headed to your lane for
the next three months.

Got cars, computers, gemstones.

It's yours for the take.

What about the military ships?

That's not a problem,
but the price does go up.

I'll tell you what.

Let me check with my people,
and I'll get back to you.


Very nice.


I thought you
said we were alone.

Intel told me only two men,
Case... only two, I swear!

Yeah, well, I guess we'll
have to work a littler harder


I've got your six.

That's right.

No regrets... only honor.







Our orders were to bring
him in alive, remember?

Come on.


Take it easy, Case.

I think he was on our team.


Good focus, good power.

But here, much anger.

Must learn calm.

Careful, father.

US SEAL... very dangerous.

Go, Nikki!


Look at my two daughters.

One's so silly.

One's so serious.

Hard to believe they
are twin sisters.

I'm telling you, Case.

You got to let it go.

You got to leave all this
shit on the battlefield.

Rule of combat, Ratliff...

Know your enemy.

We didn't.

We lost good men and
both targets last night.

We kicked ass, Casey.

We had bad information.

What'd they expect?

Expect us to do
our job, as ordered.

Bullshit, Casey.

We're warriors.

We can't be held to
the normal standard.

Besides, you got to admit
there's a certain rush

to taking a man's life.

Don't you think?

I mean, what other job in
the world is like that?

Well, well.

Look at the little cat
on the hot tin roof.

If Sensei knew about this...

Yeah, he'd kill
her, which is why

we got to get her out of here.


I'll handle this.

We're SEALS, Case.

Shit happens.

Cut yourself some slack.

OK, party girl.


Time to go home.

Come on.

Come on.
- No, no, no.


Come on.

Come on.

It's not what it seems.

She asked for it.

Come on, Case.

We're a privileged
breed, remember?

Not like this.

Not her.

Frank, you son of a bitch!

Hold it right there.

Can I help you, sir?
- Yes, love.

Try not to stain the upholstery.

Now, I haven't worn won one of
those monkey uniforms in a while.

A little pressure.
Didn't hurt at all, did it?

Thank you.


Dr. Burrows, time to go.
Bird's on the tarmac.

Thank you, Major. But is a tracking
chip really necessary? I'm leaving.

Doctor, you're my responsibility till
you're back home in Chicago safely.

You're kidding.
- No, my wife would probably tell you

that I'm not much of a kidder.

My report.
- Thank you very much. Look, doctor.

I know you're concerned
about what we're doing here

about your own involvement.
If it's any consolation, I want you

to know that you are performing a
wonderful service for your country.

250 million people will be sleeping
little more safely tonight.

I know.

Goodbye, Major.

Excuse me, ma'am.

The quicker the better, please.

My sentiments exactly, ma'am.


You're making a mistake.
I'm a civilian. On the tarmac.

Don't be so modest,
Dr. Burrows.

4-16, you are not authorized to take off!
4-16, come in!

Someone wants to say goodbye.

Target that plane and stop 'em!
- Yes, sir!

That son of a bitch!

So Dr. Burrows,
done any the skydiving lately?

If I don't know who you
are, you son of a bitch,

thanks for the calling card.

Major Nathan Donner
reporting, sir.

Sorry I'm late, sir.

Sounds like you're lucky
to be here at all, Major,

which leads me to ask,
since when does an army man

come running to a rear
admiral of the Navy for help?

Apparently you haven't
been fully informed, Admiral.

The terrorist that hit my base
last night left a calling card...

His prints, his DNA.

Says he belongs to you.

There's a face
I hoped I'd never see again.

- Excuse me, Admiral.

Signet just patched a call through
for Major Donner, Sounds urgent.

Put it through.
This is Major Donner.

Good morning, Major.

Sorry I didn't have time to
stop and chat last night.

Gee, Frank.

Don't I even get a hello?

Admiral Patterson.

Well, isn't this a
pleasant little surprise.

Cut the crap, Ratliff.
What'd you do with Dr. Burrows?

Don't worry.
She's fine.

What do you want, Ratliff?

In this case, I'll settle
for a billion dollars.

Are you out of your mind?

You've got 48 hours to
come up with the scratch.

I don't need to convince
you I'm serious.

Son of a bitch.

Roger that, sir.

I see it, but I
still don't believe it.

Casey Sheppard, civilian?

Sometimes a man finds more than
one calling in life, Admiral.

Casey, this is
Major Nathan Donner.

He's with US Army weapons
and testing department.

There was a kidnapping
from his base last night.

He's come to the Navy for help.
- And you're coming to me?

The person that was kidnapped
was a world-renowned physicist,

one of only a handful of people
in the world that can actually

construct a nuclear warhead.

Having fallen into
the wrong hands,

she has now become a high-level
threat to national security.

Gee whiz. This sounds like
a job for the US SEAL team.

But seeing that you're
talking to just some civilian

in his workshop, I'd say you
two distinguished gentlemen

are very lost.

I kind of figured
you'd say that.

I also figured it wouldn't matter if
you found out who the kidnapper is.

It's Ratliff, Casey.

Frank Ratliff's come back.

Let me introduce
you to your new home.

Unfortunately, these are the
only showers we have available.

The Soviets used it as
a decontamination room

to wash off dangerous chemicals
when the compound was operational.

She's exquisite, isn't she?

A positive airflow tunnel?

After you, my dear.

A Red 7 Ballistic Series?

How did you get one?

Well, actually, I have two.

US SEAL team commander Casey
Sheppard reporting for duty, sir.

At ease, Lieutenant.

Dr. Burrows, who we are going after,
had a tracking chip implanted.

That has become standard
operating procedures

so we can keep tabs on people with
very sensitive job descriptions.

Ratliff and his crew
dumped their plane

near this small island
off the coast of Siberia.

During the '70s and the
'80s, this was a weapons

testing site for the Russians.

Sometime around
1989, a chemical fire

wiped out half the compound, leaving
it contaminated and basically useless.

The whole island is abandoned.

The chemical fallout
is methane based,

which means despite a little
haze, it's entirely breathable.


So what's the catch?

The catch is that even in the
smallest dose, it's like rocket fuel.

One spark in or near the main
compound and the whole place

goes up like a bomb factory.

One spark, one gunshot.

That's very good.
Perfect hideout.

We've also found out that
over the past few months,

Ratliff has put together an
impressive team of killers,

all trained in
various martial arts.

Rule of combat,
Admiral... know yourself.

Now, I know our men use guns.

So if you want this done,
I'll need at least a

week to go through the
men, pick the right ones.

You've got 42 hours.

Feeling at home yet, Doctor?

The crown jewels of
our little operation.

Plutonium, weapons-grade.

How on Earth did you get that?

Well, where there's a
will and an open checkbook,

there's always a way.

But you see, even though
we've had the ingredients,

it's the chef we've
been missing, until now.

So I figure, while you're here,
you might as well have something to do,

like build a pair of warheads.

I'd rather die.

Now, that can be arranged.

But you see, then I wouldn't
have a hostage, which

means I wouldn't get paid.

Then I'd have to kidnap
someone else to do the job.

But by then I'd be so angry
that I'd just skip the ransom.

And I'd set off warheads in,
say, Manhattan, Washington,

or something like that.

Trust me.

You do it this way, you get
to live, I get my money,

and the East Coast
gets to stay vertical.

You do know why it is we're
on this island, don't you?

You understand
that while I'd like

nothing more than to blow your
useless brains out right now,

I can't?

No one can fire a gun.

No one can even carry a gun.

Is that clear?
- Yes.

Yes, sir.


Yeah, I know it's
been a long time.

Look, we found him, Kamiko.

I'm going after him, and I
want you to come with me.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what you
are talking about.

Can we just put our pride aside

and take a big step forward?


What do you know about pride?

Hold it!

Somebody protect that flag!


Drill is over. Everybody up.
Drill is now over, y'all!

Get up! Come on!

That was awesome!

Hey, he took you
out of my truck!

Look at you!

CQ, this is Charlie Company.
We're heading back to base.

Estimated time of
arrival, 8 minutes.

Hey, Harper.
You move OK for an old frog.

Lieutenant Sheppard.
- Putting together a new team.

I need volunteers.
- You know you got me, Case.

Let's cut to the chase, Omar.

You're not a free agent.

You're a contract killer.

Now, if somebody says the right
thing to the wrong person,

well, you out of business.

You wouldn't dare.


You want to bet on it, brother?

I see your point.

Double salary.

Triple my pay and you got me.

Sorry, Case.

Not interested.

You know, some
people might think

a guy is crazy for turning
down a deal like this.

That's right, Lieutenant,
especially someone

who was kicked out of the Navy
for beating up half their platoon.

Now listen up, buddy.

Have some tea.

Love some.

Casey, can I take my bike?

I'm telling you to keep moving.

Hey, Finley.

You know, I really missed
you at the family reunion.

Yeah, I've been busy.

Yeah, busy with your boyfriend.

Forgive him, Lord, for
he knows not what he says.

Such sins are committed by
fornicators, sugar mama.

, sugar mama.

Not too bad, Finley.

When's the last time
you went scuba diving?

Donner, what you got there?

This is a high-tech air gun.
It's perfectly safe.

Yeah, but I mean, where
are you going with it?

The doctor put her life
in my hands, Lieutenant.

I intend to be there
when we get her back.

Look, no offense, Major,
but once we hit that island,

I'm taking command like
any normal SEAL operation,

and there's nothing
for you to do.

Is that a fact?

Excuse me.

Accurate up to 25 yards.

So when do you think you and this
little sideshow will be ready to roll?

Konichiwa, Casey-san.

Now we're ready.
- Are you guys crazy?

You've got a Japanese
female civilian, an ex-con,

an ex-SEAL, and a Mr. Moneybags
who's demanding $300,000 cash!

Are you OK with this, Major?

Well, Lieutenant
Sheppard has assured me

this is the best team
for our parameters.

Given our time frame, I don't
think we have a lot of choice, sir.



You've got 24 hours!

Here, let me get that.

Easy, tiger.

It just clips on right here.

Kamiko, it doesn't
have to be like this.

You know, we both want
the same thing here.

You cannot possibly understand
what it is that I want.

We are now locationed over the drop zone.
We're at 29,000 feet.

Go to oxygen and then stand by.

See you losers at the bottom.

The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.

He makes me lay down in green pastures.
He makes me...

Listen, you want to shoot all the
way down. You're in good hands.

Don't be nervous.

I'm not nervous,
but maybe you are.


You know what I think?

When all this is said and done,
we should go to a real island

where there's sun and
sand and coconut trees.

And you don't have to wear
any clothes..

After this is done,
we'll be able to buy an island.

Hell, we'll probably have to.

Can't really walk down
Fifth Avenue after this.

That's if they pay us.

They'll pay us.

If not, there won't be any
Fifth Avenue after I press this.

You know what you
need, don't you?

Sink your chutes, then move out.

Now, remember, there's a
drainage pipe up ahead.

It connects to a series of
tunnels under the compound.

And we'll still have 4 miles to go
before we reach the hostage site.

Ratliff shouldn't
spot us this far out.

See anything?

No, just water.

Let's go get some coffee.

Donner, anything
on that tracking device?

Yeah, I've got a reading.

Need to get up into
the main compound.

I've got a fix on Dr.
Burrows's location.

She's three miles
northeast of here.

10, Jack, King.

Stupid game.


Stupid American game.

We go again.

Let's go... $10.



Come on, Byrd.

You little bastard, hang on.

Stay with me, Byrd.

Come on.
- No regrets, Casey.

No regrets.

Just kick some ass.


One of you geniuses want to
come and take a look at this?

Whoa, that's one big bullet.

No, that is a
Red Seven Ballistic Series.

It's a Russian stealth missile.

There have been rumors of
the Red Seven's existence

for years, but no one's
ever seen one operational.

Russians must have left it
when they abandoned the island.

Yeah, but he can't
launch it, right?

I mean, the island will go boom.

If the air in the silo was
not contaminated by methane,

they can launch this missile.

And if this thing is operational,
you're looking at one of the world's

most advanced, unstoppable,
undetectable nuclear delivery systems.

It will knock on your door, and
you won't even know it's there.

Play this game.

I may not be the smartest
man in the world, Jane,

but I am a determined one.

And as you may have
already seen before,

when something gets in my
way, I simply remove it.



Finish it!

Now what are you doing?
- Situation has changed.

The Admiral and the Joint Chiefs
might have a change of action.

Listen to me. Admiral and his cronies
aren't running this operation. I am.

Now, despite this little speed bump
here, we still got our marching orders.

So I don't know about you,
Army, but we're SEALs,

and we're following through.

Welcome to the party, gentlemen.

So glad you could attend.

I hope you're all
having a real good time.

Now, if you've come all this
way, there's no need to be shy.

Let me hear your voice.

I knew they'd send somebody.
Pick up your phone.

I've opened up a line for you.
- He's online.

Hey, Ratliff, I always knew we'd meet
again, just not exactly like this.

Casey, is that
really you, old buddy?

I don't believe it.
Our paths just keep crossing.


Trust me, this will
be the last time.

I'm counting on it.

Unfortunately, the Admiral
hasn't been paying attention.

I warned him what would happen if
he did anything other than pay me.

I'll not be screwed, Casey...

Not by you, not by the
Admiral, not by anyone.

See you.

Any orders now, sir?
- Yeah.

Now we finish what we started.

We make him eat his words before
he can arm those warheads.

Sound good to me.
- Let's move out.

Jesus, this has to be ground zero
where the chemical fire started.

My God.
- Looks like hell on Earth to me.

Yeah, without the
flames, of course.

Think God tests us?

You think he puts us into
situations on purpose?

Yeah, with a billion
dollars on the table,

I'd say he put me
on the wrong team.

Cover out!

I'm sorry, Casey.

I'm really sorry.

Listen, I'll get
you out of here.


Well, damn it all.

If this isn't a reunion!

If you weren't out a
range, you son of a bitch,

I would fry your ass.

Tell my son I was a good man.


Hey, Harper.

I'm going after Casey.
- OK, go!

I've got your six!
Finish the job!

Finish the job!

Let's go.


Vayas con dios, my friends.

Just like old times.

Only it's usually Casey lying
on the floor close to dead.

Right, Casey?

For my father and
my sister, I take

back what you took from them.

Touching, but I don't think so.

They're just using you, Casey.

When are you going
to wake up to That.

Well, you're talking
to the wrong guy.

Really? 'Cause in this case,
you should maybe talk to me.

Let her go!

Cut me in on, say, 10...
No, make it 15 million.

I'll let her live.

Omar, the hell are you doing?

Upgrading, partner.

Like I told you from the
beginning, I'm a free agent.

Well, what do you know?

We've got a player on our hands.


How do I know I can trust you?
- You don't.

Life's a gamble.

Don't let her go, man.

Sorry, Case.

Things ain't going to work
out the way we planned.


Welcome to the team, brother.


I should have known.

I should have known
when you showed

up it would only end in failure
and tragedy, just like before.

They were like
family to me, too, Kamiko.

There is not a day
that goes by that I

do not think about your
father or your sister or you.

I thought about
you too, sometimes.


Yes, sometimes.

I didn't think you ever
want to see me again.

When you lose the
people that you love,

sometimes it's
better to be alone.

I couldn't bear
that pain anymore.

Casey, I'm sorry for the
way I behaved earlier.

No, I'm sorry.

You know, I should have...

God, I should've dealt
with this a long time ago.

Let's finish it, all right?

First we got to find
our way out of here.

If you two mortal enemies

are through holding hands,
I'll get you out of there.

This way we won't be seen.
Help me get it off.

I trust there haven't been
any more unexpected delays?

They're done.
- Beautiful.

It's time to buckle down, folks.

You still owe me one more
head to earn your cash.

Bring me the major's.


You three, keep an eye on him.

Time to earn our money, love.

I'll bet this will get the
Admiral to move a little faster.

One, two.

Doc, are you OK?

You've performed a great
service for your country.

250 million people are sleeping
a little more safely tonight.

I must have been crazy.

Yeah, I guess I had
that one coming, Doc.

That's why we're here.
- Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

I'd like to see them
kidnap you next time.


If you guys could maybe finish this
later, we got some things to do.

Where is Ratliff?
- Yeah, where are the warheads?

Does that answer
everyone's questions?

Sir, it just went hot on us.

- Good evening, Admiral.

I trust things just got
very exciting where you are.

What the hell are
you up to, Ratliff?

Well, it seems as though I still haven't
made a believer out of you yet.

It looks as though I'll have to give
you a little extra special convincing.

You said you'd give us 48 hours.

And you said there
was no rescue team.

In the meantime,
I want my money.

I'm working on it.

We're talking about
a billion dollars.

And we're talking about
one totally killer missile.

Sir, I can't get
a signature on it.

Well, it can't just disappear.

Lose something, Admiral?

Still no signal, sir.

What are you up to, Frank?
- Here's the deal.

I've still got one missile left.

You come through for
me, I promise to leave

it here for you, untouched.

The way I figure, it's
a pretty good deal...

$1 billion in exchange for
the world's most sophisticated

missile and its technology.

Otherwise, you still
get the missile,

but you get it the hard way.

Now, to seal the deal.

Sir, he detonated the warhead.
- What?

IRE's a hot zone... High levels
of radiation in the stratosphere.

Sir, it's a nuke.

This is Admiral Patterson.

Get me a secure line
to the White House.

Let's arm the other
missile, just in case.

This is Admiral Patterson.

Admiral, this is Major Donner.
We're online.

Major, you have new orders.

You and your team are
to take Dr. Burrows.

Proceed to the east end of the island.
A rescue craft will be sent to meet you.

Sir, with all due respect, Frank does
have another missile, and he will use it.

Lieutenant, you
have your orders.

Carry them out.

Yes, sir.

I don't understand.
They're letting him go?

Worse... they're paying him off.

No way.

Joint Chiefs must have another plan.
I say they're going to blow the island.

Come on, Donner.
Look, you work in defense.

You know they spend billions
every day on new war toys.

Now for a Russian
stealth missile...

Billion dollars, hell,
that's a bargain.

He's right.
- None of this matters to me.

I will not leave without
taking what I came for.

You all heard the orders.
- Yeah.

Well, I guess this is where
the orders are going to stop.


Well, I was planning on
retiring early anyway.

Let's do it.
- Hooyah, Army.

There's hope for you yet.

Get down now!


Get that bitch.

Leave the wound, Doc. Leave it.
- What?

Leave it.

Take... take this round.

Put it in the chamber.

Close the bolt.
Put it in my hand.


Put... yes, you're doing good.

I can't do it, Doc.

You got to help me aim.
- OK.

To the left.
Turn me.

You did good.


I am fine.

Hooyah, Navy.


Hey, partner.

Look, we're almost home.

Hell, it's.
This ain't a team without you.

Could you call my wife?


She worries.

number two locked and loaded.

The admiral's a wise
man, it'll stay that way.


I'm in your launching center,
which means I control the bomb.

So no launching, no money,
and you, Frank, can go to hell.

The system is locked.
We got it.

You know, Casey, this never really
was about the money, was it?

Easy, love. I mean,
this isn't about anything but the money,


You ruined my life, Casey.

Yeah, not as bad
as I'm about to.

See, there's not going to be any money.
There's no escaping.

There's no winning.
You're done for, Frank. It's over.

Wrong again, buddy.

Art of war... when you're
going down, take as many

of the other guys as you can.

I think 10 million
lives will suffice.



He's got a remote activator.

It's not working.

- No regrets, Case...

Only a thermonuclear revenge.

It's no use.
I can't stop it.

Come on. I know your rep world-renowned
scientist and all that stuff.

I mean, there's got to be
something we can do. - Yes.

We could set off a
counter explosion.

A nuclear warhead is a
very delicate machine.

The right explosion
sets off the nuke.

The wrong explosion, which
is what I'm talking about,

would throw off the
firing mechanism

and basically turn this
monster into big huge dud.

I like the sound of dud.
How do we get dud?

We just need to find a way to set off our
own explosion right here at the source.

The methane!
- Methane.

All right, is there a way
we can do that safely?

No problem.

OK, just make sure you two are off of
this island in less than 10 minutes.

No, wait a minute.
We're not leaving without you.

Yeah, you are. Why don't you go
take care of what you came here for?

And Casey, I'm going to need
to borrow that watch of yours.

How could you do that?

I mean, you ruined everything...
No money, no island, no nothing.

But we still have each other, Sophia.
- Each other?

Somehow that sounds better with a
billion dollars tacked on the end of it.

Sophia, I promise you
that the tables will turn.

Trust me.

Thank you, Artie.

On the ground again.

Life's a bitch.
Then you die.

Hey! Ratliff's mini sub.
Come on.

Come on.

Well, you did it, Dr. Burrows.

We all did it.


A SEAL never
leaves a man behind.

But you didn't.